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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 18, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota A tuna the Ria Freeborn county fair and agriculture be Mlat Lylla a i endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council volume 2, number is. Freight Burden on farms is too great Albert Lea examiner a a a a a a a it ave if you Are right you can t he too Radical. Endorsed by the Kustin trades and labor Council if you arc wrong you can t Ihu too connect Kebert Lea. Minnesota thursday m c. St the 1921. Single copies. 5 i Cut. He joined n. P. Be Ali e it first Opp Ortity a. Gilchrist Stock Raiser recently shipped eleven head of Nice fat to the South St. Paul Market. Lime were Nice Young stuff and average about 1,000 pounds each. After he i had paid the freight and the commis Ion merchant and other terminal a Jwj store testimony Belore i. C. T. A Harfes he found that he had re reveals sad plight of Rural lived for the eleven hem ,. Wicent sum of $6. Out int n u i i Rodu Cei. Eay to make Money on the farm ii a you work Hart anti Are economical. Orators and live amuse rl1 incl n a May the sages who defend Tho present. Will i Ike condition. But this Gilchris Farmer aunt features wit make n mint lie wasted know the remedy anti when the Day memorable i reduces to a a league organizer came to i House a return from the Albert Lea unions to celebrate labor Day at local fair grounds la dec eur Christensen uni fam i by to move sex St biggest i Abor event in i Ity s history to he staged at the local fair grounds. To invite other towns Vav Iid gets it we done to or pry too Grain rates farm of freight rates Are not lowered. Vav a hindu on a up. I of the states West of the missis Ipi River asking reduction of transportation rates continued to pile up evidence before the interstate Commerce commission at this morning hearing showing that agriculture can not stand the existing traffic charges anti continue to produce. Hyde m. Reed chairman of the Kansu Railroad and warehouse commission who is managing the Case for the complainant. A watered this Contention with testimony from economic banker Grain dealer Ami a great array of figures front actual Farmers showing the Cost of production. The whole argument for reduced rates will be based upon the argument thai agriculture the Baem us try of the country cannot survive under the increased freight rates a1 owed by the each cumm Lna act. J w. Short Hill of Omaha Secretary of the National Grain dealer association. Was on the stand of the morning and cited a convincing Arm of figures to Snow How the in Crea a in freight ryes a injured the Farmer. He showed that in 1914 it took la Bushel. Of Corn from the farm to pay the freight on a Carload of com from the farm to the Ter Market whereas in 1921 it re a few Days after his Market he put his name on the dotted line and is now working with his brother Farmers in the organisation that has seen the injun Tice and stand ready to apply the remedy. But of course if you Are to be dubbed a free Lover a socialist or a bolshevik it you protest again to such robbery it is better to remain a a True american and lie a Meek Ami docile Pope county Tribune. One half regular army would quit forty per Lent it if enlisted men make application for a discharge. The various trades and labor organizations of this City will Stagi a monster Lii Oor Hay Celebration at the local fair ground on monday sept meter 5th. At i meeting of. The. Labor. I tax committee of the Centra la it by i id at the examiner office on a last monday night it was dec id that de to go the limit and to spare neither time nor expense in making the Day one Long to be remembered in local labor an want to be too curious closely into die private affairs of big business la we would like to know what becomes of the difference Between the $2.25 Worth of Wool in a suit of clothes and the $60 which we have to pay for that suit ? we would like to know Why bread still Ells at War prices in in St of the work for cities of the country although what has fallen to one half of its last years Price so that the wheat in a Pound loaf of bread now costs but 2.2 cents we would like to know Why Coal that Sells at $3.50 a ton at the mine costs us $13.50 by the time we coax it into our Cen Lar. Of course we do think that the Coal men ill making the 200 per cent pro they did during the War Lier Minnesota women win places league of women voters recognize ability of North Star women disarmament women fail to see consistency of peace i silk anti fir preparation. Not we would like nals. The farm Bureau and other farm organizations will in asked pay Moused to blame snobbish officer lain made thai service makes men Servile and destroys initiative. To know where the difference goes Between the $1.15 that the Farmer gets for a whole Leef Bilic urn i the $8 and $10 we have to for a pair of shots this enor discrepancy cannot in attribute labor Costa. According to the figures submitted to a government commission the profits of the Hoe to attend the big Celebration As Industry Are approximately five times will the Union workers and the total labor costs and one thin by the Iota Price of the shoes. In or their friends from the Nearo. To maj Tajn High prices some towns and cities to come to Al of factories Are now Hutting Hart and help Union labor Down because a Dover production Albert Leta Ami in in though a recent Massachusetts moves celebrate their one dig nay. Ligation reveals that thousands of committees fire at work Oil of factory employees n that state tinning speakers arranging the program getting new and novel amusement features and attend m 892 Bushel of Corn to pay the this a placing the government Road from farm to attitude of acting in bad Faith. Had has said urinal tires freight on a Ca Market. A the increase of freight rate average six cent a bushels or. Shorthill. A and this he practically wiped out the entire savings effected by our an Ope rat Ive enterprises. The Farmer tarted co operative marketing concern in the Effort to Ingram i margin of profit. After year of Effort he succeeded in saving about five cent a Bushel on the Price it the when against the a i vice of the general staff of the army Congress decided to reduce this country a a a a army from 2u.000 Mon to inc to the thousand and one 350,000, it was feared in via Hington lulls ?cs8uty to must the most of the 75,000 surplus men Anil lied for a 3-year term which a an implied contract on the part of the government to keep them in the or Rice until the expiration of heir terms of enlistment. Then it was suggested that such men As wished to leave the service might lie permitted to no for discharges. To the astonishment of the Kyar Are them elves in Nee i we would allo like to municipal treat cat fares Are still a cents in san Francisco or municipal electricity costs 6 cent per thousand Watt instead of the Price we Are paying there Are a lot of things we would like to know but we do not Suppo a Ever shall know them until the workers of farm and mine and Rad and be turn a lire arranged a Complete factory who produce rid transport program of the Day s events will the nation wealth together be printed so that you Max Minnesota women connected with the work of the league of women warn have found themselves nationally in Dot inure Tbs summer. Mis morgue it it m. Well. Pre ident of the stat be ague a i in called in consultation with National Board Hoard women Ami a recently returned from Lyme Connecticut where he has to n con ult ing upon i league affairs with mis Katherine Ludington regional director for the District which includes Maine Vermont. New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island. The main subject untied Dicu Sion a the furtherance of the interest in International i armament and in the new National i department of efficiency in government. My Emily Kneubuhl nun whom pet Hap no one is better known to the women of Minnesota a she has during the last year worked a director of political education for the Lea county in the Tate had we regret to state that or. And mrs Halger Christensen and family will leave Friday night for their old j Home in new York state. The family will first go to Washington d. �,., where they will visit with relatives a week or two. The party will then go to their former Home at Floral Park. N. V. Where they will make their Home. Or. Christen a will buy Back i interests in the firm of Ciri ten it a and Evensen. Which firm he was interested in before coming to Albert Lea. Or. Chi site risen is a member a the local Painter Union Anil for the past year has been president of the local trades and labor Assembly. He is an enthusiastic and Active Union Man and has been a fore in the labor movement in Albert Lea inc his coming her five year ago he has donated liberally of his tim a and Money to the workers cause an his going will be regretted by a Large Circle of Friend. The exam net wishes the bed of Loco to the family in their new . Some Hope of Harding tax plan losing a new business for Albert Lea memorial Art company establishes general sales Agency Here. F. J. San dude in charge i Oca i office will serve Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. The Complete Success that it should be. As soon As the Many different know what diversions store for you on i Alexir through co operative marketing. Department every commander of a which the Farmer of invented in co opera Grum _ increased freight rate have More the. N Cut named Thi saving and it Alen ii taking the interest on the forty million Dollar America have tiv a f. W. Peck. Director of agricultural Extension work for the University of Minnesota appearing before the commit inner yesterday rend a letter from w. S. Braun of Springfield s. I showing com a be no burned for fur at an electric i gating Plant there or. Cushman denounced the provision of the a which guarantee the railroads a fixed return. A it makes in american feel sick to think that Congreve a been foolish enough to guarantee a fixed return he said a it i preposterous to a a we will guarantee your earning re Gard of the to fruity of your offi ii regardless of number of men employer needed or not military Post a overwhelmed with applications for i charge Aud in order to maintain the army at the limit set by Congress the m a department had to is be a Hasty order to limit the number of discharge to 30 per cent. Why do men want to get out of the army especially at the a time when there Are so Many men out a it Eutah it a ment ? the private Soldier in the i army receive .30 a month i clothing and lodging. Ile a free medical att nation if he get gum i Bourd a a has Back in time of peace a i not required to or a re haul. His Well fed very comfortably clothed. Considering wha he gets tree his is equivalent to $75 a month. Cml of thousand Are looking for lob Why because army life i military despotism. The Soldier simply Dot s what he is told to do anti he must. Always whether on duty or off duty by careful to acknowledge i inferiority in the presence of an officer. There is nothing about army life in peace time that Appeal to the red a Spode i Young american. Most of the things he is required to do a a Soldier Cern to him to be utterly u . He Fin no Chance for initiative an in ambition if he a any i stifled. Even the schooling that w As Toni Teil him by find in Manx Case to be a the Ami demand the abolition of monopoly privilege and to secure the Dis Tribu Are a non of the fruits of Industry to those Day. Who Tabor to create them. A As a final Quey we would like to know whether any Arety can rightly Call it Al f civilized in which the Mere making of Money and not the faction of human Nee is the at mainspring of it e ans i some la will you a Cleveland f shoes. Know Why us in every the Honor of conducting a school of citizenship at the National Chautauqua in new York state. The citizenship forum at Chautauqua i the first of its kind in that time honoured cultural cent r. Speaking with miss Kneubuhl were mrs. Maud Wood Park. Miss Mary Garrett Hay or. Peck Penny Backer and other National figures. I. Kneubuhl. Special subject a i the con dilution of the amt a i states and slur a return not Minneapolis fit in i with enthusiasm in regard to the manner in which women Are interesting themselves in National affairs. Miss Kneubuhl will now go for a much Nee in i vacation to Colorado and California but say she will be Ager to return to her work in her beloved Minn it to. A third Minnesota woman who will take her Pine in National affairs this week i mrs. Bummel t. Mcknight Fred j. Sandborn general Sale manager for the memorial Art company of St. Cloud one of the oldest firm in the United states manufacturing Granite memorial a located in Albert Tea. I firm Muk Thith distributing Point for Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Or. Party caucus shows rebellion a defers repeal of excess profits tax. Billis too to an Parent progressive republicans fear for their political futures. Washington us. 16.�?charging that the tax a vision Bill prepared by the Republican majority of the House ways and mean committee fails to give Relief to the poorer Cia of tax payers the democratic members of the committee voted solidly against the reporting of the Bill today. Tho Bill was formally reported out by the Republican majority. The majority report on the Bill submitted to it the Hoult to a Lay. Declares that tax revision is necessary to Aid Bun a in teaching a Normal Bania in the proc of liquidation and adjustment going on now but warn that stricter Economy the government expenditures Mut go with tax revision. Caucus bolts from hands of Leader genuinely alarmed at their defeat in the Republican House caucus today on the tax revision Bill administration leaders today were attempting to rally their forces to prevent further inroads on their tax program when the Bill is before the House. The Republican caucus yesterday afternoon decided to amen the we no As to make the repeal of the exc a profits tax take effect on january i 1922, in Lead of january i 1921 As had Leen provided by the Bill reported by the committee. Means that taxes collected from business enterprises next year on this years business will include the excess profits Levy which is expected to add in the a Ono Mic activity y a Sucee. Ful citizen the chairman pay. A a probably no a Labouring men in the world a a it Well fed on the average As the Soldier in the re Gular army. He Al Oha the Opportunity to get a Joh n son Nelson an i i in a farce most of i regular army officers do not want to teach school co gees right jut As Well have reduced the regular army to 100,000 or ie.--. There would have Bern no trouble in getting enough of the my to apply for discharges to Cut the Ani Fie paid or the fair education and learn a Trade. Number Down to thai. It or Hunt ird whether and yet More than 40 per cent of the men jump at the Chance to get out and take their Cham to get out and take their chances in a labor Market that is Dull and where Hund thousand regulars Are ample Fop and 200,000 is nowhere peace intern a enough i in the Ca a of War. Pictures Tell thet Ruthton often to suit Radical film it corporation arc worrying Cajet Abiotic Buzzard. Censors m i x d masters carefully eliminate Aii Linen telling truth about dig business. League a f w t ill b i rat i this year to women of the a t hut of it re Nee which i in ton in Arn under Way Foi lion of new of the fifth District Mien voters and Natl ensure. E i Prem work of the go of to Omen voter keep the Eye of the stat focussed on the life International con Wili Convene in Day. Plans Are the Ida in i Tomato very part of the Sandboe a a new Angle on the Neighb orhoo a of $300,000,000. To the memorial a his firm Manu year s Revenue. Facture the finished product at the the fear of the administration ii of a Quarry amt Ells direct to the con further an i More determine attack Miner eliminating both the jobber in in a the repeal promo Al on the floor Ami the who i Aler. Titi. Or. Sand a of the House Ami later on on the but a ays will result in a saving to floor it i the Ena a. Agricultural Ortho purchaser of from 20 to 50 or Guni Ruthm an a labor and progressive cent. Legi it native Bureau have been Strong or. 8andl�oe has taken office it in in their protests again Trejo Eal of the the examiner building on feast Clark a taxes on wealth Quot they succeeded tree and is Busy getting High sales in alerting All incipient proposals in Force organized and otherwise plan Congress to impose a a sales tax in ing and arranging i by me a. He lieu of the a wealth tax Ami they a had several sear experience in hav e made great headway in swinging the memorial business and he am his Over the sentiment of Congre Smen establishment to the will be a distinct a it it a i if of Albert Lea. And senators Tate from the agricultural state in regard to conference. The sitting if til i to at hmm x f Harte Aux re capper weekly. A very pretty wedding was so Lem Nizel at the k. A. Storvick Home on Jeffrion Street last morning at in of clock when Lolo Laster Johnson became the Bride of Guy a. Nelson of the local Post office Force. Rev. Martin Anderson of the lutheran Church performed the ceremony. The Young couple left by Auto for the twin cities where they will enjoy a Short honeymoon. Both the contracting parties Are Well Knon in this City and have a Host of friends who will Welcome them Back to Albert Lea where they will make their Home. Nothing we Hington picture Cen or t try to look out f in films shown i i sued by the committee of til it or of com Mere propagandist i but p1 dealing with indu statements Whir eau a working no must in stopper be tire the warn hell is an open Shol All his life in an open shop head earned Ida mater a bread they buried him in an open grave when the poor fish was dead he had the company doctor and i half starved w Ife was Nui a he had a Plain Pine coffin and a one horse Wagon Hearse. They put him in a pauper s grave when he a Good and dead they put a Woolen Monument above to match i head. And then he roared to heaven but to stay he did no to care he kicked because there were none of his Bosses staying there. He vent Down to the other Pla e and walked right in the Yard old satan came up with a smiling face and hit him goa1 Ami hard. N he laughed his hand of fish top us. Bald i to a now your balk in your open shop a Liming to moving ugh out the Coon Radical caption he Public a been mistrial relation tii Ladelphia Cham these anti uru on Over that a a 11 cent age of the files rial life contain i might possibly i to think. I Bat tin last wedge Day evening it and j of Sybilrud. Living met Hartland were driving into that town in a Ford car the came up behind Christophe on. Who War v ing of. Pas t in int Tov u in a to a not Ber team la i did not see the them Aud in til s thought the say rack and i and tit ill s Rig i a team Iii rime to i Gat Herm t dusk Eon a coir lug Dairy exhibit will be Best held in a. Lea Hoke specimen of county finest held ill he on exhibition. Flan sflendi1 program entertainment feature a ill be far better than i usal at county fairs. Who a who in the army an Arm it chaplain who a convicted of uttering treasonable language and currying on Active propaganda in favor of Germany during the War a been pardoned by president Harding with full rights of Ci-11 zen hip restored. Eugene v. Debs convicted of violation of the e Ponape act i till in a Penitentiary. Does administration hold that treason utterance and propaganda for enemy Are minor offence readily i condone while obstruction of i aft because of a conviction that and War is wrong is a crime demand my full punishment even after the War i Over a Christian science Monitor. The Abl the the Tow Ard instead of going a to from them. Tiny turd to the or or id to it the Road on that account then feeling i heir att nipped to Al in Back but Wen too do a and ran into the team injuring line a it of the nor is so badly that it had to be k lied. A til car is a total wreck and both in \ Aung men received several pain us outs. De to portray the live of Bounds by tin morning no in an this picture i t lines a is a Ami recreate thei men of Wistrom. B to solve tire it in capital and la Capitali to i 111 permit it wag a struggle Bein i on the screen. Out and in t a one of tim it one of Siginu tallow came to it i away with a few you killed her a the Gary Zed censor out and substitute this Connors a Idow Conine to was issued Newark Griffith the lecture Pla it. The ors hip by it urd ii a a a Hart production which was intend a manner in Winch to is Are held in factory whistles id night. I a foreword with ice the Day of Plato in have Ben Man a a it none age enough niggle Between two i Lark Gli a e Soldier boys by ried i St is Nimax can ices att a us Ltd a re Hirn la bog at n t h is Al win held v for two of to Tott Fields of Tun la i Lark til of h a both ii i so France. \ mire is killed in and Ira i action on a i arg county attended the service which were under tile auspices of the local t of the v. I xxx. R Mel on private was tam to october 12, 19js. Nelson private killed in november 5, 1918. Crowd from All Over the it Waul i have liken a tub Over 300 feet Iii diameter Ami 825 feet High to hold the Ioui billion pounds of butt i produced in the United slates at you. The milk from which the la butter was made could it have passed Over Niagara Falls in less than a veral hum s. A statistic eke the must be quoted a impress the Public with that of the butter and milk Al Secretary n j xxx hit Kra a Hurn Durst fair it is because a it ire that Trio fair to it be i Lea August 2�?~ to september i i offering such generous Precunis not Only for butter and Chee Al it the Coni Mon Brood of Broil Dairy rattle xxx e fool encourage the lutheran rolex at i Vik or Ltd ups Sini by i in parlance Industry Rev i Thye to Lay Mendouse size he i at a a i unit in count y it. I or. Bosn i in in the interest. Of the Coil Ges of the Luth ran ill 11 in d at the Freeborn fair grounds on sunday aug. Be prominent orators including a. Prescient of St. Ola College Dies the gathering during the a splendid program of tam music has been sins of Norw xxi Punu at f i Mons i Ink pm a Sylvania worker i to see ii capital and Labory a i. The lines were Cut place a written my Tuggl s of me a Quot Connors in Ami you in her v filthy dollars when truck that it a when you Why Onn mention a school of Freeborn did t you act of to May a another or a a you be had place me. 5 like the decent Ina caption was year to make rim ave been dunking of the him Lay count v held a a interesting convention on monday Ami tuesday at the danish Baptist Church in this City. Prof. Harold e. Humbert of la Aston a the principal speaker and deliver Dan attentively revived speech on both Day of Ria convention. Bever mid reuse. By minister Felt Pai Albertl a my surrounding town.-, round table discussions and Many excellently rendered no fitted out the two lays program think of the censor substituted a by Ltd had no right to put off pure a re i Louiry Are doing much the fair v ill present record tin my exhibit in Marly every department acc ring to fair officials. Dozens of letters have been received from a is interested in exhibiting at the King for a Premium list telling to be awarded. The interested in the and it w my exhibits Ami thar a getting Stock and Gar in in. I i Chi i int we nor in-1 Mon August j Grove Nei i int Fiat i my and1 in store i of the this City Lake is it rib Wood will la in the Henry Emmons 8l Vei will mid re.-. To of old a Ion who arc so it i be j Eon a or a a Al Ime urn p fair a a out the pm women Are much baking children to attend pros fair of Al Ien or ducts Feaoly an excellent entertainment Gram has been pm Anne i by the management. I he amusement ates include horse racing firework music Ami vaudeville other features have barn arranged of lesser importance. Anyone desiring inf a mation about the fair can obtain i xxx ing on the to i at the court a int a Lay night Anton Lei on a the contract for Imp Mvi Broadway. Or. Larron v of Cut Down rile Hon is. Terra i h left cont a a the a lawns ii will. Under in Hill move a and owed a a try it pries 9, j 40.80 it by writing to Lea the Secretary at alb it y by Naven t Hon Ilia. Making ilk a Sale. La Xun Dan i. Will to a barn inn a a a by ii it sins Bairn 8 my Elbert a Ai a it of ii a a i Comet to ww$8aadnjf ngh Auni us a i i it Etna i u s san tim8i� buy your Supply Irwin he Mer a a of i i it Nih the Hants who advertise a a your paper j cry min a him. A a a a a a i no it

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