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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Nov 10 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - November 10, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by the Albi it i a trades and i. A ror Council Albert Lea examiner endorsed by the Kustin in Ades and labor Council of you Are wrong you can 1 he too conservative if you Are right you can t a it too Radical. \ Olmito 2. Number 12 Albert Lea Minnesota thursday november to 1921. Venin a Ronda it 11 collies 5 Centi. I to 21 warrant issued for Floyd Frost Geneva tit chant �?�0 be tragic children russian feature mayor locks stable just after horse is stolen with his usual perspicacity mayor Wolhuter Haw put another policeman on the night Force tie did this on the night after the robbery at the Milwaukee. It was also after an unsuccessful attempt had bad been made to burglarized inc ahem store on the Lake Boulevard and the Hansen store on Fountain Street and the robbery at the Pyramid filling station on South Broadway. The mayor May not be clairvoyant enough to see very far in the future but he shows remarkable Hindsight. Car in local Milwaukee Yards broken into and plundered to the tune of nearly $1,000 Worth of valuable merchandise sex Amin Ersi it m a is the e i Ian Al Kee theft Story miss Helen augur formerly of Albert Lea who has recently been through the worst of the famine District of Russia the Samara Section describes in the following letter the pathos of the situation a no bread for three Days a this statement a made to me by a child in one of the government schools on the outskirts of Samara in the midst of the famine area she was standing Barefoot wearing a clean decent dress in a bedroom of a country House forming part of a Colony for ski children. Two Small children Lay on cots sick with malaria and a dozen others stood nearby with hands drooping at their sides their eyes dark with hunger. Then was no Lump or liveliness left in the children. They too there with the cuteness of soldiers awaiting death. Up the path through the Pine Wood was a Hospital where by children Lay in spotless Beds attended by a competent doctor and nurse. Most of them Lay sick with malaria but Therea no quinine to give them in the whole Colony there was no Medicine no d sin Octant and no bread the cereals and vegetables on hand were insufficient for the bleakest needs and Thoro was in Assurance of future Upp Lios. The Colony like Al re Sian children a institutions represented the Best work of the government the children Hail been living sturdy lives in is Ideal Colony tout was a former private country estate overlooking Tlle magnificent Volga but even Here disorganization and the famine tragedy had penetrated and the Shadow of Ileath Hung Over the cottages. My mind went Back to a children a town near Moscow which i Hail Eon a Forth night before. There 500 youngsters in Radiant health were leading a joyous existence i remember boy Brown As indians Clad in Vermilion tights playing Lively games of Tennis and older children j tis by their he of that Nifte it Eye inviting 80 unexpected guests to a errors mists Are rent delicious Mea of soup bread am gunk to the table land of truth vegetables a fused in their own Gar or that it an few 0f discontent ens. I remembered Little figures loom with his lifted Eye Hurning from their cottage Mem own j go and Ltd a a a far away Cleek to the main Bonne to bring j in a Jug in that shines on the Glim Breud and Beans they Hail Siivon Frow meting Hills their dinner to be Given to the Volga a a Vejner it Jay children. The Only difference be _ automobile wreck gives officers the clue Geneva Man in a collision with local car spills merchandise that May work his undoing Angel of discontent when the world a formed and the morning stars upon their paths were sent. The loftiest bowed of the seraph was named the Angel of discontent. And he dwelt with Man in caves of the Hills where the created Serjent stings. And the Tiger Tours Ami the she Wolf howls and he told of better things. Ami lie led Forth to the towered town Ami Forth to the Fields of Corn and he told of the Ampler work ahead for which his race was bom Ami he whimpered to men of those hols he sees Iii the Blush of the Golden West and they look to the Light of his lifted Eye and a they hate the name of rest. In the Light of that Eye doth the stave behold i a Hope that is High and Brave anti the matinees of War comes into his blood. For he knows himself a slave the serfs of wrong in the Light of that Eye March on wit victorious songs a for the strength of the right comes into their hearts when they behold their wrongs i tween tin live. Of the children in the two colonies was the one difference that matters Lack of Fooce compared to the re to of the children in the famine districts however the children in the Colony Are foun ate ii seemed far better to lace aur eation in these surrounding than to live like child fugitive in the Sam Alii station thai Wake u every morning Iii our car on the sing with a turning off main Street a before i hat gotten Well started in the Book i wanted to get off a main Street fur a time info a Quality Street a this is the involuntary tribute that or. Richard Burton pays the modern school of realist repro eat cd by Sinclair Leftwi. In peaking before the teacher of Minnesota or. Burton asked a now will someone kindly Tell me Why a main Street is so Mono Moos Wail for a Cru a of bread a popular the an veer a contained. The Little famine refugees live in Videly without his cognizance in j a Eland of dust and Hie a waking j intended censure main Street nip at Mare. Their parents re Lizenia Ltd i want to get into Quality that the children Luve a Beltel Chance in government institution Ami j Button in his gunning for since april they have been Abo Mien a rider Oft Vanwyck Brooks ing them in Large number gtd other Young writers Falls into the error of the elder generation. On monday night a Xix car in the local Milwaukee Yards was broken into and entered and merchandise approximating $1,d00 in value was stolen consisting of 4,000 High class cigars Khz Cartons of cigarettes 7 easts of smoking tobacco 2 cases of dry goods and some 65 pairs of shoes. Pedal agent Boetz of the Milwaukee was summoned and at once let Egan an investigation of the Case. On tuesday night Floyd Frost of Gen even had an automobile collision with Robert Knatvold of this City and after the smoke had cleared away a bystander discovered some pairs of shoes and some cigars that had evidently fallen from the Frost car. These were taken to a local second hand store where they Wert located by the officers Aud found to lie of the same make As both the shoes and Cigala that were taken in monday nights robbery j on thursday morning a search warrant was i sued and taken to Geneva that afternoon at Assiut 3 of clock and served by sheriff Fosse and detective Hotetz. A rigid search of the Frost store however failed to disclose any of the missing loot. Upon the return of the searching party to Albert Lea Boetz went Lief re j. O. Peterson and secured a warrant charging Frost with the crime and sworn out before judge Blackmer. As we go to press the warrant is in the hands of the sheriffs forces but has not let Een served. Frost when apprehended May lie Able to Clear himself of the charge by showing where he got the go it it do that fell out of his car last tuesday night but if he cannot it is up to him to do some tall explaining. The tracing Down of this gang of robbers in Case sheriff Fosse and special agent Boetz Are successful will doubtless do much toward Clearing up and putting a Stop to the Large Numier of robberies that have been taxing plat in this part of the state lately. The who ii affair has been kept in the darkest secrecy and it was Only from a Chance tip picked up belie and there and finally the information that a warrant had Len issued for fruit from prosecutor Peterson that we were Able to gel the facts together for our readers. La Kiper ath in strides for m Ord in porn or i v i \ the examine scored a Complete scoop on the Milwaukee Box car robbery last monday night. To Date the afternoon daily a faded to Mak Ltd any mention of the affair. Probably the editorial Taff of that newspaper we tile word through Courtesy a Busy chasing a half pint of Moon Hine to its Lair or digging up the detail of ome particularly nausea it ing sex Tuff anyhow three larg a Long Days have elapsed since the Mil Waukee robbery and two Day since the examiner got on the to ail of the Story and the agony has not discovered it vet. A record of cooperative Progress that it would lie difficult to duplicate in any other Flection of the country b Hown by the report of the Uoo it it native Union of Berk county Pennsylvania for the sex months ending sop Bendror Aoth of the to cooperative stores in the county five More than doubled in size. One new store a organized and another is about to open its doors. The West Reading society has moved into a new slk.000 building and is opening a Large meat department to Supply its members with Nee Situ of life nes of three other societies in the country bad a a Icren de that they have Hail to set new Ami much larger buildings while a fourth is erecting an Annex doubling the size i of it present acc Modalion in or i Der to care for a business that exceed i oho a week in addition to these cooperative store., a Home builder. Cooperative association he been organized. Which bus already completed several j Model Home at Cost of labor and materials and has a demand for As Many More As it can con Trust. A Large cooperative bakery has 1m�oji new York judge scores unions a lawlessness Aud disorder wherever they Imbt men a Ile says ponderously even kept press criticizes hint by Harry Godfrey new v Ork. Nov. I a Justice James c. Van stolen of the King till another of the county supreme court who last at cot i he but i March achieved a certain species of Fame by holding in a court decision that the courts a a must stand at All times As the representative of capital of captains of Industry a und More to the same effect has a rival in his own court this time it is Justice Seal b. Strong who a. Endeared himself to the hearts of labor exploiters in a decision so remarkable that even a a conservative newspaper of new York have editorially cd Ameen Zed it in terms of Surprise Ami ridicule. Union men pan senator Nelson Fossil senator prevented with pert fluent ifs inn on wiping gut Union f following is a b to i who has been signed by events eight organised Railroad workers employed by the d a and p by West Duluth Ami was mailed to senator Nelson to re ply to his attack on the american people a local my paper report it you to have declared your Elf from the Senate floor As follow a a in a getting tired of these threat. I do not know but that it would be a Good thing for the country if those Railroad men. Houshi Start a strike. I it the people realize that they will he deprived of their food and fuel. If the employees embark on such a strike. I venture the prediction that la a Merman people will Rie in their might and wipe them from the fare of the Earth. We the undersigned appreciate your in St ornery frankness but Are unable to see Why you should get so a a tired the Railroad employees insist on a Small fraction in wages compared to even the a underpaid Quot senators to say nothing about the enormous profit to the employer. We wonder Why you did not a tired of the 2,000 per cent or fit of the $11 per ton steal the Coal corporation tor it a from the Public during the War and is yet continuing to take Why did you not Quot tire Quot at the ship building swindle steel robbery packing House Holdup and every other Holdup of the american people during the War and after which has been revealed by senatorial investigation., Why do you not a a tired of All the useless investigation. That Are in a diatribe accompanying Justice 8uckmg the marrow out of the pee Strung restraining the fancy pm Why do you not a tire Quot of a leather goods local no matting Congress if the Railroad added to the East Reading Stow and from picketing the factory of the a-1 min should a Soldier Quot on the Job As is proving successful that other in Reed company this Learned Jurist Congress does we would indeed Star societies Are also planning to Cut the ignoring the fart that Thea. L Reed be. Why did you not a a tired when cot of the staff of life Quot for their concern broke its contract with the a Lune Hajj Fin jiving a splendid members. A workers cooperative Union by cutting wages virtually tuft. And giving million of dollars Bank Haju t been organized Ami accuses the american tunic Union Uway to different institutions while will tart operations within the next dicing a menace to America arum the living Tyg when his final account was of week. Launches into a up genetic attack on nude his personal wealth Wasey the Berks county Cooperator. Have a a a gab Zed labor in general unrated at 1250,000,000? this he All the greater reason to be proud of charge labor organizations Aru a made from a bankrupt Railroad then cooperative Progress because of Lluz 1 a fires with having caused in if Short time of thirty or forty its Humble origin Tho first to opera Lawus it Sny and disorder wherever live society in the county was Organ the it throughout the civil ised Only a few your ago by a few Glebes declared that the labor poor workers with a Stock of one $2 Union held the government by the bag of Cornmeal As capital. There is Throat during the War Ami intimated in Bing miraculous or Peculiar about weak kneed officials to do their Thi. Remarkable record of cooperative bidding minute that labor Union achievement it can tie duplicated officials Are paid their salaries for Here Al in the country with Tlly note purpose of creating trouble Ani nor i la Dakota rec All win ment officials find dirty Waif on do a or Tep of the i Nisi tut Ion or pick up homeless children from the streets Ami Fields their parents had run away having played their card against the children a death in kans a and in Stavropol a Tov. Ii of 10,000 inhabitant0 Miles up the River i saw institution Eft aged in heroic attempt to care tor this a a1 am lie of children. Without food or other necessities sufficient to Tare for Normal needs. Thom ins Titu Horn Are swamped sometimes with ten times their capacity. The feeding station in Samara is giving a meal of a Quarter of a Pound of the elder he thinks a mood that he does no under tank i is bad lie urged the common people to Rise up in their measure to the to the Farmei a program in North Dakota Defeated by 5,000 to 10,000 majorities splendid news that ought to offset any feeling of discouragement Over los Long and Means sacrifice privilege can. Like the Kaiser win the allies Ami to die War. It Jato Grom ers t Dobek v i e its million la Ili. Or Salk aral Aga it the Book thai is a mean of candidate in Fie Farmers mind and disagreeable Ami untrue for or Burton. With the habit of the to Iliff he sought to impose Bra critical judgement upon his audience. The rage of the Eider critics Over Maili Street is like the rage of the elder statesmen Over Lenin wearisome it loses its effect by unsupported reiteration. Is a King i Are a Lese work than Quot Midsummer nights dream is. A a Iago a Leser creation than Ophelia b cart Millet and soup to 12�h Public the tug it Bat every High school Burge daily but ii a ration for indent had settled for himself Uch Only two weeks More. Que Tion Long ago. Conditions in the receiving Star f it ii not Tinyuet to assert that it tim where abandoned children of no kept until a place can by Tutund stance for them reflect one of the most pitiful Phu is of the famine i visited Only care of the eight in Samara where 400 children were crowded into a House that accommodates 40. There were la cups 50 eating u ten ii Ami Only one Bathtub there were no clean clothe to put on the children and no la Ai to Delou a the clothes taken off the newcomers so that after a hurried Bath the children were restored to their original filth. The reason there a no heat in the it is not unjust to takes a clearer perception of Beauty to create a main Street than to create Quot Quality Street a indeed one cannot re ugliness until one yes Beauty hardly. It is because Lewis and Anderson Are sensitive to Beauty More Genitive than or Burton that main Street and Winel nog Erin ugly to them a u it because the elder1 critics Neve have turned off Quality Street at All that they believe main Street a myth a Minnesota Star the recall election a staged at the time when Farmers were hut on backs with no Money for mat kind of Campaign Winch brings candidate to the foreground no Money in fact for any kind of a Campaign. North Dakota league Headquarters it nth to months have received for Campaign purposes about raised largely by women a clubs with entertainment Baket socials and collections at meetings Sanc of this. Mall sum had to he u it to meet an intensive Boycott against the Farmers daily the courier new it of Fargo. On the other Side Railroad Money anxious to escape taxes under Intuit and strict regulation glum Gambler Money an iou to a Cape its most feared opponent banker Money scared by the menace of an i depend of 5 Juen tale Bank my Stem. But More than banker contribution., banker promises to a people financially broken by them a Promise of abundance if oui the Farmer officials were de foaled a Promise like the Devil pro the Quot deflation a during the formation of tie Tate grower v it local coopt turns thrum in York. The i sell roofs rat Bapt crop jul a of the. Cd w jul total los for the seam no bread available to give and thus enable them to Cut Wood for in fuel there War no bread even for Given soft Clay to Munch Esnoz a i 4 to woos Zuia Jooi Aly. Kind of a less sties Lay a baby whose limbs were covered Mise of the world to Jesus ii he would with spotted typhus. Several dying1 ouly fall Down and worship am House was that this institution had children had legs and arms wasted weak souls yield to Lins to worker to Sticks and bodies incredibly Swoll Promise under More of the silence of death was a1-1 and yet 106,000 out of 217,000 really upon the room and i was grate voters threw Back a Challenge of in the Ful when some suffering children dependence More than half of the children ouly a pitiful supp of Eer moaned and broke the terrible spell 1217,000 there Buck a Challenge on the Al my tried that a Al-1 for an instant to ram. What could speak Mort most exhausted. The children were i in the next room were children eloquently of the vital hold the Farny to had been bathed and put Back Ere bar handed fight for the Belier into their dust coloured rags. They Day a on the state of North Dako wan like the Ante chamber of some Are huddled five on each tiny bed. Us ? we wish the re at were latter hideous Demon of death thirty spectres of suffering every disease of course we wish the. Common poo children swept off the streets eke known to starving childhood sat pie could Progress easily and steadily bundles of refuse were siding or Lyth. Re embodied. Half of the 400 will j toward Industrial Justice no Broad wooden benches in a stupor i die unles4 help arrives in two weeks the recall election in North Dakota of weakness the children Lay be according to the nurse was no the War Between people Ami Side the door two with eyes. Wolen what seemed incredible to me a privilege it was Only a skirmish in with trachoma Hunting vermin like that any of the children i saw should the fight or at most a Battle if we sick monkeys on to e window Sill live through a single week. Struggle on realizing that the War redoing on in in the aim of the to growers a to ecu re a fit to Ere by grading the venting Low puce of buyers at to to improve the Price to the profit by grit in and the eliminator Nam and Apelu Gaioi cretan of Tion a Moi and i cts Are ii i have As a class in Many hour a year cml of our Burn hour time on the the a soc it on i Board of 9 director by the local i which has on if the potato Market a on has led to the Empire state to a elation composed at Ive marketing As lout the Tat of ate Oculi Cui a v the Sitalo and Douceti by the Intili to. Ai a citation it at least 2 top aril with a \ Aloe t v i Dollar Empire stat1 pot a nation is not Only return to the Faim product und pre fixing by combines Ping Points but Ai a Quality Ami lower Tun Umer. Who will my standardization n of tire Middle Lur in the word of the Nev a Quot of a re of our farm similar unselfish Effort and Loyal i Quot Votion to it imperative ideals. Rissi an adv i it Reut i sized ret Haji the first Glimmer of re cognition of the soviet government in Russia h oui ova country May be eco in the a table Ament of regular mail service the la a Tat bulletin Fot novels r 7th Cere Vel at the Lik tel to toffees b postmaster Day bring toe Folio my highly interesting a we. Quot mad Drill Nai it anti registered for i. Sin a Ter to turds print-,.<i matter Pap is an i am pm of merchandise Ordinary Ami Ell will be accepted for incl owing Ukraine i Quijan Ami itus t i to til pos id a in i Classi f Cut it ins Sojit biped in Tigle in a asks if their salaries and the amount thereof do not Dup of on Hie amount of trouble they Are Able to make. Theft to Hou tile nil in is off course in up Ger h i urn wan in la Nibling a list i course of which ii fluids my a a Hirn Rig example of after to Prosperity because there says Der on Quot Delegate of labor gun Gat Lens have Little Lander us Effort on the Fie Brooklyn Jurist moved Rii part a von the new v ment that j list it i Iii it Friori a a idol lit i til Piui Miami i my audit a a i Khz. At Guam my he w p. D Tat irk w a St i Oil a a a on my an i an that Boul go a t kith secret i i let in rep i or Poi la if of up arc j u rim Nile. Other Fie t follows 4 to tile oho Phi be Nar Coin i Glase. I a Alice that we n putting in too n the production Ami far too few marketing end. Manage i by a i Este annually ablation each of litre its method of Medicine my in i mat ail for perms Piol e Mon \ abject to spam re i i a i oui the of then to government provide that sex permit not individual May re in Pat sets contain no goods my which ate not for Pere unum More Man two to Tai Heil letter or Pat operation is Sif Izilar to that of the Dairyman league / new York and the Michigan potato grow Ere association i p Iii North Dakota the potato growers Are working but a similar plan tile nor a Dakota potato growers Exchange was organized a year ago to nature fair prices anti honest grades for the growers and met with such sue that its members have now signed up three year contracts for the marketing of their entire crop through the Exchange. The Sale will be handled the same a last year in cooperation with the a potato Exchange s cent b oms i of and a , Tun More Titan packet in net her letter or pal eel containing Goon to lie received by one individual in one month without penal it signed i e h >liaughne.y. 2nd a t to to a Ter general the ame Bull tin contained the formation that parcel Post civic will be Emmet organized and i in i ing of the is coned it v elation principles. Phis de k and steer of the and the a in til. By re. G i Boe. The ii. Ail nil to com in a moves m High title of unintelligible till t cull Talon far. A w to y of the Cen labor Council of a in to Clare that the doubt is the worst i jul rendered against ii in tie language r a my understand Dative to picketing in american and a nation s fun cum it Neal years. All Railroad Are when it Coin s to my wag. To workers. A now there Are All kinds of Cape Tai tie corruption to make every one of us a a tired but the most amazing it let Cane is the y a a con tend a flow wage will re Tore in it ius try a we to Call your Atte Tuoi to the fact that it was High wage doing the War that Maie indu try Boom and a Aero riling to Republican papers made 50,000 million n of Low wag Oak Industry Boom. The so Chan Shuhl be the to. I country. Why not go lip. Re my do business. A Elf organize labor so i be w ipod off the Earth for Dong any thing it should be for making Mil Bonaire b. Eau High wage make them a. Nothing else Wilt a cd i Vuu an i the re to of til uni ii by i is want to go Hack to the time of your youth wit that prot a it Perou tune when we had no pay Day but an Ord r in the grocery store for cur Board do you want to go balk to be v ii bar Yea in a Ole of like others convince the of tile re be of it work Rondum up nmn of oomph neral Secretary of til Hamuud �t1iiiig worker. O Lea the decision Means that u Ere Lav of fat the Light to p a be to Biag arum Dieseu Ion of Grieve tvs i be question is now we ther lint will not want up an organize Power fully. I i 11 on the Liviu a my f Elt i for economic projection and on the a Gill to Cai Field for the purpose of obtaining tis Anil rightful a in la affairs a a the nation. Alna or or n i k i i an at n to ones her plaid of Honor mis Annetta deter swore Nile Green Organ die. A i Ward m aide As Gro is Johnm in ski Kilson in pit als / an. In saturday the fifth of nov Mabr 1 Hyoung couple left by Automo i Matilda Johnson Daugier of be for various Points in Iowa whore m a i. A Johnson of Vinge Iowa the y will begin their Lile a on Honey Bec ame the Brid of Alexander a. Moon i Union Days when wag cents per Day and flout if ret when children 5 an of worked twelve hours in the Coal mines Al tails nuke Pion Kiel women a we wish to Tate most mph tic Udy that the Quot threaten strike is of i much for a into. Ring la wage a Agam i a id n of the sunday to on equal level of the of working a by Ink Fig off the Fin of Ion i Alf Tinie for work on Hidlay i i i. I action i f All hoi Huy is in a deep putting the american people hark a the time before it a Ita we a to a of Cabin you1 St Lent Ion to More of the Hill one fatt.4 of p. E in in Days brie in we wish to say that if it Bud not a a n for a gon i labor of one kind or in a the we hound not have had either hoi a Church. Organised i a or e Ai Ai every thing and Alt things a it Call civilization. Wop it oat Vij John Kobi and others Duluth do. In quietly married , on of former repre.-Euu-1 or Ami mrs. Peter on were e had in november 4th i Laura re Bocca Burge and Jeu new in for i lipped quietly oui of tows Riel drove to Auriti in where the were married by Rev Mau a viol of lutheran Church of that Atef the a Lemony the y front inked o a or. I bet on of Multi Field i Ami playmate and thar marriage j tailor trip to the femur of a a by a i. In but the culmination of Many Happy to it Ami Minn. The ceremony was self or me i at years of Friendship they will a at tile United Breth in Church in Kiest heme after the lath of november at or at eleven thirty saturday morning the Home of the Momm papers in wit Only members of the Hun if an mum Fiebel the examiner of tend a Small Circle of friends present. The the in Hearty congratulations and bakery Ami the Groom i an Bride was gowned in White Atino Al goo wishes j pc my Young k w the parents in in Rush. Iowa where the y amt mrs Oral Days or. And in huns As Hafl in it in ii Albert Law of tire the or Bor fix i employed Atje

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