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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1921, Page 8

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 3, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota A it age Fork Albert Lea examiner keep suitable farm accounts co operation among h 3 in nehi in Macy. Q Farmers is favored j Nunda Mansfield i Viulle Duvvi if j 0�?� . Bom to or. And mrs Wallace thursday March 3, 1921 farming is a profession and must be conducted in a Businesslike manner saving of $5,434,000 was effected last year. Helps credit at the Bank aim of cd ii to agents to assist in determining what form of organization is most desirable for those interested. The new ear in Hampshire history has just rung in and those Chimes sweeter than those of Westminster. Are now ringing in the ears of every Hampshire breeder. The at it a thursday afternoon. Bertleson thursday morning a baby girl. K. W. Emery spent holidays at the Home of his Parent returning to his or be the or no spa a of bookkeeping Art understood a simple system can be developed to meet the Farmers needs. Cooperative Farmer a associations Hith North in and Western state whose organization was promoted by county gents fast year effected a saving in the Rem he is of fr�,484,000, new year in Hampshire history i the International live Stock show of Chicago. Words will never be Able to describe the full Story of Triumph mrs. G. C. Emery was a caller at the Tom Cavie Home 3atunlay afternoon. Or. Anti mrs. Fred Bunse visited 0�tllimmwhtwimill�iihiwihihmihhmhiiiiiillhlllnlllnlijl or. And mrs. Geo. Schmidt and or. And mrs. A o. O pad a i were visitors at the Silas Petitte Home thursday evening. Harry Jenson and Raymond cural took in the movies at Albert Lea tuesday night. Fred Peterson helped c. H. Reim with Wood it awing monday. Eddie car Himi out to work for Andrew Larson for the season. The party Given at Louis Opada hts Friday evening was very Well attend f Armer Jones desired to a loan at his local Bank. A just what is your Fin Ain lion the banker asked him. M by said Jon 1 own and land and a couple of tie some cows and live Stock Archard and Haxe yen a detailed i is owing the value of a i this banker interns a Bim. Depart in agriculture. The gov but we will have to Tell you about 1 Christ Tost Friday afternoon. This Lute in this Story in december the t. B. Yost family and grand it la the Hampshire Bree of hogs a Lindem amt attended the party at f.,1 to reports mad. To Tho won trait championship Owall the Frank Endemann Home Ednaa mrs it Hellan a i us. 1 nit a or a r "r1 a a a it a a a pc a Cuzic the in Quot re -t0ri� Tho a a in. I l l. C a Quot a it Quot by Quot a a a 0 an i Ais or. So Yards. Yost assisted mrs. Christ Yost with pit it. Visited at p. A. Peterson w,d-1 v a ave Ema Aho for her ,8ufapp making a a a a or it it Lay 8ftern00b. The la a a a uti r amp Lorp tars., mrs. Peter Tapager of Albert Lea Henry Schmidt helped Louis Smith he line of any other. Spent a of a a a St k with Butcheri Tajo "�?�4 j i in pucker have always told or. An let mrs Christ Yos. Silas put due Andrew Larson 1 v a thy or. And mrs. E. To. Birch and Fred pent sunday night Al c. H. Keims pay t pm rum .,0c to $1.50 Peterson helped or. And mrs. L j Ernest Kapp in car has Hirt a out in Hampshire Yost with the butchering wednesday to work for Henry Smith for the sea dial scr whenever a local haled is slowly elevated to the rank of a language fit for literary use ii immediately begins to draw upon the neighbouring dialects of the same Stock for the words and the usages for which it feels a need. Thus attic greek in Riched itself by taking Over a heter Vogeny of locutions from ionic greek. Every Modem Tongue has Felt itself at Liberty to replenish its Stock of words not Only from Kindred dialects but also from rival modern tongues i Altin Ann greek latin itself having borrowed very freely from greek. Highest Market prices paid for hides furs and All kinds of junk automobile parts and unable tires for Sale Max Gendler phone 535-j across from Post office Albert Lea Minn. Buy your Supply from the merchants who advertise in your paper. A i Good tractor lubrication is essential a r i mired More for than to a \ Warr for the other show Ileus n the single boy clashes and n clowns. F or this we Only Hail the Packer w Ani we c consider it Good hut other rented to doubt it. We v hat 1920 brings Forth. Pyramid tractor Oil Good or. And mrs. Carl Olson and miss Rasmusson visit i at Ole a vie sunday. We Are glad to report that l. Yost s Arm is slowly improving. Or. Arum mrs. Erick Lindemann and bul t ale season of the Hamp or. And mrs. Art Lindemann from son. On cd me a not to. I to Tig inc or fart show assets and liabilities four i. Invent Chi Ltd in a. Real Farmers at Shoreham vt., unloading their woe for co operative ship. Ping. Erttle. P i i it. Ail activity Ltd he part of county agents sharing in co Opett x o Mon in its has a i or to aet a the direct Duaim Tgu it of the farm a it r an a Ranize a Gre a no. Hut to assist to. In determining Quot hot form of h organization is desirable and to be t it i it Anre. When a a Motet. So Oft dim nor Mer Hod Tho it i Igen also helps guard the Conin Lunitz a c. Inst or Ceanie. Non and v t re r practicable adv t a a of existing agencies the a native As striations which a or count x age is have helped flt a uni have Bai a a to with prof detion and i Fri i it a. And include of of Cra five Grain elevators Crehin rules an livestock a a a a Bing associations. I a p How to select beef calf and raise it bulletin written especially for Young Farmers. A red opened Voth a Good Sale by farm where a Sale was held. Wen no record breaking prices out there was a Good Sale for every who advertised. The top Sale id the season averaged a Little less Tram ><w.00 per head but if you rare to to All of the ales of the Hampshire Breed in 1920, they avenant in a oiling Prier higher than any his a of boy. Some promote Thor Breed will deny this but of ant to prove the above stat Tako the Breed papers of All. It her Breeds Anil the farm a that carried advertising Ami pub a the or port of the ales hold you will find that the Hampshire he average out old diem All. It nit Breeds Hail sales c Laiming to a a rave fit in i too to $3,000 per head. In the place this is in Razonable and unpractical and in the a cond Pac if anybody buys that Kiml of Breeding Stock they must not expect to make Good and those who but. Though it i. Within the past history have already come to u i a of or the extreme prices. I a a Ham Shin Breed sold on its own in i. Iller was a reason for any Farmer buying Hampshire Breeding took. 14,.�?Tiimi pair. Bricelyn were callers at l. J. Yostos saturday afternoon. Miss Maleta Bunse is spending her vacation at the Home of her parents or. And or. Henry Yost an Raughter Kila visited at the g v Emery Home sunday afternoon. A flock of wild geese was seen flying Over Bear Lake sunday. I he motor trucks have been Busy the past week hauling Stock and hogs from hmm on to Albert Lea. Those higher freight rate Don t seem to it help the Railroad companies very much. Mis Marne. Fighter of or. And mrs. Foni Gav it away at the May. To pit in at Rochester sunday morning now is the time to Oil harness and do your repairing bring them to me a. W. Mills Alden Minn. For engines Pyramid tractor Oil special tractor Oil Universal tractor Oil for ups and i Heel bearings Pyramid cup grease for gears if enclosed Pyramid transmission Oil Pyramid Tran Mission grease for open gears and for Gravity i verb lubrication Pyramid Harvo Tor Oil a e Imi it now your Supply of Pyramid Oil and be prepared for an Early Spring. Write for prices and information is to our plan we save you Money. Daily trips to the country Phon 56-j t be Pyramid gasoline and kerosene Pyramid Albert Leal get Pyramid Auto oils and greases Minnesota a i Pickerel Lake a it m i. A i hrs. Barney Steele Are the proud Parent of a baby girl bom saturday morning. Or my mrs. Cha. Connelly it Cut a Tow i.ay., Hist week at the John Baer Home. Y illilllllll1illllllllllllijijjj i Hoik Wiff Are you giving your family a balanced ration i i 11 v we. Vav la b.7 Are you spending your Money wisely i when you buy food Divide $10.00 As follows for Best results. A of i Majl Msj in pm Ujj jets buttery ice Cream and cheese $4.40 of i vegetable and friits $1.70 or. Sherman of Columbia i River it a Days the a or. And mrs John Baer entertained i Herr Wert slightly Over a number of friends sunday in Honor on who bought their first or. And mrs. Chas. Connelly. La t inn the. Mon gages in b. Sum d for in to Ltd Tofu nil. A s net h Imti i wife prove an Able assist ant in keeping farm accounts Arni tool Pond in food and supplies in so on hand and in Bank and a. Octant receivable at the Date the in x in tory is taken. Each item Andev the. Headings should i. Lifted a rotely. A a a Taf it should it a valued a v. Hat it Ean to sold for under Normal conditions live Stolt k feed mid farm produce at Market Price Cost of marketing i Arni supplies at Cost machinery and Toots at a pro a i Tov tog for annul Chi liabilities should in cult note and accounts pay a of the in Biliie a adult u Tai assets win show the Worth classification of accounts while an inventory is general v the first thing a banker ask for when making a loan he a wants to it now the sources of income. By going just a Little further the Farmer can keep records that Wilt enable him to know his profits and loss s. This requires a classification of accounts in Xxiii u certain Rine Jules s ii on id be Foll Oxx. Tile preen to classification to. Tie used in de Termini d by the Ruml Ipiotis on the farm in Cusp f Ull details r. Carding Rte various phases of farm bookkeeping Are to a to feed in Farmers bulletin in i earn Vixo keeping a Farmers bulletin 572. A Susiem of farm Frost a con to Ting a and banners bulb tin 7c. To e tse of a i a a a r x f t a r i a \ v i ii Bull Titi can be had Aplin request of the fluted states department of agr culture Washingto it r. Desirable aed undesirable types of calves Are discussed and illustrated importance of Chang no its ration. Tor the tuned it xxx j a. It Tita ithe Euite culture Iii or Biji Lef a a the ii. Prodigal who has tinally from Groux ing inferior in ii d <.nin? in. Ionek s a department of Agri pro Pir to a up Jai irm i. No. 3135. Under the title Alf ifs i growth and i Nis new publication. Xxx in in Princi partly f r Young Farmer tells How to select a beef calf and Rais. Ii it ii i for Market Urf a use As it brei a ii a animal. The bulletin i a response to an unusual demand by members of boy s nod girls clubs or specific information on to principles Ami practices of raising Well bred it file. Preparing them of a i How to Sale and fish Atlig of them to a uni tag. Desirable and und Esir Alc yes of Calv a Are discussed and i Iusti lied. There a Chapt is on equip Mien Fon ded k. Ping the calf healthy t dig and tile in it Nance of changing the ration its the animal develop also methods of preventing parasite and disease. Tile bulletin describes Deal 1\ How to it Lif. Curb or otherwise or Ltd Par the coat of the Grioua fire it of cattle preparatory to shewing them xxx do additional direction regal Ding shipping and exhibiting. Person de a hiring Sui h information should write the i listed states deportment of agriculture Washington it for banners a bulletin 1135. Registered animals during the year or. And mrs H. Steele and fam a 112 person bought Hump visited at the goo. Geottge Home litre Are Ding a clock in 3920 from the sunday afternoon. Hampshire advocate advertising1 in or. We. Schneider Ami daughters the bleeders Gazette alone. Over Florence my Burnie were callers in son a r on Pyrc Nasell Hampshire Conger sunday. Hog through Hampshire advocate or Gus Heidmann spent sunday mixer Tising in other publications. The afternoon with mrs. Henry Wittmer. , in. Docatis dil Terent from mis Hattie Schneider returned to All other publications repro her Home sunday after working at the Brea a cereals $1.30 Mea Tandoh $1.20 Misc Lous .50 sugar .30 a family now spends about 20 of their grocery Zumr Bill Tor milk and its products. It hould be 14%, to = Good health have you studied the picture Vino Xiv of the Northern they Tell the Story. Rat apply in Hou a a it it of no any Breed ret of hogs or other by Tock. Most Bree Ltd papers seize the breeders Only. The Hampshire advocate adverties in the Best live Toek paper in the United states and ends a copy of the publication to evry person answering their advertisement. The progressive program of the Hampshire advocate during the past year has caused to be spent in Premium Money Over for a ii us work alone. The combined 1 Quot i the Hampshire advocate and the Hampshire record association have spent Over ,000.00 in pig club Money and have secured and eau if to be awarded Over $12,000.00 in pig dub Money going to Hamp Diiro boys and girls that showed hogs at i ova round Tate and National show actual record show that the pig dub boy and girls in the United states this lad year won $2.00 per exhibitor of we had Over boys and girls gilding Hampshire pigs Thi last year. We have a record of than nos and addresses of the. Boys and girl and tin a m. Schneider grocery store the past month. Remember there Are no substitutes for Dairy products. I consider the value not the Price. I Minnesota Dairy Council. If Market m report Grain Market us a n o i Vav heat be. 2 wheat no. 3 whoa oat no. I but y Sheller ear Corn Rye Timothy flax in 1.45 $1.35 $1.20 .32 40-50 45 40 $1.20-$1.25 <3.00-$3.50 $1.45-$1.50 auction Sale will sell at Public auction on the Knut k. Knutson farm Section 14 Riceland township 3 Miles East of Lerdal 7 Miles Northeast of Hayward 6 Miles West if Moscow on plow level soils in fall application of phosphate stubborn sobs Are More Burely Ester mini Ted and moisture Supply is greatly increased. Pro Dilt i i or Atkins butter in tic Pound lots or More see old at 56 cent per Pound at the Al see number of i or piss thoth it of s t Quot to s Tho am Tombino Hamp Hiro pro or a,7 a a a pjs a Quot n5spent Over i Tho Shanesy of the Smith. S / it la p0sibie to give the be to at Ion or tuesday March 8 Sale commencing at to of clock Sharp .000.00 in Apodala premiums at w right to county Tate and National Hows of following quo at Ion 70�?head of cattle�?70 22 lows Home fresh and some to freshen soon. 25 shorthorn and Hereford steers from i it to years old 18 heifers from i to 3 years old. It veal calve i registered shorthorn Bull. Or poorly mar Gec farm a mixed or Milizer can undoubtedly be used with prof t. Quot fir Wing Fiat or a a a a a to lunch i Quot Iarj usually to i to xxxix \ a a r on xxi managed f a a i in Vestal of ays i A fit Fth it. ,. No a lie of n St Ivl a. Re a a i Loii of fish Sophai for s f if ave a been poorly mag a. flt nil r an u do. A m pm. Ile says to ult ii time Fisi of my a 1 Ltd of Rotas j. Nill ,r,.lily Rcpt Cert. I would apr ear in it is xxi fur the Farmer to in in ii our \ h see i. If ail ground was level we might make Iii assertion that ult soils a benefited by fall blowing As tiler is much to he gained through this Jinn flee. Level soils that do not Wash a benefited die Sinh Horn Sod a Mort easily terminate i and Ilie Moi stun apply for the trop the following Spring is greatly increased Bowe or i land or that inclined to xxx a so damaged by living fall slowed. The available Plant foods a. Washed ii a gullies Are made in flu Hillside and the Fields Are subject weathering it Artong tile Winter. The Fertility of Sandy Ali or soils that Are rolling i Best conserved by i xxv Irig Only in til Spring and then As late of a rally Asp Sih a i older to a t the crop Here and Dover out on time. 1>20 directly into the pockets of Hampshire breeders. This special Premium Money brought out the largest . Subscribe fur the examiner eggs�?27 cd a dozen. Ess Spring fhickene�?17 cent Pound i see Hen a it cents Pound. Is rooster old 32 cent Pound. Be rot. Der Spring 17 cents Pound. Ess gees 13 cent Pound. Turkey -36 cents Pound. 11�?head of horses�?11 i Black team 3 and 4 year old i Black Mare 6 years old i Black horse 3 years old i Black a til years old i Bay Mare 5 year old i Hay horse 12 years old i Bay hours 15 years old i Black Mare 7 years old i Grey Mare 14 years old i Grey Mare 2 years old. Hogs�?7 two year old Brood sows hogs e. H. Wolf Alden Minnesota farm machinery 2 eight foot Cut Minnesota hinders Minnesota Mower i Ain Mower Deering Corn Binder Kra some a Side delivery Hay Rake Dain Side delivery Hay Rake Deere Hay loader Hay Tedder Mccormick Hay Rake rude manure spreader five Section drag 3-Section drag 2 Defiance gang plows 2 Deere gang plows one of them with breaking attachment 16 Inch walking plow 16-Inch breaking plow 14-Inch \ an Brunt Drill 20-hoc Owatonna seeder Dunham Field roller Shaker potato Digger 2 Hob sleighs 2 truck wagons narrow tire Wagon feed Mill with horsepower double buggy single buggy Arrey practically new Cutter. 3 grind stones Hay rack 2 com planters new John Deere Doug to Row com cultivator 3 sing in Row com cultivators a 1�2 horse Gas engine 1000-lb. De Laval Cream separable Dairy tank Heater hog rack. 900-lb. Flowe scale Owatonna fanning Mill Corn Sheller. = i Dereek in farm implements 11 time lost to make repairs fresh air quite important = Farmer would not be compelled to Stop to fix machines to Given proper attention. Chicken House should be provided with Good ventilating system without drafts. Vian is like a machine. If it in Good working order each lax h will Seldom have to mop for repair of Ore Tim a lost in making repair than could possibly by used in taking in of machine in order to re vent the necessity of repair. Chicken seem to require More fresh air than do cattle it it a Swine. An authority it Ven says tile amount of air breathed by a Hen is three limes a a Rearer than that required by cows or pigs. Give the poultry House plenty of veil to Tattoo Xvi thou. Drafts plenty of oxen without crack for the wind to want of manorial and Emerson Hay it Laders Side deliveries and mowers Deering and Mccormick binders miscellaneous 150 feet a Inch endless threshers Belt 55-gallon gasoline tank about 150 feet barn rope i sets working Harn uses single harness some horse collars about 25 bushels clean flax seed free from fouled bushels of potatoes and lot of other articles too numerous to mention. Free lunch at noon Fer Psi .$10.00 and under Cah Over that amount one years time on approved notes bearing in Terest at 8 per cent. We carry one of the Best repair stocks in Freeborn county Knutson bros., owners we Nelson auctioneer i a i j j Hove. Clerk a a a a a a a t j

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