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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Celebrate the fourth in Alsept learn in a Cousino old time Celebration a a Don t miss this event i t endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and la ror Council Albert Lea examiner to \ 1� la a tue \ n \ v of you Are wrong you can t be too conservative if you an right gov can t in Ira Radical a a Nunu 2 number 25 i Hert Lea Minn Esol Thur gtd by h n. 2? i till ides we Laboroi soil is nub i a pit s 5 a Cut s. Railroads would take at the National Treasury by Louis r. Lochner we Siva the american people to i Quot Quot -. Start ., a a a it a Quot a us f Quot Washington a the neat sum the transportation act soon to to of Quot Ltd , a to be added to Tho in reduced providing for Tho gov slice it of Public funds us a a by handed eminent a Liming to liability Over or pronged to Tho railroads if fastening upon the people Thi debt the efforts of Samuel Rea president of private operation and taking from of the Pennsylvania Railroad prevail the Public funds another it bum by with the Senate committee on inter am hinting to woo per capita or state Commerce Rea has suddenly $40.00 a family As an off it to a like i covered that the railroads when amount a of Money previously provided they made up list Ltd claim for the. People the built n. Up if damages alleged to have been us the tramp it it Ion system during the tired in Ler government control an a Peri a government control. Management forgot to put Down. $800,000,000 for a deferred main ten no longer Diamond Dick s first assistant intr \ t let for two new fair buildings Thi a deferred maintenance Quot needs explanation. Or. Reads analytic mind a a ,. ,. Post office is no longer to be us i of or ferreted out that there is a Dif 1 Ferenee Between the a Price Quot paid la a Washington Aune 22. A the Iger to by Sot t of detective office according tor he Ort Quot of labor. Win it it a a a a a a Quot Quot in in. It -tin., of Uei Wra will i. Hoy by which to tonal Price part ? a a a i tip Quot a i. Antu or. ,.1. By run the Quot a a w la or p not a Al he the government what it owed the Railroad for a maintenance repair renewal retirements an a depreciation of it made due allowance according to or. Reads own admission fur the Rise in the Cost of a labor but on of the National agreement an i the we 1 King condition thereby imposed in some in serious Way the me a Dis. So that in reality the of labor to the railways was it 1.000,000 or than the govern met no a up ice of labor would allow. But or Rea does not merely want the one item Poincel the other. He want spot h for a much of i proposed charge a i -00,000,000 a he can possibly got but want the railways a liquidated lab Lily of a Foo pot ,000 r in de a for a i Gurr Perioli. In such a hurry is or. Rea to collect at least a a i a a a Shai of the �?��?�.0,1 his Ltd be runner no that he trill not take any chances with supreme court litigation Over a con Tiu thin of the Federal control act favourable to his Point of View. Rattler does he of ran amendment to tin transportation aet specimen by directing the prescient to help oui a it railways Ai this prop sit a. He admit that he Doe. A Quot to know just what he is talking about except that he is certain he n a a a a the a m ,0 ,000. I for he ays a in making mis suggestion i am at the Sci Ous disadvantage of not know the actual conditions of the claim Maie by the railroads nor the Phy Sical reparation in ties rails ballast shops and other structures or in locomotives passenger cars and freight la t which they will claim a due to to in Quot to on figures already submitted a it probable that the under maintenance claims will run Between $700,000,000 andfb00,000,000.�?o Glenn a plumb of the plumb i inn league makes this searching comment upon the Rea proposal a Why i this new intangible claim in support of which then Aras yet masters Are in meted that no information is to be Given out by them about individual using Iii mails. A Der t e Burleson regime private my in it Lance was not Safe from in the school exhibition building and the boys and girl a exhibition building will be built on the Freeborn count fair around. This Yar. The contract were let tuesday to Stensing and Jacobson being the i it est old i on the school exhibition building and h. Turner on the boy a and girl club building. The school building will be a a no Story Structure i k60 foot with com it flour it will in erect d near the Floral Hall. The to and girls building will also be a one Story Cement floor tincture 50x70 Fet it will by located the peed barn in the North part of the grounds. It is stipulated in the contracts that the Bush cos must be ready for occupancy in time for this years Lair. The addition of the to two buildings to Freeborn county a already commodious Plant will give us on of the a Quot r it of buildings for Chi Ai pure in the part of the state. Nation s Bill for militarism $ 266.50per family other affairs at nation s t Aplin i length of it to rat i a urn Mission companies now recognized by a a lid i in a firm a ire National be a1 the Treasury Mellon a estimate is $000,000, arte us democratic forecast most of $2 or every Faut \ goes to militarism rail Ope Mainii obis Are $1,369,000,000 Treater in 1920 than i under government Contro a Sims ordered hoi Secretary of Ogo greater i of under Mast t to Kelt p hand milking of. Shorthorn Beri hers orc. Wize b a i it is of milking Bort Hor 1 Fri in All Over Southern Minnesota gathered ii Quot the in Sines men peals Loon Satin Lay and perfected an a a Nix at Ion to be it us re the s it item Minnesota milking fire let As Mcinti in i Only Martin of Fairmont it cling a. To no try Harn an tied the meeting to or it my had the Secretary read tin proposed Constitution and by Laws which had been a i rafted by the Tempo ii officers. After Nome it Lisco n to v Constitution an i Iii Daws we adopted practically us read. J he a my Drury officers were then made Perm to it. They Are Fin. My i. Carem it president in in. Crekmore Owatonna Secretary k. Be syn Albert Lea vice pie Alent. Is. K. I the Ai ail i t Lea. I it tip of Iii \ directory Choen of tar the bus in so Ion or. The Ruby rep tentative a the Short it a a. A a world gave a a hoist talk re business conditions at or Cut a a future Prospect that a Well received by the breeders. At the Eon Clu a of the speech the a Sie taken on a sight seeing Lite Hlls h some of til pro Gressie Bre Eilers of Al it Ert Lea con Winum by i he to me St a St Ner til on and son and Jensen Herd were among these shown. Rail operating in 1919 Home for anti Irish a Jac. Asses it dec Chi George Hampton Hies suddenly. Washington d. More rail exposure ment expenses for the a 1021, continual investigation it of Railroad which inns from july i this year to by the interstate Commerce Oom july i next year Wilt i 602,, Nassion Reich of the Atlantic it Oast too according to Secretary of Tho line Raj Roufs this week. Last week Treasury Mellon. The Conand Don found the new York last year the demo retie Core tory Central paying six times As Small to of the announced that the outside shop. Sis the re pair work con-1921 sex nor. New would be a 5. Bf�4,000,000 Siil ered in company shop. And the republicans mad the Promise i a it hawkm.-, gent a1 Superino to Cut this v gurus by on of the chief 0f motive pow r of the Allan Point in their Campaign. Lic a Kirt inc to tii sed that repair before the 1120 election the re pub work a St it to the outside shops mean advert Sod a Cut it because the Railroad shops Wor not $3,717,000,000, but now we find that Large enough to take care of All the the expenses Are actually >000,000,030 work Llu also declared that the Coin More than the democratic Secretary Pany fount trouble n getting men to a a a 1 Anontine <1 a necessary. This $800, live at Railroad hoi towns. 4th of july Celler Attix i it it 000,000 increase amounts to about $0 this testimony was shown to be be held it fair grounds for every per on Iii the Ted h att. ord4narv Phi is i lying by the and the total expense to $53j0 per fac that Road disc i Dio per person or $266.50 for the average Cut it of ils Fox a s it the time it family of five persons. Int to r contract i out Abo by three factors account for these so in Corie Pun a the Hawkins Hail Large expenses written a setter to vice president i i 1. The in a rail in i prop nut ions a no. November i1. I so St a thai for ishtar in. A repairs a ult 2. Interest and sinking funds for shops but ret the War 3. Juggling and a no of funds a congressional least to keep up Poi ucal fences. Whie la Rej ident hard no is making speeches deploring a t in whispering around the leg a a a to the administration Aith Ltd is jul the opposite. When tin Enate added $100,000,000 Ove what the House voted to the Navy Bill it a. A d at i in Cetin t Sloe k i i Chang week pre id it touching Quot to com i ii comp oxur of Vehlen would so lock in Ley cannot h a outlaw Cive a Eland la i Brown in to of pc Rati a the termin-1 of that a Olita ined rompers and 3iilchell Pattie for presidency la by in us the i a ret d t in country a int on. To Atron Cne it i is w Hen they Benefit of Exchange Ark prac line Quot tim can Rule it discipline an tires i y Pat Coni z be Mission firms. Live Stock producer however Are in longer to it it he mislead by such statements for most of them Are aware that live exchanges Are organizations of dealers it ran for their own Protection Protection of product pct at i win ii Ion the Monstras 1 that Annie Hectl. I to by Lute at a Sfa a it nun i Vav a ii Eta i a Meric it it on. Is official Al la it it i if i tee ring n i d Titan Nix i to d Ina a vice an n i. L it i the tile Oil no an of Mth la pid Marily of n it Foi far men companies fill an e giving axe Lent a Vav wog r in. He a Gat a now n us i m Arjo fail mrs Buma i \ it us of heart disease by publicity committee i to Veteran of foreign wars i no. Ii and ladle.-. Auxiliary id separate meetings recently it i in b s. By l to finish Alln Ces Bune a concerning the 4til of a a n to i held at the i urn at a a. T let ladles Wal a a charge of All a i Echt Ion. I Tun. N a regular Hhd us torn veal be served so tiring the in v Ary your hot an pc Ana in a eat a n the git to i. I a it Veter to xvii i have the Gefreh Nath and Cigar tan a v Law a a Quot ii ladle la fail Iwine Cornea tees were appointed j. R. Hurly Chaum n of ail Caw ohs. De. Gull run i the sing ant of the guard with authority from the Slier Iii t deputized sufficient men to Patio the or. N. An i keep ordered. Be n Che mum of part a i i am Ami it s. I a Roy Guarder chairman a f commune Ltd a dont decoration. 5 a a a Ruxine in n Are urged a a operate with this committee. Enter the Conte for toe p had an i a a let lha Titer Al o a get ahead i you n lout Dean rating. We m is have the a t Para that has Ever been Bown to \ Deit la a. I a judges tor the it a a in Tai i us Are Leroy gnarl Ier. J. Rhu a la a it Hawley from Minn ape i or. Walt a b i a i. A a a m Conn hah it Una vol. Chairman of am Ric. A Rue kids a an Mot eye1� lace w it la j. I met Ann a a i -t.tit. Haniff chairman. Eon Whelan is and Contr i the equity the a chicag of a Ami Omaha Sij Epa an \ Arums y at in to pics of tip Caf i a i i and St Atli St a Iii Farmers Nix to. F1 no. By the i it at t growing contents terminal markets operation. Spleen Uch Farmer of net i Fig at m s Art change in Paul just a in n at it to. S kit f repairs to the Baldwin is comstive works on flu t plus plan. Hawkins told Delano that tiny might appear Incon latent but justified to with the state eat that Buhl wings needed the Moray. Officials of the Atlantic Arnut line a re using this outside repair Gra before the gov emm a gave up control and gov a to it exp Jim i time paid i less in company Ting the sending m null a v lots Pla \ Peipu i or convention a no it no a chief re n w Impi i in it the time that this a ii quest of the president. At the a Keller a tax Biu s no re. An Oscar a her who was the Borah Resolution for disarms Xii there by the Fame a lab a1 i Senate by a a a a a m Minnesota has introduced a a ago has four important tax Bill. His purpose him and in Genera i to Haft the tax Burden t t d which rom earned incomes to tin unearned silent to do to use taxation to it umber am p y of nut rid resources and a collect a a Euvy tax from la go a a tan. A i i i it iks of h a i to Xis i to til Bdl a ail sex i Ign ubi nit by Daniel we transportation Ami Quot a taxi a lard president of the la time be i Tho on tobacco dirt. Ii it Al spirit a alg ment which a i the unanimous vote three w been wiped out in to another Resolution sub does not a mix ctr the anything. In a Iron no i former fight hich Here to Active in tin National or a healthy and Biswa had Todt Matiun Ion of t hic ago july 1. 2. 1921. Ailed that the world War of to in 8tate� when mob rampant a a in i of Gan rations were a bid i eely peaking and even by ii 11 by ii i i ded pres de w in Home i. In full Avne at. To Utun of Lai or him of Tompt it a a a of my Ashington. In c., ar1 Union a a fit tiny it it a. Who a a a to to common Tong year of tel it it a. \ a menu to a a 1 Antei nut. Mal p a a work i. Aaa in t ii within the la i 2 re Necie Ary of the mine Lewis Campaign mama Olicki ing pm Ign. From a a vote for Lewi. Pledged Voles a counted daily. To in the general a in census of opinion that if announces his can ii Acy it mean he Ami Kab Frier. It conclude they can go enough Vole to w in. Thing Are hmm up for a red a a fight on no 5u of the Rall to Organ in to on utterance in Tavor of govern in it own Ner hip and democratic control of the iou. I hese Are the j a Incillo of the Pluntz plan. New her Page in the re a jut in diet Ting i hts it from the one pase i at the Montreal convention rho principles of Ndu gtd democracy Are a j i in Al Ltd All industries not alone Mil Jroud. Thi language is in the in i "tv.-Elve,&Quot which read in part As follows a we declare for the Retog p Tion and i Strati of these f mad it a plane j in in All. Stu flit a or ganged under corporate giants or so that men who con rib it to Randu try Hall n of All r a i prix do in d to those men who Cones a Tai in proportion to the ii est is our n t is Hart la it ii it is Ary to indicate any Hind of Cap a a cation pm times put of lid of on Armei Don or vote or of the world Ani tipi v.,jut. A ,4. A it Caplin inv. Thu to peal. Wore tarred and Feath til value of labor contribute p gets it Tell a it i Many a Fig cent a rec Ann i still 1 Ohio to the Senate Committer on Tho Margar be habit forming total exp a of operating the rail the product of Viu a lab Road show beyond i it in i that or vat Al of Repi a it the acc a pts operation has in to More expensive a it la i a 1 Rui tax in pub a year of government a a which Ai off Trul total opera t v expense were .�?~j1 n. $3.i82, Kkt my in 1919, another gov. He Tinct Ion Between earned an inc in s. I he a a one i input i tonal d la cot i -. T by the and he Hill a and i a in exes ii Ern ment control year Tivey we $1,399,000,000 in i92d, a sear of Pri ror ii fit vat control they we re $bf76e.uw,o00. ? a a come la Tom 1 the ii if i. To. Between 1910 and i it a a. I Var Wnm a 1020 is $1,369,000,000, of we deduct Quot a 1 i Eliza a b , of Alden Home of we we a. Her daughter in saw mrs. E. Bailey assistant bowery dance committee Soldi a and War up Puea also that of Kkt i Budt log for in this a wage increase. In item on july i 1920, an my r. My to $ �o.000. O to re is i ii a balance of $9�too Kiu to by its a it unwed for by the champions of private control. Ami must re a it is r that during most of to. Tim the govt in Nunt in trolled Rad Road Urie Han it i App i by the great Strain of transporting la Isis i i Fin ices or Ted. Nerit Ltd to Law. I at a a it i j21 Huo to $35,1 00 would pay a i percept tax those from $35,000 to $50,000 a 2 per s. It tax it them to it Quot Hsy a 4 per cent tax 8160,000 to $250,000 a 6 per cent tax. The graduation is continued until at 8100,000.000 the tax is it a Jyh r ii the fourth prov d for u to of i or Cunt Ai Jan values Iii s of a a. Nee went to the b \. He thou hoodlum in shy in Patriot i i won the Clay establishing free it a a a i in common tit Urb a right a i become practically a my r. Kab veterans heat quarters in a hum i a i in Tun program which include such National figures a a Tate Geo. Ii. , a to engr Iona Bonot Man and a Pershing s one Hundred hero m a Neapolis Alexander Howait of Kula us p Barlow Detroit Iii no d to Tow a it it jag of j an Al Levitt of new York the fighting organizer of the v it a a a a. I veterans. Indence Day Iii closing convention the veterans it the Liber Bell r it on in no definite figure an i of which or. 0f this City. So became ill u till u. V. Bartley chairman in charge in professes to be in the dialling Here about a week ago. Heart baseball Arr Neim to ignorance now Leing pressed with thou i in was the eau of her in All Heinie Myre will such vigor before the Beant t Ommittee i Here As the reason As i see them a for the year 1920 the Railroad earned out of operations out thirty tin. I mid Ediht of i Jhm cent return pm the valuation of $1 or Guf 000,090 not t operating Revenue. 3 Iii of but a a Doe not take into West acct ant the run it unt of Rev no receive by the railways from the gov Man Erin a fit it luring the first six month of private operation during Hue in survive to it mourn her go Albrecht a a Neap i a p j no they arc Clarence an for a with by at an i i.>��. Of Oak i funeral service. Wet Beld fre. A the Home at 1 3 and from the presbyterian clan Reb us �?~2 of Cluck Hue Day. Interment a Iii Graceland cemetery. The City. Re he ind Hoy \ ii tim Iii i to Cui Dent a i Roc Ray Mon i Faith. Of new Richland j l. Oei ill the government Guaran Tood them their Ltd a it. Fail return. J i. An 18 year a i toy he. I it the Naeve it guarantee amount., to approximately hip ital fun Lay Niht i.,Low, an g. >,00<. The rail Rolls have Auw Mobile be cutest. When return Matt Hll outstanding $u.,,boo of Bomis a it dial Lake to a w Richlue to it a tis Fyk urge t Al Nan. Ai Brecht is 1�?Tght heavyweight great lung police Champion of the i tuned by a an should i e the a t m re a Strong Battle. Among the Heel Lanei on the Lay s program Wilt i the to Mil motor Eyk race w us 1125 Hung i a in prism Money tot the acc Tai Conte ant a 5-mile Mot Recycle race it i to to i cab urn county rider Only Aith Iob in Prier a a a p incentive i and 5 Mil Notor Yeu race the of use the. V. A it f the government egg Dicapi Ted by having to retain in to. In ice Railroad Kinin agree Aux iou to Mak government control turn out a. Sims a h is Quot up kill it pm. With no. D charges of approximately saturday night his car dded with Loop an one half of this another a to a narrow Grade hurtling 4 Parachu i Iii tie and pinning him Unie in a. Jau. Wit my thu $500,000 too a year annual charge >2 Burkh Mhz is pay a july 1st Aud if not Paul it mean default a in la Bond a hich it unturned for in to Day a would Gin to la Bond Holder la right to it foreclose their mortgage a if the Railroad have to borrow when extricated Felt it the Vry it it was discovered that i Huck a i broken just Luw the neck. He was Well known Here been n employee of l we Iii two years ago. Will Bing re a a this he Day. In admitum to a live. And hop the Leaf "11 Trixi will make e leap from a p the i take us pay no it o Essi Mai Haig n expert Clatl fur file oils for the big Jyi technic is at night. This feat having Nye it i v e p from banking tet Euesta the amount in aired to meet the july payments a Stew. And in Labohn of fix a diag that very by Row ure Amer n Man Meli my ill destroy their credit and put Beaver Lake a the scene la Kijuc serious Market disturbances if sunday of the annual gathering of the make default then Uke Market the Creamery operator an matured Turbane xviii is do a probably i go a of Steele and freel., count Iez in a a Nous in extent of the j the Ellendale ban i was a i 1 to Iii pity of proceed Lings furnish Mush Foi re will he the be to of it e or in Southern m a maim and will make a fitting in ii no for a perfect Day us i hat the re i a the fair grounds. Bring your family an i Enio the sex i Duci s hot a Psi Kin Hird sold it out Uronen a a Ute item Dun. A the Railroad must get this Money j Bountiful picnic dinner a base Ball and get it in Cash. As or. Re say i game Ami various stunt whiled away a a a i ii measures the Famou Taylor and a tag a Herd uth to Iii were practically a1 sold at a he f to a near Owatonna Lur saturday the 5s animal that 4�?~arried Outwith marked in tit in strengthening re it and financial come it font of by railroads. To continue the present situation under existing conditions when the transportation return Are insufficient is not merely exhausting their credit but deprive them of Cash. Entail to meet the it requirements Ami is making the a serious obstacle to the re a Uhi i Quot a of Normal business property of Relief would to j what the butt r men were unanimous through the nag brought or in declaring a a perfect an average of 8330,00 pc head. A raves a he la it Topp i a Large number of progressive the ale sell Tec for $i,/2. Hei Tec Farmers urn their families living owl of 225 pounds of butter fat in 85 Secretary o t in tiered from London. Sic n to add it it t of Vav Day go Ai known a the a he refer i t Thiers Witti the i. I a islet order. All it ii of Freedom from Wert classed under big Irish and re in i Nish ment admit a1 Sim la known Asaf v up tiling British. Of the War and 1 he rent d a a an allege a re r a p his Eye on the a Weir a fight the officers in the ii not pee Ted to Tik or partisan a a. B violated this re Public his a a tonal a lion Ai i of those who n t Viola tag to rub Navy deny on lab a stomp sen tar e of the i Rar the j. P. Moi a the British Finan a country. It in an open Sci of the cons vat a ment have any a u hut most Ai them a than sin in 1 Llam b in h and Friend living in Hope tim tone acid yet do a Navy i it Aby has tis to hurry Back i lira. Had oven Anion auth Nee a Ade what is now s such in Tencati a "tpu-1 Rish cause As hts of Jace und put who Hope for and other Imp ova men and in the cased fat is Cost Quot of Clearing draining and maintenance Ltd Fertility i a a a Kola i Bill much like this has been vigorously opposed by the farm Bureau it ii and it la. Tai. N a tit fur Al Ilia this Quot big Busine a put. Heres Tho fact it. That the Nolan Bill and a h veil i Bill Arop pm by i g because it doubt pay about All of tins tax. I Amie hold less than a a Valu s of to in i y cent of or Lur. It v Ell entirely Omlei the most of the a a r 2 will it a j real a in Voi feature which ii turn to me Bue a a i i \. Tran by Ann 1 5 9 a a a no in of hive he v he n Tica i in any mud try. The or i m n a i it Campi in fur and a again tse l h Boycott re it it in has Uto in bitter. The lobby of the w Quot 1 a convention an i the Foyton of the Albany in it. I. Where official he a it Jour to i a in at d a e buzzing night and Day Prien of the Boycott charge be a Brady of new York w the having blk. N Faith with toe official Rcpt sen alive of the Irish roof Public. Brady today circulated a of round Robin among 2d Delegate. Wha a one i tin Boycott re Olumn run iv., to hav a tit Resolution with Kiawu. Several red withdrawal but other to fun a. C. F. Foley of the Baliero a ment that to made a tru of Friendship for Iii Irish cause Ami that a toll Call oui i be demanded la in Cia. A d to Lead the Union issued a state Resolution would to nut pay Quot la Ltd a i k no it i in in i m world the Ian of a u Ratu ii >.-1 t.ilira-idle�, in tical print ii forum a ii. I be i it Ion jut Quot la at the r fight when the a a it a. Reports in the re 51. In a g a1 a a Lei n. Al St h t n i Ion John i Mooney a the Dele Iblis pros a Way Cutie Nish domination gain by pay my a Fie hot and of t in t Hail the ii a it t Ivad to for Stern a my fur us relieve proud my hat is oct mph aim Umily a of least of five in or part a using Pul lie a Vamg he also. Rig out billion doll Ara to Lior to Coal Iron or Oil Goth of land. It 08 pm oui by exempt a Kiu i Bill and a r cent xxx uld Treft tax lather 11 it y n w pay. f $1,730 May n i it a it avens hem indie be j in m i r n trials been v Aile or Bor no the int n outhit of on by in his Muja British adne my. Ray Ami Navy Ara part us political ois and hem he by e pressing in a of a serious r i i Perhaj the views in Urna for. Be rotary of the Rve it i Iii the Brit a China Becore. Mellon a Pat a group i to Agency it nth Load at it i i con or it to ii v a up Quot Juio an to Lort Rev pm Earl help j Ary i re in Ier h. Ii an i can i an ural til but bout v a a i to til. T an of Man held for speculum j in i y of f Ltd a a t 4 land pay a i orm i la reside i Dies in a i ii j. Nett noon Caiu aum m n i. A a futo a Usu mile rear. I fit in Aff \ a of la. M i t rank v Cleo us it he. In at none a in the a Vern Pathy for ii land Battel politician in ii to keep the of Irish Freedom something w ill i. Oozing reaction Ida t Mimi two Biol or re. City and George to Annad. Three Chrit Anderson and Otna on of this City and f Hoot roam of Illinois la. We p be i of room if hic ago Sasin Man is killed i s Ai i gtd a. Unum i a a i re tills in i i ii for Niue around Bear Imke enjoy a picnic Day tether with perfect Type made Ami get to Gether lad sunday in the her the favorite in the bidding. A Hore of the Lake refreshments of went to St. Ola cohere where he All kind were served. Tossing of Cill be a show y addition to the Fine horse shoes croquet and other games Holstein her already there. _ was the Cia a of entertainment and bidding was keenest on Young a from All reports a splendid out heifers Ara some of to. A brought Conge were b lug took place. If Pricel Hominy. Gfa mgr Dinst in dive George Donat on for the past five til Empl Quot be of tie Albert i company lie i at his Hun e on Vav inter it Trent la sat Irdy right. Pie Ary g bument it Home can not pro ,. Duce a progressive foreign policy. And k athe Irish Suppo i to i. Sub Jan politicians Coo Only of it Hook this. Cawl fart. A. 1>�<1 a a Quot a i a a 1,1 a a a i Brights e for the past two months tile in i a in brother or. Aud mrs. Henry Schoenrock Lem n to Marn High Ruth of i the funeral was held from the n this isome la. T i a by at Uri. Ii at 2 Ion clock burial a in Glace and. A the tot to till the. He \ a a a july it 1 ? a a be and i Fps to u vim 1n�?� a of j am anti then 1 ill ice. A in u go of j u in i an auth. Acca a last Friday an it Vul. I. bulb to Valibe tatters i i drab. J a rim i and we a it to their Vav Hoai n when reduce Radora. Rat Nave at end Elviee ident f in k Pic hmm try it i a a a a. Otao. My App for the re fur a each sex Man attending the invent Ion is re to obtain ticket receipt that turned Turtle is for Purchase a in a no to Lodge danger pig a a a t at and Ness caller. La us Ostby t k Cader in Thi. It City a a bus to a of Brest on he car a a in 4 Aud threw or. A a to. A tree Al King Huo a Stenti is Taimei a. Ridley Hui tim tot a a Ipa a a it i
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