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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 3, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that brings More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner volume 2, number 9.albert Lea Minnesota thursday March 3. 1921. Harding a Cabinet announced Wallace in agricultural berth it Means much to advertiser to have their martial reach nearly livery bom in Alban a and Freeborn county that i v advert Jug in tile examiner ii a Orth while. Single copy 5 cent nine years of life printers slogan in 44-hour fight Lincoln was advocate of co operation appointment of Mellon causes most comments comptroller of currency Williams leaves office Kentucky congressman pro shortening of weekly work a est go vet Dent a a on Poyo tobacco committee of 17 of period will extend useful fers second report senator Ladd explains North Dakota Issue to the East new development in Mooney Case. Ness half decade Washington d. A unless a last minute change or two is forced by the political struggle entering around president elect Harding his first Caid net will be made up As follows Secretary of state Charles Evans Hughes new York. Secretary of the Treasury Andrew w. Mellon Pennsylvania. Secretary of War John w. Weeks m Massachusetts. Attorney general Harry m Daugherty Ohio. Postmaster general will la Hays Indiana. Secretary of the Navy red win Den by Michigan. Secretary of the Interior Albert b fall new Mexico. Secretary of agriculture Henry c Wallace Iowa. To take the stand that even if the. War proved the naval monsters to be false Teeth Uncle Sam should have a Quot Nim Ocan in the to Campaign were Abraham Lincoln alive today he would be undoubtedly a Leffier in vast progressive movements in behalf of Farmers co operative associations to collective bargaining by labor and government owner hip of essential John drink Watt a English drama legion men refuse to fight nonpartisan new pm co be sent for postal service i1 do a a v Tom a a a to to inaugural.-, Ter if they Are too big for his Mouth tile British Admiral sir Percy Scott recently said a if the German emperor had Only spent the Price of one battleship on submarines his country residence or one of them in this it wintry would have been the big battleship by the very fact of its enormous Tost acquires a Host of powerful friends whether in Germany England or America. On May i More years of life is the the printing trades unions and author of the play a a Benjiam for the 44-hour Lincoln a which has been the great Gage Success of England and America during the five years has left Minneapolis after delivering a series i of addresses with that observation of the Dia racier of the emancipator. A Lincoln a he said a was not a Democrat nor a Republican in the political sense of these terms he was not a politician. To played politics As an expedient but regarded professional politicians with a healthy suspicion. 192, it will effect All members of tile Allied trades in the Book Ami Job Branch of the Industry As distinguished from newspapers printers press up n. Stereotypes and electro types Windsor Bookbinder. And photo engravers numbering approximately 250,000 throughout the country. In april. 1010, a joint conference of employees and employers in the United states postal department soon will Send six single motor de Haviland planes to Speedway Field for use in the Chicago Minneapolis air mail service and will discontinue using the present equipment Carl f. Egg superintendent of air mail announced. He american the m w Plum arc. Superior to officially re equipment in matters of Speed Quested the co operation of Minnesota we Jec it mis broken a by Pilot h. Thompson Anil Pilot j. O. Webster who made flights from kept press attempt to dictate to sex service men failure $7,500,000,000 is limit says Berlin offer Lloyd George Breaks into a Long address and halts conference Washington i. Legion of Kansas has Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover California. Secretary of la Orjames j Davis Pennsylvania. Who they Are. Charles Evans Hughes Rover for of new York for two terms from 1907 to 1910 was appointed to tin Federal supreme court in 1910 a president Taft and resigned that of Flat e to run for president on the re pub bean ticket in 1916. Andrew w. Mellon listed for be Ere tar of the Treasury is probably the committee of 17 reports the second report of the committee of it appointed by president Howard of the american farm Bureau to investigate the wheat Market contains further approaches to the problem Natl and it was agreed that the 11 Jot r Quot it Ltd should become effective May i 1921. This action was later approved by a referendum vote of Al tin organizations represented at the the Core of the More definite Piau rence employers and employees. Is a Grain growers co operative a now some of the employers Are re sae a nay the Kroner would ported to be backing Down on their agreement but the Shorter work week will go into effect on the Date stipulated. In this connection an interesting fact developed is How shortening of the work period lengthens the. Life of mechanics particularly in printing an indoor , the intimation it a graphical Union maintains a make a sales contract or Pool contract with the local elevator or other organization and the local organization. In turn would make contract with the National sales Agency. The National sales Agency in turn. Would control by owning voting Stock in the respective enterprises terminal agencies warehouse corporation i Nance corporations Export Corpora richest Man Ever directly connected Dong and service departments with our government. He represents another part of the plan Calls for a mortuary Benefit and the figure. Ave a controlling interest in most of the Export corporation to provide accurately established from and important industries entered around proper facilities for marketing the sex source. John w. Hay International Pittsburg. Banking Iron and steel portable surplus of Grain. Secretary. W Ith Headquarters at in work on the plans is continuing at. I and wow a the Mumm. Believe the Nassl u<�?o<1 a a have the thing in final shape it will be win based upon the actual and Coal interests find expression through or. Mellon. He has never held Public office. Many Republican editors have not taken such a Eloic with enthusiasm. A John w. Weeks chosen As Secretary of War is by business connections a Massachusetts banker but he has been in Congress continuously since j90 i in 1916 he received 105 votes in the Republican convention for presidential nomination. Harry m. Daugherty selected for attorney general is Well known in the Middle West As a Clever political Boss he served five years in the Ohio log Blat Are. From 1ss8 to 193. And was successful As Harding s Campaign manager in getting the Republican nomination for him at the Chie Agi convention. Will h. Hays of Sullivan. Iud., is like Daugherty a political fixer and King maker rather than a Man who has been in Public life. Remarkable Success in reorganizing the Republican machine of Indiana in 1916 attracted nation wide attention to him and he a made c chairman of the National Republican Campaign committee. Edwin Denby of Michigan Lias been a state legislator for one term and three times a member of the lower House of Congress. Albert Bacon fall of new Metier Ras been a United states senator Silica 1912 and is known chiefly for his reactionary policy toward Mexico and his activities for the great natural resource grabbing monopolies such a the Standard Oil interests. As Secretary of the Interior he will have a1 most a free hand to pursue his past policies Henry Cantwell Wallace affected As Secretary of agriculture is an Iowa farm eng zip publisher. He Comet nearer to Bein a progressive than any of the other Cabinet selections. He has never held Public office. Herbert Hoover first came into prominence As United states food director. Previously he had been a min ing Engineer and promoter in several submitted to conventions of differ. T Fanner organizations. A a Ladd on North Dakota senator elect e. F. Ladd of North Dakota Bas put the North Dakota Bank situation in a Clear forcible Light in a special interview requested by the new York Globe. A eth Farmers agricultural and in printing Industry a held in Cincin was a philosophic Democrat. Whose political anti religious Creed was social Justice to or. Drinkwater latent play a Oliver will appear next october. Overproduction impossible under intelligent plan defects in Industrial system make burdensome what should be Boon to Man with .000,000nen Idle in american industries and other millions of Fering for the actual necessaries of i be there i something1 radically wrong with our system. Herbert Hoover declared in an address before tin Merman engineering Cornu. Convention at Syracuse a. Y., last week. Then would he no Over production under a prot it or method of coordination and distribution said he. A the waste in our production Jal figure.-, of the organization toe cutting off of four hours a week from 1> to 44, will extend the average Iii. Of employees nine year. Lat year the average age of those print r w to died was 53.17 years. I under the Law of the Union Only thus who have attained the a of. 21 Are eligible to membership. The Austria program of North Dakota a a expectancy a then of the 21-year-old by �?~�0&Quot"n&Quot"1 by Printer is hut 32.17 year. Of life. The. Xii la Mien Arni their Rud Dorter a i u .1 developed by the nonpartisan vague amen can experience table of mortal measured by the unemployment Ira and in the end the Farmers will be v i to cover gang All american citizens Wal Home labor conflict the tortious in securing better marketing Piave the a a expectancy of the Averia Hitler better living conditions and ac9�?~ 21-year-old american at slightly a reasonable profit pm their years Mote than 41 years indicating an business. The Bank intr not lev., milking pout up. Average age at death of Over 62 a. Printing craftsmen Are there proved by the nonpartisan league As now conducted is sound. The Bank of North Dakota has five times the regal Reserve required under the Bank a Laws of North Dakota. No banking years before a fore living about nine the average citizen. Before the printing Trade Wen age it death being Only 28 year a a a r a a v Hui o Cir of teat to Yon in the state is on a sounder Gani Zed the work Day consisted of 19 Quot the question in have the people i Quot a Quot mope a Quot Dir or it of North Dakota the right to develop cond tons in Thorp lays the a banking system for the Benefit of Atn a was very High the average e her people or might she be subservient to private banking interests within and without the state approximately 60 per cent of Deposit funds us d in banking belong to the Farmers hence they not boat the mercy of private greed with Scarcity of liquid funds when due Money is most needed to move Tho Fawner crops and place them on Hie Market in an orderly fashion. In my judgment the private banking system and financial interests Are fighting the fanners1 program and Are Hack of the present attack and Advent advertising now being Given the state. A Townley is one of the three National committeemen of the non parti report from Kansas clears n. P. League alter investigation by committee disloyalty charge is killed san league and i cupper Ina 7�?T&Quot it Quot a a quoth erg at Bismarck aiding and directing Dakota a tis solved from any taint the efforts of the league. I predict a loyalty to the government and ther will be no Compromise and that estate administration under the the Farmers will in the end win. But leagues tenure was to have foreign countries. He was born at not unlikely the iwo nil Awan Branch Iowa. 46 year. Ago. My of wry of be Prii 5 rigid ,n�?T1 0x"1"t Jam. J. Davit had Bren both a la Vale banking instill a tour in tile heir Quot Bor Union off Al and politician. In future brought about by the policy Al 1906 he was selected to reorganize the defeat or destroy at any Cost the Loyal order of Moose and is now its program As adopted by the enemies of the Farmer movement head. Jokers around the Capitol Point out that his selection is probably a Concession to the remnants of Roose veltus Bull Mooers. Williams resigns misjudgment Quot in the report of the committee of five Salina men after an investigation of the North Dakota situation at the Behest of local Farmer j he report was i seated to a mass meeting in Minneapolis last saturday. The president of the league was another Mooney Case confession Frank Macdonald the Only remain ing witness against Thomas Mooney resignation of John Skelton Wil and j. Billings who were convicted of declared to be honest an Loyal ,bmhp.tr0lepo, he u7ency How dbl no a Poppa redness Day Parade the president the committee said pleases the big Bankers and leaves in san Francisco in 1916 has in a. _ a a. President Harding free of nil the of fessed that he offered pre taste Quot i a Png a Mony. Al Tho Othen Ine Ludig Quot hat wealth w0&Quot.l it a roil Quot re a because of the banker opposition police officer Draper hand. Have put 10 country in Psi the government Williams appointment was never con themselves in the same class to ease a it nor it firmed by the Senate. During his term thedr consomme failures of North Dakota Bank he made a determined fight against a Donald says that he was drilled were flue to the Stringency of the the violation of our National banking by prosecuting attorney Fickert and times and not to organization or the Law in respect to Loans to directors promised a pan of the 175 00� re i., organization or me and excessive rates of interest. Ward but was double crossed inking Laws the committee said. Another interesting phase of the 1 he committee said had foul a a socialism in Kentucky matter is the memoirs of a German Farmers of North Dakota Felt that t Cantril of Kentucky consular attache almost openly stat hey could not profit economically in Tias suggested in the House that the big that the fatal bomb was one in less they were organize politically government put the tobacco Trust out tended for concealment on a ship. The report stated there was no of business and assume the monopoly which went off in the wrong place i a l. Itself. A to maintain the reputation of our uhf a a a charge of social lie pointed out that the Trust has judicial system the governor of Ali a state owned in plus in labor turnover the Ai Lurt to secure nuts mum pro Luction or individual it due Ither to Ltd Lack of or. Hoover ass ired. Beyond this again i a wide an a Ltd waste in the poor coordination of great industries the failures in tray por tation Coal and Power pupae Winch re Echo daily to interrupt toe steady operation of Industry. There Are again other wastes due to Lack of standardization to speculation to mismanagement to National equipment and n Hundred fiber causes. A there i no Uch thing As the rations Over producing if it s the Light commodities. The commo Ditis or enic produced by int whole nation Are capable of absorption by the whole nation if the.1 re of the Rig lit character of we could attune the whole Industrial machine to the High St pitch agric Tor As i Ell As manufacture an increasing production would mean a directly increasing Standard of or. Hoover Aid that while it is a True that any particular commodity or sender can Law overproduced by eau e it will reach a saturation Point in demand when All members Oti for a her j a Mound it have Heel supplied the absorption of increased product a to lies a in the conversion of luxuries f today into the necessities of to pm this can be spread through the whole population by a ,.1 n habit an a due fion. Legion officials in correcting statements to the effect that the american legion of Kan a is attacking the Farmer Orga n Iza Tion. Command Mon of the american legion in Minnesota i a according to the Lee Ion a w service Issue a bulletin to each of the 475 Minnesota Post giving the Gist of the Kansas commander letter to the following Ell act a it. Is apparent from letters received a rom american legion posts Anil individual legionnaires throughout toe country they have be n i inform a it Gar i inc the attitude of the Kansas department of the american legion toward the nonpartisan league. A we naturally do not attack the league for two reason because it is considered a political body and because Many legion members belong Loti e nonpartisan league. A i enclose a copy of the Resolution passed by the legion executive committee on january 21. Which i am univ will make Clear the situation if communicated to your pots and Siliven publicity in the Public. Or _ Quot a in a solution of the executive committee referred to Ltd reads As follows a it is the sense of this committee that posts should be informed that ther is no restriction in the Constitution of Tim american i Region prohibiting the members from joining the nonpartisan Hague or any other politic organization a be it resolved that insofar a the economic and political principle. Of the nonpartisan league a involved t a american legion of Kamas takes in stand but urges each member of t. American legion to perform his 1 la duty a. A citizen according to conscience and i by another unusually vicious at to it met by politicians and the a kept press Quot a drive former service men int it fighting the common people have fail i. A month or More ago news an i to Chicago without stopping at la Fosse a has been Cus ornery. Ibis Wati ? it time non Stop flights have a Tinia a both a a in one Day. Pilot Thompson established a new mail rec a re i Between Minneapolis and it in Cag o when he made tile trip in two hours and 23 minut against Tho pre Viou. Re Cor a of two hours and 5b minuts made two week ago by Pilot i., la Garrison. Ton tax Bills delayed for 9 Days by House opposition blocks move to make measures special order Oil Ary of tonnage tax ene general delay a papers in and parts of the United states were carrying big headlines a Ukar a legion attacks nonpartisan hew Many newspapers the above letter and Resolution practically none of the seven in papers in the twin cities Only on the Minnesota daily Star owned by the Farmers anti workers Coni a cd with til re tue to of the legion. S Neth Nall Ltd the Farmer own <1 country new Pap is hav published it. File local Post at Salina Kansas evidently was won Over by the plot or again t the league. But National commander f. A. Galbraith or. Immediately repudiated it. Action and now the Kansas organization has a Ion. The thing which speak. Well for it genuine and loyalty to democratic principles. La anti Bague papers will devote pm Durn of Pace we n one obscure 1001 Post of the legion takes action Acain to the league but they will not a devote be line when the officials rep resent my an entire Tate act Ami re fun it a attack the organized Farmers. Delinquency among boys and girls starving chinese greatest tragedy Minneapolis. A the gnat a tragedy since the Dawn of time is being enact in it Luna John f. Downey Dean emeritus of the u of Minnesota appealing for fund to relieve Tan my disease ravaged Chines in the five Northern provinces of the a dowry a no other catastrophe in the. To Mies. General delay was on the Job this week. A a re ult it of his activities. Enemies of tonnage tax have been Given ran. Day in which to influence me Miers to their Way of thinking. Delay got in the Job when Only 57 House members \ of to it late monday to make tonnage tax a special order for j thursday. Eighty seven votes or two thirds a needed to make a special tinier. Forty nine voted no. Representative Wicker chairman of the i tax committee then moved to Rake the special order a week from thurs last and this was carried by a i am t a a. There icing no opposition member up it ing the special order action including representatives 1 Homas Girling j. W. Olson and Asher How Arall a Hennepin county Aid they thought the House needed time to tudy the Bills. Lax Extension granted the hogs Ane Enate monday both passed an emergency Bill extending the Tim the pay personal property taxes from March i to april i after Samuel lord member of the tax commission had told members there would be an imp�?T1 cadent number of delinquents unless Ach an action were taken. After a debut of cured by Sherman Vav. Child denunciation of the Bill extending the Power of state Banks by allowing them to net As Trust compone. The Bill a passed 96 to 12. I his Bill will extend the already vast Powers of the financial interests which Are building up Largo monopolies of Money in the state and i am against the principle of concentrating Power in any on it of institutions a said or. Child. Representative George Rodenburg St. Paul said the Large Banks were Lorth Bill Ami representative them lore Christianson of the appropriations committee said they were again it. Bonus measure passes another emergency Bonus measure. To allow the state to draw $5, out of the Revenue fund for one month Asp sin of the i rite Iena news service made her Coulter indemnity proposals to the allies yesterday and to v or held in Atis factory. Fir. Vav att s a is peaking for the German government at the Ope Ning -. Ion. F the indemnity conference offer a the allies 30,000.000,000 Gold Mark 1�?~7,500,, to be paid within the Neret 30 years. But at that Sam time or. Simons contended that Germany already has paid the allies 20,000,000,000 Gold mark1 in reparation.-, making the total amount offered a Germany 50,000, 000 too Gobi Marks $12,500,000,000 ses Ion ends abruptly i lie first Ion of the conference a suddenly broken off by Premier Lloyd Georg spokesman for the allies. Who bluntly told the German that their c unt a proposals were no a i satisfactory anti that there was no use continuing that meeting if the German it Legates were going to continue upon their present be. The germans were thrown into con Tema lion and immediately got in touch with Berlin coking Freh orders. I he Al lie Tate in n met at Premier Lloyd b Oise s a Flicia resident late in the aft Moon and Drew up formal Ana. To be handed to the German. At St James Palace yesterday. Ville stand firm in tile Bra session of the indemnity conference at House the germans u. Re flatly informed that no quibbling would be allowed and that they must accept the Allied decision. It was Gen. Ally held that the portion of France which is demanding direct and forceful military action against Germany to compel payment was strengthened by the outcome of tile first meeting of Allied anti Ger Man statesmen. Or. Simon in presenting the go Man , declared that the forcing of the Paris Deci ions upon Germany Quot would be a great menace to the rest of the world. He urged the Albe to fix a total capital sum. I he German foreign minister quoted German experts to the effect that Germany cannot pay More than 1,-900,000,000 Geld Mark yearly in addition to internet upon the loan. Or Simon. Said that if the germans met j the allies terms it would be necessary Tor the allies within five years to organize a plan for the mobilization of the remainder of the debt. 1 he threat that the germans will return Home was made by her i it Orschler chief Secretary of the a r Man delegation. A i was greatly disappointed at the reception Given the German count t proposals a said Herr Dreschler. They represent the maximum that Germany is prepared to concede. F the Allied premiers decide they can not consider our terms there is nothing for us to do except return mrs. Hamon opens fight against girl St. Paul doth clubs Here have Beer astounded by statements that delinquency among girls is on the increase. Re cd Homes in it Paul Are crowded to capacity with unwed to was passed under thers according to Rev. A. J. Rules. He the. Special officer of the juvenile the Bill creating the department of Public Domain fathered by the same time delinquency native Wicker and others wat among among boy he decreased figures important measures introduce. A a Dew. Two measures fathered by Hague Rev. A put warned part of Tho de members went through the House a Quency of boys to Pool Halls. Monday. One was the Burdony Reso Auto Moi be. And risque movies were Lution asking Congress to extend sex the country and the Conley Resolution ask go out to much a chaperoned a said my Congress to place a protective Caput. My of Mankind can compare with w i i i Quot Voit a he said. Quot poor creatures Are delinquency of press service to in at Tho rat of lf.000 a Lav Quot let the Taaff tors other a. Tho c the tobacco Trust will have to put on a Campaign of americanization in Kentucky at once or can trips Quot socialism will become popular. Franc and several other european countries have made a tobacco monopoly a big Revenue producer. Uncle Sam s false Teeth the big battleship advocates appear As conspicuous in North Dakota shed shortage Ca uses theft it is in Kansas it thu. A Ipoh Sam Rose go in n. of seed a Lack of experience is believed amount this Winter. One Man named Warner that the most Chapi Cucui mistake committee we As that the try out had lost 400 and another 250 bushels a been the Larue s fight on Minnie j a it reached a Point where til ague stolen from Grain eries in the Fields. J. Nielson elected state superintend could be Caliph a Success or Tariff on Wool and Mutton. Campeti Puii in instruction to replace a a eth automobile is worse than a Tion with foreign Frozen meats is and t d or it House of prostitution. It Bas been re Ding to the tribulation of sheep Rai. J. Ralph Burton tonner United Spon sible for More cases of Deli Juen ers whose products Are already Seii among ii girls than All the House Ling at much below what they Cost to i scared the Bank of is Orth Dakota of Jujj Fame a Caput added. A dance produce. Or. Conley Resolution says. Free in the big thing on which the Success Halls and Canoe parties also added state Industrial program their quota delinquency among girls is confined r a Vuci god Quot v us it i till ruined the present growers of tobacco furnia could Pardon Mooney and Bill a were no More socialistic t Lian a a Poi my it Lur inure eases or it Teim Quin ers whose product Are already e in Kentucky and other stages and that togs so that they might be tried again the state owned printing Plant of states senator one of the committee by the than a a the h use r m h. At the same time prices for the Fin on the remaining counts in the in Kansas. Declared the Bank of North Iliot 2. A j c l jelled product have been held up. He Dieter Al. It is far better for an in i charges of the existence of free m thinks he government could make Stit ution needing respect to source if. ,., nearly a billion a year in the venture. I Elf of alleged evil than to con Jean la f War full la without Foundow a a Ilion and discussion of taxes is notch it is As Charles Arterburn the labor Mem largely to the Ber of the committee said he visited _ was respond All labor organizations and found Ages of 14 to 17. �?o1 Ltd a i experience was respond a <uu1 aim Luzim Ved to have caused the unusual sible according to he report for mis them in sympathy with the league. Of wheat stealing around Here takes in administration pointing out the consensus of opinion of the Rector going his rounds a Fine pig that or. Dibbles uncommonly Fine contemplative villagers a yes in if we was Only All of us As fit to die As him in a tit bit. Another operation is performed on Caruso another operation to remove pus from the Pleura of tis1 lung was performed this week on Enrico Caruso. Tenor who Haut red a relapse from pleurisy. After the operation it was announce that Caruso was i resting easily. Ardmore Telegraph from Chicago mrs Jake Hamon widow of Thod millionaire and Republican n tonal committeeman opened Battle on Clara Smith Hamon the girl charged with her husband s murder Anil who according to the defense endured hardship to Aid harm his career luring the to years of her association with him. At least that is the Way to girl friends Inte Pri ? a Tel Gram received from the widow by h. H. Brown special prosecutor. A i helped my husband prove us a u farm and drove farm hoi e and buggy. My husband owned no a atom bile then. We were poo 12 year after we were married a wire the widow. She ends with the statement a i Ain not saying unkind thing about Clara asking Brown to announce she a change her plans about going Washington to attend the i augur Tion she says a i am almost in nervous pro Ira hoi Over the killing of my the Willow will appear at Tho a a used girl s trial As a Lur wine of a the prosecution. Fth a spy he Fli arrive in Ardmore within a few a a a Washington Vermou a co on Cago meat packers last week feet in the United states up Ern court Fluor contest to operate rack thur Plant in a Baa to to

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