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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - July 29, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two Albert Lea examiner Elbert Hea examiner publish by emf Freeborn co i my in Rushing co Filc. 222 eat Clark Street Albert Lea. Minn. Rubi asked weekly Norman j. Gillespie editor and manager to iphone a stat e 618___ entered at the at Albert Lea mina., a it secon i Cia Quot mail matter. One six Al subscription rates year a m it s .5100 has r action accounts must be paid in dance. Private initiative every advocate of the return of Railroad to the former private owners and managers had much to say e ant. A but incur to this Sucre private intr Ca tor s or �?�1 r Iti tiv a Groat object a to the Farmer program. The argument is used so much because All of us Admire private initiative. We flee to Sec efficiency perseverance and Good service. But those who use this private initiative argument to Boater up Railroad Fina Ciering the Many trusts now vexing the land and Ether form of wasteful Serries neglect to show us How their program really Doe for Tei private initiative. The i sue i not one for or against private initiative hut one of whether we shul Foster the private initiative of the few of the Many. Whee we returned i e railroad4 to private ownership la Pring we enlarged the initiative of perhaps dozen financier we gave More work to the Stock brokers. The great mass of Railroad men including i w and High officers Are doing exactly what they did under government control. But in allowing to a do or. Quot nine to exert their initiative we have tied in t e entire county. Harbours Are congested wast in cd me shutting Down. Coal can not be mined in adequate Quantity Peri Hable produce rots on the far quo livestock already fattened is eating up the Farmers hard earned dollars country elevators Are full of Tats year Grain and a new crop is coming on. Cotton Mills shoe factories and machine shops close for Lack of Coal and raw materials. The private initiative of nearly All our millions of Farmers business men and City workers is thus slowed up. Ruin on the farms bankruptcy in the cities starvation for the family is the Prospect for a thousand times As Many hard working people As Are in any Way aided by the return of the Railroad to the financial pirates. It is time that the whole country As Well As the league Farmers began to see through this private initiative Bunko of the kept press and the politicians. The presidential office Al Mot every year brings an important change or two in the Constitution of the United states either by amendment or by judicial decision. Up to Hhd Over too decision Hail been rendered by our supreme Mutt which added to what is in fact the Constitution. We Are not among those who hold that just at this in Anent it is in the fir. State of perfection. There i at Lea tone Mea us in the origin us articles which we believe should be speedily altered for the better namely tile Power conferred upon the president. Our chief executive ought to he an administrative officer Only earning out the policies determined by Congress. But us we actually find him he can override any hut a two third majority of both House of Congress and he a a Power in foreign relations beyond that exercised by any present Day Monarch or prime minister. A King for a time is less objectionable than a permanent absolute Monarch Only in the in that we can get rid of him at the cml of the period. In the meantime his politic May run counter to Tho a of the majority of the people anti he May work irreparable mischief of the country returns a hostile Congress he can continue to reign in disregard of the change urn i the period Lias expired. Our Only it afe Guasti practically i it Faith in the personal character of one Many hardly a sufficient guarantee for democracy. The present pre ident Kepi us out of War and then put us in. Ignoring our to icy determining hotly until Irr traceable step. Had been taken. He likewise made War on Russia anti kept up a blockade lie tween us anti that country until it see Nan Wise to him to lift it the other Day. It is in e to blame Wilson or other presidents a some do. The Fame Lins in the in Weidy and outworn Power of the office. Local production one of the great economic Factor making for the Success Ai the league banners a program is the constantly growing Nee a Day for More Home production. That program it by one demanding Home Industry the proce sing of farm produce near the Point where the Farmers raise it. Our Railroad can no longer carry the Burden of wasteful processing at Distant Points Anil even if they could frequent advances in freight rates tend to make the Long hauls of raw material More and More unprofitable in fact Only monopolistic Force have stood in the Way of a rebirth of local production. The following quotation from Henry Ford to full of win Mon this Point although the famous inventor of Olivver has probably not Analysed the situation to find the reason for this business foolishness and consequently May not agree fully with the Farmers efforts to end it a the question of transportation is not Only a matter of engines and cars and tracks but also the useless carting around the country of materials that need not be carted. What is the be of hauling a live steer All the Way from Texas turning it into beef at Chicago and Muling it a the Way Back to Texas again what is the use of hauling wheat a thousand Miles As wheat and then hauling it Back again As flour it doubly burdens the railroads put the Farmer at the me Rev of centralized buyers and adds heavily to the Consumers Bill. A heat should be turned into flour when i i raised. Hogs should be hipped As hams and Bacone the finished product. Wherever to Ihie the process of production should be completed in the Community where it begins. This would relieve the railways make each Community More Independent of Milway exigencies and be better a1 the Kansas court judge w. I Huggins the presiding judge of the Kansas Industrial relation court. A it set Forth that the Coart intent to Settle Industrial controversies exactly As any court of Law proceeds to Settle any dispute brought before it. He yes no Rea on who the practice of Anglo Saxon Uri prudence which for centuries has succeeded in peacefully adjudicating disputes Between individuals cannot succeed also in the Industrial strife. But there is one fundamental thing to consider. John a. Fitch of the Survey a pointed it out in answer to judge Huggins. A the attempt to treat a labor controversy a demand for h Thor wages for Shorter hours the closed shop or what not a us if it were a personal squabble is i fund to fall. No court could possibly Settle Industrial i puts in that Way bemused there is no statute Law there is no common Law precedent or agreed body of fact or opinion to which such matters May be referred As a guide to judicial determination. Instead of deciding a Ca c in accordance with the Law the Kansas court of Industrial relations will be obliged to decide in accordance with the opinion prejudice. Knowledge or ignorance Good will or ill will of the members of the court. Since when have men been Able to sue for and got that which is neither assured in the Law nor capable of such Assurance Quot the Point is Well taken. Until a body of Law is created which will say on what principles a Quot jul t wage is to be determined on what principle a a fair Days Wuky a is to be judged any attempt at judicial handling of indu trial disputes consist merely of the expressing of individual opinion of toe judges on such matters a but what remedy for strike. Have i to offer a a is Fitch a of i oppose their prohibition by Law no final remedy if by that i it meant merely stopping them. But sink need not concern us o much. The things Hack of them Are what count. I am interested in removing the cause of strike and if that can be done trikes will take care of them elves. Just As typhoid fever will if you look after the int there a valuable suggestion Here Why not. After All try to remove the causes of strikes and see where we get. Rather than penalizing them and attempting to prevent them by Law the Kvale Case perhaps Rev. O. J. Kvale. Should have been More of a politician. In which Case he would have known that every politician a an official religion just As he a an official patriotism. Even if the practical religion and the patriotism Are in the wife name it is there none the in for Public review. The minister who beat volstead for the Republican nomination for Congress in the seventh Minnesota District by Over 22 00 votes has been disqualified and vol dead considered nominated by a lower court on the ground that he had indirectly accused volstead of being an atheist when the Ca e opened the charges against Kvale also included references to volstead congressional career but the vol teat attorneys decided to withdraw the a to avoid prying into his record for big Biz. And the Point on the atheist charge is too ridiculous too contemptible for words. It was brought and Hal Een carried through Only because the corrupt political ring in Minnesota feels itself in such desperate condition. No class of society could possibly he so mean or contemptible As plutocrats in a tight place. Governor bum qui to whose gang fought for i nomination w Ith mob violence and oppression in office a tinted judge Albert Johnson from another District to hear the Kvale Case a Man who had just been Defeated for a supreme court berth by George l. Siegel nonpartisan leaguer. The judge of the Swift county District court who should have heard the Case Refu cd to preside at the hearing of the unimportant. If True charge pre enter by supporters of volstead. It bother intentionally or not he thus played into the hands of the Rumquist ring. Attorney for the gang bitten minister Are appealing the Case to the supreme court. Woolen trusts shut Down William of. Wood president of the american Woolen company the Woolen Trust leaps into Public attention again by closing the Mill of the company for an indefinite period. A Short time ago he escaped an indictment for profiteering because Bolt of Woolen cloth were held to be something different from clothing. A few year before he escaped an indictment for planting dynamite to fasten the charge on striking workmen. During the last year the Trust operate Only half the time by prolonging a strike of its operative Ami in the other half made Over too per cent on its common Stock. The alleged reason for the present shutdown is Lack of Market. It appear that wholesaler jobber clothing manufacturer refuse to buy in proper quantities that is refuse to buy at the Price demanded by the Trust. While the Price for Wool to the Farmers have dropped to ruinous Levels and while there is practically a famine in Wool clothing the Trust refuse to make prices for its product that would enable other middlemen to move the Good. Another ugly phase of the situation is the probability that the Trust is closing Down on the demand for raw Wool in the Hope that the Farmers will have to sell out at its own terms. In Short we have Here a Good example of that private initiative blessed so often in the kept press to preserve which the american people Are rapidly making them elves a race of beggars. Thursday. July 29, 1920. Time to get mad a courses ? its newspapers and mail service i second test will my family Ami i have a reasonable Chance to keep Well in that town Row about it water Supply its system of milk inspection its health officials its hospitals and physicians its sanitary system ? third test will i like the town the atmosphere of the town does it have the Beauty of shaded streets is the surrounding country attractive is it a quiet Roomy airy town in 0 in in i hilt.1.,Ai,i mom til what other editors Are thinking about i Mimmy Mil in i Mai Mai it a a a a a a a a a a a a imm Mim tit Mil a a a a a a a Over in Manitoba the Farmer labor ticket has elected a every one of its candidates outside the City of Vav Winnipeg. Within the City districts they have elected four Luxor representatives four liberals and two conservatives. Canada seems to lie getting a bit no City or town in this country a been Able to build any House to speak of since the War ended but now that the courts have decided that the building of Home is constitutional North Dakota is going ahead As rapidly a possible with the work of it Home building association. New zealand appears to be making Good Progress in the same line. There Are some who hold that it is i letter to let families go homeless or crowd them into squalid quarters and if they acknowledge that they mean a better for the profiteer Quot we will agree with them. We thought we were having a hard time during the we of but it looks a if the Mea made by the War and still in the seats of the mighty Are worse than War. Take sugar for example. 9 a a ,,,nmimillllllm�?z�?z1hhii�?zn�?z, to Tell la a a a pm my Mim 1, 111mm�?z,-j i. I review amid comment i on various topics a it .1 la its moral tone Good does it ahead of us in these matters. Simi have attractive Federal county or a results occurred farther East of City buildings Manitoba not so Long ago. Fourth test shall i know Anil we have yet to show this fall what like the people of the town Are we can do. We Hope that our farm they a Home folks a without false exer labor group will follow Canadas elusiveness Are they believers in example and concentrate not on one progressive City government or two illustrious leaders for presi fifth test can i have u Good Dent and governor but go after the time in that town i and my family really important and accessible jobs. Are the modern comforts Arni con like county commissioners and state be nieces available for its residents representatives a the Fellows that a Light Gas. Telephones Etc. How Boss you right where you about the extent and conditions of Seattle Wash Union rec the streets or pavements inviting to Ord. Pleasure drives Are there Point of _ interest in the Vicinity Are there letting nervous opportunities for boating and bathing ? does the town have a Good band ? Good entertainment and athletic events sixth test can we live reasonably and Well in that town what arc the housing and shopping conditions seventh test is the town easily accessible to the outside world does certain newspapers in Montana and elsewhere Are professing to be very much alarmed fearing that the i Farmers and workers Are going to secure control of the government. Why the scare Are they afraid of the people is it any safer for a mining corporation a group of Bankers or a nomination of Parley p. Christensen and Max Huye. By the Farmer labor party at Chicago a Digap eight Days when the miners family had to eat but had no income. This is not satisfactory to the min it have adequate Railroad connections Quot a a a att Quot a a in Cut Strol of and local Street car system connect a or Rove Ament intr station.? does it Ivo in toe. Abib u for the Why is it that the government i not now class pointed Many believers in a third Ere. Is it any wonder they wanted a part and has been the occasion of six Nour Day at the same rate of pay some mirth among the Republican As for eight hours anti democratic Heathen. The Digap and the Public How about it Point men arises chiefly from the eight Days of lost production out failure to nominate a Man who a of every month in the year Means 96 been much in the Public Eye such As Days of no production for the entire la Follette Louis to to or Frank p. Year. Has that anything to do with ing stations Doe it have interurban line Well marked automobile route or hard surfaced roads eight test can i make Good use government but would be if in the hands of the people could you imag of Money through investment oppor a Quot a unities in that town arc , the world control but unities in that town Are there Good banking facilities favourable la group of men than is that of the United states Isnit it about time Walsh of indu Tri amp a relations commission Fame. But there is no evidence that it was through fault of the convention that one of these men the fact that Coal profits increased 45 per cent in a single month is Coal mining As at present conducted the most efficient Way for a Bor conditions a prosperous farming quote territory fair real estate value that Thol dts reasonable tax rate reasonably cheap a Kalispell Power am i sure of Active Coop Power. A in i sure of Active Coop ration from the Busine organization. Of the town ninth test can i get a w a it not obtained. I he convention nation to manage it Power re had no mean of forcing la Follette sources it would certainly seem or i Oit or Walsh to run. And these that a better Way might be devised gentlemen May have had Good Rea _ on for refusing to Bear the third party Standard. Christensen went to the convention a a forty fighter with no idea of being a candidate. First chairman of one of the conventions he became permanent chairman of the big convention because none of the other the Case brought against Rev. O. J. Kvale Republican nominee for in the events Minnesota District would appear to indicate that the fellow dog who used mob violence in 1918 now have hydrophobia. And if the old saying holds m. A a a Good the gods must be preparing for men who tried could handle the great.,. Rui a u i. Heir speedy de traction. A of delegates. He simply grew on the convention captured it somewhat As Bryan did with his away off in the Southeastern Corn Titis of Gold it Peech in 1896. When or of the map of the world lies the the favorite nominees turned away Union of South Africa. Not much one by one the delegates turned to news reaches America of this grow Christensen. Ing and prosperous British Dominion con Diering the fact that Christen not much we dare say is known in sen a not been an old party Leader that far country of developments in but rather a reformer it is not sur the United states or in our own Par prising that he is not a a known a a As titular Commonwealth of North do the editors say. The City pre does Koto. Not build publicity for the foes of it is surprising therefore to read the monopolists. He has been speak in a Bank bulletin issued by one of or a it of the Utah a humbly and a one the great new York financial ins Titu of the first to Welcome the pushing tons that South Africa is taking one out of the nonpartisan league Furth step very similar to that taken in or wet. North Dakota. The Union govern Mentha introduced a Bill for re Hanks hired Man says a if some fanning the banking system of South of our town Feller were Barking in Africa. This new system will provide j at a Chance gathering of a few Job in get Unn Center Busine. Men the other that town Are the natural oppor a was the opinion that an Organ Tunitis for employment Good can of business and professional i get assistance from organization men should be perfected for the Pur making it their Busine to introduce p036 a boosting the Farmer a around establish new commercial inter Kram endorsing and supporting the est and to Welcome new citizens candidate chosen by the Farmers und labor and to launch a Campaign the Only remedy for the High coat a a a Quot a lie it a a a it no Rah Dak Quot a of living which Hoover the pre. Thut a Vrh Ltd a Quot a ent a Row a la St a a a the the politician., and the banker., can Quot of interest to have suggest is to top living awhile. I Irene Ltd of North Dakota farm probably that All we can do if we Don t want to interfere with the profiteers. Ere All of the a year and now hate to turn county n. A Farmers journal front of the Farmer instead of ii in they be Able to about that Cia at for a Central Reserve Bank modelled yelp affy a be Federal Reserve Ytem of the United state and in almost eve cry respect similar to the Bank of North Dakota. It will act a banker on in a Basic of Fife. For Ordinary private Bank and without it Industry and consequently re discount their Buu. H win a Esordi. Life on this continent would be in Nate the fun unreal to tut ions of the much free advice is about to be after i defeat for president Al offered Tho a who embark on Matri Tonton b. Parker lie came an attorney mortal ventures for better or for for the american federation of . And it would be Well if in the Bor in the famous Van Cleave injun hand of every couple there could be Tion Case. Charles e. Hughe a placed a cop of the writing of or. Been representing the United mine Thoma Huller a renowned English workers in Hie United state court of the 17th Century who in possibly after november senator his time was Reg a riled a a special Harding and governor Cox Ryf be i t on marriage and related prob come advocate of the Rij to of Man. Pm Bloomington ice search a a marriage he said a is not like Light the Hill of Olympus wholly Clear without Clouds. Be. Expect both Jimm m. Co who we nominated wind and torn .onetime., which on the 41th Kot at san Francisco when blown Over the air u clearer tuesday july 6, la. Like i. Rep Uhli and whole order for it Quot. Can opponent a Man. Tho ii adv against choosing wives two candidate Hail from the same for Beauty alone and in Thi Conner hut6 0ho> ,.the Mother of pm a Tion told a a floating Island in Scot Denux Ami in we want to land that Wain Awa with ship that remark that the old lady has much to answer for and we see no Possi and he added a so Are they sort Bibity of improving her record thie Ltd. An i justly so who Only fasten Campaign year. A Ortonville their love on fading Beauty and both Minn Star fail together. Hie two group Are directly responsible for the production of Coal and a third group the Public is deeply concerned in it. State just As Doe the Bank of North Dakota. Coincidences of this sort Are bound to occur very frequently. No matter in what part of the world you go the rho Cool old. Of the Earth which same it of Cun it Liti Qiu there Lite creator manufactured out of Sun a on a be Way t0 a Jmc it by Matu is Hight and vegetation when the world a 1 Tholt u by state action on a Large a. Very Jung. Are now in the ab<1 Thorou h scale profiteering hand. Of comparatively few men. Bull inefficiency a broken Down in who own them for a living. A much Lutric a Maby lines. A a hag larger number of men the Coal min ,0ub j Tillat the a pee cab do ors Are permitted to Woik in the better by co operative action Tome which the ant group owns in than private corporations can do it or Ler that they too. May make a Liv for Ellem Sluth Africa Dikeov. Ing. Hen the first group permit ered Thi it. Australia Aad the the second to work the rent of the whole United stamp a u , t to poop e the Public gets Coal. View at least the problem of the wills process efficient roads in the same fashion. Coal production statistics compiled a a. By the Federal Trade commission Hanks hired Man says a Many a from report submitted by 1081 mine poor fish that knows them profiteer owners for the month of March in Lave got us in a he of a fix think dictate an increase in the profit per we should Trust them that a been ton of la cents or 45 per cent. Raising the he to get us out of it. So that the owners at least must and them that a been fooled enough consider the process efficient. The poor fish Calls the average Cost per ton of min he described the Ideal wife As one a who never Cross eth her husband in the springtime of his anger but stays till it be ebbing water. And then mildly he argues the matter not so much to condemn him As to acquit herself. Her clothes Quot he said a Are come according to the prevalence news an India rubber police Force has been created to intimidate strikers at Bristol in i. The National India rubber company is paying the salaries of two third of the police on duty in that manufacturing City. A modern sonnet by rather than costly and she makes Ashing ton d. A Plain cloth to be velvet by her hand �?.-. Some wearing it. Our Good wife sets up a sail according to the keel of her husbands estate. And of the Good husband or. Fuller wrote a the allow eth her to meet Clorinda you re the girl for a i caught you tuesday darning Hose maintenance but measures it by his Evn dullest Eye can see own estate nor will he give her less neat patches on your last years nor will she ask More. A knowing she is the weaker vessel he bears with her in abilities. He is careful that the wounds betwixt them take not air and not be clothes your shoe blacked hat Home laundered Blouse your gloves with Well inked fingertips the Minneapolis civic Aad Commerce association Baa advised the formation of a Public corporation to provide electric Power for Minneapolis St. Paul and the i Niver Eity of Minnesota. Who would have sos peeled Uch a thing we won Kier whether the local authorities on bolshevism will hold that the Minneapolis civic and Commerce association has turned Bol Shevik or acknowledge that government ownership can sometimes i respectable. Ing Coal was reduced 4 per cent in March Over february and the output per working Day increased five per cent. Again the owners at least should be satisfied. They get More Coal in Kansas municipalities tile Magazine of the Kansas league of municipalities l. N. Flindt head of the department of journalism at the University of Kansas discusses the problem of town boosting after the head of a Selling your after mined per working Day at a less Cost our Iowa Filer per too of Morel Thoo in february. Wirt a own Rran let i Brog with an increased profit of 45 Peri to 1 trial it our ,.a As mean of interesting outsiders in the pos i publicly known. Jar concealed Are our cart a ways about the House half reconciled. Brin Praise a love re a had All of which is As Good advice in 1920 As it a in 1620. But though 1 picture some Safe Ingle Nook it was offered 300 year ago there a Kitchenette with you the Queen still Are a powerful lot of folks who heard you say you love to Cook Haven to taken it yet. The costly Spud the lowly bean. In be Learned How simple Are your tastes Hanks hired Man says a if More you re mindful of a poor clerks people Don t top voting far big Biz purse for fear them bolshevik i i get scorn her who Coin on Candy waste pm nun of us will have a cent left vow ices bad and lobster worse Fer Tae bolshevik to take it they Ever do come cent. How about the miners a the average number of interesting outsider in the Possi putties of a your town and of keeping the Home folks satisfied. Or. Day Flindt lists nine test upon which to in Windsor Canada just Over the line from Detroit sugar Sells for to cent a a mud and Detroit pays Between 30 and 82 cent. The Canadian government must have become tainted with a a socialism to clip the wings of the profiteers in this fashion of a Huv iwo Ciuc i us a it eau Vul worked by each Miner during March base a municipal advertising Camias Given As Nineteen against seven pain. Here they Are teen in j first test can i educate my Fame there were 27 possible working by and myself in that town How Days in March the miners were per about its Public schools present and a it Ted to average 19 of them. Eight future it institutions of higher de Day of lost time eight Day of no cation or business training ? its ii pay eight Days of enforced loafing traries its lectures Aad concert a Ray Clorinda heed these rhymes of one who a love willed or prove production increased production tree that i All thut is necessary to restore who in these fearsome High Price the equilibrium of society and bring times things a Aback to Normal a the Bank a treasure Girlie sees in you ers All say so the Grain speculators applied Domestic science pet All say so the Stock Gambler All say your household platform Chiefest so the real estate Sharks say so in Plank fact every social parasite that never out of the salary i get shed a drop of sweat to any real prod each week a dime we ought to Active labor in his life says so so Bank it must be Wash a Ella a. Fanning in the new american. U York time

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