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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - January 27, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Thu Way to figure it in adverting the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that bring More business is cheaper limn advertising costing $4.00 which be Cults in i is business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner it Means mul h to advertiser to have their message reach nearly every Home in Albert leu Ami Freeburn county that is Why advertising n i he examiner is Worth while volume 2, number 4. Albert Lea Minnesota Thi Ruday j Anvary 27, 1921. It in Quot single ropy crime wave sweeps Albert Lea not a theorist or dreamer wife a infidelity causes tragedy enraged husband killed obie Olson seen with wife shooting takes place monday evening when 0. L. Bentley returns to Home turn in half an hour. Deputy sheriff Jensen then said Quot that a hum Jensen ingot Busy and called up other with Highway engineers and contractors and manufacturers builders association will be in Hearty Accord with the attitude expressed by Secretary agriculture Meredith in his recent annual report. Ask Federal Aid the association which includes in its membership the Highway officials the National government and those the Tate counties cities and townships in the United state to o. L Bentley extra conductor on the ii. A St i railway return to his Home Hast first Street after starting on run and finds obie son there and shoots him. While wife tries to protect Olson from danger and and i is him to leave the House before violence could be used by the pm aged eng for Bittie Bank and found that or. Carl sen had also called the Hank and Jensen Bro were told the same a cart sen. That the Check was no Good. Deputy Jensen immediately started out making the rounds All business place looking for the victim. Or. A Arisen also Start on Hunt and in the meantime Jensen Bro were All prepared to meet the Man Woen he returned for i Ait. In put sheriff makes one round with no results then he Goy Russel Hun in Earl sends Tore to make a round with him. Which proved fruitless. Then a got or. Knut on tile Plymouth she Tore. To make a round which also proved fruitless. All Thi Lune the Cheek Man was look Al. Who gave him the rom building machinery Road material and Highway transportation equipment is also preparing to a a president elect Harding to recommend in id inaugural add Ven and in his fir to menage to Congress a Broad program Federal Aid in Highway construction. The enormous appropriation forger escapes to Iowa after obtaining goods farm hand twin lakes in crooked deals caught by sheriff Fosse Fred Xvi on farm employee twin Lake who made various Purcha at the stare Albert Lea lat week by forging checks on the twin Eek Bank and fled was captured Aero the line into Iowa sheriff Fosse Tele Fot graphed information and description. Vav \ Colt. J. Caldwell a wealthy american e a manufacturer upon his return from an Industrial Survey Europe Aid to some i fellow employee. Hiko that he wanted them to quit antagonizing labor Aims. He was urging them to take erne Concrete top to Ward the cooperation bet in capital Ami Lalair which everybody com to want. Haid a Libor i at in t i winning to organize. We Are accustomed to Union workingmen to defend themselves the greed employers but our Modem society has hardly had a de Mon ration real organization labor yet. Labor is now organizing on the Job. It. I organizing to work. It in organizing to meet the Industrial problem the Day in some other Way than by holding it hands in idleness. This idea organization has Jar lie gun to touch the labor Union America hut it a already made a Good tart in Europe and promises a much i id lev a fat world peace and Prosperity a Doe to nation i education a free people to attain Freedom to various Points urn while Down in Iowa following up clue finally located i Man near , Iowa. I ast sunday when Nelson Hod travelled with horse and buggy which was for Road building Ami Road or Quinten the plunder he was Able to get once presage it is believed an unit a with including also a phone Pree dented volume Road building or two it urn some for 1921. Highway work already made by states and municipalities a appropriation that total More than $1,000,000,000. According to the Mot reliable ring mind issues and direct levies severe storm in the Early Days recalled husband. Obie Olson attempt to make i a. A i n spic the Man at escape and mrs. Bentley advised him Mehlum bergers hardware store give to run saying Quot he is going to shoot Bis Check for an Auto strap razor. Bentley fired two shots the or. Carlen Glt Back to his Tore first shot Cait Ewd his breast just Over get i brother. Jul tar. And the. The heart but on ran across the to go into schlump Bergersr amt Aid Yard into the Oscur stanch Home a car the. Man we where lie fell Forur on the floor be Man acted Kine surprised but some men a Rouse i by the excitement or it a risen watched la. Man and his ran to where on Lay breathing urn brother Over and told Jensen they carried him Back to that the. Had him Over at groaning. The Bentley Home where lie died in a Short Tiro. The Bentley. Have two children boy four years old and girl six years old. Be in Ley gave aim. up to the author Lite and will have a hearing this week the verdict the Coronel being it for further procedure. Ollie Olson i the. A Sam Olson Vest Lark Street. Me wus 2> your old. Employed inc. Last Pring us Seh Lumberg. A. Art and Jenen went Over an. Took Ute bad Man by the Arn. And let Tom Over to Jensen Bro. Where he a View by Many. In ii few minute Deputy sheriff Jensen Carnen after making his fourth round looking it a the fell our took the Man to thief Plymouth tort and made him g be Bock the new shoes he purchased likewise the Cah he receive. In from there they went to harms jewelry store and or. Harm was Surpri cd to get i watch and Farmers ins. Company has prosperous year Manchester Mutual has Lively meeting elects directors and officers clothing whish wore lasses also us trained by merchant. Nelsons Home is at fort Dodge. The county attorney. Peterson brought i eau up before judge Hammond and he a bound Over to the grand jury Quot a n running the. February term District court. Interesting account by a Delia citizen blizzards 1865 air 1873 the. Rural Jess is in lung who expect to meet Jack Demsey March it to regain the championship is milking arrangement for training Quarter in new York. Willard will leave Lawrence Kan a and expect to make his future Horn. At Hollywood. California where ii lived several year ago. A n Umu Driver for the. Albert leu ice and Fountain a Quot and Rah Aff Lack. Then fuel co. Ile a. An Oversea older the Deputy locked the Man up in the and a much Active Orvice. County jail. Hic flurry a at the Cene the Yotis a got to i in it to a it url in hooting train after and or. Bentley an Quot in l to i in a Ting Thi Man banned Over a 42 and u 22 revolver. Credit i Hie the Deputy sheriff the 22 Bentley claim. His wife tried or kicking to Tho Job until the Folio shoot him with it. The .12 a a the ended lately in jail. One Bentley a. Sheriff Koay this Man in county attorney secured we flow it a Fargo and other place fan the release mrs. Bentley front forgery charge amounting to thou sheriff fuss. So so. Could Caw for rails us liar Schultz a a it up lie the children at Home temporarily. La is 11heft regrettable affair and one in which Ordinary judge men i hould have Cen the escape from serious rims in Jim it r. Sooner or later. There is a wave crime All Over the. Country and Young Olson a. Probably influenced by this invisible eau a fur no much trouble around the country. Hie Young Man a goo habit and no thought serious wrong doing under Ordinary circumstance -. But the Critne wave /t>ten-1 to person and maker ther see thing in their wrong Light j makes the bad appear justified by circumstances which a. Invented and construed by the vile influence that is exerted when it happen to enter the mind anti brain Victon. It i a product War times unrest and ill feeling caused by War. Unfortunate is he who is not Abb to select the. Evil influence Lefore it is too late to avoid sum. Evil into which it Lead men and worn in throughout the whole country. Fore judge blink in r and to the jut. the term court. Was held i february tim annual meeting the banners Mutual in Urance company Manchester wee held at the Curt House lust thursday afternoon. Directors elected Orthe year were he c. Nelson Hayward. Ii. I. My ran. Manchester. B. F. Bottolf on Bancroft. A. A. Sten Rud Freeborn. Man j. Kid Iene a. K. A. Overland Nunda. N. P. Saran on Alden. Edward open. Alls it to. A. O. Storvick i Ream an. Officer elect for the years in c. Nelson presume in Stensrud vice Piti. O. My run. Secretary. B. K. Butte Eon Trey in i. Town lop agent appointed a fallow j. M. Lai taa Lindon s. K. Aim Shell Rock k. H. I ind. Man Pickerel j. O. My not immigration topics have i Een did both Way. By Many. Wry flu seem to have the Welfar the United states in v in Quot in the discussions the. It is room fur immigrants hut they will not go when they Are wanted but crowd into the already con tested centers where they increase the difficulty americanization work. It would be better to Stop immigration entirely for a time than to add to tin difficulty assimilating new arrival urn increasing employ meat difficulties. A using Idem. The fair store robbed goods tuesday night Federal Road Bureau plans Chicago show american Road builders Assn. Experts and delegates to review Road emblems a Man in xxx a a j j Eland h our mexicans arrested and new has onto Pioneer Day Torii stories Southern thut a. Alway inter tag. A Dory in that paper by Richard Pfefferl re late some thrilling experienc in the fall and Winter is Lei and iwo. On. the iric ident related a a that a company cavalry returning to foil Snelling to he metered out service. Lot. In the afternoon they cd a storm approaching from the West and a Apt. Field with foul a Lumen. Went ahead in search a suitable place for a Camp for to. Night. That was the at men them alive Apt. Field a body Ward found until the following june although at her had gone to con ale Roble a a Len a and trouble in searching for it. The boy lie the men who were with him Wen found earlier. When the storm overtook the company they had acceded in reaching a mall hollow by in my to an Ideal place for u Camp bul far better than the open Prairie during Tho blizzard. Here they Wert forced to Lay until tee afternoon the. Third Day. they had Hull for both men and horses bul could not make be it. Bitte cold added to the Pang Bunger and the men offered terribly. That no lives we in but a due perhaps to Tho fact that one Man had More Prev Otter mind than la. Re t. He used a mule whip to keep the men stirring and allow. No one to fall into a stupor. In tin larger Frontier towns like a a re in this term a it a in the blizzard Imig but in other re jct there a. Little difference. The damage to livestock water mainly greater. In Many instances tables v Ere literally filed with now Ami the Cuttle Smith red in others it v a difficult to get to the Dock to give them the required attention. I heard Many Farmer who had to Cut through Tho their or a r to effect an Entrance and hardly anyone ventured out to feed i i Tock without tying a Wahline to i door Knob so thai hot would be in finding his Way hark two Ca were reported where Farmer., a a ailing to do this. To t their live. Tore. Neal brother and two Holden Sixing at Birch Youlie. Tart e i or Willmar on the fit Day the term with five Iota is wheat. All to. Team Anil four the. Men perished before they leached their a iou Nev cml. Gets pension after Lon service railroading 51 years on Rock Island As conductor makes last run and retires Field Clute. R Knudson Oakland k. Fod Nemo cow Edwin uen in held quantities stolen Rice Ami clog Mau Tai b goods recovered v. Anderson. Hurt and h. K. Ii new Ulm the tonn. Coure. Raged Newry. A with qual fury but naturally did not the year 1920 Wath. Best in the. The Fob steer was robbed Ltd we i a provoke the Hui a a ships that it did on., history the. Company. Ver Mil-1&e-<iny night ult clothe Over til. Prairies. At Turner Hall in new lion Dot Lur Worth he a a Oats shirts Bolt ilk. Ilk Dre Lim an entertainment was in pro ing i Wen written. T. Tai race mud for a a i a k it Chat a Cuttre it i Cut pol in a luring year a 24,27.od Erzsl the Luick window toe Tore amt auit i out for los. K,940.�?~i4. Sex pen is #.i2t.fw. Hor 96, aiming a Check forger buys goods at local stores saturday customer tries passing bogus checks to get goods and Money Sio i St. To. Ssj62.92 a which my from previous year. There Wen Ihm for the Mortl time in it. policies in a used during the year. Nutak the Federal Burn a Public no Al will in a which u2 policies make an lab rate exhibit outside the txpire.1 during year having 2773 in National Capitol. Whoa it tap. A Force at close fiscal year lie Roon traction in work at the a limit a placet at $10,0 h a the. American Good Road Congreve to in amount insurance a any be build1 a and landed in jail Deputy Jen held at the coliseum in Chicago feb. Ing rigs Ami farm tractor-9 to 12. The Bureau i preparing to Ami farm machinery will i insured hip considerable equipment to Chica on or off premi is. The Cash on a amp my i. Large i than any i to iou year a lated above then Wing $19,122.19 including it ,-932.92 from Prev iou your. Tiler. Being now Over twelve million Dollar go anti several the Bureau official will occupy Pine on the program features the government exhibit will in actual demonstration. By the division tests in the conduct the in tact the to that the to a leu in a inc the ability different oils to sustain roads and to measure the amount Wear on Road airfare caused by heavy traffic. Owing to the fact that moisture in the underlying Oil l the principal cause Road failures the actual sub Grade bad Check Man signing i name tet Ami investigation which will Al Myrle i. Schultz caught ofter Quot he conducted by the Bureau Al a begetting h. J. Harm for Gold watch Cage showing How the. Movement and Fountain pen and Cut Plymouth water in different soils Ciui l . Store for a pair shoe and trolled and Road failure reduced wit Cash. He buys suit clothe at Carl by a big feature. Send and present Check or. Carl the Bureau will Al conduct to t sen suspicions the Mao aying he Road building materials. Would give him his change when he i tie new Congress will in urged argot the suit. The Man leave and cording to the program formulated gee to j in on Bros. Clothing co., by the american Road Bui let. a Blue Serge suit at $44.50 and elation to extend five years the. Fed did no to even try the suit on which Era Road budding whim by Law term Lokeil very auspicious gives his Check Nate with to a the govern for $45.00 and go to 50e in change Ami menu la Cal year. Congreve will by or Jens n told him they would have urged to provide additional fund for the trousers altered to the night expenditure under the to i is a length. So he said he would be Back mating by Slator urn the newly former the suit in about half an hour cd program the congressional Lead Deputy sheriff Jensz n was in the ors at the rate at ingot $100,000,-Stor at the time and took a goo i too for each the Fivi years begin look at i he Man a a it was such an Bing july i 1921 la the easy a in the Mon goes out to re tic procedure the american Rood git w Lien the torm broke. A few in their Effort to reach their Homes got o far a the Nageb re avenge a Block away by most the crowd had to a no a the. Entire flight it the bal. Blizzard l7� the ame writer also gave an account the blizzard ik78, during the. Famous storm which started on january 7th 17.4, i was living it new Ulm. The 7th a. A very mild Day to having Leen telephoned to appear though Cloudy. The now Hail tarted with a Rig and and Pri it it Nei it to melt along the Street Ami Wert locked up. Where. Because the Wea Sherriff intended to lose no ther ii opt from the country had been time in getting Trace the Thieve broken. The chief had been notified a vice 2.-29. That a Ndu by by taken place ome balance on hand has a because bundle goods were found and reported to him by Telephone Early in the ii orning. It it me mexican a r. Suspect i and Iii. Ligation by c Are and Ledal at a Houe in the new Home addition where quantities goods were recovered. F our mexican were round after fifty one Jour service. W. I. Rich conductor on the. Rock Island Railroad by climbed Down from by passenger coach for the lat time to live on the pension which the Rand awards it faithful Iii their old age. Its been just exactly . Year four month and eight Days since Vav. L. Rich tarted railroading. In that time he worked practically on the whole Rock Island system East the m Missouri River Vav Hen he started railroading. Is Moines a the end the line. It was the a jumping off i he Rock 1-land got to. Do Mona. In im�?T,7. The rattling coaches drawn Over the Prairie by the old a Wood burners a engine with the funnel a Moke stack fascinated him. So he j got a Job thai we Ort. 12, 167. From that Day to this he a been a a Ulroan Man. In those it toe la s mom River was navigable the old Steamer red Wing used to ply Between a Moin it and i he Hora Temple us to run up the fiver to fort Dodge. I her was High excitement when boy would hear the a fug Horn Whis suggestion Peculiar to our nation which require emphasis at this time the United state exit in an a the Highet civilization the Intel Genee which it hould possess in or Der to maintain it institutions must in the High t. It hould attain the High to Mensur. that natural Ligot which Cienci. A revealed in developing the work creation and that spiritual Light which has been revealed in the scripture truth. Such no t be the ultimate measure an education suited to Thi nation. It i not the Pui to nor the to Vought it were in Ible that every citizen Hall Roach the High to degree perfection attained he those fortunate and very Apt scholars statesmen divines but that thes. Should be the. No Wiki As tin inspiration. In the United state we have to a Leal with the great problems Laboi and capital and the government Fitio where musses men Tranger to american Lens Are Gatherl together to exercise the unaccustomed functions self government. there is a single lesson which the people Thi country have Learned from this wonderful crowded history. It i that Mort us Are indispensable to each other. Our nation to endure must then. In nurtured on an american education in fluent Ion arising out the nature it institutions imbued with the knowledge it Era and filled a with ult that is fret. True hopeful and glorious. The idea this nation is sub tan tingly that a people governing themselves an i therefore Impi Yin. The capacity for Elf government. This again implies the necessity an education for the whole people a education adapt tel to develop the entire faculties Many whether intellectual or spiritual for we must recollect that America has asserted new principles government and therefore demands an american education what Are the new principles Thev an that tote right All con Kituto the Basil and the happiness All the object government. The principles a. The joint fruits the. Progress Mode in civilization which we have us erred Ami re a sorted from tim. To time. Lite new principle civil film Rev then i that the whole people Hall govern. It i. New because the records All Antiquity Ami the con nution Al other governments will be searched in vain fur any theory which acknowledges that government i the right the whole people and must be administered for their happiness. A Radical difference flu in i then a Radical differ no Between the origin and object gov eminent in tin country and in that oth r countries i heft a it a difference in a pure where people govern not by representative but by direct at lion a form government Only in Small communities. Ill the United stat. It i it in t wish a a Here is the. Government great nation with it Power Divide. Among state apr entail Ivy a or part went anti a great variety a Heck ties Low. They knew that another and Salatte by which the Populis ship bringing people and up lie Hail will restrained tel film cd. I he boat Salway no t Ever Foi telephoned to is Ste Loo for the re ice. bloodhound. But the order a later countermanded a a to ult in Urance in Force which is a Good development Bureau is using showing and the Flouri Hing condition the company i encouraging to member. And policy Kohler i he meeting was largely attended and everyone a very enthusiastic Over the splendid spirit co Arutiun att Ted by All pre est thousands Dollar Worth Good were taken and most it was recovered that or. No Ossif the proprietor believes Bis loss will not be a Large a it it first appeared though fury and the air warn cd damage a sustained and some Dut Ike now that it Are still . American language Ine Norman French people who formerly Pok. Only lain Nave to our language Hundred word.-, the latin they spoke a. Changed that it be earn distinctly French modern Lina. Xor is have com to u with in alterations. I atm wording our language by the hundreds be airy Rome the words facile nation opinion separate came from Facklis natio Opinio an i Epa Alum. Lik Many other Udouj nations a it foreign in a they fit into the language Arm fica and Settle Hert it Many words a con Paratt vely recent origin Ami Many others Are undergoing changes. Ain Litun a a a i Tliatha reference to the people the United state America and i the name the language the United state. A cabaret a brought into prominence late years u Jiuu the Large number hotels and restaurants which have advertised a a cabarets or a a jazz or have used the term As indicative a place where one can eur food and amusement at the ame time has com to be regarded As a new addition to our language a Page is it xxi Tiff aria lurid to town in Large numbers Moat them coming with teams. About three o clock in the afternoon a Block threatening Wall Cloud w a Eon approaching from the Northwest by Moke Lik. Puff a few minutes later the storm was on us. Fair to the a not severe in it the wind blew with yell i. Filled with a lift cult to breathe and next to impossible to some us country people particularly that living clime to town tarted for thin Homes when they a the storm gathering but Many them Hail to turn hark to town in a a belter under Trang roof a. Flose from a distant1 had wisely not att opted to leave. In the City All available building like tables Carpenter and Haik a Milf shop helter people and team. Hotel Maccomo fat tuna were far fran Ami Many a Farmer found a nights lodging in some store j ing condition in the Mack shout District abut three mile. V. To ,.f town Choel was in when the storm began. Or muck barn on the Edge the tim bar sheltered the teacher and the Twenty seven Pup is for the night the parents being unable to make any Al Arm i it at. But re a partial to Hie Railroad. Beside it the stage line that connected with the Railroad and the ships on the River were nothing. So he Sim in a Railroad Man All his life. He never regretted it either. Now i fifty on. Years service entitle Hun Tai retirement with a a pen Ion net altogether a wait i to Down in Vecuna iat and old Luis Fudy Cau a we think we , the spirit youth is the most valuable Facto in life when Vvs a a us buoyant throbbing ? it rec w t Hen and her a it it a Gin to. In death is not by any Ria ans a Tantan no. People begin but a Vear in year be fur they tit k i away to the Piv. N Lei i Berat Ion a to inc Reaa tile prospects it fir splendid set in there should Imu fusion i ii to which every family Ami every nation ought to seek Uund principles with Pond Kite chem re bring with them the dec it no uni Cal Virtu. frugality and Industry it i True the a cannot prevent the natural capacity yet they modify them so far a a a pre vent t Tama. It y. In comply then a it Iii a All Republic lev Ehy pm it t i t be wha i. In i it it ii til Tun tamed to create that general mum it Ell m net w. T i Usu leu to pot merely i. Tight others lad Bow t. Think ourselves leg Udog ii in which a turn e pc it. A gov menial dul i \ v ii i to. Air Tensive our Knowle it Ige the greater t Ltd Gnu my an tile Vii Etc i it Fth a objects is my Furth a inquiry i ii education Cai re sp4ul to to n Dom in history Arni i a a Nee or til1 i pre eni the Iii Iii i a movement uniting . Ltd res at a Hington d improve tile mad civic Alai work for tin clerk. Ii cause it the almost univ or Al Pic tire mailing late in th1 evening there is a mail Compert Ion a try Post office Between the hour five and eight p. In. Hear attempting to reduce this congestion by in luring happiness in Post office Patron. To mail Eakly Baal act in i i in a sit Ion or i a1 so ten talking i a pin Tutti a the to to Raj cd pact tiny Oman. In the Val a i i it in Ami do tiny woe finally in whatever Shoji ten lev Dup think in Ion i Attal i toward my i tempt to get their children Home in and i in allowing til the following a Lay. I it not believe the cold a so mail to accumulate until late in the Day w Nee it Taall made at Ora. I Las to our require Arth nation . Rep a Ken and Cital i suggest Iowa Poi it i i a it a and v la i in wifi a hic Sam

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