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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1921, Page 6

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 3, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two Albert Lea examiner Elbert lira examiner published by the Freeborn cot Vav crushing co office 222 East Clark Street Albert Lea. Minn. Published weekly thursday March a 1021 bread Telephone state 618 entered at the Post office at Albert Lea Minnas second class mail matter. A subscription rates one year. $2.00 six months .$1.00 a subscription accounts must be paid in Advance. Organized labor one e this is u work s a a Bopra who Are ail Over n am one f the rank and Union met Ven gtd organization to. There i a it nor themselves Suall Follower a up iced a Van poor it v Svi <1 by and Kine ecu i prot there is a great misunderstand country in regard to labor Union.-, leaders themselves to say nothing it of men an women in the Trade whether organized through charter Vandeu together As non Union Vokt ural inclination to form Clin us ame this results in get i Tish be interference to make on other restraint is Likely people even among Tho vent this very thing self preservation is a nature.1 Law Anil it Tor individual workers to distinguish Between Section to one. It Elf in i Job Arni the broader View of Protection to labor As a class. The Force of i Mon ism sometime Tep in and compel Protection to labor individually and collectively. To sometimes in doing this Impo is seemingly hardships upon the workers and in a very few instances the hardship Are real a the leaders Are no More than human and Art Likely to make errors but in most cae they Are right and a Light error generally work Ltd it for the Best anyway because it ome labourer is benefited even if the particular Union Clas is the victim of i taken judgment of the Leader. The leaders of organized labor want every worker to belong to the Union which is no More than right if they Are receiving direct Benefit from the Union. Although All labor a been benefited by organized labor there Are Many who do not receive direct Benefit from labor organization and there would be nothing gained by compelling them to join a Union. Especially where the Union has a Large membership already sufficient to conduct its organization work and exercise its progressive influence upon the Community and upon the workers. Many non Union people Are Good Union people at heart and there would be nothing gained by trying to coerce them to join. Leaving it to Wise judgment that Ach persons will sooner or later be attracted to the membership. This of course does not hold Good with All. As some Are required to join in order to avoid temptation in doing things that is against their own interest a Labouring men and women. However perfect the principle of Trade unions May be there is danger of falling in control of weak or bad men and aided by enemies suffer a perversion of fundamental principle. There is no objection to employer organization but there is objection to employers organizing labor against labor. Organized labor is a Force for Good that needs the help of the workers. Of there is anything wrong join and help right the wrong. The principle is for the greater Good. Men Are paying to cents a Pound for bread today in Minneapolis say the Minnesota daily Star routing the War they were paying 12 an i 13 cents a Pound. But during the War flour was costing the Bakers is and $16 a barrel. Today flour is costing the Bakers less than $10. At this rate bread should be retailing at eight cents a Pound loaf it i needless to Point out that there is a great Deal of unemployment throughout the country. It is in Necez Ary to stress the fact that with that unemployment there is considerable suffering much invisible suffering of individuals too proud to declare themselves in need. Reports from the social agencies of the Community indicate that in january the curve of need Hail Rien rapidly. Many families were asking Aid. The causes of requests could he traced directly to unemployment. Bread i. More than food it i a Symbol. During the War the government recognizing its symbolic Appeal made strenuous efforts to keep it Price Down. It symbolizes the whole of the Bdl of fare. When men May have bread they cannot he hungry c sabotaging his own state therefore Baker they can. Against the welfare re keeping the Price it i a grave Atef Tho Community of bread up. Be press Ciao is Rig Public its not stupid tendency the inde pen Lent factional pol i to generally Thill in the use that from the Point of View of Good. These actions Are stupid. The error Conin assuming that they intend to act from any into a common tendency in refer to Many actions of stupid or showing ignorance from the Tom which the did association ofter Ocallaghan Appeal i in Exchange for an annual Blowout. Left for h irix no a state among thieves of Donal of Callaghan. Lord i North Dakota reminds us a Good my a of Cork who arrived in the Deal of the Man who fell among United states a stowaway Ami was thieves on his Way to Jericho. Its ordered to leave but later appealed chief Industry one might say almost that he p permitted to remain As a its Only Industry is Grain raising and ,. R ,. The gamblers have taken from 50 to Quot Deal i Fuge will probably go Over 75 cents from every Bushel raised. To Harding administration it was its wheat crop for 1920 is estimated Learned. At 80,000,000 bushels and if we put Michael Francis Doyle counsel for la. Two i Quot i m50 it in no a a Cai Lait Han. Called at the state de this gives us a robbery of $40,000,000. A a. If the Farmers of this state had this m recently. He said he a $40,000,000 there would in no Bank received no reply to his request that crisis. Of Callaghan be classified As a Politi divided among North Dakota a 70, Cal refugee. A i Ord mayor of Callag too Farmers this would give each $571, Hun is Here and we expect him to stay which i probably considerably in sex ,. F a a i ,.j Cess of the Aventine Farmer Bort 11 Lor some to me 1 out Lesa Ltd average time Loans at the Bank. The debtor can not by and bagged without hurting the creditor temporarily at least then the priests and Levi Tea of the i Uncial world passed by and not Only refused to lend to the state direct but docked the Road so that no Good Samaritans could offer a helping hand. There is no financial excuse for the cockade. It is direct action to Over Grovv government by ballot in North Dakota and to enable land Sharks to it ick up bargains in farm land on fore closures. It on Gress Man Baer Gen to the very roots of the North Dakota fight when he shows the politicians warning capita to keep away. There is no reason Why capital should keep away except that the politicians think they May scare the people into submission by this most foul blow Ever struck against the Freedom of a state. Such Point of View. Tie Plain tact is that any politician of prominence i a carefully selected Man. So capable that for the most part he succeeds in getting the people to act contrary to their own interests. Most of them were poor boys who showed unusual capacity for leadership. And their ambition made them an easy prey for the big interests each being offered that temptation for which he was particularly weak Public office financial chances larger Law practice Etc. Let a not under estimate their cleverness and thus be More on our guard. Watchfulness and intense de is in for righteousness Are the Only Means by which a people can Triumph Over the combination of selected cleverness and great wealth represented by an old party machine. Mcadoo hit Railroad act William g. Mcadoo former Treasury chief and Railroad chief under government control says that the each a a us ruins Law was the biggest piece of bunk Ever put Over on the american people. Places in the Way of those having All the Force at their command. Europeans were never Able to enslave our red men for similar reasons. England has just made the Cleverest Man in its government the jew Laird Reading Viceroy of India in the Hope that he can outplay indians Tolstoi v mexican Oil Issue Franklin Lane until recently Secretary of the Interior and now a Standard Oil agent is complaining to the mexican government because its Oil Export tax is based on the new York Price less Cost of transportation. The Oil crowd want the tax based on the Price they pay for Oil from Independent producers. The situation is much like that found on the Iron Ore ranges in Minnesota. By owning the Means of Tram review amid comment i on various topical butter and egg and almost everything else which the Fanner has to sell Are Down to pre War Price and now comes the report from Clarence i. Evenson president of the retail grocer a association of Minne Ota and mayor Fleet of Moorhead that no material reduction in the Price of the general line of groceries i. Yet in ight. The Price of practically everything else the Farmer has to buy has not been reduced to any great extent. However it is not the retail grocer that Are holding up the Price of groceries no line of merchandise is sold on it it Mal margin of profit by retail dealer tis groceries. The retail grocer is not the Man who is holding up the prices its the big boys Down the line that Are the a niggers in the and they Anthem same a Stripe of cat a that have been assisting to a considerable extent in hammering Down the Price of what the Farmer has to sell. A it is an ill wind that blows no Good a so give these Fellows Pope enough and they will hang themselves. Even the farm Bureau a at last gotten on their Trail. The Grain Bill joker amendments which appear to defeat the original purpose of the Minnesota anti Grain future Bill have been approved by the agricultural committee of the Houe. In its present form the measure has the qualified Blessing of John Mchugh Sec a a i he railroads Are going front bad por tation the Trust is Able to buy the o worse a says Mcadoo and a they Are product of Independent producers As moving rapidly towards government Low As 12 cents a barrel for crude Oil ownership. When the Price in new York is from a higher freight and passenger rates $4.50 to $5.50 a barrel. Have not helped the railway situation. Such is one of the issues on which advances in rates have largely Bene we might intervene in Mexico or As fixed those carriers in the More pros the jingles say a clean up the coun porous class but very Little help has been Given under them to the weaker not a a Iten billions in credit due us which a ii i i k e higher rates mean less business Vas spent for goods Here at double Quentlyn displayed by that group of handled. Rates should be maintained or triple Cost of production Means statesmen roughly but popularly de a stimulant to Indus that America really got More out of the War than the others. So let. Not we Ell up with unearned Pride. A the fifty fifty solicitude for the people fre Crmen a the a Railroad gang a i to Lvi of a touching when they Are railed Onvy is running some new England industries to consider legislation introduced by it of business. Such industries Are the energetic and ubiquitous or. Tom unable to compete with similar rotary of the Minneapolis chamber they Are very very careful to explain tries located in other parts of the coun of Commerce and representative that while they Are anxious that the try Asher Howard the Champion of the railroads Hall be treated fairly their pm a cd i Grain interest.? in the legislature. It is therefore reasonable to conclude it will not accomplish hat the Farmer lies ire. Preservation of hedging facilities i the ostensible object of the Amend fir to interest is for the people. A the roads Are wading into the Treasury for All they can get and wont a. Be stopped until the american people fifty fifty arrangement so to speak begin to think clearly on this problem they remind us of the sausage again and Force measures to Stop such dealer that congressman Baer Brot raids on the taxpayer a to our attention. Progressive shoe repair shop Albert Lea Minn i x f 106 e. Clark St i this fellow had been accused of the batting average in the great american game of baseball a Man i urged on his batting average an i his Fielding average. He May have his off Dav a he May strike out Occa Ion Aliy or Muff a Ball but if on the whole he Tan i out above his Fellows he i.? hailed As a great player. It May not occur to you or. Or mrs. Reader that Thi is a great moral principle but it is. Failure to observe it i the cause of More hard feeling than anything else except failure to observe the Golden Rule of a doing unto others a you would have them do to you of which it forms a part. It is the most frequent cause of the Triumph of the wore Over the better. How often 1s the careful conscientious retailer turned do wit by a Patron for some Little error How often do the evil Tongue Start wagging when some citizen with an otherwise splendid record makes a Small mistake Hie Fine Art of the Rattler and the unscrupulous politician or by inc is Man con it chiefly in playing up Small thing of that people will lose Confidence in those standing foursquare again evil. Large business know enough to let its big executives make mistakes so Long a the executive a average is Good and they Al make mistakes too. But our common people Haven t Learned this lesson Well. Let a top kicking a Man out of the game for one err or and begin keeping better track of the averages. The following is taken from an address of Warren s. ,-1000 at the Missouri state University a the que Tiou of or and wages is a old a the world itself. Throughout the centuries it a confronted every ago. Empires Rise and fad other questions come Ami go. Yet the question of labor and wages is Ever Paramount Ever before the Public. It always a been no doubt it always will be. For in any Exchange of values there is alway a difference Between those who have to sell and those who desire to buy. Labor is unlike and other commodity that is for Sale. It is a mans whole Stock in Trade. A a Rule the working Man has no Money in Reserve and must of necessity sell his labor at once. He has Only his own labor to sell. While the employer engages hundreds or thousand of men and can easily do without the service of any particular individual. I be result is that even under Normal conditions the individual labourer is at an enormous ments. This end is to be achieved by putting horse meat in Rabbit sausage an automatic regulation of Pecula and defended himself with the state Tion to the necessities of the hedging men that he had arranged a fifty Market. Fifty combination. It is one thing however to have a a what do you Means fifty fifty a desirable result in mind and quite an a ked the magistrate other to effect it by legislation. It a com horse to one Rabbit a was the is not easy to see How the Grain fun reply. Lures Bill will bring about the requisite adjustment of speculation to hedging need.-. It provides that no contract shall be deemed a gambling Tran action unless both parties know it to be such. Mind Reading not being a widely known Art the chances of nailing gambling deals under Thi Gill will be few. Grain exchanges Are under fire at present. They Are con.? obliged to conceal their antagonism to Reform. A Bill like Thi one in the min in the Wake of the news Mahatma Gandhi noncooperation with the foreign rulers is the principle of action adopted by most of the hindus working for Independence economic and political. And Mahatma Gandhi is the great Prophet. He gives England More trouble than the russians 300 Miles away. As a Young Man Gandhi went to London to learn the polite ways of Western civilization. He was Rich. He Learned Law took dancing lessons studied the manners and morals of society with a View to imitation. Then he read John re kinds great Book a unto Thi East a and went through what might he called a conversion. His desire for Western civilization became a loathing and he was henceforth fiercely antagonistic. With noncooperation goes the doctrine of and non recon solicits a share your patronage of i All work guaranteed to give satisfaction service is our slogan the importance of this piece of news Nesotas House which professes to Abol Lay in the fact that for weeks All the ish Grain gambling but is so loosely papers of a certain kind had been Tell drawn that it will certainly fail to in2 of How the american legion of what i news to ire weeks ago commander Vernon of the american legion of Minne. Sota sent out a to t important piece Quot a Don of Lawand of capacity for suf of news to too papers of the state Bering beyond what the despised to with a Strong request to print. We manufacture shoes for men i on our new modified last also a shoes for Odd size and cripple feet shoes dyed any color if there is not an agent in your a locality Send your shoes direct i to us Well do the rest. Rants can impose. A people of no military strength practically have to take such a course and it is not difficult to see what immense difficulties it Philip Liuzzo amp co. Get do so should serve their present turn admirably. W Hen the curtain rises w Hen the curtain rises upon the Kansas was fighting the non parti an league. Commander Vernon a statement sent at the request of the Kansas legion told of How this tempest was All the result of the unauthorized action of one Post and enclosed a formal Resolution stating that the reliable report have been received to the effect that thirteen Bank in the state of Montana have been closed. People from the state of Iowa report that 59 Hanks in that state have been closed and senator elect Lorn Watson of Georgia reports in his Magazine that Over 40 Hanks in that state have been closed. None of these facts have been reported by the associated pre. However the closing of any Banks in North Dakota have been Given country wide publicity. This is no doubt dont for the purpose of discrediting the Farmers Star. John d. Rockefeller had an income of $33,000,000 in 1918, according to tax statistics of the internal Revenue Bureau and there is no reason to suspect that his wealth has since deteriorated. While the Bureau does not give out individual names it does furnish figures and the Complete statistics for 1918 we Ere made Public recently. The Washington correspondent of the new v Ork times has Analysed the report made to the government by or. Rockefeller who is easily distinguished As the largest income tax payer. However the Oil magnate did not pay on his full income a Many millions were exempt under the Law. The times places or. Rockefeller a present wealth at $1,000,000.-000, and the 1920 income at $50,000,000. His gifts Are estimated at $500,000,000. Thus within the Span of one Many life he has accumulated $1.500 000 000. Which easily establishes him As the worlds colossus of wealth. Readers of the examiner Are entitled to form their own conclusions As to the virtue of such an achievement. I Ive member of the Atlanta printing pressment a i Nion a in Ted or doing picket duty during a strike Haie elected to go to jail rather than pay Cash fines of $300 imposed by the court. The judge gave them 30 Days each and they will thus save $10 per Day. In addition to receiving Board and lodging. Not so had during these Days of deflation and unemployment the meantime proprietors of the St Nick shops Are doing no business and Are being taxed to help pay the fines of their former employees. Harding administration next Satur nonpartisan league we As a political or Day the principal will face the most a animation with which the american sceptical and disillusioned audience legion had no quarrel. I of a generation. We were of the gambling Frater Cru. ,.nity we would be willing to Wager that i Here i More real popular know not 10 of the a papers of a certain Edge of the Way government works kind told their subscribers these the pork the graft the privilege the facts. Not one of the twin cities a invisible corporation tinkering the Pep except the Minnesota daily Star manipulation of the Many for the m word about it. E ,. And let us not fail to note that this few than has been abroad in the land silence was More unfair to the Ameri for years. There is More impatience can legion than it was to the non Par and resentment and More determine Titan league. It allowed lying about action that democracy shall he a truth the legion to stand uncorrected Loami not a Sham than at any time Cal legion men out to find out who ,.their news was suppressed since is93. And there is More precedent for making lightning changes More s. D. Socialism than Ever before. By a vote of 31 toll the South a 1 he audience of millions is sitting Kota Senate has passed a state House up straight in it chairs watching building Bill. By providing that the every move and gesture that the Star 1 municipality in which the citizen de a of the show hut make. Iri Quot a he use shot Quot the. State loan. The measure is More social and if it is not a Good performance jsj.,c Jhan much criticized Pioneer there will he no Alibi for the Harding act of North Dakota. The North a adm Ini Strati on. He cannot blame it Kota Law depends on local associations. Henry Ford who continues to be one of the Best hated men in the country hated very largely because he served the government without profit and thereby set a bad example Faut few followed announces that he has not asked Wall Street for a loan and does no to intend doing so. He says it with a Peculiar emphasis an obligation to deliver a Good per that gives an impression that he knows what would Mormance such As no party has had happen to him were he to become debtor to the Anan Cia Kings. On tile democrats he cannot blame it on a hostile Congress or a Dis United party. The Republican party is the nation and the nation is the re publican party. Tile Republican party and the Rich men who control it have it is a part of a Clever political plan there to keep the people thinking they can get Worth while measures without turning out the politicians. Well since 1860. An employer will join a Trust or association that fixes Price or limits output but grows purple with indignation Over the so called tyranny of labor unions. The doctor and lawyer refuse to counsel with the Man outside of the regular lines of their professions because they desire to maintain the Standard of prices and a monopoly of their professions but they cry aloud in indignant protest at the Effort of the labor unions to try to prevent the non Union men from trying to reduce the Price of his occupation. Shipload of potatoes Are arriving from Denmark and other foreign countries and being dumped on the u s. Market. Tariff Laws Are made by men elected through political action. A Farmers keep out of and you will then he sure that you have nothing to say about keeping your Home Market from being flooded with foreign products. We do not believe that the Farmers need to beg cringe crawl or sneak to get their Hist in a. They have Fust a Many rights As anybody else and a Fol get their rights Only by standing up Ami demt�?T3�>sr them by organization politics or no politics. The Black Flag of financial piracy floats around North Dakota but the heroic line of Farmer officials has not yet been broken. Cheer up this country went through a much worse time in 1873 and again Kurui. In 1893 than now prevails Here. It the was pretty Tough sledding for a Good Many people those times but they weathered the storm then Ami the it Wall this time. And after its All Over the Farmers Ami local business men will be More United than Ever before. A new press association Minnesota is the second state in the Union to develop a Peoples press association. North Dakota was the first. With 34 Farmer owned and six labor owned weeklies As a nucleus Minnesota has a Good Prospect of having shortly an Independent association larger than that of papers of the other Wall paper and paints we wish to announce that our Stock of Wall paper h and paints is More Complete than Ever. Be we have a Large Force of expert workmen to do in be your decorating. A we do work anywhere it does not matter a whether you live in the City or country just say h the word and Well be there. Be i reduced prices on paints in our Price on paints is one Dollar per gallon Lesu h h than last season and we Are also Selling Lead and = h Oil at very Low figures. We Are paint experts i h if you have some painting or decorating which in = you Are going to do yourself and desire any inform mation we will be glad to assist you in any Way. Be. J. Sullivan i = 123 Broadway Albert Lea Minn. = old association used to represent the press of the state fairly Well but four years ago a few officers succeeded in tying it to the Republican machine. It entered politics by endorsing the reactionary Railroad lawyer Kellogg for senator. Now it is Little More than a handful of editor politicians and attendance at its it Edison is working on a machine to talk to spirits Benefit both for they Are both in the inner inn . Hank1 hired Man says a sum of the fevers that pretend to it a Fer the truth at up if Cruz lab a rein hut head better look into oui a a patents. The russian Crown pearls Are being sold and thus the tears of a goddess become profiteers. Haq a it a a a a rho of no to ret Cabinet positions can now Quot net of Flynn meetings is secured by offering in what is had for one is bad for both text ailment at the expense of the big and that which will Benefit one will into rests and the kept press of the twin cities. It was significant that the Only Wel same boat. It reminds Many of the come offered the Peoples Tress Asse dark and threatening looking Clouds citation at its recent conference in the twin cities came from the Minnesota Star and the great equity co operative Exchange. Independent editors of Minnesota now have an organization o re Restit them and to offset the Ltd a. Not of a thunderstorm but the Clouds always break away and we find ourselves in the mild Balmy weather and Sunshine. Cheer up the Clouds will soon break away. F i the Minnesota daily Star is now published in Minneapolis a in Hiim let no limn hoi in ii to mum to Fimmen if you have not yet subscribed to the Star i do it now leave your subscription at the examiner office

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