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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 31, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota A Over the top for a genuine democracy Here in a list of advertisers in the Albert Lea examiner. Farmers and labourers remember that Only by pooling your purchasing Power and patronizing those firms that advertise in your paper can you Hope to build up and maintain a newspaper that will at All times fight for your interests. For years you and your interests have been misrepresented by the press of the Community. You have been chloroformed and put to sleep As to the truth of Many vital questions of importance to you and yours just because you a read it in the you have not realized that the Mere a a Reading of a statement in the paper has not been a guarantee that what you have read was the truth. You have not realized that in almost every Community there exists a Small ring that is always insidiously playing the game to Feather their own nests under the Guise and pretence of being a Public spirited done to you know that it is easy to make a big noise for the Home Community when it Means Long profits to those who shout the loudest at the expense of a Well a a pruned Public for the past year and a half your paper has tried to bring Harmony to this Community thru flirting with serpents and cooing to Buzzards Only to have the fangs of the organized monsters sunk deep into the flesh of your interests. The death grip of these Impi constrictors must be loosed. Economic pressure is the Only weapon that can do the Job. Cooperation to the fullest extent is the All important word of the present. Do your Parl do it without stint and without limit from this time on. Men and women of labor the Farmers have agreed to do their bit. Will you do yours patronize those firms that advertise in your paper the Peoples paper a newspaper that is solidly opposed to Community rafters organized greed and social Lic Spittles. Paste this list in your hat consult it be fore making your purchases. He rth str rat to of it. By by Kamhi ii. Co. Amp a Jensen jeweler j. P. Johnson. Taylor r. J. Bland real estate o. W. Hanson. Veterinary f. W. Voter. Well drilling or. J. A. Schultz physician thro. Kingham. Blacksmith Peoples Cash meat Market Strong insurance Agency Bertsc in a photographer Tri St ate Telephone . Or. Bernt Odegaard. Physician new and set oni hand Stoke Max Gendler. Junk dealer Alex Gist a est in seed a. W. Mills. Alden progressive shoe repair Sho p Henry motor sales Albert Lea examiner volume 2, number 13. If you Are wrong you can t be too conservative if you Are right you can t be too Albert Lea Minnesota thursday. March 31, 1921 sir Labouring men have no place to Lay their Heads Here show big Biz gets cinch on the Public Joaw r a cent 14 arrested for stampeding 600 by Harry Godfrey it Federated pre staff Cor new York n. Y. Bur a St. Mark Chapel had inspiring Boater services Here sunday. St. Market a built a Long time ago in the Section now known As the East Side. It is not Large a churches go and its neighbourhood is not now what the society columns Call but it still has communicants whose names appear in these column. Halt a they lingered after the easter sen ice the men and women who came to pay homage to the Man who As executed for being the to t a dangerous agitator of his time they would have seen in their own Church almost a thousand men who like the Man they came to worship. Another proof Aslo How the fellow who pays the fiddler Calla the How a editorial policies of newspapers Are controlled. By the Federated press Washington in. Bur mar. 30.�? from its legislative Headquarters Here the National lumber manufacturer association Ann Law Ces that it is going to a show tire Public the value of lumber and the truth about the lumber Industry Ami stimulate Home building a through a nit Ion wide new pay or advertising Campaign. This association was recently denounced and expo Eil in a neat Hing report by the Federal Trade commission. Showing How its Leader rigged the Market slowed Dowel production and planted its own men in the gov Trade with re. Will be resumed Atter sparring cattle in s. D a temporary delay in re establishing Trade relations will give Lenin and Hughes ample Opportunity to match wits and seek a a plausible reason for doing business. a a Llu ii Ohhi Iii Shihi Mim i cause of crime had nowhere to Lux their Heads nine rom it during the swell its Hundred of them stood in line. As they i own profits. Do each Day. For the food which the i in buying ii Pac in the newspapers Chapt provide. Two Hundred of them jeep in the Chape a there is mom for Only that number. St. Marks is doing the a things i for these unemployed and it is doing Ull it can to get them Job. It is combing the factories and shops Ami place where worker May possibly be needed in search for Job. One Day last week it found Hon Many jobs do you suppose eighteen St. Mark s has been loitering us Many unemployed men As it has room j for for several months. It has got jobs for Juite a number in that time but the men keep coming faster. Some of them who stand in the bread line daily have wives and children. A few other churches in new York City Are prying to help worker who Are out of jobs. But the number is Small compared to the number of churches it follows the expedient adopted by five big five no at Packer and the National Coal association when they were uniter fire. Same old gang insist on robbing people want the control of nation s Power handed Over to them to do with As they like. Tripp. S. men ill of whom were Aid to have been Templi outed in the stampeding of six Hundred head of cattle at Scotland last wednesday night were arrested Here. They were earthed Ami four were charged with carrying concealed weapons. They were fined $5 and costs. The others were freed. Several of the men Aid that altho they were members of an sex ervice menus organization in Scotland they wished to make it emphatically understood that they wet in Tripp us individual and not on authority from. Their organization. Attempted Lopre \ in i shipment according to unofficial reports they admitted to officials that they came Here for the purpose of vibrating the Herd of cattle that had been donate by tin Farmers of Bon homme and Hutchinson Coontie and which had Imp corralled Here for shipment to Germany. The shipment a carried out this afternoon with eve nil bund re i Farmer. Landing by armed it was Aid to Nee that there would to no interference. Feeling is aroused no Effort was mad a to cause a tamped As a done in Scotland wednesday night and attempted in Kay Dor thursday night. Feeling Tate Ltd a tile two factions on it no Side the crowd Vuchich had of in toward. Daily Are pregnant with the subject mentation is Hoard on All sales to the by Paul Hanna Federated Prev staff Cor _ try a a a a Washington in. Bur a Russia by h. B. French ,5ii, #. A a will not be forced to abandon of the one topic of Foremost interest Mun a us the Price of Trade with before the Public at this time is the the United state when Secretary increasing tendency toward crime 0f state Hughes made Public his note Ami open lawlessness. Daily Walters Moscow last Friday ome reporter Lam j tried to make him interpret the me Sage a a refusal by America to Trad effect that the world is going to the until communism in overthrown and dogs but what is most lamentable or. Hughes flatly refused to do that. Of All is that no one seems to know on the contrary it was stated and la reason for it a. This is most reiterated to the newspapermen that lamentable for the Ren on that it is this administration Doe. Not concern so necessary. Itself officially with the political Phil the reason for the crime wave is Sophy of any people. But upon a just about As Plain As the nose on tons with strange social practices As one face and the muddled mind of in the Rase of Russia or. Hughe Public on the matter indicates j places the Burden of proving that thy How Remote i. The average person s they can reduce their theories to mind from the truth of things and onto practice acceptable Ami profit the understanding necessary to Rem continued on Page 5 government control of rails is asked by Security owners Frank admission by stockholders that return to private control has failed banker management has Hurt Aimei inn to n d owners workers and Public Large Navy asked by imiu5iuuh i in. I. New administration Congress to meet on april Llu dark Iii in coif Colombia ties Oil concessions to treaty settlement Ddll Lilg up Oulu British labor party wins three parliament seats out of four. By Laurence Todd in knit i pre staff Cor. I Washington in. Bur. A Waterpower lobby to who work. During All the year of Tho Taft and my on administration to kill the Crew ration policy approved by Roo Evelt have Dow put their demand up to the hard Fig administration. A committee hem to i by Henry j Pierce of Seattle Ami Hugh l. Cooper engineering adviser of the Pawer Combine Cairn before the i Roderus Power com mins Ion on March 23 Ami Able to the United state i he in ii of tan inv probable answer to the american note wan Given by the soviet Premier when he addressed the Cong of the third International last july on that occasion War without Quarter had been declare against the whole capitalist world he tuned and when the communist were in of two thing to War our gov that proletarian revolt would follow pm men t loan Ute toll nation a pippin the Tori to Germany j la ,7105,310, on which it in conic and in Tho other tim Farmer Many in4,.rj com a in Lur half com c.,., in intend or imm. Min Anta by half capital. My on Unn Ciple what Britain does with our Money editorial in to Angel during and sine the examiner of whom arc of Gorman run tan extraction i still unfriendly but with the Abl of state Deputy sheriffs who arrived official hoax to Avert any trouble. League strength increases rapidly m member have nation to the have default urn of. Us of Creal limit a lid int rest Mil a iwo it . A inc threatened a tre neral strike of Power Iju the it a Puri an league during of railway securities is one of the loading event of the past week. It most be a great Shock to those who look Al face value the propaganda of Ute big hankers for return of the Road to private management and for the Sci Cummins Law Tho who advocate disarmament. The plan submitted by the a Socia i Quot there to. nays Young lion of Security owners known As the j Roosevelt who for one reason or an Warfield plan has for it object the of her Are talking against the Navy savings found to be possible under the saying that to this period the Coon bismark n. I a Active propaganda on i sane Ament senator Nicholson again t the much advertised recall of of Colorado a Nard a i in no a Farmer officials in being put out by Tience with the feeble minded Poplar Tribune of this City on of the papers of the anti Farmer Washington d. C a a request for Active government participation in control and management of railway. By the nations association of owners i who talk taut disarmament i want it runt a a Navy that is in keeping is Ith the Power and dignity of this great a interests. Lion. E the Independent voters Assoc ill Quot Theodore Roosevelt jr., who retain lion will hold it convention to decide assistant be re tary of the Navy on the March 4, a a similar opinion of operation of the roads As a unit Dur my the War. The interstate Commerce commission would select five of its members to constitute an Active service division and have almost Complete Power Over the in Rhoads of the country this service division of government officers would function through a Board of 40 me in Liers. Subordinate to this group of 40 would to four Groop railway boards one for each of the four rate territories a Eastern Southern Western and Mountain in a die each of these group boards would be made up of seven men five appointed by the railroads in the territory and two by shipping interests. A unless intensive economical methods in railway operation Are adopted. Try should disarm some of these prop Are perfect pacifists and some of them Art perfectly sincere representative Patrick la. Kelly of Michigan chairman of the sub Corn i teen following Public sentiment can Mittee of naval appropriations de fully announced on the eve of ids de .R�l a turn. A Hon d a for whiner that nomic saving not to Complete inc 1916 program for the Navy it would in it As much now to Stop me work As i Quot Tate Taco thoroughly unit la Anish it. Men in this Yard know what Hind their program anti their officials it is to cancel contracts when thee us at the present tim Ami this investors an promoter. the Rule adopted by Hie for if rant my Power me permit under the Power leasing Law. They told secretory fall week am Wallace who comprise the commission under the new regime that they wanted All control Over the maintenance Ami operation and accounting of Power projects to to turned Over to the Tate so that Federal control would be virtually confined to the granting of permit Ami would not cover the enforcement of the conditions of operation Laid Down by Tho previous Board. This plan is in Harmony with the general policy of the re source grub facing interests to get rid of Federal Partie for Washington thai never Tantra of Federal properties in sic cite history had the Farmer of til matter at devils take Thi week Ami the action of the trinum Ami Many other gang papers is undoubtedly timed to prepare the pub Fly ining a for a Retreat. / a Only one town hip at convention Burleigh county favor general say the Tribune. Senator elect e. F. I or Al who a 16 powerful ships Are added to Tho a we now have to my judgment do american Navy will be second to non in the world. There never will be auth a thing As disarmament a the question of great navies is very largely a question for great Britain and the United while these statements May appear fact probably explains i. V. A. Maneu vers for Retreat. The Tribune sums the Tate it a Tion up a follows a report received today from various counties indicated that there we it a general feeling again to u recall say Warfield a there is no alternative to be merely the ranting of wild eyed inaction during the curing Ami a in a i i. M in i s to a it ,. In. Ikea # a a a m. But government operation followed by government present system outworn again be says that american trans i station Bas outgrown the system under which it now operates and thus adds ids testimony to the other evidence of the vicious Folly of the each Cummin Law which returned the roads to the outworn system. The Hanking Syndicate which control most of the Railroad officials have militarists it is no More than fair to it ate that our system of monopoly control of Al important business makes it necessary for us to find larger foreign Market and larger Fields for foreign investments for the surplus capital which can not be profitably invested Here. Hence the need which those who approve of monopoly business be for a Large Navy. Til advocate of disarmament who Doc s not be that the destruction of monopoly urn been robbing not Only the Public and to Home in essential to disarmament the gov eminent but those who own belong in the second class design stuck in the roads. After the Specula sated by Young Roosevelt. Live spurt occasioned by the passing a a a fit the kerb Cummins act rail Stock Esch renamed gun to go Down Hill. To owners of j president Harding has renamed sex Tost of the Stock May not like gov Longres Man each of Wisconsin to eminent ownership but they hate the interstate Commerce com no. Bon worse to see their property being con Der what is known As a Mai a fiscal for the profit of other. Point men. Favouritism to big shippers Iii which senator la Follette Nee ceded in the Morgan banking Syndicate is in preventing the confirmation of the a Terestea congestion of Export Trade in a ointment of Esch in the reent ses new York City outrageous prices for Jon and he is expected to make Railroad supplies Ai id a Blind Effort another fight when the new session toward profit by raising rates beyond opens. What the traffic of the country could Faw undoubtedly had assurances laser explain the situation in which the from the Tepu Bataan machine that he roads eve now. Would be taken care of or he would a i it Dun Fary action of the association not have misrepresented his Progress of executives of the railroads a say Gjyle constituency by helping to Frame Warfield in Tou Bing on this Point the notorious Bari commies act Mer. A while the majority of the Delegate selected by Independent county conventions to attend Tho devils Luke convention on March 30 to 31 will not be instructed the majority a Nti in it of the people the Delegate rep resent apparently will in against a recall Quot Mclean county instructed its delegates to vote against a recall. A the resolutions of Burleigh county Are held tantamount to a declaration against a recall at this time. Most of the delegates selected in Mandan Are opposed to a recall. Delegates from Golden Valley Slop Billing and Bowman counties Wen selected in convention at Beach a a i Patch from Beach ays the Dele a gation was uninstructed by the convention was opposer to a recall. A stut Man county Delegate while generally against a recall were of the opinion that the nonpartisan league has lost ground and that independents have gained in the pow a Coal Oil phosphates umber Grumt lands etc., and turn the con to Ever to state ant lion til who Are More Likely to fall under the spoil of cot pirate argument the Luma r crowd for trample i lobbying for the Snell fore try Bill which would give to the state the Ole charge of restriction of method of cutting off the privately owned for to lands. Secretary Merrill of the Federal Bower commission the executive often selected under tile old Admi nitration is of the opinion that the deemed mad by the pow r crowd a to Call themselves the american elected Light association would virtually we out the control of the in meat Over Ite fl0,�00t0 �0 potential Morse in Ower of Waterpower Ami w jul. Defeat the fundamental purpose lot which tin commis Ion was crated i la argument present i first to the Eoin i Ion and then to Merrill of me sri. Pierre Conjar Griffith of Portland Brackenridge and Britton of san fraud see Talbot of Portland Cohn of Niagara Falls Martin of Birmingham Ami Freeman of Hart thu to week Quot a it or. George pm with. Manager of its Minnesota de Jour tent a than a luring any other week in March since us league a Horn. A Farmers Ore waking up As never before to the need of political organization for economic Relief Ami Many who hav listened to the propaganda of the special interests in the past Are now becoming splendid leagues. A tile put six month have la Een As Rich in education As they have Lieen a or in profits for the Farmer. Faced by condition which make agriculture a we know it in America impossible the Farmer have a men the great politic in Refue to lift a hand either to re train the preying on the Farmer or to provide credit or other help. A the league Farmers have kept their head Al mildly in the face of the Nio to concerted vicious drive Ever mad since the nonpartisan league a is in. Ami if we do not dissipate our re source it in following Hie Issue am a just a a isl proposition a sweeping Victory can in won in Minot Otu in 1122.�?� thew two theoretical anticipation had proved false Lenin declare. World revolution Hail not come a fast he and his colleagues had expiated. But Thi disappointment had Lwen off it by another of revelation of great Ami unexpected advantage to the soviet government. Russian i he communism could not Deetroy world u a mop i Amia capitalism in open combat it a i Comino let in True but world capitalism had 4200.000.h04 inner Genii from the War so weakened a int state that it in turn could not destroy the communist infant its historical successor. A communist theory bait been exploded to the enormous advantage at communism discarding forthwith a wrecked theory a Nin turned in characteristic manner to the guiding Star of new Facto. A balance of Power Between y , the m w social order and the old Hail As our forefathers did again t the Kirn Opp res of Nim of Tho de in int rest 399,57?. The largest loan a Ain which he a amounting to 233 35 interest amounting Nat Britain a Indian troop in pan Egypt. Her Wai Mesopotamia St a your. According to menu in a Rhumm. Loans to Greet a a armies. England Aio har it i a a to an army of Block no tilt. In Ireland burning i Utun s i gang Iri men it me of innocent of any Crim other Yulty of in crime of fighting Ltd a their a lit in a i if Shub Dixe Lei unexpectedly been struck. History shows that Powers evenly balance t naturally with till. W a. Of always Kovi. To Compromise Ami Conquest Ditill m profit great Brit Quot it act to Compromise on both Ain finds it Menov. N a it to my any us that will permit of cooperation la Ari of what he ,.v us. And her tween the foes. Farmer an i Labom the examiner advertiser. Patronize steamship companies Hattie for control of the business Bentie mar. 30.�?a Battle for Paci 4 Ocean Trade Hal gun Between a Jeatta j a pan american Alliance and the big steamship in pan in now operating direct Between new York Ami Iii Orient through the Panama anal. The Japan a american allium perfected tween the United aim rican line controlled by the powerful Harriman interests and the o aka shaken Bai a a big i g of a arg in tween the Orient in the Atlantic coast at the same rules As those charge by the direct line conijamie.-. Quot am entail d represents the views of Small �4 Litro Liing group a continued evidence is Given of Thi so Dilfia uries in the Hasty an ill considered action As expressed in the recent application before the Railroad Board at Chicago to annul the so t ailed National agreements within Ploeg during Federal control which left no alternative to the Board but Tidi my a the demands As a a Lauger Navy wanted the launching of the new super dreadnought Colorado at Camden n gave several officials prominently connected with the new administration the Opportunity to express Farmers and i a borers tile examiner advertisers. The British Tabor party nos recently won three out of four by elections to parliament. These results probably indicate the growing misery among the worker of fag Lund and the dissatisfaction among Small profs erty classes with the cwt of cont Mot j militarism in Ireland Ami elsewhere. The final signing of a Trade treaty with Russia must have been influenced considerably by the three government defeats. The British tatar party hat Long taken the Eland that peace should tilt a act be made with Russia both from a to j in unitarian viewpoint and from the viewpoint of increasing English factory production. A patronize Ford Wert to the effect that the com corporation provide for a joint Hundl Misdon should maintain Only a mall office fort Ami should leave the stat officials Ami the court the supervision of the conduct of die Flower companies. Secretary of the Interior fall has a Long record in congas As an in Era of conservation he is interested in mining Railroad cattle Ami other big enterprises in the Southwest Ami has put in charge of the United states Lien Val land office the president of tile Western states reclamation association which obliging Friend in ii Whit House suggest of that the a. No me a of inconveniencing Here be n to the extent of paving inter it. It b a wonder he did not try t. Nancei the principal of Thi. Jud debt unite stat Liberty Hind. Were i sued to provide the Una this British loan. I by Itai Law a n4 pay the interest on those Bon i ,. Inert-1 cons will have to. Perhaps it a to Convenio it for the British to pay but it would be no More convenient a a a am if Ana who got nothing out of the a but debts Ami experience. Of we figure that it lid a u l75 per cent inter a to Carr Tho bomb Ami if we adopt the 11011 of amortizing them at the rate of 2�?~ per cent a Yar it mean that a u amt me a Tampa Ypil \ d have to provide to Clear this priest debt with it accrued internet an annual budget of 313,069,7 >4.74 la first it ear with use unt year a i a Lur Lions at the rate of 111,500,00. This would equal a third of the entire Cost of our Federal government shortly before the War. It would Iep resent at the out on the a vol age a tax of More than fourteen dollars a year on �. american household. Which make four it reasons Why Thi ret k of the american Popi foreigner should Stop. 1 too burning my to firm of Hornblower and weeks dealing in Power -curitie.-. His natural inclination will be to assist fail in killing the Power commission Secretary of agriculture Wallace t in thin member a. Been in favor the people. Of the Roosevelt conservation program Ami opposed to the Power Trust. It pays to persist when David a Lewis a Union Miner a a member of Congress he fought Ami overcome great difficulties to put through the parcel Post Bill. It is a. Opposed both re Ilioyd a Raywid expressing their fear to i Ami the sex lire companies but a packers prosecution ends profiteering prosecutions brought against the a big five meat takers have been dismissed by a Federal judge in new York following to action of the supreme court holding of fall and week outvoted Wallace is organized to secure the turning of on the of Ham my the con pay no proposition Ull the Public a loin Ain Back to the Trul of Jailer resource Over to the tale. From Federal ownership an states for easy , president Harding will have to decide whether 2,250,000,000 package. I be average companies the support of a few and through persistent Effort the system was finally . It a saved Ute Plain people million of Lollar. Ami a. Proved a to the govern ment. Last year the parcel handled Farmers an i i a borers i the examiner advertisers. Control. This Man is former governor Spry of Utah close associate of to identify himself with tile one Side deflator Smoot. Secretary fall May or the other. For the Issue will to lie counted on to support the Power raised in Congress by senators who lobby a demands. J reluctantly Votel for the Poe Dea Secretary of War weeks has Long j my Bill but who would never have surrender of feh ral is now proposed patronize Bien in Art a opt monent of Cor Orv i consents teas tipi. And a Mem tar of the brokerage j authority such weight was 4.9 Pound. And Cost of handling and delivery of each parcel was about two tenths of a cent. The business brought in a Revenue of $150,000,000, on which the government realized about ten million dollars profit the Trade treaty jut signed be tween capitalist London and communist Moscow is a Concrete of Tanino a worldly Wise Genius of his new vision of the peaceful struggle Between hostile social set ii which new truths make Nee sary. Secretary of state Hughes a Writt a a note to Russia couched in the exact spirit of tan my a shifting tactics. I Amin it discards the open War on Chi Vituli a. Hug lies discards the open War on communism. Both aim to find ome meeting place that will bring temporary Benefit to the constituents of each. Or. Hughes is not such a copy cat that he would bid the russians enter Ami to seated simply because great Britain has done it. The pressure be Hind Hughes is essentially the saw As that which forced Lloyd George i act. But the american Tate Man Cha i own technique he will out a to the Briti a if he ran and set a High water Mark by wringing from Moscow some Public a a confessions of altered Faith. Lenin cares Little for the forms which make and break other diplomats. That is his great advantage he will Ati by or. Hughes completely. It May take several month to bring them about a table but they Houghl be months of Delight to the gods on Olympus. Lenin spurs beautifully Ami or. Hughes is to touch when he s interested. Several senators have Corm oui with Fiat Tate meals favouring giving the rus Ian government a fair heat ing and while other pussyfoot we Der tiie Guise of business represent Rives propagandist will to admitted to the country there is a Strong undercurrent in the Capitol that is for a Complete recognition of the commo lists. Senators Mccormick rep Iii Horah rep Idaho Swanson i ten capper reran. Wilton rep ind., and France rep., Mya among the Luxor conspicuous figure looking to see Trade Between and the United state Farmers and i the examiner advertiser

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