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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - January 13, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost it figured by results. A $5.00 and that bring More business is cheaper than advertising costing $8.00 Winch results in i Ess business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner it i ans much to advertisers to have their me Quot Aga Roach nearly every Home in Alshet leu anti Freeborn county. That la Why adv to is Init in the examiner is Worth a Chi a volume 2, number 2. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday january la 1921. N Ogle copy a oms War finance corporation Bill state legislature great forces Minnesota a wms we ass we ssh a Awa armm Mem m a i i to q tai4 in it a Souther passed Over Presbeth s veto a amp a. Vol Kumh. Poultry exhibition new Aid for Farmers seems to be limited to financing foreign sales of products declining motor stocks show evidence of Cummins Esch railway act president Gompers reviews Liberal members of Senate the annual show in Albert Lea very Wall Street squeeze play Republican senators support Wilson on Cable issues capper volstead Bill passes with amendment spoiling it America Likely to endorse world super government Railroad financiers celebrate their guarantee of profits. Good roads and Cement Plant agitation dangers from misinformation As to open shop during Tho year that i to Conn Tho i sue. Boiled to it. Essence will by no doubt Early in the put three Progress again to reaction. It the St. Paul. The enrol the Repi tentative of of the plunder bund will and House will protect rights of Plain people an information but eau direct in. Financed by liberals will be established in Washington. It will seek to fur Fine in Quality and successful list of prize winners the annual exhibition of to. Uth w Ash i Noton i it it on january 4 emigre., re passed the Bill reviving the War finance corporation Over the president veto a two third vote was Ace aft to override the veto and the bolide vote win 25u to 66 the Senate acted favourably on the matter previous to the action by the House. In a Massage explaining ills veto president Wilson said he believed the measure would exert no beneficial results that it would raise false Hopes and interfere with the Quot natural and orderly process of business and serve it own Reao Reea it should not Send our american dollars to save european apis lists this element professed friends of the common pen close of 1120 Tho american federation in to concerning pending and ,.,-n Minnesota pouts an. Fancier pie on recon a a to to of their sin of Klaibor Isey Rety and hone t desire to. Favor he men in a women it b s an Organt Trade the great not in the Campaign measure of real Benefit to the work ution of fighting spirit. Rent in for the but of a Morgan Man. Such As Charles losses. Struggle ahead i. Evans Hughes. I named Secretary of they can do this by readily the workers have need to by Alert stale we shall know what is to be introducing Ami pressing to a vote a and militant for never in the i Dory a we Iii join the ,,, m Rio Alit Quot it a Quot Quot and. Mink a of Tho Amorino labor mrw has Bat Iii a nomm politician. A ill a trip Mclint tin i Cecal of the in plutocratic a. it in unit an Able to assert that they Are still fam i Cummins ech railway act. Organized menace to Progre a. Against the league of nations by giving the t ran port at Ion tax is by far the we find at this moment not on held Jan. In Albert 5th in the thing a different name one of the patriots Quot of Captain Foster chief of the Quot let he National a schedule larg get tax the Farmers pay and by danger but severs. Entered in a this measure Thi tax i practically propaganda which is profitable to an organization of 4,500, proposed Legi lation to member Congreve. The pre Ami the Public generally. It will not he controlled by any party any class any group. It will be concerned with the Public welfare and not with the advantage of mime special interest. The project was launched at an informal meeting held in the bean Jaunted that then were net room in the machinists building in Farmers of Freeborn coun Washington on Friday of a t week need in the exhibition among those who attended were sen probably the Large i Adiv association a from wednesday Day Jan. 10th. In spite of the cramped Rotor the show was held the exhibit great Success and there we. Fin specimens an n my of the associate Len was a Mew a i a cock 1st, 2mi.lrd Pullet 1st Hen pen. Fart rid go Vav Yau Dotte men Frank Knish. I i cock i t. Millet 1 i s n v 1 a re l ight Brahma Ray v Gamin. Osage. La a emr cock it 1st term. A ii apr re apr and sex doubled on All a either grows buys. The Minnesota Sigi Lutui cannot Rej it Eal till Law. Hut it can go on record evidently the act As passed is so i server it framed us to limit the activity of the a rectors Asim Chilor recreated War i Nam corporation to to Peak in any of the Eltie which financing sales of agricultural products i have put up bars against free speech in opposition to the measure abroad. J the it per rent american would prof u afr 1o that Rorry it Enki. These exports whether of Cotton ably make no objection. Rather they. By lh.�?T,t. _ u m i i a i. Jun in h a i m a pc in a inc orly in wheat Meta would be handled by would feel that such a a Section wit to the larger traders and the aet. There big business was n of Hon a i a and by tile workingmen Tion Between workers and employer. and patriotism do support Thi Resolution. Just the destruction of the Whol Structure hut at the build g Trust hearing in what colonel Wilkinson Ami his Fob of collective bargaining and joint new York pity the other Day Quot Cap Lowers will do is a problem. To in agreements which has brought it those who conduct it there i a movement under Way to break Clown the organization of the the establishment of the non Union shop mis called by its sponsors the a open Thi movement huge for its aim the dist auction of joint rela tors i a Follette no Orri. France Ami Bibi was that of Ber Lune and Hal Lack Ijan shans j. C. Ii. O a a. Albert a mint. 4th. 5th cock Otto Ileal Nenei ago Minn. Fath cockerel 5th Hen 3rd, 4th, 5th Pullet 3rd, 5th a h. F. Nagle London Mian. Isl Walsh of Massachusetts Ami on Orson cd the North Side poultry to i a. A la a.9 2nd, 3rd cock m. 2nd, 4th cock eel it 2nd. 3rd, 4th uen 1st, 2nd Pullet workers through Kro Aaman Huddleston of Alabama farms. They had siry Fin display Frear of Wisconsin and Keller of of Harrod Plymouth Rock an re a Minnesota together with a number Cei Ved Many congratulation it n the of men and women representing pro Fine showing Mink fore at most will affect the Farmer Only in a pose lid slight stiffening of prices. Gre Ive and labor organization. Rail Union t Hief present the chiefs of the sixteen Railroad labor organizations were in the City Auto tru8t probable lain Quot Foster admitted that he was an sex convict that lie had been Lisbon the disaster which has hit the a Rabiy discharged from the army and Toi Natzile companies appears to be More than is warranted by general conditions general motors Stock which sold at 42 last january is now Selling for 12 a Maxwell motors Stock Selling up to 61 in 1914. Sold last week for 2. Willys Overland. Which brought a Ltd in Hur and 40 in 1919, is now Worth a. The other companies with the a thut he had severed his connections with the police for of Louisville Tkv. Because of charge of dishonesty. And if it Wen not for hypocrisy and prejudice every american outside of big Busine would see that his pro employment is worse than i past. Chief of intelligence service mean to of tin private detectives under cover men and thugs who of iou Ceplon of the Ford company appear Erat against organised labor an to be in about the same condition employer who Doe not subscribe to All the Money Trust is undoubtedly pull that the erector association dating on the squeeze with the object mands. Of driving oat the Small investors who have so much in this Industry getting rail financiers celebrate their property it a fraction of value and on the rebound of Bulnes big Money by eliminating Competition que in motor vehicle building. More on december 14 Quot More than 700 we wonder if Small Busine finds a capitalist a. Watiker and Railroad and for a conference concerning important telling Cut Larmer tan put any Trust much of democracy into the Industrial organization problems and they took Confidence in a member who gives Lif a 0f our people. Then is further an Active part in the meeting. A even a a i support to a measure the Effort to carry the of in number of prominent newspaper men that Mills a Dollar a Day to his living into the a Alm of Kiltti Thiu of Liberal tendencies indicated their apenae and among other outrage the establishment of variou., Kin of id to cooperate. Feature guarantee a fixed prof go ornamental tribunals and hoards Warren s. Stone. Grand thief of the brotherhood of log co motive Ginger. Pressile an William la. Johnston. President of the International association of Machnits acted la chairman of a committee which issued a Brief statement to the prose. A the conference grow out of the it to. The railroads. It will be inter which aim to it make real collect Hie Bare Ting to watch the Roll Call on this no Harmon there is not going to i entire bar Mony in to Camp of the enemy on other matter. Gaining impossible an to Mak it the relations Ives when workers and employer and mib s litigation the consequence of Hutch would prove a disaster of the first magnitude. Added to this i the a Earth Quot Del rth ambitious . Babcock would a nation of Many powerful employing fact that the leaders of the Railroad like the Job of pending the ten Mil interests to reduce wage Ami to top labor organization were meeting it All the to a cd of tin it it i i Row was of course of High Quality my for Beauty alone would a our to win tile hearts of every on whither familiar with poultry not. There were Many Sale a. By the exhibitor and Alt a Gether it a a Uccles Ful he a. It is Hostee that a x year a More suitable exhibit on f Allmay la seemed an a that a Hige number of Freebon county i a it ple inter the in raising Bree i Muju Oul try will make an extra Effort to give this important Enterprise a deservedly Good number of entries in at the exhibition. The ii to of prize winners follow buried rocks North Side la a Ultra farm it it it 2nd. 4th pen. By f. Monty Austin. Minn. 3rd Cocker w. T. I leghorn Oscar k la Epson Austin. Minn. 1-t. 3rd pull to2nd Rock Rel. . I c. Mitchell. Koch to. Minn. I Etc cd. Earl Mickelton. T Larion. La. 1 t cockerel 2nl Pullet. S. T. Lark Minorca Max Teiler Albert la a mine it cockerel it Gullet it Hen. V4 bite Orpington a. F. Heifer Waterloo la. I i 2nd Hen. . I Vuk Hanning . Minn. It cockerel it. 2nd Pullet 3rd, 4th Hen. Huff Orphin Guzis a. F. Heifer Waterloo la. I to. Fth Lea Minn. Pullet Matin it 3rd. Hen 2nl Turk i in to dollars the legislature is going the wheel of production Nti Rolv in this tim in Washington Quot to discus 4th cock Slid 3rd. In. 5th cockerel Walter c. Value. A intern Imper have been giving t 1 i4nnt.ay pro Ide for carrying out Many Case resulting in gnat Unzem Suriou items a a sail . John ton. 8ni, 5th Hen Ami 4th Pullet 2nd pen Minn. 2nd. 3rd, Mavlon Quet Ita i ail Road .nate1 a Blatti provisions of tin bid roads ploy ment. Quot Ami the time was thought to lie of Acker mating 3rd, 4th. 5th Hen 2nd Pullet. Bomi a alg Center 4th. 5th cockerel Consolation the Day in the fact that it property being it nauseated by big Bunin a the Cable Issue the foreign relation a oin Mitt. Of which senator trudge an of Knox Are member a knitted a formal de Luru Hon supporting the a it mini traction 4�?~onduct of Cable negotiations professional men. A ays the it Cater a live Baltimore Hun came from 26 states to attend Fri testimonial dinner in Honor of our orow citizen and to participate in Penis of by tireless Effort to restore the red it of the Nill Road of the Tom try Quot the fellow citizen referred to to b. La. Warfield who is on of those Wall amendment All by i lonesome Elf. The Are Ai is be that a before Portune for a general discuss Ion of 2nd, 4th, 5h cockerel and it 3rd. 4th a a. Dahlgren Clarion la. It and sonic member of the legislature the workers of America. They a in the enter leg native situation. Pull to 1st, 8rl pen cock it cockerel 2nd, 3rd, 1th often will i a in Fauvor of letting him have fact issues that Are before the whole Quot in the course of the disc Iun w. R. Sweet Albert leu. Minn. Id 3rd. 4th. My Pullet 1st, 2nd pen his a in the mutter. People hut they Are of Primat tim suggestion Wen Matte that a Bureau Pullet muting 2nd Lek it 2nd, 4th hut senator pal ecu any of Las. Ortance it to the workers Harhi. They of legislative info Natton Woolf a in Hen and it. A. Pullet. Bin feet the Siuth i a of the Mea ure can t Roe mean to the worker a very Thimig that established to act Lith the Liberal it that Way. Ile wants a commission makes for if Ami Liu try in a de members of the House Ami Senate. To Bun lie the funds and to Moc racy. Thi suggestion was Empio sized by to w Nich Hub tick natural of the great orc of react of of the passage of the Poindexter Bill Jcu. The legislature i Likely to be greed of organized plutocracy have prohibiting strike in interstate com it it a quest Ion of whether Brit Ali financier a i spec a1 ability in a to in up Over the mutter but in the thrown their Challenge into the Arnu. Mere. A Cau eth opponents of tins Lih la Litia i ii i it Abra u i Hun it it i a it trader should have the right to look Over Ilia message which our exporter scud Aud receive. And this in turn i chiefly a question of whether King Laud should keep the German cables seized during the War. French Aud italian Diplomat have lined up on tin British hide of the matter to free herself from Trad spying Germany built her own cables Aero the Atlantic and Pae talc nearly a generation ago. American foreign Trade is still in the position German Trad a in before these Cable were built. Even of the British interest can not decipher the code of the message they know who is sending and who receiving the Lutc smug. This american de in a fog a place Iii the huh Quot a the German used to put the matter May prove to have a much dynamite in it a the German ambition. When the foreign relation Amin it tee made Ila announcement the Diplomat asked for a recess to get further instructions from Home a a a joker in Coop Bill of you have heard that the Senate has passed the t Apper volstead Bill to legalize and protect Farmer co operation done to jump to the conclusion that after All the politicians May intend to look after the Farmer a Little bit. The Good reason for not making this jump yet is that u Little name Ndiweni was slipped in by some a Friend of the Farmer Quot which kill the intent of the legislation. This amendment i 1 consideration of which the senator allowed the Bill to pass put the whole co operation movement under the Sherman antitrust act whereas the thief purpose of the capper volstead Bill was to free co operation from the charge of combination if the american farm Bureau federation has As much influence with the politicians As i claim j in Many Quarter. We wonder Why the senators have gotten so remarkably oui of hand one of the almost humorous Factor in the situation i that try Juda Tai in it Terr station the he Cuau anti Trust act has Tome to be a dead letter except against competitors of big Bushie and organised Farmers and worker politic but it was More than a trib. A a. A to a it Wihs old. The. Slanders a it a lk1r a Tow la a a a Quot a a a a a i but Quot a a Cli to to file Lent i bes Victory Over Quot a Nat Likely to win. Jim sen no Meeknes of pint no smiling nary american decently As Well As from a Asha Dom so much for the countenance of moderation will curve Over Public ownership. They also other Betta tor that in will not Likely to meet Thi brutal Challenge. For wanted to impress the politician with be humiliated and turn Down now. This hour there is needed the Tern the need of passing a few More Little Hills to enable the roads to pad their in Lenroot Blunt expense accounts with More Freedom the proposition to establish a lat and to enable them to take a whack m,.nt Panl Jim. Another Apple of nine Loc not know How to a tip i meet the spirit of million funding the. We Viik it Compani. a a a a in Bow Fuh a. Void. N i. Pin Ciple for the common it. Sufi spirit thet Featurette will of the fighting Man. Self one Doe not know Earnest at Lalair. The Baltimore Pun article caution ties Quot at on Long table More than too invited guests sat including the cd ii Nance the agitation for the guest of Honor and members of the bal cock amendment with a pro Ped Senate and House interstate Conizene in View of it using a Rich Harvest Are committees which Deal with Railroad loll Vuini to thu. Suu. To �.nt4,t legislation a these politicians distinguished thus it so distinguished a gathering must Hove found it difficult to sit a in one chair a piece. But for the folks Back Home it ought into Competition with them without a mighty Prole t. It the attorney general a Rule that the tut a a Legal right and Power to do Thilo be said dial the great Blowout was by thing. To eel Blate the Quot guarantee of earnings Quot feature of the Esch Cummins Law. They called it a guarantee and so did the papers. Most of our Western politicians denied that it was a guarantee during the recent Campaign Gompers flays High court attacks decision relative to Boca red secondary Boycott. By. Louis. My the decision of the United states supreme t ourt monday relatives to the sem ailed secondary Boycott was attack j a formal statement by Sui Kiel Gompers president of the Tiue Iran fed ration of labor who asserted the court has Quot joined Force with the anti Union shop movement a the statement it b,.r o Terizer the de vision As a a blow at the movement for probably nun tenth of tin tax payer would favor a stat Plant but a warm of lobbyist a defeat la project on the ground that it is social Istle in it nature and therefor objectionable of the attorney Gnu Thi Rule Itiat Cement is tile Only kind of a hard Unac Fruct cull ruling out in i i a a cd Ami gravel and a hoc k i. Allowed to do All flu buying and the Cement Trust to furn ii the material it he an Ideal tale of affair. For Quot private Enterprise a bul How about tile tax payer. ? Bannick Cooper Iti vib blame like new Banner go operative Creamery association of the Village human Freedom and Progress a and de Oakland a been incorporated the understand Only Radii in Quot therein lie the great Hope of Idi erty and the Ner vation of human right an a their ext i Ion. The great american labor Moi Niento for the Protection nil worker and for the Agar Quot Ive work of securing right too Long denied i the on great in St re mentality that can a the Day for Justice an Liberty and democracy. The strength of til protest Affa inst the onslaught of Gre a d Mea i by the strength of the labor movement. Therefore men and women of labor do that thing that a most feared by the reactionary it of Industry organise into the Trob unit it a movement while you Wand among the Cloud w.ppe� j dwelling among fruiting in n. Mrs. F. I trite i Rochester Minn. Best exhibition in in. A Cut cockerel bred brooding a n. Cut and Pullet mating bred Pullet. Letoy Hemleben late to is t Moo sure Hail not in Perly i first Pullet mating bred Ccker first warned thut it was to a taken up by Oor Wrel muting by a Hen. Fir Chi the Mill Limie gut Lur Quot joker All those who attended the conference wore agreed that the information Bureau if properly directed would prove of tremendous value. The volume of Ingi lation now passing through the Hou c and Senate i o great that it i Impo Ible str Tho individual member to keep truck of it. Lark i Whin bantams i a. A. Ruble Albert a a finn. Hen 1st, 2nd, 3rd Pullet. Silver Sebright Bantam Van Riper Ami Kelly. It cockerel it 2nd Pullet. Farm Indian runner Burk Van Riper and Kelly Albert Lea Minn. 1-t Duck 1st Drake. Billon Hen. I Muro Ovy Duck Amos Butler. Albert Loa. Mann. A a a rip a and Kelly All a it Lea. Ltd Skerel mating 2nd Lin 2nd, 5th Minn 1st Drake 1st Duck Pullet 3rd my Kutil 2nd pen. M Hite Pekin Duck Fred Ieper Waconia. Minn. . In hone. Albert Lea imn it cockerel 5th full it 3rd an Pul 1 Drake it 2nd it Luck. While it Miner Duck j h. Tummel ii. Grand Meadow let muting. Huff by Mouth Rock Holman Lanesboro Minn. 2nd, 3rd cock Rel i it 2nd. 3rd, 4th Hen Ami it is therefor comparatively easy 1-t. 2nd, 3rd, 4th Pullet let 2ml pen. For the representatives of Pecia interests to put across Quot jokers Quot of the. Most Semi Chou character. A Bureau with a mall but capable staff could examine every Bill reported to each House and could keep Progre Ive member of nil partic fully informed concerning dangerous proposal. Thame information could is Trun a in it Ted to the people through that portion of the pre which is not entirely Una Ier the influence of special priv Ege id key up Public informed of ire the conf Rodroe a i journey a Al Lucient amount a guaranteed to insure the establishment of the Bur n is Cunt i a Ami an a a a Mimitte w appoint d Beautiful theories to charge of the to a of Elk thing f. Ii. Graves plyme a uth la. Cockerel 5th Hen. I to you Trike no fear to the heart of a Sta a Ami supervising the work of tyranny. Organize into Trade Union raising additional finance mobilize your Power whee you work i he committee will make a Public and you strengthen the eau of the statement outlining the Letai of the weak Ami oppressed every where. The proposal in the near f future to to Trade Union movement i making dial time will make Public the name league of nations alive now that the election is Over the leading Republican politicians Are shifting Over to the h ague of nation column. The International investment Bankers need a super world government to keep the rest of the world from going to another basis of civilization there to a fighting Chance that if the rivalries and cutthroat tactics be Taei ii English French. Italian and americas investing groups organized i National Lim Are eliminated inter National big Busine tan get by the pre crisis the Morgan British combination would become Tbs super Trust. Capitalists whose Money is nearly All by America on the other hand take the stand hat America should Coo dared it is Quot thoroughly in Accord with them Ltd St ardent wishes of predatory Winnipeg americans coining into Canada to take up a Widener Are bring lug with them considerable wealth according to statistic of the Canadian department the amount of Cash and the value of settlers of feet together in the la months ending nov. 30, aggregated $17,519,033. La Cumber will add another $1,000,000 from All sources in Mig ratio by the end of the year g expected to total 50.000 Butte month a k. Wheeler Defeated democratic candidate for governor in the recent election and Degay silvers of the Legal department of the Anaconda Copper mining company incorporator being \ r. Knud on it. I. Kirkpatrick j ame Walter a Earl a o. of Oakland and ufos. In Cummin and in h. Lightly of Austin. The management will in Quot toward greater Freedom a Ter than any movement of men an to. Men anywhere. There is no mum it so powerful to-i.-t the Siva Ion of right. In pit of cujo Ery of the men and women who a Oring the undertaking. Is n be Ted in a Lamar of five director and Ami flattery an a i reach by it Goe on w. N. Earl will be manager. The company is capitalize for i Ummi. A Creamery i a goo thing for Ev�-ryb4idy. Lite merchant a Well a the Farmer. The More Money the Farmer a th1 mow the merchant Ami on to greater height to great achievement at Thi hour of his torte pm i Quot w Hen the item in of Man k to gather for Alioth be Perote eff to Aguin to Progress hould the working will get. It is just a important to people submit hould they do that a merchant a it is to a Farmer thut a Creamer Prosper. The funnel in the neighbourhood Trade with the merchant. Everyone should be a Booster for a Creamery a local Creamery Means better Price for the a icy Tagad a fist Battle on downtown Corner Here a prominent Many product. It >4 Gin orally and Winch their enemies would have them do no a thousand t Ine no in tin hour give Hope to humanity v strength to the cause of Freedom Greet the new year with la Confidence of men and women win a netted that a Good Creamery i a Good the cause of humanity armed confirmed economists Quot be they Ore a very Leonor Nucal couple they eloped to save themselves the Cost of a wedding a "4�?~an�?Tt say that they look very a they re aet gut they Are living to it of to a ave the met of a i a a it for any Community. It hat v in a name he a a May i Call you by you Lii to name Quot but a by your last name if you miss i. Ii in Yale record. Right and Justice seeking Good of the great a ins s i the the Emmons Telephone in. Tile Farmer Tei Ephon to Many a if Emmon held their Annua meeting last saturday. Tile old Board a reelected with the exception of on vacancy by removal from this locality and the Board a delegated to fill the vacancy several important matter came up before the meeting one of which was the proposition to raise the rates from $15 to if on residence phones and $1# to f21 on Burin a phones. A rebate of $3 will be allowed if paid in Advance which will leave the rate a before. This decision a been referred to the Railroad and Ware Hou commission for approval before Tjo coming effective m bite Plymouth Rock Ray a. Gardner. Osage la. Hen. Of car e. Thompson Rutm Minn. 2ni Cocker i. Mailer Heeg aard alb it Lea Minn i t cock it cockerel 2nd, 3rd, 4th Hen it. 2nd, my Pullet 1-t pen single t och Rhode i land red Guys Ellis . Minn 2nd cockerel 2nd in 2nd Pullet 3rd in Bukovick Bro-., Minton Falls Minn. 1 t cock it 3rd cock re 1st, 3rd, 4th. My Pullet 1st Hen l l pen o. To. Pad Hook Ali Ert Lex 2nd, 3wl cock 3ri, us the 5th cockerel 2nd in. Rose och re tale la land Alia it Spe Ahier Hay War 2nd cock 3rd Hen 3rd jail. Ii. M. Hansen Albert Lea Minn us Cocker till Pullet up a. Bukovick Bro.-., Clinton fall Minn. 2nl cockerel it pub David so i la re Armstrong Man. 1st cock i t. 2nd, us the i Nta cockerel 2nd Pullet a i 2nl an. I Ross a unit Lea Mina. 3rd Cocker i. A. A. Ruble Albert 5tii Hen 3th is n earn j Olson Albert i cockerel 3rd Pullet. M Hite Wyandot to a Minn Enith red i. Minn. Minn it 2nd, 3wl Drake i to 2n. 3wi Duck Hihl Mallard Duck Phillip heavy. Albert Lea h Nul to Drake in it uck. Giant Bronze turkeys mrs. A Boyne Allert la a Mina 1st 2nd Obi Gobbler 2nd Young g Obb a 2nd Young Hen. la River ii Manchester Minn. 1-t Obi Gobbler let to it ung gob Bierl Tyoung in 1st Obi Hen Bourbon re a Turkey Oscar a i Homp on 4u#tia, Minn it a a gobby of 1-t Young gof Bifi i Tyoung Hen ruinous Oscar e. Tomps it in4th my Young goo. North fab poultry harm l a Minn it 2n�l old Ganer. 2nd 5th Young Gander it 2nd old go 3-t, 3rd Young Gio it u Hite i hum geese i. A tackle a Fairmont Minn i t Gander i St 2tai Goose. W hit Linden be a Van Riper an Kelly Iler i Mina. Isl Gander i t co geese Nau to i on it Garder 2nd i Minn. I an. Best fed Osage la Lea Minn be to Filiti on. I inn _ be to Buff in it. A Ion. Ta., it Ami 2nd parti Colure North it. A special to a Ray f v k 2n�l k in in t it and 2na, in 1th to w. Fickler Fairmont Elm cock re l. Ray a. Gardner o age la cock ref 1-t, 2nd Hen 1st 2nd Pullet 1st Jien. F h Groves Plymouth la cock 3rd Rocker 3rd, 1th, 5th 3rd Pri. R. A Porter Albertl a Minn 1st 1st end the k id tit a Dahl Kerei in a Dahl i of How it was decided Al Thi meeting to re. Put a direct wire from Conger to of a. E Appel Albert Lea m inn. Its nature a what on Earth is a broiler train Quot it must a the one the travels on. Flaming Corner to make More direct i4t cockerel 3rd, 4th, oth Pui Iet 2nd connection with Albert la a. Thug will a Quot a chorus improve the service for Boh Conger Silver Wyandotte and pm Mon with chert Lea cd Jim a Albert leu 1 Ai. It t Nave to Sweet 2nd, be t i Inion t Best e not Ltd. Besth ii in Sweet Pul l i Dot in Ray Gar Brt Bird a to a Corken to c beat pea of Freeborn county it be to a it of p p Al n re i1 so poultry tide Ini ii a Reft. By. Eft by of p in. What w he a a bul 4 it up a fid Pix pact com re Biri w h Sweet. It icon red Bird a inc in out

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