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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 19, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two Albert Lea examine thursday August 19, 1920. Elbert Ufa Examinee published by the Freeborn i of my publishing co office 222 East Clark Street Albert Lea. Minn. Published weekly Norman j. Gilli Spie editor and manager Telephone state 618_ entered a a the Post office at Albert Lea. Minn., As second class mail matter. Us a a a St scr irk n rates one year 2.00 is Mont 11-00 a subscription acce a to must be paid in Advance. Soulless government in these Days it Zouki be Hart to find a business of any St. To or in instance ran by an individual or a partnership. Nearly All our so called a Large business Quot it corporation business. We believe that no one will have any difficulty in admitting this fact and what we wish to bring out is the Benting it has on business practice and through that on the government of the state and nation which has been chiefly the reflection of the dominant business groups. A corporation has Only one legitimate and practical purpose namely the inking of profits for stockholders. The corporation elects a Board of directors to formulate the policies to Curry out this general purpose. And this boar i of directors appoints a president and a manager tin. Board of director. And this president and manager mud have an Eye single to profits Ami to profits Only. Corporate practice com Pels obedience to this motive and if some Case a Board of directors or a president hould act from some other motive a stockholder can bring Uit against them. Thus. Henry Ford was ordered by the supreme court of the Tate of Michigan to refrain from using the funds of the Ford company to improve the conditions of his employees when the a funds might be used to promote the profits of stockholders. Another hold which the corporation has on the individual conscience is the fart that men can not succeed in the corporate world v. Trout giving their entire allegiance to the corporate motive. Hence when judge Gary the recognized Leader of the steel Trust Speaks in Public or tells the politicians of Washington what to do he Speaks entirely As a corporate representative and not As a Man who can give weight to moral or humanitarian considerations. The same May be said of All the other great business leaders. Uch As Rockefeller Morgan and Schwab quoted so often in the City press and magazines on Public questions. These men Are not free to be american or religious or moral or to give ear to the demands of of Viou Justice Between Man and Man when these things interfere with the corporate motive. A go eminent therefore which is dictated to by the lenders of great corporations is indeed a soulless government who Only actual work is done in the direction of protecting corporate greed. Why then should we be surprised that toe serious problems of the people become steadily More serious of Long As the people entrust their government to the leaders of corporations Only aim is profit the next War that the next War will be fought by dropping bacteria to cause disease Over enemy Citie is the opinion of doctor Charles Horace Mayo of Rochester Minn. This conclusion was brought out at a dinner talk last week in London. Quot in the said doctor Mayo a War will be one of invisible organisms. It will be a War of dropping capsules of bacteria Over cities which will have the most destructive he think that in the near future medical science will have advanced to such an extent As to make it almost impossible for armies to fight As they did in the last War and that the Field marshals of toe future May be medical men. This View i. Interesting As indicating the extent to which imperialistic rivalry would probably carry the War game unless counter movements Are started which will make War a thing of the past. Previous to the lat War the bulk of civilized people would have found it impossible to believe that supposedly civilized human beings would do what was done Between 1914 and 1919 that defenceless cities would to bombed from the air that women and children would be starved by blockades As a mean of reducing enemy morale that officers would order the killing of enemy wounded As a Means of a blooding Quot their own troops. The last War from the Allied Side at least was supported by people who accepted the promises of the so called ruling classes that they would use this War to end All War. Two years have since passed and it is common knowledge that the peace Council did nothing to remove the causes of War but rather has been res Pon Ible for about 16 minor wars and the Only reason that we do not have a major War at the present time i that nations which would like to fight Are too exhausted to enter a new struggle. Evidently some new principle must be infused into the governments of the world if War is to be made a thing of the past. The men now in control have no intention of removing it and unless this new principle actual government of. By and for the common people is infused into the leading nations we shall soon have again not Only the horrors of the last great War but probably the new and More terrible horrors As predicted by doctor Mayo. Perhaps it is in the Long run As dangerous for the people to let plutocratic interests control them a it was for the ancient israelite to old by wicked King and follow after false gods As set Forth in the scriptures. I unlocking is easier i piece of legislation would do the work we can not honestly see of much in it As its advocates Hope for. I the direct will of the people has Little to do with the causes for War and if the people had the Choice in the matter those who wish War would find the Means of a a Selling the War to them As advertisers sell clothes or automobiles. People Are generally willing to go to War for certain reasons such As National defense unbearable atrocities perhaps of a neighbouring country or conflicting race interests. Hence the task of the War makers would be to prove to the people that the War desired was a defensive War or one to end the atrocities or one to keep Black or yellow Russ blockade will serve to awaken people allies must Lay Down Law to Japan says american army officials i Acoma Vav order to accomplish Russia s Complete Awakening to la. ,. Nien her potentialities a we must have a from dominating White people. With comp Ete Rumus blockade Quot to Tho the control of financial institution. View a of it tor g h has a re it Amer. And the Chambers of Commerce Ami ican army Lancer who fur car the a kept press they would soon three year ha8 bin attach cil to a prove to the people that they should Russiun army in Siberia vote for the War an j a a or step ,0 Hgt a has we see it the Only permanent continued Quot we must Lay Down the escape from War is the Long hard ,.w to Japan that a Zhc cannot Law Road of ending the Power of the orca Uny a my a. In Siberia Manchuria or interests that would profit by War ru88ja a Ami of building up an Independent i a. # details potentialities press. In the meantime the War referendum might make War a Little Max tard then went on to detail the harder to declare and so strengthen potentialities of Russia As a self sup the organized Farmer brings to labor the Welcome message that by United to the forces of the people for the big porting nation today. Stiral action they can remove those barriers to fundamental Justice which make strikes necessary. I review and comment on various topics 5 Quot a i state Home building a Tricky Little joker what Congro a did in the hour before it died out Brazen the trick of Dingley Mckinley Ami Mark Hanna. It should make Nelson Aldrich the original Rhode Island red Grin in his grave. Hid sen in the merchant Marine act of 1920 is the trickiest Little joker that Ever snuggled in u mess of legislation. It is a combination of hip subsidy and High protective two thing the american people have fought against for a generation. It will give Gigantic fortunes to a few american capitalists owners of ship and protected industries. It will Cost the people Hundred of millions of dollars every year when goodness know the folks need any pare change the profiteers Overlook. It will cot the i in Ted state As a nation the commercial Friendship of All other nation a when America sadly needs world Friend hip. On it face the Law purport to help american ship get fall cargo a by giving them the Edge Over foreign it it a ne-1 hips. It provide that foreign Good must be brought to our shores in american shops or pay 19 per cent duty. Re ult updo Edl it a Ruh of foreign snipers to use american ships lie ult actually a Bxs to in freight rates charged by american ships absorbing that to per cent of the value of the cargo double or triple profit for the american ship owners unless the ship owners Are very much unlike our other capitalists. Another , a to per cent higher Price for you to pay on every imported article you be. You la pay that extra to per cent also on All similar article produced in the touted states that Elway a the re ult of a . It in called a a protective because it protects the american manufacturer while he in gouging the american consumer i or instance we grow some sugar but import much More. It May cot Only to cents a Pound to grow american it Gar at a Good profit but the Price for All a Jar will be 25 cents if that is what the foreigner own a co Indue no ship freight and . Hor two a aeration the people of the United states Quot a touted their gluttonous a a infant industries while they whined and squealed and grabbed and in up to he bullying brigand. Now they will get More Mellny i food at your expense. Polling risks North Dakota i. Making a Success of its insurance Busine. There s Hail in Ranee Accident insurance policies in Public buildings Bank guarantee and Bond ing of Public officers it if time now to think on the matter of health insurance. The Federal government also has made a Success in one Field insurance that Field is the War risk insurance written by unclear on the i ves of the service men and women who went to the front in the great War. Uncle Sam a. Glen an Opportunity to every service Man and woman to convert jus or her War risk insurance into permanent United states government life insurance i he re ult is that tile average amount of this insurance now held by former service men and women in 13520.4. Before the War the average life insurance policy written by private companies not including Industrial insurance was Given As approximately $2320. The Bureau has paid out in benefits under the insurance aet a total to Date of 6223,3d3,769.72. The North Dakota idea of state built Homes for the people apparently a penetrated the far East even so conservative a new paper As the Springfield ma.-., Republican seriously discusses the desirability of having the state take Over the erection of Home As the Only effective remedy for the present House shortage. The Scarcity of Homes in the East seems to be far More acute than it is farther West and the North Dakota plan May very soon find favor with the folks in the land of the bean and the cod. In an editorial discussing the great need for mom House in Springfield mass., the Republican in part says a private capital cannot be forced into building operations against its will and judgment. But it should be recognized that the situation May become so acute a. To create an insistent demand that the state or municipality undertake the con traction of a it is a sign of the times that this proposal i now frequently heard Ami is urged by the special problems committee of the american labor party. The pre ident of the United real estate owners association of new York supports it. A the argument is made that the risk of building at present prices is general throughout the country even throughout the world amt that it can be localized in no particular place. A it is therefore claimed to be a Public risk possibly too great for private capital which the Public should Bear. Of private capital does not meet the needs of our Oil dictators cation the land Grant colleges the not Long ago u writer who deserves Bureau of labor statics women a to be better known for his Wisdom Bureau. Children a Bureau and the declared that the first principle in a scientific work of the geological sur league of nations should not be any vey the coast and geodetic Survey flowery expression of idealism or in the Bureau of standards and the Ter National Good will but the simple smithsonian institutions for ail this statement that Coal and Iron must no work that goes to produce happiness longer be entrusted to private owner the u. S. A. Is spending Only one cent 1up out of every Dollar appropriated Fot the explanation of course is that 1920 Coal and Iron Are so important that what happens to the other 99 they furnish the chief cause for the cents six cents of it goes for the rivalry of National capitalist groups primary functions of the government and growing out of this rival we a the legislative executive and Judy have War. Dal machinery and the state depart of this Wise Man were writing at ment. The pre ent time after two years of and the other 93 cents alleged peace he would undoubtedly every cent of it goes to pay for add Oil to the list of commodities to War War past and future which private ownership must be for one cent for happiness ninety Bidden. There is a Strong reason for three cents for misery. That is urn believing that Oil dictated several of same a record. Can nothing be done j the major moves of the Pari peace to change the ratio in the future conference and is producing More in _ Ter National bad will and Petty War i no la same pied Piper fight which must lie made if War is to a in the pre War times a he said a a lie abolished. Large amount of butter cereals cheese and beef was exported from distinguished Honor Siberia to Eastern Russia and even to in recognition of the splendid work area Britain urn 95 per cent of the they did during the worlds War for ont re world s Platinum output came to one red Cross nurses have been of Siberia she could Supply All decorated with Florence sighing tilt part Hie world with Coal. Regale medal the highest award to no a niin�?~n6 Engineer i specialized which nurses aspire. They were be on minerals during a portion of my trip. There is one mine at Chereb Hova too Miles West of Irkutsk which has a length of 268 Miles and a Width of too Miles. Coal is to to 20 feet untied the surface and the elected from various nations six being from America. This is the first award of medals since its authorization at the red Cross Congress in Washington in 1912. Each nation is permitted to nominate but one nurse to to to feet deep. For this High Honor annually so the six american women who have jul sources a scratched. Y. In the Tomsk District there is one been decorated Are officially recon la Coal Field 2od mile. Square. It l even a better Grade Coal. At the present time in nine mines in the Cherem Hova District which employees 5,000 skilled labourers they Are Only producing Coal at the rate of about 20 per cent of Normal. Edas the nurses from the United states who most distinguished themselves in Active service throughout the entire period of the War. America is proud of these women jut a it is proud of the Many other nurses who went out in a sometimes frail bark on Waters that were thick a before the War 50 per cent of the with missiles of a living hell and wors us Pul of Petroleum per whose shores were strewn with the cent Tae output magnesia 40 glorious dead of this and other lands. Cent of the word s fur and per the nurses honoured by the red cent of the world s flax was producer Cros worse Helen Scott Ray of 10 Rumia Basilia this 50 per cent of Washington d. C., who served from sugar 20 cent of tile wheat As 1914 to the end of the contest Flor quoted a Arke amounts of buckwheat ence Merriam Johnson of new York corny of spinach was pro City director of the department of Liu ced in Hie Interior. It stood nursing at the Atlantic division of second a the number of grazing to a. I i. Iai. J american red arc Martha m keep by 40 per cent of the Timber than any other one Factor immedi hats off to the health department american Ives Cross manna in.,. L. R i i a i a a a but Ell Boulder Colo in France rourc8 the world including some lately Afu a the signing of the armis o1 the United states government As Lull it Boulder loio., in trance Tice England and France began to the Modem pied Piper. Lay plan to a Cape our Standard Oil bubonic plague broke out in South to on ulu it nerved with the army tru to. Both the English and French can part Citie. New Orleans and urge corp at the front Alma e. Government entered the Oil business Galveston were among the hardest a a Ester Chicago who first went to directly. England appear to be my were running Ham pants in b 1 a Ami later went thru meeting with con Ide Rabic . And spreading the dread disease. In Campaign in Europe Mary e. But the French project has failed in and did your Uncle Sam sit by and Lautin Neva or a a of who sailed purest in Europe come8 rom the face of the Money and the Bual Etem run no Siree in on a Relier ship for Siberia Ness Diplomat representing no. 26 Broadway. Common sense and tooted it hard and it ears the so called mandates by which persistently. The Nam of Noble women England and France have taken Over late to reports Are to the effect that on lie Honor Roll of the world former turkish territory and which Cen results have been accomplished Quot Lull Hie names of thousands of from 1917 to the end Linda k. Meirs Lle a Riftin Pine fore to there Are anywhere. Scarcely 8 per cent of the entire country has been scratched. Rich in Mineral a i have had czech miners Tell to that As much As 80 per cent of the upper in Europe comes front i investigated this and found he got out his a Horn of plenty of in i ,x�?~mainc<1 a a Dut it a the re for Ftp in one mine Ore which bore 25 per cent pure Copper. The up Oest Copper in Montana runs at a Bittie less than 9 per cent. In the be a Gold distal is in Siberia Mote Gold is taken out the situation Ami if the emergency becomes More Seri have so aroused the native Peoples toe u. S. Health service will stick on other nurse who did their duty it every year than was found in the Cathern have for their primary purpose lha und the rat and the bubonic Here not cited or a a rence night Klondike District during its lire. To a i it cml xxx in Aioli of the demand for state or municipal housing May lie difficult to it i Plain that the republicans though reluctant to admit the desirability of the state engaging in Home building cannot avoid the undeniable fact that private capital has failed to solve the housing problem. One year of state Home building in North Dakota unhampered by Legal obstacles and it i not unlikely that the people of More than one Commonwealth will be eager to follow the example of the Pioneer in the Field of state owned enterprises. Tile securing of an Oil Supply Independent of the Standard Oil group. The Dekine expedition and the later efforts of general Vav Rangel in crime both of which were thinly Are conquered gospel by wireless when Melba Sang by wireless Telephone to an audience too Miles away inhale medal. Jas in the Klondike Rush 20 years a a hustlers and 1 speak from cd pm re a of a a Frank Wilnot alway had heard in a Oln the matter re in Row Ltd a a a Englund that american Are a no Quot it the radian pen it list qui Ted Allied military operations to 1 Folk who Lead about it were Tion of 1 were directed at the Baku Oil Fields tried at the during Mea he imagined everything and every ple were made to bring them up to Date by real hard work they would Why can tall the world listen in one in Thi. Country ran with electric fi"1 my is for talk a no care what wrong George e. Morse after More than 40 years of feeding experience on i 500-acre Iowa farm has decided to quit the meat producing business. For Long Morse has i it Een fattening 1,000 steers yearly. That Means quite a few Beefsteak and roast ribs for Many City meat eaters. And Morse admits that he made a a fair profit out of the but that was in former years. Now he , he can to remain in the business because there a Large enough margin of profit. He ays he has to pay too much for feed and does no to get enough for the fattened product he drive into the livestock Yard. This in face of the fact that City Consumers Are paying the highest Ever prices for Beek what a the matter Here san experienced beef producer unable to stay on the Job of producing beef Beau a Price be get Are too Low. Here Are million of meat eater paying More for beef than they paid before than Uliey paid in the year Morse admits were profitable to him. What a wrong As much As at the soviet government. Iro mama was Given a Large slice of tit a future when a great diva Energy at High nervous tension. For re Ian territory and a piece of Hun pm Urs her Golden notes that matter this idea of America is Gary and allowed to make her Mai one Many a a a a a Wollt in not wait accepted by a great Many persons in adding expedition into Hungary pro if for 8uch a development of radio the United states Marily because site has Oil Fields wonder it he is the Rev Clayton b. Wilnot came Here and was Disi Llu which Kungli hand French capitalists wed Law p01 it Fairmont co Grega stoned. He had written a Book about wish to keep from the Standard on to Gnu Burch Vav Ichita Kansas Vav i it. Company. Even the disposition of the Everi Al one of is Parish he says he found time the cheap the ship taken from Germany was a a ners c. A. Stanley or. Wells est commodity in this country. He dictated i Gay these Oil rivalries. Preaches every sunday to 1.000 wire noted the carefully measured actives operators Amateur and other to of elevator men. He noted the radius of 500 Calm detachment of the Man from of All of siberians wants for the next 25 years but to do this the country just be made to Progress and in or Ler to accomplish this we must hive a russian ii ii exaggeration fore to say that on this Oil struggle live in a hangs the future peace and Prosper me rom Wichita to of the civilized world. And it seems a part of Wisdom to add that civilized nations should not be so fool t he first House believed to be built in new Hampshire was the Post House at Odiorne Point erected by Captain John Mason in 1621. And hotels Standard Oil monopoly in Europe Means less than nothing to us. It is a potent Cau a of High prices hem. But it Means a great Deal to the Oil Trust. I ice the latest yarn of the prune paddlers is that City workmen Are Rushing out to North Dakota and seizing the farms. We mention plus a important if True piece of news Here to save some league haters the trouble of taking Farmers aside to whisper it. Whenever you be a particularly painful squawk against the nonpartisan league you can make up your mind that the Farmers have Given the gang a hard Wallop somewhere. And the wireless a a bugs like it found service in stores Stanley Cut in one sunday night to slower than in Europe ask How Many operators on hts Wilnot visited Cleveland Detroit i it has to Trust their future happiness had by a a to Church and Chicago. The joke of it is that to Small cliques of Oil financiers. The l Here were no Afes but a babe of he found things paced faster in mid noes. A night watchman at a a dle Western cities than in new York. Ment Plant near Waterloo Iowa sate his observation is that a nobody is in he had to sleep in the daytime and any hurry in new thus never got to hear a Good Sermon. His explanation is that americans that started the wireless a serv Are Able to earn a living with Les of to the present the operators fort than the crowded people of eur one Ber l ent happiness Haven to been told to join in singing rope. Most people think of the United hymn number 546,�?� but there Are Wilnot however returns Home co states a a big institution with Many plenty of ethereal amens when the Vinced that in a sense he did not diverse interests but the principal concluding Benediction has been Spok have in mind when he came Here business of which is to Aid its people a americans Are in line of business health Agricula a a he discovered a widespread willing lure and general welfare. The War referendum Ness to try new methods and expert of called upon to cite the activities we frequently hear it stated that meat with new ideas. An activity of of the Federal government that make if the people had the right to vote by mind rather than of hands and feet. For general welfare the average Cit referendum As to whether the nation a the result a he says a is that in Izen will cite the department of a should declare War that there would some directions wonderful effects of a paper sent us an article regarding whom he bought a Railroad ticket. He j a the truth shall make you free has been the basis of journalism and the aim of every reporter worthy of the name is to a get the once they Are obtained no newspaper has a right to withhold them from the Public whether they chastise the Rich or the poor unless obscene and licentious Reading matter would result therefrom. When persons from Austin transgress the ordinances of any City violate state Laws or disregard the common rights of others their names cannot and will not in Justice to the Public be withheld from the columns of the press any More than when persons from Albert Lea Owatonna or Rochester violate austins ordinances and break into print Here. Recently an Austin Man was arrested for speeding in Winona. A who there is still a tot of room for improvement in a world where people will Trade Liberty Bonds for Oil Well Stock. One Man makes a position or an and after that the office makes his Moas. Office famous successors a a wife begins to talk about new furniture about the time a Mao learns to love the old stuff. I culture the Public health service be very Little or no War. The plan efficiency Are secured in the United the Bureau of mines the geological has found Many prominent adv Survey the Bureau of education the Cates among them senator Owen of. Children a Bureau the women sub Oklahoma and Allan l. Benson who the truth never did anyone an in Reau and so on. Ran for president on the socialist j jury whether it is spoken written it will be surprising to that citizen party ticket in 1916 and later left the or printed. A person about whom to learn that All the scientific reduce party because of its anti War stand facts cannot be told must have a tonal development work of his gov has written a Book on the subject in Cloudy career and something to government the activities that mean Der the title of a a Way to prevent or up. Publicity is the Searchlight better health and More intelligent that tests our Fibre and uplifts the citizenship better babies better the world would indeed be Fortu great glorifies the Noble and True crops better herds better people Nate if it were True that War could be enriches the Humble and brands the the activities of the agricultural de generally prevented in this manner unworthy and ignoble pertinent the life saving work of the but we must confess that As much As from the very beginning of news 11 urea of mines the Bureau of Edu we would like to believe that one paper work the scriptural doctrine the incident. We copied it the Reader stopped his paper. We were glad of it for it showed he had a conscience and knew he was in the wrong. Perhaps he wont be arrested the next time he goes to Winona. We should be false to our Public Trust if we failed to publish without Bias or prejudice any news which occurred from Day to Day regardless of whom affected As much As a deliberate mis statement of facts would justify the Public to lose Confidence in our Republican Austin

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