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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - May 5, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota A we lath of constitutional government but the government that Weka Keisone of greed for greed and by greed a Arthur Btu temm Aram Albert Lea examine the Man who dared Short sketch of career of most talked of citizen in Northwest a if you arc wrong you can 7 be too conservative if you arc right you can t be too radical.99 endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor co nol endorsed by the Austin trades and labor rot Neil 1920. Only four years later league i candidates polled Over 1,200,000 votes. It was inevitable that the Politi clans would try to break the Farmers a organization on the War Issue. No re a h ii Hert one know what any other Man really thought of the War because it became refusal of the Minnesota supreme it afe to say Only one thing but every court to set aside a local court Cor one does know that Townley tried his dict sentencing a. Townley anti hardest to do two things Joseph Gilbert to three months in i. To keep the politicians from jail anti a Fine of $100 each for Al destroying the league on the War is legend disloyalty again Calls attention sue and 2, to voice the interests of to one of the most remarkable men the Farmers against the War profiteers the Northwest has product a. Anti unfair Price fixing. Ile could not a Townley has made a More proud it i them out to the profiteers us did nent recon than either Ignatius Don the Northwest politicians anti feel Nelly or Frank Loftus because while patriotic in Public about it. Taking up their Mantle of leadership. Of tillers of the soil against special 0,1 a each Ove privilege he had the courage to build it i noteworthy that in the indict the revolt on a larger foundation. Ments on which he has been Belt he dared to risk personally the hate guilty of disloyalty the alleged Evi and the methods of revenge open to Lento is More a gue As to Bis mind those who get unearned wealth from and heart than specific acts. Town Lour vicious farm marketing system Ley never advised any one not to in he dared and was the first to dare us or not to buy Bonds. But if town to ask the individual Farmer to make had been the most ardent believer a sacrifice of amp a political and economic in the rightness of the War the la Freedom he dared to ask the Farmers j Sjue could not have been considered to adopt a program adequate for their patriotic by the press because the Relief although he Well knew thut this anti Farmer politicians monopolized program could be used to develop this virtue scares by the politicians. T contrary to what cautious people with alleges political Ense would have advised. This breaking away from old political methods and dependence on an intense desire for righteousness was just what tin vol. 2. No. 18. Albert Lea. Minnesota thursday May 5, 1921. Single ropy re it nth North Dakota Bonds go to the people will sell six millions of Bonds in 90 Days want to know if big Biz tools can Deport state Issue Selling at Par Jet of our Earnest prayers our a drive meeting big support work. For in of working we promo a the gospel of tile Prince of i sex gov. Foes of Massachusetts chm. Upon Earth and strengthen that a holding up $1100,000 of workmen s Bac k of committee to dispose of $1,000,-000 in Boston alone mayor Unzem head. Bond Selling body in Detroit Cincinnati Church pledges $100,000. Sage which our holy Church he eve sought to declare unto the nation Bishop Muldoon of Rockford arc Bishop Dowling of St. Paul. Bishop Schrembs of Toledo Bishop Russell of Charleston. S. C., Bishop Gibbons the War arguments Are still kept up because the politicians it old out the Farmers in peace As Well As in War and must make it stick. The Railroad act make it impossible for our Northwest Farmers to Semi their products to the coast Farmers of the Northwest wanted. It without giving them away. The raid took just one year to make u Complete overturn in North Dakota. Born in Minnesota a. Townley wits born on a farm in traverse county minn., in Isho. He attended the common schools in that county and graduated from the High school in Alexandria Douglas county. We next find him spending several years to caching school a calling which an the Farmer markets last full was started by the Federal Reserve la urd s act in coling loan. There was no reconstruction and a whole lot of further Market gambling and monopolization of necessities of life. So that if a. Townley must finally go to jail for three month it will be a a peace t me move of the poli by in k. Meitzen Bismarck. N. I May 4. A a within 90 Day. We will have disposed of Ai least six million dollars Worth of North Dakota Bonds at Par without the Ani of Wall Street or any of its connections a was the emphatic statement of attorney general win Wernke who came in yesterday from an extended speaking tour in Rustem cities. He will return there in a few Days to place tin final tour the to the Bond Selling Campaign. A while in new York a said or. Lemke a i was asked by a news Afier Man what we intended to do. My reply was that was intended to bust Wall Street meaning that we intended to break their arrogance in presuming to dictate to a Sovereign state what it shall a it a shall not do that Ach things tis the published at Minneapolis May 4. A Organ Zed labor in the twin cities is incensed by the announcement in Washington that claim. Of wartime employees of the Minneapolis steel amp machinery company the american hoist amp Derrick company of St. Paul by Laurence Todd Federated press staff correspondent Washington it in. Bur., May 4.�?can a receiver for a Railroad. Of Albany Ami Cardinal wherty a a Quot Quot cd of pm a auth it Rio it a a a a teral of Philadelphia Arr the other Mem. A aul a a it in try �?~�?T&Quot.&Quot.t5 a Quot 1 Quot. Arkanie an for the for Back pay aggregating $k00,00� to dim station of Trad Union officials hers of the committee archbishop Hanna. Signing with a tile banking interests having refused to trundle the Bond Issue North Dakota is writing a new Page in our financial history by offering its Bomi directly to Tho nation april 13. That is precisely what the Industrial commies or of Tho Tate of North Dakota is doing. The financiers having refused to buy these Bonds the Bonds will he offered directly to the people. Those who Are Friendly to the North Dakota Industrial program should lose no time in mib bribing for some of these i Lomis and inducing Drivers Ami a get Alvar Tikiun and not because of their Zeal tack upon the state of North Dakota by jail us something to lie expected in a fight for Freedom. Are the people a fought for worthy of the sacrifice in prosecuting the War. Ami town enables an ambitious it Oung Man to Ley like Joseph Gilbert will go to add much to i own education burning the Midnight Oil. His next move was to to it fanning in the new state of North Dakota. Land was cheap and the opportunities to make goo i on it is compared with farming in settled Minnesota appealed to his spirit of adventure As it did to nearly All the others who picked North Dakota for farming. By 1910 we find him raising flax on a comparatively Large scale and making $50ooo in the Good year. The giant farm than came the much talked of at Gompers to quit while going is Good by to it National City Bank of new York was gaining us More friends than anything that has happened of late proving a ii did that it was indeed a Battle in Wren Wail Street and North Dakota. We shall win that Battle and re will not Surprise us to be All of the $17,000,000 sold before i fog retries backing drive farm Bureau backing North Dakota Bonds usher l. Burdick. President of North Dakota ii sly presents i acts about state program to Chicago Contention it us re ult Liat it get Vav Holch tried support of organisation. Cover wage increases ordered in 1019 Anil resident by the War to tor Board hut never with it paid have been referred for recon this Concrete Issue has i icon put up iteration to the judge advocate a o president Harding and to chair general a office. Man Cummins of the Senate commit tin be claims after months of Nego tee on interstate Commerce by the tuition and several hearings Wen a pre. Natives of the sixteen approved by Secretary of War Baker i elated Railroad labor december a it. When the hauling and who were driven from Harrison ark., ministration came into office Secre on april ii by an Armet and drink tary we Fuks announced the die is Ion of inflamed crowd which hat been Saitia predecessor in the War depart sem bled by Means of a special train their friends to do likewise. The Bankers in refusing to handle or sell the Bond of North Dakota their refusal on no question of in Asso Nant in regard to the claim would not Lee reversed. He took Steps to we Ard sending representatives of the ordnance department Here to Check and ratify the claims. _ reopening of the award is attrib Kansas Railroad w to Are now strik-1 1 s not it a a Lical program. Other run at the Curt of the fond itself. Not Only were these officials driven from the town and the state but they declare that the men formerly employee i in the Missouri amp North a Security or Validity. They freely admit that North Dakota Horn is Art second to no other state Bonds both t organization Ipp not to to and the amount of in Ter St paid. The hankers have refused to self North Dakota Bomi because they Are hostile so the Public ownership poll Cie of to people of North Dakota. I Hie policies include state ownership of a Central Bank flour Mill and terminal elevator and a program of Home building and aute insurance. My to uphold the decision of the Hail by Laurence Todd Federated press staff correspondent Washington in. Bur april progressive have formed Urga Mza tempt to raise flax on scale surpass 3. Rumours that Samuel Gem per 1,011 to Bonds a amounts rang or. Titi re Lek referring to Concrete results or. Lemke said that he had spoken in Washington. Toledo Cincinnati. Indianapolis Cleveland Detroit Boston elevator Wilt probably to leased by anti other Large Eastern cities in each a United state Grain growers inc. Of 4 the. Mut prominent. A. Kirk if re my ii vim hmm in Mimi it used by official of the machinist Union Here to influence exerted by the Road labor Board Are to be deported Minneapolis steel a machinery com-1 by the same armed element unless puny through senator Kellogg of the government intervene to restore. Minneapolis. It was senator Kellogg Legal rights. Union chiefs say who a responsible the Story of the Harrison outrage for the first delay in i Ament of the was simply but effectively told. My tinn. The. Neh will Cui?.�?T a of a la it pm a a a Rove but a or mar lint i Quot a a Quot a Quot to urn in u,.,t to complot. The. Tao non a to War it runt Art he re a it Mart a . Plant at grand Forks. The Mill Ami Chicago april and elevator Bond. Of the Tate of North Dakota in the us of $2,000,900 will la sold us the result of the endorsement Ami activities of u. L. Burdick president of the North Dakota farm re ing any the. A Trie i up to that time. Farm machinery companies which were potting out the old style tractors and other will retire from the of the in from ,1u0&Quot"� and u Quot a or do a Sony the state of North Dakota has a1-1in i a a01 Trtat Sites have already a tame ready expended $1,000,000 on Plant american federation of labor Al the their quo us. And going beyond the it guru Korkus which win a have machine for Large scale Lort coming convention of that body amount pledged farming wan to i a big de no Art ration at Denver in june Are Couplet with Luteal Banks and land deals a Wanteta j the report that John l. Lewis Urgesi their real estate boomed. Local Mer i it u Chute Wuich Bukina. Ami they in Oftle a Quot id min worker a i ail United behind Townley Leader America will come to the convention ship. With enough votes to insure his own ten Mimre Miles of Lam were succession to com per so place slowed up much of it broken for the i these a Fleet other the in first time a and the flux put in. Town _. A a. ,. Leys management a of the master the fiends and the Ful kind Ami All was Well up to har present head of the fed veal. The saturday evening Post ration than any establish Eil fact a wrote up to Townley Brothers a the i to or. Commend intentions or or. New Umpir. Buil.h-n., u i a to nth. Uwi. Cote rot then came an Early Snow which ,. Damage it the crop somewhat but the a it 1 mine workers delegation chief thing was a disastrous run on a hich will be enough to turn the Dakota and it program and pledging vim. Mon the hut cities of la Al a no Ltd a run is a visited by or. Lemke where he spoke the to until. W Hen finished Farmers before the famous twentieth Century can ship in 150 carloads of Grain per club with the result that such Massa Amy at the facilities will permit of churns progressives As sex governor a tj4,. Cit Ane. Foss and the editor of the Christian science Monitor Are members of a committee to sell a million dollars of ers of North Dakota a Bonds in Boston the sex governor be have the Mill anti elevator completed ing chairman of the committee. They look upon the Sale of the Bonds Church riedes $100,004 As an economic anti not a political in Cincinnati or. Wernke spoke last measure. The rank and file of our sunday to a great congregation in wheat grower Are behind the plan the Peoples Church at w hich resold to Ell the Mill anti Levator Bond lion were adapted favourable to North a la it a ,. N jul that the flax Market. Flax which Hail been Scales in a real contest Between the Worth $2.00 or More a Bushel the year two Wing of the movement. Previous dropped to 93 cents. I he. Nurv.-, at the pric Yie Ted enough Jok Quot ton uth to pay off the Man. Into run Tionel a soc ution of Miu Hin much has been written about How 1st, who is the recognized Leader c Townley victimize the people who the opposition will be in Europe this backed him in this undertaking but Gunnier anti i name will not be Petite ale of not less than $ i of Ooi of la a it w11 my Ickle Bonds by or. Bigelow and his Congre licit department gation alone. J Bur us federation. The claim when the co in a Dent of the order of railway Fondue Nies refused to a put in effect a wage tors l. M. Eddy vice president a award of the Board. This award in the order of Railroad telegraphed creasing the wage of machinists to Ami w. E. Horn representing the to cents an hour of special men to railway employ yes department of 02 1-2 cent Ami Helper to 58 cents the american federation of labor was made by vermin e. Ross a pre the president was much impressed tentative of the Board a month be senator Cummins when he heard the fore the armistice. It a Bande i facts from them pledged a full ii Down in fulfilment of a Promise Given vesti gation when the Senate inter several months before that if the men state Commerce committee begin would refrain from striking their cd its inquiry into Railroad finances and tin i of hipped i or a us head Industrial conditions about May i. Out la. Flu Tiu. A a Row. I a a a a a a eth of Olivor arum other eff Etol. Of of North Dat i. Ate anxious to looks As if the men Are going the Missouri in North Arkansas radio be done out of their earnings Road a said Carey and his associates said attorney t. K. Lottimer. Counsel Herr a always acting As agents of the for the men. A Elf Thi turns out to of court not Only refused to be bound the Case workingmen will know in fun by the terms of the transportation Ture How to regard government act and the decision of the United pledges. Claim Between Eor a rations and the government arising out of War contracts were settled with the utmost liberality. But workingmen a claims apparently Are rican pub Furm they were with him practically As partners and none lost so heavily As Townley himself. Townley chief loser the machinery companies took their Mach a s Back Ami they had their advertising. The Iso iks and real a Tate men Hail ment ownership and democratic opes their land broken. Action of railroads endorsed by a it the merchants had catered profit of 29 000 to 8,000 at the Montreal ably to a mall army of workmen seated for the presidency. The ten Railroad labor organizations affiliate with the federation have at reseal no candidate. They have however program. That program is the advancement of the principle of govern throughout the Spring. Convention last year. They feel he in Detroit mayor Couzens is chairman of the bundle Ling committee that is to dispose of several Hundred thousand dollars of Bonds. A for Good and sufficient reasons we Are not ready to publish the full details of our Bond sulling Campaign nut mime announcement will be made within the next four weeks Aslo the definite results attained which should make interesting Reading for tile Grout Winum Ltd interest. Thut have had the fatuous a Lief that the Liberty Loving Peov of this country would stand by an i see them throttle Lite state cd North Dakota a said or. Lemke. Finds Many i it formed usher l. Burdick slate president of Lite North Dakota farm Bureau federation and member of the Bourd of directors of the i United states Grain grower inc take the a Tate a Bond were con Vinced by the facts that were put la fore them that certain representations mad by i. V. A. Emissaries Aid yesterday anxious to or vol the Sale of Bond believer in a yellow journalism the editor was a believer in a yellow journalism and ran this As a Townley and his family who Hadji a policy of or. Gompers and h gone into it with everything they had friends in the executive Council of in tie world left the giant farm with federation in ignoring or definitely twfillt4 7. It ll�?~7 soit blocking this principle in All their of a wot test heavily that year through facial a it Ivi ties a a a the Montreal i "1v the Mars. T rather than through it i Resolution was passed. Of to town Abo is in die Hunt a ural causes. They had to take a beat under these condition. The Railroad hugging his stenographer had bet to r a it in my but Betag of the Pioneer spirit men will stand together Al Denver for or we will publish his Nam they id not like it. I i hey a Given an to per cent vote anything that will guarantee to the la next Day thirty seven business for Date of Mil terminal elevators a enforcement of the Railroad Callet at the office paid up the. Under the leadership of Loftus the Resolution. John Lewis a not Bell inscription a it ear in Advance Zefi Pioneer co operator and politicians of personally Friendly to Public of nor thirty seven columns of advertising both parties had refuse to abide by Ujj Jiny a Jug organization Bas Law in run indefinitely and told tile Edi the vote of the people. A Townley. Fool frequently a later hindquarters in been in Vot ate of that principle Ltd a to a it ans attention to Bia Maick got its orders from head an Ltd a cast his vote for it at Mon stories sex. Bismarck got its orders from head quarters i the twin untie. I rating the flan Treal. Secretary Green of the m i workers Matte a Brilliant speech for Catholic welfare Council working Lor disarmament by the Federated press Washington it in. Bur april 29.�?that the step toward disarmament for the United states is the issuance of a Call by this government Townley it a a and of the other in the convention floor. A. He twee Farmer Hunters say that nothing could he decides to run an be done so Long As the two party a Gompers the Railroad group May Chia ruled the state. The Only party expected to throw its strength to left was the socialist party made up leads for the most part in North Dakota few Farmers i in re and there who other hand Gompers is had gotten the it Virit of revolt from showing no disposition to quit. I big business cd off the majority recent marriage has not been followed didst have any other Way of sex the announcement of retirement for a co Grue of All nations to b held at Washington to agree on Universal disarmament is the declaration of the administrative committee of the National Catholic Welfar Council of which Orch Bishop Hanna of Sun fran co is chairman. The committee statement on do p l�?o�3ey turned to it is. A by i we a a \ 0,1 Way out he even ran for the Egis contrary he promises to take charge later on its ticket. But the party of the publicity Etui of the new at Leader were unwilling to make any changes in program to insure immediate Victory and they Cai let i Townley on the carpet for getting members too last. They were afraid he was not converting them properly and charging too much. Thu was Townley Brief career As a my called a a socialist ended he and Osiier Farmer Leader were fully con tempt to organize the steel worker to the extent of issuing Ala Tern in answer to those which Gary i make. He is conducting his anti socialist and anti russian propaganda armament issued Here say with his old time vigor Aud has n a America should sound such a cab compromised in his stand in favor o and we hould do a1 in our Power the will personal affiliation with the nation i it known that such i v rued thai the party in civic leu Merican Peop e. Felt be ration North Dakota could not bring the de in general the Gompers Camp sired result any Mote than could the to include a majority of the two eld parties. Te�?z., a. 7he gatherer a few men around him nth trailer a majority of Ihu who saw things As he did a began miscellaneous trades such As the the Hague organization. As the work unite hatters c i Gar makers United grew the staff was increased by As garment workers teamsters Glass Natif Iuri a l it i workers etc., while the prospective the a a disloyalty 4 Barge inevitable a., ,., in id in the nonpartisan league Lewi element includes Bride to Farmers captured tin Republican Pri United mine worker thai Railroad Marie and the state election. The crafts the maritime trade.-, numerous league then Over town de into or _ rounding states and in the fall of cum clouded on Page 4 a that or the first necessary Stet with out it peace will be but a i not a reality. A Congress of nation called at Wallington by the amen. Can government backed by Populis i interest and Appeal will secure v doubt Day practical effective me urea for the promotion of enduring world peace. Thus shall America o. Again show her leadership on the a of civilisation. A such a emigres should be the it Ilia ii found it necessary in the Chicago Confer net it speak plainly about the it Patoin in ninth Dakota. A there were of Many Knock at North Dakota by in a beep of our own committee who were ignorant of conditions then. And simply took their % lews from unfriendly newspaper Quot said air. Burdi we that at lust i asked for permission to it speak for 15 minutes and Itu a my remark incorporated in the minutes. Pernus Ion was granted and i had my say a i told them i was not a non Par i i�11< i Tiem i had Imp ii four it by the nonpartisan Wien i ran for governor. But i lob tem that pc have a Constitution in this Tate told them Taal unde hat Constitution the people if the Tate have cerium the people of la. Stat have Ain rights. On of these right i right Toke exactly he the tut shall be governed. A i told them that again an i a til people had de Elan d in fun or of a Tate Mill and elevator. I showed them that it will Ink Only $2,04 0 004 to build this Mill urn elevator Arni taut when it is completed it will hold 1,000,048 bushels it c heat and will Bable to clean too cars of wheat pet Day. I showed that this Mill an elevator will fit exactly into the plan of oui National ale Agency a i told them it was Alt rut about North Dakota being bankrupt. I told them there is on National Bank it by Tow n of a <881 population that a a larger debt than the whole Tate of North Dakota. I told them we Nave 280,000 Quarter Section of Lam with a debt against each of on a Lew cent. I told them we Ila pc $7.v mgr too invested in our Public inst. Tut lofts. I said v s have Only god knows How Many billion dollars Worth of Coal lands i said that so fat from timing bankrupt there i.-t a state in the Union so tar from bankruptcy a North Dakota or. Burdick Iodides sett my the directors of the United state it Gram grower right on the situation in North Dakota accompanied a number of state officials in Calls that were made on various financiers in i Cago who Tho Grey till refused t or. Burdick expressed were a regret of Lite mpr Baruch has in n selected Board of directors of the states Gram Row i s a head of the re an Cut Ion finance corporation. Or. Fur Dirk a id Clifford Thorne. Genera nun a of die United states Grain Grover were Adie i to the finance committee which consists of w. F. Schilling George a Jewett and states Railroad labor Board hut they organize a aft called protective association made up of business and professional men and other residents of the town along the line of the Road and they used Thi organization to coerce and intimidate the member of our organization. Quot on wednesday april 6, the receiver ran special trains Over the Road and in thut Way assembled a mob of by a members of the protective Assn St thut u Kew Pup. Hail Crest a a Iati Quot non he of �1� railway the Impre St., thut Hume. At Harmon in our in. By the Don shows that the members of United tha Mot Werc armed and liberally supplied with intoxicating liquor. After the members of the mob had been prolix de by incendiary speeches by leaders of the association they proceeded to the hotel where the representatives of organize. Labor were stopping. After some Parl eying with p k. Donnell and which will select ithe proprietor a come utter of eleven Kuta the or is tit a f the finance corporation. A this i Amit tee by had interviews with i. Baruch As Well a with others but a not a a made a final dec a Ion. A we want to get a Man a Sui or. Burdick a qualified by experience to hand the ?t00,04 048 corporate Witch we establish. The Only Mea w ii experience Aion the line seem to be Tho who have Bee connected n Iii a i with big by Ness interests. I be kind of Man \ Are my Keg is one who now will Agre to Cut to Biog Thor from no ii i flu nes in Seive the Farmers As the heu a of their great corporation. Or. Barakeh a admittedly had til experience to need and it is Sun that he a now severed All connection with private he mess tuning All the wealth he Letsis he Vui Tieff tells us that he would Lily to help make it a Sucre salary a says is an entirely secondary matter with him. But the liver we Hall employ or. Baruch for this Imp a rant work or0<ne other Man has not been decided. The decision will re to upon oui investigation and in this tonne tam if any Farmers whose Busine we ase Truing to do have any suggestions to make we shall be grate a to rec Ive Farmers Banks Iii new South Wales Sydney n s. May 3.�?preparations Are being made to facilitate the open in. Of banners a Hanks thru out new sout. Wale.--, the necessary Power Havird beet ranted by the labor government. Wax appointed to notify us that we must leave the state at once. A we were told that we would not be permitted to make any explanation or defense and it a impressed upon us it the Point of a gun thut if we refused to obey violence of i most serious character would be use my a order to Avert bloodshed a complied with the instructions of i Moi. No one a suggested thai to e men deported from Harrison had violated any Law. All were responsible officials of recognized labor organizations. A we Are now in Possession of information Winch convinces us that the same evil influences which guided the mob in Harrison Are now at work inciting the ame cements to forcibly Deport the hundreds of our members now on strike in town. Along the Lim. Hies workers Are Law abiding citizens most of them natives of the state of Arkansas and nun of them owners of thief a own Home their Only offence is that they Are demand or comply with stat a have state owned enterprises. 1 he Bank of North Dakota is the Only state Enterprise that has been fully organized arum bus undergone a fairly Complete test under the most trying circumstances of Legal interference political opposition and Anan Cia i it Eia tii a. In spite of Toliese Baliti leaps it shows a net profit of Over $300,000 for the Twenty months of its existence ending March 30, 1921. The Small flour Mill at Drake w hich was purchased by the state in 1919, pending the erection of a larger one made a fair profit above expenses and Succi to led in paying the Farmer 2c per Bushel More for High wheat than he had been receiving and Selling flour for 5�c less per barrel urn feed at $7.50 less per ton than the Price charged by private Mills. This Little Mill has had an fluent far beyond its Milting capacity and will save Farmers and Consumers a is of thousands of dollars annually. Owing to the fact that the state Mill and elevator project at grand Forks i. Now at a standstill for i k if funds after in investment of $600 Odo it has been decided to offer the Milt and elevator Bon is to the Farmers and musings men of the North West the sooner these Bonds Are sob i the sooner will this great project lie carried to completion. Rho Milt and elevator Bonds yield a per cent interest and Are exempt from All taxes including Federal income tax. They Are backed by the goal Faith and credit of the state of North Dakota with its population of i h and a Ine billion six Hundred million dollars Worth of taxable property a i he state owns seventy i Nim million dollars Worth of property and it total outstanding debt is Only $217, 88 a a figure that a unique As near tim lowest indebtedness of any state Iii the Union it is than the state sinking fund which at the present time is $333,151.37. The above indebtedness does not include the $2,000 000 Hank of North Dabon a that were issued july i 1919. Anyone wishing to Purchase stat of North Dakota Mill Ami elevator Bonds should write at once to the Bank of North Dakota a Lamarck North Dakota and full information will be supplied. Mom in is seated in australian parliament the Farmers Ami i. The examiner advert a is. Patronize my that the White senator Cummins has promised to Call w Tun one and air All the fact in the Harrison deportation incident nothing Lins come from the White House nor from the department of Justice to it Uggen to that the Ini pre suon mad upon or. Harding lasted More Titan a moment. Accordingly the Railroad labor or Gunh ution Are getting ready to Muk a showing before Cummin a committee Ami thereby to Raie the Issue of court made mobs and terrorist or gumption. For the attention of the whole country. The Ark Ansa Mon was almost by the Federated pre its Perth Australia May 3.�?As a of the australian state elections held on March 12, the first woman parliamentarian has been elected in an australian parliament she is mrs Edith Cowan who ran a an Index and it candidate again t the anti-1ad>ftr attorney general and Defeated him. By the irony of Fate the attorney general introduced the id i whereby women were made eligible to sit a parliamentarians and pet. Tonally piloted the til through Pat lament. Lather gained one eat us a result of the election Mak no the lather strength it in a House of 50 members. Remember the big k a dance at the i b s. Hall Friday night May i Jaq t Raser i Ioor Berf i t a crets 50r. Identical in purpose with the italian a fascist Quot Banes a he h Are now a is Tematt ally de Troy my a it Ltd head quarters and a a rolling Lair r off rials throughout the italian Industrial Region two million organized a if Aai workers will ask before the 8. Committee if the h another Imp it Ltd Fra Hoit a a

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