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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 17, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it Iii advertising the Cost is figured by result. A $5.00 and that brings More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner it Means much to advertisers to have their mss age reach nearly every Home in Alban 1 a and Freeborn county. That to not a a advertising in the examiner is n1> h while. A volume 2, number la. Albert Lea. Minnesota thursday March 17, 1021 Harding takes oath of office opposes super government plans policy of giving business a free hand also urged in inaugural speech Europe again on desperate military ventures con Hamon murder Case goes to jury today of Gress turned Down Farmers with plea of no time Senate a defendant prays More Dep voted rail graft by vote of 47 to 19�?arguments against income tax show wealth concentration women fail to get maternity Aid Bill. Duties Are put on guard no 1 ,. Armure threat have we Brogton i. Chi of Quot it in Ive by i lh., princip.1, in ape government is the Point select in a that a a. He i ,ab1hit,.rf a. And by nearly every newspaper As the leading thing in president Harding s1 inaugural address. Another Point of Lee relative in a i air to Nee was a Frank re a nine Datton for higher tariffs. The Nom Prea Dent said much about reconstruction and Industrial peace hut offered no theories As to Hon the country s Busl nees could be lamp Rood and the lot of its Farmers and workers made Hefter other than allowing things to run their course Quot our beat a he the president. Quot lies in efficient administration of our present he sees ut-1 no Way in which government activity can be of any use. A a a no government interfere i ence. They had compiled carefully with the Law that they had not a haitian to it is. Paid extravagant prices for supplies just As the Case was about Conor repairs extravagant salaries to eluded yesterday Anonymous letters officers Aud directors the Amend poured in to Jake l Hamon. . And us bu., a a vol it to 1� Lluann Thill Lerir Llvy a Hen a tor Trummell of Floruta. Of ,.r my. M would Lee taken in Cut Clara is con bored an amendment to the a sch urn mins Law cutting the guarantee rate a a Ctet a. From amp a to 3 per cent in View of the several letter.-, according to sheriff great amount of water in Railroad Quot Buck a Jarret Haw been received by a took this also was turned Down him and the defendant Lam threat Kellogg of Minnesota Myers of zoning death if jury acquit her. a a zits 0,�?o0 la warthog at Ardmore. The fight for Railroad Graf a. _ i Ara Pray it i and Sheri it Turret put lamont�?T8 tax arguments. Quot a Vuu 4,. Thomas Lamont one it the King before leaving her Little cottage for pins of the Morgan Hanking Syndicate the courthouse where her trial for has found a new argument Aga la St laying Jake l. Hamon. Miracle Man taxes of Large incomes. Of the Southwest a resumed Clara be sts.?,&Quot Smih my Quot Quot a it Quot a in prayer with ports of 1917. Only i1, per rent of the in the Wake of the news lever act thrown hut sections of the let Ever aet imposing put Haiti upon profiteering were declared invalid by a decision of supreme court builder Down on february 28. The famous lever act. Therefor which politic ids in Congress declared to in All the Protection needed against profiteering is Iii the same class with the Sherman anti Trust la v As interpreted in the courts. Ii works Only against protective Aktiv riles of farm Era Aud workingmen. This act win used a the Means to threaten the United mine workers America with imprisonment unless they consented to it Lins offend by Coal corporations. Church fights open shop movement so is single copy 5 onto former is rules jut by lawyers Union a Quot i it develop that woo i Row Wilson i does not lifelong to the lawyer a Union and the Loyal Legal lights thereof in solemn conclave have proclaimed that. State owned Cement plants a a camouflage radicals Are denounced in 11 win it a unconstitutional for the re legislature decides merely Fri Rte Al prov it a Fror the United states v a adv editorial prayers for labor asked of american to open a Law shop i either new York Washington. This follows the announcement that that Catholic Church has aligned Json had formed a Lav. Partner itself definitely on the Side of Organ Gnu it Quot Iii Thridge Colby his late sized labor in the fight against the a Ltd Vrtar it Tate. And that they pro Quot opon shop agitation. Posed to practice International Law in it denies its support however to Quot Herington and new Ork the the Radical element in the rank of a these two Cines Apai Trade unionism Ami strongly Depre to us unanimous in reaching a a inflict. I Cal lilt linking of the Workingman Ucb in invasion Hull never lie there is another remarkable in it taking 01 to won Ongman # i to the present court decision exist interest with those of socialism. A ence of in state of War has Lawn Laid to the situation i outline re in an a rtt run pre Pup i by lawyers he sufficient run mini for suspended con till by Rev. C. F. Mcginnis in the a nt0 l a new a Oft Stith tonal guarantees of inc speech Al a it a Jue of the Catholic bulletin March a Forth in technical de ,-e for ,.m,s i the. Us. Trin..l with viral Phra Ain. Matters pertaining i Freedom and a a ,. a. A .1 to welfare of the be opt constitutional a a a it announcement that the rights Al a a a a a it a a shop of the Awyer lawyers have to Strain a Fri to make of labor and the benefits of Trade in Cun nut Quot the former pros the draft act const rational. Ioni a be the subject of Pni. for in regard to those who be on the month of March throughout Tho War cond 11iona to Rob the people Ila world court says Quot existence of a state of War could Quot a he of unionist not suspend Chaunc the operation May be Trace directly to the Catholic ident. Among other things it i charged that he never graduated from the Legal department of the University of \ Irginia. I As Tea i of taking a full to a investigate a delay two years the bottle committee on Highway a recommended for passage the a a camouflage Hill for state Cement Plant intended to carry out promises of Good roads boosters during the Campaign for the Bullock amendment last year. But the Hill recommend it i me re j provides for an a in be Tina Tom a the a Ual Way of carrying out political promies. The farm a a labor Bill for a Cement Plant at once a been ditched by the annul it tee. After the a Trust Hail con the used us tan tingly to the fund for putt no a the goo roads Amend ment. Fri Earls it i the amendment to offset the charge that the Cement tru t would hold the state up Force resident Hardin ran be said to population of the United states made Harpa in. S i Unity guarantees and ii in ital ions of the fifth represent fully the non interfere Nee re Tunis of taxable Neomea then Only a of hic ago. Theory. Both he and All those Strung 2 per cent of this 1w per cent paid Sharpie i ii re trying to in in Republican councils at the present Quot super cent of the in ame taxes Duce a Slura to enter evangelical work time Are thoroughly opposed to what Lamont holds this up As evidence in cae she i freed of her murder is called Wocl Allathe activity. And that the income tax is not a fairly charge. Hence Thia theory ought to prove distributed tax. Only 3-h�. Hgt a of the <k-4iv 11l discredit itself thoroughly during his population paid 73 cent of the. Adm in it ration. Sam collected in 1917 Lern the Curt allowing the nut the Issue is More important to us those who believe that a million 0 yes tart hot w Lin gun pay was mealie policy announced let pie Salt hut an attempt to return the con than foreign policy the foreign Aire income should pay no More than three tend appoint Al same of i. Hard a Twa Iuse lie ii it i. Load Dit a when Union anti guilt were policy Baa been More in the Public an income which enables a Farmer friends to sit among the murder fans for us it i we ejected Oil i ills policy my existent it mean. If dec Ful Eye Workman to keep Bodt and soul to and watch. A Ltd in Quot a a a he a Quot a a u. Ii it a a Tje Hbl Ltd to the get of labor a a confident of our ability to work aether will agree with i Imoneta cause be in a a thai to. Mir in sue out our own said the Preal Lamont a figure throw an int.-t . Reeds in clinging in a this it . 1111 a u a 1 a and jealously guarding our ing Light on How wealth is con in 1l<�?~ 1�?~&Quot 1 jul. Bizay. Urae be Hie Tuiai Stoin of tile 11 no in sole in a priv to to. Upon the Power of Congress of the Church writ. Father Mcginnis. A a the Church in the person. Of her Ort of a sheepskin it diploma he let and sixth 4 in such great Lea lers saw that without this acl by put Over on him a Lite rur it questions a Wear Ber pausing form of the Workingman a Rolt a upon would return to a condition that Poje All cases against . Ii leers at Plum Xiii. Styled Quot Little utter than automate ally thrown of court. Slavery. U foday there is Harding Lemur to an Arifa nixed a mov. Mint to Knish we were not disappoint a i ii. In. Loth a Abor Union this movement is. ,. A ment for paving said that this Leris Legal Vilegi e an a carrying away that. A i at up is Ould a a Hill for a Tate new no a and Peratt re Plant to make with the Legal bars closer against him. . Wilson May by forced to a Arn an hone to Ting wanting i. Tory. Dent. Right to do to. We a Eek no part in do rated in America we must Rem Airo ecu tor i Anne Uncel he american people reeling the Dex Toniea of the old world her that a Tingle person with Over Wii Nult death Fth. Ori feb ult we do not mean to be entangled we a year and a family with Over feel he w ill have a better Hance will accept no responsibility except it $2,000 had to pay an income tax cur faint is ii marketing right Hen in America today against of 1 out my this new foe to the Plum rights of Iii Avet labor. Our own conscience and judgment in he also shows How five Eastern each Case May determine states paid 64 per cent of the tax and Quot our eyes never will be Blind to a Here again we have in Good proof of developing menace our ears never How our financial system drains the i la a Aff Alf in deaf to the Call of civilisation we whole country for the Benefit of a part Wawa Ila Roll Lviv to recognize the new order in the world of it. With the closer Contact which Prog a a rein. Has the Tariff game. Only experience can How How near Many reactionary congressmen and the president Cho Tom to carrying senators Are going to brag to the of conviction if he to a lighter Pun in lying supplies hit Bard con Quot to Cru h the Rig to of the people by Ulio Lishing Union depriving hit by Strider d it ions of our City Workett Art the i feet a ult of Iii past pull v of giving ire Hail. ,.ns. of the Privi Zeun i right have followed this Polo v to Over a of a oiled iwo Gainin i a. I to invite years. Harding s Booty to to Cive revolution this a Ever a in the monopoly Enterprise fiefdom from of capita a. La a. Arnee Burh Little Rostran 1 id a a now have a fortunately a. Hot in Ufal Cint a your Bent Assur Quot a the.1lur lenient a far ast a avoid the president Quot lie in Elk Lent Diu in Ira Tion of our present system a bight off forces of bolshevism in Aith Cement. X0 that there would in re i in pro a Fiti fur the tru to. Thi in flu nce a Many to vote for the goo Toad Ndanu no who Witul no to have Don so. Now however the a b Rity umps not intern to carry out that prompt to the people. The int in i merely to the Matt. The Bill Agre Eil up a authorize a commit Quot Ion to investigate the feasibility of a hate Plant Ami report to the next Ion two year hence after the Tate has entered into Many Large contract for Cement. If it takes another year to build the Plant Lofter the next legislature acts if it pressure of labor party wins i Quot act the land Niu Imp i a 1v h in Little to do the urn of $5, is appropriate in the Hill for the investigation Ary for Tho reason the Bill has yet to run the Gauntlet of the appropriation i on Ion. A commercial agreement commit. La of re it finally get to for reciprocal trading has be a Igne a the Liui a for u a the. An amendment official pact with soviets made Public after Many months of negotiations How far Tho adm Sand ration Hope to tariffs on certain farm product hut abide by it european Afratis almost it to common knowledge Down Here inevitably drag a nto its turmoil that a Groat Deal of Thia was Mere to unless we decide a hat by rope cannot Luteal pretence. Congro Tomn tread he saved on Ite present Bakli and Iso Way of Massachusetts admitted on the North Dakota disgusted with strife he mean hum Quot syst it of big tempts at Tho overthrow it. I Ting by Groat Britain and soviet Russia to the Hill in committee also authored y Quot the Endeavor however to Paral Tranle negotiation Between Russia fallibility of the state buying Rock oui such a policy and no outrider can Farmers of How hard they fought for attorney to Senate declares a. Know just Why it a announced the for Tiey Hill putting .o.ntlve a. Rea. He Ine. Oui a a St ii of Smyl i Market Quot Cieto. Twa announce i yesterday a the commission to investigate the my of Iipp Yinug oat ton with Coal Iron Quot Ted Oil riot if., Rad Road re he. Vie. Of what Good ran possibly a Quot to it forc Fly onion he Len it Fri it Arltain a it p1 an a an Ami putting in it More do rent adm Mist Rath Iii of he Eis Ink Mhz it to act As a unit arc nearly two years several time own a. Late ourselves Darles. Dts n our own Boun Europe aflame with War. Wides grind a my titles. Which were foreshadow i by the propaganda of the last six months have broken out in Europe. Within a few hour of that time when Allied to rms a it advanced into Germany to Force payment of indemnity demanded Bruke out in several parts it Russia first reports of the probable overthrow of the to rid government of Rue i carried also the first Public admission of a plan for a the people of North Dakota Are l he Vii a a St Quot Ith of h of a a a Ala a a a i Quot los in Woald strife Tirol up by Tho Caj when a hey Redmer .Hiih ten ii at Iii azure. In i line indent v Otery a Ocia Tion May get More Quot smolt Irr n a a n a an there will be no decide it set inn a in i raid f a Quot a a a Quot aide to no Wool growing Industry he said Quot we Are now assured that Wilson will veto it. But i do to take a Treadway will he Strong a no cur a a a ssh 5,-Scss is Hank a a a of North Dakota declared recently. Maternity Bill Losi. Re a in a a Quot Minneapolis on his Pigeon holing of the Sheppard want a it v Hington. D. A. Towner Bill providing for co operation Quot people who voted against the no drive on Russia by Poland Roum Unla. Be we. Mersl and state govern partisan league Caa lib totes Are tired probably than a of Sonn Fane Hungary and possibly Bulgaria. Men to in Tare of poor women during of the a Erla Ting political Light a crazed a i an a Quot Tup igl Ein the russian firming la undoubtedly ill 11 food Illustre sink Craid. Quot wit i few exceptions made to pin a the Iriam i the Organ Rock Chi Hing Plant to make a things be to us w lieu present to Tow Ani their employ a i tantamount they have Luen reporte broken off trial a Ltd rth roil. To lids Levi a in it Wert hut alway flu mgt Wuerful Lori to a Lahr a in a in Cli Bing the Church liar in part brought procure on the Arov promoting the Caus of Lalair in de eminent in favor of restoration. We do not believe that Arni Riben he a Formatin of to e Guills of a a contended i it off Cia of the Middle apes and thai us eau it British Trade unions that the opening billion Marks demanded reparation Cumuli in a notified Germany it met Ami Helle to the hard-he-arte.- Cler. Went to Russia and out incl Val pay. Ami now Lesire to you. Spanish Premier killed Quot employers Ami the grand of in Unglo concessions for exploitation of tha a it of i will info to continue the Eduardo i into Premier of Spain chocked Competition. Siberian territory and Exchange it agreement for the of has been As Nisi rated of Iii unknown Man was aim from the a ene of the mine on a motorcycle Whilt maternity periods is a a much a part of the Genera Allied a in a Ltd reactionary politicians .y the state s a fid list Rill pro de workers for tiro�agtnl4 put to. A Vian a a la. Patlon Al the Luhm a a a a it a if ran to a tried out in. Tor Normal a it la a Quot a a Al a a Quot a a duties of Germany although there is cd a it faded to notice. The Spanish people who must work Good reason for believing that the Jet a Tony la the argument vied to to _ to live have sait much As present activity in Kusia went of Meiu mree which make for it a it it la it of the ft1y s in direct before scheduled thu. Social Progress in hard times we de seven proposed initiate aware warfare la a i gift it ring anti in the latest news the revolts in my a Economy the politicians aim ii it the <1# traction of the Bank death As id from that produced a Russia Are confined to a few Iminta credit for heading this demand of North Dakota Ami they know that direct military Adion is All fruit Petrograd being the Only one of much it in Flor Ca i la oui things the Tate Bank 1 destroyed sue Scofite ring in Spain Iller l As importance Sud Poland has not yet a Reat Vervlee to society a Well settled a Gen Raj strike of railway it tax Dollar brings More to and Many others which would Len la a citizen gets by any Imossi e. Prevent any military a ugh a dour by ape ads. I he Minot attorney Aid he had Al t atty dollars saved by relaxing our the it uate my. Tautiu a of the if Russia a mice ode in organize apart Loa of business fraud my bunk of North Dakota us Neutral lug itself suffice eur to withstand the a a a it Erat us Uio Isaiais a few slightly in Chen toward the i v a. Present revolts and if the condition of a 0 a a re he Imp weeded put i. Service . Article then explains Tomt to manufacture. Gootis Ami raw match efforts of Bishop he tiler in a the Briti a negotiations Nuny and Bishop Damium in France a a Geode and signing of the pact in than a Century a a a it a due the followed quickly. It a. Contended initial Lin fetus to .se unionism a a official of the soviet Gow rement it is. Known today. Report of the recent anti soviet uprising it were Eagger a six crts tary ii Lai dior that they consid it. In with i i. In Hind Rinir trod. Their with the Joi up by the Light agas #1 ti., in u vow la first this Light was waged by to at of the Oviet govern t a in Al a h men and t Heffy local funds i i n Lite 1 it one it Eui after peace is declared. Yours truly signed the live Bis Packer. I Flimsy a saw used by Parker the porker Wtiz have notified the App for help a to it generously by lug interests in the twin titles Ami Flirtie East. It easy mane fora. Prof s tonal t��#uble-inaker., it More financing of the in in trial on profit ring than trouble Thoro is mor 1 Fie f j a and the local anti league we have had 11 i i filled Slat and the people hire Down to i go a lit one level before to Quot i a go pint move started Dato whose in Quot i a six Dpi. Tai rho German Petrie is not relieved. There is to unit possibility of military May save us . Responds to that of our pros do Iii. Was Aid he had not been in thorough the a Hamlim. Of a Oak of Huv a Hollar this in Esau re which women twp a to the the banners admin in he amassed a a a Fortune by a in Union of All monies East of ? he re in Junua Tiomi All Over the country fat Lun sexing the. A Taldi ment of ing As attorn s f Aud for and which would have coat not lf5 experimental Mill at Drake a d. Drench c t tees out 1 Tinniey found More than a fifth of one battleship to be u . Politic a gnat Ani to i was strangled on the false plea of Economy. The trouble with it was that a against the Alin the knot King out of Russia is u fundamental to Success of Allied plans regarding Germany. Europe has a More dismal aspect at the present than at any time since the armistice come Iii inter it Bai no Efly clix. Control Over them interests i f a a it a h ism it a men mean not mom to then an into rests of la Farmers they Are at near to twin without print human Fie my a c in to Iii Hill it Hunt a i Erfia ii was n a it final info nation than we a. Of Luro Ptan Afun. I a ,. He first uttered a Spanish cold fiet that 11 hard i a to announce a. The uti it in a Gojii Aruj Baa Imen prominent in mum a y of noninterference it i Uro Peun make a Penny out of the in Asur a a a no time for farm Bills. La the closing Days of the re remit session of Congreve a committee of banners Call on floor loader Monde to Aid in hurrying up the Lan Ker Coe rot Bill and other legislation designed for Reli i of Farmer. After two hours of arguing the committee left Moudgil with the Fiat statement ringing in their ears that Congress did nut have any time to devote to Farmers legislation thie Bas time for nothing appropriation Hills. The Ciuti control Biti was likewise caught to the Jam appropriation bit Bultow could not. To to the a a a Lon Tod will. La. Til,.i xxx it printed in tile xxx paper time. Hostile to the non Aiti an league Spain j in it senator shot. However i realize info Long How senator Chari b Henderson of contempt hip were the tactic Emelko. Nev., was wounded in the fore played by the opposition. Arm by a former Nevada resident on Quot the Hank of North Dakota is All March 5th. Light. The management is efficient. There would not have Leen any criticism of the Hank at Ait if it had not Tai i 1 in it Henderson was cleaning out his office in the Senate building preparatory to leaving the City because his had expired when the shooting it it curved when arrested the Ansarian flotilla by trouble North Dakota Ai most heir has Clear d cosside ably to Hie a t week the dust raised by the political Cyclone is set time it Iff tilings Heil a Ieiri As they used to the sentiment of no aum under Namony Lite Armet is ii made qing loan. To Farmers be Strong and hair slogan of Quot summer fora the log a it Bonds had been sold Quot Lrich a and tight Quot #0 Julur thai Fitusi de. Progress in North Dakota will lie Quot a a a Bolk we a Crall dared that Henderson had been noun impossible Hinkler admitted until the u fun a it Al for trim in a ult involving land tale Bond Ara acrid government him a that affair the condition i f a Tern la Rop a May Eaily a w use than our Puidi suspects. A Pring approaches and ii is time to Start die new crop Ami the manufacturing that would Sav Europe the Bugle of general War a is on War weary people for no. Aen ice Allied troops and Van into Germany the leg if Flinga of Anotia War an lius a flare up Ireland is More devastated than Ever by the Effort to Iii Muse British sovereignty a smut of Taro gunmen Way civil War on the organized worker of Italy there packers sought the Extension of agreement violated Flimsy excuse used by big packers to defend violation in May amp a month after ii ii 1 no of the armistice the hackers on their own initiative a in 1 cd the department of i Abor Altey Des Irwi to i in Vav the agree run until on sear after Pean had been Lytwa to insure Aga i t jailor trouble during be i Witni. At the Earnest so dilation of the government the Butcher worker a Union signed up for such a period now in the Iid t 01 the readjustment ownership 25 year ago and Hod not hew on the Square. Hen Den on said that the Man had been treated for state. Investigations Hae Tome and Pone is not a country without widespread want period the Backer and violate Ami Ila desperate far in its ruling the very agreement they propose Las is thai hungry Stoma a May end Bills were easily sidetracked to put mental trouble previously in Nevada. Through in a proper Ion of $350,Doo, Odo demand Oil by the railroads we thue have another powerful Busine Tion of who Cong is works for. A by rail graft approved. Senator la Follett a Light in the a dosing Days of the recent seas Ion of Congress Over Railroad appropriations had one Good Effe t the people should not Overlook. Senators were put on record is favouring Railroad graft being against it la Follette offered an amendment to the Effort that before the interstate Commerce commission pays out any of Tbs fund of $$50,900,000 voted for the the waning was a minor one a a farms abandoned. Rile department of agriculture Columbia University reports that he was opt iiii., however that a Market would Avig Only what official report of their Power i a found for die Bond. The aute stated some time ago the. A Novi on Germany and the new Jwj namely thai there had been a Small attack on Russia is a Milicy of Calili la walk out saturday los by the Little Druk Mill 1 hat duration Man wonder Why such if arbitration fails non 0,000 Hail i a a spent by the tinny Are line. It 1# in easy for St Putti a Union workers in tar borne building association and Liat those of us out Sui of government of of a a a a a Pitt. A yrs a adj,. Of veil a Irani Selling its stat Bomi Crement is a huge. Tsp Bike moving on too t.. In. W bin on do a a a a t nor Hub to of a a Quot Quot d a Ltd a a a it a new York >11, in la la 20 Var. Foj. To utom. any Rohri Lia nity maid us in a a he la an j if the Eon Ferenc Thia week be thing worthy to be Allied mismanage what is bound up in furthering in u tween packers and employees fail a a it int w8b foun<1 w rests of those who control it. That. It strike by saturday is certain Union t1� i by Mth opposition i Brough out i Why the suffering in Ople of Europe during the period Lut the War will sex procedure to w re Mordy Obliga la a a in a the Northwest stand godly of what can not get peace. They do not con pile with the declaration of peace de to follow in i their age Wrd Minnesota now has a Mayoress. Us a 0 f Jet. Mind is Hie worst pus Trot their govern men to. Mrs. Florence Pierce a. Been elect his i. A result of a per cent Guhle offence starting a no on a i Europe will be purged with fire and de in Goodhue. The is the wife of in a Rea a in wages and a refusal to Nauru in institution in nil of violated sword until the principle of humanity editor i. C. Pierce of the Enterprise recognize the eight hour Day. The their own cod of. Tine Are alted Over conce Simono mro Pierce won by one vote Over new schedule Haberli in effect Dace North Dakota has a Rowdy hts and the Rule f the Money Nannie in the tribe of no Tiru a Charger \ because of Tenanty and wholesome loud Tiou. Exc for from the agreement that a they Uver expected that the actual mining of Peac would Fiu Long deferred Quot such unwarranted a Cue is More than aim a lie Caune a recently a. Lust August to it it of the Lim at unions went in Trik in City of Chicago in the sausage making Plant Ami the pack is imm lint i it requested the secretory of i Winbor to org it the in to return to Mick Ami maintain their agreement la International order t i a i to Woik on Arnalt of revocation of counter in order to in Tarn then agreement with the gov in Merit i he labor Market urns in our favor Ihnn urn we could have la a tax then Ami they could have \v that sink a cured a Large in cd. As. A. Ai a a Ami Dit Cun Ion keep n mind that a Agust jh20, was almost two year after Grui i of the armistice yet the packers la n with the Eluting Abor Market dul not plan i that the Agre ment should be set Asale because of the signing of peace with German had been Long <1 Ferrod. Orderly procedure i regarded if Iii Packer had any Senie Utju lice Ami a Ltd nay in their attitude to War their employee and sincerely believed time a redact son in wage Ami in change in hour it work of condition were jul Tifi Oble be Buwe of a changed economic situation Lucy would amt could have mud us of la arbitration machinery under the Al Chuter agreement by filing a pet. Lion for a nearing Ami dra Iaian on Obei the following i Lite notice of rent a of agreement signed by the Licker , april ii. 191hon Ruble William b Wilson y. M Deary of i Abor Washington d. C dear sir a the existing labor agreement under which we have hem operating such matters that wan the orderly j. A. Cavanaugh banker. Monday and in order to avoid labor Contra with the Hmer Ament. Verie Ami to promote the Genera there a no penalty Elan it at welfare during the troublous peru1 toe Hod to thus age Yerneni with the of reconstruction we have in id government and Ash a care the part with the policy of your department my Baroni about to Oral Obi i rat ten

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