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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - June 2, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by to Al Bert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examinees if you Are wrong you can to be too conservative if you Are right you can to be too it , by the Austin grades Ani labor Council volume 2, number 22 Albert Lea Minnesota thursday june 2, 1921 single copier s Cento. Long Battle lines still keep Vigil in West Virginia War gruesome scenes along West Virginia Battle front mine owners private troops Riddle Homes of noncombatants with machine gun bullets. Nonpartisan league a a crime by Helen augur t an a Ltd she a so paralysed with Federated press staff Cor fright Matewan. Vav. i saw j Quot she Hail not a water from thursday Nom til Friday night Anil no food. Finally on saturday i dragged her Over the Hill and flagged no. 8. She a bees staying with her sister Down sick. Ninety five bullets went through our Back if the houses Lay the Brown w % a Little White Iron bed in Blackberry City. A machine gun Bullet from a Kentucky Coal mine had crossed the tug River pierced three Stout Walls and zigzagged across the baby a bed on its Way through the House. The feathers from the Little Pillow straggled across the torn Sheet. The Wall Canvas tent of the striking miners. Benim bore an irregular design of there were two babies in the staf holes. Ford tent sick with pneumonia from eight Days la fore the baby Hail exposure and another in the Jack been snatched from that bed and car son tent. For two weeks no Mother ried to safety with her Brothers and in Blackberry had gone to Heil sex is Ter pestered with shots from i peeling to finish the night there High powered rifles and machine guns sniping trom the album Coul mine falling is thick As the heavy had driven them to cold cellars in raindrops. The family were Only their night clothes that Day crawling Back from a rude thirty bullets had made their easy shelter behind the Hill taking a Way through the White tent Chance of More bullets to save the i or. White wan with Days and children from pneumonia. Nit by i Over a piece of Sheet Iron Cook in the living room wrecked As if ing for the fugitives showed us her an earthquake the Mother was sweep Block water coat hanging on the Cen ing up great heaps of splintered Glass Ter pole of the tent under a severed and Wood. The mantelpiece Mirror electric Light wire. It was riddled. Was gone but the deep holes were a a Neva in in. I had two Winters the in on county farm Bureau there to stay. The family pictures i or out a it she said a picnic at the Fuir a Rountos on were despoiled books bored through i Trump until. Quot but when we crawl next Niue Day june 9. \ splendid and dishes smashed. De Back Here last night to get our pro Frani of Mugich plebes wrest i we had seen the father. John clot of and have a Little rest i in tech horj4e a Lieen a Ward Down the track toward mate told my husband i was going to sleep a spa perhaps most important wan. He is a Railroad Section fore to other Way of the bed. Look where a big Baket dinner Man. The War in Mingo county is the Bullet Tore open the pillows. Hot Between the miners and the Coal of made me right she looked editors and the railroaders Are no at the Rifle under the bed. A a ill swear labor Board lops $4,00,000,000 off menus pay Check the rail labor Boa re has la bored and proved unmistakably that they served their masters faithfully and Well. Approximately $400,000,000 of the $600.000, he wage increase awarded last year will be lopped off the menus pay Check beginning july i Tho plutocratic Section hands seem to have suffered the most being reduced from $3.70 per Day to $3.02. Just what a Man with a family will do i Urple after paying rent buying shoes clothing food school honk paying doctor Hills Anil the thousand and one other essentials to life in Ihre piping times the Board in its Wisdom fails to state. The a Wall Street tries in vain to Block in. D. Bond sales United states treasurer victim of merciless attack by Wall Street plunder bund because he endorses North Dakota Bond Issue. That they should wreck the credit to eliminate the won from the an of a Sovereign state work untold noun cements although the Bank of hardship upon Over a million Loyal ii North Dakota in marketing the Burty Loving people will mean Little Bonds merely is acting As fiscal agent Prentice boys receive a Cut of $10,50 to the vultures of Wall Street if by for the state. But the incident in the month switchman and showmen so doing they can keep their dirty aided the new York times to blazon North Dakota was the first state to protest against the assumed Power of the interstate Commerce commission to raise freight rates within the state. The nonpartisan league governor of Wisconsin was the second to act. Now 42 states Are unite behind the Case started by North Dakota. Railroads have had to pay up bark taxes too. The league has protested turning Back the roads to the financiers and this is still another Quot crime a tending to give the league a bad reputation in certain quarters. Farm Bureau will hold annual frolic on june 9 Mill find the envelope nine per cent lighter Tho train service men get 7 per cent less and car repairers will find Only 90 cents where a Dollar grew before. Common labor will be rewarded for its faithfulness by a Cut of from 6�?T� to 8 cents per hour. The Only Bright pot in an otherwise Cloudy by is the remuneration of the rail executives. This class of overworked and underpaid Railroad worker will be permitted to retain their present salaries. No mention i made in the dispatches of there being any Hope of a reduction in freight rates. The presumption is that with the High Price of imported limousines Chow dogs Haig and Haig and other necessities. It will take every cent of it to keep the Wolf from the door of the rail executives. Talons deep in the financial heart of North Dakota. The length to which they go in their Campaign of villainy and slander Are vividly portrayed in the following article by Harry Godfrey staff correspondent of the Federated press new York june 2.�?several Days party to the dispute. Yet Here was the baby a Bdl and the wrecked Home. And along the whole Bluff Side were the other pretty Frame cottages most of them not the property of the miners riddled through Ami through with hundreds of bullets. Charles Sigman an old Carpenter talked to us Over the Gate. Quot my wife was Here All alone and ailing a Hen the booting began thurs Day noon a he said. A she got Down to the cellar by herself and Lay on the floor with the water pouring in from the thunderstorm. I tried five times to Cross the Hill to get Home but they kept shooting at me in the flashes of lightning. I finally made it by Midnight. I had to Call her name Over and Over before she could they a n t going to do this any More. In a tired of it. I was raised in Carolina. Where they ainu to no War like this tut it they Start again in a going to put my four least ones in a cear. Ani help the men Silky Bailo rabbits born during the Battle snuggled in the Sunshine outside. Almost every other living thing it n the Bare Hill had been mowed Down the miners cows and even their Roe by Hen. But now after five Days unwanted silence the ground i hog were venturing out of their j holes and the children were perching Aira n n Fence Post.-. Many of the families had not dared to come Buck and their devastated House fleeced sight Lessly for them. Continued on Page eight the festivities will Start at 11 00 with an address by the Hon. Robt. G. Cousin followed by the Baket dinner. At 1 00 o clock a wrestling match Between Helm my re and Billy Edwards is scheduled. This race.-. Blands will be provided where ice Cream and Coffee May be Pur chased an admission fee of 50 cents will be charged for All person Over 12 years Obi. The proceed will go to apply on the Cost of the boys Ami girls club exhibit building to be erected on the fair grounds this year. Come out meet your friends and neighbor and spend a really enjoyable Day at the Freeland county the caption a North Dakota Bank violates i a meantime the advertisement Hail quoted an endorsement of the North Dakota Bonds Given by Frank h. White. Treasurer of the United states. Right away there a a rumpus. Or. White it is understood ago the Bank of North Dakota opened was made to understand that he had Here an office for the Sale of $3,000, committed an almost unforgivable too of i kinds of the state of North sin. Not that the i cd weren to Gilt Dakota the same Bond which Wall edged they timing backed by the in treet and its Minneapolis connections tire resources of the state of North recently informed the state they Dakota but. What was said to or. Would handle on condition that North White treasurer of the United Dakota abandon its program of Public states because he wrote an endorse ownership and operation of utilities ment of the Bonds of a state which in the interest of its citizens. Is fighting Wall Street control May what followed the opening of the be left to the imagination. But he local office affords in example of the declined to he said a lengths to which privileged financial cording to reports that he did not and their newspaper Mouth tend the endorsement for publication pieces will go to discredit the non but for private use. Event will be follows by three Home farm Bureau picnic. Congress again tinkering with peace Resolution building material Hogi Teers get slap on wrist new York judge lets building material profiteers off with Light Pulese pleads defendants a a respectability a in Home Community. By Harry Godfrey Federated press staff Cor new yory june 2.�?at the moment when president Harding a telling a new York audience that there should lie the least pitiable measure of government interference with business Samuel la Niermeyer chief counsel for the legislative housing committee was issuing a stinging denunciation of the arrogant thriving of the dealers in building supplies Here. While the president was saying the governments part in business should a fire no More than to insure adherence to principles of common honesty Sun Ter Meyer a pointing out the Laws a they exist and punishment Asad ministered by the courts to a respectable malefactors have not insured nor even in reality punished the most flagrant Defiance of the Law. It a a torching letter Untermeyer wrote to the attorney general. In it he pointed out that both state and Federal anti Trust Laws have been in administered a to Breed contempt for the Law Ami to lend Force to assertion that the criminal Law Are not enforced against the Rich and powerful in the same spirit a against the poor and the immediate cause of the letter was the fact that Only a few Days before Justice Vernon m. Davis in the criminal Branch of the stat supreme court i sad dismissed with $500 fines 19 Elf confessed violator of the criminal conspiracy Law remarking that they were All men of excellent reputation in the Community. Scarcely was the Ink dry upon this letter in which Untermeyer suggested his resignation As special Deputy attorney general be accepted than 9 More men. Member of the Brooklyn Queens Branch of the association of Dea or in masons and builders supplies of Grater new York appeared before the ame supreme court Justice and p eased guilty to violations of the Law and the conspiracy Law. Thi s t a juts ice Davis made the Fine still lower. The men were fined $300 to $450 each. And the court in imposing these gentle Quot naughty naughty done to do it again punishments took occasion to say that they were imposed not with standing the Public Effort made by certain individuals improperly and unlawfully to influence the decision by Paul Hanna Federated pre it tar Cor. I that America is Well entered upon the fifth year of her participation in the world War vague and halting rumours of peace Are making themselves heard at Washington. Here and there a voice is raised to a that Germany seem to be licked and the world about us aft for democracy a the United state can afford to make it. Some three week ago a daring group of jammed a peace filter Resolution through the Senate but nothing More a come of it. The bitter Enders Are still in the ascendant Ami the War go on. To wage the mighty struggle to a triumphant conclusion Congress will appropriate went somewhere some $5 000,000,000 for the coming nothing happen fiscal year. Actually every Boily is ready to end a a positive gift for it. This the dual personality of r Man who love publicity and a a Genius for not getting any of it. It is whispered that chairman Porter Suppo de the nation was to hungry for peace that it would beat a path to i office and Pla Ler i name on the billboards As the Man whose word would pm the world War. So when the Senate end of the joint Resolution came Over to the House for confirmation chairman put it into in pocket and waited for the crowd to gather. It was what dramatist Call introducing the element of suspense. About that tim the baseball season opened How Ever Ami the crowd Elk. Absolutely i grower for More than a j week when a soft hearted reporter sent out a Story to remind the Coon new York june for cooperative Grain marketing recently outline i by growers were advanced today by the formation of the farm or finance corporation with a capital Stock of 100,000,000. This announcement made by the executive committee of the United state Grain growers inc., stated that Bernard Baruch one of the financiers with whom conference were held yesterday Ami today will act in an advisory capacity for the newly organized body. Incorporation paper will lie filed in de in Ware next Fri Lay but Clifford Thorne of Chicago coun Al for the executive committee of the Grain grower whose organization will work in association with the finance corporation. Purpose of the corporation it a Aid include affording the Farmers a ready Market in Case of a Money Stringency a toning the movement of Grain Between the Point of origin Ami the consumer and the elimination of much of the handling of products by middlemen. The organization does not seek to w Reck the cd Ting Market ing system it is said. The marketing body i an offspring of the committee of the farm Bureau federation government committees and other Linn organization which held a serie of conference during the last few month. The finance corporation a organized to Furni a fund for the opera Tion of the United state Grain partisan league. In big headline the new York time announced a North Dakota Bank violates Law this is what had happened the announcement id the Bank of North Dakota in paid advertising Pace again those in charge of the North Dakota office Here us Oon a they were were made aware of the attempt to Embarrass or. White announced they would withdraw the offending publication. But that gave the new York her had offered the Bonds for Sale under Ald an Opportunity further to strike the name of the Bank in fiscal agent by innuendo at North Dakota and the of Tho state. Those announcements nonpartisan league. In display you May believe were read and re headline it announced trea Ury read by astute men Here in the Hope department to drop Dakota Case. Of finding therein to which accepts White explanation of in they could object. They found it. The advert ement had been inserted Ami signed is the Bank of North Dakota. That tile new York state banking department hastened to inform those in charge a illegal unlawful illegitimate and verboten. Univ the Bank of North Dakota so far a concerned it Bomi Sale Here phoned itself untie the supervision of the new York banking department it must not print advertisements using the word Quot Bank nor use the word a a Hank on it Letterhead. Those in charge immediately agreed Dorset Cut of state Bank Bomi. Will revamp publicity a the Herald a will be seen by the headline Dit not top at innuendo but resorted to outright falsification when it referred to the Bonds As a state Bank Bomi a when in fact they Are Bond of the state and not of any Bank. Ohye a in the ame Issue the new York Herald carried an Oliver sement of 5 per cent new York state Bomi in the amount of $41,800,000. This advertisement is Ned by James a. Wendell state controller. Inc. To Sheak on disarmament Post office department lifts War time ban on papers postmaster general Hays outlines department policy in regard to so called Radical publication so Many awarded second class privileges. The War excepting chairman Porter try to at 4 hair Mun Porter a toting and a majority of i House commit tee on foreign affair. Chairman Porter and his committee were bom to Blush unseen and would have fulfil i their destiny if to que Tion of making peace by joint Resolution had not come up. Ordinarily the House of representatives has no More to say in making peace than the Elk Lodge at Medicine Bow a to do with declaring War. In such matter it represents the people by keeping it Mouth and mind tight shut. But the second joint of a joint Resolution is the a Tate of peace around on his hip. And nothing kept right on . Miss Emily Kneubuhl Well known in a la Ert Lea will give the chief and at the disarmament meeting in having become convinced that the tin court House next saturday after people done to want peace chairman Porter a. Made up his mind to give it to them anyway. So the feeling among newspaper correspondent i that the peace Resolution will go through the House tween this Date and june 1.that wont end the War. Cha r noon at 2 30. The county league of women v Oters have charge of this meeting. It la educational to consider Ami learn about Tifei important Issue. Other speakers will address the meeting. It is not for women alone but every citizen is invited. No admission fee will be charged. Out of the of Tho court in the. Sentence. While thous Utku Prev us a i inc Reuie is to be made in that manner the House has As much Power a the Senate and neither body tan bring peace without the consent of nth r. For statesmen who but publicity Ami the spotlight this make the Opportunity of a lifetime. Prior to a few weeks ago you probably never heard til chairman Porter but it was not his drinking modesty that kept him m the background. I obscurity a due to other native tub it he the court had them under consideration it it not necessary to submit the a defendants to the degradation of a prison ? at the same time nine More Cor to ration a re fined amounts from $500 to $4,000 of. Plea of guilty. Man Porter will see to it that the income tax paid in Albertl a $93 House end of the Resolution is worded from every a too Glt a to pay for either just enough differently to Call for a past or Futon wars some rented for conference Between Bis committee and Ijjas intolerable Burden of taxation is the Senate committee on foreign of a imperative. The Albert Lea woman fair presided Over by senator who heard m Kneubuhl a Plemlie Lidge. In that Way Porter will work address at Waseca last week upon this Washington june have admitted the Liberator to the second Daze malls and doing of have revel de and abandoned the indefensible practice of censorship in Litu Ted by the it administration. In these words postmaster general Hay interpreted for new paper men i for Mal statement reviewing the persecution of the Liberator by the Wilson administration Ami announcing its restoration to the second class mail. Three or four voices came at once from the ring of reporters asking what about the Newyl Ork Call ? does that re Tore the Call what Al rout the Milwaukee Leader Quot i he decision has no immediate of mail he had continued to carry in the other classification. A because of this unjustifiable extra charge a he added Quot we shall have to make a refund to the Liberator of nearly $11,000, since it a paid in potage $14,321.96 for service which would have Cost Only $3 144.96 under the fir to class Thi he explained Hail not been excluding seditious matter from Tho mails but merely charging several time the usual rate for carrying second class matter and Congress had never authorized the Post office to do such a thing. In behalf of the Burle on administration i x solicitor William h. Lamar is said to have threat Eden Hay today that he would Issue a Den urn a Illinois Dei eats Cossack plan Springfield 111.�?the state constabulary Bill a gone Down to de feat in the Senate thanks to the persistent efforts of organized labor in sporing the pernicious anti labor propaganda behind the measure. The Senate voted to postpone consideration of the Bill until after the House had acted upon a similar proposal. Him Elf into big league society. He the May even have i picture taken with Lodge a the two men whose agreement May pm i the world War at any m Onte and bring the boy Home from France. Of the camera men and reporter do their duty the thing will go through in a few Day after that. If they Don to the world War May drag on for another five years. Subject were a unit in demanding that he come to Albert Lea. German employers Peri kit dug nth Aiton feet upon any publication except the Loon of the Liberator ruling. Hayes Liberator a a Hay answered. Quot the Call figurative reply a that Lamar and cae till i in litigation but you will Burleson might jump into the Polo see from the formal statement he Koke and Akter do you remember the Story that was was thoroughly exploited Taal fall before elation concerning the $35 hat of Calvin Coolidge candidate for vice president ? m a wi., capital times Ned upon a directory of the Mentor and officials of the United state Senate. There the resilience of Calvin Coolidge is Given As the new Willard hotel. The new Willard is the Blackstone until a few years ago people in All walks of life could advocate Reform measures now anyone in any walk of life mildly suggesting a Reform of any kind is called a preacher of Cia hatred. Remember How the Story was pm hotel of Washington Bell Sheb and dressed up in such a manner As to make an a Eal to the common folks of the country ? Good Campaign material wan t it we were looking Over the congressional record recently when we Hup in it is the most Washington in expensive place which to live. A $35 Flat Story is All very Well before election but after election or Coolidge prefers the comforts and the elegance of the new Berlin a at a Lime when the German labor movement i s rent by Dis in ions Between .sot-.alist-, communist and dependents the employer Are perfecting a More and More close in knit organization. Recently some 20 employer a associations were added to the membership of tile National association of German employers organizations thus bringing the total number of association. Adhering to the National up to 191. These association. Are in turn mat in up of 1310 Here that the to Toffice apartment has reversed the attitude assumed by the administration in All the a Case. Quot i would have you get dear in your mind that the last administration first buried papers from the mail be cause it was said that they were semite if they did no to like his ruling in this ruling Hay said in part Quot the War is Over we must return to the ordered Freedom. Our me Hod of safeguard1 no the Public welfare while at the same time the Freedom of the press hat it a re n found til rough a Long period of stable dilioy.-, and then carried tile ame civil Heity better for the Public web papers in the mails As third Cia.-. At Many times the first class postage rate. Our position is that second Cia. Mail matter Hall be curried at the second class postage rate if cur rued at All. And if a paper is sex clotted on the grounds that it is seditious we rely upon the department of Justice to prosecute its editor local employers societies comprising lids department will no longer a-161,500 Industrial concern. And Deal slime a Power to censor the preying with 6,500,000 workers. Which it Doe not lawfully possess j Ami was not meant to exercise a the women appt Ai to be taking a in answer to a question Hie Dost lot of interest in politics. Fine of Muster general explained that Vir course because without the women tally All the Pater which Burleson this nation would be a tap nation. I a Tad thrown out of the second class fare Ami personal Security of citizens tan to establish a bureaucratic a , which in it nature keen Mea a matter of individual options pre i Judice or Caprice. There in a certain Cost in free institution. In which the institution of random of the pre hares but we in this country have preferred to pay such ousts from time to time rather than to it a k pro net Kin through Tine historical do re ii Ted in v ices of bureaucratic govern later the Bun hmm Bam lifted from the new York Call amt Mwau Hee i eat Lei burgers paper Ami they again enjoy second Cia mad pried Ege

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