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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1921, Page 4

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 3, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota A Ftfe pork Albert Lea examiner keep suitable farm accounts farming is a profession and must be conducted in a Businesslike manner co operation among Farmers is favored Hampshire hogs make record thursday Maro m2l i we we my a of my Umi Iii a a a it a a Mhz Nunda Mansfield saving of s5.434.000 was elected last year. Born to or. And mrs. Wallace Bertte on thursday morning to baby girl. It of j la i helps credit at the Bank once the principle of bookkeeping a order stood a simple system can be developed to meet the Farmers need Fanner ton derived to no co ate a loan at i local Bank. A Ajo act a Bat is a our it alb Tai cd not to Tun the banker railed him Quot Why. Said june. J Imu a hot and land and a of mate of liar. Aud some cows and live awk. An i an a or i Liard and we Shaw you a detailed in Tho value of he i hic banker interrupted Bun. A no a it. Tin r re in d. Base us to tim to bother loping my a Quot �?�00.1 gracious mail Quot a Lalann i the Bunker a a aet no ran Kip a hts. The Way the thing workd nut now Aday it do i require Mon than in donuts a re a Day then who. Y of Conn ii a Ftp a a loan you mild produce a by a t of Pat r and \ a re to what i be Trot. Here what i of and her v what id have in if i sold out tomorrow a it i. To afraid i and to lot you have the Iione until i have tin information a a the conversation takes in hundreds of Tow every Day. Arco re inc to specialist of the get farm management Aid a Rne a Monk United stat depart in tit to Acri Iii Lur of Emir Farmers Are very in Man. They Haven t the time to. Study Eon Ali ated Are a Ucuncu my Felt a hut a c to i e Federal Tailer the pm ple of bookkeeping Are under to and All fart it Adf tints mixed a Airt t a syst in of p of c can fit re it to me ? the Farmer s need., show assets and liabilities. The foundation f Aru of Hooks is an inventory a a hew inc a a Fanner a Tai lint titles. Til a a or elude re Al a Fato live Stork tan Moory r aim of county agents to assist in determining what form of or. Annulation is Moat desirable for those interested. Co operant Farmere association in the him Thorn and Western state. In Chi Button a promote by county no my inst your effect it a a a Vine a the mend a of $3,434000. Accords no to report made to the states on -.nice. Fatted states a i agriculture. To Eov the Nev year in Hamp it her s history has just Rune in and those Chimes sweeter than tho.-. Of Westminster. An1 now ringing in the car of every Hampshire broiler. The work it St Paul thur a by afternoon h. W. Emery spent Holiday at the Ltd a evening. Ii i wih or and mrs. Leo. Schmidt and or. Ami mrs. L. O. O pad a i were victors at the Silas in title Home thurs Home of i Parent returning to his Nev year in Hampshire history is the Harry Jenson and Raymond cural took in the movies at Albert Lea tuesday night Fred Peterson helped 0. H. Reim with Wood sawing monday. Eddie car him out to work for Andrew Larson for the season. The party Given at Louis Opadahl a Friday evening was very Well attended. Miss Lizzie Holland is doing some sewing for her aunt or. Versdahl. Mrs. A. O. Nepstead and sister. So fittest Kapplinger has hired out to work for Henry Smith for the season. Farmer at Shoreham it. Unloading their Wool for co operative ship Ping a Ming Pic. In All a ii vim on the Pitt of agents Haring in Eop Rich e Niom to Law hah in tot t a act a to it Din t Bis Ync or it of til Farmer a r att Ragau it it croup hut on it f i a r in determining what Fortis of ie1 is i viral a and to a in it a i a an it Ltd when vaunt amp. Awn ration mph the it oui t y. A a a at Al helps Cuard the Community against Overr Teanis too and wherever practicable adv Cate til it of existing agencies the com a i a it a omit ions which the a omit \ ii i have he ipod form hive had to do Lith with peed action Aud Ditrih Ion and delude to of Ca five Grain in a re is. Cream run live Stock -. A g How to select beef calf and raise it bulletin written especially for Young Farmers. Farita a wife proves an Abl assist ant in keeping farm acc Oil to. And Tael produce amt Applier a Tivoli on tin lid Aud Iii Bank. And a count receivable at the lat the Iii vent Orr in tak n. A h it Iii under the heading should i i to a in tel v. Real sgt a it should in a w hat ii can he a Ltd for under Normal condition live Stork fed mild farm produce at Market Pri -. Cove of marketing farm tipple % it it machinery Atid tool it a Pri. Allow inc for Annua deputation the hat Delfies should ii Clunie Ilion gag a in Tami account pay Ahie rho aum of Lite liabilities flu let d for tiie to Tai Het will a Tew tie Fame a net in on ii classification of account Billie in la Vertory Genera i i the for to thing a hanker ask for a Hen milking a loan i a1- want a a a Enow the of be of i neut Fly Goitia just a lift i furl i r the Fanner can a. Re Ord that will enable him to know id profit arid to Ane a the req Al res a Cia if tear Ion of account in w Iii h or tall f Ritie spies a Ouid Taft i two to. The pre. Ela a i Catlon to he u Ltd a a a her the pres a a it a to tip it non the farm in que full Metatia regarding the \ Trimia pit Tise of farm Hokke Foag re Faim i to Farmers bulletin i i a farm Hook keeping. I i finer i null Iii Fife a is Fem of fit no fest accounting arid i . R Vituli tit quota the i of n Mary fori urm account. Iii Hull Tny Tun it i of t.r.,n r. It i i if the to Niesl plates department of Angrl i Multare Agahi Fagton Felt a. Applic4ti0n of phosphate on poorly a aged farm a m aed fertilizer can undoubtedly be used with of Etc desirable Ard undesirable types of calves Are discussed and Lulu it. Tea Ted importance of Chang eng its ration. Lor tin prodigal wha a my be no away for in crowing inferior in a re Titi Ilde. Audun of Ere Ting live to i nil.-. Frau i u or Meni or Agri rupture Hopr it Fred a Pelt Tai Fanu it outlet if to Ilc. the title a tin beef a a Alf Ila Urot rth and i a my to Toet t i ii new publication w it to i i net partly for Yoni Fornor Tell Low to elect a beef calf Ami rut it either Lur Market or for be a m Breeding animal the i m n Ponne to an Iii. A jul demand i v inet Novra of boy Ami Iri a Lub for a a Ltd the on la principle mild practice at ranting Guelld Ioctl it Lvi a pre a Uris to the Iii for allow or Hale. M d Liv Pulitic of them to adv Vitago. I in rattle and us dear no la it Jyh. F calve Are it Tow Saaed Ami Illust lied. re Rii Apter on it. I a keeping the tolf healthy feed my. And Hie importance of changing the run j a the in Mal develop Alan Metho i it of preventing parasite Ami i a a lie Pullet Dei rile Cleat i Tiow to lip a url i Roth a we pre Par the it at of the various Bree of oui. Prep oratory id chowing them w us additional direction regarding shipping Aud exhibiting. Fenton a be ring a to h lion nation Atwould virile to the i in i states let report meet of agriculture. Washington in i for Fanner bulletin 1135. Mrs. G. It Emery was n caller at International Lave Stock show of the Tom Gavle Home saturday after Chicago. Wants will never be Able noon to de Sertic the full Story of Triumph. Or. And mrs. Fret buns i it itch a but Vav i will have to Tell you about Christ Yost Friday afternoon this later in this Story in ivc Ember the t. B. Yost family and errand Ebli the Hampshire Bree of logs a Lind Mann attended the party at won Cran Champion hip of Rall the Frank Lindemann Home wednes pro is at the Chi cog International Day evening. Ami for the top of. In. C. P. Harp by or. Henry. I let he a a a it Anis i Yost assisted or. Christ Yost with phia. Visite.1 at i. A. Paterson s wet the. I. A. My or in a xxv. For her Nia Kink wok a ars Luy afternoon. A re in r a a amp lire cars mrs Peter Tapoler of Albert la a Henry Schmidt helped Louis Smith a t a to Price of nit other few Dys test Ink with butchering tues a. Quoth i a r of or. Ami mrs. Christ Yost. Silas pet tie and Andrew Urson an i ire a. R sit they or and mrs. K. J. Birch urn Fred spent sunday Al c. H. Heim s a. A an then rom ,.0e to 1.50 Frierson helped or. And or. L. J p a umlre.1 the Ham,.-hire Yost with the Hutch Eric adm Dax. Than tiny Wen for the other How or an or. Cart Olson and miss foe n to e a am la ses and visit d at Ole Cavle s pen i get a. Forth we Only Hail the sunday. Packer w uni a Var con Itier it Eoo lev _ ,., Kuolt i. A a Are Gail to report that l. Out others s 4 met i to doubt it up to i 0most Arm 1# lowly improving. Quot i ii what j Brin in Forth to. Tov no or. Ami mr.-. Lindemann and in a 1 Ltd of a Ono the Hamp or. And mrs. Art Lindemann from a Openell w the a goo Sale Bricelyn were caller it it l. J. Yostos a to i \ Arm w Here a Sale was held. Saturday afternoon i Ere Vav a re no n Eor i breaking Price. Miss Maleta is her i it i. I a a it ii Alc for every vacation at the Home of her parents Brec or who . The top Sale or. And or. Henry Yot an it a a on an raw 1 Little in daughter Flea i item at the i. C an on per of and but if you Emery Home it unit May afternoon. To a All of the ale of the a flock of wild geese was seen Fly Hampshire lrt<., in f>20, they Mer no Over b a Loika Sumray. Be to Ling uric higher than any the motor trucks have been Busy 1hogs Sam prom it the past we a hauling Stock and hogs a other it red will deny Liis. But from Emmett to Albert i a. Those a int to prove the Alcove Tate higher Reight rate done to seem to r a paper of All hip the rail rna a Companie very f. A her Breed and the farm a much. Of t at carried a i Vert Ami pub i . Aughter of or. And t a pm it of the ales held or. Tom a e passed away at the an you will Fin that the Hampshire Mayo at Rochester sunday in the in rage outsold them All. Morning h in Bree i a sales claiming to. A rage from 1,000 to <3.000 per Heair. In the first place this is unreasonable anti unpractical Ami in the second place if any it of in buy that kind of Breeding tuck they must not expert to make go my and those who mraihi or Barney Steele Are the it i of h it is within the past proud parents of a baby girl bom Star s history have already come to saturday morning or. Over the extreme Price. Or Ami or ha.-, c Onnelly pent i be Hampshire in so old on it a few Day last week at the John own merits. There a a reason for Barr Home. Any inner buying Hamp Hir Breed or. And or John Baer entertained inc reek. Them were slightly Over a number of Friend sunday in Honor 14. Tim i on who bought their fir or. And mrs. Cha. Connelly rim i cd animal touring the or Ami or. F. H. Steele and fam i i#5� person bought Hump by visited Al the a. Geottge Home iiireine1ling to a in la Rio from the sunday afternoon. Hanifi Shir advocate Aliverti ing in or. In. Schneider Ami daughter i Bree Lei bait Quot Aion Over Florence and Barre were caller in a a person Pur a cd Hampshire Conger sunday hog through Hampshire advocate or Gas Heidmann spent sunday a Verti ing in other publication. The Alternet n with or. Henry Wittmer. Lor a in a Cati i Iii int from i Hattie Schneider returned to almost till other publication repro her Home Sumray after working at the dialect whenever a local dialect is slowly elevat1 to the rank of a language fit for literary use. It immediately begins to draw upon the neighbouring dialect of the same Stock for the words and the for which it feels a need. Thus attic greek enriched itself by taking Over a heter Vogeny of locution from ionic greek. Every Modem Tongue has Felt itself at Liberty to replenish it. Stock of words not Only from Kindred dialects but also from rival Modem tongues latin and greek latin itself having borrowed very fre a from greek. Highest Market prices paid for hides furs and All kinds of junk automobile parti and usable tires for Sale Max Gendler phone 535-j across from Post office Albert Lea. Minn. Buy your Supply from the merchants who advertise in your paper. Good tractor lubrication is essential Pyramid tractor Oil a Good now is the time to Oil harness and do your repairing bring them to me a. W. Mills Alden. Minn. For engine Pyramid tractor Oil special tractor Oil Universal tractor Oil for ups and wheel bearings Pyramid a up grease for a ear if enclosed Pyramid transmission Oil Pyramid transmission grease for open gear and for Gravity feed lubrication Pyramid Harvester Oil a = buy now your Supply of Pyramid Oil and be prepared for an curly Spring. Write for prices Ami information As to our plan we ave you Mon. H daily trips to the t out Rye phone in a use Pyramid gasoline cml Kero inc i a Pyramid Uto oils and greases chert Lea Minne Ota e 7<111111111111111111 i 1111111111111111j11111111111111111111111111111 la i i 11. F i i 111111,1 i i 11m n Quot a a Pickerel Lake i in a. mum. J a a a a a Ltd a a . 11111 Lull Hul hoi Kiwi of Arey a giving your family a balanced ration to Are you spending your Money wisely when you buy food Divide $10.00 As follows for Best results. Milk and its products butter ice Cream and cheese $4.40 vew table a nits $1.70 Brean cereals $1.30 mean Josh $1.20 s.60 Moscelous .5q sugar .30 or. Sherman of Columbia i in verify the a Crane family now spend about 20 of their grocery Bdl milk and it product. It hould he to injure Good hav you Tudie it i the picture Ndow of the Northern or i hey Tell the Story. A it a a at in the iffy it ii in. A meld r greedy store the month. Past j a Ming Uny a Reed i or it of hogs or other live tuck it br1 Papen serve the Bremler ugly the Hump hire adv Ltd Ite advert sex in the beat by. A Ork paper in the United states a in in i t copy of Hie publication to every person answering their Oliver to sement. The Progre Alve program of the flu Mahire advocate a luring the a i year a caul to be a n a Quot i ii Ney. R its kmt00 for 2 is g k a a one e Hump Hir advocate remember there Are no substitutes for Dairy products. Consider the value not the Price. Minnesota Dairy Council. Market report air it 1 Utti Ami the Haip hire record a lion have pent Over \n00.00 in pig dub Momy and tune secured Ami eau d to Ive award i Over 912 000.00 in pig club Money going to Hump dbl Imit. Of Jris Lieut Riho Woi hog. At local county Ute urn National a How -. Virtual coir i How that the pig club boy and girl in the United this Lut your win $2.00 per exhibitor of we had Over too boy in Gurla filling Hamp Hir it pig. This is year. We live a record of t Timis and add be. Of so boys an i girl. And thu Al so i w ii at no 2 we a no. Ii i Obi oat St i by Shell a far com by Timothy f a go 4ln Market it in. $1.35 a $1.20 a Josh. A �>4 10-50. .45 amp quote a he a auction Sale i $1.20-11.25 $3.00 $3.50 1.45 1.50 prod i i get at ions butter in Jive Pound Iota or More i Del at a. Cent pm r Pound at the Al toil v or of Reg. F loll Iii Quot knowing or. Manure and skua a a follow Vav ii Milf aged farm go no i a a ays for. F t nut a f Iuar of til department of the. It it a Lair Raith a ii in a larger i Plu a of it in Iii on fun that i been poorly uiat.ag1, a gds to it tier a Undot a y a Mhz i r d. Tie a thai i of fill i r i of Wilt in mater re1. A a. If e mild appear that if Iii w a it i it. In r to Lii frit Iii orally in it no Stone. Pm Pilate aral Civ air see. Time lost to make repairs far str Louiw not be com Ped to mop to Al if Given proper attention a a a by a a Bine of pc. Jug Fri go i working it order a h Day a. Wail a Klun have to atop for repair Hor do. In Ive a to making repair that j oui vainly be used to tau Are of in a Chine m order to pet Togo the Mon amp to it of repair. Plow level soils in fall stubborn of a Moro surely Cate mutated and Mottur Supply to greatly increased of All Nuti d mum level we might make tin a of iou to Lief and Moil or lamented by fail blowing a lion mud i. A i. And through Thia Prati a. La cd my iia that do not a ii Arbon tiled in Stii born my i Arn Luport a i Shiv i Frt Tjit ated an tin Luoi Stur. A a for the Rop the Foi Low i or Pring in a re airy in my How of a ii. Land or that Liol Meil to a i 1% by fail plow it a i Iii available Plum of s am a Lohi in Mille or in in the id i Laid Aud ii. To id Are eos to weathering during the Winter. The Fertility of a or Oil that a roiling is Best Ltd a erred by plow lug a Oil in Tiirik i Rizii and thou a late he at the in Ord i to a i the Viup but on titties -. A. Uru a a it Ltd a it a a a the -.rn, ask Ltd Hump Kin pro by pm Quot 01 47 Quot Quot muting Riniete to have it Ort into .o0o Dot i. O by group h the opus stay of us Smrha Al premiums at Wright co it to pc a to to give the county fat and National Hows of follow to quo at i of logo directly into the pocket of egg 27 but do n Hampshire breeder. The special Premium mom it in a it ought out the Large to exhibits adv. Will sell at Public auction on the Knut k. Knutson farm Section 14 Riceland = township 3 Miles East of Lerdal 7 Miles Northeast of Hayward 6 Miles West of h Moscow on tuesday March 8 i Sale commencing at to of clock Sharp 70�?head of cattle�?70 i 22 tows. Nome fresh and some to freshen soon 2 a shorthorn and Hereford steer from i Volo 2 a be years old la Heifer Frow i to 3 yearn old. I veal calve i registered shorthorn Bull. Ii sri i he i a inner it Piny Ltd a kens a it in Pound. Hen a a cents Pound. Rooter of 12 Cynta Pound. Us Spring 17 cent Pound. Gees 13 a Nta Pun it i. I Ark \ a tit cent Pound. 11�?head of horses�?11 i Black team. 3 and i year old i Black Mare to years old i Black horse 3 years old i Black mar to year old i Bay Mare 5 year old i Bay horse 12 year old i Bay horse 15 years old i Black Mare t year old i Grey Mare la years old i Grey Mare 2 year old. Hogs�?7 two year old Brood sows hogs h. Wolf i Alden Minnesota farm machinery 1 eight foot Cut Minnesota Binder Minnesota Mower Dain Mower. Deeming com Binder la frat toe livery Hay Rake lain Side Levery Hay Rake Deere Hay loader Hay Tedder met Morauck Bay Rake rude manure spreader have Section drag 3-Sertion drag 2 Defiance gang plow. 2 Deere Goon plow., one of them with breaking attachment id Inch walking plow id Inch breaking plow it Iamb \ an Brunt Drill 20-Hoe Owatonna seeder Dunham held roller. Shaker potato Digger 2 Bob Sleigh 2 truck agony narrow Wagon feed Mill with horsepower double buggy single baggy Urrey practically new Cutter. 3 grind Stone Hay rack 2 com planter new John Deere Douvio Row cont cultivator. I single Row Corn cultivators a Zuj horse Gas engine 1000 la. De aval Cream Nepenthe Dairy tank Heater hog rack. 900-lb. Howe scale Owatonna tanning Mill Corn Sheller. = i Bealer in i farm implements 11 fresh air suite important = Chicken House should by provided with Good ventilating system without drafts Ltd Hick a see m to require More Freh or than do it attle or wine. J a authority even ays tile amount of air breathed by a lieu is three till Quot realer than that required by cows or pigs. Give to poultry Bouse plenty of Ven bus i iou wet bout drafts plenty of oxygen without cracks tile wind to totter inh rna Lionial and inner on tidy rudders bide de liveries and mowers Deering and Mccormick binders miscellaneous lot feet Hinch Endle a. Threshers Belt 55-gallon gasoline tank about 150 feet Bam rope i my work tog Baruta single harness some horse collars Airout 25 bushels clean flax seed free from foul seed 5 bushels of potatoes arid lot of other article too numerous to mention. Free lunch at noon i Ohms .$10. 10 and under Cash aver that amount one years time on approved notes Hrmann a s ass in rest at b per rent Knutson bros., owners i p = = j j h0ve a Quot Kim. Nelson auctioneer i ill ii i Nihil we carry one of the Best repair Stock in Freeborn county

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