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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - July 7, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examiner a if you wrong you can7 be too conservative if gait right you can t be too Radical 9 in do us a a Vestin o labor volume 2, number 27. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday july 7, 1921 single copies 5 cent. Rail brotherhoods senator Ladd a Grain Grad Minneapolis Lour control Bill drawn by the Calls conferences to vote on wage reductions sept. I ing Bill is up for passage a a it would Stop 9 Farmer rapers packers defeats Senate Bill Vreven Quot a panic i imm in i in Mimi in Mill ill a it a the members of 16 Railroad organizations including the a big four a will vote on september whether to accept the wage reductions that went into effect on july i. The general chairmen of the different organizations decked that they could not assume responsibility for the wage reductions that were ordered by the United states railway labor Board. E. H. Fitzgerald president of the brotherhood of railway and steam station employees skid that a nothing can be expected of the Railroad employees interested in the decision of the labor boart except to resist to the fulled extent the reduction of rates of pay Ami the abrogation of certain favourable working unions in presented the organizations that were re pre committee mow t outed at the conference at which the decision to have a referendum vote was made follow brotherhood of locomotive engineers brotherhood of locomotive firemen and engine men brotherhood of Railroad trainmen order of Railroad conductors All known As the big four brotherhoods brotherhoods of Baima l signal men of America brotherhood of railway and steamship clerks freight handlers express and station employees brotherhood of railway Carmen of America. International Alliance of amalgamated Sheet Metal workers internal Ion association of machinists International brotherhood of boilermakers International brotherhood of mechanical workers International brotherhood of firemen anti oilers order of Railroad Teleg Raphers switch men a Union of North America and the United brotherhood of maintenance of Way employees anti railway shop labourers. All but the Quot big four brotherhoods of the foregoing organizations member of the railway employees department of toe american federation of labor of which b. M. Jewell is president. July 23 North Dakota Bond Selling Day Bismarck. N. In july 6.�?gov. Lynn j. Frazier has designated saturday jul y 23, a it North Dakota Bond Selling Day in u proclamation just issued. In this proclamation the governor urge that a pedal Bomi Selling Campaign be arranged in every Community in the state and a that every Public spirited citizen buy As Many of the Bonds As possible and assist in promoting their Sale to the proclamation follows in the time of our nation need the people of our Commonwealth responded loyally and liberally to every Call for personal or financial Cooper Washington d. C., july 6.�?favorable report on the Steenerson Grain grading Bill which abolishes the complicated and arbitrary system of Federal grades designed to for the Grain buyers and substitutes three main grades with nine sub classes probably will be made by the House committee on agriculture and credit for this is largely due to convincing arguments made by the delegation from North Dakota. John a. Mcgovern state Grain inspector and manager of tile North Dakota Mill Ami elevator association or w. Rainier of the agricultural College and themes Saund Erson state Miller journeyed All the Way from North Dakota to testify and they wire ably supported by senator Ladd who taught the member of the about farm economics in one Brief lesson than they Ever Hail Learned before. Mcgovern effective witness or. Mcgovern made one of the most effective witnesses that appeared in favor of the Steenerson Bill. Mcgovern Long has been a terror to grafting Grain buyers of North Ila Kota and at Washington he prove i that he was equally at Home in discussing the theoretical Side of the Case. The Federal grades consider Cor Cockle. Wild peas King hoods wild Rose and Darnel As inseparable material and lower the Grade according to the percentage of this us Tance found in the wheat. Or. Mcgovern denied that this material substantially lowered the value of the Grain although he showed where North Dakota Farmer a i received from let a 41 cent a Bushel less for their Grain merely Bemas it contained Small percentage of these no injurious foreign us stances. A i thought that the agitation for Federal grades started out in North Dakota a one of the committeemen said. A it did a promptly replied Mcgovern Quot but if we had known what a going to be handed u i As ure you we would never had agitate i for this raise a laugh from Cong Rio men Arni spectators. Professor Palmer an Thoma u. S. Chamber of Commer e shows its love kor nation s heroes the i ailed states chamber of Commerce has commenced a nation wide Campaign against the passage of the soldiers Bonus Hill. When the boy were marching away to War member and officials of the i. S. Chamber of Commerce were the lir to to cheer them on hut now that legislation is proposed which will give Many of the wounded ar., jobless veterans much needed Relief this big he iness organization opposes it on the ground that will increase taxes Heads of the soldiers associations in Washington very indignant and some blistering language is being applied to some of the War profiteers who looted the government of millions and now trying to Block a miserly compensation being paid to the men who did the fighting. A a a it by a. B. Gilbert Minneapolis. Minn., july by Farmer owned paper of the Hyp Cracy of the journal of this City in trying to Brand the Farmer labor Alliance As free Leo it last fall an i it Elf running Arcie called a lessons in love by Eleanor Glynn a Evi Den by produced two in ult on Tho journal the series of Ter whom the j Quot the famous Auti must ii ave been Cut cd to note any i Issue. It is Hai author who Wro salacious novels i allies by Thi Fri Urnal advertises a of of the Lee week a i in plated for we fail j it n in sunday j to believe that the i on of the Mist n to Lorn times had j by in so i our Washington letter Boblin gets Vav hat it wants congressmen w ill pretend they aiding Farmers sales tax is i us Hod hard hankers ask that payment of German indemnity he delayed a shipping Board funds and scandals to be buried a Western Bankers speak against Allied debt refunding Sterling of South Dakota cuffs out new sedition Bill. Washington a last the written senator Remote urging cuu packing Trust has the Packer control Gress to Grant the Treasury depart efforts just about where it wants Merit additional Powers Quot for the and them. Justement and Extension of the time of the Senate has turned Down the Bill payment of the principal and interest supported by such men As la Follette of our european Ifon a any on Norris and Ladd and the Rose has introduced such a Bill House Bill has been substituted. A improvement of Europe is not and the House Bill is of course for Worth buying at the Price of american i a a Long Wiite an it it is a Bill drawn impoverishment a said George m. Rey n it it is be of june by lobbyists with a Nice set of regu kids Chicago banker who severs a no a replied lad i Quot Hecate All the elevator file their prices on a daily rate curd which i i sued under direction of a Mapoli chamber of a can they not be reached under the Sherman anti Trust a ked the Uthemer. Quot be they could and they should a. Been prosecuted Long ago a re to Ned add. A the Federal Trade com i Ion has expo de their illegal practice. I cannot a what they continue to enjoy representative Young of North Dakota preceded Ladd and scored the Grade a Tablit died by the Federal Bureau of Market and their manipulation. J. Beasley of the department of agric Ture. Took the stand in Defene of Federal grails. He was vigorously Cros pm unused by several committeemen and made some damaging and Cru Ion he frankly admitted the difference in prices Arni conceded that the Farmer suffered by present discrimination James Manahan of St. Paul at Type be sup also mail a convincing Torney for the equity concluded the showing. They Hud prepared Chart to Timony of the Northwestern Deb showing that the Grade of Grain had Gat Ion with a mashing denunciation Little relation to either it Price or its of the bureaucratic methods of the milling value and they cited instance department of agriculture. They end Well meaning but in after instance of where Grain Toat was purchased from the Farmer at several cents a Bushel under w hat he should have received was sold in the terminals for much higher Fig re. They proved that the Federal grades were used to Lieut Down tile Price for the producer and had Little effect upon quotations when the terminal Mark was reached. Senator Ladd also a it Ness senator Laddys appearance Mut no rant theorists Down Here to instruct Committer Quot he declared evidently referring to or. Beasley a and i am afraid the Secretary of agriculture get most of his information from the Sam source. These men have established a theoretical Standard owned country j repressed. See revolution Quot behind All to a say the journal Quot a the constant nagging of the disloyal pros and tie conning politician. Which strongly to no i toward the unfortunate in i suggested whither it ire revolution of in pre Ion or Illene a. A free speech and free express a yes but not Lien a free press is. But an american press Ami not a hypocritical and til Loyal , spreading Subtle Poison the inter Slot All the the papers a ugh called Public attention to the article by Eleanor Glynn Nave As Jill to do with promoting revolution a they had with the present depression and idleness a which is Othir /. Big by Ines has had Complete control of the world for the Lut 6 year and a produced the fact which we now see an i suffer. It will produce the journal a Gest if there i a a terrible Raper the journal editorial explains Bow much worse paper owned by Farmer and working purple than socialistic or 1. Vav. Vav. J Aper. It Lay Bare a deep plot so deep that the journal. Could not find a evidence to it in the following words a there is an old argument that the Best guaranty e of permanency of Freedom is comp de liberty1 in expression whether Oral or written. But Thi Carlie its danger. It would not la dangerous if the discussion were j w or my my in in in in in my my in in my a at Ion that the program of our gov have come a a Shock to tile Grain Ern ment might be Currie out fully Ami successfully. A at Thi time there has been launched in North Dakota with the endorsers it of our people As evidenced in election after election a program providing particularly for the erection an a operation of flour Mills and Ter Gamba is and department of Agre culture bureaucrats who oppose the Bill. It is generally believed that senator Ladd knows More about the milling and Grain in this try than any Man in the United stat. An a he certainly had his facts at his Finger tips As he proceeded to advantage to the Gra n buyers but they would cling to it even if every Farmer in North Dakota tame Down Here Ami testified that he was timing robbed. A they timing flouted Manahan. A Ami it is time that the Robi Iery topped. We want Congress to top it. We demand that Congress completed All she l, to Short a time. The second red Lead editorial 21 making the most Brazen attack a at ions to keep the Farmers suet for a Cears ago boasted that he was one of we have seen on t in Independent press an4 viable the dockers to Dan 12 men constituting the Money and practically but not openly rec just As they always have done. Trust urn mending that pc i of the Farmer in speaking of the House Bill Bena by a adjustment anti Extension tor la Follette said taster financiers really mean Selling �?�1 have Here in my hand a copy of Bonds of debtor nations to our Cit teens the House Bill As it was originally in and with the proceeds of these paying Traduce. It contains a number of off the debt of these nations to our suggestions written in handwriting government. And in All probability Between the lines. This copy was de j. P. Morgan amp co. Would be relieved slivered into the hands of t. Take of Hundred of millions of poor euro kit in head of the National Grange by Pean paper at the expense of Ameri or. Lightfoot attorney for the beef can purchasers of the proposed Bonds Trust. Seven of the Moat important Western walkers not so Well suggestions were adopted and written loaded up with foreign securities and into the House Bill. This copy was so they not inclined to dance to furnished in by or. the Morgan time. Senator Kenton was Ohio Strong in Reynolds also said a there is sound denouncing the turn of affairs n favor logic in the proposal to cancel eur of tile packers. A there never has been ropes debts to the United states gov such a lobby against any Bill in the Ern ment. It May be diplomatically history of legislation. When the lobby j unwise but it would be economically investigation comes along if it does sound Ami certainly not i Hope we May have some Light thrown 1 a a a on the packers although there would be Little Chance of any kind of regulation of the packers doing much Good for the Farmers and Public to aum the evil revolution which a a a a a Nopo a own clip a a Power yet the Senate Bill which contained in honest attempt was Worth something. It was at least a Challenge to Packer Power. Those who hold that Farmers do not have to Send their own men to Congress to get legislation they want will have a hard time explaining the do port feat of the it a Packer Biti and the m much a a to Kov rement did a adopt Tom of the Parkersr ow4i Bill in the attorney a were wages raised the House. More than those in other industries a a a a sales tax pushed a were they raised More than in the sales tax propaganda is being steel corporation ? is it. �?�1 do not a can you name a Large business in which they were raised less a Quot i can a can you. From your own observation in the neighbourhood where you live say that any class of Labory the bricklayers for example were raised less a a i can not a will you be Good enough to sex we Hington. July 6. A the re ire ome big figure in Wall Street these Days who wondering if the rapid a a deflation of the Farmer lat full a lid not almost kill the Goose that Hail Laid the Golden eggs Ami whether agriculture can be i lived from it almost moribund condition. These same men were quite Gleeful a few months ago when their manipulation of credit and of the Grain and Cotton Exchange a resulting n a drop in the Price of farm product that a ruinous to the Farmer especially As they were reaping millions on the to an actions but now that the Boomerang of lessened purchasing Power has Wung around Ami hit their own concerns a staggering Wallop they not so sure of their judgment nor of proud of their accomplishment. S. O. S. Set gut hurried conferences have on any. Rail magnate smoked out How much basis then is to the common propaganda against Railroad workers and other workers at the present time is admirably illustrated by the following answers Given by a Railroad president repo Sihle for much if this propaganda in the hearing before the interstate Commerce commission Railroad president a Elf we had had control of our own property we would not have raised wages during the War ral called in Washington to bolster up indict in and the a o. S. A come direct from Harding. The pre ident realize that his holding the Helm of a very Leaky ship and he is calling in a the Hest mime Quot to consider How to save the situation. J. P. Morgan Ami some other big guns from Wall treet have been at the White House several times of late Ami David Forgan of Chicago headed another Bunch of Middle Western Bankers who consulted with hurtling late this week. The president is frankly worried. Ile was elected on the slogan of a note for Harding Ami Coolige and pm Fie Rily for All Quot and he saw the Breakers Ity for ally Ami it is very doubtful whether he a the Breakers ahead before election. He probably shared the naive belief which a so freely expressed by Many of his big by iness backers that the Mere changing of tenant in the White House would in some my serious manner a Boom business but it has not resulted that Way. Instead business has gone steadily from Bat to worse and it cannot be longer concealed that there is genuine alarm in Industrial Circle. Republican politicians not Happy Over the situation. For generation they have carefully cultivate the theory that All panics could lie blamed upon democratic administrations and this was Given some plausibility because the occasional victories of the Democrat seemed to coincide with in depression. Of Coure the 1907 panic was not counted. But now a period of depression has overtaken the Republican party and it is Cader very fearful lest they be condemned by their own logic. Pushed As never before. There is lit Slamiar that gives every unfair confined to policies ilk Public owner argument or sense in what is put Vanderlip to inform on conditions in Russia min a i elevator that by eliminating demolish the Flim a contentions of la speculation Ami profiteering in our chief product the producer will be senator Ladd presented the com Etia bled to command a better Price for Mission with cd Olence proving the his product Ami at the same time Al it a unfairness of the existing Low toe con Umer to pay less for the a Des. He wound up i testimony Staples of life which he buys. It w1,b a Rel atom i it for a system of Rural further provide credits to make Loans on Long time and at a Low rate of Tutere to on farm lands. There i also provision for financing the building of Homes for our people. A in order that the wishes of the majority thus unmet Akaby expressed might be earned out a system of bonding a been provided Ami these Bond which Bear the tamp of approval of the highest courts and the Able to Bond authorities of the land Ai now being old throughout the nation to those who wish to further the cause of Justice Ami democracy in a Ever Ign Tate. Quot in View of the cooperation extended it is therefore fitting and right that a special Bomi fling Campaign get instituted within the state and that every Public spirited citizen buy As Many Bon is As possible Ami assist in promoting their Sale to other. Quot for this Purpo a i hereby set Asale and designate saturday july 23rd, a it North Dakota but and Selling Day amt urge that committees ii organize and on that Day present to their neighbor the advantages of Bon is Ami that All May cooperate both in buying and Selling the Bon is of the Greuze to state of the worlds Greate to nation. Quot in witness Quot whereof i have Hereunto set my hand and caused the great Seal of the state to be affixed at the Capitol it Bismarck this the first Day of july 1921. Lynn j Fraxier governor. Wheat steal in 1916, when the Millers Stop it. We do not want to depend upon the department of agriculture because it. Secretary i All we Ruml around in red Tup anti can to be Trust of til Gie u . We want con Gre to a Thi Bill so that to May Niarkos our crop Thi fall without paying tribute once More to the robber Baron of the min Capo i. Chamber of c. M. Uen Edixon Elia Nord Reri hip or private owner hip. It would out an Ltd the plan probably is to establish sentiment for it by repetition. Meyer d. Rothschild chairman of the business menus National Tux committee has written a Long letter to president com pert of the american federation of labor attempting to Point out what a great mistake the federation math in going on record against removing the excess profits tax and against the sales tax. If the corporations of Gre at profits much As at Ere not being hit by the excess profits it is ail the tax and if millionaires not paying the tax on Large incomes but not be dangerous if a purely socialistic policy were discussed a the policy. But Whin these discussions used by shrewd managers to a k a revolutionary program the situation is changed. That is the situation in which we now find mine Ota legislative committee and Daniel o Neil of thief River fall. A Well known nonpartisan leaguer id ote tidied in Beha f of the Bill. Trades is Serbia meeting Ami elevators purchased the entire n. George Sullivan member of the North Dakota crop of 60,000,000 burials at prices ranging from 40 cent to �1 below the Price for regular Grade and then old it for milling purposes and actually advertised that it made Superior flour. A do you favor this Bill and do you think it would end Uch injun Tice a Jones of Texas asked. A i certainly do Quot replied senator Ladd. A but would it restore Competition to the Grain buying business a Jon continued. There will to get a regular meeting of the Albert la a i Rale Assembly on Friday nigh. Important by Ines Wili be up for consideration and get is highly important that All delegates be present. Two varmints at once St avg is big Celebration Glenville done it Elf proud in its fourth of july Celebration. Everything on the program was just a lit tie latter than expectations. Glenville Defeated Hartland in a hotly contested Ball game with a score of 2 to 0. Helmet my re threw Pecos in straight Falls the first one 12 minutes Ami the second 20 Street sport of a1 kind the crowd throughout the rest of the afternoon and the evening Celebration closed with a Fine display of fire works. This piece of none ene is followed but a Long argument As to Why the Farmer Hasni to any real kick Lecaue busine.-. A. Suffering a is and Beau a any Way fault of labor. We find that the Bankers have As 1 the country in the following a the reason the country a not men More failures i that the Banks have not called for . If they should Ca i b r Money in any arbitrary Way to the full extent the country would be a a broken in a week Ami the wage earner would lie without what a pm mid thing it is that we Helle in the hams of Uch unselfish Hank. Rut Jiuu w re we have our present Prosperity and we would have unemployment Hornet Bing Over 5, mkt too unemployed just m w but the journal editor overlooked . T Ami the editor who could put out Uch nonsense to Oto Ler would ilk to suppress the Pap r that erect him even to the mat featuring Eleanor g y no week journal when the worst said has not Unk to the new York july 6.�?Washington b. \ underlie. Pacific coast financier Back a second time from Russia where he has had Tonger and better opportunities for observation than any probably an Oiher conservative american is going direct to the people of America with new paper Ami mag Plain if you know nothing whatever Azine article Ami in platform lecture about the subject How you dare come Here and charge that the american government raises were unreasonable a Quot that is my the former government director of passing them along As tim Inq Gand Isu assert they ought to Tell the pub railroads or. Hines has pointed out lie Why they making so much noise piously that the Railroad men who about it. Sacrificed Loyal a to Aid the War were a badly treated in the matter of wages. The men so far As getting credit for sacrifice is concerned might better have been disloyal Ami like big business gotten theirs while the War was on. Indemnity Kua bks Bankers Transfer of Herman indemnity Payne its a Mer fraction of what is demanded through new York Banks has raise a great howl from our Eastern Bankers that Exchange rates were upset and our Export Trad greatly threatened. They aghast at thinking what would happen As Germany a new shd1tion Bill senator Sterling of South Dakota who can always be counted on to carry be Able ? a lure to it Ter of i and the ret but Thi has been depth. Of die St. Paul plow for Many we the Kun Mouv continues Cash Payne no All Wost a at r r die St i Trust or any other Era Europe is alarmed at what will lrub1, Bas Cwm Forward with a peace happen if Germany pays in goods. Sedition Bdl. Great Britain took a Large to umber the last session of Congress defeat if German skips and has knocked out de a similar gag Bill and the present her own shipbuilding Industry. Franc blah even worse than the one Debus taken a lot of Coal Aud late Knock faked. It is one of those vaguely of that not retailing the it that you of pans am stories of worst than Glynn in n from the i the drug to amours of generate to women figh clothe ire dreams do Gre. Fight us thing the Page it after a it alleged re Tike to own gambling. Us kept de germ let culled 11 oui r pre.--. Edition la. Been let Troi he cafe other european capitals i moralities in High of hat adopt Al form a hmm re vie of the. Thy Iii Nim by Eleanor v Ulgart aces and no it of pal of Uch be t in which a out England a foreign Coal Trade. Of France Kikes shoes French shoe factories will not have to work. But if France England Aud Italy get their work i gone in Germany the latter will become More capable and the Othats will go to the d<�j4s Bankers not a clamouring for a suspension of the payments Quot until ass perilous Means eau be Germany Drew a panic on herself by the indemnity she took from France in Juli and every economist know that attempts to Levy another in 1921 Woi old disrupt the Bushless basis of worded Bills which leave to prose rating attorneys judges and juries the definition of what constitutes the crime. No reasonable person could determine in Advance whether what he a it anted to say would Vilate the Law arum no publisher could know whether his paper would be seditious until the courts and attorneys had passed a his Case. But that is the purpose of such Bills. Interests Back of them want to scare progressive persons and progressive papers away from talking Progress and criticizing big business. It is in in attempt to inform the country of the real condition in Russia a i hey have depended for their information a he Aid Quot upon exp i Oner counter revolutionaries Ami Allied propagandists and they Nave been misinformed at All Point. Quot i expect an on Laught of the National civic federation of course Ami the a american Rny Ion chamber of Commerce Ami such organizations but i Hall Welcome it. I return with facts they do not pop Ess. I believe the tight for Trade relation Ami re it a nit Ion of the by Dan government will be won this time Ami i do not think the fight will be hard. My Syndicate is not in this primarily for Money. Aly a get from the directors in january were a put Over the big peace and re con traction. Conc ions air Vanderlip did however he said obtain More important conc Dan from the by in government including title in perpetuity to two important naval he a. In the Pacific it it of turn or to the unite stat gov which he said his Syndicate worm eminent. One is ova Lobo Bay and to control the ensure North Pacific it Uch other torn off an in their fact no rats with have been it of the Pioneer for the Ann a table or Houes of pro urn the or sen la Blone in n Neth Pioneer oath Boca ten key the were found in bring press Whir a few swedish the ref ret to Leas piety Uitti lore i do took Philo it i t a. To an Money die a of Al Gopher a a the world yet for two Ami one half j years politician have been beeping clearly understood that the Laws of r the world in turmoil to deceive their this kind to by applied Only against i taxpayers into thinking that they can certain classes a organised Farmers. Go to War Aud make the Defeated pay organized workers and free Lance pro the Hill. Gres Sives or radicals n a number of our states for in k a Skunk with que a Trace Quot r Anee have sedition an i sabotage it a decision has Lawn reached to tie aws a Blob impartially enforced v no the Achiu Liinar Board with All we would it two thirds of our prominent business men in jail. Sabotage against Library rooster and Road. Why does a rooster Eros the Rood he does no the gets half Way and a car hits shot lie tennessean. Grain Farmer May not find it to easy to apply the California co operative method but the fear that they May succeed is what is causing Grain Specula tor and their organa to attack the United states Gram growers inc. We wish the Farmers already had political control so that they could prevent the mischief these varmints will try and a few publicly owned terminal elevators and state Banks so that the Grain growers would not have to depend on the a friends of of North Dakota a it a they found a1 reference libraries pours out because it . Sale. Anion or immoral Clements. If it produces More pervert.-, Why should the Pioneer pre.-. Cure the foul tone. Hung in Cash the natural care which Many parents would exercise before bringing Uch stuff into the Home is disarmed with Many of the articles by Havig some reverend. Name at the top. I Here All kinds of ministers. Quot Kunk without a Trace a decision Lias been reached to tie up the shipping Board with All its scandals into a m at package and Bury it at be tears before the Senate when the accountant uht a i rn1 to explain certain things is Sun that the Public is sick of the whole mess and wants to forget it. The a inure ration agrees with him. Five billion dollars a sunk without a a s break on Allied it Bis at the whiter in Ante Confer Rice of 25 Western Bankers which followed earlier conferences with a the Best i fairies Schwab who shed the p1 Kalra to competitors is one of the most common business methods the Coal operators conspiracy for instance or the firm which puts paper in supposedly leather shoes or the firm which puts spies in Anither Plant to wreck it. A i a a hike to rank Down Beer on june 27 the House voted 290 to j8, for the Willis is nip Bell Bill to prevent the Sale of Beer to the sick and the Senate is expected to give its a Mancial minds a president Harding Proval also. The favourable vote was heard considerable opposition to the ii More than the two thirds needed plan of refunding the Allied debt to four hours of Stormy debate among our government congressmen trying to get the insely previously president Harding had on record preceded the debate. Ign Merha you Ord m in killed in North la Volt \ lathe of former Hayward fit in a met death at Dick in on. N la. On tuesday july b. Or. I. Was a conductor on the Northern Pacific and ii a while in he Pursuit it Rny duties that the occident of Jared la hotly will be it to Hayward tot burial where the funeral will take place on Friday aft Ino n Luther a a Man of the fat or an mrs. I in. Esse of Hayward so Fleig is free i i Elf Neu Biel poker t hips of. Mimer Washington july 6. La Man who has no Skeleton in in. Cd i Aud who night want in w ii find by turning to la a aph i it i it the new Tariff Hill Noo Luce in the How a be May import it from abroad without paying duty. A i putting sit let on on the tim list the a a j. Ami Ween Summit tee a in mind Al Uther or a Glutton of Anat my turning from tit v Avlo other folks Terr. In the will did that the Tariff chips a men fibred ten per cent la Underwood mid a the Fate at fifty against 40 in shut the Obi a had p 4 is Chi in in the in

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