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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - November 18, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Rut Way to figure it id advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that Brines More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner volume i. Number 44. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday november is 192 1. To advertise Roach no i a or Xiv v Chi it Means mini run of it their of Iff a 1 Home in Alt Vert count. That la in the Eta Miner to single copy 5 outs governors fail to help Check Railroad grab in a i $ j in dire distress san for Aid for to he too people reported suffering in China have been ent broadcast by the chinese National welfare society of san Francisco in an Effort to alleviate the troubles of the chinese brought on by howls in the South and famine in the North. Virtually All the crops in an area of 800, he Square Miles in the provinces of Chili. Shantung Shansi and Shenski by Laurence i Odd have been destroyed by drought. Is staff correspondent Federated pros Multa Neoushy houses have been Brumbaugh of away by the River risings in Hun of Pennsylvania is not interested in an. Chilling and Fukien. Thousands Pennsylvania new Jersey new York lose Money due Aii three a a renew control by a a ring a seen a. A Louis Collins bares plan to kill primary Law in this state in the Wake of the news three million workers Idle crisis looming to Sud ill g $90, he too which belongs to schools of Pennsylvania but which the Delaware Lackawanna amp Western Railroad asks the interstate com Mirce commission to permit it to hand Over to its stockholder. Governor Edwards of new Jersey is not interested although he received official Bot ice that the a. A. Amp w. Seeks to get permission to collect three times As heavy tolls from the traffic in new Jersey As heretofore was Legal. Governor Smith of new York. Is As unconcerned a the other two governors All it if them proved it the other Day by failing to enter protest when the Corr Quiny a application was heard by the commission. Decision by the commission is pending. Withheld surplus from stale the Deleware. Iota Kawanna amp Western was chartered by Pennsylvania in Imp under its charter As later of chinese ate said to he dying daily. A quota of $1.000.0 h is asked of san Francisco. Additional it us Are it ought elsewhere. Report exposes Parent neglect Only 81 real orphans out of 906 inmates in state Homes Minnesota daily Star leaders in the next legislature will seek abolition of the direct primary Law said Louis l. Collins lieutenant governor elect last night after a Republican jubilation merlins in the or Palubi tether with 29. 000.000 in bomb to be paid for Bonne at that meeting arranged by the women s Republican club of Minne govenor Quot Accident Burnquist Ami attorney general Hilton will have an Opportunity next monday nov. 22, to Aid in blocking a Gigantic Railroad Teal us he if it go. Thru win Eon f. Of l. Planning Call on the people of Minnesota and ten other Northwest states millions of dollars annually. Whether the two High state officials will attempt to Block this Railroad grab remains to be seen. The Chicago Burlington amp. Quincy Railroad has petitioned the inter Tate Commerce commission for permission to $60,, he in common Stock to be distributed to its stockholders Ami to re Tore funds already taken St. per cent of the children in state super led orphanages and children a Homes have one or both parents living and parents who through shiftless Ness allow institution to keep their children Are criticized in the biennial report of the amended it was permitted to pay i to la Chiu ret it i Bureau submitted it de ids on its capital actually by William w. Hodson direct Pended not exceeding 12 per cent in any one year. Any surplus profit must be turned into the state Treasury for the Public school fund. Thereafter the legislature a to reduce the rates charged by the company to a Point where no such surplus would accrue. The capital of the Road is now $45,-000. Hoof which $13,000,000 represent Stock issued to cover subsidiary line purchased from the surplus profit which should have been paid to the state. During the charter period the company has regularly paid 12 per cent to its stockholder has bought and paid for $13., he Worth of other line and has piled up $90,000,000 of surplus. Which is the Legal property of the school fund but which the company refused to deliver. Three slate would be robbed in its pre ent application it admits that under its charter it cannot increase its capital Stock to replace Thi surplus. But it contends that under Law. Pard me the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1874 was adopted any company accepting that Constitution to govern its charter can increase its capita Stock to the amount of the surplus. It says that if the interstate Commerce commission will authorize a Stock dividend of 200 per cent to the holders of its $45,000,000 of Stock it will accept the Constitution of 1874, and absorb the $90,000,000. In this Way if the commission gives consent the Stock of the 1-Ackaw�?TAnna will be increased to $135,000,000, in place of $45, my mph and the Public will be forced to pay dividends on three times As much Stock As formerly. In other word having taken $90,-000,000 from the school children of Pennsylvania without objection from governor Brumbaugh it will henceforth collect tribute from the people of Pennsylvania new York and new Jersey on the total of the loot. In the 1874 Constitution is a clause forbidding the i stance of Railroad stocks or Bonds except for maintenance and operating and Extension purposes and forbidding Stock dividend. If the commission Grants the application. It will encourage a direct Viola tor to the state Board of control. Children to the total of 752 out of the 906, in Uch in tit it Ion on june i 1919, have one or both intent living. Only 81 Are orphan the report show. One child out of every 14 Hail both parents alive and living together while one out of every five had Parent both alive but separated the report says. Not enough milk butter eggs and fruit ale being served in Many , according to the report Ami dental and medical care Are Only obtained for the children in some cases after in rious trouble has Arisen. Or. Hodson us that the Bureau be moved into cramped Quarter. Up i Collins and senator Arch Coleman chairman of the Hennepin county Republican committee advocated abolition of the primary system Ami a return to the old time party convention system. Quot we have not mapped out a definite plan Quot Collins Aid Quot because of a difference of opinion among Leader As to the Best method to ire proposed to the Preus also speak j. A. O. Praus governor elect Wain the audience and made a speech although he did not refer to the proposed abolition of primaries. Preu and Collins were elected on a platform calling for Quot primary election Coleman asked the women of the Republican party to express their organized approval of the abolition of the primary system a toe present election Law. Are ridiculous a he said a and the reorganization of the legislature on a party Bush will lie the most efficient manner of fighting Townley ism in the state legislature. Now we our men to the legislature without a platform. We elect our legislators and county officers on a partisan Bani Quot. Primary a farce Quot Kays Collin Quot the March eliminating convention platform should tie adopted and carried out by the republicans in the Tate a Collins said. Quot the primary is my new improvement Glen e. Plumb of Railroad Fame Point out the sinister meaning of this petition. In reality it is a Gigantic Railroad steal. Or. Plumb Points out that the c. B. A q. Railroad is asking the Federal government to approve a violation of it Illinois charter violation of the Constitution of the Tate of Illinois. Of the Ileal is approved la states Minnesota Wise Cuda Illinois Iowa Kansan Missouri Nebraska South Dakota. Montana Wyoming Ami co Loradah will be oblige to pay tribute forever on the $140,090,000 of Stock unions to resist wage slashing Washington. Between 2,000,000 Ami 3, Khz .0 k worker Are out of employment department of labor officials a timoted today. The estimate is conservative according to Wade Skinner assistant director of employment speaking in the absence of director John b. Den More. The division of employment is getting machinery neatly to make a nation wide Industrial Survey. When its information is Complete the department s of labor anti Commerce Are expected to act in an attempt to Avert National disaster. Predict bread Lane labor b Udemi predict soup kitchens and hunger riot the coming Winter unless Steps Are taken immediately to Check what they claim is the wort Waif of unemployment since 1907. Warning that condition such a now exist Breed unrest will be issued by half of dirt tis in Mexico Mexico half of the children born in Mexico City Are ii legitimate and this condition is Aid to exist practical \ everywhere in Mexico. Of the 535 births Here in september 27fc were legitimate and 257 illegitimate. In explanation of the great number of illegitimate children it is Aid that Many of the peons Are too poor to go to the expense of getting married anti unite informally. These unions it is Aid Are often More lasting than some made under More conventional condition and with All nuptial pomp. Peon Are said to be. A a Rule faithful to their common Law wives and devoted to their children for whom they make every sacrifice. Preus plurality Over Shipstead 134,403 votes Harding carries state by 376,447-Anderson wins by 29,229 use pretext to oust Idle men Pittsburgh detectives vision a crime wave to drive out unemployed by Federated priss the pretext of Jacob a. O. Fitu.-. Govern or to acct of Minnesota swept the Tate in the recent general election by a plurality of 104,403 vote Over his nearest opponent or. Hen Rick shipload progressive Independent endorsed by organised Farmers and labor according to Complete figures announced by Julius Schmahl Secretary of state wednesday afternoon. Preus polled 415,805 votes ship Stead 281,402, Hodg on 81,298 Ami Samson 5,124, the official count shows president elect Warren g. Harding swept the Ute by a plurality of 376,-147 votes Complete returns show. Itasca county was the last to report to the Secretary of Tate delaying announcement of Complete figures. Ares. Inder on wins by 29,229 Sidney Anderson candidate for re on the Union to resist slashing of wages. And Bomi to lie distributes to Stock of Culi a Council of the american putting Down a crime wave squads of election to Congress from this District bolder or. Plumb Bas pointed out. Federation of if a statement. Detective under Captain Edeburn. Won by 292229 votes Over his Oppon or. Plumb further declares that no Quot ,1pbded. Is drafted calling Art driving out of this City hordes of ent it Julius j. Reiter Rochester in nation wide unemployed workmen. Dorset by organized Farmers and la the series of crime which Captain . Edeburn claims have swept through Anderson. Vote was 50.387, while the City in the last few weeks Are Reiter polled 31,1-58. Directly traceable he claims to Tho vote of the talc in detail Fol depredations of men who have come to this City from Cleveland. Detroit. President Harding. 519.421 Indianapolis Chicago anti Industrial times m. Cox 142.994 deb.-, 56,016 towns where business depression a w. Cox 5,828 Watkins. 11,489. Thrown thousands out of work. For governor ship Quad 281,402 Quot Riff Raff among so called working Prtt us 41.>,805 Hodgson >1,293 bar men 1 i the Way Captain Edeburn son u,124. Characterizes the men. Quot we have for lieutenant governor malign known for some time of the influx of 224,004 Collin. 432,226 Hubbell 6,-undesirabies who have been arriving 00r,� Friedman 10,629. Here from the Middle West in drove.-. Or Secretary of state Lily an these men have been thrown out of Derson 193,658 Holm 431,130 Bur employ in it by Large manufacturing mater 79,941 Copeland. 7,608 Hirt this attempted Railroad grab is a direct result of the ech Cummins Law i that infamous piece of legislation Paet by reactionary tale men in Congress. Governor Burn Uit. A Well As governor of the other ten states to be affected by this attempted piratical finance have been served with copies of the petition. They can protect the pimple at the hearing nov. 22. It remains to lie seen whether they will take action. I under the Illinois Constitution Ber of unemployed which govern the charter of the c. Suite each year is b. At q. In Unee of any Railroad Stock is of Ridden to borrow Money except for the improvement of its property and no by Tai can be issued thanksgiving Day Observance urged by pres. Wilson nations chief executive Calls on people to give thanks White House nov. 12. The season approaches when it behoves Uta turn from Tho distractions and preconception of our daily life that we May contemplate the mercies which have been vouchsafed to us and Render Heartfelt and unfeigned thanks unto god for his manifold goodness. This is an old Observance of the american people deeply imbedded in our thoughts and habit. The Burden Anil the stresses of life have their own Insi tence. We have abundant eur a for thanksgiving. The lesson of the War Are rapidly Healing. The great army of free men which America sent to the defense of Liberty returning to the grateful embrace of the nation has resumed the useful pursuits of peace us simply and As promptly As it rushed to arms in obedience to the country Scall. The lion of this constitutional limit on the us i a a a a of our us Quot a i vol arced of the Lui Kawanna Railroad. Set Udy Odi cution in the support of a Law abiding people against various Ami sinister attacks which have reflected Only the baser agitations of War now happily passing. In plenty Security Ami peace our virtuous Ami Elf reliant people face the future it duties and it opportunities. May we have the to discern our duties the strength both of hand anti resolve to discharge a farce amt we should return the con for the borrowed mention this Means that the a b. Amp q. Can he promised a lieutenant governor not borrow Money to pay dividend to use his Power of appointing Enate nor i be Stock Ltd Bomi for Money committee to fight the nonpartisan used out of the Treasury a proposed league. In the petition confronting the inter or. Preus said he attributed Iii Tate Commerce commis Ion. Any election to the vote of women Quot for Urb lock or ind is aes under the at the june primaries i had a margin Linoi Constitution Are void. Of Only 8.000 votes while in the Clee a this is the first attempt of the Lions in plurality was 130, he. Railroads to capitalize their slump hit Lindu Trie according to the department of labor. The industries chiefly affected by the slump in production Are the textile. Automobile rubber and machine tools. Report from the West How that unemployment i Mcrea my through the shutting Down of construction and Road building Job. A cording to assistant employment director Skinner the Quot Normal num in the United 1,000.000. During the years of the War and from the signing of the armistice up to the present time there a a shortage of labor Ajjie unemployed could have had their pick of jobs at High wage. The plan to abolish the direct pre Mary came to Light when the Bura quist i Tilquist machine found it control of the Tate machinery of the Republican party slipping and attacked on two sides by the nonpartisan and by the Rahn crowd. Burnquist called a special session of the legislature la months ago for the obvious purpose of amending the primary Law but under the excuse of Forest fire preventive measures. Note besiege member Between the governor Call and the special session indignant voters in every Nook and Corner of the state besieged members of the legislature warning them of sure political death if they so much As crossed a a a to or dotted an Quot in of the Pix in Law to use the words of one of these anti primary lawmaker. Petitions bearing the signatures of said plumb. A it adds $169,000,000 to the fixed charges of the c. Bik q. Against the Public in the Tate at a time when the Book of the company show a surplus of $200,000,000. A was a matter of fact the Railroad have spent their Book surplus for improvements Ami to w want to get it Back again by charging it up to original investment. They piled up those $2,000,, Mai of surplus since 1910, because had they drawn the trusts throttle Alabama labor with Iron Heel workers demand impeachment of governor to retain rights Plant which since 1917 have paid Large wage to All classes of Aid Captain Fate Burn. Quot known As floaters these men will go wherever they can secure the highest wages for the Lea to Effort. When out of work with no honest mean of sustenance in ight they do not he-1-Tate to turn to thievery and banditry at this minute there Art thousand of this Cia. Roaming about Pittsburg. Robberies Are daily Ami nightly occur ances and the Only Way to Stop these crime is to rid the City of this Bunch of Floater who pose a workmen a he concluded. 18,965. For state treasurer Wagner ,-429 rings 448,313 Lueders 68,621 Phelps 22,454. For attorney general Sullivan 251 488 Hilton 446,736 Mcourt 53-738. For Railroad and warehouse com Mckenzie. 177.256 Jacobson 445.557 Robinson 72,964 May 23 Akk. For As of la to Justice supreme court siege870,800 Diboll 375,-188, u. S. Has agreed to italian coup Rome new returning from a trip to Birmingham ala., where he moxie a personal investigation of the strike of 11,000 Coal miners which has liven on in that District for the last seven profit As Cash dividend they would months Roger Baldwin director of have drawn 16 per cent in place of 8 the american civil liberties Union. Per cent Ami that would have Defeated their claim for higher freight and passenger retell the com Mere commission Grants tin petition after the hearing on nov. 22, the other Railroad will follow ult. It is up to the people of the a ate who must pay this tribute to top the Levy. Every a made the following report on conditions there worker Are denied every civil right. Miners Are disarmed but thug used by the Coal companies a till armed despite the presence of the militia. Coal operator in the District Art amendment no. 3 All of the constitutional amendment. Submitted to a referendum earned with the exception of no. 3, the income tax amendment. The total App Dot mini catch Vot cast in the get Dan a 797,945, in i a i Lell Lva i to making a vote of 39 973 necessary in favor of any amendment for it to be adopted. The vote of amendment no. I the Babcock Good roads amendment waft or 526,936 against 199,603. A me moment no. 2 received a vote of treaty concluded by the italian and yugoslavs at Rapallo settling the dispute Over of Quot Hume Ami other territory on the Adriatic littoral a been approved by the United states great Britain and France 446,959 for Ami 171,414 against. The Premier in ditto announce today under this agreement flume will lie in Independent Tate and Italy relinquishes it claim to part of Dalmatia which will be annexed by Yugoslavia. A commercial treaty will lie negotiated later. Ten of thousands of voters and thou state should a represented in protest controlled by the United by ate steel $50,000 Reward is offered for facts about Barts estate Sam of individual letter swamped the legislature with the re ult that the Burnquist scheme a killed by overwhelming vote Ami the direct primary for nomination by the oter am not by the machine in secret caucus was saved Canadian Oil Rush checked by police there Quot governor Burnquist Ami attorney general Hilton Wert elected by la people to protect the interest of the people attorney Genera Hilton was recently re elected on a plea that he a always served the interest of corporation. Striking Miner ale peaceable and Law abiding. The strike is again to condition. And wages described a a disgrace to the country. Labor is timing United Ami the fat rust. a Chance for someone to make an easy $50,000. Josephus f. Skye 501 Missouri Avenue East St. Louis 111., will pay this let a the soundness of heart to sum for information leading to Dis realize that the truest opportunities every of the estate of to Eph or Are Bose of service. Frances Batta Quot who died 18 or 20 in a spirit then of Devotion and somewhere in the United stewardship we should give thanks the majority of the people of the state Are backing the strikers. Of Minnesota to the Hest of i ability. Here is a Deal that involve Ali the people of Minnesota. It will lie interesting to watch the action of governor Quot Accident Burnquist and the Sterling attorney general in this at tempted Railroad Teal. Organized tailor in the City of by. Vancouver b. mounted police have established a dead line Over which none of the thousand of person trying to get to fort Norman to stake Oil claim May a. The Stampede to the Mackenzie River paid a decide to grasp time by the so grave Are condition that the Alabama of a Ede Ratton of i Ai Hor in an emergency convention Del. 28, demanded impeachment of the govern for setting a Ide constitutional right. Years ago states a he says. Attaches of the state treasurer of in our heart Ami dedicate ourselves where the Imperia Oil company struck Petroleum recently is increasing to enormous proportion but owing to the danger of the Artic re Gions the police will let none a s to the service of god merciful and Mieir cordon. The Lampoon Hubbard company of Boston is building a boat to operate on the peace River but it will not be ready in time for the Spring re n. In these trying times flee to whom the letter came Checke Lovix a a purpose to his children. Up carefully on Minnesota estates be wherefore i Woodrow Nilson fore they let the Public in on these president of the i United state of t ret America do hereby designate thurs Day the Twenty fifth Day of Novena a a a a Lier a a Day of thanksgiving and when the help fails to t ome prayer and i Call upon my country or. Suburbs my dear you eem to Millys men age so much More rap men to cease from the Ordinary tasks be provoked idly than women. And avocation upon that Day giving mrs. Suburb i am indeed. The by Lye i suppose that account for it up to the remembrance of god and Washerwoman has just telephoned the fact that by the time a Man 1 his blessings and their Dutiful and that she cannot come today because Rich enough to he a girls husband he grateful acknowledgement. Her clothe have not been delivered is old enough to be Lier father. J Woodrow Wilson. Fr9m the laundry. Forelock. Aware of the fact that before next Spring the big employers will be actively engaged in a War to break unions by introduction of the Quot open shop a St. Paul worker Are already making plan to fight this de parable movement. Big employer All Over the country Are banding together to fight for the Quot open shop Quot an crush organized labor if they succeed they will once More be supreme dictators Arni working men can expect barely living wage. It is Well to be prepared. St. Paul labor a. Taken the proper attitude in this matter Ano by making plan ear they can More easily thwart their motive. Organized labor in Albert Lea would do Well to a polish up it there is no doubt but what big employer in this City will join with other thru out the country in an Effort to oust the unions. The american Gas machine go. A alway. Been unfair to organize labor. Efforts of the working people to bet South american drop in finances verified new Yolk Cable from Argentina Brazil Chile Uruguay and pure reporting Eliou financial in Datum in those countries because of unfavourable Trade balances with the United states were confirmed today by advice receive i Here by vat iou Hanking interest and commercial houses with South american connection i he e Trade condition it want Tate apply with equal Force to Aba and must of the Central american count Nee whet Adverse Trade balance have for some weeks part reduced actual Busine Ulmot entirely to Cash basis. U. S. Sending Russia medical supplies new soviet Russia medical Relief committee a shipped to up to nov. I medical up vote on amendment no. 3 a 331,-105 for Ami 217,568 against Amend no. 4 carried by a vote of 488,497 for an 9>,015 against. Although amendment no 2 a to extend the term of probate court judge. From two to four years Tho a elected nov. 2 will serve Only two year it a ruled today by Egbert s. Oakley a i Tant attorney general who held that judge elected at the la.-1 election were specifically elected for Only two years the judge who take office in january 1923, will he the first to serve the four year term. A Complete tabulation of return in the general election will Las submitted to the Tate canvassing heard november 23rd. Tar their conditions and to organize plies valued at $830,580.12 properly a alway met with deadly opposition on the part of the american Gas machine go. Other Conte is will join the american a machine co. In this dastardly plot. It in Well to be prepared or. Workingman. In Union their 1 strength and indications Are Organ garage Man demands famous Art Gem to Settle a $15 Bill kaftans City flu i Athelia Lei Annie re a a painting of the Brush of Leonardo a Vinci and valued at $250, Hio a fall n into the hand of the Law to Latify a $15 the by of it owner Harry j. a of Junction t try Kan. A motor accessory in agent in an Appeal for fund the commit Bat an attachment levied a a 111 the tee urges that More supplies he ent famous painting when Hama fluted to to the stricken russian population in pay the $15 Bill. Eluding fume modern fully equipped ambulance. Arrangements have been my in also for the Purchase of anti typhus vaccine. Typhoid a claimed More vie izad labor will Nee i Al its strength tim in soviet rus a it is stat of than by to combat the organized capitalists 1 before Many months have passed. J nil other contagious i eases Hahn obtained the painting he married i Andre land Aux of Paris Whit Ute Moas with oui a l f. The War Brid re in by to the treasure in their pm we in far yearn. It is now to exhibit Al the Fin Art Institute

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