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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - July 29, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to Fig up in advertising the Cost is by results. A $5.00 and that More Busine is cheaper than ver Tising costing $3.00 which suits in less business. Figure it Lea examiner it Means Micu to advertisers to have their hiking reach neatly every Horn in albeit i in and Freihorn county. That i Why advertising in the examiner in Worth while. Volume i number 28albert Lea. M1nnksota. Thursday july 29. 1920. Single copy 5 cents Johnson a decision in Kvale Case flayed by state Liberal editors in the Wake of the news 0 Minneapolis Johnson a decision in the volstead Kvale Case is regal led As a a ship at representative government by editors of Liberal newspapers. Red Wing heard from the opinion of the Heil Wing daily Eagle democratic is especially interesting because rid Wing is judge Johnrene a Home town. The daily Eagle said v a in appointing judge Johnson to try the volstead Kumle election Conte t a a governor Burnquist has subjected himself to a Good Deal of will merited criticism for More partisanship than Good judgment. A volstead Republican and Kvale nonpartisan both run on the Republican ticket for Congre s and volstead was repudiated by the voters of the District to the extent of More Thun 2,000 votes. A volstead Mireh Cruda conceded the idea of invoking certain feature of the so called corrupt practices act in an attempt to install the loser Over the Heads of the a try of the District Aud to try the Case governor Burnquist assigned judge Albert Johnson who was himself a Defeated candidate for office in a race in which an opposing nonpartisan league candidate was responsible for his defeat. A regardless of judge Johnson Well known integrity the governor s animus in assigning him to try the Case was under the circumstances too transparent to escape attention. He evidently banked on human nature asserting itself for desired results. A the trial having resulted in ousting the candidate elected by the people and giving the election to the one repudiated by them it is not to be expected that the voters will lie Down and let it go at that. They will of Doune Appeal the Case to the higher court and if that also rules against them go before the electors of the District with either the ame or another candidate. They have no other recourse in trying to preserve a he election for their self prob in. A a int quilts of Law on which the duly e.?Jed candidate was us sit u a ii tii a have never been raised against any candidate before with a View to giving the election to the loser of they had been or were to be applied in the Case of every Republican candidate who has run stains nonpartisan league opponents it is a Safe conjecture that very few of them would now be in office or have he Chance of getting there. A the Start along this line having Star will begin late next month Gaston declares Minneapolis Minn a Herbert Gaston president of the Northwest publishing company has announced that the Minnesota daily mar will begin publication the week of August 22. The exact Date was not specified in his announcement. The Minnesota daily Star capitalized at $1,900,000, has sold approximately $759,000 Worth of a Tock among nonpartisan league Farmers and members of organized labor in Minnesota. The paper will he a Peoples paper and will support the candidates endorsed by the nonpartisan league Farmers and labor. Red Wing plans for big historical pageant in aug. Red Wing Minn. July 21 a for a. I la no. Adam p pen them a More than six months red Wing citizen have Bein winking on the program of an hit Erical pageant that from Here next be staged wheat control in Canada nears end Winnipeg Exchange to have option Market open by Middle of August the government of Canada say the Northwestern Miller a announced that it will not reappoint the Canadian wheat Board. This Means that arrangements by Trade for handling the crop of 1920 May continue. The Winnipeg Grain Exchange will now proceed with its plans for reopening the option markets of that Center and Grain men and Millers will place themselves in a position to resume private handling of wheat. The Winnipeg Exchange will most Likely have its option Market open by the Middle of August under due regulation to prevent any wild speculation. Quite probably the Meas is expected to draw thousands All parts of the country week. The pageant will aug. 5 and i. No pot in the country figures More in the history of american development than id Wing the Busine men committee proudly asserts. L Ather time will begin the pageant with a legendary history of the Indian. Chief red Wing one of the Famou indians in i tory will be characterized. Chief red Wing saw the firs Steamboat that came to fort Snelling Ami witnessed Many of the Imper ant events of Early Minnesota history. Symbolic dances Indian War songs tableau fire ceremonies and Folk songs will i interpolated in the Story. The Landing of the first voyage coming of the first Steamboat Early life in Minnesota treat councils. Departure of troops for wars and the return of Minnesota men from the recent world War will be Poi tray cd. The pageant will take place on the red Wing Golf course where both russians refusal to Deal with the poles through the allies is one of the big events of the week in Europe big because in doing so the russians make a bid for leadership of Small nations against France and England. Late dispatches Tell us that England after threatening to sever Trade relations which have not been really resumed and to Aid Poland with military forces Hail advised Poland to seek an armistice Ami peace directly. The Moscow government with its new method in International relations has Given out a statement that it would offer the poles better terms than the allies themselves Are willing to allow. Connected with the danger to Allied leadership in this polish matter is the reported revolt of arabians in Syria. It appears that after the English foreign office thought it had the arabian situation Well in hand France delivered an ultimatum to the True test More War seen of americanism a distance by German author by congressman John m. Bai r in North Dakota the state government approaches pure democracy in a greater degree than in any other state in the Union. It is truly a sovereignty in which ail Powers Are derived from the consent of the governed. With the initiative and referendum Laws the a people can refer to them Relve any act of the state legislature and in turn can vote on it at a special election. The people themselves can initiate new Laws without even the con rent of the legislature. Therefore when the people regardless of the lawmaking body can make and unmake Laws their rights Are greater than in the nation As a whole. This democracy is unadulterated. It is a significant fact that the opponents of the initiative and referendum Laws were the first ones to make use of them of certain Law in North Dakota for instance interfered with property rights As the opposition have so often contended Why did that opposition not refer to the Laws. If any of the Laws could have be n referred and repealed at the same election ill which they tried to repeal seven other Laws. Of any Law tends toward the socialisation of land or confiscation of property the people can repeal that Law within ninety Days. Therefore the rights of the people Are always safeguarded. I he people of North Dakota have All Power within their own hands. Certain people May be personally opposed to various types of , but i say when they openly interfere with the carrying out of the Laws after they have been enacted by the legislature of the state and a struggle Between White and yellow races predicted by writer Emir he Sal a local ruler in this Ter proved by tile people of the state they Are evidently opposed to majority yellow tones Berlin july 24.�?-three world wars More terrible than the boggle just ended Are pret listed in a Booklet a die diet Kom Menden Kitele a from til i it in of Otto Autenrieth a Hete to fore of Cine author who a present work Howe it ?. La in its tenth edition. The three is he portrays them in ibis lather Phanta tic prophecy will ire i in Between Japan and the rest of the allies. Second Between England and America. Third tween the White and the Mitory Over which she has a mandate which knocks the British Hopes and plans sky High. A and religious movement in Arabia against both British and French is Likely. In the meantime the turkish nationalists Are rallying turks out of Range of warships and fighting Landing parties of British French and greeks. The Bulgari Are reported greatly wrought up Over the occupation of bulgarian territory by greeks. bolshevik forces a lace caucasus trying to effect a Junction with the various Peoples opposed to French and English Rule. A general world War grows on us rapidly for which these minor wars Are preparation. And Only a few months ago it was treason to doubt Rule. Those who would oppose majority Rule Are autocrats. They have no in the flirt he predicts that Japan place in America. They should go Over to Holland and saw Wood with the will be beaten worse than Germany x Kai it i. Was in the second England would our National government is Republic in form composed of official Ami be combed lose her world position representative elected by the people. The citizen of the country however have no Power to repeal acts of Congress. They cannot initiate new Federal Laws. But the Federal Constitution which is the supreme Law of the and allows the state of North Dakota to give its voters this direct Power the real weapon of democracy. Our political government was founded on a fundamental document the on tit ution of the United states. This Constitution protects property rights. No Law which would conf Cate properly no Law that would social their March into Europe ize the land or take a citizen s Home or farm could be passed by any state moral Lon lost preparation for its struggle Amenta England would strip and be shipped of the monarchical idea while in the third Germany a till without sea pow a but Strong on Lead with Rich resource and Edvun a Ages gleaned from the other two War. Would be the bulwark on which the yellow hordes would break in Pear to be considerably South of the legislature or by Congress without being declared unconstitutional by the supreme court of the United states. How absorb it is for the opposition to try to make intelligent voters Bede this when they themselves know it is not True. Bolshevism cannot be harmonized with americanism of in w us France it its Power and would make a a moral Conquest a in South America interned to convince that Cooth nent and toe rest of tim world that the u. 8. A. Was the main danger to civilization. In the latter condition any attempt were made even to tax land Back into the poses Ion of the state one taxpayer could Appeal to the supreme court and As the Federal Constitution protects property rights could have such a Law declared void and contrary to the Vicy principles of american government., the land and water even will be staged that the present leaders of Allied a alter the supreme court of the United state has be cured that the hods did not intend to make the then people of North Dakota have a right to go ahead with their Law for any Autha Aineth to Tats out that England present War the last War. Tone to a that there Laws ale contrary to the letter and spirit of our con Ovate Ute in South a Stit ution or Ocia Mirtic is ignorance or intentional deception. It Hows a America that English goods .-.hips, heroic efforts will be made by the utter if Knowles pc of american government or an utter Lack of Prin diplomats Ami so on were Superior to Railroad interests to cover All their splendid crop Prospect seen by state head St. Paul present weather conditions make prospects tor a Large Grain crop this year almost certain in Minnesota according to j. H. Hay ures found sat factory in the United Deputy state agricultural commission state will lie applied in Canella. Or. The anticipate difficulties it firm. Hay returned saturday from a Naa cing the movement of Clops Undot Brief inspection trip in Central min Al a trading seem to have uni hed. Neta. He Aal that the next to Days Bank is everywhere express Kunfi will be toe critical period and if the dance that there will be no Gnu Ual weather conditions continue As they train. The fact that the milling and Grain Trade is now in very much latter Puritan financially than before the War give a new element of strength to the situation. The Only Factor of this kind that will require special care is connected with speculation by outsiders. The margins will mod Likely be put High enough to discourage any such business. Are at pre rent Ned not worry Farmers Minnesota Farmers so far As transportation is concerned the movement of Canadian been made in the seventh District the crops will present considerably Les move May be expected to extend to the rest of the state As Well and it is not without Good reasons that leaders in the Republican party Are apprehensive of what is Likely to follow. Some of them Are afraid of finding that they have started something which they finish without d1sas to them can ont Trout results revolution next the capital times of Madison wis., be in the Johnson decision a blow at representative government difficulty than is threatened in the United states. In a general Way the Canadian car situation is easier and so also is the labor Outlook. These could be better but the country is glad they Are no wore than is the Case. Altogether their is Good ground for optimum in Canada concerning the future of the maw Trade. The growing crops Promise a big volume of Busine for every legitimate element and if nothing happens to disorganized the movement from Seaboard it will be demonstrated in a very Short time that private enter and Point out that Tho who Arri priv a full it a a Filc enl a a a Uay by the government could employ to handle this great business. That the common people will never be Able to get what they want thru the ballot will be Given new ammunition. The capital times editorial entitled a bringing on the revolution a reads in full As follows a yesterday a court decree was handed Down in Minnesota which if carried out will disfranchised 17,000 voters. A in a Brazen and High handed piece of court procedure it is announced that the name of Rev. O. J. Kvale regularly elected nominee for Congress is to be Displacer and that the name of Andrew j. Volstead Defeated by the people of his District in to be placed thereon. A a state Law in Minnesota one of Many used in that state by those seeking to perpetuate privilege has been used As the excuse for taking the ballot away from 17,000 voters. A Kvale was displaced because it was held that he had circulated false reports concerning his opponent or. Pc Stead Ami this was held to be in violation of the states corrupt practice act. A the fight of course is one Between the people on one Side and the continued on Page four hot and cold water in each prison cell Joliet 111.�?sunlight for every cell and individual was bowls with hot and cold water Are conveniences to by found within the new cylindrical state prison at Statesville in. The prison House the first of its kind in the world gives one the impression upon Entrance of being in an aviary. Every1 cell has been provided with ninety minutes of sunlight coming either direction through a by Light. Not worried it right places of rust have been noted he said but tin i not worrying the Farmer in Central Minnesota a the crops look excellent and Teh menace of either rust or grass hop is d. Is not apply to . The com crop is Mort excellent due to the Fine growing weather according to or. Hay and there is an abundance of Hay. John h. Rich Federal Reserve agent reporting on crop conditions in the ninth Reserve District said that prospective yields for Small grains in the Northwest Are above the average. I rust Humours spread Rumor of rust have been widely circulated according to the report but a actual damage disclosed to Date is not sufficient to indicate Large impairment of the prospective a Farmers will begin cutting Early wheat within five Days a ays or. Riches report. A the wheat Harvest will be general in three weeks. The coming to Days will be critical Dur no which unfavourable weather might easily cause the rapid development of Black rust in the Fields which already Are Black rust exists in Fields West of the Missouri River in South Dakota Ami to Jamestown North Dakota according to or. Rich. Sins under the wage Advance Glt anted by the Railroad labor Board. As soon a the award came Cit our big City press was ready with articles so cast As to give the impression to the Public that the increased rates demanded Are due to increased wage. A i6x per cent increase in passenger fares and a 50 per cont increase in freight rates constitute the new requests of Railroad magnates it is a matter of record however that the roads now have petitions before the intestate Commerce commission a King freight increases of from 25 to 31 it or cent to make up the deficit incurred under the 6 per cent guarantee clause of the new transportation act. In asking a rate to cover the new wage increases they will probably demand two or three times what the increases warrant. Large business in turn will add about double the increase in freight rates to the prices of its goods. Anti thus to pay an extra and much needed Dollar to the Railroad workers family the general Public will have to pay at least four. Tipsie ant honesty. When the highest court in the land declared that the Federal government will not interfere with the state of North Dakota in Cair it my out its Laws it was the highest test of Inlet Irani a. $ loyalty to our nation is Loyal to its . After the Laws of this state have been passed by our legislature approve by our duly elected governor referred to the people Ami by them approved taken to the supreme court of the United states and there affirmed As constitutional after that tile Man win persistently denounces and exposes their enforcement who urge disobedience am disrespect Lur them immediately classes himself As disloyal nay More than that he cd a is himself As a presumptive lawbreaker Ami one who finds in himself no respect for institution. He disregarding the will of the majority repeatedly expressed would destroy our form of government loyalty to Law and Oiler ii the Best test of americanism. Judged by this test those who Opp it get the for Cement of Law Are opposed to american institutions. In Dairy owners move to gain Independence milk producers plan to shake off dictation by distributors in s. Tax Bill for past year Over 5 billion Combine to con Frol wheat is predicted officers would not consider right or news from Ireland informs us that the Royal Irish constabulary is to be disbanded. Members of it Are resigning in such numbers rather than enforce the mandates from England that it has already been badly broken up. This constabulary organization is similar to the state constabulary system in operation in some of our states. Members of it Are responsible to the Central government rather than to local units As our policemen and sheriffs Are. Hence it is not hard to understand that the Irish people have developed an intense hatred for it and Why Many of its Strong Arm men who have been particularly Active in carrying out the desires of the British Secretary for Ireland have met violent deaths. Some general constabulary systems have probably done Good work in such Fields a running Down Frontier bandits but in civilized territory their Only purpose is to overage people by doing things which local police new York a Tep Forward in the i reel Ion of Complete Independence Dom milk Dit buting companies is being taken by the Dairy Farmer of new York Ami five adjoining Tate some Kloof it these organized in the dairymen s league inc., already own co operatively 12 country Nilk Plant Ami a Campaign a been launched to establish new plants in 13 different sections of league territory. The new project involves starting a fund of neatly $4,000,000. All milk product the plants include fluid milk shipping station.-, butter and cheese factories and places for the manufacture of condensed powdered and evaporated milk and other milk products. Until Farmer. Set out to get Possession of country milk stations All such plants were owned by toe distributors Ami manufacturers. Under Minnesota paid $76,997,401 for 1920, official figures show 96-Pound Man takes Catfish half As big Macon forty eight Pound Catfish a brought in from the Chariton River sunday night by a party of camper. A a Harvey Varnes a bather made the catch. A a Harvey is five feet three an i one half inches in his Tock ing feet and weighs ninety six pounds Winnipeg Manitoba the Day when the United states Canada and Australia will form an International organization to control the world wheat apply to feed the Circle of nations unhampered by a gambling influences a a predicted Here by j. R. Howard president of the american farm Bureau association in an address before the Canadian Council of agriculture. He invited Canadian representatives to a conference of the farm Bureau association in Chicago july 23 and 24, the object of which he proper. Thus the local sheriff might refuse to beat up peaceful strikers at the Behest of some great corporation but an organization recruited from the Backwoods or the Riffraff of Distant cities and bored by hard boiled state politicians would Stop at nothing. The fact that the kept press praises such organization for their Law enforcing ability mean nothing. The alien policeman is distinctly not the medium for enforcing the Laws of a democracy. Washington july 26.�?the nations Greaten lax Bdl $5,4102m,7l a was collected during the fiscal year ending june 30. The official figures tonight showed that the lax paid in the last 12 months had exceeded ail estimates by approximately $300,000,000 Ami a nearly 75 per cent larger than the total of taxes paid in either of the years of 1918 or 1919. Tile 1918 tax Levy Yit led $3,094,019,03" and the taxes in 1919 aggregated $3,839,-950,612. Collection of this record breaking assessment Cist the government $29,-750, too or about 55 cents fur each Hoo. Revenue Quot How increase Revenue derived from income Ami excess profits taxes alone were 13,-44.555,737 for the 12 months while is nearly $1,250,000,000 larger than the new Cheme of things the Farmer collection. From the same sources in will be a manufacturer As Well As a either of tile last two years. An i producer. Creuse for this year also was shown according to league officials the in the receipts from miscellaneous co operative plan will give the pro Taxe which brought in $1,465,729,136. Ducer a steady Market for his milk those taxes totalled $1,243,041,909 All others thai England however would attempt no actually inimical operations there lest it have America us an opponent at too Early a stage. And out of the whole Trio of world struggles Germany would again come to a place in the Sun according to the writer calculations for she would lie tire Supply station for the others Ami was Strong again from source provided she Only follows the recipe it fulfilment of the present peace treaty urn work. Work work. Incidental he counsel Germany against flirting with bolshevism against attempting a Ivorid dictatorship of the proletariat through in Citeno it of other lands or of a Genet a1 world change through introduction of socialism and similar cure All in Germany Aid of America As for the first War he suggests that England would find it to her own advantage to first go against Japan relying upon the Aid of America to assist. I ins accomplished she could pave the Way for eliminating America from the world Field. He contends that America i too Cloe a competitor of England More re than Germany argues that As a Germany had to ire destroyed for this ii Aren so England will attempt americans destruction. But Fie regards toe attempt doomed to failure and see America emerge victorious. Later the yellow race re Prophe Sie will attempt a stroke against the White sweeping on through Russia but stopped at the German Borders. In connection with the three wars the writer anticipate several ride conflicts and argue. . For its help against Japan Germany will receive favors. Particularly Doe he believe that these favors will be made at Fiance a expense a part of England scheme to eliminate Fiance As a world Power and to control France s colonies. Ami assure him More equitable distribution of the proceeds. Co operative act in. In will result in reduced co to they declare and con umers will reap the benefits. And $<">55,591,700 for 1919 and 1918 respectively. New York Tate continued to maintain its record of leading the nation a a taxpayer. Its tax Burden fair prices they add will bring in a amounted to $1,416,939 �?�76. Of this volume of business and in $1,135,097,403 came from the financial creased returns to the produce Man heart of ame Ricau the Wall Street a facture. J District. Only recently the american Relief Pennsylvania a the second route i administration placed with the in amount of tax paid with $555, it dairymen a league co operative As 725,086, the fish is or was Here to show for a id was to make itself it weighed exactly forty eight pounds. States Independent Grain Board. The mid Western of the Chicago striation an order for something like i one Hundred years ago the Center 6, Hoo too cans of the dairymen s of population of the United states league Brand of sweetened condensed was 16 Mats North of Woodstock milk. The total deliveries will my. Amount in value to about $1,500 000. Chicago pays heavy tax the Chicago District paid ail but $40,815,758 of the total ii Nois taxes of $442,233 070. Next following Illi Nois was Ohio with Taxe of $372,-319 >48 Ami Massachusetts with $350, 928,233. North and South Dakota both in one collection District were called upon to pay $9,541,63 from their combined areas and with lire exception of the philippine Island wore at the foot of the list. Total collect ions by the following state or groups of states where More than one state comprises a District Are i Colorado Ami Wyoming 139,56#,�?� 496 Iowa $39,091,379 mining to $23,749,648 Montana Utah and Idaho $20,757, 741 minuet a 176,997 101 North and South Dakota $9,- 541,683 Wisconsin. $92,028 252 philippine Elands $1,428, 478,

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