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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - July 22, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two Albert Lea examine thursday july 22, 1920. Elbert lira examiner published by Thi Freeborn county publishing co office 222 gut Clark Street Albert Lea Minn. _ published weekly Norman j. Gillespie editor and manager Telephone state 618 _ entered at the Post office at Albert Lea Minnas second Cia Quot mail matter. The country town subscription rates one year .$200 six months. $1.00 Al subscription account must be paid in Advance. Why free speech matters love of one s country is not Only a virtue but is As natural As it is to breathe its air. Languages. Custom scenery methods of making a living family relations friendships established make up so lamps a part of one s personality Are so essential to Quot out satisfaction that Only a few of us can be Happy any length of time on foreign soil. Perhaps it is because love of country is so spontaneous and so generally accepted As a virtue that it is the prize Pawn of designing interest who win by playing on our prejudices. If they can succeed in making what sounds like a majority Noie their cause and their plan Are set Forth a inking the country s interest and he who. Because his love of country is so Strong Speaks out against their plan. Is branded As disloyal. Our most reactionary writers for in Lance Are telling us now that the chief trouble with the Small nations of Europe is rampant nationalism. A Poland granted her natural territory by both the allies and Russia decides that she Oucht to be us Hie As she was when poles ruled part of Ruda. Undoubtedly those poles who con it eled peace and attention to re oration became a a traitors while glory for Poland filled the air. But Low if news reports Are Correct thousands of polish men who might have Laired on farm and in factory Are dead several times a Many More Are permanently injured the pantry has been swept clean for War. And even if they had won Only death dust and ashes of Normal life would have been the result. Poland Case. Jugo Sluviak Scase Roumania Scase looks Plain to our writer. They Are pretty certain that France has stepped too far. But How about us the same writers will Tell us that absolute submission to those raking the big noise is patriotism and imply that support of the same k and of forces that Are wrecking Europe is love of country Here. We can see How Many another nation might have been saved from those who fucked its i be blood for private advantage if its citizen had heard All Counselor impartially. It i difficult to imagine How a nation could be saved otherwise. The muzzling of opinion the i becomes for a nation the height of Folly for the muzzle is As Likely to silence a Prophet As to remove irritating gamblers. A there is no such thing As a country says the Farmers Sun of Toronto. And we must confess that this statement of the official paper of the United Farmers of Ontario puzzled us until we had read further into the editorial. We thought we could name Many such but Here is the explanation in which we believe both town and country Dweller can find a Good Deal to think about a there Are towns in the country but they Are City towns. They Are dominated by the City spirit. In the contest Between the City and the country they Are the outposts of the City strategically placed like the fortress colonies of ancient Rome to command the territory about them. A in the rivalry and contest which is con tartly Carrier on bet we i Rural and Urban idea nothing is More important for the country than that it capture and control the villages and Small towns. They ought to be centers of Rural thought and Enterprise upon whose streets Ami with whose institutions the Farmer should not feel himself a stranger. It should be his town and he should be at Homo in it. A at the present time every town is wildly ambitious to become a City. Many of them have almost ruined themselves in the attempt mortgaging themselves to the utmost limit to attract factories which often play out and leave the town to pay the Bill. Most town people Hope some Day to move to the City. I he most acce Stu merchants doctors and financiers go a up higher to the City. The City is the admiration Ami envy of the country can any one say that this Canadian is wrong in his main Points or that they May hold Good in Canada but not Here we la believe he has hit upon the Basic eau # of much of the reported clash Between the organized Farmer and the country town. Instead of approaching the City with the Point of View of the country our typical town approaches the Farmer probably without giving the matter deep thought with the Point of View of the big City and its dominating interests. A i in that makes it Hart for him to fit in with others to have a got in bad with parents or teachers or to feel disgraced before his natural playmates easily drives a boy to the companionship of other a outlaws a and when he is once in such a gang it Odds with the world about it it is easy for rather innocent review and comment i on various topics i my Tiuis it it in min i it Mihn in i it Hinny mini Ihnn it ii a in it a i it nmn it my Mimi Muti a what other editors Are thinking about War s remedy the people of Europe Are too tired of War and will not any longer re reaction manifesting itself through ing states who in turn finance i Lite my Schick t0 on t0 serious offence 8pond to the propaganda of the bloc political coercion and repression and business through Chicago and Boston a Pheuy Thieve it Leml t0 Bur. Hunters. The United states has to rough Industrial autocracy must be Banks. Glary. Withdrawn in disgust. Still Blind and Defeated in America for the Sake of and right now if All the business j a it we Reg child a in a. In Bloodthirsty the professional soldiers Freedom Justice and democracy. Of the country were in As bad shape he first a go on laying their plans for More delights won by working people a is the Wool growing Industry the j a Hir of a or Caie had auction and showing How people whether Farmers or City workers nation would be in the throes of one nervous symptoms they wore sleep May he poisoned by Gas and i ease through Long and bitter struggle must of the worst panics in its history. Waltn it of it Active listless or erne. Terms. Be maintained and safeguarded. The Cotton crop of the South is be Trona us unstable of a there was there is no remedy except for the but we realize none the in a that you of they Are poor Rea on you should be a we in finding that out a quickly a to sincere opponents no Man in our opinion a reason to oppose the move of the Farmers and worker to end the Rule of corrupt business. Even to e monopolist might latter give More attention to saving his oui than to saving his plunder have Rea oni a inter a. Pos Ible. An i Here in a mean by which you can an wer Molt of the arguments we have Ever heard again t the non parti an league and the worker and other Allied with it you Grant that Farmers and worker have the right to organize and cooperate of course. You Grant that if they can in the majority to think As they do on certain matters affecting their we fare and carry out All according to Law they a entirely democratic and american in doing so. Now imagine a perfect Farmer organization free of the Suppo de arguments again to the league doing this very things perfect leaders perfect Busine Quot methods perfect in All Pointe of hone to or morality. Will the Minneapolis Chandler of Commerce which stands to to c much by the program of the perfect organization refuse to fight w Iii tit steel Trust say a fall right boys we can to Pope your tonnage tax a will the usurer realizing this perfection come Down to a Legal rate of interest will the politicians who have served the and other special internet Bow gracefully Ami make Way for better men you know that they would not and knowing human nature you a an know that the More Kaaa wearable the program of this perfect organization a he More the attack woo i shift to perr�?~�nalito3 and wild charges. Perfect character would offer no lie Fen at All against charges and the a charges would have to be in the line of alleged violation of what we ail agree As Correct a country a welfare Sanctity of the Home fair taxation Etc. We do not claim perfection for the organized Farmers we a k you Only to realize that the same charge would ii made if they were perfect. Hence weight should be Given to these general charges Only on the most searching proof and not on Mere assertion by politicians or the kept pre s. War took 40,000,000 live stat i tics compiled by an English society on the re suits of the world War place the to of life at 40,-000,000 people of the a 10,000 too or More were slain in Battle or died of wounds and of disease there. The figures for the different european countries run As follows e Lupean Russia. 18,000,000 Germany. 6.800,000 Autria Hungary. 5,800,006 France. 3,840,000 Italy. 2 280,000 great Britain. 1,850,000 Serbia. 1.650,000 Roumania. 510, Belgium. 375,000 Bulgaria. 275.000 Tolje figures of course include women and children As will As men engaged in combatant or noncombatant sender whoa death Are immediately traceable to the War anti the books of death Are not closed since every Day poverty starvation and disease due to the War still take a heavy toll of human life. Also of the population of the War countries a hich escaped death the majority Are probably impaired in health and working ability by reason of the War Strain. Reaction Hopes to crush labor de ing financed through the Reserve stroy its rights to function through Banks and Colton is still around 35 its Bona fide organization and Rem cents a Pound. For Cotton to be seller it helpless through in american ing for More than Wool is most a legislation. Usual and the reason is probably due compulsion is hateful to american to the fact that private capital has voters. Coercion is intolerable. The been unable to kill both the Market principle of voluntary co operation and the credit of the Industry. Con holds the secret of Progress. Sequence a comparison la Etc Een these Tho get enemies of labor who a two crops is adequate proof that the peking to Force Industrial strife Are Federal Reserve Banks Are in some striving for selfish ends and against measure a panic the Best interest to it of our Republic. As a result the National Wool lain it a will struggle to the last hour growers association is in a mad and to the limit of its Power to Safe scramble to get the Federal Reserve guard the Progress it has gained the Board to take Over the financing of Libertie it has won. The standards it the we ool crop Ami to get the Banks has secured not Only for themselves of Montana. Idaho Wyoming Utah but for All the people. American in Colorado new Mexico Arizona Stit ution it and standards will be de Northern Texas Iowa Oklahoma fended by the workers of America for Southern Illinois Ohio new York the welfare of America. West Virginia Ami Pennsylvania to though All the forces of reaction loan Money on warehouse receipts for unite against the workers on the in stored Wool. Present Day martyrs those who would like to follow the example of the saints of old in standing for the truth As they see it even at the expense of martyrdom have As much Opportunity today As Ever. But they must Alec remember that the saints of old did not work with general approval or the Praise of what then corresponded to our Leisure class and the kept press. On july 2, Rev. Nelson Aregood a Baptist Clergyman was whipped by a a a citizens committee Quot of Pine Bluff. Ark., because he dared to come to that town to speak before Railroad employees. A Friend with him receive the same treatment. Perhaps this later Day Martyr was stirring up the people but we remember this was the chief offence on which Christ was convicted by a court which Combine both the political and religious leadership of his Day. If a Man were to go to steel Trust territory to preach against working seven Days in the week he would be found guilty of unlawful assemblage if not run Down by mounted policemen before arrest. If he were to speak against child labor in Cotton Mills in out hem Cotton Mill territory he would find himself arrested As a vagrant and Force into a labor Camp. If he were to whisper in Many a Kan As or Montana town that formers have a right to organize he would he fortunate to get off with tar and feathers. Ami everywhere anti in a walks of life we can find in who Are persecuted Lecause they fait to agree with the Standard dictated by the most unscrupulous. Yet we hear a lot of noise to the effect that our country is perfect in . Needing Only unquestioned support for things As they Are. Perhaps the world has alway appeared perfect to those on top but the great heroes of Teh a t did not accept the standards of the a on top people. Dust rial Field or on the political Field they will struggle on. Victories already achieved give the Promise of victories still to be won. As a result of the plan being worked out now that of getting Western Banks to finance the Wool through the Federal Reserve Banks Wool growers say Boston financiers will lose control of the Wool Industry and that it will be entered in the Many is the husband who is so concerned with thoughts of his own thai he leaves unanswered the wife a ques it just As the Eastern financiers tons. Lost control of Cotton. And Many More the Wiser ones last year co operative societies have trained themselves skilfully to shipped about 6,000.000 pounds to stand at attention when their better Chicago warehouses. But Eastern halves speak and to have a yes dear a Bankers have refused to loan Money or a huh huh Dearest a upon the tip of on this Wool the Tongue for feminine commands that is Why few of these highly More churches of America Are rec trained husbands Ever break into the Ogni zing the application of Christian Ity in the Industrial Field. More a pressure of activity which kept people to refuse to play the game. A hem wearing themselves out. Or the world needs not Poison Gas nor they had fears and anxieties and per disease but construction and health haps they stammered. Or possibly not hatred but kindness not murder they had merely been kept from but life is humanity going to re learning How to play with other Chil build the world sow the desolated Dren. Or there was something about folds again bring boys up to Man their clothes or their Homes and Par Hood Only in order that the proves cats that they were ashamed of. Signal militarists shall once More anything that makes a child a play the game of destruction and laughing Stock or a nuisance in a death on a huge scale better that school where things have to go by the world should perish at once anti Rule anything which makes him Over the agony Sun sensitive is enough to destroy his Toronto. Self respect and when that is gone he feels that he May As Well be Hung Farmers who visited the office of for a sheep As a Lamb and is glad the american yesterday were far to be with others As bad As himself from being downcast Over the result who will not despise him. In Minnesota. The tremendous gains the Way to treat such delinquents malt in by the nonpartisan league cants to find and remove the cause of the dilates there were so evident As to original nervousness or whatever it demonstrate conclusively the Perma May be that makes them seem a Udif Nence and solidity of the organization Ferent a and to restore their self re on the other Side of the red River. Up cd no Fanner who knows anything of the savagery and misrepresentation of harsh words Are sometimes uttered the Campaign against doctor ship by political opponents of american Stead and his running mates will feel presidents. However no american any great amount of Surprise at the executive has been the object of so result. Much destructive humor As has been Here in North Dakota the non Par president Deschanel of France since Titan league is old and established his luckless fall from a moving train and the vicious minded accusations to protect the dignity of the office made by the reactionary fall pretty of the French Republic it has Lieen Flat. It must be far otherwise where necessary to establish a censorship to the Opportunity to learn the truth is restrain the jokes of vaudeville actors i More Forks n. And newspaper wits. A american. Hereafter All jokes about Panama a a 4 % Clad president falling out of sleeping a poin to this Issue Marks the beginning of cars and All comic songs such us one recounting an imaginary flirtation be of so with or. Charles Church Leader Are alive to the fact town the president my the of ration the second year of the existence of ago. According to his that the spirit of brotherhood and the worker its wife a which it we joke Nof v the Peoples weekly in other words was so absent minded command to a love thy neighbors has Renoir iou of a has become a Legal publication an divorce court or the Hospital. But it was not Cleek of Chicago testimony he so concerned with his own thoughts a practical meaning for christians that often he did no to reply when his and is capable of application in the w Ife spoke to him. Disputes that arise Between capital she it appears required the full and labor. The Federal Council of the a a a a it i we .a1 social in iced fall out of his car window. Said really prompted him to leap from. His berth Are under the ran. J can pub a Legal matters. Legal and _ a Ai Vert ism is one of the sources of Rev Deschanel who is sometimes called the Best dressed Man in France Fum attention of her husband when she Addre it Ted a remark in his direction. Churches of Christ in America a care and again reverting to the evidence seating the majority of protestant Dein the Case when that attention was nominations in the United states has slow in coming it was her pleasant just adopted a far reaching social practice to a bean him with a poker economic program. Or alarm clock or whatever happened it demands that a under Christian to be that Isnit a Nice practice for wives. This Accident in itself was a severe blow to the Pride of French society. It rankled the parisian official class also to have him become the laughing Enue of the newspaper and the stockholders must Bear in mind the fact that we Hen they have Legal matters attended to either through bunks or lawyers to insist that any publication of such Legal business be made in the Peoples w weekly t otherwise some of this source of Revenue will be Given to other papers. It is your Stock of the nation. Songs such As auspices there Hall be held f Zurom those giving my president credit for to see that Uny of this class Al conference of labor Leader. Anti a Cju a of Panama into Rura s of advertising with which you Are some facts about Russia the latent Issue of the Manchester guardian to reach America contains a preliminary report of the Briti a labor delegation to Russia. A we have been profoundly impressed a say the official representative of organized labor in great Britain a by the effects of the policy of intervention and blockade upon the rus Ian people. This policy has been pursued by various foreign governments since 1918, and under various forms direct and indirect it is still timing pursued today. It is the Root of the worst evil which Are afflicting Russia at the present time. A while the stoppage of exports from Russia is injurious to the we orld outside the stoppage of imports is disastrous to the Interior Economy of Russia herself. is a Rich country agriculturally but the peasant can not Supply food to the towns except in Exchange for manufactured articles. The stoppage of imports makes it impossible for these articles to be manufactured in the towns or obtained As finished goods from abroad. A we wish to Register our unanimous and wholehearted protest against tile policy who a effects we have described a policy As foolish As it is the a leaders of British labor who have been on the ground thus appear to believe that the hard conditions in Rusia described in the City papers As being due to the soviet regime Are really produced by statesmen who pretend to be horrified at what is going on there. If oar states West of the Mississippi had been walled in As Russia has for two years Sod if during that time the whole world had made War on them their people would certainly lie in bad shape whether they had plutocratic or working class government. Tricks of Fiance where the peasants Hail never heard of it were really amusing but scenes in which spectators Rose to their seats to complain against carrying the joke too far caused the police to apply the gag. Connected be Given to your own paper. A Peoples weekly Jordan Minn. It is injurious to alarm clocks and employers in Industrial disputes. It misplace pokers needed for Winter Calls for Community free speech for fires. In the Cleek Case it got the urns. It demands that the coverall us band into the Hospital and divorce Tive movement of labor shall been court. Courage As a preparation for a Indus the judge thought a better method trial it Calls for expert of attracting ones husbands Allen Merit in sharing in and control of to. N would in to Al a l in. Or industries by labor. A a Quot. V Vance or. Nettleton tar aum of a Tine dinner for him or Wear ones it is a Good sign that the leaders who hav always been held up As their to. In the Post intelligencer prettiest frock or something dually of the churches Are interesting them a a French their principal knowing any pleasant. Selves in the questions that affect beside its rapier like thrusts Yankee or capital and labor. I humor seems to be Little More than a it is simply astonishing How the trusted officials of the Stone Webster in the present temper of the world. At. J a a j a ii and Guggenheim interests can and the masses enjoy ridicule of those. The advice int copyrighted patented or nailed Down so go ahead an use it mrs. Wife. Christians can never forget the fact that it was a Workingman the Carpenter of Nazareth a Workman who need eth not to be ashamed whose inspired words form the foundation of christianity today. A blessed Are the poor a he said a for bludgeon. Which after ail is Only a simpler and perhaps better Way of saying Wool grower of the West now know what the Cotton Farmers of the South suffered Back in 1914, when the Bottom fell from the Price of Cotton. I on May 20 the Price of Wool dropped inherit the Earth from 65 cents a Pound to 20 cents and at this Low Price there were no takers. Some buyers were offered to a Industrial democracy. Cents a Pound for Wool. A a no More enlightening experience has happened since the Federal Reserve banking system was create than this condition of the Wool Market. In new York City 1500 boys and girls under 16 get into court every year As delinquent. A medical investigator or. Sanger Brown has Wool has never been financed tried to find out Why and he shows is life a mystery or is it a complicate. Intricate Many folded Labrin Thian sort of an affair there Are those who hold that that which has been is that which shall be a Liat the rules of this game of life which we ail perforce play Are simple thing about it. It is altogether preposterous to even hint that vested intents has anything to do with the old lady at fourth and Wash Union record. The heaviest criticism made on political utterances these Days is that they Are Crystal Clear and full of Force on matters like private owner a Are capable of Tiro of a a Quot of Railroad it in a the a a Quot Quot of a in a child and there Are thee wha find to a a a pm a a the a a Ltd a that they must each Day subject anew on but Muddy hesitant and am big thing under the Microscope of their a a is 00 having a human faculties and dare to differ Len it Man a a a a a Abe to Fol Ulk through the Reserve Banks but j How easy it is for a child to become through local Banks in the Wool grow a criminal if there is anything about Rev. O. J. Kvale i reasoning with the opinions pos ably prevalent a with opinions that they held themselves yesterday. For each tay new things Are born. With exceptional Dearborn Independent the Plowman m inn Sot a politician whose machine is supported by dive keepers tax dodgers lumber thieves and the general tribe of financial pirates profess to see grave immorality in the attempt of the common people to get their candidates nominated on the Republican ticket. The common people however were merely attempting to recover stolen property a party organization grabbed Many years ago by big Biz. President Earl d. Part of the american sugar refining company the sugar Trust said in regard to his company s profits the other Day a this is so far As i know the smallest margin of profit in the entire manufacturing we wonder if Armour and Swift Art going to let this pass unchallenged or will we have one of those old fashioned competitions As to who can Tell tim biggest lie. The anti Farmer editors remind us of a hindu Saint who started life As a murderer hut saved and purified himself by repeating the name of a certain god some 10,000 times a Day for ten years. For repeating things that never existed they Are without rivals outside of India. Now that the republicans have adopted for their slogan. A Harding and the Home a All Good republicans will believe that the democrats have a hidden purpose not expressed in heir platform to abolish Homes. Here we have aeroplanes submarines year the Brown path u printing presses locomotives wire us j exult cry a gleam telescopes each rising Sun sees new a 0n he comes Hin i 8mokiag theories. Team is the right thing to do to Damn All with toils Bright dewdrops on his things because they Are new ? is in j Sunburst brow mention possible in the mechanical the lord of Earth the hero of the Field and impossible in other Fields is Progress Only possible in Mechanic Cal Fields and impossible in the economic Fields in the social Field Whitney a invention made it possible for one Cotton picker to work of ten. A Linotype plow first in the Field before the reddening Sun last in the shadows when the Day is done do the line after line aloft the bursting machine Sod see. Or. Avsie received Over 2,300 More votes than volstead his opponent in the seventh District Sud the contemptible efforts of the politicians to Eliest his nomination will Only increase his majority in the fall. Makes the work of the Man setting Marks the Broad acres where his feet Type by hand seem ridiculous. And have trod yet have All these inventions which still where he treads the stubborn have so multiplied Hie productive clods Divide Power have they benefited him a the smooth fresh Furrow opens deep he received a fair share of the profit and wide that has resulted ? is it not strange matted and dense the tangled turf that the Farmer who feeds the whole up heaves world does not receive As Good food Mellow and dark the Ridgy Cornfield As does the Man living in the Astor Cleaves. Knickerbocker and even the lesser these Are the hands whose sturdy hotels where those who Deal in the labor brings Farmer s products live is it not Xii peasant food the Golden pomp strange that the labourer who builds of Kings the mansions of fifth ave., who turns this is the Page whose letters shall steel into automobiles into delicate be seen Swiss watches into thousands of changed by the Sun to words of ii other articles of usefulness and Lux ing Green Ury lives not in the mansions which this is the scholar whose immortal he builds but very often in slums and pea carries not Swiss watches but is spells the first lesson hunger taught thankful of he can afford an Inger to men Soli these Are the lines which heaven i there Are a thousand and one ques commanded toil Lions confronting the Man who has shows on his deed the charter of the courage to think the Only land �9ii of a Man Worth while. A Oliver Wendell hoi me

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