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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Jun 9 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - June 9, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by the Al Bert Lea trades and labor Council volume 2, number 23 Albert Lea Examinee Quot if Hou Are wrong you can to be too conservative if you Are right you can tax Radical. Albert Lea Minnesota thu Hsi a june 9, 1921 horsed by the Austin trades and labor Council single copies 5 cents. Townley scores heavily in debate with we. Laager renegade Langer fails to stick to the Issue in Austin meet Leader meets tirade of abuse with Plain presentation of facts. War a by product of modern business a. Why did the Senate of the United is dividends that enable one to buy states not Only pass the Navy Bill yachts or to support two or three fam before Congress but add $100,000,000 no. To it probably every one of the before it needed foreign Trade our a4 senators who voted for this Bill is. Wus no ass worked for High tariffs world War vets will meet in Chicago soon world War veterans hold first National convention t hic ago. July i 2, 3 and 4. Sergeant James Higham sleeps in Graceland grave a. C. Townley and we. Langer former attorney general of North Dakota met in debate at Austin last saturday afternoon in the first of a series of debates on the subject a resolved that the nonpartisan league program in North Dakota As Chicago Tribune telling of the imprisonment of All americans in Russia and that Emmett Kilpatrick former red Cross worker accused of being a spy Ami other american prisoners Are As the result of torture and starvation in prison. Describing the Story As a malicious America Over nor do these senators love War As such. No one loves War and every one of these senators knows that another world War would add to the anarchy produced by the last. The explanation we believe lies in the business development of America in the last 20 years. We have allowed All our business to become Mono government of Zed. Only workingmen retailers Small manufacture is of trivial things civilization. A pm of a and tak,.�?z by head of the league with charges of c0kw2luib,.� socialism plundering and graft. He i be attempted to place Townley on the de spire a Quot a a a a Tensive by asking innumerable que says attempt to turns most of which were beside the stories by declaring l option a dwelt it length on the americans fact that Townley had reentered u Force the a a a a dead Rome year. Ago. Be eau the i partly employed. Farmer that the a Laue was far from no Ith her dig other hand can produce far merely a camouflage for socialism. M communist Republic soviet than the country can consume. I Tow Ley in his reply answered such arty a. St s compel cannot limit their production to tit questions As were leading and prac la. Ai Dom a relation with effective demand and if they could tic Able in the time allowed and gave desires primarily non in marketing Trust would take a Dunn a concise resume of the league pro he she , primary non in away from them. Gram in North Dakota its Workings a a of thing Are to stay a they Are and its benefits to the Farmers thus Onjo Way but of part use of invert far. He admitted the Langer charge the w rub. That he had registered As a Aal Jat. Cotton crop curtailed stating that his reason for so doing was the publicly owned Mill and ele Gator Plank in the socialist platform. New we a. S. Wannamaker he said that if he were to be a tem president of the american Olton a would liquidate exported goods new York. June h?a new and novel corporation is to be organized Here. Its name has not Bern Anontine i or Doh now on _ of these practically every South american per convention Ami on the 4th a real old fashioned a main Street 4th of july Celebration. Congressman Schall of Minnesota will deliver the oration of the Day. Mayor we Iliam Hale Thompson of Chicago will deliver the address of Welcome. 1 a veterans of the world War Are invited to attend. The membership proves servant de capital and of accumulated profits which cannot be invested Here is tor eign Trade and investment. And to get the a thing. To relieve us we must take them from other nations and be ready to do it by Force. Farmers would recoil in horror a a Ythi. Firms to the number of several Hund Vii my ii. I i red America out foun de --.�?---. South America. The Exchange had office. Risen to a Point which made it in we re off. Be in Chicago to get All possible for the latin american con information july i use any signers to pay for the goods. Method hut be there. The shippers though perhaps enquired by tear. Amt blood Are none the ally damned for registering As a so striation addressing the emotional Toni did Mil if the league was both stat it it a conference held Here de -. Ici \ Market Talf Quot us alsm. Re hta opponent clue Ltd that the country is Fanny the rom the .bough.&� , ??zh0&Quot ih0c?mlrv�???ol Quot a min woul it want it As a Menas of a obtain la Trouti Tare Cotton supplies a tiny by Nita Quot a a Nir Townley cnlle.1 Allen will be of Periou. Concern to the practical. lion to the fact that Langer As Well world. As several other opportunists had this pronouncement is especially Lieen booted out of the nonpartisan significant in View of a Campaign league. Started by the organization last year the audience was with Townley a1 a for reduction of acreage to create most to a Man. The few anti league a Market a prevent a Lusher drop enthusiast who applauded Langer in Price. On account of that Cam-<1 urine the earlier portion of his and gain the grower planted about one dress became disgusted with his flow third less than last year of Billingsgate and the major portion having Tho set Orth a of his tirade was received in cold jubilation the president of the american Cutten association asserted that Quot United cooperation of All the. Force which go to make up this a ?T/.pi Fiti # Gen v la Enate the Way for getting Doltl Cru Levi no i Uick t j Burma by an 1 for the re is it diff no to and the congestion of Ana r Jean goods South of the Equator became greater. They decided that something had to be done. So they met Here several Hundred of them Ami decided to form the corporation which is to a a liquidated the Good in on last sunday afternoon the City paused from its usual avocations and. Paid their last respects to one who Giff a Vonc Law their fad privilege to Honor of of Cut a sergeant lame Higham who Laid by the Federated ?TResio Clown his life that we might remain a swept ii Bock. I he Man u of a a people. Whom organized Labory especially the funeral was Hehl at the met i Railroad Labory and the organized Odist Church under the auspices of ii a jul Ali Nufi Irhn of i or Farmers elected to Congress last year j the american legion. Rev. Cook of is open to All forming a. In puce of representative Esch of the methodist Church preached a very entente a in h#j1 a transportation act notoriety ands Able Sermon at the Church extolling the United. Tae it / a time Between sessions of the House i the bravery of this Young hero whose Lave an honorable discharge to write occasional letters to stand High courage sent him Forth to meet military service. Patter. Official life in Washington i death bravely for this i native be there veterans spend the full plus no up a pedal upon his land. The Church was crowded to four Days lets get a Little action on it business on the one Over flowing with those who Hud 1 a a a a Quot a tribute. The body St of the Raceland Ceme Ith full Jacobson of the Luther Academy the legion at stirring the and _ a of packing Industry us provided by i the High regard in which our citizens House Bills 14 and 232. As Stock hold their hero slain. Hipper i feel that we have enough regulation Al really and ask that you i Sergt. James Higham was inducted work and vote against measures. A j jnt0 the. American army on May 2, to this shipper Beck answered in Igig shortly after his enlistment he a was promoted to a Serge Ancy which change would behave after a bit but and the brazilian american chamber substances of Commerce and the pan american advertisers association and the american manufacturers Export a it station. It might lie and that there is another element in the situation. European merchants Are re ent Rinir the South american ports. They had of South american markets offering Couse. The co of ration of the Argen better terms Ami regaining much of Tine american chamber of Commerce Tho business they lost during the War a is Jln a a these Bills merely seek to protect office he filled faithfully and Well Small Burness and the Farmers and a be nerved with the sixth division Consumers against the parkers Mon motor Supply train and while poly in the buying and handling of i engaged in taking supplier up to the livestock and the Selling of meat. Trenches on the fateful Argonne investigations by Congress and by the Federal Trade commission have Hown that the five big Packer Are n a a Tab. Hrent of Rea on Ami afety?T to i of a Wannamaker statement of the i u or a. Falt a rotted press Success of his association in the prac to col j a 6 a ii the tic of Boap on a col.,.a1 Smit Glt Ivorn mint demure the. A with approval. Stories appearing in the american press to the effect Are held prisoners North Dakota state Bonds offer Safe and profitable investment a this i it not a Busine a crisis danger of a eing subjected to prose below we print a the tense that l Ank Ami business cution for con piracy in restraint of statement of the earning it the a n Mit numbers Are Bing Trade under the anti Trust Laws. In he.,. Of Beety bowl a. Rom a a hut Inman i the. R to nos. It appear that to. Only pared with the ame Ani. Are cd Quot id Way to but the in Nate Nono Polie in the Saith Dakota Bond a Quot part time. Many the Raith to operation. I. To to Abl,.ii the s a per cent borne of Uberty a a a a or Quonn quote. Are ,m.r.,, . Trenches on the fateful Argonne front on september i 191h, that he was wounded by a piece of shrapnel. A a m i a i he was removed to a Hospital at in the process of making hire j a Ermada. France where he died on men of the Farmer Ami Small Busi i september 26, 1918, interment Wane a firms of this country that the. Maje at that place where the remain big five had net profits of ii too until disinterred for shipment too in 1912 Ami Over five times that i to this country some few weeks ago. Amount in 191?. Also that the the body was landed in Hoboken on the Chain store and the other Organ. May 21, anti shipped Here for burial. Of private monopoly Are completing i has army buddy James Bruce of the work of destruction of fair com Duluth was one of those from it Petit Ive business which the packing a 0f who attended the funeral Combine a begun. Meat Anina a Mon the me Ages of condolence dropped 6. I per cent in their Selling the 33 per cent Bonn Are Worth on the Market today in the american a Quot Quot approximately it of. Of course at act that american Hank hired Man be a of Lins Here malurit., Thi., by a vill la Worth Lars by the soviet banker Stillman had taken the Bank value $100.00. Its earning pow form the ails in saving Erious. He would have. A the i. Tier authorities As a weapon to Force the ads on Avin Enous he would Havi resumption of Trad. Relation Are stuck to one family and bought Liber malicious inventions. As an instance i on is a Tead of a it hip for Law Oze it mention h re it tii Putch in the Petit. He Al i i others Are operating without profit cooperative mop ones. With the idea of merely hanging on rhe Farmers have hesitated to do until conditions improve. Between this for two reasons Hist because a mph Khz an. 4, my Max workers Are. They do not ant to violate the Laws., in ,.vn.nc Many others Are to their country Ami to cond. Because year is la 4 a Poi our time and general Many of them la lie a it is Ctm Unic cent is be of Liberty Bonds is Worth work in it i Progress with ally Ami to Rah y wrong. Many farm approximately the same Money on Iii v 0f a corresponding ors ale still old fashioned enough to Market to Lay. Their earning pow Biff my of a of living in believe that our Industry and by iness or is $4.25 per annul maturity value reduction in the general Are should la com Luce primarily for the . One Hun i red dollars in be i Dwairi Muhame. Incurring the peple As a whole. All of them Are de today in the 4 a Liberty Bond will p a. U Aluta May be a i old fashioned a enough to stick to the earn you $4.33 per annul or flt a a Gra it j equipment in propose Tom that everybody is entitled Periou of 20 years the combined sip ated pure Ami a Square Deal they recognize the earnings and maturity value of your paired and a mute consumer of farm pro investment of Hoo jul be approx to Uch a f not ducts a a take in the marketing mutely $199.60. Us Mil of general bus system As Well As the producer. The 12 months in the year there would the North Bear b Manuja tuning Industry Are Farmers have initiated Many promo not in enough raisins to go around 6 per the earning pidgin Pilous elements in the sit ions for the bringing of producers or of Hoo Cash vested j n North not the we a nou Quot r a Foushi an i Consumers together thru ugh co Dakota state Bonds Al $6�0 per an of our agricultural in operation. But All such attempts Nam or a combined earning pow or in the co universally Aii Mitte have been wrecked by running up and maturity value for a period of re does not thrive against the Stone Wall of inter Locke 2 Yaj amp Lawz can Eor borate interests controlling the we 8h0w the Pkt is the preset condition of and in addition to furthering your the agricultural Industry of that u financial interests your in try touted i Iurasc tick the first genuine Merchando vesting in North Dakota Honda will .gut<64 to v 0r agriculture Consumers can be adequately or to it. A re on resin Brail nil arli diary Ani Lou. Pure Hii Crea it Mimer would have been Buriok Span county the a a a tic. Brought a u i y a la count or before the Wati Al a tsp won re 322 annual a exert up from Hokan. In aet three a the Tab Bra lambs to the Cai Hugo Market recently an a received for them just 32 cents each after paying the freight and commission. The other Day i Paul to cents tor one inti chop in in Ordinary re Haurani Here. Who got the rest of the Lamb who got the Money wheat Farmer have had a similar experience with the Grain Combine. Shall we tam idly by anti it the farming Industry destroyed but the middlemen a Hull we pass legislation which will guarantee at least time degree of Protection to Farmer and consumer company sergeant Higham was 24 years and to months old at the time of i death. For some time prior to entering the service he had Bien engaged in the real a Tate Busine at Leroy Minn. He was the Only child of or. Ami mrs. James Higham of Thi City and to these stricken parents a sorrowing Community extends its sympathy. Every baseball season make it Clear Way there is so Little f Kli Hood that the Ivory crop will Ever run out. Raisin Industry of West saved by Coop. Bargaining by j f. Langner la or International new it service growers then would be pro raisins of All the cooperative n u it Ajjie truth has been realized marketing associations of Farmers when the consumer brought Rai ins the organization which i it perhaps for even week 0,000 tuns were too Bem known to the Consumers of Thi much for him to eat in that time. Counti v is the California associated now the consumer eat far than Raisin company now being re Organ 15,000 ton every month and the end red As a non profit non capital Stock is not in sight marketing association under the a i he Raisin association i it credited prove form of the Federal Trade with having conceived Ami put into oven Mingo county Coal Fields quiet under martial Law corporate inter to s controlling the flow of farm products through the great distributing centers. These experience have led Many banners to conclude that the Only Way in which the interest of both producers Ami happen or Why. But two privates were killed and a native Crum diet a few hours later. Head been ordered to hold up his hands and they were up when lie was shot. The Bullet entered his armpit and came out entered his armpit and came out above the Elbow me a Hie six civilian arrested that newly initiated into a a hts and Cly re Hilo keeping Down a a Williamson. The Jad were Al ii y Helen augur by the Federated press William on w. Va., june 6? Mingo county under martial Law a become a. Barmie it it As a Dove. It is All due to the prompt and fearless action of the Tate a constabulary a As they themselves will admit. I rom the very fire to tin e heroes Many of them putters if not Ami i. Alice of retain pie would be retain annually. More Ren a now is we. con has sex a a were of it a a Srurart a the Tav Elorne a of the. Retain in-1 in Imi the a Neta Theof Piea the Are and f, Resauit us development a a Dusty in California a no parallel in an confection other farming lines. Raisins in the maintain a ales Early Days were a luxury a Holiday part of the world confection which were bought from Broncho in America it Sells thous thanksgiving to new years and is Ann of ton of raisins in the Orient inc tally prize at parties Ami other an i Australia every year. A mate occasions. But pity the poor initiate constructive advertising Raisin grower who produced raisins the consumer can Well conceive which took 12 months to grow and t organization upon a tremendous scale which tim consumer was expected to is Neces Ary to do ail these things. Pre it ent crisis is the immediate result of the withdrawal of government control and the return to pre War kiting condition thus. Exactly the same thing a it wrong with agriculture now that a the association concise information we have been offices in Many Able to glean on this important Sui it a numerous Jet. North Dakota has established a system of state owned marketing fac Iii tie for the storing processing Ami a i. The War fling of North Dakota farm product chiefly wrong with the first unit in this system la u Mill that is its development la and Delator Plant now in built by a Laaff Cicat a a a a a Quot in. Which the consumer was expected to is to do ail these to hints. At ?T�?T�?Tli.t i an i when read v their top thu a can never he certain a. Ait in a few weeks. Every year there thee were necessary to preserve the about half completed and when really the r p. Will modelled upon such cooperative enter re , Browm than were Raisin Industry to California. No for .�erat.� Cove re of pre Luction in fart for prise a have Al,.ady proved a sue eaten in these few weeks and the cur grower could spend ,500. 100. Year Law to it Ltd a saw c. They cannot he certain u Olu was fed to hogs which were to advertise Raisin a yet without Adu 8 it ,. That Thole will in a Market at any i Gram growers i afterwards .1,1 for fur Tare than the Verti Imp the consumer would not he a did a a Aal ill a a of Tours fur once Cost of production of the raisins they purchasing raisins today because pm tot the n markets. The for thresh it Al of Law had eaten. It May seem incredible there would have been no Raisin in falter aim Molt efficient mantels. A a a a. Though there has Ueen Muth disagree Adverse to coopt to the consumer that raisins former Dut re left. Aiila mint a to the Merit of state owed enactment of jaw for Ltd a a to cuon in brought the grower sometimes in before organization the Vidue of ment Ai generally Eon led to the organization of the Farmer than a cent a Pound. Yet that is the Raisin lands had dropped to one fifth us unworn a k it i in the shul to face Perit that made Ca by crammed. One prisoner Hadj William s. Hurts trib Lauon in the read the proclamation an a was Wear int Nimg Tah amp Efry rate wow of to Euno la first there was ites ident Keeney b Lue ,-url the Stata for the buying storing moving Ami of the Miner and i terrible snit asked la a Selling of All farm products. Arms. He was about the Nisi person a a a a ignorance be mid a this is the idea Liat is at Hie Bot to be served a proclamation of a a a a he a Tom of the North Dakota Industrial tial Law. The Herluf Erv a it at equally 5. A program. The Armer. Of North a night hoping that Keeney would be so be jail. E e. A Kola launched that program Voith such Gott enough to catch no 3 at mid a be Al. J vigorous determination that the alarm night and relieve the town of further nectar Tom t e a a x of a socialism Quot was sounded through terror. The sheriff by the Way was out into a Hall Roe from i he r Sun out the nation by be Ted interest in elected by the miners but after he if u z f . A toe existing a Ting system so got into Oft ice they foul out the Hiat place to see o it fiercely has the War upon the North operator bad elected him too. Papular Hostel it. Dakota plan been waged that Many hut no Keeney stay ii. So the after All the gun tote i in Farmers elsewhere have begun to commanding officer who wa.-?Tt had been run in then. Was doubt whether Public markets can be afraid a bit of fighting women and nothing to make top. I. Iou established. Realizing that nothing children provided they w Ere com paper Ami for the new Spape Corvo can be expected from business or i Petely in Arneti and the Captain of Nane Tai Levier they a turning the state police and whole posse of again to cooperation. The entire Field a a spotters with bulging weapons of cooperative activity has us n care came Down to Keeney s hotel i hey i fully surveyed. Al the principal sex found he had taken his gun off but Ampler of Success or failure have u nervous gesture from Davis kept the spotters running in Ami out of the hotel lobby camouflaged and protected by their wives. Keeney a ked if by could take pictures of Hie House Iii Blackberry City which Bud been shot to pieces the week before. He was nervously told that if those pictures were Apt to eau dissatisfaction with hit been thoroughly studied now Organ Ai on Are a i tit formation the final result among the the adoption of the plan of the committee of it. Appointed by the National Federal urn ration and for the i of farm bureaus a nationwide a animation of Grain growers under a authorities a meaning evidently the the name o the i nit cd St a. Ain raisins like prunes Are classed As Fresno Ami other cities Ami the non perishables and when there was chant were almost As badly off As a carry Over every year very shortly the growers themselves. Who n Aricere were raisins in Stor hous culture is prosperous the whole comes carried Over from previous drops Biu nity is prosperous when a Nail that could be consumed in any one Ture is poverty tried a the Cines year and raisins were Worth nothing which depend upon the Farmers to buy to the producer. Their manufactured and other goods organization proved solution Are equally affected Chicago new the Raisin association was Organ y Ork. Philadelphia All the Gret Cen i air or a Nal or ice the Bankers of do by and who Are actively int in certain i i. Jota. A .1 i r. A i h Vaif ii to j to Hilt ii. .111 Iii h Lection eked in the bringing air nut of better pol Tuut action this has a a marketing conditions that the compte a great unproven at of Hie con Ali in lion Ami the fair trying out of the of cooperative enter Artsee. In North Dakota Plant now in course of numerous instance the Farmer a a is a matter of the great find that their to i Tive importance to the entire Campaign lion cannot a a Tsilis a a a a of for Batter markets. Tit Cuil til a f. Ii a of the country for growers incorporated is now in a it Stence an Ltd Hopes to be i a 1. To business in time to take Tare it this years crop. What is necessary to the Success of this great movement ? in the fir t place they my be Ahi opposition of to re Ore credit to Tho of Ore Al companies that it d surely bet to not. He if there was any j objection to miners official cont my j my to go about Ami administer Relief j to the strikers. Of no not if he would take along some of the state police so that they would be ult there was no incitement to violence. That was Over. But new trial-1 the i better markets. To meet no commit their deeds of million of rollers a year. Arose. Home Kentucky Ami Vest Kurtli Timmy it to recob., hat private a a be i it tam a Relt lha a a Bay Wjt a Bakty a Eju of v. A condition of our farm markets financial Al to through the finance corporate by Elna All the Gret Cen constitutes the greatest problem now operative Nevi. Is _ poised As a subsidiary o f in la Vicau Quot. Rome Bright Pidi visual Terr of ,.ro.lu.-Tion a Ani Lair i before the people Al l of tithe re.? the California fruit lower corporation h Conre ired the. Hire that if people tally i by the acce a a col in a pane c fruit River inc Yinru a my. Could be educate to consume raisins. Ture meets with during the year. Most serious _b1_ a. A. Irginia state police uniting for com Peconie Stromg enough to through the finance Corpora i in i puny reconnoitre a into a party of become i f the Gra n natives late at night. I Here was a Calili Oft Connie enough Moonshine mixed up with the 1 of Iizumi a 1 continued in Page eight encounter so that nobody knows what j m a at inned to Page a got it to Mien to yawning Tiutin elves Fri a poolroom to a lobby sent in Lite one hotel where there Wert enough gunmen to protect them. Danger of a riot among the Gentry of the press for a time blotted out the peril a of revolution. To it everyone Relief the head House of the Mons Mountain Coal company at Matewan was burned tally one morning. The state looking oui for the health anti moral of it police Uit s it my a tin entries off watch i at 1 30, which allowed some leeway for longed for atrocities. Setting the bored on the Trail occupied tile not pm Ming. L ins had u t Orne imply a feat life to amuse newspaper men from hic n a rth u the hounds were worse than Nan i in. They were of much woe than i useless huh a was the regularly j parted thing for them to to a up j buying at the in pen Mendel Hawse. The new York newspaper which spent a Ersi the ump a i to dial Al Cable Tulip id year reporting the rat killing in Bari now a pres Ort in new print the sad fart thai tie

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