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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - November 3, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examiner Quot of 1 011 Are wrong Gnu can to lie too conservative if non arc right can t he Radical. In a the Austin is and la Bok Concu in volume 2 number 42 Albert Lea Minnesota thursday. November 3, 1921 single copies 5 cent. Townley now serving time to gratify Peanut politicians m All Streett paper mourns a ineptitude and inefficiency of the Farmers Farmer Leader starts to pay penalty for refusing to knuckle to the profiteers. On wednesday october 2nd, a. A Townley started the serving ref Quot tote ninety Day sentence imposed upon him last fall by the circuit court of Jackson county. Or. Townley has been arranging his personal affairs in St Paul and Fargo for the past few Days and left the North Dakota City on tuesday Enro Ute for the Jackson county seat. Townley was going to Jackson by train but his attorney Vince a. Day got word of a scheme hatched by the Fertile brain of prosecutor Nicholson whereby Townley would be arrested. A my Ufford and photographed with his captor.-., thereby furnishing a a loyalty propaganda for Lite pet Pup press that altered Townley plans. The War is Over Many of the most ardent of the patriots have said go a a a a pm in Mim my pm my mme tymm a a Ltd Quot news from Alaska North Dakota i. V. A a win officials in recall pan american Confer. Ence of Momen mrs. F. A. Spence recently returned from Point Barrow the farthest North Mission in the United states brought very interesting news of the Esqui Maux in this Arctic Region when asked How she and her husband. Or. , could endure the cold. Mrs. Spouse with her ready wit i replied a ooh we done to endure St. We j dress for in fact Alt the work i of their Mission was characterized by preparation and a determination to j carry on the work of helping these people physically and spiritually. Can you imagine yourself having to Lay in Alt of your supplies Ood fuel clothing Ami incidentals for a whole year in Advance would you take Delight in managing without fresh fruit flesh vegetables Ami eggs the entire year How much Faith in your work would remain to you if the whaler which brought your the All american cooperative commission having Headquarters in a. Hington i. A makes the following comment on a Wall Street journal statement a the Farmers of the country Are now rapidly learning that cooperation is their sole safeguard governor Frazier attorney in against exploitation by the Well or Jura Lemke and labor commissioner All i. V. A proposed Laws amendments saved. And the National league of women voters Are making plans for the com i ing pan american conference of women which in to be held in Baltimore Maryland the 20th to the 29th of april 1922 this is the first pan american conference of women Ever called the main purpose of this Confer. _. U a. Y. Once according to mrs. Maud Wood gazed buyers speculators and big Hagan went Down to defeat in the a a 7 k. N a a i Park National president of the Lea processor of foodstuffs Cotton Wool Dakota recall Cie Ion held on and their other products. The farm Friday oct. 28 ors have already made tremendous i he i. \ a. And supporters strides in the cooperative marketing Quot ill gain hut cold Conifer from this of fruits wheal live Stock milk and however an even Law a i cons Titu potatoes. Their Success has alarming tonal amendment that they placed one of the Large financial papers of before the people was Defeated. This new York City which warns the puts the newly elected governor in country against the growth of farm Hie rather ticklish position of being Erst cooperation in the following compelled to carry out la program plaint instituted by his Bredec Sor cover unsuccessful attempt made to Rob Emmons state Bank Albert Lea travel class disc i uses education the Albert Lea travel class met n the dub rooms in the Home investment building on monday afternoon with ail the Telegraph and Telephone wires leading into Emmons Cut a gang of it least fear a a egg men attempted to Rob the Farmers and merchants Stu Bank of Emmons late tuesday night after juror thin week. Tot a general consider Ting the combination of Tho vault gue is to bring the women of the United state into Friendly relation with the women of South America i ventral America Mexico Cuba Ami Canella. Among the speakers on the program will lie miss Mary Anderson chief of the women a Bureau supplies and mail each year without your allotment of a a people who Many More cutting things about the Juan j sinful debacle of greed and graft in the m a flt a of prob of the missionary of the far North a each year Quot said mrs. Spense a your supplies were brought to us by in old whaler captained by a Doughty and in in High places that accompanied it the tumult and the shouting have largely died away and people Are acquiring u True perspective of the Mouth patriots who went up and Down the length and breadth of the land lustily Yelling Quot disloyalty and at the same time using the opportunities of War afforded to fatten a the Farmers unfortunately ure not a Success As business men but having been coddled and petted by the political element for generations blame everyone hut themselves for their own ineptitude and inefficiency the Farmer must understand that his Job is to raise the crops and let under fund that phase of it Market and distribute them a this is the same Brand of advice that the North Dakota politicians gave to the unorganized banners a Al Home and lop the hogs and leave politics to us the dog that nor Frazier. Policy of the association to concern self Only with banking matters. The excuse is the banker a belief that Quot acceptance of the a Lundi award will revive business restore Confidence reduce unemployment and thus greatly improve existing the Resolution which a represents the unanimous sentiment of 26 hunks and reflects accurately to e on ziment of 68 affiliated institutions was adopted at the instance of Lames in Forgan one of the in a is powerful hankers in the country. As one of the organs of the Banks of the department of i Zibor. Mis Grace Abbott. Chief of children a Bureau also of the part meat of i Arbor. He found out and the do a on of education in relation to citizen ship. Mrs j. I. Vonberg member of the City school Board read an excellent and comprehensive paper on Quot the crisis in education a following which someone asked a what do you consider the crisis in Tho education of our children a mrs. Von Berg very with the us of Nitro gov resin the robbers attempts were frustrated by a Patent lock for the vault which released catch locks All a rotund the door making the vault impervious to looting unless the entire door was shattered. A flying piece of steel broke the Large plate Glass window aptly replied. A the present congested in the front of the Hank and another condition of our schools a she sex i pierced the counter. Plated that the Board and the superintendent Are attempting to remedy the present situation urn to utilize the science Hall of the Obi Couge Anil the Oakwood school but a division of departments would Necessia about Midnight Anton Lund Secton Foreman of the m and St. A at pm Mon started for the station with his Luggage Trout to the not i in in pall of Tho state where he was going Hunting. As or. Eglund the chinaman could speak but Little English and the englishman cml Quot nil no Chine Rara thelem i a a Quot Fach in a a a it a a Wheil to. Hank he in Green the dinner went off agreeably. Hardy Norseman who often had to bit the hand which fed him was quite put a eth Clearing House a blast the ice to bring his boat to this far Northern Point. One year our Supply of Coal was placed upon u government boat instead of the reliable old whaler which did not come through. During that Long cold win their pocket books at the expense of a Loyal people. The More intelligent among Townley s enemies have been strongly Ter 0f months of night the doctor against Townley s incarceration Ever Aru j lived in one room which was Ira the War the astute politicians jiving room Kitchen office obstetric know tha tin average am bean is Cut a Ard and general dispensary actuated by a Strong sense of Justice 0ur fire conj4i�?zted of Coal foun it i m and that a soon a the real truth the �0jnt Barrow Region which has came out there would be a Strong i exceedingly poor heating qualities. Reaction in Public sentiment in favor burned with bubl it or. Of the victim of this perversion of but Eyen then the pm in the roof jul Tice. Our House would melt and drip a few Enven Omed reactionaries of through the cracks and Ittie stalag the Alt Ert is a agony Type will of pc f would hang Down from gloat Over Townley misfortune As the. Cebu a and a a a Ltd a met they always do when one of their trip own an it Forn Isle mental superiors is Tho victim of Tail kites on the fit or. But during mistreatment or indignity but their entire time we kept our work blathering and it mutterings carry i Gui Kyj arising it the usual hour of Little weight with tin general pub. Landing our meeting with or. Spense lie that their allude in the Townley aim a 0f us in mooting room an appreciative animal after All in comparison with the Money lenders. Middlemen and politicians who have Ion Quot fattened off the Back of the Farmers. Mem Bow wow workers kicking the Landis award round and round plumbers get Nice Mage agreement above baseball judges scale Elution has no Power to bind it Ber to any particular policy As to ? loan. But the influence of an agreed no no policy by the Clearing House members it is expected would be a guide in determining the action of the individual member a an Earth r dispatch outlined the plans of the Bankers the chamber of j Commerce Ami the contractors associations to loan Money Only to those contractor Ami Home builders who agree in the mortgage to observe the wage scale and working conditions formulated by limits the chamber of Commerce committee believes it can by this course put out i we there was one dish that pleased the englishman. It was a Rich Stew of onion pork. Mushrooms and a dark tender Well Flavoured meat that tasted like tuck. The englishman ate heartily of the s Stew. Then he clo cd his eyes lifted his hands and Shook his head w Ith in air of ecstasy. After this compliment to the i ii he Aid int. Frog actively a quack Aid the chinaman. Anglo Jap Alliance is latest thing Ungos ask in the end would not be economical by a Man who spoke to him cordially. The school apr be miss Smith. In the dark or. Eglund could not poke of conditions in the Homes Ami identify him and supposed him to be gave Concrete illustration of the re Cone late citizen of Emmons going ult of her investigation. An am Home a Little farther he met another using incident and quite character late pedestrian and then a some a tic of a child happened when she what surprised to see the City lamp was trying to persuade a Little sister which hang in front of the Hank Ami brother to use their tooth being lowered to the ground. Turn in ashes. One Day Little Ulster appear no about or. Eglund asked what alled triumphant with her tooth Brush the commotion was about and a but Little brother a was want no. Up ordered to Quot step this Way Quot nto a on being questioned the Small boy nearby shuck Here he was kept Unis plied Quot of. Sister lets in use Der never by the a a egg who was on Madame Meighan read a very Abl a patrol until the gang escaped. Or Eglund says he had has Deer gun with him which he put together while held captive in the Shack but through mime perversity of Fate it failed to work. After i release or. Eglund hastened to the Home of or. Knutson where every Effort was made to it in touch with Albert Lea but without Avail. A rather Clever move paper on a visual education a which was Aho discussed by the club. I a. It Hamber of Commerce shows its Teeth to unions propaganda seen As precursor Mars with c hina and Russia i by Lawrence Todd of in Taw it Tom a a Jumpot tent of in immolate in Anc Brt Weraja million of workmen of nil Trade pint tot us a was rude although no fund were obtained. Matter or any other matter is not worthy of serious consideration committee of 48 wireless and hazy with the breath of the people warmly dressed in our fur and caring for the sick. Another source of fuel Supply i a Large Oil Lake near Point Barrows which i he Genera strike called by the freeze solid and the natives Cut Railroad brotherhood May have la Een huge chunk from t and Burn it a by Carroll Binder Chicago nov. 2 while the of communion Trio a unions who Chicago Clearing House association. Us a a Toj Jim Ria i i the Cut a composed of the leading Bank of the tractors who pay the Union scale. United states and Britain an i Japan City a placing Flowers on the accompanying accounts of the for control and exploitation of it n a Landis award reducing wage and Clearing House Resolution Are of and the far East is now in full swing abolishing prize Union conditions noun of Anonymous bunkers who m the. National capital n the local building Industry and precast the a open shop if the award sonic of the Cleverest men in Brit while the Hunters were waving the not observed a an adjoining i a service Diplomat advisers tech bloody shirt of the a open shop at Eolynn to the paper is a Story of meal experts of Vartum. Kinds Are those who scored the Landis award san fat Citco became an a open Here to attempt to Mould Public Opin the employing plumbers and the Hopt being Given to the in in America to embrace the vast a a a a a. A a a at Industrial relation commune dead scheme of Hiticas terrorism and ecu us Lei. Awald of tie Railroad lab a Chicago Nom in Conquest which London Tokio a Board the legally Washington nov. A for future reference when the United Stales chamber of Commerce May assert itself a Neutral in the labor on the part of the thieves a Cut struggle this statement by its pre Ting the wires half on one Side of silent Joseph de frees recently the poles and half on the other a chairman of the steering committee they came through thus making All of the Hoover unemployment con the wires Cut with Only the appearance of a few of them Down a com a tactical Blunder. The psychological effect upon Public sentiment May he distinctly Una Avorah to them but if the facts were generally know n tie reaction misfit be quite the Ujj posit. We would Coal the Standard Oil company is investigating this Ink and will no doubt find it another source of among other thing mrs. Spense said that the natives Here no longer the responsibility for provoking eat blubber but Are rapidly improving the strike rests a surely upon the their diet. A great Deal of whale shoulders of the Railroad executive meat Eul and Venison is consumed who by their intentional and Onidi although because of the slow prop oui misrepresentations have de Ber Gat Ion of the Reindeer the Supply of lately deceived the Public a. To the Venison s limited the Village is too facts particularly As to the wages fat North to have a fish Supply. One they Are paying their employees and trader in the Village who has grown have made it appear that the Rea on very wealthy has every for the collapse of private ownership luxury it is possible to obtain in this is entirely due to the High wages far Northern Region and each year demanded by their employees. This Down to or Ami mrs Spense a is absolutely Fale do in fresh eggs on of the most de the official figures issued by the rightful gift to Siulc. U. S Railroad i Arbor Board show j or and mrs Spense a earnestly that the Railroad to ers instead of j working to arouse inter in the enjoying undue Prosperity have in a new Hospital which a been erected receiving an a rage wage of Only in Point Barrow 11696 a r annul which has now. A a Leon Cut 12s per cent and reduced pretty Homb wedding to $14k4 or Leas than $29 per week. A a Friday evening at the Home of a against this the minimum stand-1 a and or. J. P. Nelson of Packer Ard of Comfort on which the average Al Locke 4 Petty wedding was Salem Man can a Uppit himself and his no Zed daughter Olga be family has been fixed by the Bureau came the Brid. Of William a Jensen of applied economics at #2000 per of the City Formerio of Glenville annul the Bride a gowned it White do the Railroad executive mean us of and carried White Rose and they Are unwilling to pay their accompanied by her sister miss employees a living wage or that they cannot do so arum operate the railroads successfully ? plumber Union signed an meat it provides for an wage 15 cent higher than i Amli prescribed the of trance of the working Rule denounced by lamii.-, and concede the right of the Plumier to Refue to work alongside nonunion men. Judge Isi Iid. Has not yet announced i decision in the Appeal for a agree hourly by Atholl my bean. May witness the institution of a similar movement a opine the paper. Viena outrages problem passed to i Matei states Washington. Nov. 2.�?although the american state department refuses to i. Cognize the Exi Tenet of of the Case with a possible Ama or the other Beltie tales which thereat in the wage scale he has have nude peace with the Parent repeatedly declared that he will not country Russia it i now in a Grant a rehearing until All of the quandary because of polish outrage unions report that their men Are Back american property in the on the Job at the rate of pay he pre lithuanian capital. Yona now cried Ami give pledges to stay on of espied by polish troops. The places the Job when the new scale if any of business of the a Inu Uburn amen. Hall be announced can trading Compaq the head quart Earnest pleas on the part of the or of which is in have been employing plumbers for permission dosed by the pole to pay a higher scale and resume a message from the lithuanian Ami Wall try a propose Hen in Skeleton is the argument China i it in economic peril to the Western world so Long a she move toward industrialization her people Are the cheapest of workers her raw material. Are bound it. Ami so will under Ell and ruin All competitors. For their own safety foreign Powers must develop these raw materials for their own profit rather than drive the a him to de Elop a hem for China seek Central out rot chinese traditions and the economic pros ure on the individual c chinese lord permit of hum to in the handling of Public funds. If China is or to have Good government tiny three great foreign Powers must join in a Tabu Hing a Strong Centra gov ure walking the meet in search of work in order to feed Ami shelter although there Are numerous retire million inure dependant upon karts concerning the appearance of them. The bandits and a High powered Quot car at Uch a tune the Railroad work one them have Bren it Anent log i by Imus or. Of too Grout so off it it a a a us Quot a it int to be Reivo Tho a a a a a a it a a a a a a a a a a or a Root. The so Riff of Coure. As visual notified the surrounding town. Of the attempted robbery. The sheriff talked with or. Eglund by Telephone in St Paul but he admit he was too frightened to secure any information of value. The officer of the Emmon merchants Ami Palmer state Bank Are a. C. Erickson of the Albert Lea state Bank president 0 p old Anil vice president and Fred Knutson cashier. Work were not granted by the judge Telegraph Agency u Homo recite the plumber and that thousands of lithuanian re a us a. It probably a moan Rev and must be made a financial protector night the plumbers and that thousands of lithuanian re Graf tiers in Union meeting ratified fug is arriving there from Vilna the agreement of their representatives with the master plumber a association for a return to work at $110 an Bour instead of 95 cents prescribe by i a Dis with the working Rule a they were before the Landis Appeal for fund to arbitration the Landis obligation confiscated by the to work with non Union men if Union men failed to accept the award declared to be not in Force held a maps meetup and passed re solution of prote to against the polish aggression w us had driven them from their Homes peaceful Mea sure were reborn headed and an Dace the school hoi la soldiers made. The k Ano City Council 1 Ltd exploiting a voted 50,000 Mark for Relief of the victim of polish i it i a Cut Sun Board the legally constituted body having jurisdiction to pus upon the difference Between them Ami their employers. The award of this tribunal they have accepted when in their Frivol. For them now. When the award is against them to propose to Stop completely All Busine and Industry and bring int o play the fear of starvation of women Ami children is contrary not Only to Law and order but also to the american ene or fair play. It is inconceivable that the tank and file of Railroad workers will be capable of it. A the qution whether wage reduction approved a the Railroad Lebo Board arc right or wrong i of no Cun sequence Ami sinks into in Igni tical when computed with the in this proposed to to aka a fictive the Agam i the reduction. Of the threat is attempted to be Carne i out every mull and woman who loves this country All who wish themselves and then children to live in the future in pern and Security Mote Brazen and e penal All those in authority Ami Japan a i twin lakes Pool room looted presumably the same gang which attempted to re4 the Emmon Bank broke into flu Pool Roc in twin lakes Ami carried off the Cash Register. Fortunately their a Only about two a three Dollar in the machine Ami the to out Ide the Register itself is mailing the numb r and v variety of their own propagandists but they work in Cloe association with the by Tisi and have a Fine sense of strategy m letting the British put Forward the a Gest Ion British Dike Are uncomfortably a the pipe Trade Union a from another cablegram received by the the first protested against the Lind lithuanian Agency Bere announces is award Ami in the presence of that with the action of Finland this Lundi it Busine rather agents declared they do Day labor Titan an under the circumstances it is Norgren wedding Munch played by i wonder that the threat of a further Cut of to per cent precipitated a strike Railroad wage. Increased Only 36 per cent this a now been Cut 12mi per cent Between 1914 and 1920, but the Cost of fuel furnished by the Coal companies owned and controlled by the Railroad exec natives a increased 500 per cent during the same period Why because when die Railroad were ordered to technically Serrate their Coal properties from the Railroad interests the insiders grasped this atty to their own who raised the pricy Billian who wore Pink and carried Pink roses the bridal party us d entered a it the Amin of the i,Hen-1work a la ugh Quot u r 9r menu hour. The judge had vigorously de Christenson throughout the House if us a Quot hut be called their bad the decoration wore in Pink and la Quot a plumbers White and the same color Charne a. A themselves told Bandi. Hwy would earned out in the elaborate dinner Quot it a a the Quot enu it work for his scale which followed the ceremony. Or. it unfair and mrs Jensen will make their building trades officials who sup Home in Albert Lea where the a room part Una los a a a a till Tryon to per is employee with the Albert week All the countries bordering on the Baltic have rec Gnu zen the Lith uni in government other giving recognition Are Holland Switzerland Italy Argentina and Mexico. Ate of the triple Alliance of her exploiters South t Hin. Has a government Matte up of the younger Gen ration of educated the men who Siegi native and executive should Ltd a Art of the coldness of the am re have been a in to cd Mil to Western their jaw firmly in determination can profile toward the diplomacy thought thew men Are hostile to that Ach method Hall not it Pucce i a a y Tern Impo a i by be Roe. Ends this attack with a Japan end Britain and a a discard demand upon the Public authorities ant element they do not represent to maintain a the i a of Law Ami i the Brut pint of ancient Ching on order against the strike which her government hould rest it 1 he in ibid state chamber Japan a a right to Izz Shaji Commerce and its official have Neves people of the United Date w to lung and Manchuria and Siberia be prote cd Aga the Defiance of the Caus her a up action must eat by Railroad labor Board by the Erie 1 Sia has withdrawn Quot from Siberia the Penn a Tania. Tim a b and a land that Region now Arter a fair out an i other Campania nor Aga out any let for japanese migration and com. Proposal for arbitral reduction Ai i me t Cia and political domination. I Rad Road wages they Are fulls p. i or act iced at Versailles if this Wash mgt n con i once i to in mad an other Confer a an dividing up of tin loot of the world War Only the most heroic measures of propaganda of can off it the resentment which the the convey to the american Delegate Public opinion May Jolt Harding an hug an Root n Wangt n where it faded to disturb i Taofil a Par. British and japanese in packing Plant Alden Man Pasker away with the Paim of James m. Emerson at his Home in a Bien on saturday october 29th, Alden has lot lint of its be to and Nio to promo a a Suade their members to abide by the neat citizens. Born n Ireland he lain is terms but the successful re came to this country at an Early age a preserving peace Britain a l Japan Are a pre Erving peace a in the Orient of the unite state Doe not like their Alliance which a been mutually profitable then let the United states join them in an agreement which will in even aware of the fact thai Railroad labor defense fought the creation of the is Hou ii serious jeopardy. Will be elaborate Ani in that it will cot my ii Gold distance Washington nov. 2�?the United it attempts to reduce of the carpenters to All and engaged oin various activities i More satisfactory. Their $1.25 an finally locating in Mansfield for finally America Chou id states supreme court has ruled that the Federal employees Lia Edity a applies to employees of interstate Toldra opportu-1 Railroad while Enki be a in witching Orra Ite Coal . Of �1,� of fun a flu 7ltch, of Man sued the Lehigh Valley Railroad Cal to fabulous a Cut old h Back a it a to the railroads an i a of a a Fth a Al Lluis it a diff Nee held that the switchman was eng aged in moving freight which did not subscribe for the examiner enter interstate Commerce hour scale and tis agreement of the eleven years where he served As plumbers embark s their Effort j Justice of tile peace until Hilt Ieper the painters and plasterers too Are lure in i huh. At tha time he engage drawing the old rate of pay other a in the drug Busine it in Alden in Craft Arn said to be receiving More which by Ines he continued until than i bindis prescribed two years ago when ill health forced the wage rotters still Hope to him to retire or Emerson is ear bring the unions to time through Vived by his wife even daughters the Bankers the Clearing Housand Rase son in addition to the Host re out Ion on the Loudi award is of friends who mourn the a sing of admittedly a departure from them it worthy a citizen give up Lier a vague idealism about the morality of political and economic con que-1 As practice in the Orient of America is not going to War against Japan on this moral , let her be respectful and co operate in the Job of getting what can be got from the chinese i armament is a ridiculous notion sol Long As Britain my t import food and so Long As franc to la Myers i air Boun a being the establish meat of an anti labor tribunal which would merely increase to e Lunger of strikes. They a aware that their present Appeal is to the business and professional interests to band together to resist Ami de Troy the Railroad lao or organizations _ a Zatic Mainland a a preliminary to the abolition of the Kain Iii i at or Board by the business and financial group control of the Anu Eistrat on gov without a my. The 4 no to Japan american a a Anre for the enslavement of 506,006, too human beings in the Orient it held to lie the sure precursor of War with 1 Lima Russia Ami a combination of other exploited people of the a the greatest menace exist a it in Day to the Industrial of and a e of America is the United states raw a a z r steel corporation raid own firial and Gnu Tricia propaganda Ter Meyer a Leader of the new York with which Wahington ballrooms1 in himself the digest a a and tearooms now Are buzzing div dual Lilik Kadi re in the it Potpora work with British lion whose method and port in a. He the japanese Are ten Lily increase denounced

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