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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 12, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising Tho Cost is Fig by result. A $5.00 and that Brin % More business to cheaper than and amp Vert sing coating $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Volume i number 30. Albert Lea examiner it Means much to advertisers to have their my nag Beach nearly every Homo in albeit l a and Freeborn county. That is Why advertising m the examiner is Worth while. Of a /. Iii i. V. A. Charges of a a socialism met by senator Stutsman statesman licks attorney in argument at Jamestown he. W Albert Lea Minnesota thursday Aku St 12 1920. Single copy 5 Cento n. Grain inspection Law gives Farmers Square Deal is claim of or. E. F. Ladd Grain dockage feature alone saves millions avers College president Bank of n. Report shows Geart growth have the Farmers any complaint ? a by Norman j. Gille pie editor of the examiner Jamestown no. Dak., August 9�? nonpartisan league is pure save the state from the red Flag of a Farmers and working men of free in the Wake of the news direct armistice negotiations be and Fargo n. D., Augustio a special to the examiner a the defunct Ive features of the North Dakota Grain tween Poland and Russia failed to de inspection Law Are Pointer out by or. Be up the results desired by Western Tui Vav mini i a Tho a p Ladd chief Grain inspector in a nations. News reports Tell us of be p statement issued by him Here. Or. Vere listing Over the entire line and Ladd Points out that the chief am of toe a pad approach of the russians novel feature of the state Law is the to Warsaw. In actual fact however provision that dockage in Grain must there is probably not a great Deal of v the Ain he Pai Ltd for to toe Farmer at the mar listing being done. It appears to be bom county have heard these words r ,�____i__i___t.? Ket value. Another feature is that More the nature of bushwhacking the North Dakota Farmers under this than modern warfare. Modem armies Law have the same Protection As to can not Retreat More than 15 Miles a outsiders helping swell deposits of state owned institution before. Jake Preus steel Trust candidate for the Republican nomination for governor and other Canu lates on Day in Good order not to mention and i. Ticket hurled them in the face of ho0s fax Les a a Quot n Quot Are. The common . Often enough be act or la a the a a Oln a a i Quot am min a a a Quot pm c fore the Minnesota primary Cam. A he Federal r Oiler states. In issuing this statement or. Ladd toe reported furious fighting were merely rear guard actions to keep Laws of have been retreating at this rate from important fronts it would seem As staunch friends of the nonpartisan. League failed to Quot fall for Quot Chi. Bunk-1 a it a Etc 1 that elevator Quot it Quot it a Quot a a a hat urn. They realized full Well it was failed to comply with the state Law the rank of North Dakota has made farm Loans of $2,759,-385.30, according to the july bulletin of the Bank just published. Margin Oer expense for the first six months of 1920 totals $1 t5.27fi.20. Individual deposits of North Dakota citizens Are not accepted by the Hank but the report shows that friends of North Dakota outside the state have deposited $99,705.10 in the state owned Hank. Public deposits on july 16 totalled $17,315,485.01. The Hank of North Dakota bulletin comments As follows on the Dairy cow Law now in effect which was open shop War not affecting leagues state there apparently Are some who still maintain that farm organizations should let a non political and that they have no complaints to make in reference to their conditions financially no better illustration can be Given of the object sought to be accomplished by the Farmers than the present status of the Green hide Market. These conditions not Only affect the Farmer but Are of Mutual interest to the Community including every Man woman and child. Six months ago Green calf hides were Selling for 73 cents a Pound to i i or m # c j Day they Are Worth less than one fourth of thut amount of 18 cents a Pound. P. Torcq co a hides six months ago were Selling for 28 cents a Pound and to to fight capital in Day s Market places them at nearly one third of that amount or 9 cents per Pound. Present lactation on Green hides Are actually less than in 1914�? previous to the War. Is till leather at an exorbitant Price the packers now maintain that there is an Over Supply of hides on the Market. Could anything be More inconsistent than the slashing of Green hides North Dakota the oppositions game to Dodge the issues in the Campaign. Just this morning i heard an excellent argument on the subject. Senator Thomas Pendray Stutsman county who has served in the North j Dakota Senate for won Over a Jamestown of latter naturally being an anti leaguer j Quot the anti leagues in this state Are r statement follows the russians cautious and from and relative to the payment of dockage j Dancink fat enough to take great in octet by the Farmers legislature at the special session a the special session of the 1919 Are rapidly settling up with their pay a aches of prisoners trons preparatory to obtaining their conditions in Poland bad enough License for the season that opens soon. Tore Tois War Aid made practically or. Laddys order that no licenses Are intolerable by overwhelming defeat to be issued to elevators that refused must make for a a Reat Deal of Revo by Norman j. Gillespie editor of the examiner Jamestown no. Dak., August Ion special to the examiner a there is and is there any Lay of Hope in creating a reduction in the Price of shoes Une predominating fact in North a by so doing Kota which has interested me consid the state department of agriculture of this state under Date of May Era in to 1920, has issued a bulletin which shows that the Small tanners in this organized labor is not country Are rapidly being absorbed by the larger interests that to a Large forced to Battle capital degree makes such unreasonable manipulation of marketing possible. This in the open shop War that report shows that in 1869 we had in this country 7,569 tan cries valued at appears to of. Sweeping oth-$159,287,597. In 8984 we had Only 741 tanneries valued at $367,201,705. I or states of the Union. I he report also shows that the Cost of labor in a Good substantial work there is no open shop warfare Unshon is 0 cents per pair. In a Good calf Blucher shoe toe cot of labor is Der Way in North Dakota. The Lea Given at 92 cents per pair. Guess state is free of any such Trou the above figures Are Given by the manufacturers themselves and Are blk a employee and employees it eem undoubted High yet it proves conclusively that the Cost of labor in Man to be Happy and contented Usu curing shoes is not Large in proportion to the ultimate Cost of the shoe. Organized labourers Are receiving a the report referred to above also state that a the farm value of hides fair living wage in the cities and has practically no influence upon shoe towns of North Dakota and they Are this Mut be taken to mean that it apparently makes no difference satisfied. Employers Are satisfied be North Dakota legislative Assembly whether the Farmer gets 73 cents or i cents for his calf hides and that cause then men Are Happy and con Laid an excellent foundation for a shoes will remain High in Price in spite of the manipulation of the hide mar tented and giving a fair Days work to in ii win Isle tonary sentiment in itself. ¢ultm01 a Quot Al Quot Rapos in the state Ket by the packet. In return Foi a Tai Lur pay. The past two year. 0 a Quot 10 no a the will in Lou Moil a that divers.#., famine a a Woald be Well for our readers to write to the mate department of the Fri by for an open shop broke town attorney them it Quot a a nut Mam a Eui mems n is Indi Posable to a sound Iconium apr i culture at St Paul Minn. Re tue Ting them to. And a copy of bulletin out in farm some months ago no up of agriculture by the conserve no. 7 which although it presents the situation largely from the Man fac did not last any length of time. Pm tempt to increase this revolutionary element As much As possible both by defeating utterly the present leadership of land owning aristocracy and Tion of soil Fertility and that prof tier View Point gives some interesting facts. Table diversification renders the known As i. A . I. V. A. Stands Protection for producer a Luis tip vow Stilly Ai i.7%v\iwv he g ,. A for Independent voters association. A what Are the distinctive features by propaganda offering fair Condi of lev Ock absolutely Nee til ownership of profitable Dairy and is j p i organized Farmers of North Dakota a of the North Dakota Grain grading tons if Poland adopts a soviet of a Rye that p01�?T�?T5 Lepie Enta tsar meat animal is the most important Ludvis i d cd Del Iii Kin-., into Ibraimi eke Kim. Ctm 11 i. Have Pird a moan by Whit h ,. It a u uus Oil conservation have interpreted the three letters to Law stand for Many other things since the distinctive features Are rubbing Elbow with the outfit. Continued on Page eight i was fortunate enough to happen _ along about the time the argument Between the Jamestown attorney and senator Pendray waxed very warm. Some of the language used by the Learned mender of the bar will not be found in websters but i have culled out the worst and present the argument As it occurred. A a it a socialism a shouted the attorney in a loud voice waving his arms excitedly. A the nonpartisan league and you Fellows Are driving us hell Bent into socialism. The nonpartisan league has Given us a socialistic Constitution and some of of working class government which would be hostile to French and English plans. Guild organized by Bank clerks Bertrand Russell Well known English philosopher with Radical tendencies has come Back from Russia with some interesting conclusions with regard to that country. Professor Russell declares that he went to Russia believing himself a communist but Farmers not Able to finance them and permanent farm Prosperity selves May acquire the Dairy Stock next in importance is effective local they need by forming co operative co operation for the standardizing associations and securing Public Ala and marketing of product and the i he Dairy association Law Senate securing of credit. Once an a Socia Bill no 30 makes it the duty of the Tion has been formed for any Funda county comm Moneis of any county mentally important agricultural Pur to it sue or sell county Bonds or War Poe it will be relatively to sex rants with the proceeds thereof to tend it functions so As to Purchase cattle for Dairy purposes. Ail other activities which can Best la britishers kept from Marr Carriea on co oper Totive a a nce Page until 35 years of age by Law a. F. Of l. Pre a sender London More than seems to have weighed most with an Assoria firmly established such local Assoc a. Tion a provided by the act. Such Tion by pooling their assets can be t i7 ? of a a. A a a Rray to am b. Imd cur or , ration for an. The fatal in charac,., ,.ti� of i ,0-r,. Writing by no the. Malkon a of their a astern Peoples. He declares that the russian communist Leader re crops St Rewer than 50 resilient freeholders in easily As for the Purchase of live the county has been received and a mock. They will also be Able to connect up with the state or other mar 2,000 Bank 10 t it 0ld l0d prove.1 by Tho county eommi.,loner the. Rank est soc Alipic Laws you Ever clerks have organic Ila Bank off a Tref Quot Ildy a Ai no wed it make ten to get Toke her heard Tell of. And i say it ainu to Cern Guild anti Are protesting against a ii i ii them willing to sacrifice themselves Len or More per on May form a democratic Ami it ainu to miserable wages Ami unreasonable re 4 it a a a. To. A it of a a a in if to any extent which seems necessary Dairy association which shall be gov a just a minute returned senator sanctions that include denial of their i i. A a also leads them to be into Grant with med by such rules and regulation in Melray with a smile on his face right to marry until they have reach i a a a. A a a to ii i , i Niino i. A a i opposition with the Lazy am with As May let a Prasco Nam by the Dairy Quot who you Tell me if socialism is con of a certain Grade. Under this Rul ,. A a a a of la emt toe indifferent. Association and approved by the been called the but single piece of St Tutu ral 7 my of the Banks an employ cannot. ,. Quot you re Damn right it Ain t. A to. Oth regard to the former peasant county comm be such Rule. An. Eiri Lauon eve enacted by the North players soon realized that dosed shop conditions were Best for themselves As Well As the workmen and soon j dropped the Issue. I Quot i a it a a it has been claimed that a Victory joint recital for the cd mme a p5�p,e it Tho Pons always re Cults in placing organized Laboi in peril. Such a Victory sex Davis Faran Rel treat to a a a Haa a ten it it no it to Davis Ragan i Reat i o a bit tim fight Between cd Petal am Tell. Music lovers in Albert Lea or Kuch is tru a North Dakota a a h k r must be the exc Ltd lion ton proves the and Freeborn Loru a for assuredly North Dakota is controlled and operated by the miss Helen Davis the celebrated common i it a a a Mezzo Soprano and Sibyl Sanderson connection it might be Well Fagan a Whistler without a peer As print what i Inley Peter Dunne had histed by Willard Osborne violinist to about the open shop. Or. Will be heard in an unique recital at tone s comment which follow Are the auditorium on North Broadway Ruth to toe Point to say the least evening. Aug. 17. A what is All this talk that a in the miss duds is one of the most prom ,p1> about the open shop i a asked keying services for the buying of my Young singers now on the con . Equipment and supplies and for the Ert stage. She is the possessor of a by Don t be know said or. Selling of their products. Brit Law of All a the Dairy association Law has it marry until about 35 years old. The never was constitutional a shouted Bank clerks and similar employees Are. The lawyer. A i being Ai in i by organic labor which Quot her Hgt a a a a Quot just a minute Quot retaliate senator refer to them As a a Black . Ona per or Pendray. A you say socialism constitutional. And you also that the Laws passed in North to Are socialistic. But did not a. A a supreme court of the United states Don appointed by prime minister h at it 0 a Many Art y Farmers who now have their own Ian regulations to include provisions Foi Dakota legislature of course the or per the in Urance of animals Purchi de realization of its benefits will depend Russell tor the Protection and Breeding of upon the extent to which it is taken the North Asquith in october 1916, a to make there is a War with Poland and con writing to comply with All rules and pets that work under this Law will unanimously decide that Dakota therefore a Well a said the attorney somewhat Cowd. A a if in of the 1 the chairman of the commit # whale a trying to get you tee a. Lion. J. H. Whitley member a Quot run they hav halt i "�?o0>b of a a Quot it lug of he Law an. It veg com. ,. More to eat in the lad two years without the written con ent of two pensive m traction it and it a gets Farmers to see anything. Of parliament. Say i a i ii j. Sequent i y can not understand u by regulations such agreement to be be pushed vigorously and successful a to Laws were constitutional and and consider suggestions for securing 1 7 not. A. I expresses it. ,. A toe government is unable to give binding until All ligation for the by. I he Tate Dairy commissioner ,. Fore american a a permanent improvement in the it Quot ,.i a i / u a. Pie. She determined. _. Them clothes and agricultural j mole Purchase of Stock for such member has Jud i tied a pamphlet entitled said Tho attorney. Some lotion Between employers and Wolk a 1 it Iii , Latium ments. Their thought is limited to have been met. No person shall be a the Tow Bill a containing an Canaiy it is probably useless to state that a committee composed of employ., As in singing. Also she stud leu ,. A. Cause the landed aristocracy no Long an Anocia Tion. Members Are jointly interceded a insets who have not re a a h u the attorney left immediately on an de wit i Hun. J. Whitley member of ,. Quot ,. N. F ,., piano until her artistic ideals were to. S. M i i i or takes half or More of the product and severally Baile for All contracts revived a copy of Thi it pamphlet would Quot a Quot c important business engagement. Sen parliament chairman recommended ,. To n. To ,. / u eloped. It didst take her Long t a for v Ontl Meta Elf on Piatra i us Diluna Iku but yet Many of them Are Carim debt and obligations due to the do Well to mate application for it in it a _ than they have Ever had before let thirds of All other propping to form tons a to How to proceed under it. Brilliant voice of glorious Quality and Dooley. A really in a at yer an ability to interpret tile songs that ignorance Hinni Grey. What is the America loves. She was born in shop sure a tis the hop where Amel Tea and has accomplished All her they Kape the door open to a cum vocal and artistic training entirely Mot late the con Tant Stream a min Here of which fact she is very proud Corning in to take Job cheaper than when Sibyl Sanderson Fagan was m n a a Bas the jabs. Tis like a tiny girl was Given to making this ii no by suppose wan a these every body in the family miserable Tocsin citizens is working in an of princely wages a wan Dollar a Day a tin hour Anither son a a gun and Boss a pm think of could Denly discovered that she realty bundle the Job nicely for ninety could whistle a a Little better a. She to Boss a an the wan Dol Thun most peo a Mun out a to the Crool would to make a real exercise Biz inalienable rights As artistic profession for herself by a Iree Lom american citizen and Means of her unusual gift. She cab some other poor Devil. And it i died breathing exercises which he 8oes on hint by. And who Are quite As important in whistling k1 to Benefit Shrue it aves the also she Ator Pendray and myself enjoyed his plans that would make Intercourse discomfort re considerable. Between employees and workers pos Quot a a �?~1 a sible. The plan is being adopted in Canadian fisheries industries that Are not thoroughly Cuau Dia i Jade acc organized. In Industry the into Tajc Trade uni Yng afe functioning. fisheries for a. The fiscal year which closed March 1st produced a total commercial Revenue in excess of $60,000,000, or an the Market riggers Are at their increase of $25,000,000 As compared old tricks. Paper wheat is being with the fiscal year that closed with bought and sold in the Stock sex March 1917. The Export Trade in changes. The Banks will not loan or beginning piano studied the de aft lessons to a a a because a a White father fits in county from a Anocia Tion to the sex mediately to the department of ugly their simple View of the universe. Tent of to per cent in addition to the culture and labor at the Tate Capitol Kyj a 11 1 no a Ubl made a professor Fin is that the. Imrch. Pric of such tattle Esea. , x. a a a an Ltd 001 00 a a a bolshevik have attained considerable member shall receive through the a Success in getting professional men solution. A i Here Are 57 lock in the continued on Page eight i next to the of land., 5 Oik state bulge anal. Bos Money but he done to care no More for Money thin he does for i right Eye. A it s All principle wid him. He hates to Emmen lobbed a their Indi Pind ence. The it must to Kape their Indence. The Marne old game to ii tor the fiscal year was Worth the Money Foi the Lea. The bears $40,Ost,172, an incr a e of More than use Thi As an excuse and Down goes too per cent in value As compared the Price 8 cents the Day before yes j with 1914. The increase Over the Ter Day 16 cents yesterday. God j preceding War was in excess of four know what it will be today and to million dollars. Morrow. The Farmei is Iii. Oon learn i the Export Trade with the United to his sorrow. Kingdom increased from $4726,398 in the meantime atone of damage i in id 14 to $9,51,979 in the last year by rust multiply. A ample was Brot while the Trade with the United into our office it esterday in which no i states jumped from $5,644,35.j in 1914 head had any Grain. The world sup to $17,180,250 last year. The great ply Jug known to be Short and the increase in the fish sales to the unit Price of flour has not dropped de states has been due to the fact what a the idea that the value of canned Salmon sold much just that the speculators and gamblers Are preparing to reap the greatest Harvest of their lives and the Farmers and Consumers i will be made to foot the Bills. And the Lunny thing about it is that on the me hand Many Farmers Trade authorities look with some ,1y Side in with the political Disfavour upon the increased fish Trade Bunch that backs up the gang which with the United states because a robs them and on the other hand the Large Quantity of Salmon and other a a Sumera do likewise fish imported from Canada is Export it is too bad that Home Means caned again. Statistics indicate that the not be devised whereby those who Premium on american Money is a j thus Side in with the robbers so could i i tinting Canadian Trade to the sex be the Only ones to be of other markets. Den s ii Northwest Square Deal. Elty. Miss Fagan whistles by mean they must have their Indi Indence new Ber two names but he regardless a Mything would t even try it any other Way a a but raid or. Finnissey a Athene tor she can whistle longer and get open shop min be me shun say they less tiled and avoid blistered lips by Arefi a unions in properly conducted. in i fingers a Shure Quot said or. Dooley. A div a 3 he conceit on aug. It promotes i i pm acted an there we to be a most unusual treat for the Are. An How would they have Thim Murzic lovers of albeit Lea. Conducted no strikes no Rule no i aids of admittance May be be contract no Scales hardly Iny wages cured from o. V. Hoi i Berg 136 Vav. In dam few numbers. What the nonpartisan league has accomplished in North Dakota claimst., so Long As accommodation remain. To the Republic in 1914 was $115,360, while last year it was $12,067,319. During a Span of sixty years there has been a jump of nearly 300 per cent in the value of dry salted codling and Pollock shipped into the United states. Will be explained in detail in an interesting news Story appearing in next week s Issue of the examiner. Norman j. Gillespie editor and manager of i he examiner who is at Jamestown n. Do a on a vacation has made a special trip to Bismarck North Dakota s capital to interview governor Lynn j. Frazier and other officials of Minnesota a sister state for the purpose of securing definite and exacting information As to the accomplishments of the nonpartisan league. North Dakota Laws enacted As a result of league legislation will be explained and the benefits derived from these Laws pointed out. Persons who Are interested in the nonpartisan league and what it Means to the Farmers of the Northwest Are urged to secure a copy of next weeks examiner and learn the truth about what the a hog Skippers have done in North Dakota. Labor to celebrate in an employer of a Large number of organized worker in this City. Who requested that i withhold his identity was interviewed on the matter. A for ten years a declared this pm Al Beri Lea desperate a fight a gain-1 organized labor a a Ever a mail by mortal Man. It Emit me con labor Day is near at hand and the Sid Erable to learn that there Are no i i pact pre ent and future urge us to workers of skilled so intelligent so a proper recognition of the Day. It faithful and so ready to cooperate As is a Day set aside nationally out of the e governed by in organization i respect to the wage earner. Labor whose officials level headed men Day committee arc actively at work Quot a inc Vav employ Only none but Orsan to make tins labor Day one of tile ixe gtd labor and never the least a it a the City. Approximate Ever to be each the a that the on Cise will be held throughout tile Day Bas no no t to oppress the an. Evening. Let every one consider this Many statement i Worth Cost a ii of Dei Elf a committee of teeing from a Angle it contain one to in Uke tile Day a Complete it i ,1 in i Chous do it other Emce in every sense of the word. J Plover. Took the ame attitude what the Albert Lea i to Day Cerebra a Impi Elution there would to to lion bids fair to be one of the great tot present indict rial unrest. 5 est in the history of he City. While e Complete return. Front the trades amp.,.a new York Telpi neet vies labor Assembly committee a not a. S yet been made indication Are that highest Between full Ltd a Quot a ii it will be a Day Long to be remember the morning the average Nunt kor tied in Albert Lea. Albs during Tat hour being 48,000

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