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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 19, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured Milts in less business. Figure it v. A it volume i number 31 Albert Lea examiner or Means much to advertisers to have their or Aga reach nearly every Howe in albeit lira and Freeborn county that is Why advertising in the examiner is Worth wide. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday August 19, 1920. Single copy 5 cent league Laws saving people millions league Leader is praised by n. Governor Farmer docked on flax forces elevator Man and political Boss to settler charges that Townley is Crook refuted by gov. Lynn j. Frazier Wabasha county Leader explains lengthy Battle in the courts d., Wabasha a Wabasha county Farmer was unfairly docked 20 per cent on a Load of flax by m. J. Manchester Republican political Boss i of Wabasha county awl How this far by Norman j. Gillespie editor of the examiner Capitol building Bismarck n. A special to the examiner of Mer a member of the nonpartisan ponets of the nonpartisan league la Rakuc forced the Minnesota Railroad especially the a kept press a of the an warehouse commission to act aft twin cities and the smaller echoes in ser uni months fighting was revealed the smaller cities and towns such As by the Wabasha county Leader last the daily at Albert Lea Are profuse in their claims that a. Townley John Curran or the fan mrs who president of the National Nonparti-1, near Hata Taw finally received san league is a Crook Grafter thief a refund of $441� aft0t he has Here liar Etc. They have a few More pet a Awyer and made three trips to St. Expressions for the league Leader tut they have slipped my memory at Railroad and warehouse com Cotov. Lynn j. Frazier North Duko the present time. Mission didst want to anything Jan established an enviable rep during an interview with governor a Manchester who is Wabasha j Tat Ion a a governor serving the in Lynn j. Frazier North Dakota a far county chairman of a lie Republican Tere to of the common people. Elect Mer executive this matter was touch pm by and a Active in the sound gov e common people gov. Fraz pc Lent veto As recen by a aug. upon and discussed at great length. Crement association. Ier has been protecting their inter in another Story in this Issue a a the j Here is or. Cut tans tory us e, at att times. This weeks Issue examiner i mentioned the fact but Rian tally a he told it to the editor j i he examiner contains an inter did not go into detail. Wabasha county Lea Ler View with the North Dakota exec a president Townley is probably of last took a Jve by editor of i Harding Senate record exposed by Searchlight Lynn j. Frazier Republican nominee stood with Bosses voted against labor North Dakota Industrial program Boon to common people the officials state be eyes of world on North Dakota sen. Warren g. Harding a record in the Senate is exposed to a the Searchlight in the publication of that name edited by Lynn Haines former minnesotan now Secretary of the National voters league and in even anti leagues admit Farmer legislation is great Benefit a the people of every state in this Union awl of foreign nations Are watching North Dakota. They Are eager to learn about its Industrial activities. Judges of state awl Federal aged in checking up the Public serv courts. Clergymen journalists Sculp ice of every member of Congress at Toi awl artists of National awl inter Washington. National reputation see Here a quiet. Every vote Harding has cast or orderly solution of the worlds Indue dodged in hts six years in the Senate trial problems the vindication of is summarize by Haines in an Arti our form of government established Cie entitled a the official truth about by George Wallington awl maintain Harding a which contains some started by Abraham Lincoln. And a Ling quotations from the Republican there Are thousands of people wit Lur candidates speeches. Our own state who have been so Blind Harding who to months ago voted by prejudice Bias to pass the volstead Bill Over the lion and personal animosity that the Load of flax to the Burchard be company of Plainview to be clean before Selling it to the Richmond e Evator of which Manchester is manager. After the flax was cleaned to manager of the eed company told or. Curran the dockage on the flu should not be Over 3 per cent. But he did no to or. Manchester told or. Curran he would have to Send a Sample of the flax to the state Grain inspector president Townley is entitled to great far the purpose of having the Dock credit and commendation for what he age determined. Or. Manchester i. Has accomplished in the face of sue Ter told or Curran he had receive1 terrific opposition awl Odds. is. Nor from the state Grain Imp of Martyr if Ever there was one. An who had authorized a dockage c faces the abuse with a smiling face nearly 20 per cent or 11.10 Bushel because he knows that the Farmei on the Load the value of which i and common people Are benefiting a $44.10. What has been accomplished thru of i or. Curran then wrote to the stat of the most abused men in the unite states today a declare governor Frazier emphatically. A the suffer. Abuse at the hands of the a kept pres and its smaller echoes in fact malt Cious criticism in forthcoming from All sides. This criticism and abuse for the most part comes from persons who Are not acquainted a. Facts. Praises league Leader a i want to state at this time tha examiner and contains some excellent words of advice together with encouraging words for Tho a inter a Ted in the progressive Farmer labor movement. Tennessee High House approves Suff amendment i i til 7, declared on the floor of the Enate nut a moral Lue a i am nut a prohibitionist or. President and never have pretended to be. I nut claim to be a Temperance Man. I not approach this question from a mural viewpoint because i am unable to see it As a great moral question. A i not think a prohibition amendment will be effective. You cannot make any Law stronger than the Public sentiment which sees to its have their minds and refuse to enlighten themselves in regard t to activities in the midst of which they find themselves. However we feel that the time has now come when every fair minded person will no longer permit himself to be deceived by the propagandists of special privilege. But will fearlessly investigate and learn the truth about North Dakota awl Hor by wok Lemke. Vice president of the National nonpartisan league. By nor Mun j. Gillespie editor of the examiner Capitol building Bismarck n. D., augut 14.�? special to the examiner a that the Industrial program inaugurated As the result of legislation enacted by the nonpartisan league Farmers and which is now Well under Way in North Dakota is saving the people of this state millions of dollars yearly is the Contention of league and anti league officials Here. Even anti league officials who claim to hate Townley and the nonpartisan league admit that the Industrial program put thru by the a hog of loppers is saving the tax payers millions per annul. Be Loveing that the Farmers Labouring men and other of Freeborn and adjoining counties would be deeply interested in a detailed account of what the league has accomplished in Minnesota a sister state the writer made a special trip from Jam town n. D., where he has been spending a Short Frazier nails opponents lies a lies about taxes Are but one part of the vicious Campaign conducted against the nonpartisan league said governor Lynn j. Frazier in an interview with the editor of the fax Pruiner. A it is just As easy to Nail ii i on other topics As it is on taxes. If you wish to halt the sabotage of 8 to Ecial privilege on the Rule of i people see that your friends Are not hoodwinked by the a kept press lies. A fall that i necessary on this score to remove the Scales from their eyes. Then show them what it will mean to keep the government of their state in the hands of the people. They will be grateful to you for this service. In the years to come you and your children will be proud of your achievement. You w ill receive the grateful homage of the generations yet awl marketing monopolies. They won this Victory by organizing the non. A a partisan league and by holding Loyal vacation to the Capitol City where to it thru four years of the bitterest he interviewed governor Lynn j. Frazier and other officials. In this article which ratification of Federal suffrage passed by Senate 25 to4 How Haines pilloried him Humes says in a summary of the charge which he ele Boracca upon in hit quite lengthy article a Harding probably ranks below other senators in initiative activity and accomplishment. Neither his friends nor his enemies ran connect his Nam with a single outstanding Issue Good or bad. neither introduced nor championed even one big constructive rate increases on express Are granted chiefs political contest that a Ever been waged in the country promises to a league officials and members of j be of considerable length owing to i the House of representatives were the fact that startling facts and Fig elected in 1016. But hold Over Sena ures have been obtained tile writer tors who still could not see the Light will make every Effort to Deal in an a animation. Grain inspection department for their a in this connection i recall a con dockage figures and was informed i Nashville aug. Lha the Tennessee venation i had with a travelling they had never received Sample Senate today by a vote of 25 to 4, Salesman in the smoking Compart from the Richmond elevator company adopted the Resolution providing for Roj Cag a a quorum cil a. Suffrage j la Hill and Resolution he in application for second Advance to meet wage raise expected ment of a Northern Pacific train by it was then or. Curran decided to t Een Fargo and Bismarck Soli show up Manchester and his methods time ago. Of course this travelling of dealing with the Farmer. Man did not know who i was at to the first move or. Curran made time but i Traduce myself we was to go to St. Paul to personally the discussion was ended much to tee the members of the Rad Road awl his discomfiture. Warehouse commission. On the train a a a the nonpartisan league is the he met Fred w. Putnam one of the curse of this country a observed this members of the commission. Curran Man As he Laid Down a copy of the stated his to Putnam awl or. Fargo forum chief opponent of the Putnam said it was a violation of the league in this state. State Laws and that or. Curran should a what have you got against the have Manchester fined and his License league a i inquired. Revoked and that Putnam would pm a a of the league is All right but tonally see that these recommend the leaders they re rafters getting tons were carried out. Rich off the Farmers Money a he re turned. Ratification of the Federal amendment. Even the Mort optimal Ira Furd were tor end in in of the Utt Ruge Force Wert up Rhar,. A a pm ill a cd of priced it the Large majority. Seven lorm. I it. Of hot import no. Teen Voles were Aoe Saary but Mort i i mum pee Che. Were halting pulls had listed 20 to 22 us fax a Dot it and generally illogical Ruble Ami the High water Murk a. Us alway a Rurac Leonary Point of a 24 a the suffragists certain of ratified Quot Afun a a her politically and econ lion by the Senate hate proceeded my a a a he in i. Pert from the beginning of the legislative boe.,-Penrod Smoot and Lodge. Measure. A a a. was absent or dodged 1,163 Washington authority to increase express rates 12�?~a per cent was of a Lay awl stuck to the old gang political tactics thwarted All attempts to put thru legislation favourable to the common people. As a result it was Nece Ary to elect Farmers As senators in 1918. That was a great year and a great Victory for the organized Farmers. During the legislative session of 1919 the Industrial program was enacted into Law. It is now Well under Way and growing to strength favor Ami popularity week in awl week take into consideration the recent award of the Railroad labor Board of increased wage approximately $43,-000.000 to express company employees it a Ion w Ith the expectation that then to mj4tt.ril of a Poji and Organiza it and it is expected application a what leaders i persisted. A a a i mean Townley a the Knight of the grip replied. A see Here brother i said according to the Button you Are wearing in your coat Lapel you belong to the Illinois commercial men a association. Commission a plays Down after arriving at the statehouse the facts were Laid before member of the commission who said they would take it under advisement an for or. Curran to return Home. About a month later he took another trip to the capital City but a. Unreal fight would by to the lower House. Tim or. Who or m kurd a the House adjourned today until once did he display a irregularity be monday afternoon without reference my always a strict party member. On to Utt rage but it was stated later i Uez at All important he voted with the committee to which the relation the progressive group Only nine time was referred would meet monday in nearly six years. Soon night to consider it. Raleigh n. C., aug. 13�?ratification advocates held the advantage tonight in the North Carolina fight Over i Haven to heard the Farmers kicking ule la Aby satisfaction. About two weeks ago Curran made the Only because or. Cavanaugh your Prest Dent is getting Rich off you travelling trip t0 a men. A a a that a no comparison a he retorted a Cavanaugh gets 50 cents a member and he has built up a great organization. There Are Over 100,000 members in the i. M. a then Cavanaugh is getting Over $50,000 a year i replied. A a a yes that must be right a answered the travelling Man. A Townley has built up a wonderful organization. has built up an organization of nearly 300,000 members. His salary is 5,000 a year. Instead of 50 cents a member he gets about 2 cents. Townley is a Piker compared to Cavanaugh. A my companions face flu she i and he looked away. A a done to you think you Are out of your Way a Little to member of the commission he saw was or. Putnam who advised i. Curran to accept the dockage recommended by or. Woodcock and drop the matter. said it was Munch get Eros first offence and the commission did not like to prosecute him. Or. Curran said he could plainly a see Putnam had been ordered to a play Down by the Powers higher up. As Manchester was a ratification of the Federal suffrage much reluctance and indecision amendment As a result of the developments luring the Day which include Bill with its anti strike provision. Al a special menage by gov. Pick j a the stood consistently against con Ett urging ratification. Ner vation voting several times for the altho the Victory of suffrage sup vicious Shields Waterpower Bill Porter in Tho Enate committee a alo.,. Altin labor a on every important test Between will be made by the company for an additional Advance in rates to meet the new wage Scales. Rate half of amount asked Kates on milk and Cream under the commissions decision Are further increased to correspond with toe Advance of 20 per cent for transportation of such commodities authorized the railroads except where there Are no competing railroads Between the affected joint. In the latter Case an a the voted for the Tummins Railroad Advance of 12�?~a per cent is authorize impartial manner with important matters discussed making no Effort to Quot Colora or Quot Shade details. It is his intention to simply give the people of Freeborn and adjoining counties tile truth of Garding the nonpartisan league Ami legislation enacted by the Farmers who support and maintain its principles. Gov. Frazier interviewed governor Lynn j. Frazier the Man who was taken from the plow at his own Home in the Northern part of the j predicts league Victory state Ami laced in the chief exec the conversation then switched to to mfg Chiru at the Capitol building the recent primary election and to was first interviewed. Governor the forthcoming tight in the fall. Frazier is a congenial Man to say the a official figures from the june pro Tea get greeting Rich und poor alike. It Mary election prove conclusively that a Farmer receives As much considers lion from governor Frazier As does a wealthy Man or log politician. Governor Frazier has been a Farmer All his life Ami still assists on his farm during the Harvest season. Suffice to state that he even gives the lowly newspaper Man a warm greeting. A even enemies of the nonpartisan league will agree with my statement that the Industrial program in North Dakota is saving the people millions grunted the american railway express company today by the inter state Commerce commission. ,., by it Imam j/usei-�\�?z7tate a Urne that a will add $35,500,000 to the annual income of the company. The commissions a Levi nun however does not the Farmer s and working men actually won a remarkable Victory in the lace of tremendous Odds a said governor Frazier. A republicans and democrats combined to beat the league Ami failed miserably in their contemptible tactic. A now the Democrat Are looking to the republicans for Aid in the fall election. J. F. T. Of Connor grand Forks is the democratic candidate. Old gang republicans expect to switch their votes to him in novem of dollars yearly a declare governor Leer but it will Avail them naught of \ oled for liquor 30 times Quot on the prohibition Issue he is a a wet having voted for the liquor interests 30 times to two against. A the favored woman suffrage aft Frazier. A it was for that purpose that the nonpartisan league was organized and for that reason that Farmers and working men began electing their own candidates to office. The nonpartisan league has made Good and made Good m such a Way that it appeals to even its enemies. Quot enemies of the organize Farmer labor movement agree readily that they believe the league has done much goo but declare that it is pealed overwhelming a vote of seven to one for a favourable report on a ratification Resolution being recorded capital and labor he voted with the the action merely Marks the begin Ferraer. Eng of an expected bitter contest. The suffrage leaders were Given new Hope but the go errors plea. But ownership in Good Republican. a statement that he per a member of the a sound government association and a prominent Grain buyer it would not Dot have him prosecuted Fok unreasonable dockage. Tonally was again to the amendment served to bolster up antagonism of the suffrage movement. Townley i hinted gently. Better save the Hammer for Cavanaugh done to you think so a a a say who Are you anyway a in copy of complaint or. Curran then engaged a lawyer and made a formal complaint to la going Railroad and warehouse commission Knock 0f which the following is a copy formal complaint of John Curran sr., of Plainview minn., to the league urges action St. Paul aug. 13�?the National executive committee of the National nonpartisan league today sent the following Telegram to the Tenne a legislature urging the ratification of woman suffrage a the opposed Public every form. A the voted against a government Armor plate factory at the beginning it the War. A the opposed the wire control Bill As a War measure. A on Revenue measure he voted against every amendment to increase tax upon profiteering and Large incomes. A the opposed publicity of profiteering figures. Continued on Page 8 . I in touching upon the fact that the express company had been allowed Only about half of the increase ask Rel. Which a 20.16 per cent the r�wn0. A Quot it or and other Leader commission expressed the opinion that the full amount awarded should be retained by the express company itself and that none of it should be allowed to the Railroad carriers. The commission suggested that the present express company contracts with the railroads under which 50.25 per cent of its Gross earnings go to the roads for the Carrier service should be modified to accomplish this purpose. Consolidation unmentioned bet i s. Ion wag granted the company to make new rates effective upon one Days notice by filing Blanket schedules with the commission but the company is required to reissue its tariffs within 90 Days of whom they Call a rafters a that they Are after. It Isnit necessary for in to say very much in this respect. The opposition Mut find some propaganda to be in its Campaign against the league. Does no to it look reasonable to believe that if the get men including myself were rafters we would be behind prison bars by this time investigations have been made and Are invited at All times but High priced lawyers Bankers even detective can find nothing crooked. Want Only Square Deal. A the common people of North Dakota a ked for Only a Square Deal. For Many years Farmers visited the there was not just Cau get for the nonpartisan league it would have perished before to is. The Farmers Ami Labouring men Are holding to their slogan a Well stick Well win a and they will. Heat c Ani tuned vote a in the primary election official returns show that i received 2,506 votes Mote than the other Republican candidate William Lunger and j. F t. Of Connor democratic candidate. Lunger received 43,941 votes o Connor 7,920, while i polled 59.355 votes. I aim not quoting these figures to brag because the Farmers and labourers did not vote for me they voted for the or punt Ples and the men whom they knew could be depended on to carry them out but i am giving it in he a figures to prove that to democracy i it t hand n North Duk a and to remain forever. I a the league will w in in non ii Dakota in no a a re Ber and in ear to come my greatest desire is to amp a the Farmers and labourer w in in Minnesota and other state where the i progressive movement is under w a a seeming to dictate to the legislature the effective Date in the regular Man Cis to enact Laws that would Benefit a to the president of the Senate Ami of Tennessee but it wishes to assure Ner. Quire the travelling Man with a smile on his face As he again looked in my direction. A Lynn a Frazier i replied. A not the Lynn j. Frazier who is j governor of this state he inquired Ager for a e. Richmond amp co. A the same person a i answered state of Minnesota county of ram laughingly. J ass. A a a i guess i got off on the wrong John Curran sr., being first dub track a returned the travelling Man sworn deposes and says that he is a As he burst into laughter. A have a Farmer residing in the town of High Argar. Laad Wabasha county mini., thine a i might add that i had quite a Ami one half Miles Northeast of pain on Page eight i continued on Page eight the speaker of the House Minnesota Railroad and warehouse Ltd the North Dakota legislature commission 1 containing a majority of nonpartisan against league Farmers in both houses was c. E. Richmond amp co. Of Plainview among the first to ratify the suffrage mmn., and m. J. Manchester mar amendment the rest of the Western you that your favourable action on the nothing in the decision the com great Issue involving the liberties it Mission said is to be taken As fore Hulf the people of the United states caging the determination of the a states with the support and vote of nonpartisan league legislators have also ratified. A majority of states have to Date expressed in the same manner their belief that equal political rights should be granted All american citizens regardless of sex. A the nonpartisan league does not desire to be put in the position of would be applauded by the 300,004 members of the league and the vast majority of the people of the West and the Northwest who have a deep and sincere desire that our great democracy shall not longer withhold from any class or group political or civil rights which it Grants to any part of the population. A National executive committee a National nonpartisan league plication of the Adonis american Southern and Well Fargo companies for a continuance of their consolidation to the american express company Between the consolidate company and the railroads which a been submitted to the commission for its approval. The league achievements Capitol building in Thia City during Krum other Uncial in the cataud legislative urging Legi aut building exact detail regarding the legislation enacted by the Farmer the Farmers. They received Funi Quot was obtained. During the four years uses. Anti punts of them but results of a a sticking the following Laws were were never forthcoming. In it any and . Brot bout wonder that they took matter int 1 a the Progre Seiv and efficient and elect their own hands and began to their own candidates to office ? a when the Farmers and others obtained control of the North Dakota state government in 1918 and thereby established their own Industrial program for the securing of fair in m in stratum of governor i Razer and his co workers the Industrial com Mission the indu trial commis Elon consisting of the governor attorney general and the commissioner of agric tor and Abor has been empowered a a i Tercel rates and just marketing conditions they won the greatest Victory manage control operate and govern the naval shipyard at Portsmouth that has been won in the Long fight All utilities industries enterprises United for the emancipation of the american a Adel by Quot Ines project Quot a w or in a it n. H., is the oldest in the a a. Townley states. People Lorn the control of the Money continued on Page nit tel

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