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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - December 9, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by result. A $5.00 and that briny More by inns is cheaper Thun advertising co Ting $3.00 which re suit. In less business. Figure it out Albert Lea examiner volume i number 47. Albert Lea Minnesota Iii so a Dik Ember the 1920. Kilt a Salt to twisting figures Farmer. A a incomes raid income taxes is held basis of wheat Price fake average Price 15 cents higher in Spring than fall says expert Krum Wallace Sfa in in de Moines. Iowa a banker in North Dakota. George h. Johnston is sending out a circular in which he seek to show that it does not pay the wheat grower to hold his wheat a that he should sell in the fall rather than hold until the next Spring. He seems to think that our present marketing system is almost miraculous in its efficiency and that criticism of the Minneapolis chamber of commem1 and the various boards of Trade is not Only cruel but kicked. Of or. Johnston had limited instatement to expressions of opinion come tax we might not agree with him but we calved an Washington. I. C. George p. Hampton. D Rufh Quot of the Farmers National Council i As just made Public some interesting results from his study of no it a and exec profits taxes few of Finis firm hi-., Aid or. Hampton have had a income As Large As $3000. Quot in Mik the sad year for which figure Are a affaire in than a it of i per to it it of the agriculturalists a it court delay causes loss to stockmen cattle raisers declare feed prices Are padded in Yards fending litigation in the Couit. To decide if the Railroad and warehouse commission has the Light to set the the country received an income which i ice which stockyards charge for the made liable to th1 income tax. And hog and cattle feed livestock Raier the exemption at that tim1 was of the Northwest Art daily losing hun�8000. Dred. Of Dollar by being Force to Quot the net income for corporations pay exorbitant prices for Corn Hay in 111 was my billion an a on this and bedding according to complaints hug amount the government collect from cattle raisers and livestock no n. De Les than in billions thru a ugh the during november the prices execs profit charged shippers of livestock for feed or. Hampton Al Quot Points out that Corn was $1.75 Lier Bushel while the those Edh he incur fared much Market Price offered the Farmer for shift taxes from Rich to poor program tax program of big business approved by farm Bureau federation it Means much crime in to have i Heil me pm nearly livery Home in tiber a i Freeborn county that la advertising in the examiner in Orth while. Single c Opy t in wheat recovers Federal Reserve Hoard reports halting Trade Over 33 Points from Low Mark a a Hington. No Hope of tarty in led Anim business depression is livid out in the monthly statement of the Federal re Erve Tiona Maie Public recently. Depression exists in most communities the statement Aid. And n of tax on bit by me. In of the Baic causes so Board could determine w. Sumet strike Quot and i evident termination to Quot wait or fat i ii the i Quot Contd in Deco s to concentrated foreign Trade 1$ important Factor says expert gifting of the tax Burden i com it it better relatively Tho a of Sinai it income that had to pay the. 245 individual who come Muring ibis of or Tiara Smith la a Nom la r a i iry found by Oklahoma police reveals that j. I Humon till magnate and Republican National committeeman deceived her will Promise of marriage after securing a Iii voice from his off a Mon a mysteriously shot it a hotel in and it re Oklahoma an mrs. Darn could not a no i right to express $.&Quot>00,000 or mom a on the average i ideas just As vigorously us he in income of $399,359 left lifter pay might wish. But h1 undertakes to ing the ii come tax. While the prove his a beliefs by quoting stalls of eth a per my an i families tics Ami. A is a a often the Case with that paid income taxes had an aver men who Are not accustomed to Ileal age of Only $ ,02b left. With statistics he Falls into an error the 4g.i ,7 per sour having an in which make him an his a Pinion com of Ever 2 it too in Iris Hail an perfectly ridiculous. Average income of 92 and each he Tate that for the 10-year her of them had Eft on the avenge after ipod 1301-1910. For the months of paying their income tax $44,141, july to december inclusive the aver Thi net Ricer Quot represents the in age Price of wheat on the Chicago come in More than it at a per Market was 12.4 cents where. For cent inter to. E the same years the ave Mage Price for the months of january to june inclusive a. 93.5 cents. As there was an Advance of but 1.1 cents according to these figures he concludes that it did not pay the Farmers to bold their wheat for this Small Advance. 2 statistics wrong that sounds reasonable. But it so happen that the figures quoted arc not Correct. Instead of comparing the Price for the month of july to december of one year with the months of january to june of the year following his comparison Are All for the same year. He a in effect holding his wheat for prices which prevailed luring the six months immediately or ceding the time the wheat a harvested. During the War we to is for the turning Buck of the hands of the clock in hour each Day but it is going just a Little Toff fur to a a u to regulate our wheat marketing by turning Back time n any such a Hion us or Johnson tries to do. Of or. Johnston or any one ele want to make a study of the change a the Price of wheat from the time it is harvested until the next crop is grown. He should secure prices on a specific Grade of wheat on a certain Market thinning with the month after the wheat is harvested Ami continuing for each month until the next crop is harvested. A 15 c ent spread Corn was from 47 cents to 50 cent in the Railroad and warehouse commis Smith Damon who evidently married re Ion aet the Price at $1.50, after Fig a n phew of Hanman recently a hiring in th1 overhead charges insure appeared. The a liar Ance freight original Cost and haul mental anguish and age and a profit of 25 cents per Bush months ago Foreest r of the consumer i the hit lined for the next is Ion by the National indu anal conference Board which As its literal in tales a represent the business urn manufacturing of the United at a recent St Ion of this Bourd th1 following program was Laid out for Congress Lief Al of excess profits tax. Thi will free by Ine making exorbitant profit of tax totalling .<100,000,000 a year. Limiting of Urt axe on re invoked reveals great much As 8 n impending manufacturing activities continued to fail off during not Ember the Board said a wave of a reduction by retailers a not it added a a suited in to buying which would a it Apt Ion of production in Mun it line a a col re pending decline in the buying Power reflected in the dec volume of Trail of All kind also was noted. A it i the Board continued Quot to estimate the extent to which the completion of the readjustment Proee a May involve further slackening of employment an the in violate agreement to abide by fed. Judges7 decision Lay off employs to hire non Union men at reduced pay Al for the Yard owner. Judging from tragedy the commission r figures the stockyard owners received a profit of of cents for each by Hel of com old for feeding purposes last month. Net $275 daily on Corn about i of Bubels of com Are foil a Ach Day in the South St. Paul took Yards according to the commission. Netting the stockyards a daily profit of $275 on Corn alone. The commit Lon sit the Price of Hay for feeding purposes m the Yards at ,<33 per ton. Of that out the stockyards ignoring the com Hank a Mission Chai god $40 per ton Alt urn Mer. Recently they lowered their Price to $33 while the commission Cut its Price lower. I ruler nil1# of the stockyards livestock shippers Are not permitted to bring in their own fee or bidding. Incan to 2b Jar cent Anil allowing rre.,-� of commercial embarrassment the in improve North Dakota crop losses in Busine income in one year to la deducted from Ute tax for the in it it ear. The to. From Thi outre will a a .<2<0.000 too l a current bulletin North Dakota furnish till act a Quot i to a ti1 Tate. Direct evidently not who believe that Cen improved for other r Farmer take the log a out. The full owing Tat 1 showing the probable which the Farmer a compared with 1919 of the Bank of a ome inter Uncial situation at Bro of the Bot Tai no Bol be 11 in i. The Bon id tax of the Forin Ltd of taxation to-$1,1 $0,000,000 a year Are now by profiteer an by the by w Aith. To make up for the in Revenue Fiorin the sources National Industrial conferenc1 a prom Al the following new it 1 me those it on can be is if th1 by Selling Icar Given mount of loss and Ustin a Rice if they i Nemea luxe Ineree Girnt g urn Law inc Tea fume i us hit i my it ing 33 ing t Cia pm to 3 cent.-. Gavotte tax of 72.ui in. Immi Many Western Banks have to close doors the dirt state Bank of Marietta Oklahoma. Ii been i ulate i a a cunningly p Annel attempt to reduce the hard earned Ami still inadequate wage of packing House work cording to an announcement by Fred or Hus died in it infancy a Deli i. Dennis state Bank exam nine a Tate \ ovation of the agreement be th1 Marietta bunk is the a oath tween the government and the Mick Oklahoma state Bank to full within or Ami their organized employee the lust few months. The for represented by the a. M. A. Ami b. The failure in each cast is Aid to i Vav of v a., to Abidi by the decision the drop in the Cotton Market. Of Federal judge Alschuler. The Cho the cittern state Bank of so Kiev. Weep to Ltd la at prices i a ohm novem Ber i item amount by i i Ais wheat ,. 65.u00419o $65,090,000 a a in 7.009. M1 i7,,oo0 Oats. 30,000,000 Barley. 25,099.o� Al 12,500.000 Rye 9, Chi too 4.500, too flax a 0.000.1km i Pitat mrs Semi Mai my j Mai total loss. <139. Mme Milf the probable Esu Tai nod on. Hay livestock and other farm Proton admin traitor a been commute Montana has Bomi temporarily duct were added tie total would lie without gaining the object sought but is expect1 to open noon. A premeditated Ami studiously lie the first Bank of Cliff Colorado. Signed Effort to return to pre War with Deposit of $224 uni clawed its condition in compliant11 with rear floors on december 4. Tonary tendencies a met with Igno Twenty Tate Bank so far have Mirous defeat. Closed since november 15 in North the Davis Agar co. Ltd., Chicago Dakota. Is the concern that recently treated in ail Caes of recent Bank closing such an agreement like u Mere scrap in the West it appear that the Lunk of paper. Employees tried and com Are in mind financial condition exit tent. Suddenly were told without cent that they cannot liquidate their warning that their services would nut Eurtie Ami a a secure ready fund be required for an indefinite time. With hich to do business. The farm we have done this with no. 2 ret 1 l,4y a or no apparent Etc refuse to Mil at the Tow level w heat on the Chicago nun let for the reason. There evidently w a enough to which their pal act have Tompor-10-year period 1904-1913 the last work Tuke a the in a uple a never aril gone. Anil merchant Are Refu-10-year period before the War we they were Given in i Volun ing to Cut their Price efficiently to find that the Price for Thi Grade of tur vacation without pay Anil with stimulate Public buying con Rapant the hardship and deprivation that by the obligations of the two ii nor generally come with enforced mile Tant losses in Rural sections Are not Ness. During Uch Barren periods being taken up rapidly enough to pre these worker who live from hand to vent embarrassment to the bunk. In Mouth Niu to endure the Burden and la oth Oklahoma an North Dakota the humiliation of poverty a ure a depositors in the clo Bank Are in Deuth and taxes. Were not less than $150,ch10,000. Thi figure is nearly equal to the total loan and discounts of All Tate and National Banks of North Dakota. Director Cathro Jyh int out that if the Farmer were to take this loss the Bankers might Cit most of the Money they have loaned but their future business would rest upon in Industry depleted by this enormous amount. Quot of the Farmer their obligations Cathro Quot a credit deflation is halted other interests a other tobacco her cent900 too musical in tru Candy cd Wing my other Quot luxury to to per cent. 7o.. no tuxes on Petit co Metier it >,500.009 smtia1 License tax of 50 rents Jarr horsepower Nall motor vehicles. 100,000,000 gasoline. I cent it or gallon i >,000.000 sugar. 2 cents Jar Pound.200,000,000 Coffee 2 cent in or Pound. 2., Tea to cent jut Pound. 10,000,000 All of these tuxes totalling More than in a year will in borne by the common Mople of America. Thi is an increased tax of $30 for each family in the puffed Isi at order that profiteers and the Nile rim May a Cape pay ing their urdu profit und income Tate. In plat of the $1,1 so,000,000 a year of which business is to be relieved by re pealing the profiling and a men Ling the income tax the National Inglus trial conference in Are a propose to Levy Only one half of this amount in Busine in Hie in Kotob Efi intent in mediate situation us the ment of Iran for tuition and easing of influencing the Cre Rita condition i he Bourd said there a a to and envy in yet it me re mail merchants to attempt to realize on lock at the particular Day prices hut that reports rom til1 various Reserve District indicate that there we Al of a counter sentiment among in chant to make their profit regardless of the current wholesale Price store generally an reducing Stork and making no attempt t Fol it n a them Quot the to Quot outstanding order a an retailers Are ordering Only what i needed to me Day to Day requirement. Hill Price Are lowly declining it is still Felt that present declines hum not Pura eed declines in wholesale prices. Shoppe Are confining buying to Nee it Itie an Tuple Fth the re ult that the volume if Trade a fallen re food gambling act Given to Congress by John m. Baer like Bill by senator capper to be introduced in Senate it Lington d. John m. Baer of North Dakota plan to re intr Luce i Bill prohibiting gambling in Grain and other food Tuff at the present sitting of con Gress the Bill a introduced in Congress creases in the corporation Incon a tax lust Winter hut a of course defeat totalling <550, of i too ate proposed by de. Do not Ell Ami pay a director re main Frozen an All along the line. It evidently count wheat in August a 92.5 cent per by Hel where the following May the Price a $1.00, while if we take the average of the lat week in May the Price we $l.0k. From the Low Point in augut to the extreme Hight Point in May there was a spread of More than 5 cent a Bushel on an average during the no danger Itecau-1 of the Antee of Deposit Law. Fate guar Farmers unite to Market crops Winnipeg Dee. 9.�?fanner. Of Canada will join in u Gigantic wheat Pool to Market their i�?~.21 crop und crops of future y ears according to h. Vav. Wood president of the l puffed fat Iller of Almirta Ami former member of the Canadian wheat Board receive so much attention just at Lite last 10-year pen of before the War. Time when the organize Farmers of Between the december und May that country Are trying to work it prices the spread average i Between 7 plan for the better Ami More and cent. We have not had time systematic marketing of their Grain. To make a similar tudy of the Varia of a when Hundred of thousand of lion on the Minneapolis Market for them Are trying to had through what Spring wheat but we have Little thy 1�?~ffdt upon As an unwarranted doubt a similar variation would by Law priced period found. Spring wheat differ from or. Johnston a conclusions Are a Finter wheat however in that or surd on the face of them. Of it were Dina Rily it reaches it Low Point late True that there a no Advance in the in the fall or Early in the Winter and Price of wheat on an average Tuff Ween which handled the 1919 wheat crop its High Point in july. The time it is Harvest Ami la turn the movement for unite marketing we have gone into this particular of the next Harvest then it would not of the crop has gained such Mourien matter thus fully for two reason pay the Farmer to Holt it. But neither turn that organizer for the United first to Point out the danger of a would it pay any one else to hold it Grain grower a co fit Lent the plan Capling on Faith statistic that Are the people who buy it Nom th1 will co thru it a Saith not carefully checked for accuracy Farmer and hold it ale not in he i and second because or. Johnston be for their health. They Are not statement based upon these Ina Ccu philanthropists. They could not Confute figure is being Given wide Cir Tine in Busine without curation Utji ardently for the purpose broke they1 make a profit. Now if of discouraging Farmer from hold their profit is not due to an increase ing Timeir crop. I conclusions in the value of wheat where dues it were even reported favourably by the come fro in of or. John ton was conservative Ami usually accurate Correct in his statements then we would have the be to of ail reason. For looking into the manner in which Vii heat ii handled much Mere critically than we have looked into it a yet. We do not w ish anything we have de on re listing the downward movement until the country Hal a a n so fit mimed with cheap farm product Ami other raw materials that they will la amply Coin pen at it for an it lose financially sustain i in the reduction Board which propose of th1 Price of product they business for profit conspiracy has failed the Canadian Council of agriculture which drafted the plan estimated that with 75,000 holders the going undertaking could a accomplished it is estimated to too have already been signed up in Alberta and Saskatchewan. I Here is Sori it think about our yet tem of Lysine for profit that maims liars of men. It is Only a few1 weeks since the reported a or at shortage of sugar Ami predicted that this necessity would become luxury for which we would have to pay 50 cats pet Pound. But the Cun piracy has failed. The exorbitant Price. A sorted from the american people stimulated the shipment of Urple stocks of Ugar f front a1 part of the world the Hohler of american Ugar lost their in to and fell Over each other in their anxiety to unload. Now we Ai told that there a no shortage that the Supply on hand All til time a ample and i now greater than has existed for several year and that this veal crop the world t raising the rate to 16 per cent while quadrupled tamp tax rap s will bring in an estimated $134,000,000 both of the taxes however can in pay a on to the general Public much More Eady Titan excess profit taxes and income tax which is Why the he i be interest a seeking the change. Tile american farm Bureau federation w at the National indu trial con it tenet1 Thi plug ram in favor of big Burin Quot in pub Init matter put out telling la result Ltd the conference the federation take. To much credit for the proposed Lvi Unoo change in tax Law Ami take the almost Liny ground that the approval of Thi program by a big business make it certain that it will lie adopted by Congress the federation publicity matter tates Quot the first skirmish in the Battle to revise the Federal tax Laws in been won by the american farm Bureau federation. It a put it Elf in a position where the big Busine internet of the country know anti respect its Powers senator i ilium capper of Hun lewd int reduce a similar Bill m the Senate or. Baer also plan to introduce a Resolution calling for an investigation of the big bunking interests to ascertain Why Farmer Are being disc rim i fluted against in the matter of credit in favor of tin Grain gamblers and represented in the meeting profiteer in general Quot Congress is actually snowing a de ire to listen to advocates of the measure Pun Ore i by the nonpartisan league now a sat i congressman in commenting of the Legi lug Outlook a heretofore it has been Ible to get the of Minneapolis. La Cemba t wheat reached the Price of so and March wheat $1.72�?T at the Etoile of the Market on monday l he gain a a far has therefore been More than 33 cents Over the of record for th1 season of $1,39, tills somewhat rapt i recovery would indicate that Farmer efforts to hoi Back wheat in the Hope of influencing prices had succeeded to a considerable extent. Those who have old Short on december wheat have had to do considerable buying to cover their sales and they have evidently had to buy at considerably higher figure Thun they expected. New figures Al work banker and Grain men Profe a inability to Analyse th1 factors actually Grain Market. They Are willing to recognize that then1 Are More Force at work in setting paces than the old familiar standby of visible Supply world crop prospects anti expectation of Euno Pean requirements. It is allege that foreign buying a been heavy Ami if kept up at the present rate will exhaust the total Urple before the first of april. We ar1 interested to note that a. A. . Sex president of the lated. Minneapolis Uman Lier of Commerce declining admits the i it Point which the examiner a called to the attend in of its Reader. More than tine1, namely that concentrated buying for Kurop is a Factor again to which we have no Ade quit provision to protect our Farmers. The Market is naturally of Flash a or Magnu on. And not even tile demoralised credit situation in Europe could keep the prices of wheat at it pre ent Low Point hut for the fact that eur a a Ean biding is concentrated in the lain of one commission. I sing stale social in with Uch buying Power a that possessed by All Europe United in one Agency instead of Competition for our wheat Between tit eve Raj countries it is not difficult to see How this Agency could raid our Murket in a hitherto unheard of fashion und quietly buy up Mon than enough for it Supply it would then be Able to Hull the Market and make money1 on speculation for wheat Vil Fieh it never intend to Export Luct Winter w Aen the Price of it Ugar our to Over 80 cent a Pound. A British Agency had control of practical v All our Western Lieut Ugar. I he capitalist nations of Western Eunike evidently flu not hesitate to u e Tate so a Cia i Ai when it tan yield a profit to themselves Many of the Market exam it it Are pointing out that during the War there a really Little or re european Market for wheat and other farm products in til tact ene. I to i Niter Blate. Advanced loan to the european countries and a Tead of a tiding tin1 Money Lent to Europe. It a pent Bete for our product. It e thu really paid for our own Export. And had in Lestum Only european promises to nay. I Aralia t red tiie re a con in a demand. M inter when Laws were sought aim therefore that we to ome More lending to relieve the agricultural Situa my to Europe caper tally to Germany which used to in about our euro More Titan a million votes Pean customer Ami is not lion Quot the by to Lair Telephone companies to ask increase St a. I in North j 9.�? application of Price current of Chicago. Jut recently they were made the for a special signed tory sent out by a Chicago new Syndicate. We do not know How widely this Story Over is the Greate much for Ugar a a is stiff attorney i Law in Force and the in jail Macswiney widow gets n. Y. Ovation a the most Dang Ruys or. Muriel macs Mey. Widow of the world is the fear Fth Loro of Cork ree sieved a a few bad names of in eve i known to Rcpt that Palmer mud the lever hold up men not Phon Lep Infante me i be i i is an cent will lie Tate i. In operator for rate it top r Tate Rad Ion next >v.kne-. In Heing called it had been wine by hirer. A been circulated but from the fact said in the foregoing to he construed great ovation saturday when he afraid of being railed a that it a received by us we suspect As advice to our readers to hold their arrived in new York on the s. S. Or a Friend of publication Ami sin that it a gone out to thousand of wheat now for a Spring Market that Collie. w give net or a disturber of the Peep papers. It is of Especial interest to is not the question we Are consider evidence before the american com there would have been no Christian note that matter of this sort should ing at All. Mitten on Ireland. Ity. A and i ii i sri Minn it acting a it Ai u Aid by Tho Road and War House Conin week a hearing on the application of the Northwestern Tele Bone company i it for next wednesday and that it the Tri state company for thursday. The application of both companies Call for Ift Crea that Well their coffers Atole than .<4,000.900 annually the league member. Ami the my Putlitz i in the lat election the appear to have caused some of tile in members of Congress to sit up am Tif. Take notice. They Are beginning to an realize that la formers a up and a doing now and that unless they them re selves get Busy somebody will Beal Tarn to it. A the nonpartisan league movement a organized to eliminate gambling it a the necessities of ii i a a a prevent profiteering and extern the same credit facilities to the Farmer a a being afforded Ria business men. Our tight for Tho Mea Ain to attract a til1 attention of then tire country Ami nit t the approval of la common people it in this realization that is tining Congreve into a pretence at Lea to of ing to heed the will of the people a Elf co or re. Lake action at the time it will be Berut a that body haired convinced that th1 nonpartisan league will sweep into Power Iii us next two year unless the unbearable conditions now prevailing Are no tailed. Preu Potch from Wash w toot la i 111 i Iff. In of Alii try fat in ii result o i it opt Good o 0 from i a 1 ut-1 nut tonal Ping of go a i tile Selling e i. I it 1 a a a. Cd the sort t a until wheat i i Gnu of Teplik but o Wuu a Quot Ltd of tire Industrial to a t for Lugli i1 if i last it a in it it the Nat Unai Reau retie rat a in Effion plot a to i n in ii re i i Agol rude no no to a Ann to it tint r about on Trong tiv1 tar us Center or of the the natural to prevent my f Actu i a i prevent no in Stu t to i i. A a to lit il., hands Prce the in Joi. E reached for n. D. Labor asks Transfer of Bank grail i Kok to Fork Lobo Rei to. My ton Ami the editorial tone of Lite hapa a i a. Of a a leading big Busine a papers the few Days dearly indicate Thi?.&Quot doff # a i a a i a and Kim in a the i ranter of the Lak Hank from the tau Lek to ran i Fink

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