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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Nov 4 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - November 4, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Harding elected by landslide league wins in n. D. And Wisconsin the Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that Brin More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Volume i number 42. Albert Lea examiner it Means much to advertisers to have their missus reach july every Home in albeit Levy a Eborn county that is my in the examiner is till Albert Lea. Minnesota tim Kasday. November 4, 1920. V co a e. Singu copy. 5 centssh1pstead Defeated by steel Trust election results City candidates ire wow. I Lone aviator to Cross Atlantic new yorker with polish army declares feat is his heart s desire Carl Clark of no. 58 West Fortieth Street new Yolk City a member of the Kosciusko Squadron purposes to Fly from this a ii in across the Atlantic alone in an air plane. Lieutenant Clarks plan is to Fly in a French briquet plane constructed with two engines arranged so that they May be controlled by the solitary flyer oing the engines alternately in order that he May keep them tuned up and know that they Are available at any moment. Quot i belive i can sustain the nerve Strain necessary for the More than sixteen hour of Cross Atlantic Fly inn a he said in a statement made Here a at any rate i am willing to make the attempt. I have two motives the quite natural desire to lie the Aret aviator to Eros the Ocean alone and the desire to give aviation the needed Forward impetus Ami to demonstrate to the Public that flying is one of the safest Means of transportation. A since the War aviation a fallen off to some extent Ami one reason ii that the Masse of the people have not yet accepted the Idee of flying and retain a certain degree of timidity which will have to be overcome before aviation comes into its own. A i have gone into the matter with Nome care and discover no reason Why one should not make the trip alone Over the Ocean a easily As Over the following is a Complete total intern of All the City candidates running for office on n oven i 2. Mayor Wohlhuter Ware elected by a big majority. City Council will be All new members but two. I. J. Dudley for City clerk with a close margin was re elected. Henry Wittmer of the Albert Lea state Bank won Over i opponents by i votes. The total vote cat in the City election was 3217. Here arc the results Strong Frazier vote is polled in North Dakota re elected n. I. Governor Lynn j. Frazier s league governor makes Best run of his career returns show. .2299. H60 mayor . Wohlhuter. A h. Ali foam. Frank s. Faville. Or. Fuller. Alderman fir Ward Bennett o. Knud on Oscar c. Of on. Alderman second Ward Robert a. Weigand409 Cha. Mirk Ehon. 323 by Norman j. Gille pet incomplete return available late wednesday night show governor let in j. Fru Ziora North Dakota running stronger than he Dill in the 1918 general election or in the primaries in june. Indications Are Frazier will a win by 10,000 votes nonpartisan league officials assert. J. F. T. Of Connor Democrat fusion ticket candidate is making a poor . Victory held greatest in la. S. History extra extra Kuest i Union Telegram republicans to have wide received at 4 of p. M. Margin in House and Senate indicated. New York nov. the Republican Avalanche which truck the country burying Democrat National and Robert Anderson. Ivor c. Stud he in. Alderman third Ward Chi an Anderson. Atuf Hellie. Ii. R. Jen on. Ling total of votes still was too big today to be estimated in other than a general terms. J figures available however made it j certain senator hurtling anti governor Coolidge swept at least 31 states gov. Lynn j. Frazier. North Dako it unprecedented pluralities anti showing in the cities of North Dakota to was re elected for a third term carried to Victory with Thorn 23 re 2261 up to wednesday night Frazier Hail according to incomplete returns publican governors a majority of at i is too votes while of Connor available thursday. Altho o Connor Jea get Tyg in the United states Senate a Given 35,000. These returns fusion candidate was leading Fra an a preponderant by Republican were from precincts and districts Zier by several thousand votes Job House of representatives where the fusion ticket expected topical observers who have watched that a electoral votes of Only two swamp the league candidate. North Dakota elections for the past states appeared to lie in doubt today other candidates on the Tate ticket few Neuv predicted Frazier a plural a those of Arizona and new Mexico endorsed by the Farmers Ami workers Ity would be 10.000 when the votes each with three. The returns from following Frazier a stride ant Are All counted. The Rural vote will these two were slow and the vote so lie the deciding Factor in re electing dose it May take everal Days to de gov. Lynn j. Frazier North Dakota Termini re ult. Minneapolis minn., nov. 4,1920. Albert Lea examiner Albert Lea Minneapolis Headquarters of Independent candidates this afternoon conceded election 0? Jake Preus steel Trust candidate for gov Tate administrations under a stagger j ern0r. And others on reactionary ticket by Quot plurality of Over 85,000. Returns from Rural precincts which were expected to swing tide from Preus to Shipstead did not materialize. Country returns instead kept swelling Preuss Lead. 758 738 election results county Freeborn 332 292 Are a am i All the world to you Jack dear a she cooed. A you Are certainly a fair portion of it a he told her Ami so made the Classy double play of plea my her Ami keeping to the exact truth. R. G. Lindgren. .2181 Street Cern in instant a m. Flanagan. .2453 j. Anderson. 523 1 j. C. Reeve. 210 City treasurer Bennett a. Tall. 1102 Henry f. Wittmer. .1118 f. G. Reese. 986 City clerk c. J. Dudley. 1640 Neil Donahue. .15671 j City attorney i l. H. Ostrander. 2464 City a a of b. M. Ith Filer. 2061 i is by Carrier. 1138 jul Wake of the peace h. Blackmer. 189 11 is s. Hammond. 1k03 Henry Kaemmer. I their election seems unquestioned. Return from the Rural precincts. Which began to pour in late wednes Day night will rapidly Cut into the ,3 Jea a pipe a a up by the fusion ticket political observer Point out. I or. Ladd victorious or. E. F. Ladd president of the North Dakota agricultural College Candida for the i. S. Enate ill win with a a against his opponent h. H. Perry Democrat. Early return showed or. Aud leading Perry by two to one. John n. Hagan candidate for commissioner of agriculture and s. A. Olsne.--, candidate for insurance com i stalker both league candidates Are a ured election reports show. City note aids league even in the cities voting favored league Cand late. In Fargo stronghold of the opposition the fusion honest to Goodne a Farmer governor a for a third term. A solid South is cracked. The following is a Complete total of the candidates in Freeborn county including the City of Albert Lam. Due to incomplete returns the examiner labor will Aid Farmers raise bars of credit Exen the a solid South fulled Cox is unable to give a tabulated form of partially being broken by the Tarry the results up to the time of going to of Tennessee with a margin of press. The total vote cast in the county will run Over 8,000. Eng 10.000 to 15,000 for Harding the first time a Republican pre ident Tai candidate a carried the state since Grant took it in his defeat of Seymour in 1868. The Harding Coolidge ticket carried every state North of the Matson Dixon line and every state West of the grand total president harding�?rep.6 27 j As. M. Cox�?dem.1131 Vav. W. Cox ind. Deb a soc. Watkins pro. 67 125 160 ticket garnered approximately 5,000 Gram. Misi Dpi River with the exception of Frank morn on Sec Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma and _ rotary of the american federation of exam it am possibly the two doubtful Tate on the mexican Border. On the face of today a returns Harding s popular plurality is estimated anywhere from 4,000,000 to 7,000.000 votes possibly More anti the Ohio senator seemed assured of 389votes in the electoral College it is the greatest Victory Ever scorn by a i Ai Bor and William h. Johnston head of the International association of machinists notified Farmers in session Here labor will join with agricultural in a movement to obtain Extension of credit for producers urn i to Insp out a political pro motes while league candidates polled this was a fit Tep in a plan Foi pub Liezin candidate for the pre.-i-2.f00. In the primary election league a powerful Alliance Between labor Ami 4�,.ncyt far exceeding that of Theodore candidate Fea lived 1,011 votes while the agricultural interests. Roosevelt in 1904. The Fuku a ticket headed by linger t of operation necessary. A a a bad a popu a plurality of polled 2.400. The women vote made farm leaders declared today the 2,541,291 Ami 336 votes in the elec go Venters Preuss rep. Hodg on dem. Shipstead and. Samson soc. Lieutenant governor Collin a rep. Mcdonnell dem. Hubbell Nat. Mallony and. Friedman soc. 21 5 some difference but the ratio is easily Vonjj Volution of the Farmers problem tora College. Steel Trust journalism distinguished. At greater league strength was shown. Frazier lies in co operation with organized labor. To ill trate potentialities of women add millions. R Kim a my i Wah a shown. Frazier polled an Alliance such a they proposed they staggering pluralities were run up a s02 and of Connor 1,709. In june to Inch out when Farmers of North in Many tales due to the addition by Oliver s. Morris ing in Cash out of his own pocket or linger polled 838 while Frazier re pag0ta were recently denied further of millions of woman votes. Editor of the nonpartisan Leader he a mad other arrangements to Gehred 344. Do pester estimate the Oan its by the. Bankers through help publican National ticket appears to j an article in a Minneapolis evening finance the exec. He a borrowed league gain in strength at Janie poured from labor they were Able to have rapt Ted most Ltd t e new vote paper is deserving of some attention of the Tate under the Home building town approximately 33 per cent. Ket enough Money to move their new \ Ork gae Harding a plurality a a typical example of mis represent act Only what the Law Forks Headquarters of Jerry cloth. The Chicago federation of estimated roundly at 1,000,000 Penn tation of the nonpartisan league by the. Home building Law was adopt Bacon one of the most bitter of 1<ubor am other unum withdrew Sylvania a Republican stronghold brass Check publications in the inter Elt i i fore the re in building Materi Points of the organize Farmers Ami their deposits from Bank in various 750,000 Illinois , Michigan Esu of the Republican machine can Ai Cost to at a time when $5,000 would worker gave league candidates a Chieh am transferred them to the 400, he California .00, Massa dilates for state us much As 95 per cent of persons big vote one of the real surprises of slate Hank of North Dakota Chusett 300,000, and ohm. The Home according to this article William wishing to build would want to spent the election was the fact that Cong a the ame interest lighting the state of Bath candidates gave hard Lemka member of the nonpartisan on a Belling. Since building costs re is Man John if Baer carried grand Fariajr Are fighting organized labor a my a Victory roundly estimated at committee is get have doubled a $5,000 Home is Only Forks Over his opponent a free love ail Arthur Holman of the National 350,000. Holm rep. Anderson . Barmaster dem. Copeland nut. Birth soc. State treasurer Kines rep. Wagner Farmer lab. 63 Quetier a dem. A. E 592 Phelps soc. H6 attorney general Hilton rep. 6158 Mcquate dem. ____396 Sullivan and. ____1912 k. It. Amp Ware a a Jacobin rep. .6375 m Mackenzie a Farmer lab. .1230 roti Insong dem. .549 May soc. 86 of Crociate Justice a Dibello without party. 4966 siegels without party .2363 rep. In conure 11 Dit. Andereoni rep. .6671 reiters Farmer lab. 1875 rep. 6th legislative h a. Morgan. 2960 h. H.emmons5512 judge of probate ourth a. W. Johnston. 5252 t. V. Knatvold. 3023clerk of District court a i h. A. Spencer. 7047 county commissioner 1st. 4 huns Swan on. 653 f Jen p. J. Wayne. 722 county commissioner. 3rd 3 Olaf Wang a. 716 5 augut Axle Sun. .683 a county commissioner 5th Dis a 5 John f. Mcleown .873 i Theo. Wichmann. 573 better butter prices league executive Board of farm organizations. A the the republicans succeeded in turn Overland Magazine ire can be a higher prices for butter will unquestionably result when creameries form co operative organization and place a standardized product on the Market a says b. H. Hibbard agricultural economist of the Wisconsin col conducted better in the particular District than through the middlemen who exit there. A Ting North Dakota Ute Aid under what one could build for $2,500 when Burtne a the Home building Law of that Sute the act was passel and Many people Early returns showed Baer and banker is the common enemy of both. In into the Republican column of agriculture in commenting on to erect a $14,000 residence. A pie availing themselves of the act recent Borine running neck and neck but by uniting their re sources they can to it very Northem and Western Lute that a movement among Eream Ture of the Home in course of con a have found that they want and the fact Bael carried Gram Forks the Power with its own weapon which Wilson carried Over Hughes in enei5 in various sections of the state struck Ion is displayed. It is stated the can afford Homes costing More than Home building Law limits Homes to be the $5,000 limit up to which the state erected under state id except farm will lend its Aid. Others permitted to build. The a persons several of them be of Homes to $5,000. Or. Lemke by his special a a pull a a officer of the league is Able to get Aid for a Home costing double the limit the article sides or. Lemke not leagues by the Materia. To demonstrate How diabolo j Way have been permitted to bu.11 Cal this is it is stated further Many Homes costing from $6,000 to $10,000, common Ordinary persons who want providing the state is not called on to to erect Homes within the Legal limit finance More than four fifth with state Aid Are being turned Down $5,000 on each investment because of Lack of state funds while builder pays in each the excess or Fin or Lemke is allowed to exceed this ances it otherwise. The Law is thus limit greatly. Observed and the aet made useful to Case made out. Many per on who would not Avn i thu. A mus of a Kraft is made out of it if they Are rus Triet maim the nonpartisan segue. The de to what a few years ago was a a to stated by the paper a Nearl by Home dentally the ate All True. No out and out falsehood Bern a pretend claimant Btu. Much appears yet the article a a whole better Security for i tuft Ooola Henify and in its effect is false and slander the Home Cost Only the build. N,.�?z to in tartan facts Are Luff permit for or. 1-Emke a Home grand May be a deciding Factor when the final count is known. Rural vote coming slow return from Rural precincts Are coming in slowly according to reports but during thursday pee led up. Tile unionists of Mason City Block plan to Stop labor meeting Mason City la a efforts on the part of the chamber of Commerce and a Money. 1916. Four years ago the Central and to better prices through co oper of the american legion to a the time has come for agriculture far wet elected Wilson. Tuesday Active Effort. Hall an by Ella Reeve uus or and labor to unite for Mutual welfare same states rolled up impressive a unknown brands of butter or no for Yaw a prominent labor or and for the welfare of the Public majorities for Harding. Fourteen Dart Eular brands which Are now result in North Dakota should ire known Friday night or saturday. The Rural vote always filters in the Home slowly in North Dakota but is much slower this year because of the heavy voting anti the number of candidates involved. Harding carried North Dakota on the face of Early return. Would la represented. A couple of old dodgers got into a barrel and landed before the local magistrate. The loser turning to his opponent in a Comita Tive Frame of mind cried a a in la Law you to the Cir Cuit a us. One or two important facts Are a omit my Ami by this omission the Hows to to Tost $9,000, not $14,000. News is distorted in a manner prac it a remarkable fact that the tired daily by the a newspapers when newspaper in question has never Menthe nonpartisan league is concerned toned not even As news the North the omitted facts Are these Dakota Home building act which is or. Lemke is not getting state Aid solving the House shortage in that in building i Home in excess of the state except in this instance when it limit allowed by Law. He is getting j is mentioned in an attempt to slander state Aid on an investment up to and misrepresent for dirty political Calm transcript. $5,000, the Legal limit. On payment j purposes. Or. Preus and his friends a a of one Quarter of $5,000 in Cash the must indeed be hard pressed for a Tea the five cent Cigar is Back again elate lends him the balance up to sons f t his election Over or. Ship hut it shows sign it having been a the amount Over $5,000 that Stead when it becomes necessary to soc sat ing with Stogie. Since they have awakened to the realization that their fundamental interests Are the same. Must Hale own Hanks a a agriculture mud have its own Bank run by Farmers who understand better than anyone ele needs of Farmers. Agricultural Banks and labor Banks working together could Wield a tremendous Power. A things look flow the Only Hope of the Farmer lies in co operation with Benjamin c. Marsh of the Farmers National Council Addre sed the conference anti Callet for an Alliance Between the Farmer an labor to work for a program embracing for the Extension of Short time loan to Farmer.-, Public ownership of the railroads and merchant Marine direct marketing Ami termination of particular Brand which Ai now Manizer and member of the Machin tates which in 1916 Weie carried by pace4j on the Market sell on id in id u Union Al a workers defense Vav 11 on and which hauling carried Yaj Merit and sell Undt i All a lie in meeting in Trade amt labor assent yesterday were California Colorado a conditions of the Market from by Hul were Gnu ice Ful thank to Kansas Missouri Montana Nebraska Jay to Gay. Of Federated creameries courage of local unionist s. A a in a willing a said the other. A a and 111 Law you to the supreme a a pm cd a Jorl in farm lands. seek meeting with compere. A Tju be a a and in Law to a a attorney la be there a was Maryland Nevada new Hampshire j Woubie put a uniform Grade of butter two men Bers of the legion were North Dakota Utah. Wahington and on Market make it a definite Stata n4j in the labor Hall and two the Wyoming. Even in the Outha a Bland which can become known others before the Entrance to the Hall butter from centralizes Sells Well where they succeeded in turning away because hey put a know n Brand of Many orders by inform my them that butter on the Market which has a uni the meeting was called off. 1 form Quality. Such butter is easily an officer of tile carpenters1 Union sold on the Market Ami Sells readily formed Mother Thor that he had to retailers and to Consumers Coop been approached by a lawyer repro Ergative Creamery organizations ran acting the chamber of Commerce do As Well. Who attempted to bring pressure to some districts Are contemplating Bear on the unum so that Pertant a Loa building co operative storage plants to the Hall would be re winded. It Fig lits. For butter to tide their product Over is alleged that there was an under 1 periods of Low prices a say or. Bib Landing Between the by Ines Richard. A this i probably an idea went Ami certain officer of the i Worth considering although the Blea Ira in and a Bor a nimbly that the has not been tried out much. As Long meeting would not to allowed it pro states the Democrat majorities show in Many cases heavy declines from 1916. Majority Len in Texas. Where Texas four years ago gave Wilson a handsome majority of 22,515 it was estimated generally today Cox a majority would be Many thousands less. Republicans even had Strong Hopes today of electing their men in several congressional other Southern states showed like Democrat Lee Reaves. Martin a. Morrows of Cobb county $5,000. Mac so Only s body weighs 75 As could by handled in Carload lots cml. 101 Nus. Be costs would probably not lie much when Mather Fluor and her a a 1 a London. A Terence Mac Treater a Pound than it would be in a member of the Hail my Lele Kramb Georgia j announced that he would weighed Only 75 Pound when he died n Butte . It would he Ere lion left the Hall they w.,o Fol the reek a inference with Samuel com in Buxton jail after a hunger it Elk. Worth while to visit several Cid to the Railroad to on of Pere relative to the proposed Alliance. A of nearly 74 Day i. Wax Learned to age plants to find out How Largo the about a do., tool . Nam it was announced at the conference Day. He weighed 155 when he began expenses Are before a a strict make. It Aly is be of the nod a a a a a letter had been sent to pres his fast August ii the body was an attempt to build a Plant of thee ired renter. In to outta a a no a Wilson enclosing resolutions emaciated until to tones protruded own la must also be , and co. A read unus has in., lit a Betti by till plan in bib men Ere my in then in that ital feta of he it Hgoc i Lihty Fri App Vav Kuusi of Jour Zuj. In. Been Gugy. Continued no Page 3 j through the Parchment Uke i in

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