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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - February 17, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn the Dairy and agriculture county of Minnesota the Way to figure it in advertising the coat to figured by results. A $5.00 and that Brines More Busine is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in lies business. Figure it out. It Means much advertisers to have their message Uench nearly very Home in Albert leu and Freeborn county. That is Why advertising in the is Worth while volume 2, number 7.ali1krt , Minnesota. Thursday february 17. 1921. Single c Opy 5 cents future War with aircraft disturbing no one with the welfare of the United states at heart believes aircraft displaces warships neither will it mean the lessening of the United states warship program it difficult tor some to think about Navy without thinking of War Hie army and Navy i a necessary adjunct of government and must be consume red without the portability of armed conflict american want world Trade and a merchant Marine and for that reason Ahn must maintain Invulnerable strength at sen. In get United state will maintain its aircraft Faire in keeping with its army Ami Navy. But with the terrible destructive my i by ii tit of aircraft we can i est oar Case with the rectitude of our cause. And fear no rival no matter How ferocious May appear the aircraft possibilities. There is a limit to be Reiou be. Beyond which they build to their own destruction. It is very inter Ting to note that la United state now occupier the most enviable position of having a monopoly on wha Promise to be one of the most Een Al element for the future Defene of this country. Of both the Civ ii Ami military Force of Ute countries attacked. More than once in bombing the russian munition dumps German airships let Down an officer by Cable to the lower a Ftp of Low hanging Clouds where he directed the dropping of bombs from an Airship securely hidden among the climb above. This was True in spit of the fact that these airships were filled with Hydrogen a highly explosive Gas. Ruch ships were at All time at the merry of the incendiary two in the water�?15c poached on toast�?25c re tau runts in new York mod to outdo each Othor in redo my Price one famous downtown cafe announced two boiled eggs fur of cents two Fried crumbled for a Iii cent. Coffee dropped to five cents a cup. A reduction equal to 20 per cent a put into effect in All Icsia Unflat. Boxing match i will be staged in Albert Lea any personal gain. But no t be Runnel Effort i isling spare i that j would hinder making Thi a re a treat for the real red blooded american who i a believer of the n in National sport and like to a me real action. The committee a investigated a some of Albert leads Zavonie boxers and Are now in the Citie to make the final arrangement. The Broadway the Tui Quot a Lite leased and the tim is set for thursday evening feb. 24. Aii it ats will a reserved and will a. On a1 saturday nun n m it Wiele thrust it re. Now ii to there will in no tand a Reg room old so when the eat an cold. The ale of ticket will be Cly red. Ivna to forget this. No St. Ndang of old. So get your ticket1 irly. For you information a Rul Coll have Aln Ady come m asking if this bout will permit lad. To attend. Yeti to m Ilch is intended for a entertain treat to ladies and gentlemen. So ladle Thi i your Chari to re something that you heard a a much about and always wanted to a Don t it. Take no adv ire and get your tickets Early. Climate and time Iii Aster climate what causes it and Why extremes of heat and cold. Bullets which with a Tingle shot if Faical committee to put properly place could bring Down the /1_ ftl.,_., whole machine tour Ether with the Quot i Taro next i hurs Day night feb. 24 Crew m flames but. Thi Handicap Germany it out 10 airships during the War and no of Thi number Only 22 were shot Down to others burned probably by Tea an of gasoline explosions and the remaining 62 time after to Wolti their recon in terror in the heart of a he people of the surrounding Len tory. The English Var office now admit the terrible damage inf inc by the of Mon stirs of the . T he efficiency of the Dup a been demonstrated Beyuka All Cue Tion and is accepted do All nation Ait it. Jensen District court on Bentley Case s. La. Al cry a of. District Judice Iii i trial and allows no i mph i goo the grand jury Brough indictment against o. I. Bentley flt murder Harry Friend for misconduct. Fred Nelson and Merit Schall. Forgery and to it ree mexican for a a and Charles Sorenson Art Jenson. I red Rudsen be on liquor charges Ami Jeue Connors for twin atoning lift off. C. Bus. C onnors was Trio and sentenced to the county Jai for do Day and fined Kim. Fret Nelson forgery Ca. To i a up commie rub of me. It was us Lowid by District judg s. D. T Therwood to relate i tory which covered much territory. He had bet n in the army and out Airam. In Wilt work in Ala what about the state Bonds of North Dakota the ice age. The age of Coal. Of. Reptiles of beasts. Of Man. It he been rumoured for some time f Bania. Buying Hor in Wyoming that Albert Lam a to have a Chance chef in St Paul. Married ii couple to Sec u boxing match and finally the of times. Now married hut Minu tug is it for a match that will a wife. He Conn of a Good Iowa make them All sit up and Ink notice family Ami a three brother urn it w ill be the kind we had Over there two i Urs. Has lie n arrested for you know. Fellows that Ore making a horse stealing for Selling i own reputation for the solve Fellows Boree he by. He i not insane As that go in to win. Charge but a been forced by now of you like to be a parking Cums Tunce to make some queer match a would advise you to stay moves and undoubtedly i a easter is a Ign of an tarty Ping and easter signifies a time pc May look for in ear it sprint of on for roster sunday fad on March St the one of the earliest Dale in Many your Academy is very cautious Vuk e Are undertaking to borrow �?�<6.200, to promote various activities in our Tate. North Dakota in a farm acreage of 29,159,300 acre we Are Tonding a trifle Over Twenty cent an acre a to farm lands. We a a $3, my uhf too of property in North Dakota aside from our six Hundred Billian ton of Coal and fast Clay Deposit we Are undertaking to Bond about a Dollar Fot every $500 we a Worth. In 1920 we rat re 225,000.000 Worth of Field crop anti animal product we arc under Tukins to Bomi als it one thirty i Venth of the years production. We have in the state of North Dakota $60,414,403 Worth of property to longing to the Stutey con listing of Termun ent funds ate loads ate Edu a rational institution buildings Tate Capitol and charitable and penal invitation building baking fund and general funds on hand a of july 1st, 1920 our contemplated bonding thru the ale of ate Bomi will amount to slightly Over on tenth of that. U mount. The pre ent obligation of the i. Human a it a ing to comprehend ii then have shh o various conclusion of philosophers put Down to Turk the subject Plain and within the cop if reasonable thought. How enc unless one tart from a very minute in t of which the human Ann Tom i composed and take into Cor Derat Ion the atmosphere that immediately a grounds the Baxly a be int a very refined part of the hods and again All the Atmo Phene that surrounds the Earth As being Only n Little removed in Quality from that surrounding t a body we can be All ii and creation i made up from a a i i minute particle. Brain cell the body become Active when supplied its particular kind of Utino phere and the i placing of cellular Man the Tat tons i accomplished when a similar corresponding eel elsewhere is aroused and open to receive vibrations which having been displaced by thought by a likening conditions which immediately arouses the cell i where to receive the vibrations which build a the cell Ami a applies the life la great distance of the plan Arr system mean nothing to human being the human mind. Its Verv during the Brief to Alay which occur the month the faculty of i it her Academy request All student to. Forgo leaving the City As a precaution to the students them Elve and to their fellow students. In this manner eliminating the possibility of contracting Dis-1 those distressing cold and Ca the great i Tolces a gone being a much under trod a the other As the Immen Ity of i Tancey involved a startling anti by reversing the Dis tune. Bring it within Grap of the mind and mag in Ion. A. T Tutu a v i Lex i i Quot Gill Miulli i. Oil to Tvr Pitons of a world. In Cludine our own a Molly we. A a a a a Ouy it Nad and Italy a a pro Femmi in m ,. We ,, we u a Quot a helium and neither of those countries. ,. Capacity of 2,700,000 tut in feet. An will i Able to furnish i in Quant he Man ,0 Ull. Quot it a it of 4,1 us vent to v id any a at in Tiol Crumye tan pp-1 Horn Uhi will not Lee an exhibit a real b it it will in staged that will make you ail go Home talk tufted new of life. Judge gather of flu which often prove serious Wood beaten cod Nelson to nil water a esp, when changed donations use in care of National emergency it appears however that the United states a a very Large Quantity of helium if step Are taken now to extract and present it. It in indeed of first Jar the average Man to realize the tremendous possibilities of helium for Aerial operation. The rec tit War ended before the a a a mean it offend in War had come into its own. In that War observation bailout Arni Airship thoroughly demonstrated their efficiency Yuul possible Utility. The former a Elt vat d observation Po-it-1�?T the regulation of artillery tire and Lim fell in Frame Ani the i state now Lias Possession of ice plans of that ship and i constructing in exact copy which will make the second Airship to lie owned by the United states government. The German Airship l-57 tarted from Jam a Bolk Bulgaria during the War to carry Medicine supplies and ammunition to a Ditre aed Garrison in German eat Africa this ship a recalled when it reached Khartoum Egypt Ami it immediately returned to it. Hase having made a successful non top flight of .-.500 mile. At the time of the signing of the armistice t his in a big undertaking any one party to stage an affair of this Cia. We have a wide awake and a live fire department and they a the boys that Are backing this fight. Thi bout is pot luring put on for Penitentiary for an indefinite time. Difficulty a had in curing a jury to try o. L. Bentley re Ary was completed thu Day my to Case proceeded. Dunn and Peter on appearing for Bent and county attorney and attorney Moi Gar. For the state. by waiting for train and by temporary accommodation it Home when the visit at be t i Only for a Day two. The one Day Holiday which occur this month an productive of concern and Antou moment by tin faculty hence the safety first us a Happy solution for and interested. Surveillance of enemy activities and ult. A a. Germany had just completed the Cen tile latter Jar Long Roar rec Gnu Striction of l-72, especially planned designed and built for the purrs e of bombing new York City. It was equipped with six Large motors had u carrying capacity of 20 ton of High explosive Ami a cruising rid iou s of from 3,000 to 10,000 Miles and a Speed of from 50 to 60 Miles per hour close in so by timing a cation of the in the. A a it of , tot Diat a. Lortin worm Ltd Lime a Over and above the amount of the a i woes that an now being off Ceil for be and there Are sink ing fund on hand in the amount of $4 ,151.3?. The i it a of Bond con i i of $1,960,000 of bunk inc to re Bomi., of by the. Hunk of North ,.r a put a Iny us Dakota which when old will bring Tjon. 0f thut of Money into sit with fun in to Jmc in a the tut. To v um-.1 in relm Sinif bunk no Malul. Havit it do. Luring to pre Kent line nut Tiina a cow Huv. Your w1nl nay �3,, to v u-e.1 to to Lac by the. , bal hut. Lulu rum Mort our of a like ,. ,npt0, a a known amount even rim Lur Are. In p,., a. Lure on Kiln w . Moat of which . Already been met a from to a. �hu.-. Unar la in a i rn-1 by the pm. Ai May obtain in a Washington letter it could climb much higher than an. A a i Vulval Legionnaire throughout the plane Arni could float silently user it. Dial they have been formed regarding the attitude of the among the Cloud without tear of be i ,.i Kansas depart meat of the american rectum and from that Vantage Point toward the Niqi Artisan Lea no doubt could have dropped hath j dealing big lbs and explosive. Into the a we naturally do not Atta. K the league for two reasons the heart of new York c Ity Anc bombing kids Convoy work and for carrying supplies Ami both have proved beyond question their place in modern warfare. Hydrogen highly explosive was used in the operation of the aircraft a Many Art five of these balloon have been shot Down in one nay in of Lector. Of helium had been used instead of Hydrogen the danger of fire and explosion would have been eliminated and with this Handicap removed they would have been Invulnerable to incendiary bullets and would have proved invaluable As an Aid to the armies in action Ami in the general to Roburt of the War. Texas aviator missing in a larger heme however neither somewhere amid the Cactus and Italy France England the United Sand Hill of the great southwestern states up to the time of Tho War bad desert i in Ute naut Alexander Fearson q�m4b� any nervous attempt to develop i Iran Continental flier lies dead the dirigible \ s a Means of offence his flying comrades at Kelly Field and defense it a and the beginning i Home cation at Douglas Arion the War fouled Germany alone Hail firmly believe today. They think he developed the Airship to a Swienc Ami was either instantly killed when his had made of it a most efficient Craft plane crashed in a forced Landing indeed. Repeat d trip were made by was mortally injured and died beside the germans in zeppelins Over eng the wreckage of his plane land Russia and the Eastern front the belief that Pearson is dead was doing at times enormous damage by expressed by the aviators when after Ute use of bombs frequently destroy 132 hours of searching Over the desert ing railroads centers munition plants and through the canyons and foot Hills terrorising the inhabitants All of it of tile Guadalupe Mountain no Trace which tended to lower the morale of j of him could by found. Warmington. A it. Cd the Amo Man legion of Kansas has Oflyn rally requested the cooperation of Minnesota legion officials in correcting statements to the effect that the american legion of Kansas is attacking the nonpartisan league. Commander Vernon of liar american legion in mount Aota will according to the Legious a news service Issue pies of int nonpartisan vague Are involved the american legion of Kansas takes no attend Bot urges each member of the american legion to perform Hgt full duty As a Citren according to his own conscience and understand thus another unusually vicious at tempt by politicians and the kept press to drive former service men into fight officer local a on a Lodge High driest William p hour King Carlyle w in Gam i Heflin a e w. Hell. Secretary Clayton n we off treasurer l. P. We Ofil Huter. Apt. Of Host a. M Erickson. Principal sojourner Lytic May. Royal Arch . Druck Brod. I North Dakota it Bauk of North Dakota 11. He too of Mill in i elevator Bomi which will be applied to liquidate amount already invested in the state Mill Ami Eleva tor. Consisting of a 3, xxi barrel flouring Mill and a terminal elevator of i i a a a. 300 bushels capacity both Well unit Way in proce of con St auction and $250,000 of Home building Bonds which w ill la us a to carry on the Home building operation and to pro yid an investment in nearly sixty Home already Complete apr aching completion. By thab of Tho Bonds financial Relief to Hank business and Industry w ill be further extended. In View of this a a i Sis of the Worth and financial condition of the stat of re source and pro a bulletin to each of the 475 Minnesota no the common people has failed Post giving the Gist of the Kansas Coni no a a Der a letter to the following effect a it is apparent from letter receive d front american legion Post and the local Post at Haling. Ran evidently was won Over by the plotters against the Nom Arti a ii a. It 3rd veil Arthur Gruth. Master 2nd veil m l. Liu Tough. Master 1st veil we Mahlum Sentinel John fide Joyful be o youth because it is considered a political a his and be cause Many legion members belong to the nonpartisan league a i enclose a copy of the Resolution passed by the Kansas leg Lor. Executive committee on january 21. Which i am sure will make Clear the situation if communicated to your Post and Given publicity in the Public pres Quot a a a the Kansas Resolution the Resolution of he executive committee refi t a i to re ads a follows a it is Ike sense of this committee that posts should be informed that there is no restriction in the Constitution of the american legion prohibiting members from joining the nonpartisan league any other political organisation. A be it resolved that insofar Asta Leon Amie and Oolitic Orinol humanity require. A Joyful living emotion to Carr it Over the Haiti place of life and the. I one of the inspiration of Ami mean patriotic and the literature of the Early struggle of the nation a rid along with Plain teaching. Of Bible tories thai the youth gain at sunday school and glimpse. Of ancient picture and Cia skat to mate add a foundation to carry him along the later year in life allowing for the Dave lop meat of artiste a time and inclination dictate with Eon Tanty renewed ambition and with greater in ight and higher a a rut Ion in the journey through life the Joyful no of youth i of net tines frown,<1 Down by the older people time ii preoccupied i Wita More Vartou affair however none stave questioned the Ideal Imti of youth realizing it. Importune and equalising Efferi than Iii children who live at Horn and Are not thoughtful of food and clothing it being provided by parents Are enabled to bring about hardship upon working people if occupations Are left to the whim of child Khz interpretation. The Bible says a child shall Lead them leaving to common sense and mature lid Gib by the amount of influence to be considered from the v a Point of the child. Vague knowledge a the duration it the Pat. One gnat difficulty in the us to a it in to Fob it it Bith immensity of the a tam and Sixes involved. For instance we can it pm no Conception of the ixe distance of the in. Suppose there a a spherical hell of the diameter of Thun. Suppo a a great Genie should drop into Thi hell every second night and Day a Ball the of the Earth. How Long would it take to fill the Shell would it take an hour a tiny a week in fact it would Ink two weeks and when full the hell d contain Mon than 1,000c too Earth the distance to Thun i 93.000,-000 Miles. How Long would it Tuku a Cannon Ball to reach tin in if hot from to arts and cont need on ileum a uniform \ Elm to ? in a Lerne it unde re to mat a tin dijt.,ne� some might a a year. In fact it would Ake about 20 year. is aking Thi ?.ii. A i very Short. Than e it Man t Tat. Irain the imagination by trying to com Preh rid the Veff City of Light thu h would a. Even time around the Earth in one econ of Lime. Now stagger the Brum by try ing to think of tar to Rem a left a no Uit tha a million years an require a for their Light to re tile Eno Triou that separate them from Tomk of it when that Ray of Light enter the Eye Nuttal a it course perhaps t Lur re Wos to it it on this Earth the fact of a to onto Are Rte Irr startling Noire a no a Erful move aaa t of it x i Wati anything that the i Anguria at Oll of Tipo i a pro la i. Atta in an Riv i ratio a not duct in be. And the Mali pre rata not of the enterprises a compared with the resources of the ate and to vat amount of Good that May be accomplished by carrying through to their ultimate fulfilment the measure supported by the a several Bond issues every citizen i taxpayer in the hate should be wholeheartedly behind these Bond is be. Nothing Ila transpired in North Dakota to cause any alarm to justify any meritorious opposition to these Bomi i sues. The state in fundamentally und. Bank Ibro Ugnit the Tate for the most part a care pm sound value where have become temporarily embarrassed it is not. In the main on account of poor for the reason that on account of Farmers holding their wheat for letter prices payment i notes and of new fun have not kept pure with Linary w. In Baw Ai the Sale of Bond in tie Ner future will Ammean Robly relieve the situation. The cooperation of the people of North Dakota is solicit to the end caught up with elemental read that the High financial Landing and of a of pm a. Are integrity of the state May bus automobiles Aad freight Loieri trucks trained has caught the Hitam us m i

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