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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 25, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Farmers workers help Albert Lea trades and labor Assembly celebrate labor Day at fair ground Albert Lea examiner endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Enk Vovsi d by the aug Feln is and it Bor of Noil if you Are wrong you can to be too conservative if you Are right you can tax too Radical. Volume 3, number 34. Albert Lea Minnesota. Thursday August 25, 1921 a in. In a a single Cal Pofs a exhibits in county fairs history Cincinnatus and the great deluge a ii Imp it mime Shii ii ii i Iii Golden age 1 population Ami anything that in the Day of Uucius Quintic of piously affects their buying Power Cincinnatus 519 b. C., the roman a a rings trouble to All the people who people were much weakened through Nake or Deal in or transport the strife raging Between capital the things the Farmer buys Ami that is patricians and labor the plebeian everybody in the country except those the roman army was surrounded by financiers who produce nothing at Savages. In despair the roman Sena a and a a Ive off the sweat of the mul tors went to Cincinnatus offering to to tut in. Make him dictator until the country anyway there seems to be in Lun should be saved. They found him at Tern Juv Ved panic headed toward the the plow. He saved the Day marched american people. It was As usual the Amy Back to Rome Laden with deliberately manufactured. Whether the spoils of Victory and returned to it can be As deliberately stopped res farm. What a fix the roman Mains to be seen. Students of people would have Laden in without economics have for a generation or the help of Cincinnatus they would More looked at the production of pig have been in just the fix in which the Iron As representing business Condi american people find themselves to tons. This is because pig Iron is Day because of the ruin of the Anteri largely worked up no structures of can Farmer by the Federal Reserve various sorts and one of the first rank. Things a concern halts if in trouble of course the Federal Reserve Bank financially it is building operations can be expected to say that it did not cancel its orders for building a ruin the Farmer but it did never the Tennis and equipment. And Thi Goosie it encouraged him a year ago the Way Back to the blast Furnace. To put in the most expensive crop not it is significant fact that Ever planted in american Fields and Tho production of pig Iron is Down to not or i v workers invite big state hair primers to Aid in Celebration the most stupendous program Ever put on any fair in the world will be presented to the Northwest by the j Minnesota state fair september 3 to to. The entertainment features include attractions never seen in this part of the country before. Thriller of thrillers will be the passage of Lieut. James 19 years old from a speeding automobile to a Low flying aeroplane of Quot a Tho picnickers a the und each afternoon. This is an act never preside i Over by a print if Coffee those who bring then picnic dinner to the labor Day Celebration at the fair grounds on monday september nth Are due for a rare treat. As there will be a Bountiful Supply of capper of Kansas n 7 Var ii or presents figures will la ivc great Stock show attempted until this Pring and a Core of men have lost their lives trying it. The automobile with Lieut. James c singing to the Back of it will come racing Down the track at sixty Miles an hour. A Low flying aeroplane will come up from behind. From its Landing gears will hang a rope ladder. As the ladder passes Over the Auto Lieut James will Grabe it and swing himself off into the air. Among other makers from the local a tappers Union. This gentleman according to his own confession used to be chief Coffee maker for the King of the cuckoo islands but a forced to leave that land of Sunshine. And roses because so Many unprincipled Young men were using his code to lure fair Maidens from their Happy Homes. The chairman of the program committee reports that his efforts to get things he hanging by his Teeth from mayor Wolhuter to Loop the Loop in a ladder attached to a plane. A a kiddie car May prove in Sucre a the big head on Railroad collision j Ful but that his commits a will have Between two engines will lie staged it Many other tunes equal a startling senator Arthur capper is respond Silie for the following which he published in his weekly twelve cents a head once paid the annual expense of this government As Lite As in my the total of Odearl taxes was Only $11.11 per Capitu. Today the Secretary of the Treasury is demanding $4k >4 for every Man woman Ami child in the United state. Uncle Sam this year is asking Rue billion dollars for is expense account. This Doe not include the local Ami state taxes. Federal taxes a one this year will amount to $242.70 for every family of five. A Large part of the family income will lie absorbed for taxes at a time when family incomes Are growing smaller and an badly needed at Home. I seems to me that that is the Way we ought to think about taxes Here in Washington. If we did so there would be no voting to make Columbia a present of 2d million dollars the Senate would not by adding too million dollars to a 400-million-Loilar my a i appropriation nor u 40 a a Milt Mai i �?�0 then used All its great Powers to Force him to sell the products of those Fields the moment they matured and at prices which have knocked the Bottom out of the farming business. The Federal Reserve Bank boosted interest rates thus partially repudiating the Liberty Bonds which it Hail helped to place in file hands of the people it refused to loan Money upon those Bonds except at exorbitant rates of interest it scared the Banks of continued on Page six one Lay Only saturday sept. 3. A and fully As entertaining on Tup for straight track has Lieen Laid in Ide of the delectation of the visitors at the million Dollar increase ave i the the mile track. One engine will be fair grounds on the big Day. The House appropriation Loi a Langei in Gnu the Barley itself so far a the a be tarted from one end the other will boys Are in conference with several listed personal. Mum Ami the future Market possible Burien growers want 2.75 Beer wherever the world Barley is used in connection with this address it must be deemed to include Barley malt which is Harley in its highest Anet most perfect state of transformation. The world malt touches a sym j pathetic chord that vibrates reminiscent of childhood a Day a when a j Mother repeated that old world wide vere a a i his i. The House that Jack built this i the malt that Lay in the i House that Jack built a How Many of us were thrilled Over the picture of the rat that destroyed the malt and How Well we remember the Homidy illustration of the cow Ami the dog and the cat making yesterday of today in the thought of ii All and so under pre ent conditions the Barley producers face a situation that has destroyed not Only the malt Veteran flyers to preform at fair thanks to John b. Johnson of the fir i National Bank the service of one of the most daring of Aerial lie St a rte/1 from the opposite end. Engineers and firemen will jump after throttles have a Cen thrown wide open and the two engines will Rush to destruction in the Center in exact line with the Middle of the grand tand. Prominent speakers of More than state wide Fame and a making an Especial Effort to secure it Meone who will have a message of interest to the Farmers As Well As to the City worker. A they have invited the farm two stages of vaudeville Auto Polo Bureau to meet with them. Refresh Pony Polo Auto races a dozen Banda ment standi will be on the grounds a Midway of two dozen shows a i where Coffee sandwiches and ice Gantic fireworks spectacle and Cream May be obtained As Well As scores of lesser attractions will in sundry other tasty that go certain the record breaking crowds to appease the inner Man. Teams have been secured to add to the country into shutting Down upon the program of the Freeborn county expected. Plans Are under Way for the enter a fare and a half on All railroads Tain ment of one of the largest i Ai Bor the Farmer and the Small business pair Johnson knew the manager of Man. Ami it is still following the the tej Tah an Ltd mrva Quot til evident that a Gram attempt.1 a rough Albert Lea in a colossal attempt is being made to we Ute to White Bear Uke he dropped subject the entire american people off to see his old acquaintance n. J. To slavery to a Money oligarchy and Whitney met the manager and will be Given fair visitors from Day Crow that has Ever assembled september 2 to to inclusive return in this Section of the state. Munfor limit. September 12. Tuna Ely the invitation committee a Over baked the publication Date of Minneapolis w Ide open the farm Bureau bulletin and Are col. George Leach Minneapolis new therefore unable to reach the Mem i before the War i about 115 million tot the Navy. Now the Wai is Over we make it 500 millions. The House which found 400 million Dollar. A year ample to maintain a first Clasi i Navy went into the matter thoroughly notwithstanding 54 senator voted to increase this appropriation approximately to 500 million dollars. 1 Only it voted against it my own vote being one of this it minority. I a also one of the 13 republicans w to voted against the big army appropriation which made an increase of 15 million dollars Over the House Bill. The votes against these Steep appropriations came we appropriate Ting Are concerned. The destroyer is dollars annually a voracious one and its name is on every Tongue these of called ver dry Days. This address is being Given by i special request and has no bearing i upon the question of the right or wrong of the 18th amendment. The sole consideration is the economic results to the Farmers who have been engaged for Many years in growing Barley for malting purposes at the solicitation of the department of agriculture. This department first gave its attention to Barley culture in the year 1900, when the total pro duct Ion was 59,000,0n0 bushels and a Irke it the present Prospect is 200,000,000 from Western Rector front a to my a the a let min Emu a a. Who a a Sun Lei him it film. Acre in Barley Cla vation pro ,. Is i a a i la l 2. Aka a a a a Vvs a a a a my in 11 tic la ult i fit Iii Quot to. Evv 1 i trill or v la i la \ it lot Dro that the Federal Reserve Bank w promptly contract ii with him to put mayor la evidently trying to pay off her of the farm organization through l Down . During a crop of about 7,000,000 Bush instrument. Else what is its Motif on at per you surely some of the Campaign debts that lie that medium. Their attendance How. F. Lysis Trifie to speak my today this state has 1.000,000 in continuing to withdraw and Hoard a should go and see a the veterans owes to the pug gives Brothel keep Ever will be solicited through the Quot a about these things enormous Ami j ucr<1> a cd the production i. 26,000, i t a a Ai a a k a i ii i i i wife a a. For i a _ i lit a a i it or will l n capital at a time when capital is so an Ltd How they earned their title desperately needled of a not do or Deva a hut a masters the per cent of Reserve which the in the an of pr0tidilur thrills. Federal Reserve Bank is a quid y Crewdson will be remembered As Law to carry in thirty five per cent the oldc8t exhibition flyer in the and experience has demonstrated that business Ami the founder of the Aeri it is ample. Now Why is it then that a Puoti Hoe fat on which organist the close of every month beginning w Ith october 1920, the Reserve in that Institute titon has climbed steadily As indicated in the figures 43.1t44.4, 45.4, 49.9, 49.9, 55.0, 57.6 and 60.8 per cent 7 the same desperate attempts to withdraw support from the business of the country anti to pile it up in the Bank is shown in the Federal Reserve percentage of Gold to note for the Bame month 47.2, 48.8, .�0�, 58.1, 60.7, 67.2, 71.7 and 76.8. What is the occasion of All this it is either a it termination to squeeze out the Farmers and Small business men o Effort to prevent being squeezed out themselves by some calamity seen As impending. The Schenectady is out w Ith a Story from w ailing i on that the latter is the Case and that the Contd Ewe of Bankers at the is Bitt House ers bootleggers and other a Varisto press of the county and they Are Cratsa who elected him to office. A earnestly assured that a program if cording to one Minneapolis paper being arranged and speaker selected there arc now something Over 400 will Appeal particularly to lab Boote joints in Minneapolis running or a Farmer friends. Full blast. Comes now the daily Star at an Early Date the Complete pro with a daily exposition of conditions Gram of the Days events will he pre ution was formed to prevent booking in Minneapolis. This inflame Public pared and published agent from controlling the a air sentiment already at a High pitch and -. A game Quot Hack in the Days before the makes it extremely difficult for the War mayor to be on the a a Square with his Wright is the Active member of Friend of Low moral Endeavor. It is the team he will show you How to pro a a de Leach will have to do ome hang from a plane with one hand Arni the no to Marci dosing a few of the also stand o n his head on the top mor notorious resorts to same his Wing while the Plune is travelling at i of course the Bootlegger Lethe rate of to Miles per hour. Done to this. They dbl their Dut it by Leach before election and it seems hardly fair to them that they should Farmers plight shown reckless expenditures it should be said that the new administration is making some Progress in reducing Public expenses. Indication Are that there will lie substantial reduction in other appropriations. But Why take a Large part of All we can save but most vigorous Economy in Many things and anal or a few ineaures1 a Khz bushels. It is evident that the Barley growers left no Stone unturned to comply with the desires of the United Staten department of agriculture. In this connection the figures also show an increased yield so that the Farmers not Only inc eyed the acreage but they gave attention to throw it latter farming and More intensive with the farming. At that time the Dakotas government spending 93 per cent of Hail Only 350,006 acres in Barley cub. Come to this exhibition unless you can stand to see a Man risk his life not once but repeatedly. Wright concludes i performance with a Para an Chute jump from 5000 feet and Towson then starts in to show what he can do in the line of Aerial acrobatics with an up to the minute aeroplane. An inventory of fools a it a been said that there Are Bree kinds of fools. From the Mildest to be molested now. The mayor will in Cost of freight As based on the prevail probability stave off the outraged ent Price. Or. Jac it t a in and colonel Public in the interests of his political r. A. Wilkin on of Lake Ajmo Leader bedfellow of the Quot Hootch bottle until of the Farmer a bloc in the 1921 after the state fair thus giving the House of the state r legislature. Will Blind bigger a Chance to a clean up go to Washington a on to present at the exp ene of Minneapolis out of the and other Fig ires in their re Commerce let Ion in freight i Freeborn county Breed a will exhibit More purebred Stock at the coming county fair and agricultural exhibition than at any previous exhibition Ever held in the county a list to Date of the we who will exhibit purebred cattle and hogs follows hogs Chrit Anderson. Clarks Grove h. F. Han on amp son Albert is a. Walter m. Johnson Hayward. Emil Larson Albert Lea Peterson Bros new Richland. Clarence Peterson Hartland Martin Seru it. Albert leu. A. Larson illicit let a. K. P. Ekedal Arnold Skaar Hayward Behle Brothers Armstrong a. F. Klein Alden i Vern. Culbertson Hayward. D. I Noland Hayward. 1 Sidney Seath Hartland. B. T. Steele Conger Roy Kaiser Hayward i be farm Albert Lea. R. E. Ludtke amp son Walters. S. L. Moore Albert Lea. I o. Of Tun . Albert Pestorious Albert Lea. M. J. Reline. Lon Ion. Cyril e. Rife Alden. Vvs. A Sweet Albert la a. A. O. Storwick. A 5ert Law. Frank Steele congas i. P. Wedge Albert Lea. T. Butler Laming m j. Dowd Ellendale. Pete Webber Albert i a. A. J. Berglund Albertl a. Cattle Armstrong bros., Hartland m. L. Hem Albert Lea. Alma Howe Alden. E. K. Howe Alden. I Inu Jensen amp son Manchester. Behle bros., Armstrong. J. S. Horner Albert Lea. Oscar Johnson. Clarks Grove. J. Jensen Albert Lea. A Fred c. Peterson. Clarks Grove. S. Ruble and sons. Albert Lea. I red t. Steele and son Conger. I. A. Seath Albertl Tea. F. Wineger and son. New Richland. I la. Seath and son Martian i. Alfred Berglund Shiert i a. H p. Hanson and son Albert Lea Whitney Ami Marsh Alden. Be farm Albert i a. John d. Ruble Oakland. W. R. Sweet Albert Lea. Hayward. Albert Lea Lea. Cent to the Bone is not going far to much us. My ii Burley being Rui Edo Llyn to wheat Ami by it town guests. May 27th, was not a conference As the densest they Are first the Plain alleged for furnishing the financial Garden variety of fools. Second resources to rehabilitate the world Damn fools. Third those who a it Ivo but a conference of the Greaten banker the country to see what of d be Dor to stave off the greatest financial panic Ever produced. We a a a produced for if it does really come the Federal Reserve Bank in i1 he More entitled to credit for producing it than any other peace Agency. City people a interested when the Federal Boser Bank applied the thug Cord to the american Farmers neck in the a1 a 920 it had a definite plan in mind. It wanted to reduce the Price of food to american factory workers so that an excuse could lie found for re a Cine the wages of those workers Ami ii wanted to reduce those wage that the american factories could ennui due to compete for w orld business Aller Europe s warring nations had resumed the employments of peace time. But the end desired was not Worth the Effort that has been made the world business has been made i he world busiest has Bone to pot and the ruin of the american Farmer a sent american business the Way of All the rest. We Are All interested in this question. It is vital to us. The people of the cities Are even More interested in the material welfare of the Man who raise what they eat than the men who Raie it City people cannot live at All without the work of the Farmer. Ami if real famine were to come the City Man would get nothing at i la to eat until after the Farmer and the Farmers family had been fed. There is another reason Way Cit people Are interested in the Farmers a condition and this is that Tho Farmer is the Best customer of the things made in the City. The moment the buying Power of the fat Mer is reduced that moment depression begins in All industries. The Farmers represent thirty ave to forty per cent cute preparedness at a mean of pre venting Leader quest to the commission for a it rate on Grain. G minds toners Ivan Bow Fred Putnam already Are in ton. The above is for Mora Modast perhaps. Men. Of course Are prouder of their Colley degrees than women witness use fact list male College graduate of the clans of to like to sport the figures after their name Aud women privilege the 8t. A do by a Boston would have a a. Long a and its ii to r -. A in Oil for attempt in an Optimist too Long relieve the awful tax Drain while we warrant the Cost of production with pour More billions into that 93 per the demand for malting Huipo a decent for unending military expend troyed or tremendously curtailed a Ture i to Cinelly so in tin Barley to the extent a of 20<uhx ,000 Bushel must come in t of mutes named Competition with >1, or a a Quot. Over produced fodder crops and this w in the advice Ami consent of the in turn assists in driving the value National milk producers association of these other fodder Crons lad decline in proportion but there a t very importune uses for what and Rye anti the principal indu try that creates the de Ian it i i j a erect. Whereas liar Ley n. 1 ten cultivated a a trop for no tiny Par to he ii to. Meta Industry it strayed by leg the to relieve the deplore tells of in the above a that pillar of Pioneer pre., non partisan number boiled do some Hing in condition it lid. Fast horses for k Vik i he fastest rat a Hor is in this Section of the country will compote for big prizes offered by the Fie born county fair Albert Lea augut 29 to september i. Quot rho three Days of racing this year ought to lie the we have Ever had Quot Aid Secretary Whitney today. Quot we have been lib a1 with our purse offering $3, with added Money anti some pretty fast animal Are entered when the Complete entry list is announced it will create a regular sensation Vav expect at least seventy entries Whit i us a Good Field in every the policy of the fair associations according to fair officially is responsible for the i real popularity of hoi a racing now. When gamblers forced the game to the Wall years ago. It would have died had not the Fairi taken hold of it and kept it on id feet. As a result Hie Public i enjoying faster Ami better racing now than Ever before. The entertainment program will not i he binned to horse racing. The com icon farm Bureau federation noun re the appointment of a Dairy 0us marketing committee of la. Committee w ill meet on organize and begin it investigation of the co operation marketing of Dairy products. Lite following makeup the of Lii committee c. Beeh Telhea or Iowa Milo i. Campbell Michigan Fred h. Harvey California hurry Hank Kentucky 1, Hawley Oregon e. B. Heaton Illinois a wry Krumrey Wisconsin a Lar on Illinois Juan i. Miller Pennsylvania h h. Nickerson ,\e.ota ural Rich and Pattee Massachusetts the Senate talks to lid of Heil Enate sits on the talking busily occupied for a spell talking Europe is shaky credit gone famine threatening gaunt anti wan but the Senate noisily keeps right on talking Quot peace a men cry. A it is time to quit talking of the at. Itaipu a ease and improve tile Barley crop three men of Unaa i usual Talent and ability were cons Picu a or. Albert Mann with the a j part me it in Washington a giving his entire attention to Barley for malting purpose. He located the malting Organ of the Barley in the Bailey in the it Utel Lum and the malting gland. In the epithelium layer. Or. Mark Alf red Carleton Cere Alist in charge of the Bateau of Plant Industry made in investigation in co operation with the agricultural experimental stations in the Northern stat that covered a period of eight to ten yearn. Professor Moore of tile Wisconsin Experiment station in 189x received from the Ontario agricultural College five Pound it seed Barley of the Oder Nicker variety. Ibis Barley had let men obtained from a Nanny. His Ngum it want n p a in a state of Minnesota the aver a a be of Barley per acre on Jan uary 1st last was $15.50, on May 1st the Hies increased to $11 of per acre and it shows a bigger shrinkage per acre than either wheat Corn Oats or Rye. In North Lakota on january it last this value a. $ 10.0 a and on May 1st had increased to 6.30, also showing the biggest decrease a r acre except in the figures on Corn of which is raise i in North in South Dakota the aver v a r acre on Jan la of Arni a it a May a be i to $1 1.00 the turn Minnesota in the very Little Dakota. Age value wary it isl this acreage \ n it Barit a $1119, in North Lako uth Dakota 111 50. The ii Minnesota for 1919 ii. A North Ami it 15.70 in j in j19, that the Market demanded one straight Bree of Berley in order to secure that uniformity in he a and Quality of Berry and germination required by the Malyster. Eventually he had Pedigree practically the entire Barley acreage of the state of wisc on in with his famous variety. About twelve year ago the speak i Ami ii die it r it out in 111 by ring to it Naal i id sinew it a Back 1 lit a s and d be co it tunes it what the of people tot Lay who Loo is and a Tnp Jim a 1 Trio construct 1 in 0 or present ii comparative figure u on there la be hell to pay and you re Aid wheat Rye Ami Barley. It was shown my it talking. The world is troubled by bolsheviks Trade Ami business Are in a fix a but the Senate is dabbling in politics non tree in charge of entertainment has i asking scoured the country far and wide for fhe Senate sits on tim lid of hell 3 Fine features to please the crowds sex la Lomg peeled. V visitors will be Given a Tare j deeming to think it can do things Well some Farmer have been like no who a neighbors we were optimistic and slept quietly until the flood reached their bed pouts. The present farm Marheta calamity has been coming for year but the Burden of preparing the defense against it bae Baa left to a part of the Farmers borne of our Sleeper were Bodend to the world that they imagined the politicians representing Marks gamblers a leading Patriot treat. It will sit and talk and talk until that Burley from the years 1890 to 199 averaged 22 Centi per Bushel below the Price of wheat wheres. At the time mentioned the discount a 50 cent. Per Bushel a and at file present time it is about 90 cents per Bushel Rye average 5 cents per Buhel More from the year 1�70, to 14c per Bushel More at that time and 70c per Bushel More today. Nothing More should be necessary to convince any persons interested in exhibiting at tim lid blows off As it doubtless will the fair May obtain information about and the senators ail through space reasonable person that the Barley crop the prizes by writing to the Secretary but still was enlarge of to Benefit the a Tine for a Premium Book the educational talking. Industry at a tremendous to the exhibits will be unusually Large and Berino Brake in new York i rib producers. Interesting according to fair officials Ane. 1 the question could be ask1 Why year us. A to $is7�,f in veil i a $23.20, in 191 a $54. Dakota $12.40 in 19 191 a in to it uth Ami in 191s $25.01. The i ton to the lob in was Mam o fishes but i traced Back u and there is Little doubt b dust of count in Tom Eddy about the p nuni Ili were amp Emrih a j via e muscle a hat Gigantic tar i the pyramids be Virtues of b Are manifold. In some respect it is Ila most in Kerful Cereal product of Mother Earth. In on wiling authorities not identified with the malting Industry we find that from the earliest tatar Barley has teen used not Only As a food but to prepare beverage for the weak especially e Pul Nuary die order. Barley water one of Trie most ancient off a i drink Conte Quot Aesta he most generally employed High y nutritious extremely digestible no irritating tending to promote Hie no id secretions an. Soothing irritation in the thru a Pas icuntinu�4 of Page five

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