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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - June 16, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by Al Bert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examiner ent Mir the Kestin if you Are wrong non can t be too conservative if you Are right non can t be too Radical. V or it it it a a �?�ao-1 i Kro a Neil volume 2, number 24 Klerx Lea Minnesota thursday 16. 1921 single copies 5 Centi. Large sum raised to finance newspaper Enterprise Vej. At the annual me. Of livestock ,.ric i. I Roar and holders of the Freeborn county rub March of the 1 cat fishing company held at the examine tin Bureau find that to maintain or office last saturday afternoon the Tho average family of father Gale of the Bond Issue was boosted Mother and three children according up to the ,900 Mark. Rho boy l0 a Quot minimum Man lard of Hullih to Esponal j Jai. Over till and comforts Tho annual Inconnu mud showing As it proves to Tho comm be $2,26355. My at Large that the nonpartisan to ,. Learn motto Quot Well stick not ,1 he com Quot a pc a teat empty phrase. This sum was sub of no i a Quot a Quot Verv much or Ibex by hard headed for Yard mow the a a a a a looking Farmers anti working men who have made up their minds that Ideal their movement represents shall not perish and that their mind shall not he diverted from the tak hand by the empty vet Biage and Bally hoping of any coterie of capital int controlled politicians other words it Means that the take the lowest paid workers the Railroad. Then Are Odo boo of them and they Are now receiving 4 s cents hour and the labor Board Haju to ordered a reduction effective july i. D the of Mon worked e get hour evry working Day the year a the i cont Roto. Their Gross Cor if s would be than $1,200. Or Ai Hert Lea examiner i it a go j he is to la minimum it by thing concern that it is going to keep a u a research. L4 a a i. L a i a i. My. I i _ right going and that the Eek even the skilled Mechanic the spittle underlings and puppet of the Railroad hops. Who Are new re Civ fat boys who have be so busily pre re who cents hours Ami who Are dieting Tho Early demise of this a ked to accept a reduction institution Hae simply lie i again. Tho j�?T1 can Only earn >2 to a year men behind the examiner what or they secure they want Ami part experience has the calculations Are All based taught them what to expect fhe who t leery the the men no it Only Way of a Square Deal from the me a work every working Day but that of fetid venom that masquerades a they Are never irk and never take a newspaper under the caption o f Tho a vacation. Albert Lea Tribune and others of the we repeat that we Are not Iii posed same kidney. To que Tion president Harding sin i he result of the let Ond Sale is Par Verity hut Meething More than fair Ocul arly Gratifying to the mock id words Are required at i. As the flotation of even other the presidents representatives Bond issues one of them attempted the Railroad labor Board Ami the by owe of Farmer lit Bor bitterest shop Board Are acting while to monies have fallen Flat the past i ident is talking. The few months t Aie is no reducing wages which the officers Ami Board of director according to president own were unanimously re elected for St. A lain i ate too Low. Other year. a speech of a Precia what the worker demand is that Tion one of the stockholder called a Hose who what a. Right Rhall attention to the Days and night of Square their conduct with the r unremunerated service they Hail Rem Ege. Ere the cause and said that while the to Estabi ish it was imposition to a k them to dust rial Justice la Here another year their put exper and now. To what so .,.hi a a. Invaluable that i b .1 be tor. And to a fail to cl., it i As a whole could not dispense w Ith Dafen Ible. I a Bor them. President h ring s w Standard Illinois Uve Sto h ship pers favor Loop. Companies addressing a group of Busine at a Mel Ting of managers director a my member of co operative passes. It fit 11111 Lull 11ii 11 Washington june 16�?there is Hornet Bing de Cully a a fishy about the recent a conference of Bankers at the White House Winch took place May 27. Only gradually the fact Are leaking out. It was not a conference of eat Ern hankers alone or Al ast ii was not intended to be such. Nor was it a conference culled primarily to Conder the International financial it nation. The inside Story is that it a rather a Panicky affair Cade quickly and suddenly from among both Eastern Ami Western financiers that however account of the rapidity with which it a a culled the Chicago group did not arrive until the Day after Ami that it wan prompted by the precarious financial and economic situation the United states rather than because of the world situation. he intention was to keep the whole thing secret the pres was not informed that ugh a conference was to be add no statement was to be made after it a All Over. But somehow the Alert correspondents got wind of the meeting Ami searching kills Goose that ivys Golden eggs new Jersey Farmer Are up arms Over a recent order filed by the Pennsylvania Railroad doubling the rates its fast daily express trains into new York markets. They say i i increase makes the cot of Rad transportation prohibitive and motor trucks will he be used to transport their crops some of which Are now being marketed. Arrange merits have been made to thus ship thousands of packages of vegetable into new York Brooklyn and Newark Farmers shipped More than 1,000 year Beverley. J. Carloads of products the special train into new y Ork. More than two thirds of this traffic they say will be diverted to motor trucks another illustration of the Absurdity of rates that kill traffic and reduce operating revenues. U be Tion were a cd at the White Hope. A few hurried Exchange Between the White House officials and the King of finance Ami forthwith there came announcement to the general effect that pre Lent Harding had Laid la before the hankers a chem for furnishing the financial resource. To rehabilitate the world. Undoubtedly the conference did also concern itself with International finance. But that a not the real purpose. Vuk hat the announcement skill Hilly accomplished however was Bluit editorial Para graphed were int Oft the wrong Trail am attention was focussed upon upon the International situation rather than upon the tact that America is upon the Brink of a panic. Evernee that conference took place editors have been discussing americans position world finance the Light of the hankers meeting a act a late As june 7 a Lea i Rig xxx Ashing ton evening paper devoted a column to editorial digest of newspaper comment throughout the country upon this conf Fence but not one of these comments ii there any evidence that the writer the following fact the conference was called because the country despite the expressions of optimism by captains of Industry and finance was headed for a financial crash. A hum cull was sounded i As quickly a the Eastern Groug hat arrived tin conference went into session not even awaiting the arrival of David Forgan anti other big Bankers from Chicago. These men leached Washington the following Day it appears that some sort of Ileal was a re cod by Whie the disaster was staved off for a while at Lea t but men a position to have no illusions As to the Periou neos of the situation that still prevails. A goo proof of this a Section is the concerted attempt that is being Matte the part of High financiers and the faithful chorus of the Cap itally press to impress the nation with the fact that alls Well economically. It is a favorite trick the eve of v the cheapest Medicine a the i it mers Are m a of the 1920 wheat crop 300, 0oo0oo Bushel were sold for Export. For which the Farmer re be i average of 70 cent per Bushel less nil the Grain dealer average of 3-3 cents More than the 1919 crop says senator Ladd of North Dakota a state which produce one eve nth of All the wheat grown the United states. A Tho Farmer was robbed a $103 a r Bushel i the consumer re eel Tima been no Benefit. The it it by Levi tit whirl could have 1920 Over 1919 was i amount of excess freight it it a the 300000,000 bushels which wa-0,000000, the Farmer was thus Hurt changed not loss than $240. this Export and it mainly the starving people of Europe did not get the Benefit of vast .4. F. Of l. T res closer co operation Farmers by Robert m. Buck Federated press stuff Cor Denver Colo. June 13, sounded by the earn its report the ii i Convent of \ he at inn of labor Contin coliseum her today Samuel compel being my not for Png opt Smirtic not ecu Council forty first Ann american fed Veneti a pre i Dew th1 chair. The big a. Of of of the Council of conv keynote t slay w a event of l. Conv report the it Ion of the containing the Ltd Amati a of o of t her put t a is contained the apr me i the read a executive Nunt f corp. The presented it third Par the have placed fifteen f three a unified the rep to ups o and Nave Civ who Hay a cd Al the sought Prog re s of to destroy even a find to Leader i or Mer. La Bor Mon Emen to it Dies ii Veness f i re arg Yea Dom tor n a a a my co gees a just tried to feed the Farmers a Little Mer of that old Tariff tonic. Para Goric for crying babies it is supposed to take them Over the period when they Are making Nome real noise about their troubles. Congress has been using it for to Jear because to do something serious for the Farmers problems would Hurt big Campaign contributors. The Farmers however Are refusing to go to sleep this . People s nonpartisan league gains Minn. Council Van Lear beaten but City saved from rapacity of plundering corporations by the election of 9 labor men to Council men new York Tho occasion Stock it hippie a Anocia Tion of Illinois of a recent visit. President Harding at Chicago. June 9th and 10th, Erat Ltd ideation was expressed the action a our Effort to a Tab ish Indue of the Farmer a Stock Market be most dec that thing committee of 15 with reference a Reni Ruer is place a econ to the forming of producer a Micalf sound a action. Hilow tuck c Amis Ion companies these i wag must enough for com principal terminal Market. They flav i 0lrh make his urged that the e cooperative com Holse a Home enough to ure Pom. Be formed a soon a a Ible that the struggle for existence will and that co operative Stock ship not out the thing truly Worth Ping association Illinois the existing tor. Plan of the committee their fun lbs to that simple statement the or support financially by consign Idem a Given a formula for Dur a their tack to the producer ing lust rial Tranquility Coon com i Ion a Mani at Thna ret try. We take it for granted that he 1� Winch they my. Weighed the meaning of his word a a a a a and meant exactly what he Aid. Body recovered. Accepting the Standard set up by a a the pre Lent. What is the to Wert the i a Ziy of ii year old Raymond wage that american worker should Swan who drowned at Rochester receive. May 31, a recovered monday nearly a number of most of living ,.n North of the place when he have been made recent year. The disappeared. The body a found by late to come from the Bureau of Man Harold Baddger Ami kudu to Hogtie Lei a i research a new York Tofu who have been conducting a which a no connection with the atle search Ever \.,ung swim labor movement and is bused was drown Harding and hankers meeting to Avert panic by a. B. Gilbert office. Or. Yan Lear of course made Minneapolis. Minn., june 16.-�?can no Uch statement dilate pledged to represent the pee there a a Large emant of Cor pie rather than the Public service Cor a option both it til polling places and portion a have a majority then buying votes by the i it he per cent City Council of Minneapolis. American forces. Some kind of a this fact serve As offset to the la a malt with gamblers inability of the working people non Zirul keepers and managers of partisan league to elect to liver fund of ill farm which throw All the a late for mayor. Underworld vote to the candidate who t. A _ ,.ran his american . I h Rte new Allerm were elected of h h m to Quot tm by difficulty. Controlling Hien get of to Quot �3 o la r"u"cl1 now humor if he Hail Heuple any of the Fps a a Al Quot Van i ear Beaker. The ene or rather nonsense of their remark up oration men. 9 was that Sun i or might not be so Liir numbers. 14 by but he was connected with l Nee lip m 3 dreadful nonpartisan leaguer. The at no a us Lay the count a City Toubl be Rule by Townley if 6it�?Td votes for Thomas Yan Lear Van b Arwa Eli Towl Only lust fall and of .2�?~ for George k. Leach with the Farmer were to that the league is precinct missing. Candidate might be fairly Good but \ Linter t am Paige. They were too closely a serrated Mth i be larg to vote the Iii tory of a terrible Tadica m Nnapli by the City a cast Over and a it name of Van Lear. The Farmer a. Also the bitterest Campaign the would want to which one of City has Ever seen. These lies was the truth state politics were More important women Oier fooled. Than be i sue affecting the City. \ ear warn of r Bach the the politician of the Tate calculated primaries by Koop votes. the that ii the working people of the stat week intervening political ring won election the Farmer and scoured the City for women who workers could not be stopped the Noth no of the is be and were easily state 1922. So All the pm Faical ref la a into belie \ no care stories source of die Tate politician were the four other dailies which issued thrown again to Nan Lear. I to or More Page a Day to 12 to is unable to attack his former admin by the Star Gat a the Opidi i is t at Ltd of the flavor a office the Tion a tremendous advantage peiticans a Sorte i to working up a but Hie terror of the politician mob feeling patriotism with the Over the effect it a possible Van nonpartisan league a the terrible Lear Victory the state ought to he background trying to indicate to outside pm a pie How Strong capture Ami destroy the City. The Farmer labor Valliant has be torn i irruption ran wild. I he labor victories flier South the Nastiest attacks to Ible were St Paul Duluth and other Citi my or \ Lear cob a l Leach help produce the panic. Minn a it it a for instance declared that if hts of lab with Little fund my Feu qaid pent it were elected the City Toubl workers could not overcome this donuts be a decent place to Ami pirate assault. That is opponent a cml i i the flag1 Mon education of the women is a dirty rag. The greatest thing needed Ami mid �1 of Hie Law works this cae As to this Hope to match the fear of Hie k Vale vol Tead Ca Colon the politicians who Realise what they Leach will not he Able to retain the de Erve. My a. Or George i. Hampton founder Ami managing director of the Farmer National Council Ami editor of the Farmer open of a Anim recently Chang a to the i nit Farmer a for urn lid at Borg Wahington Hospital w a Hington. D. june 6. He Wati a a at i Otic May 31, while he a preparing to tart for Colville we a a. To add. The Annua of the Washington state Grange. Or. Hampton a recognize a one of the out Tun Ling prior Quot Ivet of America being identified with a number of Farmer labor other group. He a. Just bringing into i eat station a great National nonpartisan organisation of Farmers and organize labor Upp it of a National program of re Montt traction direct trading unc it Perat tin the Fanner a National Council the a a tone of Thim ement. A the outgrowth the nut a �,.nfi a aces of Grange founded 1910 with or. Hamilton a it be rotary it -.s., through this Agene that he and ids associate made a acc Ful f get for thu Donatio d alcohol jaw the parcel Post Ami of it it mag Legi lation a the ii la a better Cie lit Dana ret ing Legi lation. Or. Hampton a bom at Portsmouth England 61 years ago. He earn1 to til United states at the ag1 of 20. Fducated As a mechanical Engineer. His natural Bent was for serial oco Mamie and political Reform and he found journalism to ii the outlet for i energies. Ii Dit. A number of publication among them la National sing Laxer. He a a Pei Onul Friend of Henry George. Bairn. Shop pain High annihilation of the a a labor. the coming i Tiiik. Sure beyond All Chance or doubt the stability and supremacy of the democratic ideals <1 the Trade Union Movement�?� the import further congratulate the labor mov men having come through the greatest a open Hep drive the history of american Lulu it tiv with but Little Mea arabic it ays the Back of that a open a ii Ivy s Hikin and a a pm Cam of the employer. Has come to nothing. The annual report of 8 or Tai Frank Morrison furnish1 data Justi Fig the Bot a that the labor movement a been acce. Ful its re distance at Lea to to Date whether the Backbone of the it nil Gay. I assault i broken or not. I. I contained the stat tic of affiliate membership of the f the United states through has Pas a the portion of is none the credit and made it i of l. Is passing High a Large the panic than pies a great panic. real because greater currency elasticity has dramatic it Fatui a t. To Oier i Ion of Farmers Dis i use by a Deqi it Isth greater Arm a a int for Seif-Dkkknsk the Burden of armaments grows no i. The Senate has v4 1 the Navy j $494,000,000 for the next fiscal year and should the amount be decreased conference to the $393jimsi, of the House there would till a no sign of that Economy of which the Mark and Switz alarm. Feel peacefully secure while to judge from the newspapers people heavily armed countries France England the United state and Japan cannot sleep at nights because of tit peril visualize All around the ? the. of May 20 has article a a operation is. Oin Pul Sion a which they quote a Tat ment from the Gram growers guide about the organization of the a a la s. Grain growers Incorporated�?� the main a mint of argument at the organization Mem to have been the question of whether the pooling of Grain Sirouhi a compulsory or Volun tary. J he debate this Point is thus reported a taken from the Grain growers guide j he debate the amendment requiring each wheat grower to deliver at leu i thud of Iii wheat to a Pool. Will go Down i tory Leone of Tho greatest Foren efforts organised american agriculture. Us Delegate Farmer Wen the select of the select. Every Man was farm or Leader a Farmer b and i Roth sides Fth my t be Able to it think Ami talk their feet. Presidents of Tate Tanner a Union heal. Of Tat farm bureaus managing director. Of big co operative elevator Compani emasters it Tate Granges clean rut big voiced Clear think no til notion of a decadent Ami hop of Rural population Fidel from their presence. I he a Are not going to degenerate into a pea ant Ryf the Man with the Hoe Type. They going to demand i cure their Man who heard that it Bat wju11 Ever again apology a a for being a Farmer. I be Issue a a Clear Cut and iou tie i a any that was Ever contended. I he occasion found the men. Ery h Vtimat platform tie reason re Tori is Rua Ion As peal was matted into sender there was Little of the empty verbiage that outsider might expect after read a pc of senator no mudslinging was a i smoke so was a clean St i be v i s the i i to t when it was ail a. Putting great panics ii re Tiore important panic hav it never failed to inflict serious damage it Ltd Iii labor movement the Cert it form of to of membership. Only the last two prior to this be. Have met with effective i t i Tanc. Arhur i tory of american labor the vement a m arly a to it Yed each a arum a forced to undergo a proce of rebuilding. Secretary Morrison a report shows affiliated membership for the year ending april 30, of 34hx5h2n a again to 4,070749 the year previous a of Only 172212, or 42 per cent. I he 1920 figure showed increase of member hip Over 1919 of til-,672, or 25 Lier cent. Fix Lunation is made that most Utthi to insignificant As it i computed with the . --depre.-Sion and unemployment is not leu but mainly due to Imil deity of the lost members to pay t Abr Ilu owing to urn Uip Layment and no to desire their part to Ever them selves from the Union. Still other comment revolutionary me Tho i and theories Are contained a 4000 word report relations with the labor movement Mexico and the other countries the ran american federation of labor. Finally its utterance Industrial democracy the executive Council adds the word a a alone to i the doctrine that production i for service and not for profit. So that the report say.-, Industry today requires a Mac auction is for or tit Alone�?� the of the Railroad problem h. F�?Txecutivc councils a port after denouncing the he Cummin Law. The raiding of the Federal by the Road.-, and stating the the Railroad labor Board has broken Down outline the plan of the rail Road to it Ekholt Ler control of the Road hand of a Board of resent no each of stockholders classified Empen th1 a Public a a a and then prop i Alt malice that a Board o i for each group lie appointed i Vest ate the present make Recommendations�?� unemployment program is offer1, except the suggestion that government pro cts to employ Idle worker hot Ibl be provided for Good before panics occur order to be effective. Likewise the subject of wages and the t of living no program is suggested the report stating that the Council has no remedies but suggests to the statement is made that the practice of fixing wage solely a basis of Cost of living a is a violation of sound economic theory urn is utterly without logic or scientific support of any kind. To cur Fugh Cost of living publicity following investigation of cot s prices i Sugge Tod. The report tak a militant position going after the supreme court fur it usurpation of unlawful Power de daring Laws unconstitutional and suggests amendment to a he unit Ltd states Constitution for balding Continua ten of the practice. Congratulation is expressed to labor and Farmer for Progre a toward recognising Mutual interest and acting together the financial statement show that st3 93i to was collected and pent by the nonpartisan a it Cal Campaign committee of the the iteration and the results obtained .ie commented upon As follows a was the Campaign progressed practically All Domestic question were overshadowed by question of International character. Sixteen of the men the House of representatives Are member of organised labor the same members that were affiliation with organised labor the last Congress�?� recommendation i made that Labord for a bait management of Industry through conference boards of organized worker anti employers stimulation of the cooperative movement is called for. The following item constitute the recommendations a a political or legislative character passage of act of Congress to protect labor Union from a a a con piracy i a anti Trust prosecution Ami to deny Juige to right to i be anti labor injunction Opi position to repeal i Oft taxes .i t. Cia Page Cepl a Nee of the principle that pro a a a a a ii tut Ion of therefor. A gis at i Ere lit uni Massachusetts. Removal of cont i Tai from profit grab alive Public Agency. Continued m of excess to Susti a Var tuxes Stive Bank to that credit Cash o a Chiper mss a i a a ii is Sam world s War veterans Liberal and progressive to actually went thru f Amit and t j if hell Mer f War anti the Polit the men by i eau a it other Chapt about War. To. Eau How to i Arm than Alt cans orators Ami qua i Tatsu. N world. They a of .w Moi about the i Ami it if it of the late War than some folks care Oha them known no walkabout. The world War veterans a to eighty fix per cent of that of Roll. We fought to e Good Fig t Whilt the fighting tin Faith we look \ Merit she by t strength Bari. . Suh left a i Hall t Arn ii no same of w bag indulged were ult a us kit debate port men sport men Arn they got Tovet ii the next game Ltd eel by Oser Mea b a country a heard of much Lee i one May Oak for it vain the appropriation being voted by the 67th Congress. We have been told we Are not preparing to fight any other country that armaments Are built y for Elf lettuce. Y it we that the present condition of the worlds finance to Ere is no Flange or any utne. Country attacking us Ltd Many a year to come. The taxpayer is a Knr. Therefore Why it is necessary to make this Burden of armaments of k a at. Since i lie re is admitted Nee for Economy w by is not Thith to practice it is there somewhere a Luck of sincerity the Pacific protestations of our legislators perhaps the Japan chronicle is right. A it is the big nations a to quote from a recent article de lense that Organ a which always Are a Tate of nervous trepidation and Whu it my lurking behind every Bush. Why do countries Dow a i Aud Iku i a a fhe Only exp Lanai to fit the Ca is Ltd nth or to All Assurance makers Ami it Mao conscience we Are to Al Cowan. Of us and. It that ail this talk of preparation against tack of Tiu or tried not the jul but Good solid weapon of steel is a Mere camouflage t that seem run count-armamnt it defence is t loth make t be to Ibl Ltd de Fen a of i pen hug it being thrice it our cause biggest Coupe rat that was Ever Planet�?� Tesmen Over the a i ret Mceiver . hem this i ofek Vin i udmyiission of Dany so Dos Routh i it their a tar gov no it All the pee for tii Eit Efi were trenches a aft i ? ii signing from than Thirn exr Nee and or i r of fight and Day we number dred and fifty Lush p grows apace i he i lend t and human i it it logo a. A the fight a it to the it made i Force of be Abley re to it hav kept no ceased t me when right that to it cd rent it i ran re a i hip my u tie of ult a Hen a is a Naie Camou i age ? i it reality the insignia of the predatory state Baez i the g simple plan that the who have the Power k p who can i we is a Good Deal to by a Pianation�?� when the Humble c United states secs pie omy follow and by App millions for greater . I agents for a self left be i old Rule the should a a they Heald afraid there i for it x Izen the Ai sos of econ a privation of greater Arm he has to admit that Pia nation has i Hilt up. Our own h Good Case the any fact sex to despite the j let that livestock receipt the Chicago Market de Crea de i put act it May of this your compared to those of the some month la i year the equity co operative Exchange the Ltd a Farmers Cut opt rat commission company that Market enjoyed a to per cent crease business for the same period the South St f my Market for the ame months the Busine of the ame organization increased 20 per cent while the receipts of the mar get decreased Vej per cent. I without question the Farmers cooperative commission company is the the fastest growing firm these two Market.-, and will continue to be so As More producers learn the value of and benefits to be derived from the handling a a a heir Liv Toek us Augh Tutu own marketing emetic. Finding them r dream of a fret ens to u until to their Lief by now the Young vein flow the a Quot a Are tailing with the wort find a he Illy. I i land j it with to America else be by to War v Vun we a a who Iran it came i cudgels whose he Oak i Toucan is tans. Ami Fin Ling there a Happy Home. Labor various by cavities has i arned the Les that the men w my be Lieve human Guibor ural i willing to fight fur not Usa i not l a Bor when the Correct impel is furnished. Anno infinitely he More silent the yellow press is regarding us the More you Liberal my lovers of Freedom May tie pm rid upon it that we ale doing the right thing efficiently when we Art beating the Devil out of them you May it by Iii manner what they Cal us name.-. Or i net a i lint coed to a a of a it except us the hammers Are wielded against us july i 2, 3 and 4th, a. A 1921, u the City of Chicago Kwh a .r Afulei National t it even ten. Barlow has to t Quot Vith us actively for i year neat a Bat we nil use i bombs. \ few of them a to lie prime i and fue i at that convention. We dare a that Chicago will not recover from the exp Ion for a full twelve month. i while you Are Reading about it. Let us a to you that ii the honest people of America Are to play quart with themselves and their friends every lot Bur Union every Central body or. Liberal group every Farmers it arty i nun evry progressive pol a Cal organize every unit that where America is wrong and wants to Ether made right under the i tit it . And want to see theft Soldier a ador and Marine Aho a brains and courage take the Lead or furnish the rutting Edge the process or making her right should get try action immediately a pitch the mediaeval Skeleton murmur he i wearing fetch along his Bruins a re a i heart it get i a Delegate who a Tho a thing kelp the world War veterans put Ait into operation the cause which will produce the effect Trad we i can not do the jut. To. I you Good people fall with u we can always use Money noun Al brains vision never a Man vol unt Ere i that we did not a e him to his limit. By ill you or your Legato to a How abut to ? y a i s to a i Ako be world Utah Veteran p. H. Join thu vets buddy Lei get a Little action the Nai bal a Nus. .Conenti ipad quarters room Tiki to t West a �?�hingta a to hic Agu i. \ a. Nun. Cations m regard to to 505 Temple court and then to the w. Gil mid la a 20th liw to Iii pit to re i fcb Denby of ult my Iowa and Milr mum o of ii

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