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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - November 18, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two Albert lev examine thursday november 18, 1920 Elbert Lea examiner published by the Freeborn Ooi Vav publishing conflict. 222 in i Lark Steps Albert leu. Minn. Published weekly Norman j Gillespie editor Telephone state 618 entered at the Post office at Albert Lea. Minn. A second class mail matter. Subscription rates one year. .$2.00 six months. All rubber Pron accounts mus be paid in Advance. Frenzied finance Jam j West known a Railroad or but Jim i a recant at Amene Limpton rec Ter Tat $00 i bomi.-, the to it Pioneer Rater it the i n Ted ornate s Fren met c n people in amp Quincy r i r. The in i rim a i Lento 11 Roa it Hill hem d Man of the North at Ami Europe a i importance is dead. Expose in have the finance inter to the s hic Bur the c. H. Ii q Raj Merer commission lore of Stock anti if whirl Oad petitioned the Lier permission to i be 10,010 tonal it $140,000.1100 Hall bed tribute among �?z____x5. The c. B k q. Railroad a a per Mission of the i c. C to violate the Constitution of the state of Illinois As pointed out in another Section of this True of the examiner under the heading. A in the Wake of the James j. Hill bought tile Burlington rom 20 year age he agreed to pay $200 a share for 1,076.13d share. Naturally he did not de ire to invest any of his own Money. It would be much better for Jim Hill a have the Public rive him the property free of charge he issued Bonds to the amount of the Purchase Price approximately $21 5.000,000. These Bonds paid four per cent interest. They were held by the guarantee unit co new York City which Soh them to the Public. It was Rreed Burlington St a cd must pay Litcht per cent dividend and enough More to carry the guarantee Trust co. Brokerage charge. Of one half of one per cent. Making the total profit to be paid out eight and one half per cent. This amount a been paid regularly for 20 years. The rest of the profits of the Burlington have gone into a surplus fund. Which now amount to $241,781,197, according to the company a statement to the interstate Commerce commit Ion the Deal is one of typical frenzied piratical finance. Hill infected nothing he get the Railroad plus the difference Between the surplus and his Bon i Issue or 5241.781.m. In a tors Ami the guarantee Trust co., have received internet beside their investment. The ones issued by Hill Are to be paid from the surplus when this new Stock and Bond i approved by the government providing such a course is taken by the interstate Commerce commission next monday nov. 22. The Public which 20 years ago a paving the Road an income on a total of to 10,839,100 of Stock and $168.-o�?T-o.oo of and is now to pay an income of 1170.39.-Ioo of tack Ami $247,000,000 of Bond. If the new tack an i i Ond Are authorized by the government the Hill interests will have pre enter themselves with the Burlington Railroad by tem. And a big Lump of Cash As Well. The american people will have Given them Thi pit rely gift. Jim Hill is dead but i family i Well provided for. He a vat them a Lien on the american people amounting t o a hate Var the inters ate Commerce commission will Perm t the Burlington to charge on i original graft of in i 000,000, Pau the added $140,000 000 of watered Turk Ami Bonds it i entirely plausible to Zuppo that Hill heir will Eek in their turn to have a a iture comm Salon approve the dilution of the new total capitalization of $4i8,n9.0oo to double that urn. I he examiner i Bam exposing the manner in which edition railroads have Ben financed that la the Way american prop. Have male their Railroad King they fir to gae them a few Hundred millions an then Jena a a by a permanent annual a a offence of having Given it. Cal frenzied finance a been Avromia. Is no Way for the american people missive n the original Deal. But the pie can protect them elves from further tint men of office who will Ward tribute n til i polished a to or tee a me rican graft a a i off such i other capital i is one tiie a and i fronts the nato ii ii it in attempts of Railroad magnates an i Heoji t of America came out of their Kent. To grave Flanger that Eon the Public i already under a Yoke tightening until Tho a who have to pay ure beginning to squirm in distr. Such methods will continue until the american Copla by righteously m their Wrath demand action to quell Uch tact irs awake All Iru it american gird up a our Iota an i prep to do Battle to the great enemy which menaces a he very foundation of our government threatening to Oppre the people until the Are veritable slaves. Knowledge Ai an asset Early Spanish adventurers Aile their ships up the by. L Awrence in a followed the re a it a far North to i a a Timis warning Silver i found there an i the Unk a Shaft. The wraith they sought a not obtained from it however. I dry a de away not knowing How dose they came t a trea re As great a that which filled the fabled Cave of Kun Balm. It Lay open to am an i rain w the a thin covering of to s a i Lichen Only a few in a from where their search a abandoned Gunter passed before it was discovered on the present site of Cobalt. History Tiu it us these fact., they Are Well Worth Rome mile ring meanwhile the Rocky Bills were tripped of Timber. Tile Pike Heel Ltd the lumbermen scarred the almost pure s her with which deep wide crack. In the Rock were plugged. The labourer who found it at last had worked in a Cobalt min. When he a a Patch of Pink on a Hill Side he recognized it As Cobalt Bloom and he investigated he knew nothing of Silver. But what he did know led him directly to it. His Lender knowledge of Cobalt is. All that distinguished him from the others what had a of that spot. Know Edge if a wonderful thing it has developed r in the world. Some would have us believe that a Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. That s Amor tru d Aid corporation. Would have us Bede pc a ittle knowledge to be dangerous. They Point out that Niou by know All Blaut any sub a a t before taking ans a t on but they desire to retain the right to do All the teaching. That the reason for the steel Trust lumber Barons. An i other special it interests desiring to keep full facts and real knowledge concerning their activities from the c minion people of the people obtain such facts and full knowledge concerning their activities. They realize that the Day of judgement will have come. As a result the monopolies of the United states and other Section of the world Are spending fabulous amount of Money to Oread their owl propaganda and keep real facts an i full knowledge from the general Public. They have lived on graft for so Long that they do not want the people by righteously rising in their Wrath it spoil their opportunities to multiply their riches always at the expense of the people in ledge however limited is go it a i any to sible item of knowledge May no time be of utmost value to the one by whom it i possessed. The nonpartisan Teague by judiciously spreading knowledge concerning the activities of the special Ted interests thru the medium of a free pres Hopes and expect to be Able to educate the people until they w i a k to free themselves from the Bonds that have bean so tightly Woven about them. Fro Independent newspapers owned and controlled by Farmers workers and others not by the big inter it anti advertisers have been springing up at a rated rate thru out the Northwest. Thru these Publica to on Tho people Are being presented with facts that Are net Printe a in the a kept press a the politicians and others of their ilk have made it difficult for me of these newspapers to continue publication Ami thereby continue to Tell the people the truth concerning matters of momentous importance. But a majority of them continue to appear regularly Reg Nile of great difficulties that have to he surmounted. Even the most Radical opponents of the non parti an league would do Well to read the educational matter preen the i in newspapers and publications owned by the Farmer anti workers. It would give them a real insight into machinations perpetrated by big Busine-.-, relieving their eyes of the Blindfold that they May More clearly see the truth an Justice. I ,,,n, and comment on various topics no when m a m Akes pumpkin pie j mass of common people. In the there a a spicy odor floating out Ripon the morning air. Of a lot of Good things baking you can smell it everywhere. And it makes us All feel hungry a cause this is the reason Why s.,q we know a is awful Busy a work hard. Play they Soh them out to Chain a to Fez at and she a making pumpkin pie. This was the condensed advice $2.50 each thus making a profit of which Earl Haig gave to a Gath eng too per cent. How much the Chain of the pumpkins big fat Fellows of boy scouts in England. Stores obtained for them we do not we have store them in the Bam it is Good advice for boy scout know probably not less than $3.50 or covered up with buy so careful and for every one else. $4.00. How sad it would by if this so the Frost can do no harm. The one is As Necez Ary As the concern which made the profit of 900 when we smell the spicy odor other. Those who live intensely live per cent on 300,000 Coats were obliged to be extra Good we try. More than those who a take it to pay a heavy excess profit tax. For we know the be tone always in work or in play. An As to speeding up production gets the biggest hunk of pie. This does not mean that every no in order to reduce prices. Secretary should work with the ame degree of Morrison of the american federation when it comes upon the table muscular Effort nor play the same of tailor said til a grand might to behold games with the same vigor. It does a let the Bankers Tell their tory with its Cru to so Crisp and tender mean to concentrate on the task in of the need for greater production to and its top of yellow Gold hand do it. And then do something the thousands of workers who have a a cuts it there is silence Al. Been Laid off recently. I Hen we pass our plates of. My a work hard play this is a for let them Tell the Coal miners each of us is awful Busy a slogan particularly applicable at to work harder. The miners Are eating up that pumpkin pie. This time. I Here is need for hum smashing All production records and ant production in every Field of in yet the Price of Coal is most a Xorbie some Folk May prefer the Apple Deavor. Winter is coming when pro others a the mince is Hest. Duct Ion is More difficult and the controller of the currency we but the King of pies wherever you go world Nee is More god. Hams believes the big banker could in North South. or West i Here is need for vigorous play in. Do something to produce normalcy if be the glorious yellow pumpkin pie these goods Days before wintry they would quit profiteering in Money. The prize it always take a weather. W e need an overflowing or. Williams charges them with Bor that is if it is like the one of Good Heath to combat the rowing Money from the government my Mother always makes wastage of the indoor season. No at 4 and one half an six per cent other tonic is has so efficacious As and loaning it out As High As is 20. Vigorous exercise in the bracing air. 25 and 30 per cent. Work hard play it is a the Bankers however got Back at or. Williams and passed some solemn resolutions deploring any move that would a weaken the Peoples Faith Quot in the new York Hunters. Northwest conditions have forced the Farmers and labourers to get together for a common cause. It can Only be considered from one viewpoint it can Only be settled by political action. Centralised wealth sooner or later gets so top heavy that it brings about i it own downfall. No country can Long endure As a Money autocracy a especially is this True of a country whose people have had their Washington. Their Lincoln and their county Minn journal. A Farmer at Bock got returns last week for the Sale of beef steer and a fat cow. The two netted $40 on the Market in South St. Paul. Such incidents arouse every Farmer to the importance of United action to remedy such conditions but there Are a few still so deeply steeped in old party prejudices amt so dead to their own interests that Gabriel a trumpet would fail to awaken tues county Minn times. Good All around motto but never better than at this season. Trading in futures trading in futures according to its defenders is of great advantage in stabilizing the Market. The Grain Speculator by this View assume the risks of fluctuation and by careful study of the markets prevent Price from going As Low As they otherwise would at certain time or a High As they might at other times. We Are asked to believe that the speculators Are divided into two groups known As the a a bulls a Ami the when the a bulls Quot win the a a bears must lose am visa ver a. Grain speculators would have us believe. They further attempt to a educate Quot us to the belief that in either event producers Ami Consumers of Grain reap the advantage in a More stable Market. Sound Ren zoning on the part of any intelligent person will prove conclusively that this is merely a superficial excuse. Paper wheat which the speculators throw on the Market. Or take off the Market is Worth just As much for Market purposes a real wheat. Ina much As Many More time paper wheat is Ham lied on the Market a. Real wheat it ought not to be difficult to see that the once of the Grain is set not according to the Supply Ami demand for real the Ute but according to the amount it paper wheat. In some seasons the Minneapolis Market will Leal in too time As much wheat As there i actual we heat going thru. Rementa hug that the Market is a closed Market Ami that Speculator a Supply of paper wheat depends on finance it ought not to a difficult to realize that an interest Large capital can swing this Market with marked -ucce.-s. The Only doubtful Factor i the apply of capital Ami if the interest have this the matter i not a gambling proportion As so Many people a but a fixing Titan action. When there i a slight surplus of actual wheat the big internet which dominate the Grain Market make Thi a gee it surplus with paper wheat thus securing the actual wheat at much Pielow Market value. There can never be a shortage of wheat Uncle i the big Grain Intel it want to make one a a result in the Winter and Spring when Moat of the wheat has been bought from the Farmers the Speculator. Make a greater shortage by oiling Hort the consumer of wheat in Thea on pay far More than the fair Market Price. Speculate trading therefor in Tead of stabilizing the Market make a surplus More damaging than it would otherwise be to the producer Ami a Small shortage the cause of famine Price to the consumer. In fact the Only legitimate excuse the Grain speculators have Matte for future trading is the provision of hedging for actual buyer Ami Sellers of wheat. This enable the dealer in actual wheat to avoid losses from fluctuations. Naturally the speculators forget to Tell us that hedging could be provided for actual buyers Ami seller of wheat without the gambling in future Uch As we have today. To provide for hedging we would need to have Only twice a much Grain As is actually handled Gold on the Market whereas under future trailing As has been rated. The amount frequently run to too time As much there is no evading the fact that a change of marketing conditions is essential to the general welfare of producer Ami Eon Umer alike but As Long a the Market Gambler can pull the Wool Over the eyes of the people with their propaganda we will he under their domination i in nonpartisan league has mapped out a fair method to handle Thi situation and when the Farmers Ami labourers succeed in electing their own candidate to office then an Only then we will see a change for the letter that will be of Mutual Benefit to the entire populace of this and other states of the Northwest. The Minnesota University football team has made a miserable showing this season. The team has been beaten time am time again. The Independent Progre hives were beaten in the primary and Genera election in this state. The Minnesota football team Hopes to stage a comeback next season. There i no reason in the world Why the Independent progressive cannot stage a comeback a goo i Deal of urging Over a period of 20 years or More. Assisted by the War has finally built up a very re a one Hundred years ago the fir to labor unions in Philadelphia were de i mending free schools while special privilege fought the idea As dangerous socialism saying it would be con a fixation of property to tax the Rich a Florence Bomer. Man to pay for the education of the children of the poor Man. We have progressed since that time and we intend to Progress some More for the Benefit of the common county Minn Post. \ what other editors Are thinking about now watch them a Friend has just sent to this office a Market copy of the Detroit free tan. On the Market Page for nov there is As a member of the Senate spectate Trade Between the United a Man convicted by a jury of his a n state Ami latin America equals of the crime of buying with to Quot Quot a my a my a rms or it of the figures for 1919 show that the Money the Toga that he Wear. Ben Bibb Quot pm car two Commerce Between the two continents Ator Truman h. Newberry was found to Ano it St for the year totalled close to three guilty in a Federal court of violating h a ers. Orc Farmers billion of dollars. Of this South and the corrupt practices act in that it w their debt after ventral America imported into this was allege thousands and thousands. Uru r new i is a Cju to country something Over two billions of dollars were spent in highly ques a let authenticity of that item u wit. A a. L. A a. ,. I Here a such a wave of anger against the resumption of Grain gambling and the beating Down of the its interesting now and every year the picture you had made at the very Start of your married life a will increase in value. While the states exp. It to to a a a a a manner for i election. A a a ? or work in i Atin America ran just Hort of one Newberry is still a senator altho resumption o Grain Gam portraiture billion. This indicated an increase of Federal court declared that he must 1�. Rating <0"n a i�50,0o0, Over ism in u. 8. Pro.1 two year in a Federal jail. In us at the Quot ,a.1 f Kin,., i a to Uil he Ai hankers halted their plot to Force nature that never topped to them while they in i he american people have been to f. /. A a. A a ,. 7. Farmers to Ell and re pub can to out of style acts creased their exports to about $600,000,000. W icon and come in and see the ill of the our most recent Sample and but now election i ended. There make an appoint is no longer need to play politic. The ment for a it gamblers and Bankers have no further Ting. Reason to hold Back an it is our priv air opinion they won Sunda by n. A courier new. It appointment Only the l. S. Grant of the senates delay . ,.spellbinder blamed the Newberry s conviction. It a rec. South anti Central America have flailed that the Senate was engaged f r a population of approximately too with matters of International move u 000,000. Before the War their foreign ment and later that senators were Commerce with the world amounted Busy with election affairs. To $3,000,000,000 three billions. In now it will demand Liat new 1919 it a $5,000,000,000 five Bil Berry seat he declared vacant. I Conan increase in in years of 66 in the Enate is a rebuke to per cent. It will be noted that the every honest senator be he rep Uhli Trade of the unite states in 1919 can or Democrat. With its latin a a Keg neighbor was the Republican Senate May be sex the Campaign of 1920 has gone into r their t to foreign by i act a to in nor a a a a a a its fir Thi tory it has a a v. Not of the hard a pay a a act when it re-Convene-., the cleaning est political Battles Ever fought in the by South in Central America Are still la Houe. Tate of the Northwest not upon a Quot greatly undeveloped area.-. Only the. Tonal Issue but upon economic con a ing has liven touched a the peo Huy your Supply from the Mer editions. The a conditions Are National p i i lop in Industry education Arni chant who advertise in your paper an have got to be cleaned up by the t to a Politi a they will want More of the goo things of life Good thing that the t no Ted states produces in immense quantities. Moreover great Masse of the poor people of Europe and other parts of the world will be attracted to the magnificent stretches of uninhabited lands of latin America an i they also will develop a taste for North american Good there is no doubt that the three billion Dollar Trade Between the two continents in 1919 was a Mere fraction to what is coining Ami it be Hoove the people of the i United state to keep on cultivating these Southern Folk and be Good Little night or to them. Borne people profess to wonder Why the Noii parti an league was organized and Why it has grown to be such a potential Force in the Northwest. Study the figures below and cease to wonder. It is a report of the receipts and of wheat in one elevator in a single season receipts Grade bushels no. I Northern. 99,711.40 no. 2 Northern 141,455.50 no. 3272,047.20 no. 4 201,267.20 no Grade 116,021.50 rejected. 59,742.30 total 890,245.10 shipped out Grade by Hel no. I Northern .196,2ss.30 no. 2 Northern .467,761.40 no. 3 .,.,.,.,.213,453.30 no. 4no Grade. Rejected. Total .877,512.20 on Ham. 12,733.10 total 90,246.10 Sanborn county is. A Herald Sanborn county A Herald time. One of the difficulties of the Numier and labor candidate in Lite recent election was that the country had nut yet fully recovered from the a silly War hysteria produced a mental state in Many that made the latest Appeal to prejudice of More importance to them than found argument. The raid on the Wiiest Market has made Little or no difference in the Price of bread another instance of How Little farm prices have to do with Consumers prices. Tile people wha keep old party politics alive Are unlike those wha do the voting interested Only in the party of the first part. A repeal of the profit tax Ami a speeding up of labor so that a re May be a greater product per capita seem to be two of the thing that the american Bankers association emphasize to put Industrial conditions a Aback to the excess profit tax is iniquitous because it put a Burden on All the big profiteers. A concern in new i York City recently admitted through one of it own employees that it had purchased 300,000 raincoats from the i government at Zuj cents each. Them persistent advertising benefits the advertiser and the Public As Well the advantage of advertising lies in the ability of the advertiser to place his product before the people when they Are most Apt to want his merchandise. The advertising columns of the newspapers Are a certain Index of the successful business houses of a City or town. The Rule holds Good in every Metroplis in the civilized world. Printers Ink has made thousands of men Rich. The bold advertisers Are the successful business men. Those that launch out and scatter broadcast fact and figures keeping their business Ever before the people never relaxing never retreating but always pressing Forward pushing ahead never have to regret a lost opportunities or a what might have been a but unbounded Success is theirs to which the world pays homage. Many a Success is attributed to Luck or a favorite of Fortune when the real source of the Success was through the Channel of judicious persistent advertising Everyl it Ody May know you Are in business but do they know what you sell and what you Are Selling it for or Are they passing right by your place of business and paying More for an article than you Are Selling it for because they do not know what your prices Are think it Over. Advertising in the examiner. Gets results Che Elbert Lea examiner Telephone 618 222 a at Clark Abt. I = x a i i i 3 i i 5 emf

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