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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - February 24, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Phe Way to figure it advertising the cont i figured by results. A $5.00 and that bring More business is Chewer than advertising costing $3.00 which results less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner volume 2, number s. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday february 24, 1921.a Quot it a Osvi it Means much to Ady Trimn to have their menage reach nearly every Homo Albertl a Freeborn county. That it to Erti Piug the examiner is i Hile. 1 a a single ropy 5 cent director general Cost of living Cathro of. D. Bank gives talk main firm convention i delegates assert the Wake of the news not afraid to produce records Bankers betrayed by politicians some commodities declining other lines steady is opinion hardware prices Are the Down ural London English employers declare they Muse Cut wages order to c6m-Pete with a american cheap that a the latest develop England tangled problem and shed. interesting Light the International character of the workers struggle. Every time american concern cd a mgr fact i Bull tined Here below we reprint a shorts a ecu the newspaper controlled by a big made by director general Cathro of Especial emphasis i Laid Grade grow line a stabilised the Hana of North Dakota loth the Effort of the Woolen Trust dry goods Are furl it firm. House audit committee. Ami the Cotton Mill to Force Down the Loose wet Ile Adt it carefully and iou w ill comp nation of their employees. Delegates to demand the wild reports it out by american who have been taught a Baul recently the opposition press As Well a the to believe that the must have a High High Standard of Hanking ability and Tariff Wall order to keep out a cheap drop until a a inflated value is out of Honor among the hired men labor Quot of other countries will Robab running their Hank and the Surpin by be amazed to find that English my Lack of these Virtues among the business nun Are that be representative a of big he Ines. Eau of the sup Roo efficiency of the House audit committee ii com american workers Ami the Low wages posed of potty Leuns desperate to break they Are to Recei a hereafter there the Farmer movement. Is trios danger that the great wet a emr. Chairman and gentlemen a of a Republic will capture the tartlets the committee i have been wonder a of Tho world. Ing whether your statement is quit Correct that i have refused to testify. Exporting Loco Motin is i have been relying the Truc announcement mule by Ute Federal Hon i received from my Superior tra Ltd. Commission Washington officer Ami so stated. Nevertheless a it let a la juju american spokesmen for big interests Are cornered Bryan a remarkable move William Jennings Rey has begun t his Long expected eff sex to pull the dam it critic party Ogeth r. Ile 1 Clare that the. Party must be purged it. Ail i t of special interests and must get Lunk clergymen make reply to again to taking the people Sale every Case. And vending his proposed platform one would think that Bryan had been captured by the wicked nonpartisan league la reek with a nazism Quot of the nonpartisan league kind. To he want All Monopof arces worker statements Marie by emment National stat or municipal three convention held. I. # a he i. Opposed to repeal of the excess profits and opposed to enactment hardware prices will continue to of a Sale Law la also advises a Hank deposits should to guar propaganda of Organ of big interests Farmer labor Combine Safe guards interests organization of Iowa Farmer and workers has Bren perfected to oppo a legislation hostile to producers before the legislature now session at be Moines. Immediate attention i timing Given to a Bill creating Industrial court patterned after the Allen Experiment Kan As with excellent pro Peel of de equity Exchange growth Large past to years Farmer owned live Stock Agency at so. St. Paul deserves support them National hardware dealers anted. World agreement disarmament. A popular referendum War. Federal act to maintain Liberia i appear i whore you prepared to us a train locomotives were exported lust Mil to such examination As you May it har the we it Ion at a Limp ,.n wish to make. I have not refused. Luau Here were claiming to be Irutha a plead with you to refrain Haj. Secure sufficient motive from going into those matter which Power to move traffic . Disturb Confidence. The j Eju total represented Bank ing i based Public Conli or am. Tif 5., locomotive As commence no Man will a a Hank Apo Jpn a with the Nii Rier exerted which makes a practice of telling the Jojo world the Sirju of its Deposit and loan. Bankers know Thi and con Ider the information which comes to them thru their us confidential. A violation of such Confidence is Cia be i As one of the lowest crime that Hunters can commit. Associations tto ending the 25th annual Ami exhibit of the Minnesota retail hardware dealer a association at the auditorium. A this the bar Ware men have taken the initiative a said or. Hus . A besides a reduction of front 25 to fit per cent Oxer last year oils mixed paints hardware dealers have thrown 25 per cent off builders about at end material to get them to begin again. By july it is hoped tile Bundu a. A a Busine v i have returned to dry Good Price. Are not Ait to fluctuate. William Man Rheinier told the i Nile it retail dry goods a Ace tation. A if Speculator be kept out of the Market Price groceries will remain the same Quot Aid j. Vav Lux St. La aul. Treasurer retail grocer. And i the a open hop Quot Campaign Reali eating it. Now that it operation among farm is a shop cd os1 i against organized conference Between organized or dipping of the or product is i one who advocate it have workers anti Farmers developed a my a Papular subject it i of Mereat tiv Aries of life taken Ovi r by the gov Hail Opportunity to prove otherwise Quality of interest to it ugg a i Cen Der the t a 1 most and they refuse to take a Vantage it of effective cooperation Mil these a Quot it i Kin i the equity co groups were gathered under one Gen a pm a Ratic Exchange Thi Organiza 1 he department of social action Oral direction funnel Ducu tonal Lon has grown up from mall i of Hie nation., t Catholic fare and cooperative league Farmers finning Over years ago halt ounce has forced the National As protective welfare assn., Farmer a 1m to wag a strenuous warfare social Ion of manufacturers into a Union. a i leg lathe commit a a a a it it up the Way against the Comer compelled it to admit that tee United taxpayer a league. Iowa the part of the state federation of Libor order of hunched Intel to that have been railway conductors both it. Hood of Rel a Ting the working Farmer it recently Quot Industry Organ of the locomotive Engineer brotherhood of a Mageed the co operative Ell. Locomotive firemen Annen men Init a h Hock and these it really desire to cripple Trade ions. The Bonds at Par a National primary Law prohibition of gambling necessities of life. Extension of the farm loan Hank. It look a if the time when honest a thl folks of us i be Perrer used of or advocating such obviously Good things was manufacturers assn., attacked the department of social action lie cause open shop Campaign. Reprints of the article were distributed to clergymen such quantities As to create impression that the Campaign was Well financed. Reply is now made to this article the present North Dakota struggle is by the distinguished gentlemen who the. State be let Tion it to Cit a. The. , Bull. Us comp. Tho of soda i Tarot a Asun a i j. St.-. to Ylem a thai the Adion .l they a at the a poke of the. Bruh. Rho i a a get Manta can not Wfrank it. 111l. 1 wan Ltd the National of Manu Vuth out by reeking Buss be s the Quot a 1 a a state. Fact Aren a informed that if that be the Tate Hank thai Art closed 1k> Law a i i make a Public statement Urt not closed the ii id Ense but to the effect that the a Ipp to hop i Farmers hid Mel if thing thai out brotherhood of railway trainmen. I nit a mine worker. Of America and More than a dozen other Craft Union Central Nudie. I. A Garber of the i1 Aliner a Union is pre Dent of the a a a int cd Mitt a fret i a. Pantie i. President of locomotive firemen and a Ingma vice president. Me Al a it a tid so for ick of really Cash. La securities Ladt of their loan Are a. Trong it North Dakota a possibilities As agricultural Tate. Not afraid to produce records farm Bureau stand prof its still objectionable general merchants association. Hic and their depositors protected Wourl up its 25th annual convention a i a of my a Perm by the guar it the Ryan hotel. error Kays the new letter of the american farm Bureau a move made to Quot the Fargo forum cames Arti-.1 this morning that i Ani afraid to produce Uny of the records. There a no dilutions no Mel Ezel mints 1 transcribing the item or no so called i a league Paer no p1%rrn, firm for principle of exp St dated check.-, and have not been Cess profit our weekly letter so there is reason Why i Boul be of january 27 afraid to produce the re Coral. I know of no tither Ream Why i should afraid to part since the records a a a favor of the Bill which will prohibit put a ablation Grain future. The Farmer Ore getting too Little Money now for their product. Fug a is going up Uley because the cd Lator got hold of it. A impeach Landisch Nim of certain Ronger a a. The. A be Jjwel. To. . . J a w mad. It Puin a hey would hot of pct to a towering of the higher Brack cts of the exit apr tits it should picturesque Cha act Only fund Law unless the whole private route Hanking system goes Undt. The Bink of North polenta Plannett to h5i the umbrella Oyer the state Hank indirectly Over the farm is during the Preskin id Humines by a Eling Paiml to get adv Cash. The Hon Lar perfect a purity Tecau North Dakota has to flite Leht to up us of. But the anti Farmer crowd pot a blockade i and ale anti is gun attack to i i Onk. Whir ii it a ,1 enough la. Pm at Enos trouble. And the attack i it All political there to Are no a fall it ions no emby Zyx let its not Silt ailed i eague Palter no pot til i. Lack 10 ult lily1, of no rail Dakota of he faced mini hav i rum tent with pro Porti Nal repro a station he the Union employee a a a tem 01 collective bargaining the social action department a Hihl wit a it mint against the a a a pen hop Oil re a offered every Opportunity fur a a Ltd a i up Quot a i vocal a to prove time Rii of thir pretension.-, if Art really sincere oat thy i actually i. To int. To Ufi it Curr a american legion and organized labor hands Quot should work together Harmony is slogan adopted i hiring the Pat a Ltd organized anti the Amel can i leg Ion Iutok Hants be Correct Eil to read a the Farmers a we Are just emerging from a period of inflation. For four year. Our Tate has had poor crops. Loan of Bank have to daily increased during it period. The lust crop season a. Exp i need a drop Tarm Price of excess profits . Hut has Stead More than one half. The period of fatal it refused to consider thet i Ina readjustment is at Han a. So veral Hon of i guts Many years ago by Stepi a Hon i Mil fat hid a a i lilt duty into the limelight by fining the he Bank hav already clo eur their us Public conf a nce is Haken. A anything which tends to disturb Public Confidence at this time Meam that Many mow Banks will a forced . It pm. . No a. Hartl 0 rub in1b a a a who a Low or -1 life Lphr hark Rrth tiny. A a which la. Or cd ,. Blither court i,., the. American mrm l nr.,.u m Hll a few nil tall a a cr. do a. By. T to a lower no a a Huum it it w l what h a Rebata Wax taken Ami thus arrived at the tart figure fur by the Carload the Lins of la is. Nard ii were my no. At one time he i a spectacular Dis Pion of the common people and to other just As spectacularly the Rev re lie deut none of the Mot violent i i the no it continues 1 1,-t to make ugh tenth the who my pc for the Mun a . Were comi it Elul to aum get that they were waging warfare against Lul or organization and thut again two ii Cameo at a hide their True . The Kern county lab or c Council of a ii Jan Quot 1 Puii Little at Wash Bakersfield Al. Want recon Lait a a it it Hay the con i favor of till Gilt. Arsi urge All Cia mail privilege eagerly ought Union men to Dunn the legion publisher. It ends its push membership Campaign there Elding occasions v idely or Ca Letl a a Vin Neain a Quot wits a parted part of the i nit states. Hating ii Alice a larg amount of the criticism thrown a1 North Dakota it insists of a a it Geti Cral Lack of familiarity with Bot a by r cation through the mail it High pot a whereas the be Ion anti to Ainer Aye rates. Under postal regulations Iran federation of lot or have do a a Lare i themselves it a tel mine5 to play Vero it to take Ady ant a of the second class privilege it would to line a Acle pc i a pronounced sue it it a a a very flattering growth the la. Stock business at the South St. Paul Stock Ranis i is now among the leading agencies to which lock 1 i Gnu assigned by local shippers. Al a it fitly the annual meeting of the Exchange Yea held and the annual Reju it it Hoy it to what proportion the organization has grown. During the Al Sci year ending last july the report bowed a net profit of 121,00b t a paid up capital of $ hmm opa. The fist Quarter of the present year it yielded a net profit of i is my from Ai departments # except the Grain elevator. The elevator co i i not make a bowing of any proportion for the Quarter Ince it a inc Utie. Two months luring which Little Grain i handled. It is estimated the present years business will show a net return much larger than the previous year. The growth of the equity Exchange at tim South St. Paul live i a a Market 1 a Index to its Tivy till it Patron and its acce a. During the Pat year the Exchange Butine increased a Quot per cent Over the previous it ear a Hile some of the Obi commit finn. Of As High As 23 per cent. It is the Only live Stock filing a nay owned exclusively by Farmers and Carlies tile Fanner i let nearer the consumer the for to Tep being the Evernol co operative companies throughout Freeborn county. To a i Ria tiers compelled to Puli a the name of it we Quoit the Ai it a a because ill oui last letter we used the statement about the i Rotas profit . And Iii our Opin Ion the Correct Ion is worn than the original misprint. By clo their doors. If they do clo?., those enjoying a personal income a i it will tiling unu.1.1 .ni.hip. To thou it Quot a a Quot a a Quot a a a Ltd Quot a a. A a a a Tine to pay the rate of income Tael -.1. Of Patron. Hon la. U Hill Large bunkers of the twin t Itle rec of car us amp Kryml,?.e-? Why a Toni be this anti brought Influent to a humid not the execs prot the ta., whack Bear to have the Call for publican a allows a handsome profit to fore it be Kins to operate be retained and by sure to Mark Thi the Way but Way Bond thrown not the. A a a r not la la it of Quot it quoth. By Quot a a a of Mii Woin Iii la. The Hii animals by freeing a bunk Tell or accused of embezzlement the Ormid hot the Bank had mimed him can laugh muting i Mac lev aver alleged r love Iii tooling the Public the honest pre of a St Paul for instance run. ditto to aying Bat Automa bile Deal Iii no Oil it Dakota it ought automobile Ami rave his note for full amount \ Michigan flite i. link Lioi Irdi the e note Ami a. Bon it Hohler get Etc. Evidently it l tit til-jm.-. To Ali cult Thini -1 mat Ion. North Dakota the i. Of link mints withdraw. Bankers i re against t All a when i a Minneapolis about november 28, a conference Wal it eing hell of the Crete tors of one of the Bank of Thi state trying to arrange some plan to carry the Bank Over. One of the Bankers the conference left the conference and came to me. I a not the conference anti Aid a for god s Sake wire governor Frazier Ami have him get the state which Quot the Elk her brackets of the per Sonai income Quot Aud the excess pro fits can be lowered As the % earn Bureau Heads would allow is to pm More taxes Farmers and firkin people who now have hardly he meant of existence sible and thereby t number of Bank. A View of that situation i myself and the Industrial commission examiner to pud off the Call for tilt it Jug Irno it ibo for la no Public of these Calls. If the protect the Hank their Cou ple realize the. Vart amount of Bor i .lk4,# of aka it to a come t., the Row it Money these la Anks have up it has been pile of our of there anti that mall Reserve they Ai forms and from the misinformation Ose Confidence and withdraw their spread he your press agent. depo its not Only out Siti the mate to Kos hearing which is reusing More but North Dakota Many people Haruni than la Ltd Actium they Minnesota will pull out their Mon Are a i have Only one request to make anti that is that you do not confine me my testimony of this a eject to any few Bank.-. I have said that battleship Waul til Admiral Sim r Alining a number of prominent naval ii w Btl have Point till tile Bank of it out recently that la value of Hie my Hanking a or a Bittie hip very doubtful tit a or a but arty it of Fame with to w of la great la a a i Pipit Iii of the tanking Busine knows that a Craft Imper Antei Isiah first with a miserable was Hank a a re do a a unt Ltd a. Not inquire Mil that even the last nit the judge himself probably knows it Ltd detail if i pre ii Rought to to War England s great the to was mall w ii Mier pc 1 honest inn Erhie a mend i la til local link Terf failed her thought or a Clever seek. Or ii. Jajio ild land a x it la note is hop a of Pence by void England cause Thev Are Iii the Tuoi tot Hithe Only stall a Quot i thl not ii ave a us tiled is supreme court not entry 4irw.t Hanking. of a to 1 a path Rev Ned the 20-ve a sen tee a a he Immo 1 of the at ii papers bomb tit tilt not enough til tile ult Victor Berger Aud l of hav yelled Alhout tut Bank of North kind he a i. 1st associates Dakota i tiding Fli xxi to the Drake it Toki of tit to Wert 1 great hit chief argument the Iii a a a a ii Mill and wondering what was done Deal to Point eve to mine. Would Niento move appears to Attiat ii is of hut a tim neglect ing ids work As Jung to be High the mid pay Ca i commissioner a Ltd a Nieball. For the fat Cleat l a no 0.1.cit a Ltd a a it a buy lit a a they toll of be 1 Dakota let a i of tit Closi late hunk a if it i my cd Pool it inking judgment. Ted us Baw Iii Urh Biro i mix to hankers ii til than a Hank. 25 pm of the largest closed twin destroy a Large tor work ii my $42.non a gtd. How Els could is sufficient tipi the i to Farmer for from a Hov Tili a a Lieut would this Many a i a id Lier i to present is Long time it. Kin. The int Erica Nav y a.-. A r but we halt int the Cion by. A i Saiti a Why yes i will do that a Ami i immediately wrote out Telegram anti sent it. A that Call was not published . Effort to retain Confidence. Russo Pearsian treaty terms the terms of the new russian or Tian treat Ore eau ing Sousi Desabla Citie a id target North Miakota aiming the More lits rat Ned a i tfx i 6 anti the Bauk of North cd element Dakota 011u f pm. 0. A rum Iii k renunciation of the pm it pit men a Farmer of oho Legese us d that country by business it Pei hence vill note a a i of t Zar Union with England May be a his cml at trinket v Iii to anti a ague Tarp retell us a Clever bid or Ler prop Gundu Tiftic truth of to matter for a it it a Bank of know t at it a Hay a Goat vested Iii arg a to t Iii Budicini but be Iii. A tilt be hip of ii i uni t unproved to Ket Schween 2fi, a my Arwi it it if Tom steel cop a Quot id Quot Ami profile. Already Jib i has is co up Aly made u a Kington Fiat ii a battleship pro gf4o. Be continue i to act a tile hip Vard ii by. It remind us of then a by York City official who prayed for a now storm to give work to unemployed. Sian support by the isolated soviet gov Niit it but it is the kind of <1cv erness thai would bring peace to tie world if the leading nation Olio the policy of the link of North a it As Well a preached it seeks to fre Werve c Confidence a the Bank of North Dakota bus been doing with about 2<x a too Bank. Of Thi. Ute my there a run a or a w a Quot for a publication of the deposits and Kola the a a was to leave the Money where we found it the localities where it originated i till insist that i it Correct you cannot i All territory taken from per Given Buckta repudiating drills t Al l by Ackerman foreign writ Ponder to of the he Odelphia Public i edger report ii Ila lie ii interviewing prominent men France Italy and Hrmz Elaml tile our Sider my any oru bunk or group of j. Ai Loans made to Persia of the government for collect my the it Zar interest which amounts to huge Loans Advance d Turim tii War More than $5 000,000 a year Are can a i returned to i Upland a a ack celled. Emma Quot wit limit no Iii no s. Ltd Omine Ciui concessions Deumon Dumi re i a a till position who of a to Niimi vet results forty or refit of the Railroad mile age of the country according to the Elo f financial a i i it Alo re a Lei Faleti earn mra a t Pense and fixed charge january. By Hilt it would Augait to consider to k Ehlt Mutton. A t a to Quot so Psi Isle for this. Ii is fan to stat that it a Hows Haworth a a a a a Ito that aet As Man to motion of Railroad finances Law a Uva to valium of Tiu by the by i air w 1 the each other we oel Eye the be to internet of organised a tim a can Fie sen ret by our Tneni r joining the a gun where by a anti vote they can nun at any tendency Tov Aid Tertz Ortee ii tit tii sput i ii other Tanc As a St. Paul minn., when the american a gun invited i Rutlt anti i or at nil la rear Titiye to ,1 mph meeting and Plannie i to a a nil. Tai to xxx to help the Fulu troit army keep its Hostel open for the Ben fit of la sir Exen ice men with Ait temporarily out of Yok. This will lie done by putting a a Bix a m Tain ment March it Left. Maui auditorium. the joint commute a Lantine for the the a Erica legion organi . Arm the w orld War Veteran another it Oier Organ tuition Ait repro Enjeti and have vowed to work together for the finn Nain eau. At the a Gion Post meeting the leading Laberite it go i i Katelo re to a a let but i enc act a a promote inc strife and discord Between our organizations we Are All Brothers and should work i., Mon ret third armistice Day now a Legal Holiday Minnesota a Iii a i allot Are hoi i a Lay to Quot it. List. I of Emter pre us a Igne a Ait ant tags Long to general statutes which Cia Siviy Tate Holit lays of thut hereafter animistic Day will ii Cut rate not veil or Lith. I ii anniversary of inc oat which a noun gave up the struggle has been generally observed occa1on>, out the Legi Igors now has Given it place the fourth of july Washington a birthday and other i Torikai Date. Further delay Grain futures Bill further con it ration of the Bill Ptohis listing Deni Gram futures a postponed the Imus Market com Mittie. The action was taken after a Lively lilt Lite committee during which it was charge the postponement plan constituted dilatory tactics the part of opponents of the Bill Hope they can do at it. Thin is tit fifth legislative of Ion which the Sun Bdl a b1 con a Derek a it Ila alway been bitterly oppo de by the Minneapolis a Kambei of co re. Letter received by Minnesota legion St. Manila i Thailand Miles from Al inn Ola Ana it will take Tili letter Over a Montt to get there i am going to say a lilt to is i leg 1 Buddie St. Paul. Where i lived a to coming to the Phillip my Island it i a rites a la i it aviation of the amt i Cail Gion of the Phillip me is Fiji adding a we have ii Good Bunch of Giona re there t re Hundred Trong. Ann you can count us to a k up our Buddie. the Good old i. S. A the letter a received at Aurine Ota l Region Headquarters recently love is motive for Flower bed burial loan to those Bank might do More to destiny Confidence than anything a a emf m>0 that could be done a neither the Industrial commission nor myself would be a party to use fixture. A i find however the situation a Chui aged. Your auditors Lave had acce to the Bank record. You yourselves have Bren asked to examine them. Your auditors report aet out information for which you asked or. A your newspapermen have had us Banks but you .-t con Hitler the for Husid Aii interests Are annulled that any foreign Power with the pod or , 4 russian Banks formerly maintain Abir exception a i gnat Britain would air a t pod to enable Russia to control North repay the Advt it which i t listed by icy rocket my Lur i therefore at this time rattled no. ,. A persian business Are Green to per Ria mates via i a it i a lots w4? proceed with my Lesti y undoubtedly will eau my the h Mon a permitted to give you a1 More embarrassment to England. Her the recent Tomem Ter it 1 this information so that you Lime sphere of influence Persia and to Hamberlin Brill. Ii Cabinet member know a1 of the fact and not merely other near East territory Are Ali urging cancellation a great v Rai 1 tile immediate Ltd to r hand the act. Cate Hod much to t Hiyogo love lit oui la Ltd i -1 lain a flu studio her Ria not wont eau Nancy m. T Bani 1 r Fil ii Temh 1 her inter air huh a i. Us de fat Which parti counsel May w to elicit. A closing let me stat that the records have at All Lime been open to you and your counsel Ami i wish further to state that i want to offer Worth much unless they Are to exit England prestige the continent plotted and imperialist exploitation two mint a is it to us tim mat will look the worse to the Natl w Ith ,4r the russian comparison i. i drop Shourti try to repay a a a a t to fid Ion dollars ii would Piave la tie rent the form of to anti int Quot re a Pressman. De act undid finn get a Tep taken by la government during the War which Art mid j?-n.-ahle to fair Railroad is re a this 1 it Uii try Rompet Ilion Between Road. Was Elisii Unald and tie line. A re Ore rat Das a unit to it cd travelled a Iii a straight line adjustment boards asked by labor unnatural rung. N. Ben. Sherman of Wilton who you a special invitation either tingly retire. March a proposes to increase the pay of members of con ooh Gresa a a $12,000 a year. A majority goods and such a Quantity of import. Fiu Mes a few port ii 5 Cess to report arum they having 0> a $. Body to go into the Bank and no consideration for the remit i have look Over our records to gather used that information a false and Oine idea of the Large amount of Way manner Raicu records to be gone into which you lated by them to cause As much Dis cannot get without a visit to the Bank a be proposition hut the torname of Public Confidence As to itself. I thank you a of the folks b a Home. Would raise the Devil with our .i by. Govern rent used its a toss. It would be a calamity to get or Riu for 1.nailing the Rood. Sex Airt mated. I letter i Bleu go. A i mint Date 1 of adjustment Board to disputes betv.et . I Oyes a. My a i foe Blate rail labor fio arb b. M Jewell labor. To he i Mamie i to of Raj i it Iii i pie to erg Arn without working fur them. 2, by a anti other nation want several Hundred millions making War both houses would like to support re i for doing the very Hung Bunce fruit 1 Rop a who now wants to do repudiation t a debts agreement a reached with labor that prevented labor trouble. The Art turned the Hants of the Cluck Back and congested Nur traffic As never before until Dot eased the situate live together wan the i tile adjustment organizations As pro ?. Tied the Iran put nation act town Hend Torii the police a it a a Ca of bet a it a a to. Kotlier Ami could. A i wrapped her body a Roc rat nth Woven is my Cartier and i Laid her a grave that i had dug we my owl. Halt i a 17 t 111 brents hdd1es found piano hot a cd Pittsburg. The bodies of m Bor get children ranging from a few work tube ashment Quot Hie wage Ani pm the United recently by smart. U ave years i. Were the a overed la to Cak a a piano hex at la table id Daniel Winfield a re. By a this would by the application of a toys playing tear Winfield a de collective bargaining and would to th1 Tyi rep Rte a their discovery Pettit the Ettling of the Railroad to the police Ami the p to we controversy a Hai a it Nwart to Torg it

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