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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 26, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Coit la figured by result. A $5.00 and that brings More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner volume i number 32. Of is it Means much to advertisers to have their ago Roach nearly every Home in to to it Loa and Freeborn county that in Why advertising in the examiner is Worth while. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday August 26, 1920. Single copy 5 cent visit the Freeborn county fair August 31, september 3 roads to shape future policy in coming year railway managers on trial says president of Baltimore and Ohio no n. Tax Levy for 1921 is tax commissioners plan Washington another Daniel has come to adjustment to Tell railway j managers that they Are on trial and that upon the Wisdom and Intel j Genet manifested by them during the next year will depend the future statue of transportation whether it shall continue Lin tier private control or to be taken Over by the government and maintained for the people. Daniel Willard president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is a typical Railroad executive but he possesses a vision that is lacking m some of his colleagues. The plainly can read the signs of the times. Re knows that the Public will not alway quiescent by accept the condition that have been established by a complaisant Congress controlled by Large business interests. There will lie a Sharp reaction against the misappropriation of Public funds to pay private dividends Ami to liquidate the Aims of private management. Already i it is in evidence. There i widespread disapproval of a Businesslike methods of railway manage s. Resulting in an almost Complete prostration of Industry and Commerce and the recent rate increase is certain to increase the disaffection that everywhere prevails. Or. Willard says that the Public is dubious of Railroad securities but he is hopeful that the future will materially soften this attitude of hostility and bring to the treasuries of the railroads the new funds that must be secured if the railroads Are to be operated efficiently of the railway managers do not see and meet their responsibility then private ownership is doomed Ami the logical next step is government ownership of railroads. What or. Willard does not see clearly is that with rates already so High that the carriers will soon be operating on a basis of diminishing returns re Hulting from curtailment of the addition of interest and amoi1wut on Quot barges will increase instead Remote Railroad troubles. That divided and interest May be paid on outstand Railroad securities the interstate Commerce commission has recently imposed upon the Public a new direct tax of More than a billion Ami a half of dollars. When this increase tuns the Gamut of multiplying increases that must be borne by commodities it will aggregate a tax of More than $50 per year for every Man woman and child in the country or approximately $3ou per year for the average american family. The railroads Are offering their securities at High interest rates increasing operating charges Ami it will be but a Short time until the executives Are again Back in Washington asking and doubtless receiving additional increases of traffic rates Industry la prostrate by what feat of legerdemain do the railroads expect to relieve the nation a Industry from the blight of inadequate transportation with Vernier coming apace and Coal bins empty with manufacturing plants closing because they cannot secure raw materials or the transport of finished commodities with last year s crop still in warehouses and this years crops still in the Fields with stagnation and paralysis everywhere what Are the railway executives doing to redeem a very serious situation the claim is made that transportation has failed because the carriers cannot secure cars and motive Power from their insufficient revenues. That was the basis of the demand for the recent freight increase. Cars cannot rebuilt in a Day or a week and if the Railroad managers had an unlimited Reserve they could not possibly add to their equipment in time to Avert disaster. Hundreds of thousands of workers Are Idle while the entire world is clamouring for the necessities of life. With under production everywhere factories cannot produce because they Lack transportation. The situation has become progressively worse notwithstanding the government has been struggling energetically for several months to Oring order out of the chaos that followed immediately upon the return of the roads to private control. There Are sufficient cars and motive Power to transport 1ne nations output if they were intelligently used. Continued on Page eight Bismarck a total tax Levy of seven tenths of one Mill will be fixed for this year 1920, if the recommendations of Tux commissioner George e. Wallace Are carried out he told a meeting of county auditors county commis loners and local tax officials before the Tate Board of equalization Here today. This Levy will be exclusive of the soldiers Bonus fund. Commissioner Wallace also told the gathering that he has u plan which if adopted and put into Law by the next legislature will entirely eliminate a state Levy for 1921. He said his plan was to raise the necessary state Revenue through the income tax thus putting the Burden on those whose income exceeds their exposes. On this matter commission r Wallace said in part a the slate Levy for 1920 will be fixed at seven tenths of one Mill exclusive of soldiers Bat tue fund if the stale Board of equalization follows my recommendation. In 1918 the state Levy was four Mills. This was the Levy for a series of prior years. In 1919 the state Levy exclusive of soldiers fund was 1.91 Mills. In 1920 i Wei recommend .7 Mill exclusive of soldiers fund and if the legislature will adopt a plan i now have worked out the 1921 Levy will be reduced to Zero exclusive of a tidier fund. That certainly will be something new in this part of the nation and will attract attention our Way from All Over the United states. My plan to raise the additional Revenue is to Amend the income tax Law so that it will produce More Revenue and take the Burden of state government entirely off of land and other taxable properly. Quot this will then give us an elastic base tor taxation. Ender such a plan Only those who have an income above expenditures and exemptions will be called upon to contribute toward the expenses of state government this is As it should be but is possible Only by affirmative favourable action by the a open shop is employers aim to defeat labor Bank of North Dakota turns $100,000 into state coffers Bismarck the Industrial commission has transferred $100,000 out of the earnings of the Bank of North Dakota to the state treasurer to be used to take care of the interest on the $2,600,000 of Bank Bonds that will become due on january i 1921, and july i 1921. These Bonds Are drawing interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annul $50,000 becoming due on each of the above dates. I he Industrial commission has mailed notices of its action to the state boart of equalisation in order that this body May eliminate this item from the coming tax Levy. This action of the Industrial commission shows that the Bank of North i Dakota has been self sustaining from the Start. The taxpayers of the state. 4 i have not 118,1 10 a vide a cent for this institution either for its organization Asun ton the tragic Harvest of or the payment of interest on the Bonds which provided capital for the Bank the open Soop Campaign being wag the Industrial commission used $35,000 of the Money appropriated by the eel by Large employers of labor sup legislature for the organization of the Bank but this was returned Harvest about completed in North Dakota Denver reaping tragic Harvest result of big interest Campaign by Charles m. Kelly fair crop Prospect for this year threshing Well under Way i ported by Chambers of Commerce and state Treasury several months ago. To the funds of state labor will go . Over production is latest bogey new Yolk the Quot produce More Quot scarecrow which has been held up to frighten labor into speeding up to produce Quick profits has now Beer abandoned for a new bogey. In preparation for laying off thousands of worker Jud after election the employing interests Are now busily informing the Public that the world is threatened with grave Over produce Tion. Minneapolis aug. 19.�? special a in u statement just issued by the the Minneapolis trades and labor guaranty Trust company claimed to Assembly last night voted to with be based upon the reports of repro draw All of its funds in local Banks sedatives All Over the world it is Here and Deposit them in the Bank of declared that Mut of the principal the milk a agon markets of Europe the far East und Minnesota workers protest fining of Assembly officials other commercial organizations is lie ing gathered at Denver Colorado. There is involved in that struggle More than a controversy Over wages and hours of la Jor. It strikes deep to the roots of Lubore a inherent right to organize and protect itself against 1 greed and exploitation. Several men have been killed and a number wounded but All the dead men were Ker. All the men who have gunshot wounds Are workers or innocent bystanders. The shooting was done by the gunmen imported by the Street car company. The workers when they have struck Back fought with Bare fists or hurled brie. A strike of Street car workers has been seized by the chamber of Commerce and employers organizations of Denver As the Point of attack for their a open shop Quot Campaign. It a been determined by the captains of business finance and Industry that organized labor shall be wiped off the face of the Earth and they will Stop at nothing to attain their ends. They Are prepared to employ terrorism and they have actually done so in Denver. The Baths and maiming Furni a gruesome prod of the extreme length to which enemies of organized labor Are prepared to go. Officials support it company in the Wake of the news notice by the Federal Reserve Bank to the effect that Rural Loans will have to be cleaned up directly after Harvest ought to be a great Eye opener on the relation Between business anti politic. Bankers and press writers have some Nice Ransom really for the action. One has to have a Little Selling talk to sell things these Day. But the fundamental reason is this Northwest Farmers Are Likely to hold Brick their crops a Little More than usual this ear. They have done petitions out for Shipstead ticket in fall Independent candidates Are making ready for coming Campaign St. Paul Are in circulation throughout Minnesota to get names of doctor Shipstead of the a lot of thinking on the monthly trend Glenwood for governor capt ii in of prices. The big Specular on George h. Mamon of Minneapolis for the other hand want the Tuff rushed lieutenant governor and Thomas v. On the Market and they know that Sullivan of by. Paul for attorney Gen they can create the Rush if they can eral on the ballot As Independent can get the Banks to Call the Loans. They ablate for the election in november. North Dakota. The governor of Colorado and to it to they have whispered a it. Mayor of Denver Are supporting the things to official Washington j Vsev Fyk America Are my overstocked Lawless Street car Corg any they Are this is a Campaign year. The a no its funds Tate Bank. In the North All other local have always succeeded in this before through connections with the big Central Banks and Many local Banks. But now have the Federal Reserve system and these Market men Don t believe in playing a ten spot when they have a joker they Are not men to do things in a Small Way. Few und farm by Norman j. Gillespie editor of the examiner Jamestown n. D., aug. 24._ i in Bing is now Well under Way in j this Section of Minnesota s sister state harvesting being practically All completed All Over the state. Indications Are a fair average crop will be threshed in North Dakota this fear. Heat i averaging to and 12 bushels to the acre Barley 22 bushels Oats 30 bushels Rye 18 bushels flax 7 bushels. Of course in certain actions the crop i averaging More than the Fig ares quoted above and in others much in. I Black rut and drought have done considerable damage in nearly All Section of the. State cutting what promised to be a bumper crop almost 50 per cent. Gras it Hoppy i Iid ome damage in of sections but the damage done by Tho e pests was negligible. Farmers in this action of the Tate report excellent Sucic with what is known a the d-5 rust proof wheat. Do wheat another lust proof variety shows better milling qualities but do. Not Mist the rust As Well As docs the d 3. Farmers who planted too to 200 Acle of d-5 wheat this Spring Are reaping a splendid crop now the average being 15 to is bushels to the acre while Tho. Who sowed a i wheat Are threshing out about 7 to 9 bushels per acre. That diversified farming will come following conferences attended by All the candidates for state office who run at the june primary a with endorsement of the working people s nonpartisan political league and the nonpartisan league it was decided that these three should run again at the fall election As independents a Force of worker is Busy Cooling the necessary signatures to pen into its own in year to come in this tons. Enough Rimers probably will Tate is proved by a tour of the farms Dakota w.,k Jar mixed it wifi to it i a up inn Quot a v a. A might a lie obtained this week. To e Campaign in this locality. Many Farmers Are Union a th��?�sunareentsi1t Quot up earn general on the other hand arc than a via a Hurt. This a a nth re my ohm pure bred herds while those a. Pptrtt�?~,1 to Fol of rail an i if they a Jbf. Pm Totz a he a Tain it Quot a no cannot continue upped Tob too la Norm to real mention work in All oar. Of the who have not Aires Lone a loth. Bank of North Dakota will re ,., z . A a or a thou he the act Ltd they arc thy an i., .a. Cam Wiki to Mink a la Calpe a at will take Tho Cand dates into anxious to chive new deposits from Minneapolis labor of approximately $500,000. Protest ourth action the act inn of Minneapolis labor was taken As u protest against the conviction of four labor leaders including r. Cramer editor of the pc rally textile machinery. I a Bor review of contempt of court it in admitted however Ity to buy and a wave it a Xart of the workers but for the pres being turned Over to the Market profile tact that the world War Stop ent they Are unmindful of this fact deers. Perhaps this time the Market Ped production almost dead for near they obey the orders of a big bust men and the politician will find that by four it ears in lightly dismissed by Ness Quot because it is organized Undem the perfect play was a disastrous the guaranty Trust which asserts ploys its political As Well As it econ one. That nol Nidy had counted on the Omejc Power. Peed of labor saving machinery is with the agencies of government arrayed again to the workers it that the seems to be jul t Plain horse sen so Are and Are tart. Every part of Minnesota. I sheep raising a proved profit pros cts Are reported exceptional Able further West in this state while independently Bright for a record Ete. This is shown by the activities of both Republican and democratic lamer Lynn Thompson Dan Xiv. Wave of Over production May lie Over that they should make an Effort to Steven. Ami Leslie Sinton All office shortly. This allows for a change of wrest the reins of Power from the if the Trade and Abor Assembly tactics when organized labor a brutal Power of capitalist greed of were Given the option of $125 fines been sufficiently humbled by the the workers of Colorado or in month jail sentence by judge planned unemployment to go Back in other state mean Bardwell be Aue they violated Bard a Meek spirit. Homeless workers living in boats Wells injunction straining them from advertising the wonderland theater As unfair to organized labor they will serve the jail sentence rather than pay a Fine. When they begin their jail sentence aug. 28 labor has planned another by the Teder eled pre demonstration. Union men thruout1 Seattle forced out of their Homes the City will throw Down their tools land because of High rents several 2 p. In Ami earn ing banners of it a1 Hundred workers families now Liv firming their determination to con my in Houseboat on Lake Union Are Tine opposition to judge Bardwell injunction will escort the convicted men from the Parade grounds to the county jail. contrary to supreme court a Boycott on the Loop District in downtown Minneapolis has been decided on. Labor men said today this action is expected to hit the business organizations the citizen Alliance and United Busine organizations which were responsible for the injunction. Union men will be urged to Trade at their neighbourhood store. Judge bar Lwella a injunction was on the state anti Trust Law which the supreme court in other decision has held does not apply to organized labor. The injunction was issued by judge Bardwell in spite of another state Law passed by the 1917 legislature prohibiting the use of the injunction in labor disputes. Threatened with a second eviction. The City health commissioner has appeared to the corporation counsel for advice As to How the families May be removed As there is declared to be grave danger of a typhoid fever epidemic among the Lake residents. The Waters of the Lake Are Aid to be polluted by the presence of the hundreds of families on its surface and the washing of dishes in the Lake Ater is spreading the disease. Lake Union is Only to minutes Distant from the heart of the City. The workers who sought its bosom to escape landlords Al of Cut in the profits and every to maintain their organizations mean to press their demands for better social and indulging conditions it will be necessary that they mobilize their political a Well As economic Power and drive from office every agent of the pedal interests. The open shop fight is More than an economic struggle. It is both Seoul and political it is at heart a struggle for human Liberty. The Chambers of Commerce seek to withhold from men tax right to organize and bargain collectively to take from them their Only effective protest against insupportable economic injustice. Disguise it As they will they cannot persuade any considerable number of intelligent citizens to accept any other interrelation of this nation wide movement. Recognition of general Wrangel a 1,1 Vaniza Jone. Constituting the de Facto government of South Russia by France mud have surprised even the general himself. He is a left Over from the evaporation of the done Kine expedition and has i toes stuck in the mud of the crimean Peninsula two weeks ago England appeared willing to guarantee his surrender As a part of general peace terms a Point which How How Little Chance this refugee has of being of use to the allies. The recognition brings into bold Relief the break Between England Republican arc calling member of their state Central committee to a St. Haul from every congressional District for the purpose of a conference with c. It. Adams chairman of the state Central committee. At these gatherings reports Are made of conditions in the differ it District and Steps Are taken to work out a card Index system showing the affiliation of every voter. From this it is hoped methods can be figured out regarding the kind of pressure needed to Wing Tho a into line who have shown a disposition to break France on Continental policy. Franc a always been the big Continental influence along with Germany and England a followed her until recently when Lloyd George undertook peace negotiation with the russians the act is probably a warning that France will not give up her claim to be first a in the continent. Some observer think that the United Staten is Back of France in the mutter. While this pressure has beet brought on England to join in a get away from the ranks of the old Tini ers. Hile thin process is going on in a secret fashion the candidates will take Hie stump in about a month and tart their talk about bolshevism and socialism. Democratic leaders also Are having conferences Ami discussions but they have adopted a different Mode of campaigning from the republicans. Instead of laying and ills to an overhanging wave of bolshevism the Many hogs Are being rained in All actions. It is interesting to compare the farms of North Dakota with those of Freeborn und adjoining counties in Minnesota. In this state the Farmers have been trying to raise bumper wheat flax and Rye crop while in Freeborn county the tillers of the soil pay less attention to raising Grain and atle to the Dairying game. Farmers of this state Are realizing that it is Imposable to Grain alone and make a living especially when the gamblers in the larger cities dictate the Price they will pay for the Farmers product. A a result it is self evident that m a few More years Farmers of this Tate will lie following the plan of those in Freeborn and adjoining counties and place Stock on their farms that will bring them at least a Little return every year for their labors. Labor not slacking up employer insists woman wakes from two year slumber Waukesha . Clara Jorgenson Racine wig., who has been asleep at the county Asylum for More than two years has regained consciousness. A sister in Law of mrs. Jorgenson a Era world War the government there strike at Souter of xxx rung been strengthened in its original when the striking workers of Den policy by Labory hostile attitude to Over raided the office of the Denver any War with Russia. 1-Abor spoke Post they were actuated by a deep at last in terms which the ruling seated conviction that the source of class could understand that is it re their wrongs is the bitterly unfair fused to do any work in any Way in eng Peoples of the food dealers by sitting on their hostile treatment to which they solved in the possible new War. Verandas after the Days work was Are subjected by newspaper defend Fler on this by no mean vote for them done and spending the evening fish a in of special interests liar Post is gentle suggestion Lloyd George us _ ing. Gas is piped into the houseboats recognized throughout the West As an per facially saved the governments by rubber from Shore. Inveterate enemy of organized labor face by a Little scolding. He warned and an almost suppliant Organ of rid Tiu i Adad Mari its neat Mem the div11 Fiji a dui iv1c.pi Street car striker was notoriously asked to quit Paris Luh Nfay us 11 Quot rtsentmd1t the treatment they have received that or Quot Quot Quot in an enraged mob broke into the news Paris William Adamson labor paper Plant and member of and Harry Gosling la add r of Thiol try .mnu.v.r. Who control the p1 by America in the Only Allied Commerce dominating newspapers democrats intend to maintain that there is no bolshevism in Minnesota Milwaukee despite reports to the Ami that Republican talk about Thi contrary As printed in the kept danger is All bunk. Pies a of the country labor is wont then the democrats propose to and my As hard As cur and producing Vance As their own doctrine leading just As Plank of the platforms of the work Thi statement does not come from and nonpartisan league a labor Leader but from one of the ers in the Hope that this will Garner directors of the Allis Cha Ruers co., John j. Mcclement who arrived Here claims of indians soon to be cleared temporarily the British parliament out of commission. Gosling Leader of the Large employers who English transport workers represent actions of Chambers of my the Conal of action of the British Voith equal facility Are labor party left for London tonight the columns of Many after conference with the general la that Are persistently and malevolent Bor federation of France and exec by prejudicing the cause of the work Tives of the unified socialist party Era and have established a Bia de they came to Paris this morning but Public opinion that reacts to the Dis labor that Industrial action of the j kind threatened interfered with Par a flame notary government and would be _. A. Ii t. A devils Lake aug. 28.�?claim and resisted by All forces at the governments disposal. Vance by the and Waspe the whole situation is of the it ton has been in the Moat importance to american to tim court of claims for three years will soon be argued and final settlement nation whith can Supply any mile at Washington. Claims Involv-1 Erbie number of men and can finance m ,. De total $20,000,00, alleged to have visited the institution bringing with her her six year old a on. It is thought a after their arrival were request advantage of the workers when they that the child awakened memories in Eti to leave. Failure to comply with Are forced by the tyranny and the the woman s mind and restored her the request it was announced would a War with Russia of there is to be War they will not refuse except for some temporary consideration. Frank i is mends the Well known War expert predicts a kind of bolshevik i to a Normal condition. During her Cal tor their repulsion i stay at the Hospital mrs. Jorgenson before their departure the labor has been completely helpless. Though men declared they had accomplished j in a Semi conscious Stele she us the task for which they came to panic in the neat few week among Euins a tha the the Bug business groups of the world Vaju Satej i. And these groups Are the real Wae brutality of the employers to adopt been due on account of treaties made when Minnesota North and South Dakota were ceded As territories to the United states. Tile government1 were later by the indians who theres forfeited their compensation. To attend the directors meeting of the corporation. A hear report that labor is laying Down on the Job Quot said Mcclement Quot i do not believe that this in True of the average Workingman who realize that his welfare is dependent on maintaining Mcclement also asserted that the pie Cut slackening up in is Only a temporary affair that As soon As the crops am harvested and the Railroad situation cleared up business will again flourish Baer urged to run on Independent ticket Hankin on n. She remembers certain dimly recalls incidents. Faces and Paris and that they were satisfied i to with tip agreement reached. John m. Baer a Una i to i Ignatius court a full blooded Dor de for re election from the int i Sioux from near devils Lake has District by the nonpartisan it has been pointed out that out gained the title of Quot Indian Congreve a precinct men and Delegate a in of nearly 4,000 fights during the Many because of the frequent trips a on her. Congreve Man text the labor movement must realize first year of civil flying in England he has made to Ashington d. C., in i urged to Mak. The race in m min on Page eight theft was but one fatal Accident. Behalf of his red Bret hem. J pendent in til foil elect in their Only available method of redressing their manifold wrongs. Workers need free press those who have Given any thought

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