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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 10, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota \ \ \ Phe Way to figure it in advertising Tho coat is figured by results. A $5.00 and that Brines More business is Cleaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in Leas business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner v volume 2, number to. It Means much to advertiser to have their menage Roach nearly every Home in Alt Loa and Freeborn county. That is Why and v my in the examiner ii w0r�?~ v it Albert Lea. Minnesota Thi Ruday March to 1921. A a league found 0. K. By Neutral Kansas com. Presidential Campaign fund reaches millions delegates from All parts of a state hear investigators report Washington. I. C a splendid endorsement and a clean Hill of health on the charges most often brought against the nonpartisan league Are the features of the report made by the Kansas investigating committee in Salina on february 26 when the Kalina Post of the american legion made a Strong attack on the league last january Anil virtually threatened violence Farmers of Saline county decided to make a thorough investigation. A committee of representative citizen was chosen sex senator j. R Burton who last year toured the state lecturing against socialism e. F Swanson sex Sherlet of Mcpherson county it l a Thorn representing local labor and Victor c Johnson Farmer and Only league member on the committee the committee left Kansas of february 4 for a tour of Hie Northwest. Going wherever evidence was to be obtained lauding enemies of the league. League Leader league mein Ben neutrals Federal and state off dais were interviewed and All Evi Dent e bearing on the Lue sifted. It returned for its report tin february 26 Farmer communities throughout Kansas sent representatives to Salina for the meeting called to hear the report. And organize labor was Well represented i i when available in printed form the report will probably in the in of widely read document in America relative to his experience. Is chert of Swanson said Quot when i went to North Lakota i a not a member of the nonpartisan league nor a member of organized labor and Fryni the stories i have been hearing i thought there might be something to them. I want to say to you that Ainee i hut been in North Lakota i find that if one had t heard those things Down Here he think of them in North Lakota Victor Johnson said a i am the Only member of this com ult toe who is a nonpartisan in att member. We went there to get Tho facts and when i pot Thoro found tilings just a i by loved them to be i am proud to belong to the organization and will do what i can to help make it win out in the stale of Kansas Quot univ Board Campaign expenses in Tho Las presidential election Are reported As $10,338,509 for the two old parties Republican report spending ,105.738 and the democrats $2,237,-0 on Tho struggle for National officers. The senatorial committee ands that general Wood a Effort to secure the Cost $1,773,303. Sex governor i of Den of Illinois and his Barker acknowledge an expense of $414,000 for the same purpose Hiram Johnson $194,000, Herbert Hoover ll7t.�uo and Harding $118,000. President Coolidge the alleged Man somehow got $6n,000 to spend a i his nomination Effort. These figures Are additional to ale lion Campaign expense noted above. Although they had been in office Elgh verfers the democrats appeared to by to spend nil around people can Stop . Raids says nil ado Clear thinking will eventually Check waste of taxes former Secretary says labor issues Public statement of demands Federal land Bank held constitutional the supreme Lour liar Turtle Down the Uit brought by the mortgage broker against the Federal farm loan Hank. Bunk activities which have been i Pended by this suit for More than a year can now he resumed to Itgen brokers based their ease mainly on the allegation that exemption of Federal Laud hunk Bond War class legislation it in too Early yet to form any opinion As to How much Relief hard pres i Farmer May Ruwet from Early re i opening of the different land Bank there i a Strong possibility that the Money Trust will make it nearly us a Burd for the Federal land bunk to Dis imm a of in Hon is its it is for the ban of North Lakota. Remap it la no generally know that in late 1017 the Federal land bunk was on the Point of closing for a Hir in son but the War demand for More food production forced Congress to provides the Banks with $1<h .00<mhh having failed to blockade the Money Market the mortgage broker then brought the suit which has just Bee settled in favor of the Bank As soon As the decision Bot a in known the Senate struck from the appropriation Bill an amendment authorizing Purchase Bank by it ads Kenai or Warren of tfx a the Railroad. Aru wailing into the Federal Treasury for All they can get and won t he stopped until the Icilin people begin to think clearly on poor problem again and Force Meas ures to Stop such raids on the taxpayers that was the most Inifi Octant me Sage William Ribby Mcadoo formal Secretary of the Treasury and formic director general of transportation had for the people when he appeared in Washington recently after his it Tutu from an extended trip through Mexico. Macro he had been called i the government to give advice o a Ples to Otis of reconstruction. It was supplemented by the prediction that the railroads Are moving rapidly towards government ownership and the characterization of the c us nuns Esch Bill As a the biggest i what is conceded to be one of the most important pc amp Blic statements Ever issued by american labor in i eluding a new a Bill of rights and legislative demands was adopted it an extraordinary conference which convened in Washington last week. Among the outstanding features a a the statement Are demand for amendment or Appeal of the Clayton anti Trust act. Which has been used by the courts solely to oppress the workers while great combination of capitalist and profiteer go unscathed. Right to strike to a you and n bargain collectively he id to in constitutional and inherent right. Of a i Bor. Authorized creation of Public and information Bureau in washing ton to combat propaganda again unions and to present to tile Public understandable facts concerning organized labor. Endorsed Fig t of the Railroad i a Bot organization to rata in National agreement and standardized working rules. Urged president to veto the Winslow Towa Sead Railroad Lull voted sympathetic and Friendly consideration of the North Lakota Iii hat recognition is Given women in league body state convention names two on state executive committee a Gilf copy 5 on tax of Oliver s. Morris to tile Tate convention by Delegate of the nonpartisan bar which met in the mar building Assembly room latter of last week Are now Back Nome after electing a Strong new state committee auditing the Hooks and account of the organization formulating plan for aggressive organization work the year. And deciding upon a More clo co operation a div it of big silk Milt to be built by organizations flans for the formation Fth Wamouth spun silk corporation to he owned and controlled by organize labor and it friends Hae been announced by John Edden. Pie ident of the i United textile worker of Quot America. \ Plant will be located at w Bedford muss. A in my opinion a says Golden a it i another step toward real in i i trial democracy. We have decided to go into the manufacturing by incas fully convinced that we Are just a of efficiently meeting the ?-ities of owne is h a and management As we have proved , worthy of conducting the Murker a Eon of the the corporation is organized the Laws of . With with the women nonpartisan ism tap Tali action of i kh1000. I ii. A a fixity of trick Mill at All time or owned by the member of the United sex tile worker. And other of labor. Military forces of allies occupy German area Telephone and Telegraph censored surrender of arms demanded strict regulation for the occupied German area were announced by Ai lie military authorities yesterday martial Law superseding civil procedure i one. Strikes and other disturbances will not be tolerate night trafic is Story business. T in Oigt hip i. Established phone and Telegraph line. Restricted to Nece on tale Poce of hunk Ever put Over on the american or. Mcadoo braid Sale for Relief of Farmers scored the Railroad for having a put state Over Alt Orts of a misleading prop urged president Harding to appoint a Anda in an Effort to show that fed a spokesman of work Etal Central had proved a my people a Secretary of labor in Railroad labor he said should con his Cabinet Imus to receive adequate m a for edged Lup poit to the. Ivory cd a of it enic in ruinous consequence Porto Rico in their Renu to for in will foil of any attempt by the Rood Onul investigation f Trio to take from labor what it has justly condition. In the Island earned and is now earning. 1 Quot la in t fair Quot he continued Quot to Tell a Railroad Workman that he i Worth i cent. An hour and then refuse to pay him that sum merely Becau-e1 Railroad Ihm Mih do not yield up to a certain percent of profit that argument wont go with the Railroad workers in my opinion. Quot the railroads Are Nom going from a id to Morse. The Cummin a Chi i created gratuities for the rail roads m hich they Are now Industrial peace is first problem Rue clubs which have Wen Given to a representatives on Lim nem state commit of five. The report of Tise conventions auditing committee to received and approved. T he audit i a exhaustive the committee m ing a sit a by the equitable audit company of Minneapolis. The committee found that the books Ami account showed in detail every cent collected an pent. Women Given recognition Lite policy of putting Momen on to it Tate committee i a w one and is a recognition of the fact that women have equal right now to participate in polities. The growth of the woman non parti an us has been phenomenal Ami putting to members of sit. Women Elution the Tate commute mean cooperation lot Meon the the club 1 be new Tate committee elected is As follows a. T. Welch of Glencoe Fanner member of the Vii lature a Leader in my the the league and the Coo pern Tive movement of the state. I Boma \ Ollom of for Kine farm Independent candidate last your for men Minnesota wheat crop shows slump diversified farming becomes popular Stock and Dairy Industry on increase. P. _ a a relay of Tat no pro Mim it reaching first Secretary of labor made i.,4kue Boot r. Fine record in averting strife the vap i66uc. The Hague of nations that is. Eng land. Franc Italy and Japan refuses to change its derision awarding the Aland of Yap to Julian. Yap is important and bobs up in the \ controversies of diplomats i Enuse ii is a Cable station for trans i Aei fic cables Viv mauled it because our business believed it ought to have cables Independent of foreign spying and control England wants Japan to have the Island because then she can add the former German Cable to her own system and Kong the whole to or business of the world Turner her dose observation out to grab. The american people the Treasury department to inv. Men baited to establish the too of Federal land fun a 0r the the Railroad will become More Ami die Mort important Nice rendered by the department of labor in the opinion Ltd it first Secretary major importance i whore the m Gimnig w Illiam h. Wilson Ham a it in of another presidential Campaign. Cili Atory efforts to preserve Industrial m. A a a i. Face. In Thi re Spect alone it a. Min re than Justilio it creation the i Secretary ays in i last official Outing who led Thi move tie cd Rod Tho appropriation was now Unm Ces Mur a problem of the highest pub try thus we hav another goad la in pittance or. Mcadoo Aid. Ami lust ration of How fast the Money a rust be expects to see the Issue one o a an pull the string a. A. Lorn Active in the cooperative movement Minnesota. Or. Harold Baker member of woman of n Ort Home Fanner with the rapid increase in Minn movement Ota farm mip Lati a in the Jya tie year.-, wheat far Many year the bailing crop of toe Lite i giving closer Way to Illver-ifl1 fanning and the league Arn Onward March of Corn production ii to the Northwest is forcing to wheat growing into More neither Arni we turn regions j. H. Hay Deputy Tat commissioner of Ugri Cul lure. Aid recently. Farm imputation in the n year he Onerea cd 144 per Cen while the production of wheat in the Tat luring the am period a de up a cent. Corn production for Many year a minor crop a in being formulate m of will get together on Coop. Marketing nothing Mill be done towards pooling of the i 92 i wheat crop in North Lakota until the National officers of the various organization working in the Tate for cooperative marketing get together on a uniform National Sale Agency plan. This was decided Here at a meeting of the officers of the North Lakota brunches of the american farm Bureau federation the National wheat growers association and the farm a Irain dealers association. In the meantime no contract will he signed. Action will await decision the drastic Way la which the Moat a of the North Dakota representatives Power in gnashing its Teeth against Blanton disgraced full re Man Blanton of Texas Well known for i wild erred attacks on organized labor wag himself made the object of the moist humiliating spectacle in congressional history lad week Blanton it had written Texas i a whimpers that his colleagues were in a Oue piracy to it their salaries ruined from 97.50h to $10,000 and that ii alone succeeded in blocking the scheme by raising Point of order and threatening to Force a record vote he asked Texas newspaper Foi their support. Before a crowded House i of retsina ii Sumners walked Over to Blan toil eat and denounced his statement As a false As Sumners speech of denunciation was Intel nip Eli by shouts of Derison for Blanton both democratic and Republican mein hers joined in the excitement of isling liar and other nones the same congressmen us to find great sport in Blanton s libels no Ute common people creased win i cent Oats 57 per ent Farmer political and Rye 2s pm r cent Hay 103 per cent. Northern and a a a it to a Idt Arr cent. The diminished yield of wheat per Renville acre i a great Factor in determining nonpartisan Mailer acreage of thit Etui no. St urn Leader in the club Hun Aal. In Pat work in la rut. A re miss Hosne \ an Juke of tit member of woman s non parti food is rushed to starving chinese , canal and re r of i tiny Art till being used to the fullest possible extent in order to get much badly nettled food to the halving Popi of the Northern province according to word received it oui Timna w. Lamoni National chairman of the China famine a Lief fun by Liean John f. Downey a Gutive Secretary of tim Minnesota co admitted. All the Railroad of the flowery kingdom have imn turned Complete in a it Var to Relief work or i Ament say. And Lea statement to the pre. Ulan we tarted the work Quot ii a�?o70 per cent of the Case had i titled the Trike fag i before we a re Ca led in. But n the eight year we have become of Well a Tab 11shei that san club no. 44, who father by other Hue i Een Leader in th1 gut movement in their county. Committee will la Wil. I he new Tate committee my elected by the convention after a committee of to. Represent my each Cong re ional District had gone Over a lout the Tinguf Are reversed i t of suggested Nam and had re Meta 70 her cent of tim dispute we ported the five above to the Coneen a Trike a been lion which unanimously elect names recommend a. Country watches North Dakota at a National conference on the plan of the committee of i Quot. There will be six Delegate. From this state at the National meeting. They will be chosen at a a. Meeting to be colled by i. A Burdick and gee. Dyis president respectively of the n. D. Branches of the wheat growers and farm bureaus. Speed swimming it. Baul. One of the biggest Speed swimming meet in the Northwest Thi season is Weed used at the St. Paul athletic club saturday. Three big a. A. U. Events were carded. The 220 Yard break stroke veal for men and 230 Yard free style form n Are the major event. A too Yard free style for women will also la tarted. Is attracting ii. Lion pledge cooperation Minot a executive committee of the Ward county farm Bureau pledged cooperation of the Grange and the support of the organization to the Barat units of the proposed National sales a Acy of the committee of it North Dakota wide attention. I the weekly nation of new York j City the new York journal the his Ugo american the san Francisco examiner and score of other Imper not definitely tied to the Money Trust have grasped what is going no and Are telling their Reader about it a North Dakota plight says the nation a die a shining example of Ruth Lens and open nullification of our pre cot democracy when it attempts to run counter to the great financial inter eels that Are the dominating Power the Chicago american says Quot Bra vat individuals own elevator Banks and railroads but the pimple of a state must not Combine to do the anic thing for that is a combination of bolshevism socialism and anarchy with perhaps a dash of free love and atheism thrown the North Dakota Issue is attracting the More attention because All productive Busine of the country is in the same position a in North Lakota. Banks Are practically running must of the manufacturing Newell a the Railroad Aud milking them dry. Harding s billion Dollar Cabinet with Mellon the billionaire sitting on the Treasury chair and Over half the remainder Bank directors a Fil ets the a Ift it it Burin a Power in the political world. Harding Given acre lot for his burial Luma tar Ohio. By a Peru i a inn Deal i rident Warren g. Harding in com a i owner of a on Are term t of land jut we t of Lanc Adif he May be for by burial i und Only according to court record or re the tract a deeded too year ago by Nathaniel i on a Pion or Farmer of Fairfield county to pre Lent Andrew and to i in office to in a their burial ground Only. President Harding i the Vic it it third pit aleut to be notified of the burial privilege the donor died in i Khu. N. D. Legion assured big appropriation Iii Mark a that the american legion a been assured a $ 15,, do appropriation for hospitalization purpose an equitable and workable Chi me of adjusted compensation Ami tile coordination of the three big Soldier Relief agencies under one head a the statement of Albert sheets North Dakota Delegate to the National executive conference at Wahington. Motion or tires uses big Cal by h it ten dance pictures Are bringing from Joo to 2o0 More people to a at work Lief rare called an in the big majority of in tam the like half Een the guru to probe to of the deportment during the next Quarter of a Century or. Wilson continue Mil be the perfection of Fri work of conciliation. I Hen i nothing quite a important he Belicov a the a pro motion of a in Etter in Lei standing Between the Man mini work and the Man hot work for a in rile that can be accomplished the men will failed of it the new committee j Compo. Of men and women who can devote a Large of their time to the work the convention selected me Miter who could meet oftener than the old my committee and could More actively supervise the work it is probably the strongest committee the league iia. Had in Thi Tat. La headquarter. Taff of the league will remain the same. In charge under the Coch Grain or ten year the average yield per Arr was from 2�?~ Rush to to bushels while the average yield of the later year was approximately thirteen by Hel to the acre. In a tot agricultural department the Deputy comm Stoner Aid is lining ail Farmer to Raie More Corn Stock potatoes and oth a Grain in prefer be to w Lieut. Ii will ultimately tiring Minnesota into the Lead a a Stock raising state and will make it pre eminent in the Dairying Industry or. Hay. Aid Iii Hay arrived at his Algurt a making a comparison of reunion of Grid. And farm population in tween two to. Year p-riod.-, the first Rovern to. Jive years a tween Ltd to Joh and the econ from 111.�?T to 1990 the George Tild fitly who manager for several it Calm in Bav a railed of it Gen Rul object he Mittee will be a has been stat employer and Wink is a la year.-, thought that their Mutual though not drive for new t i in Ntim Al interests ii in producing the condition in various Chuipo i a Givin Atno unt of labor the of the state were taken up and Dis greatest amount of output possible cussed and plan Laid tor urn of Iii. Tuning air a a due regard for the most intensive Organ anon plan the the league a Ever put on in this stat but there i no election Thi year oth Minnesota Dairy cows make record a surrender demanded surrender of All German Arm. In lie occupied areas a demanded it Day by Gen. Gaucher commanding strict search fall House will Fol Low la Ihire to deliver weapons to the military a Suid. German Povic were be Mitt to retain their Bay. and revolvers. Military precaution were taken i urn Teny Ems Ible uprising despite t e Meek attitude of the German pop. Marion. Big gun reared their snout Jim hymn in the pm and out in no promontories. Belgian. French a Briti a Ohio r paced designate heat armed moly for instant use. Entries it Bridget lilt sen Ries or used principally the Bruise Henton Ani railway station to regulate traffic and to pre a a at in auction of the customs Recti at Ion which Are rapidly. Air plane in relay droned Over the occupied territory of Erver watching closely Lur any up Tsiou gather ing or activity. Lied ohlkers were bivouacked in til Park lard night behind machine gun nests. Latter they will in moved into school and other Public bulking w hich Are being Inui formed into Barrack hot hear sir Zed Moran i iou Sci i hts tag und some of the building. The two main hotel a Vieze lae quartos for commanders of the various unit. It n. De iou Etty unit a whose supervision the occupation Man Euver i re carried out installed himself in the famous Art made my in , i i re with i huge dotted an i streaked map arranged among Marble pieces and Oumou printing an i newly Strung Telephone and Lei graph w ire running along the floor. I a Genera received municipal and a form Ial authorities to mid them his proclamation. The to noun authorities. Eryou faced lint without any sign of re eminent i is toned respectfully i Reading Otth order which declared that the had no Anima again a the population Btl wet concern Only with Orrin the Jert Nan gov a to meet to obscene the term of the pea treaty. Popular a is t aim to Fri Platton of dui Hurt to Brott Ami Dusse Dorff a Well a to. Of the outlying mall town evinced much the Usu attitude a their representatives All were Calm and grave a. If endeavouring to How m. H. Fohrman of University 1 it Ria Atiram to i or any hard of a a. A. R, ass sets for january health recreation and rest of worker a the Secretary hold. For u Given amount flair the greater the output to More the employer and employee w ill have to i vie. It i the proportion of hindu Idem of what a i get a minced that is the great source of , Field in Force league will Devot. All it energies to building up the membership. The big drive for member will open within a few weeks when the roads Are open and organza t can take to the by w or but that can by a juju Ted noun Al unil Clear ranking next in importance to conciliation or. Vii on places the employment Ric and the americanization work of the department. Co gees. A Cut tie appropriation for Thi work until a Mere Skeleton organization can be maintained and the Secretary ays it would be a great tag Lur labor and employer if both to bureaus could is extolled Rix thei than curtailed. The convention a i Eluted Many questions warmly Uch a the method to he used in electing the Tat. Column toe but there a Goodfe Ling throughout and the delegates left at i fied that they have tarted the ii an i at Ion on another year. Oil companies lease land for drilling i ii Allied Iii. In elves. Re British especially to Uno it leg. \ to Inak Friend. W Ith the younger one unions. Small the join meet about the tre. To und t girls a them by mile. The belgians appeared a Ped Taffy exuberant at the Prospect of City of after Long service in Iso air a i ii met with no Uther attraction than if in Camp currency impound tilled a tic a quickly took Fth German custom Hou immediate a Miro Tuhn All the Rency to in in them in order a in vent it shipment to the int nor of tout activity in proceeded with ally d i it or Contat in of i i record. Acting a guard in Fec ors end on Many Minn Eta Dairy cows made Brilliant records in january. M. La. Fohrman of University farm up r into Aden of official in Minn i Sota report that of 66h cows in the yearly test division to or j fir. Per cent produced More than four Poun it of butterfat in two Days. This list is longer than that of any preceding month. Eighteen cows produced More than five Pound of butterfat in two Day. Quot the amount of seven Day testing a says or. Fohrman a took a decided jump upward and along with Germany in a Ual the incr in numbers we a proven non Quality Opheim drilling companies have been very Active recently land for prior drilling. H. Increased t in Bitt Guji t thin i Evi Mont Oil production from the various Well of tile fat Creek Field. Is now Over 4,000 barrels daily. The expected Quot banging in of Quot Cher Wells a expected to Over tax toe Elk a in pipe line. A train of poohed tank cars Lea Vinnet every cat Creek Fields is located Nai Day for the Elk Basin refinery at in the Northern mountain.-. A in january Al Wert Over 20 Cor. In Pound. Of butter. This i ii a r fic Tah War retain cent of the total or Eloe to a of under strict Alii there Wert la records of Mort than 20 Pound of fat in even Days. Reports of Minnesota Row association for january to i. V. Wit son of University farm state agent Sci tin former �?T<1 to carry a w support Sih a is state conference of laundry owners c lurch every sundae at the first Greybull. Of byte can Church Here or d t the Baker Syndicate of Well Are Robe run tar Bias estimated expected to be started this month h. Hair of tile Arkansas drilling co. In Dairying Are right in line with the has leased 14, �20 acre in this Viln records of Perfo Nance cite a by a sup it or ten Dent Fohrman. A fairy Queen geologist w to recent a tra a led owne i by Stensrud i Bro of Monte through this Section express the be video produced 106 Pound of butter Lief that the a Mother Pool of the fat during toe month second to a i a re a a cow belonging to Marlow at local Randall of Mankato with production company is by ing organized to sink of 93.71 Pound. There a a test Well in this. Section to Oscar-1 other High scores Alf How Blin d this is Correct Good care and feed will do i what id. I i to tie a Alai How to clean of occupied tit attend pm of a Tat Vuu Goth ring of big Husk rum Here t it it May i hey Are Sepri a Noti of re Lau Iliili in hrs of the stat Dor thai to it member of the visit re to foundry owners a c4t let Srim a for the Ion a a v fa4 thre Days. A

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