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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Feb 3 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - February 3, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Tost is figured by results. A $5,00 and that brings More business is cheaper than advertising costing 3.00 which results in la business. Fissure it out. Albert Lea examiner it Means much to advertisers to 1 their mess Ngn volume 2, number 5. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday february i 1921. Reach curly Lea Anile Why adv Worth is at a it be. It Ama in albeit pvt it. That to \ a yes Ammer is copy 5 rent the question of immigration up to Congress Many in Europe anxious to come to u. S. Regardless of conditions american red Cross of Freeborn county a rid Cross report of the county chairman Freeborn county chapter american red Oro. Donations Cit it of Albert Lea .$67.00 Glenville. 23.00 Alden Village. 70.00 Alden township. Hartland. I to before Congress in states also fifty six billions and then some Frederick a. Wallis commissioner of immigration at Ellis Island speaking to member of the Illinois manufacturers Anocia Tion said that extremists both Way on the immigration question were wrong. He thought the country did not need suspension of the privilege of entry but careful selection of i migrants at port of embarkation and careful distribution Chi the in Mignott on arrival. Or. Wallis thu put two conditions upon i advocacy of restrictions of prohibition and in neither condition inn the United state put puny Trust. We cannot distribute the immigrant. They will follow their own Bent and their own impulse Anc the i Niti a state. Cannot Force then to to where it would bib to for them and for the country if they would go. I the theory of hand picking in Europe is a Good theory but it will not work. If Tlle United states had tee Power Mil merely to elect but to conscript certain Type of european. For certain american localities we undoubtedly could hasten the develop mint of Region and increase the productivity by an almost scientific application of labor Many of the european anxious to Rome to the United state. Would not go outset of the most Cong Ted districts of the largest Citie. They would piling in when american problem an . Ami there i in Way of preventing it. They would flood into Quarter when americanization i non a problem and increase the in and influence of Allen Block there is plenty of room in the United state for newcomers but tin neurons r have no intention of going to Uch place. An immigration policy based on two theories which cannot a applied a Budoo for the United state at the present tim. I Here is be advocacy of an Imi Efi site prohibition against immigration Congro is ask to the privilege for the time a eing until con Billon. An Tab Iii Zed i oth Here and abroad. Every tuition in the world is trying to re Odu t it Elf. And both politically and economically the United Staten must exercise it Reserve Power to maintain its own lability. Immigration ands its Way not to the place when it might by a sorted Mon easily but a the Center of congestion where it present the hardest problem of digestion. This a Boun i to be so particularly in a panic Ami the people trying to get out of Rump Are in a panic. Them in no thought of America in the r kinds of the american who Are trying to throw tin country open to Thi invasion. The Senate committee which has been hearing opinions urn ideas from Many people on the subject lots yielded to the influence advocating no father restriction anti in doing so Cannet Advance one american argument for iia conclusion which favor special alien and Industrial interests but not the interest of the United Tribune. Freeborn. Mansfield. Moscow. Hayward. Geneva. Carlton. Shell Rock. Ramon. Hath. Manchester. Recd. Thru the mail 86.00 26.00 71.00 78.00 61.00 73.00 14.00 61.00 68.00 81.00 86.00 6.00 26.06 National ideals and american principles without detracting influences desired 1.30 Lei total 1021 membership 15m sifts sit. To total rec it. .si50.3.10 respectfully submitted mrs. Walter a. Lank. To. Chairman 4th Roll cull. I have carefully backed the above report end found the Ann to be Correct. J a. Vauhn Harg a fit it. Masonic drive for $500,000 Lodge Home committee named to seek funds for a permanent building near Savage a committee of tin has been Clio n by the Mac grand Lodge of mine Oia to conduct u Campaign for fund for the proposed $<00,000 masonic Horn on the feint or m. W. Savage estate Winch a a to i built , a announced lust night by or. Alex Donald m2 i Fairmount ave. Or. Donald i a member of the magnate hum corporation which Waw authorize by the grand Lodge to build and manage the institution. The Home which will include a i thoroughly quipped Hospital will lie open to masons thir widow Ami children Ami in Case needing special attention. To person outside the masonic order a Well it was announce. The Sugge state of 271 acres overlooking the Minnesota River near Savage Minn., a Purchi de by the masonic order last year for for 6,066. 1 tin residence now in the property i being used As a top a Rury masonic Home. When Ila new Home is Erat cd the present building will be utilize to Hou a the Edmini tation of pc r an my own it of $5 0,660 is already available for conducting tinhorn it in Underwood. This is to in increased More Tiu in a10fl�960 in bequest a per Caput a a tan it of .�?~6 coi was Ute by the grind Lodge Bot year Ami a Par capita ases mint of i this year. I he interest from Thi endowment will go to support the Home. Money necessary to build it will be raised in the forthcoming Campaign it is understood. Fifty thou and Mason in Minnesota will to appeals to. There i now pending before cd Ngn an educational Bill an Many i states Hae before than a a Lucati Onai j Mea ures. Therefor we Are devoting i considerable attention to arouse the country us to the acce Sty of National Idem and american principle in a a duration Al matter regarding the United states of America. Often a read about the great inheritance that America receives a culture in literature from English. Herman. French or Spanish. Such a gift from the past it is said desert. Honor and up Purt. These Sam nationalities re feta their culture from the past no would still be using i atm greek or if they Hail followed the adore they wish the unfed suite to follow. Euch think his native language cover this continent pretty Well an i an irk a my sentiment to Tho who wish to Seth american language established u the National name and language of the United Stales. They a Unumb to a a the limited Cope of to Cir own pet i in Quintic adherent. Because the float along in their own Crow a an.1 Are unable to. Ret a Brtmi-1 Mew and the meaning of an Narm Neon t. Mit a the language of the United mat. Hie american language a tan plan be i and tentatively the night out. Lut a because it is not put on the Market As the enema of the count re want it i no read on tar depriving the i United states of the pre Rig that rim with a National language Ami the in neb is that accrue to tin nation by encourage Arn. R a an literature without detracting influences. In great treasures of lit nature of a past has been cry i it Here a for it cultural value that i the. Reason we want to to free a direct Ami Sun pm our own literature from the a ripest beginning of our government in it Len than and compar s. N with other Mok in a Well a ancient literature. I i can Only be tame by adopting the term american it i Ltd expedient a Ven if it were Nee k Ary to invent a a w language. Whatever Nam. Is maid the language of the i United states it Hall be a National Nam for the i nit 1 states Only a a Uvea ult of a i election. Non a Ait Bority at the prent time to use other than american a the nation Lan i Uhr of the i n Ted state of or Lea. L a a la it i supreme Council Ile munds of Jermany fifty Nix and a half Iii 11 in dollars to he paid within 42 yearn. Disarmament to Tho effect that the Landing army must be reduced fortresses data wished and War material surrendered munition Faerie i., converted warships an i oilman nos destroyed and restrictions on the use of aircraft. It i mild to ult ten Bqhm Dollar in 30 years would have been exceedingly within the land of dreamers Ami still would have offered some incentive to Germany to go ahead but fifty six billion is to yonder Mon ens anti will result no doubt in the overthrow of the Kiter government. While France feared to make confessing on account of the threatened Oei throw of the Biland Cabinet. I a action Fth Al Al Council Shoul convince aim Rica of the Nee sity of remaining Neutral As to european affairs and that it would Tal Etter to go Down to the depth with the Flag Nail to the Mast than peace that Only Coward crave Ami put to flight Urb action. Us the a men who Are fastening on generation unborn. Of a Man were to com from the East with the intention of exploiting Ami pending $100,060 then would immediately in written 20.000 letter by mgt Ople i get a slice of the $160,-000. It would affect the Anan of every banking institution in the North t for a year. Try and figure out what fifty six billion Lobar Means. Farm bureaus compulsory Aid Bill Defeated Hartland shipping Assn. Hold meeting in committee of whole House makes tax help voluntary Only keep Oleo from state institutions senator Matrau Johnson. Non Par to an leaguer Matin a final attempt on the Al Mir of to Enate to pro Hect Tarn it tax Luis it my n by barring Ole Margarine from use at the Tat in Titu Tiona. Senator a d. Sullivan chairman of committee on Genera legislation reported that the committee recommended the Bill to in indefinitely postponed. A Nat or Johnson moved that the re port a not accepted an that the Bill be place on general order to be consider by the Enate. He charged that leg i in Pac her Elling ohm War advert iring the fact that Minn Quot via. The leading a Lairy Tat a using Ole Margarine in Tate institution. Senator Johnson motion wan voted Down 89 to 20. I Farmer and labor a a Nator Vot a fat a come through if a _ it solidly arum Evora other of to More progressive members of the a at lated with them. By a vol of 6k to 34 the Houe comm the of the who re cantly refused to milk it compulsory for county commissioners to appropriate Mon a y to support county agents my local farm bureaus. The vol a a Victory tor nonpartisan leagues who with on exception opposed the compulsory feature the of the state federation of farm Bureau had in Ruady a the hot be committee on Agri cultus to Rusk the appropriation compulsory. In addition to defeating the com put Oil fear the leagues put this Tuph an am a taunt to the Dill which will sweeping effect. If the Hill is a my Laik and a i enforced. Representative Arlt a. Leaguer offer an Arne Nam providing All officers an member of local farm Bureau which operate in connection with the county agent Hall in Farmer be voice was rail against Thi amendment unit a adopt unanimously. Must Ile i Armer numerous local farm Bureau. Now a a officer and mgt or who a a a a not Farmers but Mich office Ami i film a Mut All in Numier if the ocal Bureau a to in refit by county appropriations. In Hill at fir z made it compulsory 1 a count ii to appropriate at least fur the county agent in i Burt a. W a re Ami the county could if of , appropriate a much a a a men i i the Bill Mak it stir by optional Wither Waty r whether anything i a a Propri ated and each county a oar a can follow the a Talent or the banners in it own county. Supported by i i re re tan n Welch an Iverson leagues poke again to the rom Pul it i y feat in a did representatives he no a i in Nuu attn an o. A. Jew a son refine atlatl a Rako a lir actor of to stat flip Niti in of farm Buri a sup Mirte i the rom feature. I aul urn county commissioner Hail Quot actually been elected on a plat pm against the farm inv Tiu and county agent work a and that Ach commis loners hould in forced for the bureaus. Representative Darby Ulo supported the compulsory feature. Die Bill now go on the Calentino for final a age a urn Ndu a. The first annual meeting of the Hartland shipping association was held last month and at shown by the rep it it it was an exceeding Good year for the progressive Farmers who have cooperated for better Market and so of Protection in the i posing of Stock for Market. I he shipping a Ocia tinn a made up of seventy three Armer und Tho shipment for the year total nearly $,<,000.06. One of the feature of this cooperative company i a Ink ing fund to protect against incidental and loses. After paying a a i Pense an lose there i a balance Thi year in Tho bunk of $96.11. Hav ing Pai i but to the Farmer Over sixty nine thousand Dollar they shipped Conroe formulated and made it a matter of record a wholly new axiom of International Law had grown from National tradition what a the Monroe do Trine an it would like a commission of statesmen Manv months anti ii great Quantity of Materia covering my and Taw resulting in am big use similar to the league covenant to it Down jul t w lint the meaning j of the Monroe doctrine. Stated in a total of 2,341 cattle hogs and sheep Brief which la no room for doubt Muring the year and it goo without from the necessity that Mut he Evi argument that the association a forced the Price to a bettor figure and it i learn that in Emu in Tances individual buy r Wert compelled to go above the shipping prices in order to get took while tilts practise if Selling outside of the association i i courage even if the immediate results show a few dollars gain. I Oyal to the shipping a so citation w do increase it Power to get the Best Market Price and better grading in tuck Hippe. Officers left i for the year were r. M. Olson pre id it. Ole j. In Derron. Vice or p. N. Pederson manager. N. O. Katie . Directors Mullin Jacob it a Simien. Char in. 8wan#on. Ensuing a Al should improve meat animals now a by a Der of big Type Poland China hog write thut there never a Tarn an in ver can be a in to a time than Dent a n Protection to the unit Al Staten o1 America from our Neighlo countries and Protection to the Cour Trie of the Western hemisphere from european Aggro Ion in matters concerning All and self Protection to Etc i Ami All. It i As follow the Monroe doctrine la countries of this continent must in allowed to develop Independent with Amity ast american Principe and res Pons Al Fluty As Imie pendent countries a Nice Ary for the pre or vation of All. I lie i United stud should con idea my att rpt of foreign countries to extend their system to any portion of this lie i phere a dangerous to a i peace Ami safety. I hut any int of a Irence by fore i Power with the destiny of the noun Tris of Thi continent will lie dealt with locally and by retaliation Upo the country where such interference proceed from to discourage Fern no a. To it Drieu Natad Monroe like Warrington a if local measures fail in attempt at int right now to Lay the foundation fur Lumn fre ident it a vote practically a Gre a at hrs a of pure Bretl hogs la is unanimous. No longer a que Tion of whether it will a listing Mark of distinction , even though you to make a feature of s May nut wish a Elm of a til administration of or i rolling brim Ling i by the importance whit1 tick. Of can buy purebred sow can to attache. To his Nuncia to Lay at Price thai will make big re to Quot a principle or policy sine a business View on effects of War Litas strip wast of i War Magazine demand a Dell it i-1 l com emt the misses Al Hora and Ethel Oln will a in Allier la a on tue it May est diag of a. A Fath Ami will give one of their splendid entert Vinnent at the High Clu of auditorium the a ays the auspice of the Young people a be. Reckoning piety of the first lutheran Chut cd. And its payment bids fait to be a heritage for some year Quot in this , fule this country a not Hail to pay the Price in it Iea i that other countries neuter the scene of Active to Tiliti. Have had to they Hae delighted thousand of people with their cheerful optimistic programs Ami live secured the approval of the dramatic Ami musical critic of the country. This season they appear in an entirely shoulder the effect of the conflict new Ami As interesting program the waste of liquid capital in valved including the be to Modem Cla sic the lowering of moral tone that Fob songs. Quaint Folk song duets and Lowed tin exaltation of the War it monologue.-, wholesome sparkling self the extravagance engendered the Stone from every Day life that heart tilings involved the Straits to breath cheer Ami happiness in every Petit jury feb. Term a. J. Anderson to it Martin vellum. Hic Ulufa Jorgenson Bice i an. Gels i arson hat Louis Lucas London Kut it a per on Alben Leo Andrew Sterby Dak am. Y. C. Harts try a. D. Flan Shell Ruck. Mile i Reeann. Newry Louritz Jen in i url ton John m a Khz. Moscow wiry m. Jacobson kit taxi i i a a a 4 , Alden the a. Juve Bancroft \. H. It Ulbert a Uit it. William malt. Of karal i. A ill k. Jan on h a it Van Vii Liam Hutton . Alex in Iisager it a i Ryu u. Hartland. Vav. I. Thomp a. Albert Lea f a. St o it in. Freeman Dom Mcguire gunned Donahue City Theodore Esse Hayward. Martin Hoban Oak bin i Henry Behr us. M. J. Hurly be Neva. David of paid Man. Field. Grand jury feb. Term la my Rasmusen a i a a. M. P. Sullivan Bath. John Hoyle City. A i. Tufte hic an i. H. L. Vandagrift Albert i Peter Schultz. Freeborn. G. H. Zullick on my cow. John Hickland Manchester. I a Ritz Nelson London. To. R. Borland City. Huns Bothun Bancroft. L j Helland Mansfield. Hugo will Shell Rock Jim cipro Hayward. Milan Thomp on Oakland. To urge Ammon in inn. A u. Tarsi Tad City. John Tuberty jr., Freeman. Andrew Stephens Pickerel i Kalbert Fink Alden. J. O. To envoy a. Hartland. August Holb Shau Carlston Knuth t. Berg Newry. Harney Ley a was in Albertl it a last Fri Lay Haling just Complete a Wand chopping contract in Pickerel i Ake. He says the Farmers Are getting up lots of Coni Wood Thi Winter and will give the Coal Baron a run for their Money if they try to shove the. Pile up out of sight next Wint r. Which the Ordinary Man and woman d win Trad from profiting by the conflict were reduced should act osts for centuries to come and set the Seal of civilization s disapproval and on those who would Lightheart edly talk of War us a Salver of problems or who w Ith the terrible examples visible on every hand Imu id oppose any reasonable Means of pandering future conflict line amt last hut not least Ilner own inimitable original norwegian Amer ican dialect tories. L a misses i on Ai the originator of very Well known record.-, Quot the norwegian woman in a the Tele-1 Hogtie att it Ion sex service men have you a disability incurred in service of of have you Moue application for vocational training if not do so at one by writing to the Federal Board for vocational education. Present your Caseta the travelling in re which will visit Albert Lea feb. 23-24, or write Soo Beith Plaza bldg., Meta Leupo a Minn. Phone for Ila first time Jaring Quot Ami Many other. Both of these ladies Are former Freeborn county girls Ami have Many Friend who will be Piea de to see and hear them in their interesting j and plea ring entertainment. At pres ent they Arr touring Minnesota Ami Northern Iowa Ami Are bring Given splendid receptions in every instance and Many will want to ii ear them after having heard their songs on the Edison. We i me stand the Sale of tickets for thu concert has been in \ usually Large and will be completely sold out hot foie the Date of the enter Tain Oil. I perverse spiritual culture whatever May practice a to patriotism and laity it i a it to to that wealth and educational advantage a Wallet to Ndu be Onu thing of the who world a tar a i tear it character i concerned Ami it require Nenry Hiram men to tempt people to be of Calliel by Ian Iii Imie i i reverse spiritual culture is Ever on the Alert to to own Dean Ami the dissipation of personal a rth will meet Little oppo Ilion if exert for univ r at dissipation. But the Foum tation principles of a nation mud la a cur in who ome Amin i lie waste n Dis a rag Mgo Happing of National ideals in Ith Tho of other country. The american Haj will assert its of to a greater extent in Iii future Ami it is incumbent up ii All to american and the great outs a in world l rear up an Ileal America practising such it Nom it of p rope a to protect the nation Arni its citizen at the Frame Tome excluding no deserving person for practising Mit ional trails to make the adoption of it Stin nip of entered nor selfishness in Industry or toward Well meaning prospective Chisen a american language Magazine. Shows i i n. Ii. Bank enemies or. G. I. Meadowcroft formerly of Hayward this county but now of Austin ads us a letter which he a received from u North Dakota Bank and which i show that the Bank of tout Tate re in a Rood condition and that to writer of Hie letter is not affected Lieut the ii. Meting Rumor which have teen circulated regarding the Bank o North Dakota. The biter follows dated Jan. 2\ 1081 or. The p. , Minn dear sir Quot herewith my certificate of a Tapo ii for $o00, Ami duplicate Deposit a in for St 6r. Being proceed of tin certificate of Depolt you it u for $751.55 my interest. Be Alii with for yur Tux receipt and. See that the matter a attention a for due. Will say that this year a u have to pay Only a no half of the tax m the Spring Ami balance run Mil fir to without Pina Ity the ii. Your mine Ota Low work Blun we get the tax statement will Low Ani Sam to you. The audit of the Bank of North Dakota a taken place. Wild they hav taken car of a few weak Bank who needed Money no Radical mistake were discovered in the management. The Only thing that could be up to them a making real a Tate loan on Money that should be available and their opponents really were to blame for blocking tile ale of tin real estate la an aft a they we a , or la Money would now i a on Hun i to be. I guess North Dakota i ready utter off Tolian urn Tat so re the real a Tate dealer has boomed thing to the limit. Kinde a Reg arts. Rept fully it Ashier ii Freeborn Creamery company Aid a $04,000.00 business last year which is a ii real How no for any Community. La off vers Foi ensuing seat turn on the pork Market and give you a lie Ter Cia of female to continue producing High Cia feeder and to cd hog. It la farm Isles Ore tiling of an Selling at relatively higher prices than a year ago. Considering the a Bustance it feed and the Market prices no on. Can Fute the argument in favor of live lick farming Ami better la lock a the Only out Ion. The time i coming when consider Able purebred tuck will la going to Market. Statistic have shown that a pure Bro will dress Over to Pel cent mull meat per 106 pounds than a Erub hog. Therefore a say gel into the game a soon As to sible. This can Only in Don by can Ful selection Ane the very it feeding method. I he time to get ready tot the improve methods of farming that Are a re nary to meet the Pien ent and future conditions i. L ight Bow. Build your Herd White prices Are relatively lower and in to meet the future with the Cia of Good that will be in 1 Man i. Tip foreign countries a starving and begging a America door. They will need food a meal i the Baria of life. Just a Oon a leg Tai Ion can Imai ranged or a system of credit a it they can Purchase our product a will Sci an Advance in value. Again we a. Now is the tune for the com Ara hog Lieut Farmer. And breeder id re enforce their Herd. Edward Itok Ila written a Book a patriotism is love of country. Vav hav not Cen tha Book but Reserve judgment until we have Learned what country the loyalty it of the Book refer to. Known As the a Monroe Thiwa imply a formal and official state ment of the National demand that for Ign nation Hall not interfere with he affair of the two american con in Iii Here a Bien a Good Den Quot Fth put As to the real authorship it announcement. Charles franc the Freedom of speech Congress Hall Muk be Laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting la free lid reef or abridging la Freedom of speech or the press or the right of the pee-1 pie peaceably to a Weinbe and to plot Ion the gov diluent for retire4 of grievances this Fiteni clause of tip con Titu Tion of the i Nile state w a. W Rill ii therein by men Jan fearless Ore from Contact with King. War to Settle our difference by free debate. We Are acc a St urn i to a for e press. Sol no a they it la in what is the matter they cannot corrupt us. A a free people we Are Actu turned to thinking out our Pride items. Making our a Feci Zion. We ensure prescient u. F Leonard vier Phat Eaily want to Taar All the a go president s of. Miller to a user Manta. Tis till Way of do a i my is i ilium Jacob on Secretary am we like a difference of of in on. The manager i. A Sten Erml. About $79, wholesome whale souled Ane Ami was received for fancy butter Friendly philosophy of Lincoln that shipped to the Eastern Market. A cheerfully welcomed and accepted Iron. Received nearly ,000.00 for criticism should be cultivated Merer earn. Shall Farmer. Adam claiming it for his father an. U Harte Bummer for the Engli at Lilian tanning. Gilman however in his Tat Memoir of president Mon re a shown with exhaustive r. Search that this doctrine had grew up gradually into a National tradition before Monroe time and that to merely formulated it and male it a a Natter of distinct record. The whole statement is contained in a few a ladled passage of i message of december 2, 1888. In this Taar Donees thut Quot the american Coatie it by the fre Ami in Tep in Lent con lotion which they a Umed and mum a in. A not to to considered a ult Jet for colonization by european further on he Point our that the people of the unit state Iava. Kept aloof from european Orion and a k Only in return that North Ami South America should to equally i t alone. A we Houshi con rider any attempt on their part to sex u lid a Hir system to. Any portion of in. Bini plier a dangerous to out peace and while no objection is a i to ans Colony or dependency of. Heir it must lie assumed that the understanding a that they Woutis Gia Duphily with Irav whatever inter Lions they a regarding a Al Orion or colonization on american tor tin it and my further intrusion or Terfu rent would in regarded u 1 manifestation of an unfriendly to wan the United the Brief i them on Roe doctrine Quot a originally stated in it will alway remain a singular fact that Thi pre Dent the original or commune ing of Tho. Who Early Tab that offer Hobbib the Only one whose i idea Tifi with what amount a to Vii us i in a axiom of inter nation Law. By Quot the pint in Nam to h in urian i rain Mia to. F liver a Rome into the language a of die United stat Oad Hata ii much used and by ail invented or adapted words i very expressive the tag is Quick to i k up on approx print and Apt it Alai give it w Ole circulation. The word originated when Oil i Tab car Ware being it i place Lay in in Tern one la old car usually fix Over by a Ltd Mechanic to a. A year or More Heronti the Aal ural life of the Mac hint Tat came a Quot fever Quot

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