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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1922, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - June 29, 1922, Albert Lea, Minnesota Only paper in Southern Minnesota entitled to use of the Union Label volume 3, number 22. Albert Lea examiner if you Are wrong you can t be too conservative ii you Are right you can t be too Radical endorsed by the Austin trades and labor Council 2 if in id thursday june 29, 1922. Frazier beats Mcumber in North Dakota Lynn. Frazier former governor is the Republican nominee for United states senator from North Dakota he apparently having Defeated Porter. Mccumber by a slight majority. Mccumber. For 24 years in the up per House of Congress had enraged the Farmers by his attitude on the Esch Cummins Law the Newberry matter and Oiler matter repugnant to the agrarian electorate. The Mccumber adherents realizing some time ago that the senator was face to face with Trie crucial political Battle of his career mustered their forces for tile hardest Campaign in the history of North Dakota a state often the scene of thrilling political contests. Speaker Ocie brought in from other states including Minno Sotar a governor Jake Preus. But it would seem thut All f thus was of Little real value. Frazier hampered by Lack of funds had to rely o l the wide acquaintance he had through out the state and the Confidence reposed in him by the people. Mccumber says defeat certain senator Mccumber Coronado Coal de-cis10n spurs labor to seek protective Law Cleveland june 29.�?the decision of the supreme court of tile unite states in the lasers of the United mine workers of America is. The Coronado Coal company of Arkansas rendered june 5th, 1922, is not so much a Surprise to organized labor As it is a Challenge to the workers to seek legislative Protection for their unions similar to that Given labor organisations in great Britain Anil other european countries say leaders of the brotherhood of locomotive engineers of this City. I the facts in the Coronado Coal Case Are very much like those in other Industrial struggles where employers import gunmen and detective. In order to a guard their in this the Coronado Coal company locked out All of its employees belong dairymen save $10,000 a week 70 carloads of co operative Creamery butter shipped every seven Days Titi my. Abe Hirsch Dies attorneys save City suddenly last sat. $4,000 in tank suit still Money in beef steers co operative creameries in Minnesota Are saving $10,000 every seven Days by shipping a their products at carlot freight rates through the Minnesota co operative creameries Asso citation inc. Records of the association show that 70 cars of co operative Creamery butter Are moving to the Eastern markets every week under the association marketing plan. The e cars carry More than 2,000,000 pounds of butter Tho a Socia Tion Bas started shipping butter direct to its new York office. Within 30 Days according to a. J. Mcguire general manager practically All new York shipments from member creameries will be hipped to the associations Eastern office where freight Bills will be carefully inspected the butter distributed to drop dead in elks club Kooms funeral in Quincy Illinois was prominent in business role Leonard Nelson son of William dared that it would operate hence the purchasers and every Sale audit be on auction ered Farmer is feeling Forth on the a open shop Quot plan. The de to protect the Farmers interests. A Ltd ave a the fact that the 1. A \ i Quoit Ftp five Hereford beef cattle which ing to a labor Union erected a Barri Republican Ca it around its min brought in North Dakota said late today thut Una non and alleged thugs and de on the face of the Early returns from the North Dakota primary he appear w red to be Defeated. Presence of these armed men so in transportation service of the Asso arty Nve Ner Toru my came a apparently from the returns the fur Jated be Community that recur elation was called into action when be Len in r Jince 1,s Early Lead Given to me will be Over in it of Fric Jon finally found a Climax in report of a freight handlers strike father purchased them last no Vern or come when returns come in from the u pitched Battle Between the com at Buffalo reached St. Paul. Within brought around $4,00ft i tie country precincts a a kaid the senator gunmen and residents of the 24 hours the association had changed by coffers. The cattle came rom he added that he Loutit not flna1, suiting in serious injury to the routing of half the states butter Canada and Ere taken e a a a concede his defeat but it it Yas Learned he property of the Coal company Shipmen so that there would be no farm a. A a that in private conference with he Yff the the receiver of the to ability of delay due to the strike. Pm a rat on 0 to. Publican colleagues he had said that coat company secure a judgement Ole a. Berg Dies 225 Days during which time Tiey doubled their weight. Now although Only yearlings they tipped the scale at an average of Hoo Pound a piece he regarded his defeat As virtually $600,000 plus interest and a co Uncertain. Be fee of $25,000 from the court be slight gains for Mccumber. New th5ft jut Kement a assessed senator Mccumber after dropping a in get International curtion and Down to a 3,500 Lead made sight Union of the mine work gain Early tonight when a number of Anuj 65 Indri dual persons precincts in anti league territory the Cut Mirt 0f appeals Cut out the in sets tsar Rujsz a1 precincts in the Western part of the state in the decision just an daughters it of a it politicians fail to territory Cine in a Natii. Rev re Al the Ami a ans a a a so Quot to Railroad g m Rentz a total of 107,r.7l to. Hail been and .rial.-, i. a to pm mad a Way it ka1lkuau u. Iti. Roii i l. A a a -1 six month i previous. Two daughters. Hat politicians Ole a. Berg of Decorah Iowa Pas and their Broad fat bask Are Fine Evi de away at his farm Home the Tat Dence of the fact that Freeborn coun of nearly seven months during which to can produce baby be fas Well As Ter part of last week after an illness a a after eight Days of one of the hotpot Legal Buttles that Ever engaged the attention of a local court the a i jury in the famous City tank Case one of Albert leads most promo brought in a verdict for the plaintiff nent and highly respected citizens in the sum of $5,475.60. The Plain passed quickly from he scene of Tiff construction company sued the while playing cards in the club rooms City for approximately $9,Hoo anti of the order of elks when Abe Kirsch the costs of action. The City refused head of the Albert Lea hide and fur to pay this sum because they con company succumbed to Quot heart failure tended the tank was imperfectly con or. Kirsch who had spent More ducted and leaked continuously than 20 years of his life in a estness the tank company and their Bonds i in this City was the founder of the men brought in Butler Mitchell and local order of elks and an ardent Daugherty and Orr Stark and kid worker in Many of the activities in Der who together with Henry Morgan and about tile City. He was a More presented the Case for the plaint of a Titan generous contributor to Many interests. The City was represent t local organizations particularly by h. Ii. Dunn and City attorney along the line of Charity. His sudden Ostrander of the firm of demise is a Shock and a loss to the and Gallagher. Entire Community As Well As his while the verdict a. Not a Dos family. Tinct Victory for either Side the Clev the following is quoted from the or work of the local attorneys will Quincy whig journal the leading save to the City a sum Between $4,000 High class Dairy products. Paper in Quot lie City to which or. And $.>,000 the amount prayed for Young Nelson who run his Fath Hir chs remains were taken for in in the plaintiff corporations Bill was Eros farm and who has had charge of torment $9,800. The amount awarded was the care anti feeding of the cattle Quot truly in the midst of life we Are $.�,47.�.60. The costs which fall on since their arrival is but Twenty two in death. So it was in the Case of City will approximate $500. A stay years old Ami a product of the local Abe Kirsch born anti reared in Quin of 60 Days was granted by the court. High school. He has been running by hut for the past 25 years a real a his fathers 400 acre farm for nearly Dent of Albert Lea and Mason City. Dental Board member Twenty five of the yearling were1 last saturday evening wipe in the guilty says the jury sold at the local Wilson Plant and club rooms of the elks in the former i _ armours special took the other City and while engage in n so in we thirty at St. Paul where they brought game of cards with several members Fie highest Market Price even As the end came with lightning Swift they did at the local Plant. Local Ness. The cards fell from his hands butchers Are carrying some of the he gave a gasp collapsed anti Al Nelson beef which has a flavor All its that was mortal of this former Well own. Known citizen had passe away. Or. Manvil author of Shipstead attack in 1920, chanted with bribery or. W. If. Mac Neil member of the i v i. Board of dental examiners has Row Jbv a quoth we cd he has. Fount Wiy by a turn City teen afflicted for several years past 1 years Page physicians Guve As the cause. The court that Allen had made an signed the receipts. This second trial he also brought out striking evidence it Xiv Quot a Tai License for him. Lout the it re t a primarily a mo., sunday Emht by a aum diet rat Jui a p wait before jury of accepting a Bride of $250 from Joseph Osfar to procure a Den to persecute an Independent citizen Ber of relatives and friends and on Laid whorl Chi Case was Triesti has not yet in. If to Bible to Railroad him to Tho a a a it a a it pronounced sentence. Re beside mat of his wife in the Valley. A District Union no. 21 was toe re Pun ten tithe funeral which to. K place in from re the Church near there interment tak fail again. Not exceed 165,000 the tabulated returns Are a a. Party. Virtually every county in tile Tate l ourt overrides established principle p uce n thu a Al Allen sex prosecuting attorney but the greatest number of missing Only to Union labor in it and for the purpose of acquiring con 0f Martin county who became Noto Penitentiary. Or Quot Quot Wiit As president of the state dental Delft business Man ie8 than six lawyers sat in of 1 t uce cemetery at his of itch x a to citation l p Kacz Keil sent to a i. Addition a Quot a we of. 1 letter to members of the association Funking Allen on thu a for Allen. Us hic Iupe a a int it it a Loti i wok Liol by i vile Assoni Liioi to alien himself. Senator Frank k. Mn<1 to Lorrow husband and fun. A he a a a a a it a precincts Are in territory that a. A1 <4hb on is the ruling of the Centra a strength Ami the faculty of no during the War for his wild at a. A. Aug that or Hirch remarked at ways favored league candidates 10 court that unincorporated labor in Quick unit action and elasticity Ere tack on the nonpartisan league a nor an a Only adorn by the time that in was ready to Fol Ett let who till it on previous elections. Ion ure stable contrary to the Loc to tet a Elf acting body with great jut Fai Letl disastrously in an attempt a Hanl aah t flow her at any time and that he on sttlj2. A real no them in i governor race lose Trine of the common Law an the Prin Fumi to accomplish their purpose to destroy the reputation of a re Pec Morns from it it it it a Art. U. North Dakota. Supp the dentists on alleged in the race Between governor i a e now recognize in British Juris they May not be sued As this body Ted citizen of Dvells mini., to we Anfu of the a a of by Quot Fatih fut helpmate i governor Felt a a Quot appointed Bim to and b. F. Baker nonpartisan league in Jence that labor unions can not be Ami the funds they have accumulated courageous enough to defend Farmers Regent. # in this ii a uld seem Candi Date for governor is a close one. Pena in it Ltd for the wrongful acts of May not be made to satisfy claims for Ami to express his opinion of Allen one of the spectacular f attire of. Granted. According to returns re a 11 1 1 league head quarters up to the vote in the same earlier showed Nestos leading but that his Board of dental Exir Mac is. While no one of crept tile two May league Headquarters announce t it Centy decide in the cae Ltd of Baskin out me weakness of the comparison Wells minn., Success of the Quot leagues entire state mine workers of America on which the court relies to justify i or affiliate has never been connect or the leading hide Ami fur dealer affiliated with the nonpartisan witness tan under oath while tins h Plafta of brine it it member of the dental prof a non. Testimony was timing brought out by locale in the rear of the Etty ,. F it>0 a a Rishi v. In Eidinoff i that this Preu Henchman St to no to Luct unworthy of Man nov mention an officer of the in a position of great res Pun a qty it is True that the letter Cist Eider a few year Alto he ,led a it a More Swirn moral Quot a a a a a a a a ibid firm also conducted a Tannery in a ticket we Ith the governor twp Nomma a Abor Union cannot bf1 held b decision. Chief Justice Taft cites league except in a far As he enjoys lion alone in doubt. Donnell and dates for grail commission according to return. A is a a a go w we x a a of a w $ is it pin Cox Ign Iii a 4? a a a a. It i it Vii vat a a Iti i i i i i i at headquarter. Rides it on the thin ground that Legal 0f August 5, 1909, and october a jaw Atli Bing americas citizen pro mud Pike the a a Tutei up in sue the courier news league Organ r<osrntiot1 of the existence of labor 3> 19l9, expressly exempting labor Usu Ltd a fax not this action. He told a Way As to escape notice an i hid to the head of the Busine which had and i Reu used atm claimed this morning that the com Sunjong renders them a aisle for the unj0ns from Excie taxes in order to be Driver of the car leading the a ire fully Quot a Law it ii. A to Jar be proportions. Cd in �,.,ar�?T Small Leal now held Gay wrongful act of their members draw the de Luction that such Mocogni a Farmers that if he were driving this enu attorney a i f Unate it seen business House in Albert Lea thu re via it u of Quawk by independents will vanish a when e Justice aft says Quot at common Tjon 0f legality of unions a1- in car he would drive it Over the alleged Rural districts Start coming in More a an incorporated association of a jes that they May be suet and their Patriot if he did not dear out of the fully a Ana a converted into Parson was not recognized As having fun is attached in claims for damages Road Jority of from to to 15 thousand of an other character than a partner arising from acts committed by their there were words Back an Forth the nonpartisan league. Over it in it 1 a ship and could sue Ami be sued Only members. It this comparison fails Between the robber and or. Rentz cation Points to a Complete Al or their liability had to be enforced entirely when applied to common Law ump then the incident was gradually for the ticket endorsed by the Annen b e names of its members Ami partnership associations and other forgotten except by the Farmer hat labor against each member but the growth such organizations which Are admit eng politicians of Faribault county. The Fargo forum says and Nece site of these great labor Teddy Legal but which Are not stable i Ter when one of the boosters of a the returns disclosed thai Bena organizations have brought affirm for the wrongful acts of their Indi Allen for Congress appeared at the Mcc tuber is not running As Roo Java Legal recognition of their exist visual members. Indeed British Rentz store or. Rentz treated him is or. Nestos and that there will i enc theil right main statute have gone much further than politely but asked him to take the u spread of Many thousands of Voe Tajn strikes has been declared. American Law in recognizing the in Allen posters out with him because Between them in other words Union Label a would appear that or. Nestos my trademark. Has been protect win by a Large majority it senator the statutes of most of the Between them. In , cd la he so called Union Label a quasi Gallity of labor organizations yet a a had no Confidence in Allen and did suit against a labor Union for an a1 not regard him As the proper Man to reged tortious act will not be enter and to Congress. When this was re Mccumber is to be successful. States and in Many states they have a the vote was lighter than that of authority to sue to enjoin the use of the recall by probably 20 to 25 per cent the total Republican vote probably will be around one Hundred seventy five thousand. _,.j a Only one contest can be accept As settled. That is for the Fin. Distr lat her the. Up trademarks. They have been Given distinct and separate representation in statutory arbitration. And before official labor leaders of railway labor organizations Point out that the decision of chief Justice Taft in this Case is City rental associations and the kept press against the decision of the jury. Two Brothers a mme calf a Workingman had been Ami a Many a Tawrs survive. The. Quot a a Ltd of a Small mrs a or a children a. Glady., Arnold and k jury he a 1 he Quot 11 _ # verdict against a league Leader the a Damon those present from out of the City to attend the funeral Are a Nola a Quot. Of of a a a in i a i in it tit. Ami their would a Bool Reaidi it to the jury and the judge it of St Joe Lee Blum of Baa on protesting against Tho admitted it As a part of the Valence. Shu "�?o7 7�?o the Mise Beatrice . Of a a a a a Ltd a. V Trie protest Aga the jury de Trie Man Euver an succeeded in securing Possession of the blotter. It a put under specimens of Allons hand. 1, j. T three children and writing and up to him along with the letters he was identifying As his own. Then Oce ured a dramatic scene in which Allen a know lodged the writing on the blotter Ashi refused to dents have retained their strength to based upon a supposition that it a marked degree and have insured Mazag Little difference in fact Wyeth the renomination of o. B. Burtness for governor Brea la Takin Quot Quot a or turn in North Dakota to Back up be. To. Who i. Running for office on pre tended desire to Fry out the Affue burtness individual members of a Union Are responsible for damages growing nut of a strike or whether Trie Union itself is liable. As a matter of fact it makes a tremendous difference be tamed by any court in that country. The decision of the supreme court of Arkansas in the Baskins Case mentioned above also supports this View. Court makes dead letter of Clayton act. Although the Clayton Taw enacted by Congress october % 1914, As an amendment to the Sherman anti Trust Law specifically states a nor shall such labor organizations or members thereof be construed to be illegal combinations or conspiracies in restraint of Trade under Trie anti Trust Laws a the supreme court in the Coronado Case alleges As further ported to the Allen crowd vengeance was decided upon Ami they set about to teach Trie citizen who dared to a Independent of the gang a lesson. Disclaims signatures attorney Allen failed in All canes he brought again the nonpartisan league and it Cost the sheriff of Martin county $200 for acting on Allens. Advice to Kidnap Joseph Gilbert fro the custody of the St. I Albert Lea Frank Wail Burlington Herbert Hirsch Mason City Iowa and de Hirsch Chicago. I Ion would also indicate that or. Macneil is a political machine bulkier of some ability As Well a x tooth extractor. Paul court. Before his term of office dry on land As county attorney expired he had t become so discredited that the Board of county commissioners reduced his declared for National prohibition and wet on Ocean a Salo Onle a land mean. Nothing to them. Not Only do they calmly expect us to Shell out millions yearly to alien brought or a a a a a thu Quot a Quot my a . Creator Elm pc or Torer. Bree rear re. But Rentz for attorneys fees in some old work Allen had done for Rentz. Or. Rentz it appears had receipts covering these services in full and hence the the Case came to trial the Allen he got nowhere in his attempt to 1 run for Congress and it would appear has standing neither with the g. O. P. Leaders nor with the common people but he is the kind of Man that crowd had to re Ort to q p Sute a Jaucian Lut to measures. After denying All the Forenoon that he had Given or. Rents an colossal Saloon busies i a tier we mus sacrifice the nations self american Flag and in i Neu Sams respect and make out Uncle Sam to name expects this county to be the most contemptible and canting sell its mag soul and hair a ind the world has Ever sea violate Ila Laws to booze Marine. Boost this since the time of Judas As Well As its most shameless prostitute. Where the shipping Board got a Shail the United states go into the Thor it y for the Sale of liquor on ships the a Gateway for All sorts of a program. Nice company or warranted attacks upon labor organi league Buster Isnit it however i nation it invites unscrupulous pm one is against the Farmer program play arg engaged in h lockout or strike it is better political tactics to sup to provoke damage to to air property port bus false friends than is earn a the a a a Tiff in thu Case did and est importers especially when a up the funds of the labor cause the decision of the court opens Juuti fixation for its decision. A your finally admitted in the afternoon Jen in the Rentz Frame up is use against Independent citizens of _ the state. U Saloon business and operate a line of t operated by the government of of receipts whatever attorney Aller i trn a he could to ff11 Palace ii on Ocean of United states is a que in the finally admitted in the afternoon a 7/,. Side the 3-mile limit it seems that unite Sute supreme curl held conclusion As to the stability of the that he had Given one receipt b defendant Sis confirmed in the Case at claimed that the other was false. Achar by sections 7 and 8 of the anti Ting on this wild claim county at Trust Law. The persons who May by Torrey Freunot of Faribault county used under Section seven Are a persons twin gangster with Allen in a Patriot and corporations incorporated under Jet Endeavor immediately Arre the Laws of the United state or the or Rentz his son and brother Ini a Little h no like deceiving the Public unum a for damages against Laws of any of the territories the for forgery sits so lightly on the Preus co Scive Union. On teed Many recent aug 0f any state or the Laws of aay the three men were thrown into trial by presence is not appreciate a what Uncle Sam is doing violating 1 recently a May 15 of the Yea his own volstead act and the Ameri the Possession and transportation a that can Constitution by order of the intoxicating liquor for be Refuge Pun Hanks hired Man says ates Are on record where such pm foreign this is very Broad Jtj and were kept there 14 Days. Players have a a planted pies of and the natural supposition is they thug came at Christmas time when agents provocateurs to striking in include labor unions like the e a this or. Rent should have been giving a Tvr in a Polit Ishun whoops it up i Ong order to create violence and in an amazing interpretation of the disorder tour Public option Sherman anti Trust Laws especially chief Justice in View of the circumstance or a unt a this is af-1 mounding the amendment of to at Law Fer cd on Rashun these Days he admit a hat the Farmer leaders be wus fight a Little while ago we right and Bat he wus wrong. To it Ernie May of 170 of clergymen a a country is $15 54 a week vhf of a thousand a if dells a a Quot Ted in in urn e ohm lives a pecans. Cg�5nst the up of Quot t fun Bce a it 4 is Caff a cafe q he a a a it it a a p 1 a a a a a i. A ural to or of sub of the n Don a ll5 wed a i a it Levton jct and the i a Ken eat told intent of confirm a a a a it Ndu a eat i4 a a it and Riv Al his full attention to the Christmas business. Strong efforts were made to prevent the three men from secur Hail and to give publicity to the thut they had been arrested for forgery. The next move was to delay the a e. Hut or. Pent i Naff a a i tooting on june 12 last. The Fri Rte l5�t-Ted four Days and it was put a also notorious on his own account Lytfi he Smit out individual letter to i a in. Farmer of i. County threat ing Board i anywhere wit i tining them with arrest if they at or merchant the jurisdiction of the United b men it be i meetings w in o surf Gei along on a 50 irrespective of Tihes. Course he had no Legal right to do Mimo #1bswy> route make the even under the Wilson admin to and he also threatened league Ocean a welter Quot turn these ships into lion solicitor general his a a a Rudd Ere with arrest if they attempted to Flo amp ung amp Aloo Uard a our us and trial ship4 flying the american Flag speak. American hag for a few million could not Ell intoxicant. Greasy dollars. Chairman Lacker s ides is the Kellogg a bothers Are so unpopular the idea that this nation will stand american Marine cannot compete hit they have to keep away Way on it i so itself Ile based before the with foreign vessel unless a a c n fat Hack and out of ight and he has to world Tsirou re violating its o n Laws liquor to is passenger to t d pretend to be in company of another under its own a r on the sea to Bolo in to dispute. Jim a v Hind in Trie Hope of deceiving the of i it to a sub i ? inc of a True tam v Are not a Tui of or Carfer company. Tie the proposed a then Potash will Ole oat a he Fateri �?��?�1,300,000 a Cord in eng to the Prairie r of rhi.-,go u his duty is evident the reactionary in a of doing something for the farm i Naie ii Lyl a Era f in he Mer n pee so in pm pm f pm c h h it a of a a or h a a r he part of on it a a to a Fri h e a a i a he of the Hirv and or. A a to a a h a to no a a a a v i. Gift a he i-��4to so to a Ltd a a i to a n Over a a a a a to a s4 a a he to no Cha a world

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