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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - March 3, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results a $5.00 and that brings Mon business is cheaper limn advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner it Means much to advertiser to have their a a reach nearly every Home to Alshet a Eft and Ere Horn county that v y advert my in the examiner to Orth while. Volume 2, number 9.albert Lea Minnesota thursday March 3. 1921. Harding a Cabinet announced Wallace in agricultural berth appointment of Mellon causes most comments comptroller of currency Williams leaves office Kentucky congressman proposes government monopoly of tobacco committee of 17 offers second report senator Ladd explains North Dakota Issue to the East new development in Mooney Case. Single copy 5 onto nine years of life printers slogan in 44-hour fight shortening of weekly work period will extend usefulness half decade Lincoln was advocate of legion men new Polo lie sent for $7,500,000,000 co operation refuse t o fight postal service is limit says Berlin offer Washington p. \ unions a let minute Chang or two ifs forced of the political struggle entering around president elect Harding his Arni cab net will be made up in follows Secretary of state Charles Evant Hughes. New York Secretary of the Treasury Andrea w Mellon Pennsylvania. Secretary or John w. Weeks m Assn Hulett attorney general Harry m Daugherty. Ohio. Postmaster general will h. Hays Indiana Secretary of the Navy a by win Den by. Michigan. Sec rotary of the Interior Albert b fall new Mexico. Secretary of agriculture Henry c Wallace. Iowa. Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover California. Secretary of labor a James j a Davis Pennsylvania who they Are. Charles Evans Hughes a fever nor of new York for two terms from lt07 to 1910 was appointed to the Federal supreme court in 19hi by president Taft and resigned that of flee to in for president on the rep a bean ticket to 1910. Andrew w. Mellon listed for seers tary of the Treasury. Is probably the. Richest Man Ever directly connected with our government. He represents a controlling interest Iii most of til important industries entered around Pittsburg banking Iron and steel and Coal internals find expression through or Mellon. He a never held Public office. Many Republican editors have not taken such a Chok with enthusiasm. John w. Weeks chosen As seer tary of is by business connection a Massachusetts banker but he has been in Congress continuously since j9g5. In 1916 lie received 105 votes in the Republican convention for president la i nomination. Harry m. Daugherty selected for attorney general is Well known in the Middle weal As a Clever political Boss he nerved ave years in the Ohio leg i Ala til re. From 1888 to 193, Sud was successful As Harding s Campaign manager in getting the Republican nomination for him at the cd Toast convention. Will h. Hays of Sullivan. Iud., is Uke Daugherty a political Axer and King maker rather than a Man who has been in Public life remarkable Success in reorganising the Republican machine of Indiana in 1916 attracted nation wide attention to him and Tawa made chairman of the a turns i Republica Campaign commute. Edwin Denby of Michigan has Bee a stat legislator for one term and three times a member of the to wet House of Congress. Albert Bacon fall of new Meg ice Bas been a putted states senator sine 191 Aud is known chiefly for his reactionary policy toward Mexico and hts a. To cities for Ute great natural re source grabbing monopolies such a the Standard ii interests a a re tary of the Interior he will have a1 most a free bund to pursue his past policies Henry Cantwell Wallace Bel Ted a Secretary of agriculture is an Iowa farm Muga to publisher he comes nearer to Bein a progressive than any of the other Cabinet selections he Baa Lover held Public office. Herbert Hoover first came into prominence As la lied buies food director. Previously be had been a nun lug Engineer and promoter in several foreign countries. He was born at w eat Branch Iowa 46 year ago. James j. Davis bad been both a la Hor Muon official Aud politician. In 1906 be was selected to reorganise Tbs Loyal order of Moose and is now Ila head jokers around the Capitol Point out that his selection is probably a Concession to the remnants of Boose veltus Bull mouser. A a Williams resigns resignation of John Skelton we bams a comptroller of the currency plea is the big hankers and leaves pre Idem Harding free to till the of flee because of the banker opposition William appointment was never con armed by the Senate. During his term he made a determined tight against the violation of our National banking Law in repel l to Loans to directors and excessive rates of interest. A a a a socialism Quot in Kentucky congressman Antrin of Kentucky ii a suggested in the bout that the government pot the tobacco Trust out of business Aud assume the monopoly itself. Me pointed out that the Trust has ruined the present growers of tobacco in Kentucky and other states Aud that at the same time prices for the Fin Lilied product have been held up he think the government could make nearly a billion a year in the venture the tobacco Trust will have to put on a Campaign of americanisation in Kentucky at once or can truly a Quot socialism Quot will become popular. France and several other european countries have made a tobacco monopoly a big Revenue producer Ess Uncle Sam s false Teeth the big battleship advocates appear to take the stand that even if the last proved the naval monsters to it false Teeth Uncle Sam should have a full set. And it does t seem to matter if they arc too big for hts Mouth the British Admiral sir per. Y Scott recently mid a Elf the German emperor had Only spent the Price of one battleship on submarine i Tom try residence or one of them in thin country would have been wind or the big battleship by the very act of its enormous Cost acquires a Host of powerful friends whether in tier Many. England or America a a committee of 17 reports the second report of the Cornu it to of 17, appointed by president Howard of the american farm Bureau to investigate the wheat Market contains fur Titer approaches to the problem the Core of the More definite plan is a Grain growers co operative National sales Agency. The grower would make a sales contract or Pool Contr with the Iochi elevator or other organization. And the local organization. In turn would make Contrail with tile National sales Agency. Tile National sales Agency in turn. Would control by owning voting to. K in the respective Enterprise terminal agencies warehouse corporation finance corporations Export Corpora lion and service departments another part of the plan Calls for an Export corporation to profile prop r facilities for marketing the exportable surplus of Grain. Vav ors on the plans is Eon Tinubu a my when the committee believes the. Have the thing in final shape if will a submitted to conventions of Clift re t Fanner erg animation a a a Ladd on North Dakota senator elect e. F. I add of North Dakota has put the North Dakota Bank situation in a Clear forcible Light in a spec Tai interview request <1 by Tho no w York Globe the. Farmers agricultural and Industrial program of North Dakota a Fajg or Ladd a will be continued by the Farmers and their supporters As developed by the nonpartisan. Ague nod in the end the Britten will be it to Nous in securing better marketing facilities. In it a living condition a reasonable profit on their years business. The banking policy a a a a proved by the nonpartisan league it now a unsuited is nun. The Bank of North Dakota a five time the us Reserve req red under the. Bank a Laws of North , no banking institution in the state is on u sounder Baals the question is have the people of North Dakota the right to develop a banking system for the Benefit of Ber people or ii Nat she be subservient to private bunking interests within Aud without the Tare approximately 6b or it ent of tie beset funds us d in tanking belong to die Farmers heme they shun a not a 1 the mercy of private Green with car Citer of liquid funds when Ilia Money it rims need. J to move the Farmers crops Aud them on Hie Market to a orderly fashion in my judgment the private Hanking syst a and anoxia merest Are fighting the Farmers ,.grant and Are i i a a of the present attack and ave advertising now being Given the state a Townley la one of the three a banal committeemen of the nonpartisan league Aud is supporting the Farmers at Bismarck aiding Aud directing the efforts of the league i or dict there will be no Compromise and that the Farmers will in the end win. But not unlikely there May be some baking of very foundation of to e Pri vat banking institutions in the Neir future brought about by the policy of defeat or destroy at any most fhe Farmers program a adopted by the nemic of Iii Farmer movement a a another Mooney Case confession Frank Macdonald the Only remaining witness against Thomas Mono y and j. Billings who were convicted of bombing a preparedness Day Parade in Han Francisco in 1916. Has confessed that he offered testimony All Tho others including police officer Draper hand have put themselves in the same Cia to Ert a their conscience my Donald says that he was drilled by prosecuting attorney kicker Aud promised a Pun of the 175,non Reward but was double Cross d. Another interesting phase of the matter is the memoirs of a German consular attache almost openly stating that the fatal bomb was one in tended for concealment in a Chip which went Oft in the wrong place. To maintain the reputation of our judicial system the governor of California Ould Pardon Mooney and Bill a nos so that they might be tried again on the remaining counts in the indictment. It is far tatter for an in Sumiton needing respect to purge itself of alleged evil than to Cor. Jeu in Breu shortage causes til Eft Glens 0, of see is believed to have cawed the unusual amount of wheat stealing around Here the. Winter one Man named Warner to t 400 and another 250 bushels stolen from Grui Nerie. In the Fields a nine More years of life a is the of the printing trades Union in their Campaign for the 14-hour week to in inaugurated on May i 1921. It will effect Al members of the Iii Trade in the Book and Job Branch of the Industry a distinguished l Orn newspaper a printers n. To Root per anti electro Type is Bookbinder Anil photo engravers to uttering approximately 2.50,otx�?T throughout the country. In april. 1919, a joint conference of employees and employers in the print tim Industry a held in Cincinnati and it was agreed that the i i user v a a k should become effective May i. 1921. Thi action was later approved by referendum vote of All Thori am nations represented at the conf rence employers and employ. Now some of the employers ure reported to he hacking Down in their agreement but the Horter work week will go into a fat it on the Date stipulate. In to is connection an interesting fact de a oped i hot it shortening of to work a no lengthen the life of Mechanic particularly in printing. An in or mud try. T int Mutton Ai to seraph Teal Union maintain a he teary Benefit an la Garufe occur Ute in established from John w. Hays International Secretary with headquarter at Indianapolis bus issued a totem it Slewing that a cd upon the actuarial figure of the organization the cutting off of four hours a week. From 4e to 41, will extend the a rage life of employees nine year. I a i year the average age Fth print r who died a 53,17 year i and r the la of the Union Only Tho who hav. Attained the no of i a digit to membership. In a a Quot expectancy a then of the 21-year-old punter is but 32.17 years if life the Ana rican experience table of mortality covering All american citizens places the. Quot expectancy Quot of the average 21-year-old american at slightly Mer Man 41 Yearin ii Cating an average age at death of Over t2 a Ai. Printing craftsmen a Thi n for. Dying about Nim t. The average citizen. Before the printing trades were. Gunned the work Day consisted of in hour. And More under very unsanitary condition. In Tho Day the death rate was very High to average age death being Only 21 year report from Kansas clears n. P. League after investigation by committee disloyalty charge is killed Salina league it North Dakota was absolved from any Turnt of i loyalty to the government Kiel the Tate administration in i a tile leagues tenure was dec Ailo have be n above criticism except for Quot error o in the report of the committee of five Salina nun a tor an investigation of the North Dakota situation at the Behest of local farm re the report rent d to a n a meeting in my Neapolis saturday. The president of the league was declared to be honest an Loyal. I he president the committee Aid Quot was the first Man in America to predict that wealth would profiteer on the country unless the government conscript wealth a allures of North Dakota Batik were due to the string Itcy of die times and not to organization or the Bank eng Laws. The committee acid the committee said it a found Farmer. Of North Dakota Felt that they could not profit economically un-5- they were organize politically. Hie report stated there was no justification for the charge of socialism an that the St ate owned industries were no More socialistic Titan toe state owned printing Plant of Kan As. Charge of the existence of free love were found to he w it taut foundation and discussion of taxes is not As conspicuous in North Dakota As it Iii in Kansas the report said. A a Lack of experience was responsible according o to report for mistakes in Zimin tation pointing out that the most mistake had to n the a a tie. Fight on Minnie a Nielson ejected state superintend were Abraham Lincoln alive today i would be undoubtedly a Leffier in vast progressive movements in behalf of Farmers co operative association.-, collective bargaining by labor Ami government owner hip of John drink at a English dramatist Ami author of the play Lincoln Quot which to taken the great stage Success of England and am Rica during tile Hist five year. Has left Minneapolis after delivering a series of add ease.-, with that observation of the diameter of the emancipator. Quot Lincoln a he attic Quot was not a Democrat nor a Republican in the political sense of these term. He a nut a politician. He played politic As an expedient but regard professional politician with a healthy suspicion. He a. A Pipilo open Democrat the e infill Cal an religious Creed was a cml jul Tice to or. Drink wat r latest play. A Olivet will appear next october. Overproduction impossible under intelligent plan defects in Industrial system make burdensome what should be Boon to Man Vith 8 000,0004 me a Nile in american industries Ami other millions aft rim. For the actual Nee. Aril it \ if there i something radically wrong with our to a. Herb it Hoove declared m an add a a before the i Acritani of Gin ring came 11 conv nation at Syracuse n a a a to 4 we a. There would be no Over pro a Duclion under a troja r method of coordination and distribution Ai he Quot the we the in our production it measured by the unemployment. T a lost tim tim to labor conf incl the to in labor turnover the adar to Eure maximum production of in individual. Adult Ither to i fit re ack of Intel i or. Hoover As r. Of. Beyond tin again is u wide arc of waste in tile poor coordination of great industries the failure in Iran imitation Coal urn Power upping which re Echo daily to interrupt the steady of Rution of Industry. There Are again other Wates due to Lack of standardization to speculation to uni management to insufficient equipment and a Hundred thet Caus-.-. A there ii no a h thing a the on Over producing if it pre out t be Light commo Dies. The Corm Dill to Bervie produced by whole nation Are i a ult of a Ory tier by the Wisiol nation if the / re of the right dial Acier. If w a i a attune the Vohol Industrial to the High St pitch agriculture As a it la As maim fact u re an inc i a sing production would mean a directly a Erea Sittg Standard of living or. Hoover Aid that whip i tru that any particular commodity or in ice can to overproduced is eau a it will re Ach a saturation Point Iii it Lemml when All member of to e Community liar been supplied the absorption of ii Quot a reamed product in to ii so in the waiver Ion of luxury f Imlay into the Der mud ties of win a Row a i his can he premi through the whole population by Timu. No or h a bit and education. Starving chinese greatest tragedy minute apus a the Griott tragedy since the Lawn of Lime in being enacted in China a John f. Downey a lean emeritus of the i of Minnesota appealing for fun to relieve my. ravaged clime a in toe Fie n a Iri he in Provic. Of the a Ufi. Quot no other i in tie history of Mankind can Compart with it a he Aid. A door creature Ai dying at the rat of 15,000 a Day nonpartisan a kept press attempt to dictate to sex service men failure Washington d. C. The american legion of Kan a a officially re Jjck Ted the co operation of legion officials in correcting 4at�� ments to the effect that the american legion of Kan a i at tack trig the organization. Commander Vernon of the american tag Ion in Minnesota Dill according to the tag Ion new vice Issue Minnen poli. The unit states postal department soon will end six Ingle motor de Haviland planes to Speedway Field for use in the Chica go Minneapolis air mail Ervite Anil a will discontinue using the present equipment Carl f. Egg superintendent of air mail announced. I he new plan Are so Superior to the old equipment in matter of peed that recently two records were broken by Pilot h. C. Thump on and Pilot j. I. Mel Ter. Who mad flights from and to Chicago without stopping at Tat russe a a been customers. Phi a the fir-1 time non Stop might hat is a n mad both Way in on Day. I Dot i i Mips in e established a new mail recur.? Between Minneapolis and Lloyd George Breaks into a Long address and halts conference a bulletin to each of the it Minno a a a a a a a Quot in ii Emif Iii Mui Anil Sota pot giving the git of the skin ago when to made the trip in two a commander letter to the following effect hours and 23 minut against the pre ,. Iou. Record of two hours and 59 min it is apparent from letters re Rev . Utes no h Twu age by Pilot a a i rom american legion posts an Jarri on Indi Vitual legionnaires throughout the entry they have la men i informed regarding the attitude of the Kansa. A department of the american tag Ion i to old a1 in the not to toward the nonpartisan league. Quot we naturally do not attack the to ague for two reason because it i con dered a political lowly and be Cau a Many legion member Wlong to of nonpartisan Laguc. A i enc a copy Fth Pes Glutton a by the Kan a lignin a a a cd tiv committe on january 21. Which i am in will make Clear the situation. If communicated to your in i give Pul Dimity it nth Public pro a thru action of the Cutha com tin tree referred to i a at it a follows Quot it i then of this committee that its Houltin in that ther i in a friction in tile cd in to tuition of the american legion Pic a toting the member from joining the in i Agu or any Ith rom a timid or ionization. Quot by it resolved that a the a Vun a Mic Amiko itis Al principles it of to nonpartisan league a involved. An Riel a action of Kan us tak Tun. But urge Euch Mem tar a if or Ier american Tagman top a form his 4 i a Citize n Acton Ting to his in Fri Cine and fills another unusually vicious at tempt by politician and the Quot kept pre a re iriv former ervice Man int fighting the Romm tin pm uple live fail to. A month or More ago Neva it pus r in All parts of the United flutes a re carrying big heaillin.-, a legion attacks nonpartisan he a a Muny new paper it dished the Abs Ivy letter and Resolution practically non. Of the even a lady paper in the twin Citi Only one to Minn Ota daily Star owned by the Farmers Ami worrier a complied Fine then All of the Fanner a a we a country us Pap is have published it. He la Ai at Salina kansu.-, evidently a wan Over by the plot to Guin t the i ague. But nation a1 Salmander a w. Gaibraith jr., Imrei lately a put Hute its action an new the Kunst organization Iuis a Lone the. Thins which Speaks Well for it genuine a Mam in an loyalty to Liem Cratie principle. La Atti league paper Wilt devote column of puce tan one of cure la to a of that Gion take Adion against Ila i a ague but they w ill no to devote a it a line when the officials rep resetting in entire Tate and Ami re fus to attack the organised Farmers. Ton tax Bills delayed for 9 Days by House opposition blocks move to make measures special order of tonnage Tux in it Mie. Uen rut delay v a on Tho Job Thi week. A a re ult of his act i tie enemies of ton a ire tax have in riven no Day in which to influence Medtart. Their Way of thinking. Delav int in in Job when Only #17 in in tax re it it late monday to make tonnage tax a special mls a for , eighty von votes or two thirds Arm ode a to Muke a forty nine voted no. Representative Kune Wicker chairman of the tau Tux Eimm to then move to make this ecu Osiier a week Fri Ira thursday Ami this was carried by acclamation Thor i Wing no Nippo Ilion. Members opposing the special a or Der action including re pre native Thoma Girting j. W. Olson urn a her Howard ail of Hennepin county Aid Tuey thought the Hon no it a time to to la the Bills. Extension granted and Enate mom Lay both tax the Hou an emergency title ext mining the tim to pay personal pro try a. Tax from March i to i april i. After Rhth Riuz to of the legion a i i v it j Samuel Lor a Meta r of the tax com Mission had told member ther would to an a Prece sent in number of a Kyl nuent. Unless Ucol. An action were taken. After a debate it i Tull by Sherman w child Depute rut on it if the Bill ext thing the pm re of state Bank by allowing them to act of tru to Compani. The Bill was a red Tai to 12. A this Bill will extern the already Power of tin financial int re re which a budding up far monopolies of Mon y in the state am i Arn the principle a a conc a ruling Priwer in any on it of institutions Aid or child. Representative George to a Nta re St. I aul Aid the Large Bank Wert for the Bill Arni a Ntalie Theodore Fri Tian on Utah appropriation committee said they were again4 it. Bott measure i ase another emergency i Amu. Measure to allow the state to draw $5,poo out of the Revenue fund for one month a. Passed under ,-u.-p� no a of thu rules. Ila Bill crating the to Phi rom a of Public Domain fat Tare Byky preen to at Ive Wicker and others a. Among delinquency among boys and girls Al Paul. Mother a clubs Here have a Leer a tooth d by statements that Del Raqueno among girl is in the increase. To Cut Homes in it. Paul Are crowded to a parity with unwell mothers a conling to Rev. A. A d. Hupt special Chicker of the juvenile court at the some time it kid Quency Arr Long a a my i in creased Agar important measures introduced two measures fathered by league Rev Hap it blamed part of the de member. Went through the House Lin query of boys to Pool Halls. Munday. One was the Burdon we automobiles an movie were Lution Congress to extern sex biome Targy for the delinquency of pre. A to. To the country and the girl a Mother by their it laughter other a. Tie Conley , a k a t Tauch urn Imp Rune i a a Aal my Congi it place protective Hunt. Tariff on Wool and Mutton. A Opeti Jet of Public instruction to replace a the automobile is worse than u turn with foreign Frozen in Alsta a i a ague Mon. Hou re of . It has been re Ding to the tribulation of sheep Rai. J. Ralph Burton tonner limed a. For More it a a of a in Linqui or a those pro Luci Are already Al states senator on of the committee a among Iii girls than a1 the Ting Ai much Talon what they cd St to it declared the Bank of North Dakota of Caput added. Quot Dane produce or. Conley a Resolution avs is the big thing to which the Success an Limo parties died of the state Industrial program their quota. Lunge. Do i Quency among girls is Conlith Charles Aru rum the labor Mem Jur Why to thag. Of 14 to it. I Nan v service Rotetan Germany made her coun Ter in la in to Peri a sufi to the Alii yesterday a in i Felt or he a fact by. Or. Walt s Mons peaking for la German g. I at the open my. Ion a the indemnify Confer once. Offend he a11 in Gold Murk <v?.5ta ,000,000 to to paid is within than it to years. But at la hoi a time or Simons con tended that Germany already a paid the allies 2< 1,00000,900 Gold Mark a in rep Rati a making the. Total amount offers by Germany 50. Pm Mai Ikumi go Mark $12,500,000,090. So Ion beads abruptly la Bret a Ion of the conferee was suddenly broken off by Premier Llu by be org a kit Man for the a ii who bluntly to the German thut their were not Ali factory an thin there a. No in continuing the meeting if the German delegates were going to continue upon thir present a in s. The germans a the Van into con Terna gun an immediately got in touch with Berlin reeking Freh order la Allied salesmen met it Pron a a a Lloyd a gets official residence bit in the i to noon an Crew up formal answer to to handed to the German .4 St. Jam Palace yester Day. Ville stand firm in tin Brief season of the and Effie to con or no. To iut Coster House the germans , flatly informed that in quibbling would he allowed and that they must copt the Allied decision it we Gem ratty held that the of France which is demanding direct and a Rcd Ful military action Germany to compel payment was strengthened by the outcome of the Tir to meeting of Allied and get Man tut be n. Or. Simon in presenting the German Case declared that the forcing get to Paris duct ions jux a a Germany a would to a great menace to the to i of til he urged the Albe to a in a total capital sum. I be German foreign minister i just it i German t a poofs to the effect that tier Many cannot pay mor than i Mai mini no Gobi Mark yearly in addition to internet upon the loan. Or Simonait that if the germans met the allies terms ii would tie necessary for the allies within five years to organize a plan for the mobilization of the remainder of the debt. I he threat that the germans will return Nome was made by Hen i a re Chiel chief Secretary of the a r Man delegation. A i was greatly disappointed at the reception Given the German count proposals said Herr dryer her they repro ent the maximum tha Germany is prepared to concede if die Allied premiere it Jeci in they can not consider our term there to Noth ring for us to do except return Hume a mrs. A Mon opens fight against girl Ardmore Telegraph from it hic ago or. Jake Hamon widow of thu Oil millionaire and Republican National Romni Ittleman opem a Balita on it Lura Smith Humon the girl charged w Ith her husband mum. An w to according to the Lief a endured to Aid Hamon in hrs can or Runng the to years of he Anocia Tion with him. At Lea to thai is the Way the girls friends interpret a tel Gram received from the i of by h. H. Brown special prosecutor Quot i i Ipei my Hus Baihui prove up no a a a to us i to Rove farm hoi and Bug a my husband of Nevi no no to in it bile then. We were poor itys a a r of the comm it toe san he visited All labor organization and found them in sympathy with the league. The consensus of opinion of the eos Unitt. A that the try out had tot reached a int where the to it could be Calid a. Urges or failure v not Hek operation is performed on t ski so a a a another o eruption to remove pus Rector t going his rounds Fine from the Pleura of to lung a a per pig that or Dibbles uncommonly formed Tai on it mrs of Fine Tenor who has Uffe red a relapse Conte plat Ive villagers a be from pleurisy. After the operation in it we was Only All of us As fit it was announced that Caroah was to let Gnu him sir a tit bite i resting easily. I alter we were married a wired the Willow Shein is with the Tate meat i in not Ayag unkind thing about Clara Smith a asking Brown to announce d. A changed her plans about going Washington to attend the. lion sin ays a i Arn almost la nervous prod in i to Over the k lying of toy by band a the Willow will appear at the a ruse girl s trod As a tar urdu. Tut the prosecution Fhy is he will arrive in Ardmore within a few in a Armour a to., cd Cage meat pack Ere la 4 week to. A in the a nit Sta test supreme de r Cut a to of Perroto new Fth each a their plaid in Imort to

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