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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - December 2, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Rhe Way to figure it in advertising the Coit is figured by results. A $5.00 and that bring More Btu in1 is cheaper than advertising costing 8 00 which re Cults in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner it it i ans much is Ert Iier to their a Sneary every Home me rag i t i i thief Iti Elhert i in a Horn county. That is v Vert iring in the examiner it i while in who fun Al volume of number 46. French intrigue ruthless says British editor blocking All chances for successful nations league he says by Earle c. Reeves i International Nev service stad correspondent. , tin pro sin of to buy. I extending the tentacle of her intrigue to the four Corners of Europe an blocking All Chance of Success of a Neelety of nations. Such is the slashing pen picture drawn by a. To. Gardiner Quot to is perhaps England a leading editor. In England it was recognised that by ident Wilson had Fiance in mind w Hen. A few div before the election. He to statement on the league of nation warning of the revival of imperialistic intrigue and containing tin widely headlined phrase a Ger Many is not the old the Wilson to Tennent it Elf passed absolutely without editorial comment by the by Iti a pres because Britain was at the moment at Loggerhead with France Over a a a a of interpretation of the Versailles treaty. But Gardiner startling attack quickly followed publication of the Wilson statement. Outburst against England i he most recent outburst in the i French pre again Tenglin Gaff line r declares a a tarted because we have decided not to apply the private property of germans in this country to i the reparations Claus of the treaty of Versailles. We cannot enter upon a policy of pirate plunder Quot he adds a the reign of Force was to give place to the reign of Law. Underwritten by the guarantee of All the nation. It a upon these terms implicit in the armistice that Germany or rendered and hostilities ceased. It seemed at that moment that the world had at last turned into a new path. Quot Talay we Are Ltd ill Rioa a. At the in i of two year of peace we Are Hack in the eld path. Policy of destruct tan a the Par a policy or a which you perhaps add ing Poincare More Uny single per on Are re Pon i ble. A it triumphed Over the Washington. Quot the main purpose of that policy a been simple. It a the political a i economic de traction of Germany. A Over the whole Field of Europe of have Pur us a this Purpo a with a skill and audacity and an Energy a Brilliant a they Are sinister and shortsighted. On the one hand Germany i kept under the menace of an unlimited indemnity which make her financial recovery practical on the other she i threatened with the deprivation of the sources of economic Power which would enable her to make the Lea enable reparation that Justice demand. A of her three Coal Fields one Hal Een taken in the of that of upper Silesia your military agents Art working cease in to get it transferred to Poland. In the Case of the third that of the Ruhr your openly confessed policy is to occupy it with your armies and to use it a an instrument for the political dismemberment of Germany by the secession of a Fouth German confederation uniter French patronage. A it was to promote this scheme thai you sent Back troop. To Frankfurt. A concurrently with this purpose of keeping Germany Down by Force you Are building up what the new Republic has called the most daring scheme of imperialism sine pan germanium a at its Zenith. The continent is strewn with your military Alliance and swarm with your military Mission it is French policy which a encouraged the pole in a frantic Imperiali a which has ruined the pro pet of that unfortunate country. A Hungary in an output of your Mil ital y system and is left with an army of 350,000 men while Autna is reduced to 30,000 Ami the Force of the whole German Empire is to be reduced to 100,000 men. A your treaty with Belgium which you have declined to Reg tor with the league of nations convert that country into something Little different from a French protectorate. The frankly admitted purple e is to open the Scheldt making Antwerp a potential naval a e. In the axiom of the Napoleonic Days. Antwerp is a pistol levelled at the he a i of this country Hill la and to rupture a it is no service to your great noun try to continue to ignore All this your policy Lead to an inevitable rupture with Britain Anil Italy and to Lea Minnesota Thirso a. December 2, 1920. Refuses Fortune n. Dak. Bankers special session on Deposit Law find themselves embarrassed by anti Farmer amendment to Bank act or it buries Garland. Charles Gin land of Boston support her he Hund in his Roto inherit .-1,000,000 from i father s a a Tate. Outside of John i. Rocket Lier who refund to fake More than i my mph from his father to e responsibility of managing huge inv tents the Gnu Ual decision of Char Garland find a parallel Only in fiction. Or Fiat land Mother is a Wadi known writer and a Cturner who took a prominent part in the formation of the thud Pally at Chicago. Wrangel suggested to redeem Armenia from soviet Rule saving of the armenian from the Lurk by the soviet method App. Ai to be regarded by i. Ague of nations representative a worse than no a ing at ail. Armenia a been currying on War with the Turki h nationalists for eyeful months Anil when final defeat seemed certain the armenian government turned it Power Over to its working or rather to such part bismark. N. I nov. 27. Conciliation and fort Lea i a Nee Are becoming the watchwords not Only of the Tat officer.-, which a always pursued a conciliatory policy but also of Many banker. Who have heretofore been opposed to the Farmer administration. That is the Best Way to summarize All the counter play of thought Anil ideas that have hushed Back and Forth Here the last two Days with regard to the withdrawal of Public funds from the hunk of the state forced by the i a a. Initiated Law. In other won the bunking it a Tion in Thi Tate is becoming so threatening that it effects everybody whether he be banker of not. Leaguer or not. For this reason the lev 1-headed element. Of the opposition Are coining around to the View that in this particular matter this is no time to play politic. Mercer for spacial ses Ion ail the banker of Mercer county were Hen today conferring with the Tate Bank examiner and oth r officials a to the impending withdrawal workers of state fund.-. They freely expire red of their it the reasonable attitude they found a Reu Nuble a the new or Obi Law in rant Ted the officials to be. They All Aid openly that if they understood the initiated Law a they now understood them they would certainly have advised against discouraged Farmers cold to Stock show Minnesota Farmers Are so i Cour aged by the present prices for livestock that they no longer take Muc h interest even in the International love Tock show at Chicago according to n. J. Holni Herg. Stat commissioner of agriculture. Not one Farmer a asked or. Holmberg to make arrangement to attend the show which began mon., he said in contrast to a Large party last year. Or. Holmberg left for Chicago this week. I he Stow began the forepart of the week and will continue to dec. 6. Or. To Imberg will Addre agricultural co missionary at their annual meeting held in connection with the How on dec. I and 3. On a practical project of a marketing $12 minimum wage for working girls is Board ruling decision of sate commission applies Only in towns Over 5,000 it. Paul. After my throughout Core of working the lifted $15 i is innumerable hear the Tate. After girl anti Octal that a minimum a Enaud for women. Women in Industry Are to receive Only is a week increase bringing their Vvs. Kly Alary to $12, As a result of the wok commission. Decision yesterday. This minimum of $12, however will apply Only to women working in them and were agreed that a special town. Of More than 5,000 population session of the left lature should be 4 he wage in towns Jess than 5,000 immediately called. Remains to lie set. Mgt miters of the representatives a of the William wage commission Aid the Niall town an Mckenzie county banker us. Girl will know their fat within of elation were in conference her with Days. Bank of North Dakota official.-. They also spoke fairly. They said that Hail they known at the time their a Sada based on i in my cot not Ladi eved that the of it a a definitely revolutionary finn met last week when it adopted in sentiment. Thi brought the run resolutions favouring Coom it ration with Ion to the aul of the armenians Ami Bank of \ a rth Dakota that it definitely removed the menace of tur Quot a it Kul for a a Cia Legi utile tur Kish domination. Many of tile representative at Geneva now advocate re equipping the remnant of Genera Wrangell army. They Point out that the spirit of Iii officers could be eur ily revived because they Are mostly English and French. England i reported to i opposing 11 i a suggestion because of the eclipse of one my wrung be pret Tiff in the near East la no Robert end English member think that #20.000,000 would by enough to ave Arm Ilia from Bol be i Iii Ami intimated that an Appeal to armenian ii lie organizations in the i United mites to peed up collections not Call would i a made. But if the pow Quot will not allow re in work t be carried on in bolshevik territory they will have to pro due another revolution in Armenia to be tit i Lief fund it is not a dived that the latter will fare so a Well As Tho.1 who work in the larger cities a the Cost of by my is less in the smaller town. And the demand for increased wage a. A cd on the higher Cost of living. A p. Gardiner chairman of the commission said the huge in the smaller town will not in Mcreed it All a was it is expected the Emit of i la fact that the executive Council living will lie Low of the Stutch Bunker Ion to revoke the initiated Law they would have passed a Resolution to that effect. Bunker meeting earlier association apprentices in meets in Fargo it it a november 30, two chive #0 for la is usual for the also believed to at Bast it is weeks earlier than Council to meet i have significance. That ome feasible All around will be nations league army to occupy v1lna City hated by All Side plan satisfactory found. Iii talk of a special Ion to in peal tin new Law is readily increasing governor Frazier of caul to will a session unless at least a Large part of those. To voted for the initiated Laws favor a reconsideration the matter is simple league forces control two than of the present Enate hut Are perhaps by or is vote Short of the two third in both Houes Neces Ary to revoke a Law that has Lieen adopted by popular vote. Need i a i. A a. Vole l a i is Little doubt that the league senator Ami repro ent Ailers would be practically a unit for revocation of it should a no great Tuk for the reasonable element among the the fit attempt of the league of nation to exert armed Force in behalf of it Deci Ion will it the occupation of Tiina in Lithuania a mixed Force from several nation including Denmark Sweet Ion Norway of their House members to vote to re anti Holland Are on their Way to take Voke. Poles Siow until a vote of the citizens from a political standpoint tile Adon be arranged. Ministration it friends Point out a immediately after the of the nothing to gain from a special yes poli Hru Iun War general Zellou Ion hut from the standpoint of he ski who has been owner of a great inanity Ami business stability it would tract of Lam near Vilna As Well As be willing to meet its former Oppon prop by in it used his polish forces eats at least half Way in revoking a to occupy this City. Problem that is growing More Are Nae i occupation of the City was Eon ing from Day to Lay. Tray to Deate terms Between Poland the late Bank examiner reported and Lithuania Ami he evidently re there were no Bank failures today. Farmers or urge town will ii first three month $10.id for the second three no #12 after the first six. I Hose less than i years old will receive a the first three months Sii the second three $10.50 the thin tin., Ami $12 after that. Harking women and minor in general will receive #12 from the a Start. Hiatal amt our Al ii in i i played Hie a # it award will not lie an Noute i officially until a to Mal announcement is worked out by Jamesey Markham a a i Izot attorney general miss Eliza f. Evan Secretary Aid. I his is to prefect Tho award from being attacked in tit. Ground of it it or i ing. I he award go into effect 30 Day after formal announcement and will try to have it announced dec a the Date on Wail la two hit Tun a arils were made lit Aid. I he present minimum wage Cele Export buying of wheat heavy Millers alarmed Over half of surplus was sold abroad by november i Minneapolis rapid Export of a heal has be torn an important Factor in the Market situation. Lip to november i report show that we invt exported 140,000,000 Bushel or nearly one half of the estimated surplus available for Export if Normal Home need an to he supplied. Anxiety of the Millers to have enough on hand to keep their Mills Busy and to prevent hostile top such a the exclusion of Canadian wheat a served to turn them a Well As the Farmers against the Bear report of the Grain traders. Be on Mary months the Mill is believe that Canadian wheat will be needed Here to a a p american flour Mills running. Many of the laight null have lie to running on part time partly because of uncertainty in the flour Market and also Lietao a of hop of getting w heat on lower Price Levels. Foreign buyer who have probably been a big Factor in wheat arises Nave been quietly buying. At the present late they will have More than our available surplus by april i and foreign demand is Likely to in it a rather than dec re a cell is not improbable that foreign buyer. Already have bought Mon than our available surplus and an planning to squeeze the Millers when the Market turns Upwall. In support of the Contention that the Domestic wheat apply is getting Low and that All available up lie will he in demand soon. The following facts Are cited m heat is twang exported from the i United slate at a rate of More than i Rekhi bushels a Day. From july i to it 15, the wheat Export totalled 125.000,000 Bushel. By nov. A the total had run to 140.000.0oo Bushel or nearly Liaf the estimated Export surplus of All bread grains. July Market heavy it i calculated that on july i there Vav re ,. Bushel of wheat in the country of the carryover and the new crop. Grower marketed about 320, Khz too bushels in july August and september retain a about 470,- my#00 Bushel there Wen Only too Olmo Ltd Bush in the country on oct. I or 150,000,4 or i Bushel ii Titan on the sum Date last year it i asserted. By reserving Imi Ota by a for wed and allowing 580,000,000 for Home grinding and 30,04h ,000 for carryover Les Titan 250.000.iaa Bubel would in left for Export. This amount it is figured would Only Lut until april. Miller think the extort demand is Likely to become greater rather than Kina Mer because Stock in Europe Are in coming lower each month there i in a wheat available to carry the world through this crop year than was available at this Date last year an tile Millers believe a shortage a a it by the american milling before then it crop is liar a a it Ltd a it ass single copy 5 cent in the Wade of i he news state hankers in North Dakota who at their last annual convention condemned the provision of the North Dakota banking act making deposits of Public fund. In the Bank of North Dakota compulsory now realize that they have gone too far. While some of the state banker probably were not in favor of the attack on the great in tit tinn provided but the Farmers none of them rut cd their voices in Public again to the work of the anti Farmer crowd. I he constitutional amendment providing that the deposits of local funds with th1 Central Bank Boul a a optional was through misrepresentation Ivy the tanking group. The move was of blindly hostile to the Farmers movement that the Bankers did not con Ider that if the right to Public funds a. Denied the Central tank the Central Bank would have to can in the Deposit which it has made with the lit Cal Bank to meet the claims against it when the new amendment goo into effect. Big corporation world movement pastors salaries below average unskilled steel workers claim it will lie remembered that the inter Church world movement Sci Uund in its extensive program the appointment of a Large commit a to investigate the steel strike of in lib and that a report from this committee was printed this year i he conclusion which the investigating committee came to was that the annual earnings of Over one third of the steel employees were below the level set by government experts As the minimum of subsistence Standard for families of five $1,575ami that the annual earnings of ,2 per cent of All workers were below the la tel set by government expert a. The minimum of com nov in Many Parte of North Day it it Veff a Fatm ii in of fir. Govern Kota the Bank is Are in a panic a i of it estimate $2,024. Ing Resolution. Begging Clinty now the i int.,i stat steel to a or to censures to continue depositing with rotation conies Back at the a signers the Central Bank and for the Central the inter Church report with an in Bank to keep up it pre int system. Dict ment showing the Low wages a sol the Central Hank has acted a a a a by i it r of credit facilities for the entire Tat. It has deposited the puh Public Tun rec e Ive i in a Cali tie when they would do for the res id it of North Dakota where. In i r the Obi Stein Public fund a own denomination a a i a the pastors in their denominations Ami Shames them for not providing for their own i he individual members Are culled pm Fri the the bar of Public opinion Ami made to face the deplorable condition Chi sting in their the average Alane Are Way below those paid the unskilled steel works. The answer slates i his committee representing denomination employing some 115.0 h ministers deprecate the fact that 72 per cent of the steel employees get less than $2,024 per year while they knew that Over per cent of the preacher employee of the Deomina Lions they rep ii in Lei i got less than the Bank scrupulously up to. That that amount and that 50 per cent of would not take individual deposits their own preacher employee receive a state an average of $770 per year in. The Hank half of the $1,575 specified now that the Batik of North Dakota government is going directly to the sources of tence. Money it will undoubtedly become a much greater institution than it has been hitherto. Cumulated in Fargo and grand Fork Banks and were frequently sent out of the Tat for investment when other parts of North Dakota Wen in de Perate Nee i of credit. The Bank of North Dakota Mio a opened its dam it individual deposits from citizen of the state. Many leagues Felt that this hould Hau a done from the lie ginning but there a an understanding which a Bank i it so Long a the Bankers of the played fair with the Central an by the u minimum of Obsi a of the 101,000 employee of the sle. L company 30.4 per cent killed workers averaged untied $2,740. 31.5 per cent of Semi kilted averaged Willow Long will the present Buim under $1,052, Ami the a r cent a i i Ion last 7 i pit i ably the Mot averaged under #l,4bi, the commit frequently a key let us tilt a Imlay tee who represent in fact inner tire our opinion is that it can not last ent the denominations knew when longer than two month in an acute they were signing this statement that tag and perhaps not 30 Days. While their own denomination in which present unemployment and ruinous they the signer were Bishop or prices for farm product May not he directors or representative were Over within this time the new Boom paying Only 7 per rent of preacher will in indu to r . Of $11 went into effect dec. 5, 1917, i. V. A. Force to induce eight or to miss Evans said. The ale in fore that a 0, which went in effect in 1914, lie Aid the comm Ion a created by an act it the of jills invitation to testify rejected by Carson sir Edward i , i pro Engli a elements in land was not on or court Oiler of the North ire in in turn ing Clown in invitation by the american committee of too to testify a to hic id of tin situation the refusal i publicly based on the ground that the commis Ion a a a. No mandate from the British government which alone has the right to Deal with the internal affair of the Empire a sir Edward s extreme loyalty to the the permanent Ami Active enmity of from the National ranking element of to Empire is the More surprising in View the Teutons Ami the slave. The stat which in not affected by the till in t previous to the a what Force do you rely on to us initiated Law. And they in turn Are lain to perilous a policy ? the Mili receiving considerable prodding from tar Gem of your country backed financial centers further East. Fuse i to it it his own government much a the italian poet do Anunzio did in sizing flume. There is a report that soviet sympathizers occupied the City that is drove out Zellou Al. On november cause 27, in if True this further com pm i crisis Cate the situation. The bold talk of a a a. Farmer activity by at Donnybrook held a meeting last night an pledged 145,-000 to Aid in reopening the Donnybrook state Bank at that place As it has been Friendly to the banners Anil Helm d Farmers in the continued anti banker comes with the concentration of Black troop on european Oil and a network of Petty Alliance extending to War a Buda Tami Bucharest in every Case an Alliance with governments wholly in idiom military and reactionary ? c an you look ahead a few year and suppose that this system w la be enduring Ami trustworthy it is the system of the hour that will collapse at any boat of the realities j of Campean world War he a threatening revolution to print tit a option of a Home Rule act for ii Elan. Lord Trench later Field was ordered to proceed against him with armed forces and this dissenting a one of the things which led or believe Sig had a goo brate get i Reinhrt rates i Bey protested at he Hington rec nil again to Ocean freight rates which they Aid were Fielding the foreign importer of wheat Ami hurting the american Miller. In support of their demand for a revision of the rat which a granted they quoted recent Vav heat Export statistics a allowing that there Wool i portly be a Scarcity of wheat in this country. Which might oblige Millers to bid up the Price Ami perhaps even but Back from foreign Holder wheat that had been purchased for Export whether foreign buyers have Maie provision for their need i a debate que tin. Millers Ai assert ing that fug Ian i. France and Italy Hob More wheat in this country than they will want and it i generally believed that european Purchase already mad will absorb the total exportable surplus. It a been a tim ate i. However that Europe w ill Nee to import at Lea to 4i 4 .0 g fms Bushel Ami if that figure i a proximal in Correct. Foreign buyers and american Miller will be in Harp Competition next Spring for a wheat Supply barely efficient for Home needs. Eon Art tart to fact Wing pro wiil Haw glutted. The reasons for believing thin Are a follow the pres it panic i a poor Many a la my. The big Fellows a it coming and it curtailed their production that they do not have any con Side Rabic Sui Plu to work off on the Public rather than Cut Price the Woolen Tiu to Cotton tru to. Shoe manufacturers Coal operators Ann rubber magnate Cut Dow n production. A a the pre ent stocks of retailer a a lausted work will hav to it again. While farm Price have gone ruinous level it i tie Vert he in a that the country a been Cornu old Stock lather than the new a Lur and when it Ami Europe i Egin to actually need the new product Price will come up the More Farmer tan succeed in preventing their product from falling into the hand a of b g business at pre ent Price. The mow rapidly will a their recovery from Lepre Ion. The game of the big fellow ii to it hold of wheat Wool Corn Cotton Ami livestock now when the prices Are Down because of alleged Lack of demand of they succeed they will make log Money in the next Boom a panic like Tho of 1578, i Kos anti 1907 is impossible now he Eav ult in do lev except Farn ing i St thoroughly monopolize that big business can not be taken Oil it guard with so called Over production what we shall Sci a Short panic and Boom with gradually increasing harder time for banners worker Ami Small busine.-. Salaries equal to what 80 per cent of killed steel worker were getting. Only 0 p. R cent of the preacher were receiving pay of pm. Killed steel worker Ami that 1 per cent of the 115,000 preacher were getting from a third to one half in than the in killed Teel Burket who receive the entirely inadequate wages off i. It it a Bat can we Leal n from the a i ode a Tir i place that it i not tile function of the Church to try to Etta tailor dispute Ami wage question of corporation. It to Eisong la the in eminent out lutheran Church Hail no representative on this committee Ami in Thi cae dbl not Over Tep the limit of it function. But altho the tee corporation can Point to lower wage in tin churches it i not thereby justified Uny More than a criminal can justify himself by pointing to a Gualtier pm. The signer of the inter Church report do not stand in the same relation to the pastor of their denomination a. The tee corporation to it workers. The indictment of the churchmen for Low salaries paid a tors should be directed against the congregation.-, urn in ome of the a congregation the men of the steel corporation a member and responsible also for the condition in the denomination they should therefore remedy conditions Ltd their own corporation Ami a member of Christian denominations with enormous capita not permit such deplorable conditions to exit in the Cha Reb j he Case against the Teel corporation cannot be Ettie i by pointing to discrepancies in the lither an Church Herald a Chicago banker controlling million of Dollar is said to have been bom in a Sod House in Texas and to have Helper i Mother do the family Many to washing. Perhaps it is because Sod Chance Houes have gone out of fashion Ami i disloyalty to the Empire at Patent washing machines Are in the time however May have been Vogue that Sod housing Ami hanging the mean which English politicians of wheat bought a Tori of Coal out clothe done to make More Anan used to prevent Irish Home Rule of Farmer can keep hot Tki it a int the Price of wheat. A compared with the Price of Coal seem to How that 12 of wheat Are required to buy on ton of hard Coal Thi year whereas year five bushels the Hurt Ciers out of Farmer a Coop it a Torso Bih was the Case Herald. Been Loyal. Carson has always thinking about that grand Fork n. A Rotten Ileal american. German emigration to Mexico increases Mexico 4 is said to in encouraging emigration to Mexico but in a very qua t was. Groat number. Of German immigrant Are entering Mexico to in farming. A German Colony is being formed n Chiapas. It is suspected that Germany Hope to Bud up great Colome in Mexico similar to those established in Brazil unlawful to trap or Spear muskrats t but Krai Cason opened yet of anyone caught tapping or j no muskrats ibis year wed a ret to ant to anti heavy hot a Velmor by a a of Fie Fet Tate Gam end Fin Ion proclaimed a domed Moniri a Muskrat the ii Yea i Mink Mart in Iuler Ray i a taken Jiva Obj it j

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