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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - October 13, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota It 2 a i ii i i in ii in in i in endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examined to you Are wrong Yow can 7 Lye too conservative if you arc right you can 7 to too Radical 9 endorsed by Wmk Austin trades no Larou Council volume 2, number 40. Albert Lea Minnesota thurs a. October 15, 1921 single Afflic a i ent. Prosecutor used to Settle neighbourhood grudges till a a a a a a a a a a Tell 11m i Mem it to a m im11 m 11 i in m in m Mattl it t a h11 11 a i min to 11m Mem i Mil Timm my my it f of a i 11� m of us m a i go Inhern Illel i firm Minnesota peat to t a Toa a a. Mil i a a or Mill ill i Al it Al in i Sipui \ i in i i la in d to 4 lev / i a 9 of i k a paternalism is. Unionism in pensions the Pennsylvania Railroad is circular zing the country with u pamphlet which eulogies the paternal pension system of that corporation Al Rush Klel Supply Brainerd minnow. H Gemmel president of the Minnesota amp International railway accompanied a party of St Paul and Minneapolis Bonsness men Ami Railroad Otti vials who visited Corona to inspect the peat operations now under Gray at that Point. I he stated the company Hail some ingenious machines for cutting and spreading the peat so it can dry out. After which it is shipped to Minneo in opposition to this system to the a a pm he to the company s Plant there pension plan of organized labor. Illustrated by the International typographical Union s pension system. The differences in the plan Are Railroad employees Ami officials from in to 69 years of age. Inclusive who where it is further tried and pulverized. It is used in furnaces the same us pulverised Coal. Several Large buildings and hotels Are now heated with peat fuel. Or. Gommoll said Twat from what j. O. Peterson has reputable citizen s Home searched to satisfy curiosity of a few neighbourhood busybodies. Tries hard to pass Buck to sheriff fails claims that information Given him by sheriff led to raid Fosse refuses to be a Goat and prosecutor has to a come . Employ ment it classed As crime As proving the extent to which the j philosophy of Calvin Coolidge v ice i president of the United states has i influenced his fellow citizens in Bost a. It official. Have decreed Unzem i ploy men to be a crime and Idle men i Arcia rifled a criminals. Sounds incredible bul that is what has really j happened in the Home of the codfish. Help North Dakota repel i v. A. Attack an election to recall governor acred Frazier attorney general Lerna. And commissioner of agriculture Hagan i policemen manhandled the a shorn who compose the lambs of Labory who daily have la Een "i"1 it North in the soup line at the Church of the octo Iier 2eth i Ner alloyed founded by Urban of tet on it Sioux and ordered them to leave the ands the City under Industrial commis Dakota will take place this brings the con owner than it Cape Otid and nonpartisan league Organ after 30 or More years in the service i Ike party we it told the problem of become disc qualified from a Active in successful and economical be of a a duty Are a a eligible tor pension. Peat As a fuel was now we Ell past the the Union Printer automatically experimental stage Ami that if min draws a pension if he is 60 years of not Ota s peat bogs Are properly Deage has been in Good standing in the eloped the people or the state will Union for 20 years and fails to be cur Independent of the East on the sustaining employment. Coa question and will have within Railroad s pension is based on i peri111 own Hoed a cheap and almost cent of the employee s or official s inexhaustible Supply of fuel regular monthly pay for the to years a a a a. A a a immediately preceding retirement multiplied by the years he has beep in the service of the Penn Slyvanis Railroad but no pension must be less than fib a month. Under this ays tem if a worker was employed so years and his average monthly pay for the last ten Yean was $80. His pension would be 30 times 80 cents or $24 a month. The Printer pensioner receives a Flat $8 a week without running the Riel of having his wages rut in his dec in Quamme denies mortgage on last sat inlay the Home of c the booze business at any time or at attempted to a ten the blame on the Vav. Mccracken. 302 Charles Street us Price. Hack to the prosecutor sheriffs office shows that he did not was searched by members of the went the enraged Mccracken grow have much Faith in his informants sheriffs Force by virtue of a warrant no bladder at every jump and con had he had Faith in them he would signed by j. O. Peterson prosecuting dented that somewhat Slippery India not have tried to evade Respo Sibili Utt Omey charging that that the sign us we a Fosse s Side of the Story. La for the warrant but would have or bad reason to believe that there Peterson then began to weaken and was contraband liquor or in illicit anally claimed that his informants still on the premises on course no wore some of Mccracken s neighbors. A a evidence was found Ami it is a a who ha<1 asked him to Issue a warrant doubt in Many Peoples minds that the it intimated that there was a lady penalty of arrest As a nation in thai Tate quite unprepared Grants. City official declare that so for the Campaign As far As ready Many Idle men gathered in one place Fonds Are concerned. It is therefore constitute an affront to the aesthetic in make n Strong Appeal taste of Boston s Well fed citizenship for immediate help to ail Liberal and that hereafter those who Are blinded citizens. Seeking jobs and. In their absence a be Farmers of Nord bowl of thin soup or a crust of bread standing just by the pensioner Are not considered under the Union system. Pennsylvania Railroad officials administer that pension. The printers worthy prosecutor expected to find boxed up in the Deal. Pinch any. Or. Mccracken has been a Cit Peterson has known Mucci Uckun for a. Imp a of do City for Many years and some time. He knew thai there was Lite Federal land Bank at St. Paul diligent inquiry has failed to locate hardly a Remote Chance of his being does not contemplate any foreclosure anyone who has even heard that he connected with the booze business. To the drouth stricken sections of waj4 suspected of being connect he knew that be had Little or no North Dakota e. G. Quammer a state with the booze business. Business issuing a search warrant rent was in answer to a letter he Mccracken naturally incensed that hut a Onie personal emmies of my received from gov Lynn j. Frazier he should be compelled to submit to cracked who did not have nerve of North Dakota asking leniency for the indignity of having his premises it it ugh to sign the warrant Hemsel Farmers who have suffered successive searched for contraband liquor. Vet and the Public prosecutor in failures through no fault of sought out prosecutor Peterson and or did not have the nerve to refuse. A. Thl f a n ,. Demanded to know by what authority a was according to his lights easier my years and have these rates the i he land Bank in five year s oper he had acted after some backing 10 is8u� the warrant and pass it to a Sis a or his pension wages carnal attorn in this District has foreclosed and filling that foxy gentleman Fin sheriff to serve and needlessly Only eight mortgages or. Quamme ally admitted that he himself had humiliate or. Mccracken and his said and the Only ones foreclosed in sign in i the warrant but averred that fondly than to exercise enough moral North Dakota were on abandoned he did so Only at the Earnest solicit courage to say a a not to the. Import uni the Bank has made a be action of sheriff Fosse who according Des of the meddlesome busybodies min Mer the in with every member Cia investigation or. Qua in me said i to Peterson had come to him saying Quot to wanted to Embar and Umilio t e Union pensioners included and finds that Many Good Farmers that he had had Many complaints it an innocent citizens tan. Vie Judi a vote in it. Of due Tow fault of their own re in bout Mccracken and that where the office of Call for t. ,. I a a t Rah Ltd ban Friar circumstances there was so much smoke there must the exercising of a certain quantum ent Elk h foe the r it Quot b a Quot a Quot a a View with the of tart and ice Ion the pm a but their a t v very a a Uhri Quot it Quot Quot for has a a so phed a Quot a Suim a a a toward. Our Fanner Borrower denial that that gentleman had Ever erection pm Blip in a we Quot a thou who re real farm-1 intinuite.1 to the prosecutor that to lower working conditions or Check ers who live on and ik.1 a a u i. ,.a wage movement. Farm then,.civ., Quot or. Gumme do with act he Rald he Mem a a a a it the Union maintains its pension by a most of our Loans Are confined to a v stated assessment of members. This class. The Union Printer Nevi endangers Quot we find generally peaking that his pension when he strikes to in nearly All our borrowers in that state prove working conditions. He does Are Able to make their payments. A not have mime employer pass judg cording to our investigation we will ment pm his qualifications for a pen have no delinquents in such districts Sion. If his earning Powers Are re As the territories covered by our abducted in his later years this does not striation in the southwestern and affect his pension his pension is not Central districts. From the Grain a Dole or a charity�?4$ is his because standpoint they have had five specific he paid for it crop failures. Our borrowers there the publicity this railroads gives however have gradually scone into its paternalism indicates the mental livestock and Dairy business this attitude of a corporation that Ackva by go tiling. Said forthwith that he issued the warrant. And sued it because he believed it necessary. A very few of these Brilliant moves will have the effect of changing or. Peterson s political future into a political past. Must do their seeking elsewhere where policemen and those they resent Are less finicky. For the Dakota Are As courageously As Ever rep k a la \ washes has monds of the House completely settled with Dis but he evidently mistakes or. S Pussy footing for tact. The fact that at Duluth two men disputed which of the two had the larger nose the dispute warmed to a quarrel. One Man. By Way of proving that i nose was in fact the larger Drew a pistol and began to shoot. When the Battle of the noses was Over the casualties were two dead one Man dying one policeman with shattered Arm. We commend this episode to the militarists. Its too bad general Pershing and president Harding could not have reflected upon the Battle of the noses by Way of prep Erat Ion for the speeches they made respectively at Paris and wilderness run. Where they celebrated so eloquently the glories of War. Which Man s nose was really the larger we done to know. But both men Are dead so the dispute is set. Tied. Said Pershing at Paris of Tho unknown French Soldier a for you. The Victory is won a Minnesota Star. Give serious important military y knowledge it expended $800,000 for 1913 to maintain a private army and has recently defied the United states Railroad labor Board in an Effort to Rha Bluh its a a company Union and drae off its system every Bona fide Ltd or organization. A in Railroad states the due eng the h4 sir months of 1921 it paid to .-3i 61. 08 in tensions. The s is an average of $2,70984 06 for the year. Against this expenditure by one of the country a mightiest corporations the International typographical Union without brass band or newspaper publicity quietly reports that for the year ending May 81 last to Fere were 1,683 pensioners on the Rolls and they were paid $700,128 during that period. The two systems represent two distinct lines of thought on the Industrial Field the Railroad with its paternalism and the Union with its Elf help Ami Independence. Penns Yama Railroad is the recognized Leader of the anti Union Low wage movement of the nations transportation systems the above article taken from the columns of the Minneapolis Libor review while Able and truthful does not give the True in Warness of the reason for the employers pension systems. To participate in an employers pension scheme the air Hioye must remain with the Railroad a Given number of year usually Mold of his Active producing life in Case of a prop posed strike the older employee Are Loath to endorse it or to walk a we find those Farmers who practice Grain growing exclusively Are hardest hit the others Are in fairly Good circumstances and will be Able to tide Over this critical period in the agriculture Industry. A few Farmery have abandoned their farms and in such cases of course we Are forced to protect our interests by foreclosing and securing title to the land so a to be Able to place farm again in the hands of some Man who will make it his Home and will operate it As a productive unit. A where the Farmer has livestock anti intends to stay on the farm and make it his Home we will do everything that we can to help him Over this under the Federal Law. The Santl Bank is allowed to carry Farmers Over for two years where they meet with crop reverses Arni Are unable to make payments. This could not he done on any Large scale or. Quamme said without curiously hurting the credit of the land Bank and therefore he is urging banners to make their payments if possible. I he state owned and operated Bank of North Dakota is granting extensions on Loans to ail drouth stricken Farmers unable to make payments. In his letter to or. Quamme governor Frazier said a i done to think there is any reason to believe that these Farmer will not make Good if Given an Opportunity. It certainly would he a great injustice to Force them off their Laivo after All the hardships they have endured. I am satisfied that it would meet with out when the strike does materialize widespread approval if an Extension As by so doing they forfeit their of time could be Given Farmers in a pension rights the railroads think a talkies where owing to no fault of that enough of the older employees their own they have had continued will consider their pension a rights Quot crop and remain at work in Case of Indue-1-�?-�?�?-�?�?---�? Tului disputes Tai form a Nucelo for a fat boys to pension their old employed i Keb re a my organization it is is. It s because they can be used As not humanitarianism Dud prompts a whip to keep the More aggressive of Are urgently invited to attend a meeting of examiner subscribers and stockholders saturday october 15, at 2 of clock. A meeting of the stockholders Hubac Ribers and friends of the examiner generally has been called by the Board of directors to meet at the examiner office in Allier la on saturday october 15 at 2 p. Rn., for the purpose of planning a subscription Campaign to lift the list of examiner subscribers above the 5, we Mark of you Are interested in the welfare of your paper you will be Here if humanly possible. The examiner and the publishing corporation have emerged triumphant from the financial stresses that have annoyed them and today the examiner is a Fine Thrifty youngster for a Short two year old. You naturally want your paper to Wield the largest influence possible and to do this it must go in practically every Home in Freeborn and adjoining counties. We have the Best Rural circulation in the county now but we must have More if we Are to succeed in our Mission and we can get them if you will Only take a Little interest in building up the examiner subscription list to w Here it belongs a Little ways above the 5,000 Mark. The meeting will he held in the examiner building on East Clark Street. Come help plan. No military legislation will be brought before the House of representative during the remainder of the. Extra session chairman Kahn of the military affair committee a washed his hand of the House for Thi session and if that body does not mend its ways the military of. Fairs committee simply wont play they have decided that the Houe is in no mental state to consideration to legislation Thi information from the army and Navy journal in its Issue of october first. That redoubtable supporter of the armed forces of the nation goes on to Point out As evidence of the impossible i state of Mirzl of the House of rep. Resent Tives. It action in defeating the Bill for maintaining wet Point i at it authorized strength. When that if Custre came up for discussion what a lid that my guided body do but suggest that the a Sage of the Bill would be evidence of a Lack of goo i Faith when the country was calling a conference on limitation of Anna j men the when such a reason could Lee brought Forth for the defeat of so worthy an object the military of. Fairs committee threw up their bunds. Until the House of representative. Return to Ane channels of thought the Are through All of which hould put cheer into the hearts of the Many citizens work ing for the Success of the conference on limitation of armament. For the House of r present live is not Likely to Chung its Frame of mind while letter and petitions by the score Are pouring in to the president and Dele Gates to the conference expressing most forcibly the desire of the people of the country for a real reduction i of military and naval expenditures the re Cults of this pressure Are feared in the Camp of the big army and a y advocate. The army and Navy journal deplores the great in Justice of their cause but they have come to a Point where the raising of a Campaign fund is a very lit iou 11 matter. As in every other stale they Are suffering a a result of the deflation in the value of farm product. In addition to this they have been forced to stand the expenses of seven it penal Campaign in the past five years in defense of their program. In every one of these Campaign the Farmer have Defeated the opposition and carried the Day for the Industrial program. They Are still a Strong for their Industrial program As Ever and will vote almost solidly against the recall but they Are broke. Ii is under such conditions that the beleaguered and hard pressed farm i to by gleans ? Quot a1 "11 a Kot ask the p-p1 of other fates to come to their Aid in order to save their state co operative Industrial undertaking from defeat and ruin. The Farmers of North Dakota Are not a it King Aid for themselves they Are a King you to help ave their i mistrial program for the Good of the country and the human race. Whatever opinions one May hold As to state ownership it must be conceded that the North a Koto banking marketing farm loan insurance and Home building enterprises have in them great possibilities for Good. The Farmers of North Dakota Are entitled to a Fairchance to give them a trial and it is to the vital interests of the entire country that such a trial be Given at least one Dollar to help the farm i a every Friend of Freedom sender in their Campaign. Done to hesitate remember the election is october 28 and the Campaign i now on the time la perilously Short address your letters to nonpartisan league Headquarters Box 919, Fargo. N d. Or Dupont nearly ruined do munition maker want vial ? a no no never never pm a a Pierre s do punt. Chairman of the e. I Dupont de Nemours company greatest american munition makers. To write i big a a not in in article entitled a War does no to pay Quot published difference to the army on the part of j n die october nation business both the general Public and the sex. I let see. In March 1919, the an. Soldiers. A there is a positive deter i no Al report of or. Do punt company nation a it declares a on the part of a Forth that during the four year strongly organized groups with an Ike War the Gross Burnem of the cd met knowledge of Bow to use prop i company amounted to $1-490,000,000. Ganda and How to pull political wires i he Gro it capital bulged from $�3.� to do away with our armed Force if 123jkk to $308,846,000. The .-.tock-possible, and if that cannot be done j Holder Plit up $i40,9a3.000 total to reduce them to a condition of in dividend cared to 4f>8 per cent of Potency Quot the capital .Tock the increase in the people appear to be carrying i on a Little propaganda of their own. I Utu Quot Hort Seq Iti it is i the United elate fora the great pm Cattie shortage even experienced Fred borne manager of tis it to of Pezuti a livestock Exchange South St. Paul declared. I a a a i Here have been three big rum in j the cattle business within the last four years a he said. A in 1917, 1918 and 1919 the runs were forced by thed Iouin. That in 1919 re All i i affecting All the country from James town n. Do West through Montana in 1920 the Hank tightened up of credit with the result that there we i another big run. I i a the result is that when this fall. I run is in it will lie discovered that j like country is woefully Short of Cuttle an example of the condition All i lever the Cattie i reducing country in j that in Hill county Montana nor i i j malty there Are 60,000 cattle there j but this year the number is Only 12, 11 Kim the condition exits als Over the 44 she Fosser i raft the value of the original or Uritia winged upward by 374 Lier cent nut in bad certainly one can Par. A Ion the refined Licking of the chop i with which the report state a it is difficult to imag be a More Ati it factory financial report a so. War does no to pay for munition maker. Or do font a nearly ruined. As he ays a even for a company As Strong Ami a firmly 1 established As our own. It is a Gamble whether it can successfully ,-.�? a it a r the storm a really we Are moved ainu St to car. By the cheerfulness the fort tilde tile Faith with which munition makers face ruin in the name of m Cru of Star Are forced to it a this year urn Bert time to ship is smut a said even though the pres Are Low for when the fall run comes la the pries Wei go Nill lower he predicted hogs should by shipped in warn an ready in urged for while the fell run a not a tarted the last a a it Emter or the fir part of december will be the Price of hags is a hit of Ali

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