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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1921, Page 3

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 31, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Albert Lea examiner Albert Lea Minnesota. Live topics of interest to the Farmer a Page of agricultural features prepared by experts to Aid in meeting the problems arising on the modern farm live Stock care building hints seed and soil handling Etc. Settling in terms of product. Is sound basis for farm rent e f Type shown Here has advantages that will Appeal. Latest devices installed. Is amps f Sriv Quot i a a Vic the crop yield should boar a clot rotation to Tho front per for. Prepared by the United states department of agriculture Thomas Kaa Hrent greeted his landlord John acre owner in the Kas Hrent Kitchen. The visitor took the chair proffered and filled i pipe. A Thomas a said he when their pipes were Well alight Quot i want to get you thinking Over an idea that i picked up the other Day from a bulletin sent out to me by the United states department of agriculture. Its made up by theoflice of farm management and its subject matter is of interest to us both. The title to the farm lease con tract Quot now Quot he continued Quot i d to a pretty poor judge of human nature if i did no to know that you re feeling a Little Blue Over that Cash rent contract you signed with me last full. You Realise that there Are changed conditions Allice we made out that lease that will make it Burd for you to pay Cash and you re one of those men whose word is As Good As his Bond. Neither of us knew when we signed that palier that Grain and other farm produce were going to take the Tumble they Bate taken but it does no to alter the fact that our contract a it stands 1> hard on you a Farmer hard hit. A prices certainly dropped a agreed Kas Hront with a regretful sigh. A they slumped before i had a Chance to haul what i intended to sell. All things considered la Al have been better off of wed taken the farm on shares instead of on a Cash the landlord nodded understandingly. A a in a not Here to Tell you that Iii reduce your rent materially nor am i going to offer to change the present contract for a contract on the share basis hut i m going to propose something that is the next the log to it. Pm going to try to Abow you that i appreciate a Good honest tenant in Tasi Grain is up again by fall you my in Able to pay the agreed Vagit and still make a fair Profir. Besides my own expenditure Are More or less fixed and i must have Cash to meet them with but lilt going to see of i can to help you to help me by meeting you half Way. A what do you think of adding a clause to the contract whereby you will be Given the option of paying me in terms of bushels of Corn Oats or wheat this banners bulletin i spoke of tells about similar arrange wants which Southern farm owners and tenants have put into practice. A Good bit of Cotton land is rented on a basis such that the tenant pays so Many Bales or so Many pounds of Cotton for the use of the land for a year. The amount of the real is closely related or should be to the value of Tho produce which the tenant is Able to raise that Why Farmers and landlords find difficulty in fixing the a rent every peat. They re trying to put a value on a crop that Isnit out of the ground yet you see. If you agree to pay me so Many bushels of Grain instead of a fixed amount in dollars and rents Iii be taking my Chance along with you and our Good and bad years will run Slong together. What do you think of the idea a a i i Ellevy we can come to an agreement or. Acre owner one that will lie just to both of us. If the terms Are right you la stand a Chance of get Ting a Little More than your original rent to Notum Nate for taking a share in the risk that i must carry alone now. That a fair. How can we figure it out Quot a let suppose that of takes Sud bushels of Grain to pay the Cath rent under average conditions. Now supine we add to per cent to cover my risk of a further drop in prices. We it an hit a average by going Over the records for a few years Back and figuring from them just How Many hush Els had to be told each year to bring in the amount of the rent in Cash Here Are some figures i worked out last evening they show the average i motion of the com crop that was heeded to pay the Cash rent Over h to year he handed bus tenant a Sheet of figures that looked much Uke this it is of Gambrel roof Frame construction with hollow tile foundation and will accommodate Hor cow and calve. By William a. Radford. Or. William a. Radford will answer question and give advice of Kkt of Critty on All subjects pertaining to the Menta you re willing to take the value in com with an additional to per cent to cover your liabilities of the Price goes away Down is that it then id be renting the land from you for about 7 bushels of Corn for each acre Iii Tuke you up of that a True. Why look Man i it took nearly la bushels to pay the rent on an acre last year a by your own figures a. ,.a a. Hope that a an Ammonel i j Quot of col it a till ill la a p fill i to full Fellk i Ilia inti if a Ell year Quot smiled acre owner. A anyway am cow stalls horse stalls pens Etc., Are divided off by modern steel stall equipment. The floor in Concrete with sanitary Manger troughs and gutters. Stanchions and water cups Ore an essential part of this barn equipment. At one end of the barn a the cow pens Aud Box stalls. The effect of this sanitary and efficient equipment has been demonstrated in the increased production of the Ani i Mala. Contented cows will not Only produce a High Grade milk but plenty of it. Drinking cups provide a continual source of fresh clean Willer which is an important Factor la milk production. I because of the Many factors entering into farm production at the present time it pay tile Farmer to install the Tny St equipment he can procure at tim very beginning. While the initial expense is larger than of he had used old material the results will soon pay for the difference in Cost. Not Only will he get better products but More of them and at the mime time he will when planning a new barn the average former has to consider his i Inelta the subject of building work on Tho farm for #11h1w ill readers of this paper pm account of he protecting himself against Turon Hie wide experience As editor author and desertion of the property which lie has manufacturer he la without doubt Tho highest authority on All these subjects. Address All inquiries to William a. Radford no. 1127 Prairie Avenue Chicago Iii., and Only enclose two cent stamp for reply. Around Orchard Spray for san Jose scale Best remedy for Orchard pests to apply Strong concentrated solution in Winter. Fan Jose Seal is one of the worst Orchard pests when it gets a Start. The Scales take hold under the bark and suck the juices from the Trees. Tile Scales Are so Small and so inconspicuous that they Are often overlooked until the tree is a1 Moat ruined. The remedy is to Spray while the the is dormant. In this Way very Strong concentrated solution May he used. These must penetrate the outer hark and kill the Scales by Contact. Give breeders free Range most desirable for production of Fertile eggs intended to be used in incubator ill come out All right la the Long details to decide. They had Many questions to decide before the matter a finally settled. They had to agree whether or not the entire rent was to be settled Iii bin of Cong or whether other crops should a of Dairy Nam is ii cried with i have a share. They decided the mat horses. Such is the Baru Aliou Here tor of the Quality of the com that or. With floor pions. Worked so hard to build up younger generation Bas become educated to the advantages of modern conveniences and of they cannot get them on the farm they will go to Tho cities and towns. Undesirable conditions heretofore have been largely responsible for this exodus which threat the larger Dairy farms the Dairy barn i ohs the very foundations of our sols built for the exclusive use of the Elal order. Progressive Farmers have Dairy Herd Aud no provision is made Learned the lesson of Well built builder other animals. On the general Pur Ings and modern equipment. In time pose farm however where the Farmer nil of the formers will demand the has a Small Herd Utu also a few horses Best buildings and the Best equipment. Lie generally wants a Ham that will a superstition of White egg Kush rent was to bring his landlord and where it was to be delivered. There was a question As to whether or not a Date should be established on which the tenant must declare ids of t lion-1�?Cash or come and whether or not the landlord should have a similar j Choice. Perhaps they had to recast the whole leu a to agree to the new terms of payment and without reference to the Cash at All hut Iii the end they had a contract which gave Justley and Protection to both parties of crop prices should prove so unstable As some men predict they will be. In addition or. Kas Hront bus a landlord whom he respects and or. Acre owner bus a tenant whom he can rely upon. Landlords and tenants who find themselves facing a similar problem ran get additional information from the office of farm management and a rib economics United states in part uie it of agriculture to Abl th01 in making the adjustment. A handsome looking Structure built of Frame with a substantial hollow tile foundation it has been designed to accommodate nine cows six horses Ami several calves. The roof is the hard to account for widespread fab Lacy that the Brown Shell contains inferior product. Of All Hie of Mil superstitions thai cause High Price a and there an almanac is plenary guide to farm work three year old peach tree badly damaged by san Jose scale. Since the scale insects do not Cut but sack their food poisons arc do effective. Vigorous spraying should be Don during Aumi Days in Winter and be fore the Trees put out foliage. Lime Sulphur is the solution commonly used. It May he purchased ready to put into solution. Spraying must in thorough to in effective. The solution should cover every particle of tin tree or some of tile Scales Atli be left propagate rapidly. They increase an enormous rate and from our tested ire an Orchard can Siam ruined. To at in to prepared by the United Staten department of agriculture hazards which sometimes accompany the incubation of eggs Are largely avoidable. Fertile eggs from vigorous brooding Stock an necessary in order to obtain Good hatches. Free Range for the broaden is most desirable for the production of Fertile eggs with vigorous germs but All eggs produced from such hens should not be used for incubation. Eggs that Are abnormally Small and poorly shaped or those having thin or very poor shells should be eliminated. Dirty eggs or those badly Solidi should not be used. If la is found necessary to set slightly soiled eggs they Muy be cleaned by rubbing lightly with a dump cloth cure teeing taken not to rub off any More of tim natural Bloom than is necessary. It is Nuver advisable to use for Hutching eggs that Are More than two weeks old. In freezing weather eggs should be collected two or three times a Day so As to prevent their being chilled. Neither a Hen nor an incubator will Hatch Strong Chicks from eggs containing weak germs or from those which have not received proper care. In preparing the nest for the sitting Hen put from three to four inches of Damp Earth or a piece of grass Sod la the Bottom of the nest before the nesting material is put in to provide moisture. When the Hen becomes bloody and before she is i to the nest for sitting site should be dusted with insect powder or sodium fluoride. In doing this hold the Hen by the feet with tile head Down working the powder Well into the feathers this should tip repeated about the eighteenth Day of incubation so As to by Sun that there Are no lice present when the Chicks Are batched. The Hen should be moved at night it urn Lite regular laying nest into the nest w Here she is to be set. The latter nest should be in some out of the Way place where Tho Lien will not Bodi Airbed. In order to make it ure that the Hen will continue to stay in the new nest she should be started with one or two China nest eggs of at women who cannot work read or. Corley letter and Benefit by her experience Edmund 8.c."i was run Down with nervousness and female trouble and suffered every month. I was not a a to do any work and tried a lot of Medicin but got i to Relief. I saw your Medicine advertised in a Little Book that was thrown in my door and i hid not taken two bottle of Lydia e. Pink Hamas vegetable compound before i i could see it was helping to. I am keeping House now and am Able to do All of my work. I cannot say enough for your Medicine. It has done More for me than any doctor. I have not paper enough to Tell you How much it a done for me and for my friends. You May print this letter if you a Elisabeth c. Cort Jar. Care of a. P. Corley Edmund 8. C. Ability to stand the Strain of work la the privilege of the Strong and healthy but How our hearts ache for the weak and sickly women struggling with their daily rounds of household duties with backaches headaches nervousness and almost every movement brings a new pain. Why will not the mass of letters from women All Over this country which we have been publishing convince such women that Lydia e. Pm Ham a vegetable compound will help them just Ai surely a it did mrs. Corley need t bother about that Church official evidently had his own idea of ultimate destination of mausoleum owner. A coloured Man of some Means built n handsome mausoleum for himself in the churchyard. It was a massive piece of masonry and presented an aspect of unusual strength. One Day he met one of tile Church officers coming out of the churchyard. A Well a said the owner of the mausoleum with in air of Pride Quot you have been up mein that mausoleum of mine a a i have was the response. Quot what do Yon think Bont my rising out of it on the Day of judgment Quot Quot of Well a Caid the other. Quot i bother about that. When that Day comes just take the Bottom out of your concern no let you full Down."�?11 a a per a m Aga Zinc. Nothing like that there came into u Church a Man who informed the Parson that he wished to be married on a certain Day. The Parson inquired the Man s name and it was Given him then he said Quot and your Flam be a the Man Shook ills head. Quot we Are not going to have any of that a a he replied. A it will Only i a a quiet pm a at Cash do abets of Corn to took to t a i which rent per pay the the Corn Are in Cash rent a old. Corn. On Sart. Mid j so acre 6.7 i. Or. Sui so Isis. In Sal ii Jim. 55 so cd 115�.��?� to Aux. Al i Hoie tit. Tis 4 Roll ibis. La r. To 4 1 i#19la co co. 4 7 of 10.1 a re a a it. I Good bits of advice by department of agriculture. Farmers reminded to do right thing at proper tim and told whore information on Many subjects May be obtained. Prepared both United a tules depart i meat of agriculture beware of false Prophet. Don t Plant by the Moon but get the Best seed Aud prepare the seed bed then Plant when soil and moisture Coundi flans ire Quot keeping firm accounts never worried Adam but be was ouly a Gardener Quot a the owner of a scrub Bull should have a leather medal made from the Bull s these bits of farm advice Are contained in a an agricultural almanac for 1021,�?� issued by the United states department of agriculture to remind Farmers to do the right thing at the right time and to Tell them where to secure information on agricultural subjects. Tile almanac which appears a Farmers bulletin 1202, is published the department says in response to a Large demand from banners for a Calendar of work showing the timely use of new farm fact. Seasonal advice and suggestions Are Given of such topics As the weather farm operation marketing wild life and Woods work. Reference to other publications of the department Tell where detailed information on each subject can be had. A Section on a farm helps Quot discusses farm Laws and gives tables and directions for such things As mixing Stock feed fertilizers Aud Spray solutions weights of seed Aud grata and other information needed by Farmers Aud their families. A limited number of Etudes is available for distribution by the United states department of agriculture Aud May be bad upon application. Familiar Gambrel shape with modern roof ventilators anti roof dormers providing excellent ventilation for both lower floor and buy mow. Fresh air intakes located at the proper intervals about the lower Burn floor furnish a continual Supply of fresh air while foul air flues carry off the Lut pure air which is so dangerous in buildings where animals ure housed. While barns arc built More for Utility tau appearance it is Wise to make them appear somewhat attractive. Tills building is an excellent addition to any farm. Modern barn construction lays particular emphasis upon ulterior arrange or nyx the White egg super Maltlon la editor of the forecast Magazine a one pointed out by a Houston loud of the most curious a in nearly every Section of the country Quot says or. Cloud Quot there in a difference Iii the Price Between the Brown und the White egg. On a motor trip through new Jersey recently i noticed Eliut White eggs were bringing As High a 22 cents per dozen More than Brown eggs. Why the gods who play with our fears and prejudices and laugh at us Only know Quot the White egg rusts no move to pro-1 Duce than the Brown egg. Exactly the meat and labor Tea blog equipment same feed is used to produce both egg. Utter oaties cas#1u a a prune during fair weather most fruit Trees need shortening from top to correspond to shortened Root system. Pruning of fruit Trees May be Jon during fair weather of it has not keen done sooner. Peach tree need regular pruning und sometime heavy ironing. Apple tree require some priming a very year but after tin tree i several years old it takes very Little time to prune them. Pears require very Little pruning at any time or age. Cherry Trees had Best not be pruned at All after they Are set. They Are j not headed Back like caches hut Are left for the most in Art like they come i from the Nursery. As a Rule in St fruit Trees of what i Ever kind Tad shortening from the top to correspond to the shortened rim system owing to taking them out of the Nursery Row. Provide comfortable quarters poultry flock. For a woman a Bien of a smart Man la one who always agrees with her for mothers la Crosse via a Quot motherhood left Rny with a weakness that eau cd me to become very nervous and weak. My Book ached i suffered from a . And fainting s Mlls and my health was miserably poor. My Mother to Luw advised me to _ e to or i re. A i tiv it it Rizic Pretor i j t Ion and i can Sav it is the Best Medicine i have Ever taken it relieved Rue entirely of thee ailments Ami Maie me a Strong mad healthy person. I can highly recommend favorite prescription us a woman . I Usa Kauzla 617 Carr St. A druggists liquid or tablets or Send to cents to or. Pier a a invalids a Olsyk Buffalo n y., for trial package. 9 cof $t4-i Goa Swu i Quot Quot to Quot Quot i Quot it i a tud a w Emu agitation of Spray liquid or chartists urged to pay particular attention to agitator in buying sprayer. In buying the Power sprayers ape Elal attention should to Paul to tits agitator which has a very important service to perform within the tank. Certain sprays such a arsenate of Lead a a atomic and a a invisible Sulphur these two Points should be kept fore 1 both Are equal to food value. The Only j Bim Bordeaux mixture do not to into solution in the water but a Mil i t itt. Quot to to tit i Tom p 25 i St my r a a 2 Cale a Jwj a a a litter laity particles Are Beld in suspension. Likewise while spraying is going on cure defects in tomatoes reason for a difference in Price is a greater demand on tits part of housewives for the White egg. I oui heard Why Carrier a jewish housewife say it wus More j alway a tendency fur the particles to Settle to the Bottom. Violent agitation i necessary in order to main Tain the Best mixture. Since poor results in the control of either insects or fungus pests May be due to nonuniform distribution of the Spray particles this important Factor should not be overlooked in the Purchase of a utter Alley with the manure pit a it a the bring a higher i Rice than do White sprayer. Thus. I have heard this explained in a. These clues with the Sage information that the Brown egg is a stronger and More a mealy than the White most in mind when designing Tho building. Upon them depends the efficiency of production and the Eutis fac ton of help. That is tracks for litter and feed Carriere have salutary Aud on a Bot hat occasion an been installed in feed and litter a1 american with no religious leaning inlays. The track running through the formed in that the White egg was a feed Alley runs to the Grain spouts Batter egg even the Shell Felt nicer. At Oue end of the building. The car producers Aud dealers have la eau Quick Rte re Are tilted from these spouts to Capitalise this superstition. Which tap the Grain bin on the floor a furiously enough in some of the above. The utter track connects each Large cities of the country Brown eggs the end of Ute second Day when Tho Hen should in Pon fitted to leave her a in a for flood and water she returns lit a Short time the be i eggs May be replaced with till eggs that Are to be incubated. Throughout till period of incubation the eggs und nests should be kept clean. Home time a it will be necessary to Al Taugh them sting material. Eggs should be tested twice during the incubation period preferably on the seventh Aud fourteenth Days Aud All infertile egg and those with dead germs should by removed. When the eggs begin to lift Tell the Hen should be confined and not disturbed until the hatching is Complete of she becomes restless remove Tho Chicks As they Are hatched and keep them in a warm place until the Hatch is Complete w Hen ult should be returned to the Mother Hen. Black spots May be prevented treating seed in solution of corrosive sublimate. By outside of the Burn. These carriers have helped to lift a very heavy Bur j Den from the shoulders of the farm Theip Aud the fun Mierz Lxi who take m Active interest. It is Lens liable that they will h44k the alluring positions of the City of modern labor saving i conveniences on the Facia make their work More pleasant and give them j my to a for a mown in it und pleas i ure Good cultivation favored t Rue. Thing about our Quot there Oil a what Quot a it make you enjoy your i m Urb More a please a Well Quot a of served Kush rent after a penal Quot that puts the Bushi in a new ought Doest it to relieve me from the re Cecily of making Cash pay it is claimed that Black spots Lolo mate May be prevented to a considerable extent by treating the seeds with a corrosive sublimate solution. One twentieth of a ounce of Corm sire sublimate is dissolved in a gallon of water. The Tomato seed Ai placed in a Little beg Aud soaked in this solution for five minutes Aud then washed in running water tor ten minutes and then the seed is spread out to dry. In using corrosive sublimate be sure to put the solution in a wooden or earthenware Container Cor revive sublimate attacks Metal becoming Collar. Tak3 a Large Square of Black net but through of Oue aide to the Center and Cut it Alt to fit the Ueck. Hemstitch tile edges and tack a Black silk Tassel at each Corner or a Small Jet Pendant. This Collar Muy be worn w Ith n Light coloured Blouse Aud will add to smart Back touch. Chiffon Muy be used instep of net. Smart Sash. Hedi is Are much Moo Judd now. Sop of the Meriest Are in heavy ribbons with human or Rainbow striped ends usually fringed. Worn with dark gowns it Serge or Watius As titty usually Are they Are very effective. Oue striking Sash seen recently was made of Copper crepe heavily embroidered in Wool Flowers and worn with a dark Blue Satin charmeuse dress. French Novelty Plush. A French Novelty Plush imitating Monkey fur is for fringe Aud Bori Der. Young fruit tree should be Given a careful attention As any other growing crop. Fruit Trees should be cultivated during the growing season As carefully a com is cultivated. The soil should be pulverized to conserve the moisture Aud to prevent the growing of gras and weeds. Hoe the Young tree immediately around the trunk which cannot be cultivated by horse cultivation. This cultivation should cause the Middle or latter part of july. Tills will give the tree Lime to Harden ceasing cultivation will cause the tree a it Stop growing and prevent the tree from going into Winter in a soft succulent condition which would cause Winter killing. A application of barnyard manure near the tree but not immediately around the trunk. Is beneficial to its growth. Increased egg production highest number of egg obtained from Mach composed of meat scrap and Cornmeal. The highest egg production in poultry feeding tests conducted by the United state department of agriculture were obtained from a Peu receiving a Mash compared of four Pound bran four Pound middling. 2u Pound meat scrap and Tki pounds Cornmeal. Lids ration a been one of the Best mushes giving consistent High production Over a period of several years and is not duty us try different from the Mush used in the wheaties ratio which bus also Given very Good production. Simple hints for poultry to keep Young Brood in healthy con Disien Supply clean water and plenty of grit. A successful poultry Man offer a few simple hints for keeping the Young Brood in health As follows Gwo clean water Supply plenty of grit teed a variety of cracked and whole Grain mostly i a dry state keep Hicks oat of the gnus when wet with Dew at lain. Luc strike a its toasted cigarette no cigarette has the same delicious flavor As Lucky strike. Because Lucky strike is the toasted cigarette. By a in. A Cuti Cura soap is Idi Al for the hands so a 2sc, ooh amt 25 Mai Sulc Tab a in hair Balsam u�swv�eija4krs�, Tutag i Eliere c Citer a mme Morsf com a did him ,n4i i r his a a a jul hinder thorns t a a. �e>., it us a a a a it a a urn fret. Mutt. A Aik in wet pc it of fac my Mwari Ilia i Lei of cd Uoo Mvi Marka �.�?z�?�. A f arthritis ? fur fam a in Iii f Tom Muj mammi Fern Nom we a re a Fedec Jea sail term 4m. Hmm

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