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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - July 22, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advert ring the to figured by results. A $5.0 a a. Brings More business is v a. Advertising costing of suits in less business. Fig v in a of -v9 volume of number 27. Albert Lea examiner it Means net h to advertisers to hate i heir message reach nearly every Home in Albert Lea Arni Freeborn county that la Why advertising in the examiner is Wurth while. Rail men Given wage increase Albert Lea Minnesota thursday july 22. 1b20. Single copy 5 cent labor convention agrees on ticket of 600 million port Shipstead ticket in fall election award effects 1,894,287 a it i i to e Rochester a unanimous employees in All Sec corrected vote gives Sullivan some advantage in the irate of the news volstead wins Over Avale by Poland s disaster on the Battlefield has an important relation to the whole of Europe and unless some new fac a. Tors not observable at the present How. Plurality Cut Durra ��?o2 St i is by canvassing Board s decision of great Britain and Anteri mistake shown in lift the russian blockade was probably dictated by Advance inform Chicago july 20.�?Railroad wage political league in Rochester last Sun mistakes in reporting or to bunt i at on Roland s desperate situation trouble is seen for 20 ship pact a nil re icing other nations hitting Back Usu i Rcv Louii already Law will add to tax Burden hods of u. S. Yale punctuated with cheers delegates attending the annual convention of the working Peoples nonpartisan judge awards seventh District congressional nomination by Harry Hunt Washington. July 17.�?�?othe merchant Marine act of 1920.�?� sounds Remote does no to it a Noth senator Knute Nelson flans to quit said will wait to see whether republicans have Edge on dems claim a _ Benson Minn., july 20.�?j. Vol ing about that to interest me a you St Paul july in a thai senator increase totalling almost $600,00,000 Lay concurred in the action taken by ing the official count of Polk county in .1 the Nee of i avid a a diplomatic re Stead today was awarded the re pub say. Knute Nelson will reign from the a year were awarded today by the the nonpartisan league Farmers to As revealed by the report of the state at .n8 a it the russians to save As Roan nomination for congressman in let see about that Senate in 1921 i the Tuk which la United states rail labor Board. Put Shipstead and his running mates can Messing Board Cut Down Hilton Smi Chas possible of Poland and to the 7th Minnesota District by judge first of All it will raise your receiving wide circulation among the awards affect 1,894,287 pm in the Fie d for the general election. Plurality Over Sullivan league can prevent it possible an effective Alii Albert Johnson Heil Wing. Taxes not so a a Remote after All is Minnesota politicians. Pirana. Leaders of the 17 unions went into As in the Case of the Farmers meet dilate for attorney general to Liss Anco Between the germans and the Cong. Volstead contested the Nom it Minnesota a senator has hinted to _ ing there was one proviso. The la-1 vote. The official count had Previ but it ians. When tile blood and Iron nation of Rev. A. J. Kunle Benson and it bids fair to Endroll the oni it of his intimate a the position session almost immediately after the borates saw the necessity of raising j of sly Given Hilton a plurality Over pm hey fails to work it is time to turn endorsed by the nonpartisan league. United states in trouble with 20 of a Back and let senator Frank b. An adequate Campaign fund before Sullivan of 1,622 votes. Again to the arts of diplomacy. The contest was brought by 43 the chief nations of the world. Does Kellogg do the bulk of the work of Eny Campaign could be made. The mistake in the Tate canvass since the organization of the first friends of Cong. Volstead who charge that interest you then lets look representing the state in the Senate. The convention of the working peo my Board s report was called to Tho Allied peace Council the Allied policy Rev. Kvale with violation of the further into this merchant Marine when Kellogg first went to Wash ple s league preceded the annual con attention of the Minnesota Leader is been one of drastic terms for the corrupt practices act through Public Bill that Congress rushed through in a a Akton that was not Nelsons Atti mention of the Minnesota state fest by the editor of the Polk county Defeated enemy i he French repro cation of statements derogatory to the closing hours of the last session Tad. Some thought he manifested ration of labor. Leader who cheeked his figures with sedatives at the spa conference still or it volstead and through verbal a without even knowing what it was All a skiing of resentment when import 4 it a Pill glint to Nti Clu air tar to this Hali to to cont tit Ilnam a. I a. A about ant matters from this Tate were tak in concurring with the action of the the Polk county auditor. Cling to this policy. Great Britain on relations against his opponent Farmers the labovites urged that j a few More blunders like that and the other hand which has Terri-1 Shipstead Ami the other men endorsed the league ticket will yet be vie tories close to the russian territory atheism an Issue by the league and labor be Cand Coriou. Sees the need of preventing an Alii when the Case was tried Here at printed decision had been made pub lie. They expected by the approval or disapproval today or tomorrow to indicate whether business May move ahead now or whether it will continue to be hampered by strikes. The action of the Board was n unanimous. The report merely declared the increases represented the judgment of the a a majority of the the wage increase awards for the via it land to withdraw. Most part were on an hourly basis ranging from 13 for the More poorly to an average of 8 to to cents fur the first strict. Congressman Sid-1 of the Tolk nutty vote shows Milt hence we find great Britain pushing in effect that or. Volstead is not an the higher grades such As trainmen nov Anderson will be his opponent takes for every other candidate in for a Milder policy toward Germany atheist. And engine men. According to the report of pres lorded by the league. And the German representatives at the court further finds that the full demands not met int William Mahoney there Are 5,j Shipstead was credited with 2,003.tempting to put off final agreements a a contested was not duly and legally too members enrolled in the work votes. The Correct count in Polk a Tongas possible because the near nominated for the office of nominee this act does much More than seen up Xiv the the new senator. Rela up the conditions governing the Sale. Tons Between the two senators were lease and operation of vessels a characterized by at Lent a Lack of lates on the Farmer labor party Sullivan s vote in Polk county As once Between the russians and the Tortoys for both sides agreed to con que Rcd b Uncle Gam during the War cordiality and Many minnesotans it i i a of i _ it i a a 2# Ala a i. I t. A a a i a it a. I _ Vav i Tiaa 4laim a act Amu a1 aa11�� 4a ticket. This will be Lone if the pres reported by the state canvassing germans Ami of persuading the bul Fine their arguments practically to ent nominees who filed inst May can Hoard was 1,930. It should have been Sheviki to stay out of India Persia the sole Issue of whether or. Kvale be induced to withdraw. 2.668, Hilton a vote was reported by and Asia minor. To prevent the Kus violated the corrupt practices act by on an noun basis j j 0f Roche Ter a labor the state canvassing Board As 1,584. So German Alliance the allies must of charging or. Volstead with timing an to 15 cents per hour jul it Wam in Jor j u the Farmer la it should have let Een i Juul Able Germany to get Back on her feet atheist. The court holds that or. Jts Jug orly Paul workmen fir party Fand Adlae Congress in the state canvassing Board report industrially without the Aid of Russia Kvaley a charges were in error finding re the increases averaged from 20 to 27 Are cent. Demands by the. Unions in people a nonpartisan political county a 2.777. Frau. A Elvener the both Tiki approach to War a i a rat \ a i a i c tud of lit 4 Kat inf a a it Imp it a aah league. I.7ss votes by the Tate Canvas Lac my the 8tronker lots their position Board. I Correct vote was 1,984. For he frs Tomt since the other Leleua candidates u t War started amen und Cerman re pc around 500 votes a the report of the Kou tim have sat Lown to a be my a Canvas lag Board on the Polk county a Abc a a has h Cim Tenby a vote. ,. Mallon league candidate for lieu 1 views. A a. I "7&Quot to to tenant governor gained 729 vote or. And mrs. Robert Hanson la. 00,.and Collins 331 in the corrected difficult and sometimes impossible a in their 11-year-old daughter and count Mai it to an a sufficient to Ink t1�, re a to a recent election had run from 30 to 66 per cent. _ judge r. M. Barton chairman of the rail labor Board after announce four nearly killed ment of the awards said a this award necessarily in the end will have to be paid by the Public a will result in increased freight rates. A efficient Railroad service has been to Congress from the said guilty of violations it is As direct importance to the have Hail by Ine in washing whole country and to every i Dividu ton that they had been pinched a1 As was the Underwood Tariff act of thereby. Condition has changed As direct interest to eve but recently this condition has Ery taxpayer As was the last Revenue changed relationship Between the Bill fixing the rates of Federal Taxe two senators both of whom came to on incomes and profits. Minnesota in june to take up the trouble Breeding features Cudgel for Praus and help Buck the it is on Issue of More direct and nonpartisan league line at the critic immediate importance than the Lea Cai our of Calipa 8rn. Gue of nations a mandate for Arv n is Quot it n a an enjoying Ronenia or participation by the United him Quot a of at Alexandria and is in close result of crossed wires at farm Home a was a conclusion a says judge states on the reparations Council. Reach a Republican leaders Johnson a the court finds that the because Eire his to unset Ami who value contested is guilty of violation of the j. T requires the abrogation of to Laws of this state in relation to the commercial and Trade treaties now to store is that sen. Nelson has nomination that because of such Vio existing Between the United states not written his relation and will ,. Lation the Conte be was not duly or and some 20 principal nations of it unti after the no Ember elec 1 Here Ait Only two ways of explain Megahy nominated for the office of d an it thug q up once # Tion perhaps not until after March. Pc. C of my hand ones father had Quot. / the results of the recent election conure human from add District in Complex and difficult diplomatic Situ 4 if Lac republicans fail to gain in with the men receiving the wages c. Jensen mrs Hanson father had rave he a maj hey in Polk county Provic a parliamentary members m in e ect1on am in not on. Atilin let it of our Senate in november and the re pub they did. The Board has been fair a narrow escape from death at their of m according to the re the City of Winnipeg. The thing to a of Ste Xiloj ican a a a Haars by its pres and just in this Complex and intricate fume Nome two Miles Southwest of the gute can Ossin both phoned is that of the to mein prjnte<1 upon the unix As can it Ligate f. By the abrogation of these Traa ent a enter a margin. Senator Nelson problem. Of the City last saturday As the result ?4 had a major to of 26 which w i no Peg will have in the offrim an Ltd that a Caugh of Tjeng h a built a a High or. Would continue rather than risk the provincial four Are men it us g herein fou Kyj Andrew j. Iff Wall around the United states a certainty that might attend the in Wos in Actu Elt o a i iou. Con v0 it Tead was Duy a a a a a a a i in a a i Tai latin a f h or. E. T. Whiter chairman of the sex of the crossing of electric wires ecu Tive Board of railway managers j general havoc was wrought at Titer a 4>i>ory Reading of the dec Many farm Homes As the result of Aion Sam the crossing of High tension electric i have not read the decision in wire of the Minnesota thus amp tirely but i can say that the rail a roads will abide by the boards firemen leaders meet Timothy Shea head of the firemen a brotherhood said the Board s decision would be considered carefully at a meeting of nearly 2,000 Union gtd a pin f Over near be wire inc leaders and a formal statement made Jan Hon Down to examine it after each Section of the award had More closely. She immediately drop been considered. Ped to the ground rolling Over on the decision tabulates the in her Side and stiffening out. Creases according to classes of work alarmed because of the queer a men. The document contained a list turns of her Mother Evelyn went to local delegates Are Home from Rochester meet mrs. Hanson and daughter Evelyn were returning from a Raspberry Patch about 4 o clock saturday afternoon. Before entering the House mrs Hanson heard a Peculiar guttering a. J to i amp la sound near the porch where the Tele clip steam i in act in amp Nimbus phone wire went into the Damp Earth. By endorsed at convention held sunday representatives of the various organized labor trades of Albert Lea who attended the working Peoples nonpartisan political league and piracy. Only two it conservatives belonging to the party which according to reports was attempting to i ave Canada from a red revolution and four a re liberals who stand somewhat Between the conservatives and the labor group. Three of the men elected Are in jail. Either at least half of the voters in Winnipeg Are in favor of the revolution and like to be represented by criminals or the a voters do not believe what a been said about the Winnipeg strike of a year ago and do believe that both the court and the Law under which the labor leaders were convicted violated fundamental Justice. The first explanation Reem Progress made on big Campaign fund satisfactory returns from Many counties reported to Date placing an additional to per cent and Valorme duty on All shipments j Bon brought to our ports in vessels of but line republicans get control foreign registry. By a margin of three four or five it 3. By creating exemptions through expected that the senior Minne which shipping corporations and in Sota senator will drop out As div dual operating merchant Vest i Soun a8 in Enate organized. May be relieved of income and excess profits taxes it parses the taxes thus evaded on to the rest of the country 4. It provides for discriminatory rates on american Railroad. For Good shipped for Export on american should the unexpected happen and the democrats not Only hold their present strength but beat wat on in Indiana with Taggart thus gaining Conti of of the Enate Nelsons resignation might lie looked for mined Minn Polk returns from Many counties of the state indicate that the league Camj Els thereby inviting retaliatory ate Yut the close of the present con measures by other governments. The act becomes therefore not Only legislation of serious internet t of the Road affected Ine Lusink 9r. He pm Hub be. In a a hold of Hor. Turn. Be Armer who . Per coot of the Mil Paulete of the Mother Arm the Little girl received a a a a Al Dju a Quot a a a a a a it in much More Eay to believe that Minn july 7 an it us a Ori country. A terrific Shock falling to the around. In. Ith the Hue Ami cry of Diel Yulty wee it e collection i f the fund pain and organization fund now a a every individual in the United state ing solicited will Nurmi t the expect too far fetched to be Worth anything. 0f Farmers who gathered no pit Ltd eng a get although the president has not proclaimed the abrogation of com grass March 4. Of course he will not re Ign unless the governors chair is occupied by j. A. O. Praus Republican nominee. The governor would have the appointment. The tale that is told of Nelsons resignation has it that simultaneously with his stepping out the first Section was devoted to she managed to scramble to her feet 1 a re part concerning clerical and station forces including but on touching her Mother again Kal ien�8 storekeepers station forces freight received a More severe Shock. Platform Mea and common labor with or. Hanson and c. Jen on drove 1 Rau Quot a Lador a a Muir William 0f tic world. The men on the ground t0 announce the Success of the move implication of the provision for i increases ranging from 5 to 18 cents into the farm Yard about that time a Arnum it org Harrison fete could than we could what mint in about three Wek. A ruminating rates on Export and in the second Section covered Maine Al it a Ltd not they immediate re be j he a Luu been going on and they have had league Farmers who Are heart an i ports carried on other than american Nance of Way and structural work web to mrs Hansook a assistance. Antl John Werc. Me some time to think it Over. Their i a oui for he Success of the von parti vesels other nation already have men. In this list were the Bridge Ami or. Hanson received two shocks and a Auen Iez i the conventions. Opinion As expressed by their votes >w1 league and a want a winning earn taken Steps to a hit backs and to i. Building workers the track men me or before the former the working Peoples non parti an should be Worth More to us than All pain put on this fall Are personally their blows first. Cha ties and their helpers drawbridge finally managed to grasp hold of his political league convention was held the noise of the a a kept press. It is their neighbors to help put american vessels i tenders and the like and common Whf cd a clothing and drag her to Safe of Rochester last sunday. At that Ai it so significant that our daily paper so Stead and Bis running mate Roundhouse labor. The award ranged of gathering the Shipstead ticket was have had Little or nothing to say about urn in november from 8 1-3 cents an hour for track mrs. Hanson slower limbs were unanimously endorsed and labor this recent Winnipeg election. If an average of too contribution space and a Ltd common labor to 15 cent for terribly bum cd part. Of her larger pledged itself to take an even More Seattle waah., Puente a situation of imm Earl a. Obtained from Ever. Services. Foremen and their assistants. Toe being almost burned off. Her Active part in state politics in the fun Ninny respects similar to that of county in the state the league will score of irritating and Uggie at p. V a. Daughter suffered Burn about the Ture than in the past. Winnipeg. Its former mayor Ole put on the Hotte to Campaign in the jog incidents Are a happening a Par Tuff Lofa a a Nopar Tirui Elk showmen get 13 let Nta. Face and hands or. Hanson and or. The Minnesota state federation of Hanson was praised throughout the history of Minnesota. Money is to ocular a in the far East where port be and the it us Lear u t jut a the third Section covering shop Jearm both being burned on the Fin labor convention opened last monday country As saving the City and per needed to o fiet the tremendous slush facilities Are largely in the hand of no 1d 1 1 e my it employees gave a 13-cent increase an Gers. At Rochester. Brainerd was selected Hap America from revolution. With fund at the disposal of the gang. British and japanese interests. The a in Dometu hour to supervisory forces Machin the crossed High tension wires As the meeting place for 1921. In a year the Han on regime was a a Are adding to the Burden of Diplomatist. Carmen blacksmiths boiler caused havoc in the southwestern the state federation decided not overthrown and now the City Council their not from legitimate a negotiation the Bill has Boul dered up in Winnipeg to Stampede the peo Ujj contributions from other com Mercial treaties a Congre a by the pig we place his own resignation. A a ,.pm Nta supporting the profiteers As come in at the ame rate the kill directs and although tile ship. Hand of Louis l. Collin lieu a it hr., k0 Maby a or Pur Quot Lamar Mira it will by Able Pic boar.1 pm tor m Lay. Ebay govt Lor who elem it to to governor will appoint Praus to the vacancy in the Senate. Opp Harding speech incidental to this is a tale that there is opposition on the part of some Republican leaders in Minnesota to having sen. Harding speak in foreign Poi Are reporting difficulties in getting ret Ara ergot in a Curtier Doe Kag he a ate a re by that 1 in obtaining it Novodor be a a la a Norw of the pre ent to urge Cox makers molders Copula tellers part of the c0udtyt Many Small fires to affiliate officially with the third of Seattle has voted Money to invests earnings and dividends but from a nto the state department. Apprent resulting according to reports. Veterinarians open meeting at Austin National party recently organized at Kate the methods whereby the Hanson h toe it Market Fli Flamming. It a the Chicago convention. Clique unloaded a Street car on verily the Day of a the Public be Karval soda list representatives he Vur a a a a la a Al Mur in from several sections of the state in was Worth now listen to or. Foi Bei with re particularly the twin cities attended Kard to present Day conditions a a to the convention and attempted to run 0ne of the favored methods of de Day no Man in his sober senses engaged in the foreign Trade particularly those operating from Pacific ports have transferred their american baes to Canadian ports and instead of operating hereafter from san Francisco Seattle democrats will be urged that Cox will be left to carry Minnesota a Best he can so far As the Republican Are concerned if the demo Rosa turn out to the support of Praus and the defeat of the nonpartisan league. It is not they say trading Harding to elect Praus., because the state is normally 75,000 Republican or thereabouts. But is merely in Effort to electrical workers and All tim. Car cleaners were awarded amp cent More an hour. Teleg Raphers telephones and agents were included in the fourth a a Mattw which cover Anent Tele Austin m.mly22-th tam Ujj butter. Were enough of the abu., in politic would dare to Eon Cotton Tacoma and other United state. To7� Grapher. Tower men lever men Toek mate we Mabeal Fie t0 0�tr. And bus next a a that of a know or wheat or any Otter tem Moo for , w i operate out q Untoma Licul Ltd by operators and train directors. These Alloa opened its annual Tunsen i hmm at every turn. Evs a Kut claiming that Taring into the daily life of the peo of Vancouver or other Canadian Nali. Naj and contests ail 1 or Vii. Successors of the former evildoers pie even if the Law can be Circum ports. A ,. ,. Have thoroughly reformed. B. C. Vented the Wrath of the Public would minority put it through will be taken up in a two Day pro ions Vcra 10. A orb so editor of system whose chief he dreaded sufficiently to cause even it is argued by Many that we tangram. E 01 had 18 p business it is to make Wall Street the Brazen St Buccaneer to not legislate business into american vampires look like decent citizens is such a statement and Many More boats any More than we can by Law the late to to try his hand at this a Uke it Are belied by facts which Only lift ourselves by our own Bootstraps Gurment. And Many of our Large daily the most careless citizen could miss one 40 out of 96 senators voted in were Given a to cents an hour in Kern today. Matters of intr re to to crease. No Telegraph agents were p a8�ak veterinarians and students awarded a 5 cent raise. Engine men were included in the fifth Section. All passenger engine people for the Fine treatment Accord helpers in each class. Helpers were the during their stay in the a an of a a nit Good roads meeting convenes at Morris men were Given eight tenths of a. Main Rita a a a x Given to cents. Aia to City. Cent a mile increase or 80 cents per a Day. Freight engine men were Given Width feel Lon v38 driven t0 tut $1.04 per Day. In Yard service All steamship men connected with minister delivers engine men were increased 18 cents j Ai i Road he Sermon by Telephone per hour. Hostler s wages were set a a re it or m fun Urey a Pera e at 6.01 to $6.24 per Day. I subordinate officials were not in i passenger men $30 a m Tai the Morris mina., july 22.�?another f the Erie of Good roads meeting and weekly papers Are copying i the so called a Wrath of the Public favor of it and 145 out of 43o repro throughout til state was convened effusion. Was never less powerful than today Senta Tives. It was carried by this Here today the Babcock Good roads Here for int Sanee is part of his because the to Means of expressing vote Only because a Bare quorum of Piatt which will go before the people confession a in the Days of Jay Wrath the newspaper and the two each House was in attendance. Job a referendum in november was in Gould and Jay Cooke and other Stab political parties Are owned by the and even among minority be discussed. Voter will be a kid eluded in the lists. Devils Lake n. D., july 21.�?Rev. Warts of civil War times and later buccaneers. There is no commodity votes which passed the Bill Many Hack amendment number i to the the Board members their work of Case presbyterian minister High finance was often pretty Low needed by the people that is not Corn admit they took it on Faith. Robab Constitution permitting a bund thirty dollars per month was the finished for the present will prepare Bere has a p n. T. Circuit of his own Down finance. No amount of trickery ered at the present time except air by Uncle Joe Cannon spoke the Jue to a tau ii a a it it tem of eos increase Given All passenger service to consider express it men a demands throughout the surrounding country 9r chicanery was considered too out Arni water. Or. Forbe must know thoughts and expressed the attitude heeling haul surfaced highways trainmen listed in the sixth Section next week. Over which the Sermon and music of rage us if Only it served to Knock this because he needs sugar and oth of a majority of those supporting the throughout the state. Abe it 5,0<�0 freight trainmen were advanced with the increases retroactive to big sunday services Are carried to but the other fellow. Hitting below or foods and clothing As the rest of Bill in the House when he said sex delegates from every county in the $1.64 per Day. Switchman were give a i 1920, judge Barton said some Church members in Rural districts the Belt was the Rule not the except us do. Consequently his Only excuse planning his vote state Are expected to attend the in a wage of $5.04 to $6.96 per Day. Time will be necessary to determine As the farm clock strikes the hour of Tion. Many railroads were not run must be lying for those who provide a now i have been in doubt and i me Ting. The seventh and eighth sections the amount due each worker. The services the devout within a Radious for the Benefit of their stockholders his income just As men like him lied expect i know As much about this Bill a Fen who oppose the Babcock it a were u elusive of signal men and Sta determination of these amounts Wip of 12 to 14 Miles take Down their re 0r the Benefit of shippers but solely in the Civy War Days and later when As most of you do. But what i do tem will Ako speak and Tho at the to nary engineers increases of 18 be left to the clerical departments of Seivers and find themselves a at for Tfir Benefit of those controlling the evil deeds he now admits were not know about it would make Sev convention were to Bear both and cents per Bour were awarded All but each Road. them. The financial gladiators made performed. Eral of thu e. Of

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