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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - November 11, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $,5.00 and that brings More by iness is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in i Ess business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner it Means my i i to advertisers to have their message reach nearly i a a Home in Albert Lea and free Quot county. That la Why advil so do vat examiner is Worth a volume i number 43.albert Lea Minnesota thursday november la 1920. Be copy s cents v a relaxed credit abundant Money and lower interest rates Northwest Prospect �?�0 Law to modify curse of Grain pit Farmer gain problems will go to u. S. Trade commission Anderson says Minnesota daily Star Minneapolis relaxation of the credit situation abundant Money up ply and lower interest Lutes in tile Northwest will be experienced the coming Winter according to leading local financial authorities. Gradual curtailment of manufacturing in certain Fields where Over production has resulted eventual marketing of the vast Grain crop and general lower Price Levels with the consequent ability for greater Economy of living will Combine to ease the Money Market now under a severe Strain. No condition approaching a panic will develop during the readjustment experts agree but financial average Farmer wage 1$ below $600 per year net earnings of tillers of soil but $100 month in Banner year gain in lower House is shown by progressives Minneapolis attorney general pal aftain win a ,my revert to Mer and the Federal Trade commis the Farmers a sane and Normal financial a is us has a Sion will be asked by me Farmers Way but it in the cd when that marketing committee which met Ini Chicago to take action toward opening the Grain exchanges to co operative associations j. N. Anderson manager of the equity co operative Exchange St. Paul who attended the meeting said on his return. The committe will also urge enactment of legislation designed to Check speculation on the exchanges or. Anderson said. Bac Down indicated a indications have been give of later he said a that the Grain exchanges contemplate modifying their attitude toward co operative associations. They have held up to the present that no concern which distributes patronage Federated press Washington farming has not paid High wages in Indiana Wisconsin or Ohio areas where the office of farm management of the United states department of agriculture has been studying the local income and Cost of pro it act Ion of crops on real farms during the a Quot to few years. On too farms in a typical District in Indiana the Farmer a. Averaged an annual wage for the seven years hic and 1918 the nonpartisan league Lubor legation in the next House in the legislature has been increase from 3 a the 1910 membership to 35 for 1021. The opposition admitted today when the full list of victors was Givin out. The nonpartisan bad 2> j members in Tbs 1919 Sera a endorsed cd a. Cly by the Farmer urbanization Reto were eight legislators w to had been endorsed by various labor assemblies. When the working peopled league came into acing the two organizations joined hands to Back and candidates. Under this arrangement labor in the cities increased its i presentation from eight to 11 this year while the league elected 24 members the opposition concedes which would be a lots labor Combine is Union plan to save rights conference is called to map Campaign to fight hostile legislation progressive it Dep made great gains in spite of Strong obstacles Shipstead vote More than 275,000�?total league vote 1,200,000�?could not reach women in time or meet National landslide 0 "mummikm.,. . By a. B. Gilbert Minneapolis. a Victory for their state ticket has been denied to the Farmers anti workers of Minnesota the result i not one to Chuse great disappointment in View of the unusual obstacles Facer Henrik Shipstead. Candidate for governor has received More than ease when the sound a ill Ftp. Quot a Quot of Ono Briner representation. Under common sense of the american or o he a a i it a in Quot fun a a no a a this new dance league and labor his earnings after making allowance be jul it Salors will vote in Harmony and total loan of the ninth Federal Reserve Bank Are now $113,000,000, is no reason for uneasiness on the part of the financial student since it must be remembered that one of the greatest Grain crops in the history of the dividends in any manner can obtain Northwest is till largely a marketed membership in the exchanges. Interact rates on Long term note a if they Are going to Back Down Arm for investment Are sex p t asserted it a. Of 5 per cent earnings on his five hear a Loans seen to Ltd re capital Ami giving i family the reduction of interest rates from the produce they directly consumed from present High figures of 8 per Cern on the place. Commercial paper 7>a per rent on for 1918, when everything War. At Loans to customers Ami 7 per cent top Pricer and the Farmer was up country Bank correspondents is sure posed to be rolling in wealth the no to come when liquidation of the heavy Erac total value of the labor income indebtedness of this District really be of Khz Indiana Farmers plus Allowan gins. This liability the extent of be of food fuel and House rent from which May be judged by the fact that the farm was about $100 a month. In wisc on in a study was Maie of result Means a strength of 35 in place of 33 last your. Means am of file votes pert d to Hare in the decline though the drop will probably not occur As soon a in the Case of 90-Day paper. Bankers agree however that present High yields on investment securities whether due to Low Market Price or be much from this position Well an d Good but they have not dope so yet. Accordingly the Farmers marketing committee is preparing to carry the Cue for the co operative association to Washington. A on the question of speculation the huh jute re it to Rauf i snort feeling of the committe was favourable Lone r maintained to trading in future but not to Short Selling. It was the general opinion that legislation could be framed which would eliminate largely the vast volume of purely speculative trading now conducted on the exchanges. Legitimate trading useful no liquidation whatever has As yet taken place in the Northwest. Approximately .70,000.000 bushels of the 1920 Grain crop of the Northwest Are held in country elevators and nearly 500,000,000 bushels Are still in the hands of the Farmers. This is due partly to Fine fall weather which has a legitimate futures trading it was favourable to blowing and other recognised was useful. The View to work in the acid and has prevented Ken was that it should be possible Farmer from hauling Grain to mar for any one in the actual Possession Ket and to a much greater extent to of the Grain or in the potential pus reluctance of Grain grower to mar the earnings of 60 farms and in Ohio 25 farms were reported for sewn years. The labor income of the wisc on in farms averaged $408 a year anti on the Ohio farm Only $276, with a return of Only 4.6 per cent on the investment. The average of focal fuel and House rent consumed on the Faro in Ohio was $350 a year the total increasing gradually As the prices of the necessaries increased Ami the purchasing Power of the Dollar decreased.,. Quot though farm incomes in Case showed a marked increase duping the years 1916-1918,�?� says the department Quot the a increases Are More apparent than real in View of the decrease in the purchasing Power of the National building Guild planned by labor in Britain Lar non Ami Glea on of Minneapolis and Mcgrath of St. Paul failed to stand by their fellow labovites in the last session to the satisfaction of the working Peoples league and so the endorsement was refused them this year. The personnel of the Senate remain the same. A. C. Welch of Glencoe by Laurence Todd staff correspondent Federated press Washington facing a reactionary and indicative National administration and Congress spokesmen of National and International labor organizations having Headquarters Here have joined president William in Johnson of the machinists in urging 275,000 votes whereas two years ago that a conference of officials of Laboi Lindbergh received 150,000, and in the unions be held to plan defensive Mea primaries Thi year ship Teady a vote sures and to discuss the possibility of was 125,000, launching a labor party movement the league Ami labor strength in wage workers in great nun Diers. The legislature will be 35 As compared with 34 at the last session. Oscar in Keller of St. Paul has been re elected to Congress and meaning of Marss of Duluth May pull through. The nonpartisan league has retained control of the government of North Dakota and elected a Mem Lier of the United states Senate for the first time. The lower House is probably lost by one vote. Only from the office of the a. F. Of l. Executive Council was any hostile comment on the plan heard on thursday when the full hic net result Leady Means a gain of Republican Victory was reveal group inasmuch As representatives by late election turns. My Quat Taleff bribe offer is termed a a bunk a we would gladly take part in such a conference a said general Secretary i an Don of the team Hovel and Drod go men. A there can be no doubt that anti strike legislation As Well As the repeal of the Clayton act and Tho enactment of a Law forbidding fed pm i Democrat evades giving of names when called on for explanation Minneapolis it. A. Mcquate charges that state democratic headquarter had offered him $50,000 and a Job in the attorney general a office if he would withdraw in favor of Thomas v. Sullivan was characterized As a a a wild tales by democrats and nonpartisan leagues alike today. Howard Everett Tate chairman of the Democrat party scorned the Story. George ii. Griffith state manager new state add d its candidate tor governor John j. Of the nonpartisan league said Mcblaine in Wisconsin has secured a Quat is trying to attract some Public Emp Toyes to be affiliated with the plurality of More than 100.000. And City for him Elf. Mill to. I u a american federation of labor will he with him were elected the la men-1 olivers. Mon is editor of no part i attempted by the new Congress the ant governor. George f. Comings. I Isan publications which Mcquat in next year will see an attack that will and Elmer s. Hall. Secretary of state solved in his charges said the my Force labor to stand up and fight. We the Farmer labor candidate for at quaff charges should be Given As Tomey general on the democratic much importance As the size of my ticket failed. Five Tongue and labor Quatt vote in the primaries which House again. Consider plans to make state farms greatest should get really. Favors defense action a i Ite Lieve a conference to discuss defensive plans should be held a said Secretary Austin of the brotherhood of railway signalman. A the people have voted hut if the new administration attempt to take from the worker what is justly theirs under the false claim that jailor has an undue advantage then we Hall have to fight Back hard. A we Hall certainly take part in the conference when it meets a said a a a William Brown general president of St Paul flans for making min the Marine engineers. A the Ink hard be Otu the greatest agricultural state by dries on the first election return of the Union will be Given exhaustive before the Wall Street and other a con Ide Rution at the second annual it or begin telling us what we must meeting of the Lute farm Bureau do. I think we Are going to have a federation to be held at the Saint definitely anti labor administration federation to hold conference in St. Paul next week candidate for Congre a were also a elected. In All the league states in which tickets were offered the voters the league and labor candidates have secured approximately 1,200,000 vote. The maximum league vote hitherto for league candidate for was 230.000. The movement Hus thu. Gained 050,000 votes in the face of great obstacles which Are not to in a so Strong again. Most important of these a virtually nothing. Refuses to reveal names Mcquil on the Telephone today refused to reveal the name of those who he Aid had broached the matter to him. Asked if he a trying to protect governor those he accused he replied a no ill Tell the names some time later but not of those whom i think acted in Likely Good Quot would you con nor a Man acted. Lil i to i Faith in offering to Bailie sudden addition to the voting list of you a he was i-ke.1 the women. The now voters had in no. Hut in a not Koiner to Tell their than three month to acquaint them name he said. Elves with the issues before the pea session to sell it for future delivery. Farmers with Grain growing in the Fields it was said should be free to contract for its delivery at a future Date. Quot the problem of distinguishing Between legitimate and illegitimate future trading Between Bona fide transactions and Short Selling it was believed could be solve Ltd by requiring persons whose operations were believed to be speculative to prove that they were not. Given trades could be investigated of they proved to be basted not on real but on imaginary Grain the Deal could be invalidated. See speculation Cut a Laws providing for such action it was thought would Cut Down speculation heavily. They would Force a Miller for example who desired to buy wheat for future delivery to find some one who was actually in a pos Ket their crops it present Low prices. Liquidation delayed a. A result a in Ida Kra i already More than six weeks later than the time when it usually begin under Normal conditions about sept. 15. Record of the Bills discounted for its members by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in 1918, a nor a National conference of building guilds organizations of building Trade workers held in Manchester recently a committee was formed to consider and report on u Constitution for a National Guild which it was stated is necessary in order to co ordinate the various building Rudds now scattered about the pie and the league and labor forces were unable to reach them in so Short Paul thursday Friday and saturday Ami thut they will try to injure theia to to their Campaign of Edu next week. The various agencies Cap labor movement by legislation. Our Able of contributing to agricultural own member hip is particularly sub advancement will be represented by Jet to injury from a hostile admin is spoke men who will outline plans to traction As our 25,000 members must stimulate and improve farming. Many noted speakers the Hare of the Minnesota College of agriculture in promoting Agricula country and to control tin Supply of thureal growth will be discussed by materials and More easily provide for Mal year As regards liquidation and the opt a continuum pay. In 1919 and 1920, shows the extent of the Burden being borne by financial institutions of the District. In 1918, Bills discounted by the Reserve Bank in april the a Ual beginning of the borrowing season totalled $5,000,000, and increased to $72,000,000 on sept. 13, when liquidation began and continued until dec. Is when the Loans to members were Only $1,000,000. In 1918, a Normal year As previously stated the Peak of s. G. Hobson Secretary said the movement was Only nine months old and had contracts for $3,300,000. Five months ago the National Guild offered Dean r. Vav. Thatcher. F. Vav. Murphy will explain what the state fair can do and the contribution of the live Stock breeders association will be discussed by Thoma e. Cushman president of the organization. The All carry Federal licenses. In the past when some of them struck to prevent a decrease in pay the vessel owners have Hail the help of inspectors who Callet on our men to forfeit their licence on the charge of collusion to obstruct a vagal express anxiety officials of postal and other unions of Federal employee refused to endanger their membership by discuss cation. On the other hand the machine politicians used every possible trick to arouse their prejudices against the Farmers and workers. I ii a Ual obstacles another important Factor wan the tremendous Republican landslide eau cd by the Deci Ion of of Many voters to express their protest against the present condition by voting against the party in Power starting with the head of the Republican ticket they voted straight Down. Hence Farmer labor candidates on the democratic or Independent ticket now Quot were there any nonpartisan leagues at alleged conference a a no a he admitted. No one there from league a was anyone there pretending to represent the league a was the next question. Mcquat admitted there Wasny to. He further admitted that he Hadnot seen any letter or authorizations from the league or from Sullivan or from any one pretending to represent either one. Libelok. Say Griffith a Mcquate a statement besides being a b u re and impossible o n it re to built 75,000 Bouw both men and co operative potato Market a mum in he la a Quot however the indicated f1�1 by he mor Ltd a Quot Telba ent pro material being ready but the ministry of health withheld permission until the beginning of the bad weather. Of Grain to Market take place. The recent wheat Price drop has disc our a aged shipment of Gram to Monea Ilion to sell it. Gambler would be Ott it of count a Ainet by the be average of 400 cars a a Lay Ink tar Iii Rouen of Tai to t restrained by the constant liability to investigation and or. Anderson said on this question the committee deferred formal action until a future meeting. The immediate aim he said is to open the Grain Bank was reached in september. In 1919, borrowing began in april and increased steadily until dec. 31, when the Peak was reached at a total of $85,000,000 and repayment began this liquidation lasting from Jan. I to March 19, reduced the Bills exchanges to Farmers co operative Anocia Tion. Kep re Unive of the t"�?T?.-b�?ok a i Grain Trade who spoke before the com Mittee showed he said they were strongly opposed to admitting co operatives to the Exchange. Propagandist run markets evidence accumulated today that the Grain Market is under the influence of bearish foreign news systematically distributed and magnified in this country. Stress is Laid on reports that Indian wheat is Selling in Europe at 20 cents less than american wheat although two weeks ago crop condition in India were said to be very bad and that bread stuffs in that country were scarce. Bear operator also Are getting every ounce of advantage they can out of unsubstantiated rumours that $30,000,000, leaving $55,000,000 still owing from its members at the beginning of the usual borrowing Tea on in april a in other words a carry Over. Starting with this $55,000,000, the Loans of the Bank have increased readily to their present record total of $113,000,000, and Are still advancing. I he Peak is not yet l reached and May not be for Many weeks As in 1919, when the increase continued until december. Of the total the Bank is carrying about $85,000,000 with its own funds and has been obliged to borrow $28,000,000 from other Federal Reserve Banks. Farmers get loan the past week being about too cars less than two week. Ago. That a heavy movement of Grain to Market if the Farmers should decide to Ell at once Ami take any loss that present Market prices might entail would immediately relieve the situation is the Contention of most economists. According to one banker the Northwest has never been so Rich As at present even figuring Grain at its present reduction from the High Price of the past three years. The wheat crop has been vast in the District totalling 148,000,000 bushels while the Corn yield is the greatest in history As is True of the entire country. T Orn Oats crops big the com and Oats crops together an add re. Citation w ill be represented by its president James Cummings and n. J. Holmberg commissioner of agriculture will Tell of the plans of the state department of agriculture. The live Stock Extension department will be represented in the Dis Cut ions by w. A. Mckerrow the Extension department of the College of agriculture by a. I. Wilson director county agent by f. E. Bailer. Tate county agent Leader the crop improvement association by g. W. Lotfelter president the Federated farm club. By r. K. Of in Stead boys and girl a club by t. A. Erickson and the county farm Bureau by a. K. Rake of Bemidji. Two afternoons Friday and saturday will in devoted almost entirely to the consideration of How Minnesota May be made the greatest agricultural Tate t on Ere Ace to be held the meeting will open at 9 a. In., november 18, with a conference of the executive committee in the afternoon the Board of directors will assemble at 9 a. Rn., november 19, the meeting proper w ill be opened by by l. E. Potter president that they look with grave anxiety on the moves of the new regime. No Alifas president of the machinists District which includes All the workers in arsenals and Navy Yards declared that the people had not toted on any labor Issue in this election and that an attempt to act test votes i Hru out Minnesota and i Eon in heavy rain or Snow preceded the election and thu made it difficult for the Farmer arum their wives to i t out to vote. The heavy town and City vote was thus More than a match for the country votes in Many of the on tire contrary presumption would be counties carried by the vague in the quickly rebuked by a the american Bema Aii still another Public. The people he added would not Only Insi to but would a quickly de Vise mean to combat an assault upon their liberties in Federal employment. Subordinate of or. Compels Declarer Hurt the election had Only a proved the futility of any labor party totalled 547,180,000 bushels according to the Federal Reserve Bank a monthly report far overshadowing wheat As a Factor in the agricultural Industry of the Northwest. Grain produced on the farms of Minne Uta and neighbouring states in 1920 is valued at of the federation. A the Farmer and his problem a will be Given consideration in a talk by Chester h. Gray president of the Missouri farm Bureau federation and a director in the National federation. The relation of farm Bureau to farm Home will be discussed by Julia o throughout the season approx Australia has plenty of wheat to sell Matey two thirds of the Bills Disatio cent under the american counted by the local Bank have con Price i Sistad of paper of farming Ami live about $800,000,000, while production cases Are on record in which fab Stock interests carried directly or in of live Stock Dairy products Hay Al propaganda has unfavourably affected directly for country Banks which Are Falfa potatoes and other farm prod the Market for months at a time financing the Farmer Ami Stock grow acts bring the total Well above $ a a these instances it is recalled usually or of the Northwest. 000,000,000, this a prominent Bank coincided with heavy marketing from this indicates the extent to which or Points out is the final argument Stock department of the Illinois a the farm. Hie extent to which the the Grain and Stock industries Are that financial conditions in the North Ricu Tural assert orial Ami k. A. Kirk Market is now being flooded with obligated to the Banks and leads to West Are fundamentally sound and Patrick president of the Minnesota bearish report suggests that one of the conclusion in which Bankers and that regardless of minor disturb How Abolt a High w Ages Philadelphia Eldridge r. Johnson president of the Victor talking machine co. Discusses present prices Iii a local newspaper and seems to have overlooked a a High wages As the cause for conditions. Is bile Learned editors and Wise statesmen Are blaming workers or. John on said a the lumber people forced the Price of lumber so High that contractors topped building. When there in no longer a demand for the big output of lumber prices begin to Factor was the fact that the special interests realized to a Man the importance of the election in Minnesota whereas Many who should have been with the Farmers and workers did not realize what the election meant Shipstead for instance carried a majority of the wards in Minneapolis but the votes in the labor wards were divided whereas the silk Locking districts turned in such an overwhelming majority for Preus that they wiped out the smaller majorities for Shipstead in the wards containing the common people. Organized labor made a splendid showing but the unorganized labor and Small business lace is false and libellous a said or. Griffith. Mcquat fails then to name the person he ays made the offer that if he withdrew a democratic candidate for attorney general the nonpartisan league would donate $�?�0,000 to of Campaign and rapport Cox in the league papers. I Challenge him to name the per on or submit them to the attorney general. Hat he charge is criminal. He should take step to have those guilty sent to Hie Penitentiary and his failure to do of shows plainly that he is four Flushing and publicity seeking. W ill a sit Iii prosecution i lie nonpartisan league has made no such proposition to anyone and did not authorize anyone to make such a proposition to anyone directly or Bland by. Paul directly. If anybody purporting to represent the nonpartisan league made such a proportion we will assist in prosecuting him but we serve this warning on or. Mcquat lie hould he mighty careful about naming any names because he will be prosecuted for libel if he attempts falsely to involve anyone connected with the league in these spurious and who were campaigning for Preus ticket Ami by the kept press. A great reaction however is due in the near future. All of the Busine experts agree in predicting a strenuous period of adjustment ahead Mittee reports following which the with much lower prices for Norgan new ton Blate Tate federation will adopt an Agri Eul ired industries Uch a fanning and men influence i absurd charges. We do not propose largely by dictation from employer falsely charged with criminal or the social standing of the agent offence by any lame Duck publican Home demonstration Leader. Live Quot lock marketing is the subject of an address to be Given by or. H a Mumford director of the live Hardt of the Illinois agricultural a county agents association will speak striation. Officers of the federation the biggest and Best organized Bear economists Are unanimous that liquid Antes the Outlook for substantial and on the relation of the county agent to serve in 1921 will be elected at a Tural program for Minnesota. What they Call a liquidation of labor the problems of a farm woman will that is unemployment and reduction by Given a hearing november 20 in of wages. Inasmuch As the Republican in Minnesota and the nation have won their election on a reactionary platform and appeals to prejudice they a discussion by mrs. L. E. Potter. Marketing and distribution of Grain will be considered by William g. Eek raids in history is responsible for Dat on in any great amount can Only far reaching Prosperity a will see no reason for interfering with the work of the Market gamblers them. Take place when greater movement been better. S never to it i the farm Bureau. In the evening there will be com a. I a a a a a Busine session to be held morning of november 20. In the of with the labor War to by instituted Oliver s. Morris editor of the non parti an Leader said Boot on the other fori a to get a line on tile ridiculous re it of the charges made by Mcquat it Only necessary to Point out that or says the league would pay Homey to help elect Cox. If Hie league and Lux managers were crooked a my a Quat infers the logical Deal would continued on Page 4 a 1 a to. Quot Al a a a a a Man Man Tabor Force hold themselves together Well they will be in a portion to take advantage of this ran of i we hts is i Utu to come and will find that their Victory in of Braes Ste a. Been by big a employer arid if the Farmer Only slightly delays a i

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