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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - December 30, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Fhy w a to figure la in advertising Tho Cost is figured by results a $5.00 and that bring More business is cheaper than advertising Contin $3.00 which he Cults in Lyes business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner volume i number 50. Albert Lea. Minnesota. Thursday december 30. 1920 a a a vs�?T1 it Means much to adv off ,.> to have their my age in Ach Jim every Home it Albert Lea irn county that i a n or in the examiner i a in. Single copy. 5 Centi promoters try to save n. D. Bank situation Law to cripple state Bank proves to be a Boomerang Clara human settlers face talk defense i Lino a of Cicioc _ i with counsel isolation from outside world in the Wake of the news soil Over Twenty Hank have been compelled to Clow their door in North Dakota. Vav hat Are the reason ? in View of the audible attitude of Bur b gainers every where and alway toward any organised Effort on the part of of Guitie Farmers or organized Lahore pm to improve their cond hrs Lions especially if Uch Effort involves Woun anymore okla. Or quem conference in tween Clara Smith Hamon at Liberty under .12,000 bail on a charge of murdering Jake l Hamon multimillionaire and her attorneys added a thrill to Ardmore life. Many prominent citizen visited the offices of Mather and cd Abby her counsel a in ii or the Day but tire attorney refused to reveal their purpose. I. Hamon Atter spending the night again at her Home in Ashfor thursto fight labor in clothing Trade Lack of funds to fight abandonment of Railroad in two counties five Hundred settlers in Cook and Lake counties facing tile Prospect of having their Only rail connection with by adding on arum one half Wilson okla. Motored nto Ardmore the outside world Cut off Are planning Inch to the connecting Rod. In the mailing. From then until late Legal action to prevent the Duluth a in the Lay a he either attended Confer Northern Minnesota Railroad from abandoning it track april i As permitted in an order recently made by tile state Railroad anti warehouse commission. Announcement to that effect was made today by their Atter cobol a a Heap fuel is Hen the War caused a shortage of gasoline in our territory of Hawaii the problem was solved by using Alco. Hoi made from waste material at canneries. Mixed with a Dace of Ethel of Toole detective Agency and one or two other chemicals it worked Well and the com of it it manufacture was about 8 cents a gallon. The Avery company reports thai it tractors Are being run successfully in i Uba with alcohol. The Only important change needed is to raise the compression by one third and this is a recruits ruffians to War on workers posed As Ace if is rakes in .$2, Fues stops building of . Elevator i. V. A. Initiated Law again blocks program of n. D. Farmers a a a until a to in re five bundle Able bodied men to act a guards apply ire tween i p. In. Anti 5 p. In today. Val detective gency Tion. Lith St. In Lack Onville. Jacksonville Fla. After to inc a Eddie Rickenbacker the fumes american a anti marrying Fence Hannan. One of Jacksonville prominent society girl and victimizing a number of prominent i n of Hundred. Of dollars an unidentified Man de Pat in i for part unknown taking with him his Bride of two Day an Cash estimated at More than it a hmm the imposter was elaborately entertained at club and acini fun by Marck nth special work a n the Tate Mill and he it a at crawl Fork will be Iii cont med by enc in her lawyer office or remained in seclusion in the same hotel Hamon received i death several Day ago to arrived with Coni Down to where it pay to Branch office. I f Lith in Jack Onville. Two uss it rather than Coal with sawdust u. It u ii and Cannery by products going to Ruiting tor the clothing maim he met i Hannan daughter waste All Over the country one might fact urn was against the Amalga prominent businessman and to a in a Tine. Any deviation from the usual on Lei of Krhnak Ketch Fomie Burn thing it is perfectly natural that nmnam., of the lain Oil King Ami now by Joseph Meyer. Minneapolis every Etc a a it will by Matte by the kept my a night try tor of his tau return Eil Homes hoi bled out of the we Der press Ami the supporters and de Fem to Rvl Tutti a from to Texas trip Lur new it a. Improvement representing ing the night. Hiwa expected Tocar of work town that Are just i a meet mrs. Hamon attorneys during ginning to get into the Modem stride the Dux a Well a the succeed woman. Or of a a Ecial privilege to make it appear that these Bank failure in North Dakota Are due to the wild communist bolshevism legislation of the nonpartisan Tongue. Ami that Effort a already it a it ear Ance in several quarter.-, notably in the Chicago Tribune editorial of november 27, it is important therefore that tin facts is known. Terrible of prices the first fact Ami the one Bai ing the greatest effect in causing the a Bank failure i the terrific drop in the Price of All farm products. Lins is not confined to North Dakota but i chert every agricultural state in the l Mon. Price have Iron Down to such an extent that Secretary Meredith at the National Bankers convention at Washington said that the Farmer have sustained a to of $2,-500,000,000 on the crop so far sold. Since Only about 25 per cent have been sold the Farmer of the nation land to lose approximately $10,000. 000.000. If their entire crop i sold at pre ent Price. This terrific depression of prices has put the Fanner in a dam rate must be abandoned if to not decide in their favor. Court do wonder Why this cheap fuel coaids not mated it lobbing worker i actively by mad available to americans. A a. The of Toole Agency is using toe Bushel of com will malt. Five Gallons Able bodied men Quot answering the and of alcohol and on and one Eurill. A a i Vertia ement to a guar the clothing pounds of com of. Superficially the reason i thai out Hup which hav lock Quot iut Thun citizens might drink the product. Dur Ion and locked in worker who Are government therefore prevents the willing to accept piece rate and in company of Philadelphia appointing valor ready for opt ration by develop tent by a High tax and other div dual bargaining with the employ b in manager of the futz motor far regulation. But we would tin a on Mal examination that the Standard noun cd their engagement night they went to St. Where they were married. While Hen he signed a with no. M. Fabian Aid to t a i my if Thi. W Eek a u i afterwards 11 solution adopted by the i f a commission i awk of fund an toe Cau a of the coming tier. The Large budding for la the. Levator a now tract Cady in clo de. The commis Ion fed. Conf ant that work will la reamed in the aug ult of a trial Given no a or u la and cont Rad he ale manager of a Bra manufacturing tim to have both the Mil Ami Delime Oil corporation and it Quot a prohibition funds he the chief obstacle. Surely fall of fiume now eminent Giolitti he an noun cml fiume will a occupy said in Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Rome. An italian crowd sympathetic i1 Gabriele Rio Annunzi attacked an toned Premier cd in la tit in Rome said a rom i Patch to the daily exp Rue s. Another d Annunzio crowd in Rome invaded the flit cd Cert shouting and in using Banner. It or reported in Rome thut two attempt at Mehelli in in fiume were suppressed by do Annunzio. Thirty regulars killed thirty of int italian regular attacking flume a e been killed and 2b0 wounded said a i Patch from three town.-. Crystal buy. Beaver America is sufficiently intelligent to plight of la .-11.-, the returns will driest Tesla. Not be Odic tent to enable him to meet Telegram Ira in. In la Aid it his Obhi a a Ltd at the bunk. And if . Of the. City i. The int in a Lwy he not it ii of Tours cann.>1 quoth a . The to them. Ald thu us the lok ume pm a is a a True hut it Cai Bunker local Hank cannot Irett Refu,.>i. Credit from la Ina Hank Becallo the a n a a Miatch from lion. By bunk defeat unit Quot that a a a a a the r Birne u a intr mean that the big Bunker Are with Hobling Loans Nom the local Banks. So the local Bank Are up against it. They cannot get Relief from the big Bank they cannot collect from the Farmer Ami they live no fund of Bay in Clamer with Isabella a Hamlet near Beaver Bay. Would be left stranded in the Miller a f the Wood settler testified. I hey have pent Jmie too in keeping up 5 a Miles of Road to connect various part of the township with the Railroad. Heft iness Mould by killed companies co operative an a Wie one of which the. Farmers co a a a no tin association of Finland Luke county Doe a Busine of $30,000 a year xxx it us it i be put out of existence said milage clerk testifying befell the commission lat october. Settler have moved in. Built House and barn an i prox the land by cutting off Timber so no of them claimed and will Jon div Idiaby $2,>00 to Slo. if the commis Ion order tan. Although the Railroad was opened and operated As a logging Railroad by the Alger Smith lumber company. The settlers testified they had let men persuaded it would in a permanent Railroad. Had they believe. Otherwise they Saki tory womb not hav. Invited in the land. Or. Meyer complaint ii their a half also allege that the company has looted the Simla i which it could Cut an ill quickly. Although with proper con creation it could hav Cut for Core of year. Devise mean of making this cd fuel available to it people without endangering prohibition \ a free i on Quot Farmer at last at a fart Nei who advocates a sch in i a Moke screen of a no the manufacturer hut up their shop temporarily to rid them of amalgamated member and Are now quietly re opening them on the new in is Union official declare. Xiii the method which a been melt of. At a salary of s2\00fl a year. After the appointment a accepted the imposter borrowed $1,000 from Burans. 1021 crop i harvested. Initiated Law Aue what the anti Farmer pre might describe As a free love a in in found tio orge Smith of Colorado a written governor plump of thai Tate that ii let Ives Al Cimfl should in allow a ii two wive. With City men Lemitri to one if Fuci. Synth Lelie e tha Many Young men would leave the Ritie to be on the farm. He also see in Large families the solution of the cheap farm help a cheap crop problem it i for the ant Furuie it opened shop press Howit. R. Erg. Smith i to of opem Tion kind of Farmer thut i dear to the heart of Grain Gambler meat Packer and big Bankers and the despair of those self respecting Farmers who try to do something for themselves. Iii i letter to governor Shoup. He Ray. A i Tell you this argument about Farmer to in a organizer j ail Bosh. If further proof that Smith is not o wild eyed Radical is necessary we played by Ety Ndu try in the counts practically to Bung about a a drastic reduction in wages arum a open hop Quot v condition. While the in w conditions in of r which the new it to run their hops have not get Lwen Uuie Public it i rumoured that a wage Cut of not in than Imi la or cent will he enforced in the re do to the diversity in the clothing Industry it will Upo Ihie to Force Wug in Many cae Down to 50 or cent of the Ania Gamut <1 scale. The general wage would be far below the Mim Munt of subsistence level determined by to government. Between 65.000 and 7.�. To workers a in the Case of the Home building association work must be on the Mill and elevator because the initiated Law depriving the Bank of North Dakota of a Large part of the Public fund. Prevents that in Tititison from financing the project according to lie members of the commission. But for the initiated Law _ the Hank of North Dakota would have been enabled to finance the Home Secretary Houston says gov building awl the min awl Evator Jan a traction until pm it no had be a sob officials stated. It was Point out that Money Aith which to finance the Industrial program cannot now in Bud except thru a the ale of Bond issued by the stat for that purpose. Just us non a the left it ads urn sold work will be re Uncle Sam is deep in Hole eminent faces deficit of $2,100,000,000 declaring la com nit in. It Gro deficit of $2,,fi0fin for the current tics i your. Secretary Huu have not Wim in locket i out a the Prew it us Ltd and the to show i. Faith in ten of a Lump in the in Iurii. If Clumber no rth Dakota. <01 of it Mach Iii politics a Lyon an a Good Muny 0f the had let eco it me Lwi. State governor May Smith a for the a. A i. A ii i i. Or work for Ohio tim in i orc the for the i Cal year ending Jan Lam Ople would not have elected you by ,., such a late nil Jor it via it second Between the Union Ami la he toe Treasury head estimated the a Lei Iii no Ila no fact Unis in Norfi Trifi 1 i it would in approx Sipau 1. Hepol of a it in in it i re of 17 i Nion official saw a him Ful sign it 8ijnmhot Anil or untied that it on december 15, committee which in the fact that the children a cloth could he Eon that new our of ton warned the Finan com fanned let oui on the late built Homes Mitt that Congre should avoid put and the Mill Ami a Levator at Iran Ting a heavier Burden on tile Treasury Fork.-. The commit Sion i now Nego-1 part meat. The estimate Cam As a tinting for the Sale of $6,200,00 of Surprise to the Committer a it a kinds hut owing to the nationwide nearly a Minn ,0 m or at a than financial Stringency buy ers in very that recently estimate by senator i scarce. Do Annunzio had released All prisoner anti that they had been taken on Iii Iii italian munition hips. Givihan reported killed fans. Do. 2b.�? nine Civ Lian resident of flume hav been kill Arni yesterday to defend the decision a their own so there is nothing for wounded by a Omli ardent of the far As the hum Metui an aspect a them to do but to clo their i Mai it. Italian regular Aid a i Patch from concerned. A aim tinted by the pre ident of the Fane but eau of a la ration to it la disc in an of Imp ring Gram marketing turn in the following Brief or a Ort a Quot he manufacturers Assoc a my manufacturer Ocia Tion had Ratut a pledge los a up he seen that new Revenue must in brought even eur tent re Uirt int Houston i ailed Lay finish Homes manager r. It. Bla Kentor Ltd of the Home building As or lotion i endeavouring to keep work going on the Homes until those farthest Advance May be completed by having the employ accept deferred payment. Ommi Sioa fix plat a a ii it a Mem Lieis a of the Railroad an warehouse commission Nill net att Rcpt Milan. No Rural read it or ice. A new ver Ion Al the manner in and this bring us to a which gabri.l<4 do Amunzio a Uon of the second essential cause by ouiuum1 cant it a Dan la Waing Gnu a of the gunk failures Viz. A hell from a warship truck the Luck of adequate Tural credit a governor Palace and a fragment for if the. Vast applies of Hil the i cum i surrounded a Gover Nimri duties. Cap Tai mild credit now in til control of the big Bank i of tin country were Prier by and july mob Hood. Ralit could in tended to the local Bank is who Iii turn could extend credit to the Farmer Ami thus the troop. Bordun of City Quot rocked a portion of flume near the ruler front has been wrecked by hell from the regular a , Aid report was wounded while on the firing line with i Nan directing the Siefen of the City. The a report said. An Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Bine said it was officially a in Tarm. R would a enabled to Vispo a of Frum . Gabriel do Annunzi. His crop gradually instead of lumping it ail at once onto a Market already glutted Tho depressing the prices Daw la Cost of production ruining himself Ami endangering or interest connected with and a pen Lent upon agriculture. But the big banker do not extend credit Rhey have the capital. They a a it old easily relieve the situation. But they do not. And then i no other sour of Rural credit. Of there i no escape. Just Why tile gentlemen a it on holding up the game we May not know but there is a eth United stat a pre me court tuts decided in in almost parallel Ca that u company had the Light to abandon its tracks Aid judge Ira b. Mills chairman. Quot is Coli cart t Buck Tho supreme court but i admit it is Tough on the state owned Cement Gilill started the Farmers marketing commit tee of seventeen a con no end that thay it Leir of handling live Gram crop of ont coun a our country to Thim St interests of the pro layers and the Aubin bout into in the follow org Farmer owned elevator cow p. T Ltd Ami Sale agencies to it it Erato of. A Jwa i and terminal markets of to a mixed states. Fur Mem Export comp Nisi an agencies to it a a rate in a a reign to la a i in it on hop fight. Turning a deaf ear in a the plea a of hurry a a it of or the manufacturers the contractor refused to Promise that orders for childrens clothing would in placed with the new Trike hop. An extraordinary scion of the a a Cutie Board a if the Vin Alamai Lins lie t for la Comber la when in pro entails from no a rth Brunch be inlay began drafting a Bill to be pre enter to la in a i there that do Annunzio Hail be to legislature which Rouhi to Blush a Idle a. Tale of. And a ment Plant for the manufacture of a mint to con Trust roads under tin Babcock Good roads amendment. Or. Nordgren a fortified by an Hilton attorney hips and citie.-, which Here it for were Deposit in the Hank of North Dakota May now be withdrawn. Under the provision of the Law As the non parti an had ii Hereof big opinion from t i the Bank of North Dakota moved funds from some sections of the state widespread feel Vhey were not especially Nee Ling among All Larmere Rug Only in at trial Lime to usher Saint the a portable sure is. A a. The Grain Gro vers of the United a a tut hould a on a possible by Mutual contract or otherwise arrange far the Aale Hai Grain on the Busic of co operative bargaining. �?o4. That the for a Ling shall in carried into effect Arith he ultimate View of the Protection of he just right of the producer and the orderly Market ing of farm product Quot the committee wish to augure the Gram producer of the countr it that it keenly appreciate the necessity of prompt action and that a quickly As the necessary data can in gathered by its expert it will Perferi and present a plan to carry the foregoing principle into effect with the co operation of the various existing annual inventory a ill not a a a Ltd n Uii Farmers organisations uttered. In Tiute in the new a Tat Grain marketing. Ruso ution Down a iut in it the pc ent a org solved that a Dee i it in it i it Dep ii i in it a announce. Mommy ,.nk my ,l, not a we to the interests of Ancu Tui Ana the consumer to Peru the practice now out Ltd i work in Vogue of Selling Gram Cotton an official of til company Rufu i to other farm pro Miu cts which the seller fuck a Type Ann it in nent in or his principal do not own at time o for the purpose of handling plan for solidifying the strength of the. National organization will be per fact Al. It i sported that beside the new York crisis the situation in by ton will be con to Der in detail Ford Plant closes 50,000 made Idle Del font motor company a. Dosed it i troit Plant Uale Init in it was Lea i finl. Iii Plant which a close i in december 21, for its or. Houston a Albil in fore the committe to it lieu the Osiier by Gnu which. Acc Ira Ling to timotes would Iez fire in outlay of $ 1,5 10,- k41,000. He indicated that tie Treasury would oppose any action by con ii thut would tend to pm n a new decline on the Treasury. In a be Clary als reit nit a i objection to the revival of the War finance end a Rution. Market Pic it i Liberty la in the go rement i he fire it employed on the Home in the City have agreed to this plan and have resumed work. Attempt will i made to reach Uch agn emits in the other Citie when the Tate in building Homes. Following is the. Resolution adopted by the Industrial commission recently in which work on the Mill and elevator i ordered Minnie ii the Resolution whereas the financial situation Uch that it appears that until further fund to Biu a in the con Truc und turn of the Iii and elevator were his t gland Fork can be in. Aid by thas a re ult of the soldiers Bony Arni Val Ingi Stative measure �?~-1 re of Farmers such As revival of the finance corporation. Enactment int Law of a Ittie Hies proposals or. Houston would necessitate notation by the the gov mount a la a a an which would add to the amount of government securities no a outstanding and a a it Ecret Ury to be offering curl from the Sale of Mill Ami Elk if continued dts us Ion Tutor Bomi that the work on Aid us enter pics hould be discontinue of particularly in View of the pre ent a cold a eat to which into Fer a Mort or less with tiler of Bon of the tet Lared therefore a resolved Wark in the amt elevator clo of til. The economical pro ecu Aid it Enterprise be it 11 Tat the construction Aid Iran Forks Init in a continued at the pro ent week or As own general which held that the stat could do anything Nee in a to carry out this Pra i a is commonly the Ballock amendment. Known As a Short his idea was that the Law should Quot resolved further that we do Kerning its plan Tanner to sell his product St the de which had again suffered from facture its own Cement than to impressed pore so that the specs Crup Fai use this Yar the la too alter they Haw once gotten fourth Faller a a Hill profit the product Iii heir hands May and Vance the prices and thu clean up suffered millions More of profs. Be thai As it may1, the fait just now is taut the to is no credit for Lite local Hunker that want to extern credit to the Numier and the Farmer cannot Ell at present prices Ami meet his which leaves the Banket Between the Devil Ami the deep Blu Sto. Hence lie close.-. He by this arrangement Ami no part Gin the manufacture at once. He Aid. No provi Ion would he made by the Bill that tile stat should manufacture Cement for a. Norrie re n Aid North Dakota bul i Brou Aho it the a where thy Wert net. And Prat be held More a warning to the Cement hereby petition Congress to enact such lion that the purpose is to Force the tit a a of he Parl of the Trust that the state a ready to Man trim go let it to eminent indicts Irain Oil Wii a Strong complaint has been issued by the Federal Ira in commission against la chamber of Commerce in Minneapolis its officers Ami erectors alleging conspiracy against to Sui Hie business competitors and especially Aramid Farmer Eoo a Ratton in a lying Grain in the Northwest. The detailed charge wha not new to those who have Een watching the Grain struggle in the Northwest for several years give added weight to Tho protest of he banners coming As they do from careful official invest Iga Tion by til Trade commission. The complaint charge.-, fur instance that the chamber of Canum rce a for Over three years in in a conspiracy to injure and destroy the business of the new Law a a a it my rang the moment this new Law went into effect it made it accessory for the Bank of North Dakota to Call in in a a re in and this at once revealed the Pernie iou nature of the Law of dearly that even a banker could it it Here a a county for example that had deposited a total of a $660,000 in the Bank of North Dakota told a using within its boat Ederie. $5fk .uu0 of fund red in the Hank of the thu extending credit to the state legislators to Convene next week Fri. Minnesota legislators who Convene next week face a Long hard session Leader of and Senate agreed yesterday. Many problems unsettled in pre Vious mgt most notable of equity co operative eve hang Ami which in a tonnage tax and scores the new Grain Market which this or hankers t Ripple own Redyt the next entail feature in the North Dakota situation is the fact that the Bankers association of that a a. A state obviously in Pire a by the big Bank and Quot to e people Ltd of the county of new problem Are to go into the gumption o Tarm i Eata ish ii 9v ,. L i i i. St. Baul mum. It Hows the meter Burness interest of the East took anybody can a that the Norce hoppers when the legislature meet to if Tornus a huh connect the the Lead in initiating and eur my the mento this be wig initiated Law it tuesday Large Banks the chamber of com of a Law it the recent elec a time when the Fanner were already inaugural ceremonies and organa. Mere railways and other forms of Hon that was intended to restrict and facing ruin meant nothing but Dis turn work will take up All of tue Day business through which the inside cripple the state owned Hank of North Aster. And wednesday. The House Organ strike at competitor and Levy unjust Dakota. It provides that the funds of and toe Bankers of North Dakota nation probably will not be completed n amp ref crib 0 c local school districts counties town Farmer and the North to train grower both papers under the control of the Chamfer of Commerce Are mad co defendant in the Cas and a Al lege i to have Mal false misleading and unfair statement. Concerning Compo tutors for the last three years. The care will by Arri in Washington on february 7. A Natl a s Quot heat Blan Over six months ago in this Collin p we described the system by which a he it Anama government handle thei tire wheat crop of Hhd. The govern the United Grain growers of it Ana a however Are so ent Husia tic about this first Experiment in something new that they Are going Ahad to form a Pool of their own fur in it year. Their plan will go into effect As Oon As 75,000 Farmer hut signed Hie contract to sell through the Pool. Sixty thousand have already Ign d. When the Canadian government started its wheat mk>1 it do so with the explanation that Ainee la reps a buying through on Agency the Ellers had to sell through one Agency to have their interests safeguarded. Our fed ral Trade commission in its report on Grain marketing last week gave about the first recognition in this country that foreign buying through one Agency had had considerable to do consequent reaction in tin Market for government Bonds. Need Bond us a necessity of a Bond Issue to Man a u cd dvrs m.nu-, my. Huston Aid is the aptly under to it it but it a oui in equally necessary flt rth government to Burrow in Ltd re i to enable the War corporation to function. 1 he Secretary Leclare him Eli to a general ale tax on the ground that it a contrary to the theory of prom Ive Taxa in in he added however that he favored a is leered Sale tax applicable to or tam Cia it of articles not n.ee-Silie-, which Neaul would keep the Burden a the tax from Tho unit to nay. Governor to be installed tuesday thereafter a tract Cubie con id Erin the nature of the Enterprise lending the further or of the commission and that the Secretary be Ami he i Hir Ehy a Trust d to it. Immediately comm meat with la Fuegle con. Traction company the Charles l by 11-Bury company and or. H o Bau on with the vow to a discontinuance of this work at the i possible Monant. And that hipper of material by in Trust a i to discontinue the making of further hip inputs until further notice. And thai the Barie l. Bili Bury company be instructed to tak up with the Van of hipper the matter of roaring a to Lay of further she pm itto i that to. Us a six a of Peru Ion Only Uch employees a Are nees Ary to act a watchmen to of to to tee property both Day and night in dulling the representative �. Tit rom no Ion in a St. Baul b u Ota ii j. Cut it tailed a govern new a next 11 Day i it it legis at ii ii a i nil in afterwar<1 the ii aug Rue will tak place jul a ii Lei a Xix tit coat than ago it the new governor. Then the wheels of Law making Wall begin to turn and they Are threatened with a Long cig of turning the grist i Fin lied. Of chief internet in the governor office w ill in appointments Duck season closes Hunters must report immediately after the Lemonie of the Legi Lulu Fie message of tie be a mum a t aft i rut in Cert it t Baul. Quot hat few water f w May to sitting around the Ian i at it a it at inlay Are it air. The gum Law put vat my but a i it May not shoot Lucks Bec Mug saturday until next a ept. My r. But the Dock hav acini far a of Blim learn i Umu no urn pm a u agy docks Kin fro ump or off flu Anno Ancen i in i a a to loud during the lat few a Roc. A Long list of new ap-1 Hunter of the a. T a son must give for continued a Page four before the end of the week. The co or a rat Ivy manager Arn a a la decline of our Grain Jyri Ces. Alee is exp Ete. H up a it of amount of Ford killed

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