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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota # the Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $ >.00 my bribes More business is cheaper than advertising costing f3 of which results in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner Ltd or it i a of h to adverting reach volume i number 45. S a it Lea. Minnesota. Wednesday. November 24, 1920. A their message Jef Home in Albert of county. That is it my in the examiner in die. Labor leaders Are victims of trusts pincers is of a a a a is now on in full then what next on program single in Opy 5 tents Iii the Wake of the news Gompers and aides seek in vain to combat new open shop War a a a a. By Paul Hanna i staff writer for Federated press. present conservative leadership of the american federation of labor is caught lie j t by Cen the closing pincers of reactionary employers on the one hand and so called Radical labor agitators on the other. As a Prophet president Gompers reputation should at this moment touch the Zenith. He told the first Industrial conference in passionate tones 14 months ago that employers must either concede Ami help establish the rights granted labor during the War. Or else witness the Triumph of what he termed a a bolshevism within the american Lahore movement. In the language of or. Gompers. A a a bolshevik is anyone who demand or tends toward the nationalization of Basic industries and their democratic control by the wage earning Ami salaried person. To thwart that tendency. Or. Gompers pleaded with the employers to pay a a fair Days wage and agree to collective bargaining with representatives chosen by the workers. Plea in rejected i hat plea was reject it i by the employers. Headed by judge Gary of the steel Trust. The Gary inn Cople of so called open shop and Low wages now animates the United states chamber of Commerce and big employers Gen a orally in the prevailing drive Back to bread lines Ami normalcy. President Gompers must have believed his Appeal would be heeded it is certain that the present development find him and his Cabinet with St. Paul nov. 24�?the red Cross Christmas Seal Sale to raise funds for fighting tuberculosis and financing a Campaign to obtain health legislation will be launched in Earnest tomorrow. Set als w ill lie Placer on Sale in even Nook and Comer of every town in the state according to officers of the Minnesota Public health association in charge of the Christmas Seal Campaign with $250,000 Worth of see As the goal workers at the Christmas Seal Headquarters were confident that the Public would respond to the cad. State canvassing a St. Paul nov current comment on recent National election by noted writer Federal Rule in Oil Fields seen to remedy evil Regna warns exploiters to cooperate in economic peril financial Relief for Ohio when House convenes by Walter Thomas Mills the recent election is everywhere is said to have been u a land a land slide is not i very unusual occurrence. It always takes place after a Long spell of bad weather with an abundance of mud a faulty foundation and dead weight. Al Ltd 23�?the state can these conditions Wert abundant a a sing Bourd was in session Here today passing upon the tabulations of the november elections made by Julius Schmahl Secretary of state and i staff. Schmahl announced the result of the election a week ago. It is he lived few corrections will be made. Video and the a Harding land so he a the result. It is Worth while to reflect a a Little upon this remarkable Campa i Ami its remarkable result. The really great problems with which oui country ought to Deal were not even discussed by either of the parties. Washington warning against possibility of government control of the Oil Industry a if the Industry itself does not meet and Ileal successfully with the economic fore confronting it. A Given the delegates to the co mention of the american Petroleum Institute it the Sinclair a Mso maven Vin Rte to ration. Re a was head of the Oil division of the United states fuel administration during the War. Must t he my sgt count it is not the question of ignoring a condition but of choosing the course to be followed a Requa said. The canvassing Board was expected to the league of nations discussion Udo us to ens. After approving the Tabula has appointed a special commission to supervise its transportation from the Buttle front. The captures embraced out any plan to repel either of the every kind of War materials including mighty forces which Are converging Many French fighting air planes upon them. The essential nature of tanks guns munitions for artillery was net a serious consideration of cent cling proposals in International affairs. The International Hodge podge with the Mae of the people in confusion Ami great private interests in control will continue for the immediate future As in the past Ami this was inevitable without regard to the results of the recent election. There is nothing that or. Of could have done for the International hankers and profiteers which or. Harding will not in Able to undertake Ami be really to undertake Ami in doing so will not need to violate any pledges made or to abandon any positions taken by him in his front porch utterances. There was a Lam slide in 1912, Only the mud split and slipped in enormous was the Kent directions. The Wall Street i Booty captured from general Wrang tfx it it which had til ported or. Taft in Crimea the soviet government carried Only two states Utah and Vermont in that election. Unfortunately for or. T aft he was understood to Lee As completely representative of the Wall Street interests in russians turn to real work peace in sight whole nations rejoices at overwhelming defeat of Gen. Wrangel Al the South St. Paul Stock Yards these Days Are a place to study the effects of the return to private operation of railroads. Cattle from All Over the Northwest forced on the Market by the squeezing of Bank credit have been dumped into South St. Paul to save cars which should haul them to Chicago. Over 30 000 head of cattle Are now being fed there with the Farmer paying stockyard prices for feedstuff.-, waiting for the local Slaughter House to use them or for the Light possibility of cars to carry them to Chicago. T he local Slaughter facilities can not handle the thou Amis of head of cattle consigned to Chicago and arbitrarily unloaded at South St. Paul buyers of Stocker an feeder Are kept away from the Market by the credit situation. Ami consequently this artificial condition a forced Down livestock pric at South St. Paul. Potatoes throughout the Northwest Are being destroyed by Frost from Lack of Iran port at Ion. As never before in our history and Many Northwest town and cities Are practically without Coal with Winter coming on. While the government management of the railroads during the War May have been interfered with con Ider to ably by the rain mad financiers and other wire pulling it presented no such inefficiency a we a Joe at the present time and there Are no striking Railroad men now to be used As scapegoats for the situation. People who have never been anywhere near a Battlefield probably can not realize what the common people of Southern Russia have been suffering in the last few months during the kind of warfare which has been carried on there. First some of the element of the population aided by foreign troops and supplies capture the control or supervision country and dealt out a a tem Justice broadest terms because to All their opposition general Vav Columbia Relief for cities is expected at the hands of the state legislature which convenes Here in january. T he legislators May accept the View of governor elect Davis in this matter. Fie is an advocate of Home Rule in taxation. I he legislators. Also in All probability. Will give Spanou consideration to a permanent taxation plan which is being drawn up by a committee composed of representatives of various Chandlers of Commerce throughout the Ute Ohio stat. Grange. Ohio Home 37 flour Mills show immense 5-year profits increase capital pay big dividends Federal report proves immense profit Wen made by the flour milling Industry of the United state in the five year period from 1913 to 1918, a a report just i Steed by the Federal Trade commission. the report covers the operations of c today by m. I. Requa rot Active league the Ohio tax pay companies to of them in the North air consolidated Oil Cor l7\ Atruro Ohio real estate Hoard 13 in the Southwest and 14 in an other pm civic organization. Eastern states. Business was a re this committee recommended that nine native for the a concerns in the to Smith 1-Cenf tax Law be repealed five year period that they increased to. A few years an that a systematic their capital from $43 46b,780 to $69,-tudy o taxation matters he made -s-605, and in addition paid out $36,-with a View to reaching a permanent 716.408 in dividends taxes Ami for solution. I he Homo protective outside improvements the report re if e , a oppose i classification of Pron Veals. Rekhnlf., of our we. We Hull to Orts for Luxation purposes whited taxpayers league ration. Forced to follow some Road either Industrial co operation and conservation or government dictation. Government Aid May lie require when it is it can be asked for. But the tak is emphatically one for the Industry itself to perform if it is to be done efficiently and properly. Ami so Long us it is done efficiently Ami Well there is neither cause nor justification for governmental interference. Because i have seen the tragic inefficiency Ami waste of governmental Washington. I am convinced the Petroleum Industry can to t efficiently perform its service through Elf gov eminent an regulation a King for legislation Only to make More efficient rational activities. He fear control a i have a horror supported Cluss. Of government ave in the i know it in the first year of the half decade the 37 companies made a profit of 12.163 on flour sales amounting to $l�9,6�6,875. In the last year of the period they made a profit of $22,140,-"�?�>8 on sales amounting to it $354,192.- a be report ays the average earnings of the Northwestern group for the five years were 24.1 per cent. Average profits of All the companies it remarks were twice As Large in the last two year As in the first two. Have Buirge capacity p of milling has pro top Foyers absolute masters 1 to Uch an extent the report a a is that to of the Large concerns have efficient capacity to produce More than half the wheat flour used in the United states excerpts from the report of the Trade commission follow a the wheat flour milling Industry is Long been one of the most important m the United states. The a open shop War will Gutterieze labor charged in any and All non Union shops to Gompers guidance of labor requites the co operation of the big employers. T Hose employers have refused to cooperate. The workers turn instinctively toward a program which does not require the co upe Ratton of employ Era which must be away from Gompers. Appropriate irony is provided by big newspapers in Washington and elsewhere which now raise the alarm that the that election As or. Cox and or. Wil in were understood to repro int in and Small arms and uniforms. Frt at Onul Inper Lialis in the recent election. The joint vote of or. Roosevelt and or. W ii son in 1912 was even More it tar tingly a a land slide1 than the single vote of or. Harding on this occasion. It is a curious fact that the continued on Page 4 in he prisoners include i soldiers from 30 units of Wrangell army. A great wave of rejoicing swept soviet Russia when news of the Victory was flushed Over the government wireless. Real Lieut is in sigh for the first time since the soviet government came into Power. I i anti soviet forces under generals Bala Hovitch and i Vulura which tells Are fastening their Are operating in the Western part of hold upon the a. F. Of l. These newspapers ate precisely the ones which fought tempera in the Industry mfr conference and Praise the stand of judge Gary. That is they paved the Way for a reorganization of the labor movement on class conscious lines. But the fruit of their labors they attribute to a conspiracy of the third internationale at Moscow leaders seek solution when a corporation disrupts a Craft Union and turn half its members into the Street it is merely asserting its americanism the press argues. When the dispossessed workers turn for Relief to the Solidarity of Industrial unionism they prove they Are being paid or to lured by the russian conspirators. While the a ire tragedy proceeds. President Gompers and his associates remain silent anti inactive trying to decide How to meet a situation which has been Cen approaching with relentless certainty for everal years. Unemployment conquers a fresh City every Day. Judge Gary has consolidated his hold upon the instrument White Russia Ami ukrainian Are not regarded As serious obstacles. Military men say these forces can be disposed of in a very Short time. We ii Prospect of Complete cessation of hostilities All departments of the soviet government Are disc using reconstruction. The storming of the defense of Northern Crimea by the soviet army was one of the most dramatic Battles of Modem times. Russian military men a it compares with the Battle of Verdun. The powerful defensive works which were it believed by Wrangell engineers to be impregnable first were breached with artillery then the troops poured through Leon Trotzky minister of War in the soviet government personally directed tile final phase of the attack. A soon As the Kusso polish armistice a signed Trosky left for the crimean War theater and organized the Advance t he concentration of soviet troops was completed in october Ami the Battle opened oct. 14, North of per Kop the town at the Battle neck where Crimea joins the russian main laps done to plan War says Nagai immediate conflict held unlikely immigration fears belittled of government. Between the fangs of Lam. Want and the bayonets of necessity the first russian labor stands and Waits. Pope Benedict to ask Prince of Monaco to close up Monte Carlo Rome a Pope Benedict Xiv is preparing to ask the Prince of Monaco to close up Monte Carlo the greatest gambling resort the world known. That the pontiff plans this step in a great crusade against immorality throughout the whole world became known today. Diplomatic relation have been re awed Between the Vatican and the principality of Monaco after an interruption of eight Yea s. Of. Defon Tarcic has arrived Here with his credentials to represent the Prince of Monaco at the holy sea. Vatican circles regard the resumption of diplomatic relations with the principality of Monaco a a development of great importance despite the fact the principality consists of Only eight Square Milts of territory containing the Casino some luxurious hotel a Park Ami the Princess Palace. Victory was won North of per Kop at enormous Cost. Trotzky sent his Best soldiers and they justified his expectation. It is apparent the demoralization of Wrangell a soldiers had been under Way some time before the collapse. Twenty four hours after the fall of Simferopol and Sabas to pol local soviet governments were administering All Public affairs they were established a month previously but Hail to has Ever conduct their affairs underground the first Telegram from the crimean soviet was received by the Moscow government tuesday night. At that time it a not known definitely that Wrangel had escaped to Turkey on a ship and the message aroused Hope Here that Wrangel might be a prisoner soviet Soldier captured an order of the Day signed by Wrangel saying that As the allies were giving him no further military assistance he extended permission to All his soldiers to surrender themselves to the soviet troops. Military experts writing in the local newspaper pravda said import Anne of tile Victory in Crimea cannot it be Over estimated that Japan is making unusual War preparations a. Issued Here by or. Nagai acting charge it i affaires of the japanese embassy in the absence of the japanese ambassador who a attending the league of nations meeting at Geneva. Or. Nagai does not think that another War is coming. Ii said that Australia and Canada need not fear an invasion of japanese immigrants because Japan needs All her men at Home. Say no War lit sight a contracts Winch were tentatively made with air plane manufacturers Arni gun makers have not yet been signed Arni there seems Little likelihood that they will said the Diplomat. A a i he economic situation in Japan at this time is such As prohibits such expenditures. We Are building warships of course but this is merely in line with the regular course of preparation. We do n get intend to lie left in a Hole if War should come. I see no reason to think that there will be a or. Nagai said there was no reason for either Australia or Canada to oppose renewal of the Anglo japanese treaty. No immigration Likely a it is not a combination for offence or defense a explained or. Nagai. A it merely Call for compulsory arbitration should any move be made by Japan upon another nation. Australia and Canada apparently fear great immigration but this fear is groundless Japan needs All her Man it Home. We would nut Grant permission to workmen to leave the country unless they see a big material advantage in or. Nagai was formerly in the japanese consular service at to Angel and san Francisco. Range and others with him who seize the Power naturally Dill not have enough mean to adequately support i army and this made it necessary for him to allow the army to live on territory both frenily an hostile. Anil living on the territory in proc ital application mean seizing and destroying practically everything that comes in sight. Now comes the soviet a n army hailed As a deliverer by some of the population but also Una Lerfelt and having to or a Ort considerably to living on the territory in addition to the terrible condition produced by these Means then is the great loss resulting from the panic of fear probated by lying about the enemy. The Ordinary inhabitants of Crimea will probably suffer no More with the soviet troop in control than they did under the Wrangel administration. Hut having heard of the climes of the Sot set them rushed pol i me 11 town in the hop. F escaping by sea. Such a panic probably Dost Ray As much in the Way of lives Ami prop arty As did the invading army. Scott tuttell a will known War correspondent who a just returned Western Lawior new i he Union shop is a Challenge absolutism in Industry. In the Union shop the employer is shorn of autocratic Power to set spell., to efficiency on the part of the we is hours Ami working conditions. Value of it flour output alone in the Petroleum Industry hut it is obvious Bere joint bargaining is the Rule. It months ending March 1926, that control will be exercised if we the worker have a voice. Considerably exceed $1,000,000,000. Fail in a government. In the non Union shop the employer the growth of the Industry has been it is i think an axiom of govern master. Relatively slow however for Many this employer c less Frank than it a Eal it a 1899 the Mill produced a the roman slave owner and the Feu 1 he Over too too too barrels of flour dal Baron la oth of whom controlled a about 120,000,000 barrel the lives of their chattels. But his the wheat flour output in put pose is the same Mastery Over aroused is than 20 per cent population grew at twice that rate Cotton ment that a Best governed is least governed a on the other hand that doctrine can he applied Only when the citizens in Masse recognize this responsibility an Ltd bring the weight of Public opinion on those recalcitrant who refuse such n. D. Banker Deal selves death blow the men Ami women of toil. He makes no pretence of Superior try Ami divine right a did other autocrats. He talks of Liberty Ami equal Opportunity. His Liberty is to have each worker Ingle landed. Put his wit and his need to labor against a Trust fied Industry defy terrible from Southern Russia says a i he truth about the it blunter army opposed to to. Bolshevik never bus been told. Hut when the real tory is written it will be found to be a record of courage Ami endurance on Ane hand and on the other a shame us tale of bribery corruption stupidity and blundering and of cruelties and atrocities unsurpassed the soviet troop a but when correspondent Litten has raid this he has Only described what Quot a generally is made somewhat worse in this Case by the fact that the Volunteer army a made up chiefly of adventurers who Hail no great Prin Cipes at stake but rather the motive of personal gain either by plundering or by Grants of land in Ca get of Victory. Bismark n. D. With the new bunk of North Dakota fund Law in thousands of of a to Only a few Days the Farmers to the coast rotate Bank of Greene is the fifth to close its doors because it cannot operate without tile use of state deposits. Thus the Law initiated by the Bank it it themselves to undermine the state Bank has instead proved a Boomerang Ami is almost daily forcing private even by or concessions Chicken society will be largest Ever held in St. Paul largest Chicken show Ever held Baul i scheduled for Jan. 20 Are the real chickens on pm which Lay egg with now the in St to 23. These feathers get ing at s0 cents a dozen. Five organizations will exhibit their chickens at the auditorium according to a. J. Fetsch president Minnesota h Anderst association which is giving the show. Or Fetsch who asked the City Council saturday for the use of the auditorium said that in addition to Hie Minnesota organization there will Bankers will lie represented the National Rhode Island reds North american Bantam and state Black Minorca association and the North Western Orpington club. Banks to close their doors. I Here have been no failures Ami some of these Banks iou re men w Hen the Federal Rise Ive Batik decides to let the farm communities Nave the use of a fair share of the nations Money. Not a a sabotage flan i he Bank of North Dakota in withdrawing from the private Hanks is not doing i a even the Bankers themselves admit this. Prior to Lite passage of the initiated measure every Public fund had to be de posited in the Tate Bank the latter then redeposited on pro rata basis to All the private state Banks of North Dakota. I he initiate measure now gives cities town and counties authority to withdraw these Deposit from the Tate Bank As each i withdrawn the Bank in turn must Call in its remit posits from the private Banks to meet the demand of the City town or county for return of the funds. I he result w As the Beach state Bank had to return $ i i too to the government Debauch the judiciary Ami corrupt Public opinion. I equal Opportunity is for worker to be Content with wages set by him or by official of the state who can be controlled by him. T his employer believes in labor or gun Cotton if he has the last guess. He must be the court of last resort have the final word in Ever dispute. To talk of Liberty where non unionism exits is mockery no democracy where personally controlled company a unions a and welfare systems As did slave owners who boasted of their Kin treatment to a Sal i Here Are Only two systems in in Justry Union and non Union. I be Union system West on collective bargaining and Lite used by the Cotton Mills of the county Mot than doubled and there was a threefold increase in the production of pig Iron. During the 20 year ending with by i the Price of wheat flour did not Advance nearly so much As the aver a that is powerful enough to aka Price of other commodities. Cording to Cen us statistics the average value of wheat flour at the Mills in 1880 was .<4.33 in 199, $3.25 and 1900, $5.20 but in 1914 it had dropped Back to $4,67. In the five years from 1913-1914 to 1917 191s, the average i i to flout sold by the con Maniex covers in the present report increased from $4.15 to $10.22 per Barrei an Advance of 116 per cent. During the ame period according to estimate of the department of agriculture the. There can be average Price received by Farmers for employer have Quot beat Alliance 160 per cent. Incomplete data gathered by the commission indicate that up to 1918, 111 i of flour jobbers including proprietor a salaries ranged front Ioc is to 20 cents per barrel but that Many jobber probably mud their Ordinary profit in 1917 workers twice the Rich to average expense in jobbing a barrel right to Lee represented by Penna of of flour by in own choosing. T he non Union system rests on individual bargaining with the worker pleading i own Case or by the employer approve the non Union feared to As apparently increased from about 25 Erat before the War to about 40 cents in 1917 am 1918. A person system is never reach by Feudal employers. Their publicity agent Coin Catchy phrase to cloak the system. Their a open shop a a free Labory and similar terms Are Tricky deceitful and misleading. Many noblest idea Are a Gutter fixed a by these labor exploiter who would destroy Independence in their worker. I Bene non Union employers these Petty autocrats Lack the courage of Tate Bank when the first Public funds Herman Iii Taring w to boldly de return a demanded. This left the Bank with no working fund so it Hail to close it doors. Bankers Alay Aid la axe the Security state Bank of new England the Farmers state Bank of Hadlock and the Tolley state Bank of Tolley each about $755,000 in state deposits through the Workings of the new lavs and All have close their doors. The ultimate dared a might make., i lie need for Trade Union agitation Ami education a never so urgent. J he difference Between the Union and non Union system should i stressed at mass meetings by Kiwus Ion Ami every other publicity method i monism Means resistance to wrong. Non unionism Means docility servility and a Squaw labor seeks control of British government lotion. Six am a half million British trades believe England should have a Tabor government with their families Tivey represent about 10,000,000 of the 46,000,000 people in tin British Isles. Here fore their Choice of a Premier to occupy David Guoyu Georges position is of unusual Inetie to. J. H. Thomas the stubby n Solute Secretary of tile railway workers ugly n. Is generally of idiot prospective Premier. I a. Just printed form he is nut classed As plat set As a com in a Eoas Titu result May be that Quot Quot Quot Quot 1ine up with the non fusion St to be despite partisan leagues in defeating the fun this plea the bitter anti league Polit zionists because As soon As the Meas it ans in the towns and civic. Are Wilbur was passel the Bankers suddenly drawing Public funds from the stat realized that it meant trouble for Bank the private hankers Are a them so they pleaded with Ille r co coming anti league conspirators daily. Be Mutual. He believes carnal monarchy. Neither Thomas nor the other hut ish Lahore Leader Ai a chatty about the methods they prop a fallowing to Gam control of the government morn a direct favor fore Dee methods. Other., More con is r still want to wait for the great Mittl Cia to come to their Way thinking and rail into the government no y ing. If Whit Nab it n there t. F a great majority of vote hmm my Mem in

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