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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Oct 14 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - October 14, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Tue Way to figure it a a in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that Brines q Jjo. More business is cheaper than add Vert iring costing $3.00 which re a suits in less business. Figure it out. Berx Lea examiner it Means my 1 to advertise a to have their of go reach neatly even Home to Albert Lea and Freeborn county. That it Why advertising in the examiner to Worth White volume i number .19. Ltd a la Kut Lea Minnesota thursday october it 1920. Striae copy 5 cent monster Shipstead meeting tuesday Emmons stands for a tonnage tax he states a terrible expose Sullivan flays wheat gamblers in speech Here candidate for representative Best Choice of two evils by Norman j. Gillespie citizens of Albert Lea and Freeborn county Are now being afforded a rare Trey. The t ii Blini local daily Enriot of the twin City a kept press Quot is Quot exposing a. C. Townley and tire nonpartisan league. J it i a err bit it amount to a series of articles a a Aid to Betin i a Quot Litten by Job w. Brinton formerly connected with the Teague in which i matters who live the Peanut politician attempt to How up Townley anti the Tom of by robbing co slim who Are being Era producers h. H. Emmons Well known Emmons banker candidate for representative from Frobom county to succeed himself stands firmly for a tonnage tax according to a statement made recently and published in an advertisement in the examiner. Or. Emmons declares that he voted for the tonnage tax Bill in 1919. Ami will vote for a tonnage tax is in 1921 if re elected. His statement regarding the tonnage tax follows Quot our state tax this year is in Mill on each Dollar of assessed valuation. Of the Ore tax Bill and the Bill to tax mining royalties had become Law in 1919 our state taxes would have la Een less by five Mills on each Dollar. The assessed valuation of Freeborn county in Over Twenty million dollars. It would therefore have be n a saving to this count i y alone of Over one Hundred thousand dollars if the tonnage tax Bill had become a Law. I favor Thi legislation and voted for both tax measures that were presented at the 1919 session. Or. Emmons is an exponent of prohibition according to his Sotyn statement. He also favors retention of the present state primary Law with amendments that will de Ignate More fully party lines. As regard labor or. Emmons in his own words says a i stand the articles Are interesting the examiner must admit. They Are also amusing. To fully appreciate them one must know the facts in Tho Case. Which re ulsted in Brinton condemning the wheat gamblers Job w. Brinton and Jim Waters were both men of High standing in the Ami livestock manipulators terming nonpartisan league organization until about one year ago. About that time them parasites on the Market of to they became disgruntled. A few months ago Brinton threatened to Quot expose Quot Day Thomas Sullivan lode end the Tongue unless paid Hull Money. Cut progressive candidate for Atter president Townley and other officials of the league refused to heed Ney general endorsed by organize jobs hard Luck tale in which he demand i ready in hand told him to fire Tanner and organized labor Thrish it away Ami Thow on the Searchlight. He is doing it thru toe columns of the to a Large audience at the i Kris Lunk Cal daily and other Quot newspapers in this am other states who fell for his form Northwest of Al a Ert Lea la political Bunkum and incidentally 318 Worth of real Bani Money saturday afternoon and a capacity Brinton became peevish because he did not i t the league endorsement audience at the d. In s. Hall last sat to no for Congress. He became so incensed that he threatened to a a exposed inlay evening. The league unless paid a certain urn of Money. The examiner i not posh or. Sullivan who is Well known in tire As to the exact figure demanded but we believe it was $500 or More. Albert Lea Ami Freeborn county an thwarted in his Effort to clean up �500 or More profit in his uns Crudu who has gained scores of new frien. Iou blackmailing plan b Inton believe he saw an Opportunity that would on each new to in to tin locality ,.111 possibly pay even better. He decided to Syndicate his a expo a a Selling a red ids two audiences being frequent series of articles to anti Farmer newspapers for $18. The Quot series tarted in by interrupted by bunts of applause a lie local daily last evening. Anti league new it a a apers in Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota. Kansas and tither states in which the Farmers Are organized were approached on the subject with a circular letter. In North Dakota Brinton found it Tough picking according to reliable information obtained by the examiner. It is equally As Tough picking in Minnesota Only a few unscrupulous journals such As the Tribune falling for Brinton a bunk. There Are Hundred tvs of anti i it eague newspapers in the states in which Tho Farmers Are organized. Brinton thought of course that he would reap n Harvest with his he thought he would at least clean up three or four thousand dollars. Evident ally his get Rich Quick plan is falling Flat. But few papers Are using his childish prattle and he will be fortunate if he makes enough Money to pay for typing or printing his even Obi hard headed unti league editors in North Dakota Ami Minnesota refused to fall for Brinton a stuff and come thru with ii for his Breezy articles. They could see thru the Blind and knew the people could not Swallow the unwarranted and unproved statements of a disgruntled traitor of for the Farmer organization. But the one Cylinder brain editor of the local an cheering. On Trail of parasites Quot the Fellows in a after ate the p rate the parasites of the Market who graft on producers Ami conium i s alike a declare or. Sullivan vehemently. A i want to put those of a i lows out of Busine s. Ami i Hope be the Day when this is accomplish Quot government control of the Stock Yards Anil packing Industry is necessary to attain this said or. In ii Van. A if the gov mine it can to control this Industry. I want to see oui state go into Competition with them Ami beat them at their own games giving the producers and Consumers a Shipstead will speak in City next tuesday Independent candidate for governor will give two addresses Here the auditorium has been secured for afternoon and evening meetings. In order that everyone May Haw the Opportunity of hearing or. Shipstead the committee in charge have arranged for a 2 00 p. In. Meeting and also a meeting at 6 30 p. In. Or. Shipstead is making a whirlwind Campaign going from Here to Austin where he Speaks at 9 00 p. In. The same evening. Or. Henrik Shipstead Square a the enactment of Urb Law a will or i dictator Ell in Good Shaw. They arc paying tit to Brinton Quot. J urn he a a Lyubor. He Ami equitable to both employ of Quot a it it a it a a a a a a a a a a off that he reduced the Price. , can t go into Empe Crew and employee and favor All log-1 it a a a a a a a a Ltd Ltd a a a a it a to Bune a a an $18 sucker ution with the or. Sui elation intended to safeguard the in m l1 1 1 Ujj or. Henrik Shipstead in in it indent progressive candidate for governor of Minnesota endorsed by organized f armers Ami organized labor will Peak in Albert Lea next tuesday october 19, at 2 p. In. This will be the first and Only Opportunity to hear or. Ship Tead in this locality for ome Lime. Farmers. Working men their wives Ami families Are urged to turn out and give or. Shipstead a big ovation. A a minor wage Teress of women and or. Emmons statement in this res-1 Ped is rather Broad. He takes no definite stand and does not say anything which would Quot incriminate him. Neither does he make any statement from which he could Graceful slide out if the occasion demanded. As regards farming and the Farmers or. Emmons say a i am a Farmer Ami know the problems of the farm. I favor ult legitimate measures beneficial to Farmers. I believe in the fullest development of legit mate co operative societies and favor collective bargaining. I believe that a Farmer is entitled to pay for his labor of Well As interest on his investment Ami should have More to say regarding the Price of his products. Am heartily in sympathy with the enlarged agricultural program a recently outlined by senator Harding Herbert Hoover Ami other unselfish leaders of american thought. The examiner takes exception to some statements of or. Emmons As quoted above but a told he seems to have a typical politicians platform. He does no to make any very binding statements or promises. Voters of Freeborn county Are aware of the fact that Edward h. Limit Independent candidate for , endorsed by organized Farmers and organized labor was Defeated and eliminated in the primary Campaign. Henry a. Morgan Albert Lea attorney endorsed by the steel Trust received the most votes in the primary election while Emmons ran a close second. At the general election november Price of wheat Down but bread has not dropped ii Van Aid. Idealism the packers Are during to air output in an Effort to backed by More capital than any restore the exorbitant rates of profit group of Farmers or Labouring Mer that Lave prevailed during the last could Grot my stir but the state car few year. I hey do my permit their compete with them or. Sullivan by. Iness calculations to be influenced kit id and by so doing save the people by the extent to which humanity is in need of bread. Milk run on part time to lower wages worker declares of Minnesota millions of dollars yearly. Denounces Backer monopoly or. Sullivan denounced the Packer monopoly in South St. Paul As a a to Force lower Ages a in another motive Cen in the curtailment of flour production is a desire to create a situation forcing twin Bister of the Minneapolis Cham lower wages on Cereal workers. Bar of an i the speculum most of the flour Mills in the Tate ars in the livestock Market As the have been More or in hut Down other half of a double combination recently Jean Spielman organized that robs the Farmer of Minnesota Minnesota daily Star for the flour and Cereal workers of dollars annually. Minneapolis Mill in Union say. He declares milling com Sullivan flayed Jakie Preus steel Minnesota Are laying off men and go ponies Are did charging men Ami Hir Trust candidate for governor who is ing on a five Day week basis despite no them Back on a 10-hour instead now making a Campaign in a plut the fact that War Price for bread on a hour basis. Practically All form of cooperation continue to prevail in All parts of the the Minneapolis Mills have Laid off until recent is Jakie has been some men Spielman says. No about Russia Blit now he is org managers of Minneapolis stores in the few years the Cereal no cooperation. Jakie has final i it today said they will continue to Ell workers Union has made considerable keen convinced that the re Riun set bread at 12 cents a Pound Ami that gains and has succeeded in getting cation is not an Issue in them nne they see nothing ahead to warrant wages raised. Spielman charges the it to Campaign the prediction that a drop in prices Millers Are now mane vering to Cut Only half Way measure is soon to come. J wages. He ays the plan is to Lay Quot you Farmers know As i know that men off on the pretext that milling co operation in the country is Only a is Dull and hire them Back or others big Poison Gas drive against league begins local daily joins chorus of kept press in Minnesota by Norman j. Gillespie insidious propaganda the beginning of a big Poi on a offensive by the a kept press of the Tate and its smaller echoes such As the local daily is Well under Way. From now until after the election november 2 this Poison offensive will be carried on relentlessly. The in attempts to scare the voters Especial women voters into belief that the organized Farmers and labor believe in the nationalization of women. This Bugaboo a expo de by the examiner before the primary election a and the daily promptly forgot All about it up to the prent time when they need More material to create vote for Jakie Preus steel tru to candidate who kept out of War. A Farmers and to eking men Are res-1 or. Henrik Shipstead Independent progressive candidate for governor of i use sofa endorsed by organized Farmers and organized Zubor will a speak in Albert i a tue Uay october in. Definite Assurance that or. Shipstead would Peak in this City before the general election november 2 came in an announcement from non parti in league Headquarters the latter part of last week form Quot and workers arc uniting in an Effort to make this a Banner Day and to bring out a capacity crowd j to hear or. Ship Tead when he peaks in this City. Friend and foe of the Independent Progre Sives have been waiting for an Opportunity to hear this candidate of the common people. Hundreds of people live requested that or. Shipstead be billed to speak in this locality. Hundred tvs have been awaiting an Opportunity to hear the progressive candidate for governor of Minnesota. Tuesday october 19, will be their Opportunity and there is no i doubt but what the people will turn out and make it a gala event. In the Wake of the news t of As is reported the russian and pet table people. Even toe Ocul daily poles have agreed on an Armit must admit this to be a fact. A majority have wives and families. It is fair to believe that the head of a family will even allow his name to be connected with an organization that sounds for the nationalization of women certainly not this is the United states not Kusia de Pite the fact that Jakie Preus seem to believe the issues in the present Campaign Are those of Russia. Before the primary election the Farmer gets 3 cents incidentally the Farmer will con-1 in their places at lower wages when Tine to receive approximately three cents for his wheat that Sells in the form of bread for 12 cents. Luck of work shall have induced proper feeling of humanity. As the against prattling Parrot such As the i Tribune will print this political Bunkum w us j propaganda of the oppo Ilion. Great relish. After the election the offensive will be i continue do if Jake Preu wins a but if Henna Shipstead Independent progressive candidate for governor Indor de by organize funner and labor is elected the a War dogs will continue their Battle with Vala nce the United states state department will be grievously disappointed. The United states or rather Bainbridge Colby has joined with France in seeking by every possible Means to Force a continuance of the War against Russia. Every to sible impediment a been thrown in the Way of the Riga peace conference daily propaganda has been Given out by or. Colby tending to Abow that peace Between Poland and Russia is impose examiner expose the a free love sible anti that Poland ukr Unia und hoovers statement the Farmer in the Mississippi Valley receive about Thiee cent. On each loaf according to an analysis made by hell it Ert Hoover and offered in a recent address to the american association of the baking Industry at Atlantic City. Half Way measure so Long packing Combine co opt rate you in South St. Paul. A the South St. Paul livestock sex i Lour Mills Prang up like Mush change which operate. By virtue of a Able news print paper and Black rooms in the Southwest under the in charter granted by the legislature printers Ink. Fluence of the government s guarantee has 29 commit Ion firms an 31 Calp of profit. I i guarantee was on a or or speculative firms a members a Cost plus basis. It encouraged pad he explained. A the Farmer la not primarily re-2 the voters of Freeborn county must for Hie Price of the loaf choose the lesser of two evils. Or. Morgan is the steel Trust candidate for the legislature from this county. There if no question of that fact. He has never even seen fit to deny it. The examiner could not endorse any Man or men who Burden himself with a steel Trust Collar. We believe that the organized Farmers and labourers feel the ame in this raped. Or. Hoover declared. A a reduction of 60 cent a Bushel in wheat would affect the loaf Only one there has been ome reduction from War Price for flour though the has not benefited in the Price of bread. The reduction has been absorbed by jobbers retailers and Baker. It has however curtailed the War profit of the milling companies. They Are re Ding of Cost accounts and made the milling Industry extraordinary profitable. When the United states Grain corporation ceased business Many of the new flour Mills in the soft wheat states could not i pose of their product. Unpopular with american people Tecau of of it inferior baking qualities the soft wheat flour Lay like a dead weight on the milling Industry anti depressed prices. Eventually a lot of it was dumped in Europe at a sacrifice and the Millers breathed again. Operation Are speculative a a Hie scalper Neper get a shipment from the country. They buy and Ell in the Yards for speculative profits. The firms pay $3,500 each for membership and a Farmer or co operative association is barred from or. Sullivan enplaned the High co t of meat. A these Speculator Jock j the Caille and hogs until they get the live meat Price up sky High a he said. There is no necessary relation be a then the packers have to get their tween a decline in the profits of the 2 per cent a week profit 104 pet cent milling Industry and lower Price for a year. Armour amp company gambled or. Morion a Campaign is being managed by a representative of the Farmers and organized labor Are con steel Trust from Winona who has Vinced that a tonnage tax on Iron or been in Albert i a Ami Freeborn ii just. Or Emmons proved that he county on innumerable occasions a is for a tonnage tax by voting for the cording to reliable information Gath measure which governor Quot accidents ared by this newspaper Burnquist killed following the 1919 on the other hand or. Emmons legislature session. Has never been a Friend of the Organ i in choosing the lesser of two evil i sized Farmer or organized labor. At Jit would seem As Tho organized farm i election time he will declare Era and organized working men would their Friend but he never prove i be using Good judgment is casting words by deeds he is also a banker their vote for or. Emmons. He is wheat. Millers were making exorbitant gain while the Farmers were held Down to a government Price for their product. There Are about 2,400, acres of peat bog in Norway and the owners has forme an association with More than 1200 members that Hae Tab i hed a peat production school and Experiment station. By shipping huge meat supplies to Roland Ami the rest of Europe at High Price but got paid with Bomi j now worthless they Are going to make up this enormous loss and you banners Ami the City con Umer will pay the forecast w heat drop for the past few weeks tile local daily a been carrying steel Trust propaganda and incidentally knocking the Campaign of the organized Farmer and labor. This knocking which con tit Ute the Poison Gas attack will become Mote frequent from now until after november 2. Resident of Albert Lea und Freeborn county May expert to see a. C. Townley and the nonpartisan i eague condemned frequently thru but the week in the editorial column of the local daily. If the Small town editor runs out of material to continue i attacks you will read portion of the editorial columns of the twin City newspaper such As the St. Paul dispatch Ami Minneapolis Tribune. Thi week the Tribune reprinted this Quot editorial from the Mankato free press Quot the women of Minnesota Are going to oppose ship Tead for governor. They Are not in favor of the Nal ionization of women the soviet scheme. The Tribune then added Thi Edi Tho examiner also gave a detailed account of the disreputable tactics planned by members of the Minnesota legislative several years ago when p. A. Peterson Emmons a s representative from for born county. But the Tribune a a Why the women of Mineola oppo a ship Tead Anil All other Townley candidates a in the first place Henna Shipstead is not a Quot Townley he is general Granget will fight Russia to the end. J a a but the polish people Are about a weary of War As Tho russian. Neither in anything to gain by prolonging Tho War and both have thou adj of lives to Loe. It is easy for our Washington und Paris imperialist to say the War shall continue they done to do any of the fighting. It is about a essential for Poland a for Russia that peace be secured in order that the people May Hae an of a candidate of the Organ Zed Farmers port Unity to resume the industries und organised labor of Thi Groat shattered by in years of War. Tate. He was nominated by a Malf Poland has really agreed with Jority of the Farmer Ami Russia As to peace it will mean the. Men and they surely constitute a ukrainian will quickly follow. Thai majority of the per up a of Minnesota will leave Only general Wrang to Shipstead has pledged his support carry on the War against Russia ii a you people remember that when i trial comment of it own politician who can Bear watching. But or. Emmons has come out Flat footed for a tonnage tax organized a in Albert Lea shortly before the primary Campaign i Torii you that june 15 All restrictions on gambling in wheat would be removed. During the War it was prohibited by the. Under Normal conditions Italy an not the branded tool of the steel Trust dually converts 1&00 ton of Orange government. I also predicted that a which mean considerable in the com-1 Blossom and 1000 tons of roses into soon a the wheat pits resumed per my general election. Perfumes. J co inns on lag eight a Why they pose Shipstead and All other Townley candidates they should make it one of their duties to see that every woman in their neighbourhood votes and votes against such a socialistic government. The local daily evidently delights to the Cau a of the common people lie a pledged i rapport to a tonnage tax measure if elected Ami that alone will save the people of Albert i Jeu and Freeborn county thousand of dollars in tax Jakie Preu candidate endorsed by the Tribune a made no pledges. It is a known fact that he is a steel Trust own candidate Ami if elected he is going to protect the steel Trust and the lumber Barons there is every reason Why the women a Well a the men of this great j state should vote for Henna ship read. And to examiner feels confident that the in n Ami women w ill vote intelligently at the general election non Ember 2�?and vote for or. I Shipstead and other on the Independent ticket. Can doubtless in such Circum tam t be quickly ii pm get a of and peace will be nearer then in Europe than it a been at any time sine 1914, of the first time since Germany Laun a de her legions thru Belgium the people of Europe relieved from tim such Eru King Bunden of armament the / have borne for six years will a Chance to restore their altered Lei tunes. Community census take in 8outh Dakota found Only nine Bathtub in four counties but they report that 9 Pei cent of the people of the four count let have motor car for the purpose of keeping up the bolshevism care and Tho diverting the Peoples attention from the open alien of our big business Bol a vits in America tit department of tire and other related agencies a. Now endeavouring to prove thai huge sum of Money have been int a to the United states from Russia to to mend strikes in Thi country Russia is a bankrupt nation my for existence. Tim fluff trim it pie Are living entirely on their Imp a of fee and judging from sit in ports making a very Pomr out they or not making Money they by a. .s8�g

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