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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - July 21, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examiner of you Art wrong you can to be too conservative if you Are right you can t by too Radical. Fir Vav a y v by the Ostin Jas and labor Council volume 2, number 29. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday july 21, 1921. Single copies 5 . G. Hall again Heads the state federation of labor delegates in convention at Brainerd endorse working Peoples nonpartisan league want $2.00 wheat for Farmers. organizing violence Brainerd minn., july 20.�?by a vote of 289 to 125, e. G. Hall was re elected president of the Minnesota state federation of labor Over Frank e. Miner today. The result marked the Victory for the administration Over the More Radical group. Both candidates Are residents of Minneapolis and the delegates from that City were divided Over their support. Following president Halls re election George w. Lawson of St. Paul was re elected Secretary by acclamation. Following the election of president and vice president the administration and anti administration forces lined up for another test of strength on the election of two vice presidents for the Minneapolis District. The so called progressive group put Neapolis printers Union for establish-1 ing a co operative Bank pledging Aid to sex service men in seeking adjusted compensation Ami instructing the federation officers to work for defeat of All plans for compulsory military training in schools. Practical Steps toward co operating with labor organizations in other states in workers educational programs were recommended by the con vent on. The officers were asked to finance fro the federation Treasury As far As practicable an educational program requiring the employ ment of an educator of standing to i Confer with workers educational leaders elsewhere. This proposal which was sponsored by the teachers federation of the twin cities was recommended As made necessary by new i Nett Juan a Palace inv Isi but. Empire knights of the Kun flux Kian tim of Mial wizard loaf sir f a a to Al in a so Good Fey one of your a re Nal friends top it in touch a Ith you and infer you of this cram Slation Abd in of this request sear sanding Yon this for. Win we Roc i a this with All the q Jwa Tiona Balow Jtj Ray an award to you and it Bani if sati Ifa tory m Siti impart to you Tho inform alien y 0 Fri sad of acres you in iriv Vit bout do / a you 011 Al in Bien Bud return by Early c.a.1. You at a pad sat i Anc loaf for bit Pur Pace. I 0 a b t8e 10lorn a cps the a i flux Klar , by Tibb to embezzled Over million from the Hormel packers Forward Dan w. Stevens organizer of a Quot hods employers Are using against the Minneapolis trades and labor As Abor which it is said include Al Abor Sembly and member of the painters it it it i publicity deceitful prop Union and George c. Meyers member an a injunctions and denial of credit to firms that Are fair to or of postal workers Union no. 125, As their candidates while Maynard Peterson of the milk Drivers Union was the administration candidate. The result of the vote was Peterson 220 Myers 192 Stevens 180 the first named two were elected As the two vice presidents for the fifth District. Condemn Brevit action the state federation of labor today condemned the part taken by Guni Zed labor. Co pm with such i Means of attack it was declared will require a higher Grade of education than Union men have hitherto needed. A under special privilege Frank minor Drew attention to a dispatch in the i Minnesota daily Star of july is from Cetner Texas Sayuru Quot Quot to sled men tarred and Feather a woman at thana Texas on saturday Toffle woman is accused of bigamy. Tits i. U the prompting your in Jutry Fri out. Z what to i it mfg it i what i Perl . 4 Wims wms you bom t. I How Long Haw Ruu maalox in your Prtrt Laen Lite t. S. A you nomm. Amy i or widower. F. Were your Parenta Horn in the or Tod Sutra of America a you a Iron Tell or jew i a goo of the Whit in or of a oot omd Rocs to what add month isl and Van agr a rout. To color of no hair Wright la do you Bra ova in the Pron Repta of a Fure Amcrum Nirri ? u do you to Riovo in a hit Hup Macy. 14 what a your panties. Is what la your mag Emo Faits a a is of what Shurrm or Nam two of any it of what ,<� Latte for your Parenta a. Us what Aarni. Froth nil Rodamar you a my two of if am a it do Yuo Host try Bali to us prs Tir of real Fra Amity ? to. Do you of any kind of alter tank to any fur in Nat on in Elf. Rul a or porno t r i Moat a Art and fab in that aah qua asian Abo Tany own hand writ ast that Balow to of Mal Aig Waturs Gomm Rrt. Saati tuition. It is i truthfully an a Rod by in and storm Loowns. To swarm i. Tats. It in a a i z. J. A. La by i is rial i to . Of ate Yew a a we Aati mow malt of is soot a a Cyl Thomson austins most spectacular citizen was arrested last sat Artlay on a charge of embezzlement from the Hormel packing company. The amount stolen will aggregate in the neighbourhood of $1,500,000. He psf comptroller of the Hormel concern at Austin and investigation by toe auditors shows that his Paula Lions have extended Over a Perm i of be x Era years. A a Cyl Thomson was austins Perol Thrift he owned the Beautiful Oak and farms and a. Nationally known As a poultry fancier and breeder of purred live Tock. A week the Dally press has been filled with his craze for the spectacular i exposes reckless and Dis honest methods of Grain dealers at terminal Mim. 1o you Farmers and shippers of name on a card and Brand you with Grain i sincerely Hoje that you that o they can Readd Tell who Yoi will not condemn me for not giving a while in their presence As they you my Story before now. I am not usually at heart know you in no other a Story writer and have been trying manner. They Load you up with Cut two Long yours to Force myself to rate cigars and dry Beer if you will give you this Story which it has taken drink and then Tell you what ought me even years to Loam. To lie done and what you ought to a for the past Sisen years i have when they themselves Cannet raise a been working for a Frim holding con backyard Garden and if they could tracts with All the railroads entering they would be too Lazy one of the largest Grain Market in my opinion Yon Farmers Are which compelled me to be at All the doing a great work in organizing and unloading pits at the Grain elevators Las throughout the City daily. I am Here to Tell you that you Are not being overseeing desire to be at the front treated fairly and never will be in of very Public Enterprise and in the Der itch conditions limelight at Ezcry Opportunity. His the Farmers and shippers will a handsome Homo his wonderful farms Vest their Money in elevators i Small with their expensive equipment his towns for the purpose of storing their penchant for paying enormous prices Grain with a View of Gettig u hotter for blooded Stock All these have Price for it when it is shipped to the been the talk of Austin for Many larger markets and 99 chances to years. A Gnu. If it is shipped to a Market that the auditors who have been going Tho Farmer Ami Quot hipper have no in it vet his Bouks trying to straighten Ter to in which is often the cae nit the tangled mess of his affairs they will lose a handsome sum unhurt not explained the exact methods knowingly. It is wrong As a Farmer he used to cover up these enormous should know More about How his thefts nor How such an amount could Grain is being handled in the Large be taken out of the packing company a markets. Co operating in different ways. But you have the greatest step yet take and it Iii step is accomplished successfully in my opinion it will have to he handled in the dark hours hailed . Van meter in farm journal. Farm Bureau to a id in Vestiga Hon federation gathering data for congressional inquire of agriculture t a. To an instance he said of a Type of governor j. A. O. In in curia Tho to rapidly threaten ing civil Liberty in the United states the above is a photographic reproduction of an application Blank used by machine politicians in Minnesota in organizing a Force to terrorize the progressive people of the state. It la reported that some logo Are already in profits without embarrassing that institution. At present he languishes in Mower county jail waiting for some of those Many Friend who the enactment of the so called per capita tax Law at the last session of the legislature. It adopted a Resolution submitted by the Iron Range delegates which declared the governor urged the passage of this Law a apparently because of a Promise or unum fostering amenity. He offered a motion which was unanimously approved directing president e. G. Hall to Send a Telegram to president Harding saying the federation urgently desires him to instruct the department rolled. I it us remember 1918 and do what we can to head it off while there fawned upon him in i fair weather la time livery Community has violent minded persons needing Only an sex Jass to come Forth and go his bail no. We nay the politicians Are guilty because a Schoolboy detective could of $25 too Ted Aal who Are organizing this violence drive. Den.,Ami, Tad a a to i pud of jul tic. T0 t Iown Moh a a a the for attaching his a Are to other committs a in Laws among them Bern the tonnage Offett a u Resolution asking or. Hall tax or occupational tax Law. To Milf mention in he. The Resolution direct it i officials of Coop. National Banks barred by new comptroller comptroller of the currency i. K. Un.,.-honed right to Organ re and operate Banks for service lather than in the Wake of the news Sage of the activities of the Kun flux Crissinger a former banker of Mur-1 federation to urge repeal of the klan. This Resolution which was car Ion Ohio has just made a decision per capita tax Law which it described u t. A i. T a. Based on an Quot unreasonable unjust u. Al n a a a att l l a Wilri he and Quot impose a in it he urdu and inequitable Basic zen a a a Frio Quot Quot of further a ten of their right by violence inti Hanks under existing Law. On be this Law it said was enacted it the immediate solicitation of governor j. A. O. Prana not with the thought of doing Justice to the people of the state but wholly with the idea of repaying to the Large mining interests the Money they would be compelled to pay by reason of the enact in Minnesota the Resolution Cit Elution Ami coercion. It is organized de to a bring on a reign of terror to quell the workers into Quot a Missien and to arouse antagonism Between races and half of various farm the All american co operative commission recently took up with comptroller Cris Inger the grunting of National Bank Charters to group it Desir ing to establish co operative Banks. Strong protest was registered by following a personal conference in ment of the occupational or tonnage. La not non a in to j 1,111 which the needs of farm and labor ct<1 a by representative Kroum or co operative banking institutions was fully Laid before the comptroller that official had just is it used the following decision i have seen cars of Grain unloaded at terminal elevators which were revealed from mixers co operative Cev an it the a a ret a Vokt. Is k As they Call it t. Ear wed 1 Bush i weighed As Emch As 200 . As the conditions now exist in the majority of the Large markets it is impossible for them to treat you fairly and my Crew of men working in the Yards have come to me dozens of some Way possible for them to save the Grain that they were sweeping creditors a. Bonus from the car onto the ground. Re president Harding s plea that the pealed i y i refused to let them ave it country is too poor to pay the sex sol a the. Fern we a it re working for had a Lier a Bonus Brinie up acute Tho a # h Hilarj Yewul a a in great Issue talked of so much at the. Present tim. We talk of the deft. Part a follows a a a a a a Rke fur of Minna polu to Bon Quot Quot a a Koo Ltd Deal been it hat the firm Nam must not under any nearly All of us by the throats. Condition Quot carry away sell or gift we believe the principal objection away Grain following to the Soldier Bonus is its peril to rile Huch Rule of Coli e the Grain would deflation policy agreed on by the great banking interests of the country a year ago. After the War we had to decide whether we would continue inflation or deflate. Creditors wanted deflation for profits. Clergy attacks klan tax a., right of Georgia to prevent lower on Jef Cap a bul. In a a a 0, railway Frej Fht Araj mud of on valuation of property the fur a inf Yar a a we. Rue it on up. I. Absolutely Thi i big a a a he to America pnn.,1 and Doe not in a urn Commeree com Luio. From meet the needs of the districts affect reducing rail cd by the charge. Industrial plan approved a Resolution was unanimously adopted recommending a sincere and thorough study of Industrial organization with the Blea of preparing for a transition of reconstruction of our organization from a Craft basis to an Industrial form. It recommended also that no additional Craft organizations or Trade unions be recognized or Given Charters by the american federation of lather As separate bodies but that All new organizations be compelled to accept Charters in related organizations. The convention also passed a Resolution urging organized labor to charges despite the general impression Given out that he wage cuts recently imposed on railway workers Are intended to male a revision of rates possible. A you Are a a ised that under the Law the profits after providing for the Day predicted Hort lived Success for thu flux klan. That fhe society is a Violater of constituted authority is sufficient reason Why it will not last they said. A in barring Catholic Quot and jews from its membership it pay i compliment to a oth a said Rev. J. M. Cleary pastor of the Church of the incarnation. A any organization fostered by that kind of pop it. Under the condition. Which the Kun flux klan proposes to opt Rote cannot last. The South is going crazy on rom things but it should know by p us experience s of the i advantages under which Farmer i Labouring arc being collected by the Minnesota farm Bureau federation for mib my amp Sion to the congressional commit the headed by representative Sidney Anderson which is to investigate agricultural condition in the tented stat Quot it was announce its Lay. The Quot Tate Cor Nutine of the be lera Tion cleared up routine by mess this morning in a meeting at the old Capitol St. Baul. This afternoon it was to discus the prospects for cooperative Purchase of Coal already undertaken in 12 states and the agricultural report data for which is being collected. This meeting in preliminary to a meeting of the executives of the executives of 12 mid West and Northwest states scheduled to begin at the of Capitol tuesday. Discussion of freight rates will take precedence and knew they wanted it. Debtors j it a a a now this was Carr d on during needed to have Price Levels maintained War when they wove trying to or i Ulm a Hui. Hither but him am Bank oar number of them did t know that they Bauta fair and the. Rn.lit.,r� woo red Quot Quot. La major to it oink Ket Quot. Some elevator require that now it is not generally recognized or i a wept after leaving the in Over everything else and the meet be swept onto the ground and during a probably a a top a Resolution the Busy season i have Eon Good the federa clean Grain Corn Oats and wheat Tun cd his a our a reduction of thro inches deep and two Block in it in me with prot a re act Ion on length along the Grain track. Mind 1,11 pm a a Lucas. Int american i Arm Bureau federation May be asked to Call a National conference to consider this amt other question said l. E. Rotter pre Blent of the Minnesota Bureau. Collection of examples of injustices but How Many of you the Numier for submission to Liep that nearly every one in any kind of loading pit amm mulatto of the. Emmlu. Rom Lead to. Rz-7 a v. All or Mew. Klain Civ. U re Niani. Aau a by Law he to Nim to the Quot shareholder v a especially is a debtor. By up time wet certificate attached to the or Only a gun but a few report Quot from by Law belongs to the. Nan liners gov a mor of Florala was elected on the credit squeeze the creditors and no provision can be made in the articles of that would Ai theorize the directors to divert any the profit Quot from the shareholders to pay any of it Uch profits to the on tim Ere. Or Ami from Utler us rom in. A few years Airo because he doom nearly doubled our debts Ana left us. ,.,flew year Pimp. ,. Taken from the cur after it eave Tbs at the Bureau headquarter Snow the its Best efforts to secure a Price of Clear around the fair grounds not less than $2 a Bushel for wheat j a Nuiji a by Hwy to work out plans for the present year so that Farmers for the of the throng of vis Wili be enabled to resume operations or v to will attend the fair Sec All set for Freeborn county a biggest Kab in Poi to Iii in a communication to the press the of you love your Pup Bain him cd a Perat of com0�?~ihbl�1 f01 out up Daric la. Hie for mourn Hal la ,1cl�?~, of the Tomato. Bounly fair Ier of currency against a Coop Ergative division of the pro us of tiv ii All the weiners that will be eaten banking business cannot be justified it the Freeborn t Guniy fair albeit i by a provision of the National Bank , to sep Temli a i in or by any existing Law or the Shae of a hot logs were Hung of statute anti that tile previous Eom one string it would be Long enough to Troiler of the currency John Skelton Williams not Only expressed huns ii on a paying basis. Provide for slate tide councils evidence that opinion in the Minnesota federation of labor is inc Lar ing toward a fed i at Ion of unions on an Industrial basis was furnished at in favor of this form of organization but unhesitatingly granted a National bunk Courter to a co operative nation a1 Bank organized november by one of the railway brotherhood.-. The All american co operative commission further Points out in a letter addressed to the comptroller of the currency that after the surplus required a the division of the profits arising from the rotary Whitney said today. A every person at the fair must be fed. Eating stands must be placed on every convenient Comer of the grounds. Care must be taken however to provide Good clean food. We feel sure yesterdays session when a Resolution that Thorf problem is Bein solved in a jaw Bas been Laid aside a adopted by in overwhelming a Brough manner and fair Victor Jority providing for creation of state be pleaded with the Way eating Bulbul is distinctly a mat wide councils in the building Metal j a in Sions Are handled. Us of i Uei naj Eua Cem it t0 be deter provision an transportation trades. Aii previous attendance records Are mined by the directors of the Bank it was sponsored by the so called expect tel to be broken by the fair of Vitiz a pursuant to a definite group and was generally con trials this year. The entertainment ceded to lie a Victory for the oculus program anti the a locational exhibits trial unionists. Will prove of More interest than those another Resolution offered by the of any former year. Many letter Quot Radical group and endorsed by the have been received from Stock raisers resolutions committee called for in in girls interested in Afcin work and Augu ration of the six hour Day As a women who want to enter the worn Means of alleviating unemployment. Work department All asking a Resolution introduced by Thomas about the Premium. To be awarded. Van Lear Minneapolis pledging sup and the rules governing the entering port Oft to federation to the working of exhibits. Peoples political league and urging a Premium Book telling about the Peoples nonpartisan political league different departments in which Prena and urging local unions to affiliate him Are offered will be forwarded to with it was unanimously approved anyone who writes to the Secretary approval a Aio Given resolutions at Albert i a and asks for one. The catholics yet now that same Man has been kept out of office because of this same opposition. The South is reacting against it own bigotry. I believe it will be merely a passing Rev. James a. Doyle a atop of St. Cecilias Church said today that the Kun flux klan is in american and a violation of constituted authority and cannot last. A it is Only a form of anarchy a he Aid a and therefor will not have the support of any american it violates All authority administers it own form of Justice to persons who have not been tried by Ury decides on it own punishment Fig crimean is therefore in posit Ion to the constituted authority which every american has been taught to with half As muck business to pay them with. We have to keep up our unloading pit i interest to them or they take our property reorganization this is called in general bust mss. The creditors therefore can not lose and they Are wringing a lot of fat out of us producers. It is the same Issue that arose following the civil War As to whether greenbacks should be contracted or not. Debtors the amount ranges following facts from one Peck to 15 Bushel in too sack for Wool purchased by repeatedly have i seen 15 Bushel Hie Dodg county farm the wept a Vito Tho Iro Tusci in this manner freight Lute from St. Louis was in fact i have violated the Hap has 11. »3 and the co Quot to of the sacks Aid rules and taken Load after Load i themselves was $26.75. In other Home with me rather than see it j words the freight a almost half the a Ted or taken into the elevators Ami j Price. Condemning tile a uses lax proposal demanding additional Relief for world War Veteran recommending government and management of railways endorsing plans of the min ,. No credit Given to the shippers for it Bhat is producer working with Bor. Rowed Mon tort and la. Editor. Do. Gram a. To by tor Alai won. Chickens which i bought for that a Bond Issue to my our soldiers would Che Aiea our currency and by so doing would stimulate Busine for our producing debtors. It is a most foolish notion that Only bolsheviks confiscate property. Big financiers enjoy it hugely. Purpose. I made $150 on the hogs and had 40 Chicken Quot die so my figures shone that i broke even Lomg Only the time i i pent caring Foi them. How Nian it of it of shippers know that from $100 to $1000 Worth of hog Are being fattened at All times at the various elevators in the big cities Ami a yet i have never seen senator Frelin Ghuy sends seasonal Coal rate Bill provides that freight on Coal shall be lower during the Spring and summer than during the late fall. Rev. Jeremiah Harrington Paar of and Winter. These who have capital Olu showing where the Giaise will thus be Able to get their Eoal for came from that is being Ted to them. A Good Deal less and those who Hane thing of getting your hog fattened free it May to said that Tho rail the Church of the ascension said that catholics will Haw no concern. A it a to count pennies and cant have re about being Barre from membership m rv4. we have to pay a great in the Kun flux fan. A its pro Riel Deal More when they have to buy. Pies Are against those of Tho Catholic a perhaps a says sex 5 wig Rose Man Tion incorporated by the shareholders in the articles of association or according to their own judgment As director of the the officials of the Ali Ameriee a co operative commission a Ert that they Are prepare to carry Lief Ore Congress the Urjil workers fight for the right to Nob Olive Timeir credit resources in their own Coop outlive National Bank. A Bill will be drafted which will not Only secure tilt Quot right to the producing classes but will greatly facilitate and simplify Quot Uch organization. The action of the comptroller of the currency instead of suppressing the organization i of co operative National Banks prom remove fit Tine. Soften Obi steins with Castor Oil in lard Ami they will come it it More a i i t s to bring the us to a head and Baer of this Bill a it is not possible to enact legislation Shat will help business Vei shout injuring the Public. It maybe that their respective interests Are Ifo opposed that Congress can not Bridge them. However that May be we have Here the unsocial and dangerous expedient of attempting to stimulate a business by increasing the difficulties of those whose burdens Are already decision Al the interstate font Meres com is Silt it a us recognise the a Ineffie ird Brahm of elem y of Labory charge by a vote of Ling to info Ive out of six represent an initial Vuk Suruj b Reau k>0 red financiers in a new attempt recent v the government and people. A a y born a new claim not mentioned in the first a a damages asked whih were so outrage in them Alres up. The Gas Dine or benzine will move All traces of the medium. Win for labor and farm groups tile Church because they Are in american it imports secret organizations Slefo it supports secret obligations which Are not in Accord with the Laws of the nation Ami has guaranteed ii own s Star of monday july id. Neth $100 Lor thirteen head it it i livestock Fargo n. Wheaton Minn acc mat Ion receive at headquarter in Fargo hipped eight head of cattle and five hogs a total of 7.000 p ands to South St. Fan and received net $105. The roads want the government to a we rave preached diversified pay for the alleged below Normal of farming in North Dakota and Theja it rail labor torte the the absurd claim would never have raising of Mere mock Taal of Tore had m a financier tar a b. Huller a but Liat. Pc Mir a amed that our present government can afford to raise Stock under Ach will not resist anything a. D by big conditions i Bufi Juss. Roads pay for this in leakage claims but do they amt if so How Long do you have to wait for your Money and above All is it right what a Tho Lily has the shipper or Farmer to right such wrongs do the Grain dealers and commission companies allow you to suggest anything a a not i answer. When it Ltd make a fair j the kick you Are branded by them a an a it a old sarcastic bean headed country the wit Jake trying to till them something. J Boid it Why friends it is appalling to know j Lite i some of the statements made by the men that i it you weekly begging a u for our bus inc is when they re i their Boss such As mrha no to i o. K now fell for a a Rye tiling i told him. Agrees to hip to us again. Think of w rial the annual Grain dealers con Lilon i Cal in i. You uninvited and if you have enough no Ney you can pattern l hey pin a certain col it a ribbon on you to designate the state you Are from and print your carloads of onions a being dumped and Haw Leen dumped in Dodge county because the freight would Cost More than the onion would bring. A Farmer in Dodge county Tok a cow Hiie to Market and got 90 cent Quot for it. He Paul 75 cents for a pair of leather shoe iring for his High shoes. A liqueur enter Farmer got a net return of 7 cents from a cow Hale in another a net return of one cent on a Carload it ish ton of Hay another be sue a Farmer got a aet return of 10.5b after deducting freight an a marketing charge it co t him $59 to have tile Hay sided an loaded. I it a1 net return was about 4 s it a than the Hay co t. Sub. Berg Dohl All i Sis army officers of Fri d mrs Emma Bergdahl testifying before an investigating committee of the House of representatives mad direct charge that she Lave $5,000 major Bruce Campbell to obtain of her Ltd Grover Cleve Ruth i to lie distributed among i he a higher up a of Washington of Fie Ini by m it it. Berg i a declare i thai i Siu Bell first want i $1wj4kw to free her n site Bay that he Elm a to i that her Quot it a a would hot unless this about to paid. Salta Amel i lug Saum min tie made by pts lug a few 111,&Quot it Hui cd ii., i fio Iuie to u hot ii and easer lag with ill of Lavender the a ac�4 it in to Futi Erlmer Nepf face in. Sll tic amt the to Ril i f is a a Geo l a a �., the prod a i now Oft Isle # a

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