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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 11, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Attend the big Freeborn county fair and agricultural exposition Lee Aii 28tosej t. Endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and Council volume 2, number 32.Albert Lea examiner a Elf you Are wrong you can t be too conservative if you Are right you can t be too Radical. Endors id by Hie Bustin trades and labor Council Albert Lea Minnesota thursday August la 1921, Simrau Tiptn 5 citizens catch Bandit without sheriffs help bold attempt made to Rob Geneva Bank Man posing As Deputy sheriff slugs assistant cashier now in county Bastile captured after an exciting Chase in Treetop an attempt to Rob the state Bank at Genea at about 4 p. In. Last saturday a frustrated by the Clever thinking and Quick acting of John Schad jr., cashier of that institution. A Man named g. Al Merritt giving his address As Mason City had been hanging around Geneva for a Day or so wearing a Star and giving out the information that he was a Deputy sheriff on the Trail of some Moom Hiner. He had driven into j the sheriff goes to Glenville Peter Fosse sheriff of Freeborn county says he did not a understand that he was wanted at Geneva when he was phoned from that City last saturday that an attempt had been made to Rob the Bank there and that the Geneva citizens were in hot Pursuit of tile robber. The worthy Slier ii f with a Fine and careful regard for his hide suddenly remembered that he had some papers to serve at Grenville in fact he remembered it so quickly and the serving of the papers was so urgent that he did not take time to apprise his Deputy of the attempted robbery and instruct him to be on the Lookout for the robber or to go to Geneva and assist in his capture. No Pete had business in Glenville and it just wait not while a la old bad Bank Bandit was at Large in the North end of the county. It looks As though our sheriff Wasny to craving to make the acquaintance of any strange highwaymen and Bank robbers they re such crude impetuous Perrons. And Why should a handsome Man like Fosse v ant to in the risk of having his Appal to Ike Beauty All mussed up in an encounter w Ith a Bank robber. Then too it might injure his social prestige to lie caught mingling with such Low persons. That a right sheriff done to you take any fool chances. When a robber robs a Bank let the banker catch him. It s his Money not yours. You should worry. There a no Chance of you being elected again anyhow. Sandbagging Uncle Samuel the it citizens of the u. S. A., who pay Tho Bills ought to take out burglary insurance policies against Railroad raids on the Treasury of the United state. We go on fact. We arc going to hand you mime facts which n of won t read in your subsidized pro nor in the floods of trenched propaganda poured Forth by Railroad press agent. During the Tine of the government control of railroads or duping the time the government guaranteed the net earnings of the railroads the sex Ponse account of the railroads a she least of their troubles. Did no they have the bottomless Treasury of tie United states Back of them they did and they used it too As \ of May Here read. For our investigations we have be Iee Ted two of the greatest Railroad corporations in this land the Pennsylvania k. R. And the new Yolk Centra r. U. You might think that they weren Tali of we Are going to How you from their own records pre wifely How they tapped Uncle same a trea Uryu which your toil helps to All. They tapped your Treasury by the a a locomotive repair route pipe line own did not know that he was expected tiered. A town of under a thousand and cd it thusly town in a comparatively new Buick to go to Geneva. He says that neb people can hardly pay the expenses the Pennsylvania i dread Light six and the people of Geneva son informed him that the Bundit had of a paper of its own. Rather we and operates one of tin Modem accepted him at his own valuation. Gone North on the Jefferson Highway Hall have two big weeklies in each and up to Date locomotive con Truc saturday afternoon shortly before so he immediately billed up kerb county one run by special privilege Tion Plant in the world at Altoona 4 of clock he appeared at the Bank Bauk and St. Paul then left for the other owned and peaking for toe Pennsylvania and among the most and asked permission to do some Glenville where he had business people. These big weeklies will carry Modem and up to Dot a repair shop writing Young Schad showed him upon his return he called the phone pages for the smaller towns in the work at hair Burg at Olean to a desk in a Small office at the rear operator urn was informed that the Ami will got out a special edition for at i it Way and at other Points f the building. Schad then busied Bandit was captured so he thought the Small to it it Wnm a territory. Units lines. It operates and main Hirr Elf at his duties about the Bank his services were not needed at Gen a local paper is the most profitable gains the huge plan in order that a inc no further attention to the a be that As it May. Some of the form of cooperation open to Farmers to May do its own repair work cheap Lepow whom he supposed was Busy pople of Geneva seem to think that at the time even if it does in anti eliminate Tho Leviathan profit with his writing. Schad was working is one of peace officer duties to not Quito pay current expenses. One charged by Baldwin locomotive with i Back to the Bandit when make some serious Effort to App re of the Many kinds of dividends it works and other Jimlu trial bandits. Hearing a slight sound he turned and hem a Bank robber was confronted by Merritt who had came out into the main part of the i Hank unknown to the cashier. Mer a a a Ritt thrust a gun into Schady Abdo note Many references in the a pays is greater Independence and or Why during the governmental Guai seventy one to four it a National self re pct. Ant v thin do Pennsylvania Willie Chamberlain goes a soliciting a lord How the mighty Are fallen a will Chamberlain he of the Skinner Chamberlain business Emporium the same gentleman who Well nigh wore out several Good lungs yapping Al Init the n. P. League and generally cussing any of the Farmers who showed any disposition to do a Little Home grown thinking less than two Short years ago was out the other Day telling a member of that same league a most moving tale of woe. The Farmer said that had he not had himself Well in hand he would assuredly have shed several bucketful of Large wet tears of of sheer sympathy for poor William. As it was when William tin sorrowful got to that part of his Story where he said that probably he would have to Lay off several of his clerks the poor Farmer was so torn w Ith grief that he was Well nigh overcome. However remembering the Many unkind things that Friend William had said about the Farmers organization in Days gone by he managed to recover. Valium then asked the Farmer Why it was that he never came to spend any of his hard earned shekels at the s. C. Store and the Farmer told him he was so unkind As to even remind William of a certain remark that ran something like this a we can get along without the damned of course William in his new pose of Farmers Friend disclaimed All memory of Ever having made any such remark but the Farmer was insistent. And Willie went on his weary Way w without having gained the customer possibly to solicit another league Farmer to Trade at the ant league store. It sure must be Tough when this Bird has to go out in the country and solicit the league Farmers for their internet. Willie at that is probably More to be pitied than censured. He is just another example of the Folly of starting the human Mouth going and then carelessly going away and leaving it to its own devices. Willie As he is alleged to have said May lie Able to get along without the Farmer hut he is rapidly learning that there Are a lot of Farmers in this Bailiwick who seem abundantly Able to get along without Willie. And he is also show ing that Burtie Gump is not the Only one Iii these diggings who knows How to cringe the pregnant hinges of the knee. Ford makes a big Biz sick by his method shows fat boys How to make transportation pay raises pay cuts rates a hard times hold no terrors for inventor of popular Olivver Railroad use its own repair facilities will offer great program let the figure Tell you they Are search to the four Cornel of the to Tutty Quot egad taken Frum pub run and ordered him into the vault.1 per of the Northwest to allege fail Earth has been mad for entertain lie records which the taxpayer when inside the vault he forced Schad ure of Farmer owned papers. It re ment features for the vaudeville pro who pay the Bills never see. To turn i face to the Wall and then m no a 11 of the licked general who Grain to he put on at the Freeborn in the month of april 1920, there a / to a a a a the Mikado Type and the Cias and top. Milk marketing the k in l of repairs were precisely proves to by big Sil ves hit him Over the head twice with his t reports a terrible Slaughter of the county fair Albert Lea August 29 were seven locomotives repaired at gun. While these two blows did not enemy a to september i. Baldwins which received class 3 re Knock Sudul Down he realized that i the Farmei s own Over 130 local a out of Over too acts offers us by pairs. And Thi i what it Cost per the bandits intention a to beat him papers in the Northwest and it Waart i and vaudeville firms All Over locomotive at Bash Vine. A to. >1 into insensibility so he fell to the inevitable in a time of severe farm the country a said Secretary n. A $1 ,931.51 $17,222.44 $lo.2 �2.ko floor feigning unconsciousness. Of and mall town Der Quot Ion such As Whitney today a a a have made up a $15,047.50 $18,022.67 and $i6,2o0.52, Ter he a Down the Bandit hit him we Are coming through that a few program that w ill Appeal to everyone or an average of jus $16,50.0 per a couple of More blows which Only of the Woald have to spend. Even one of our acts a been playing in locomotive. Partially stunned the Young Man. The a Farmer owned paper Bas to have Europe until several weeks ago. The in the same a nth of the same Bandit then went to the front of the adv rising and Job work and if the performers in the acts coming to us year the Pennsylvania Railroad re Bank to lock the door while Schad,1 town a Little or none of these Are of nearly every nationality in the paired precisely the am kind of to who was a playing Possum watched things the paper can t keep on. A world a Chin Olive of the saute Type Auh the i Opportunity and made a dash Farmer own Ned paper is sometimes the entertainment Bill offered by ame Clas. Of repairs in it of n shops through a rear window taking Sash badly located in not sufficiently Anam screen with him in his leap. Danced to Start with or gets a poor the robber became frightened an manager or a Tanner Community May mate a for his car which was Start a Pas ran i then forget about and other features. Old folks and i outside. Schad still partially dazed boosting it. From the blow he had received be in last 2 years 77 papers have gun crying a get that Man he has j in it Jorth Dakota and of these rooted the Bank. A bystander Only 4 new owned by the Farmer. Two or three of these Farmer paper will be Back on the Job too when i times get a Little paper. One a been lost in a impeded for class la locomotive the aver sales manager for c top milk mar age Cost of class 8 repairs at baldwins during the month of june 1920 was $25,571.52 As against $5,858.53 at the Pennsylvania company sow a shops. This makes a difference of $19,912.99 in favor of baldwins As again to the Penns Ivania company s own shops. Let my organization appointed like All real co operative marketing organizations the business of the Al ilk producers co operative company of the Chicago Dairy District joke Smith i 11 continue to make a Fli Vvera jokes but the world no Long it laughs it Henry Ford particularly that Small Section of the world know n of Wall Street. It was about i to enjoy a Good laugh at the manufacturers expense when something happened but that part of the Story comes later. Today Ford is probably the most a a ked of Man in the United states he has increased the wages of workers when nearly every other employer is attempting to reduce them Anil furs dec Rea cd freight charge on his Railroad the Detroit Toledo Ami Ironton when every other Railroad executive in the country has been protesting that this policy would be ruinous. La has Al o male an offer to the go Velum it to take Over the Mui Cle i Shoals nitrate Plant finance it Ami product fertilizer for the american Farmer on conditions that have cause big business to gasp. The plan is to operate this great Enterprise at a i net profit of not to exceed x per cent per year Ami to permit farm organization to have up re Sion Over accounts thut they May know that Farmers Are getting exactly what Ford promises them. Want Ford to manage roads the result is that presiden Harding has receive a petition signed by too fruit growers of Oceana county Mich asking that the railroads it it the country be turned Over to Ford. The i petition Tate that present freight Hor Hoo locomotive the average Cost of s 3 repair at baldwins departments a luring june was $23,431.52 a against marketing work Mort c int a $4,090.49 at the Pennsylvania com 11 consequence is til in Altinis tit. To Ca. I i it to Ivha expanded so steadily that it now rates Are taking Mon of the profits a reached a Point where re organi in Farmer crops an i Point out that nation i necessary in some of the Ford recently reduced rate on no in order to carry on the Railroad Ami Lima made conditions As Caner for those who Usa i Carrier. J. Kittle who has Cabinet officers a said to be Bren acting As superintendent of the swamped with messages j rom farm company a appointed to the Posi re hed at Merritt and grasped him by the coat but seeing the officers badge or wore desisted thinking that he had the wrong Man or that Schall Ami he had Nad an altercation Merritt had some trouble starting his car Ami finally had to Crank it. But at last manage to get under Way. With a car containing Schad Young folks ill have the times of 301.58 per locomotive. In other their live from Early in the morning words the Pennsylvania Railroad until late in the evening. Paid baldwins an average it $10, so great is the internet in the Edu 250.01 for the a Mani class 3 repairs to rational features of the fair that the the same Kin i of locomotive of the fair will have to pay out practically same Type that it was repairing in every cent of prize Money offered for its own shop at an average Cost of Minnesota and one has exhibits of livestock farm products 5,301.66 thut i wantonly Quindor. Hey it Ami girls work women work no in it i $10,94 a per Loco in pc for a we tribute the los of 77 Ami other exhibits of u similar a baldwins Benefit but Thi is jul t Aires in it wars to big changes now Tun a Premium Book telling about the beginning of the orgy. A i the local new Soh per the prizes offered May be obtained on Clas 5 a Epa irs at Baldwin paper world it look to Uta if the May by writing to the Secretary at Albert during the month of april 1920, the amt Floyd Frost a merchant who i of maj a a newspapers were num u a had armed himself were in close Pur. A r r = a a Uit. Merritt a trove North on the Jef a a a Fez on Highway then turned East and 7 shoving the Farmer off doubled Back. Schad and Frost seeing this stopped their car and Frost leaped to the ground and took four shots at the fleeing Bandit As he a sed. Every Bullet struck the car but none of them found the victim. Merritt Ewing that he was being we surrounded on All sides left the car an i took to a Corn Field. The Chase lie Carne too hot for him there and he left that for a Row of Willows where he was finally located Anil routed out. When taken he made some remark about wanting to find his gun which i he evidently had thrown away when he seen that capture was inevitable. He was brought to Albert Lam Ami Given a preliminary hearing before judge Blackmer who bound him Over to the District court in the sum of $1,500, which Bond he has been unable to furnish. He now languishes in the county jail. As Oon As the Village of Geneva knew that an attempt had been made j to Rob the Bank a or. Nelson of one of the stores there went to the phone i and began calling up the officials of j surrounding towns and notifying them to by on the Lookout for the Bandit. Among others he called Peter Fose sheriff of Freeborn county expecting that he would of course Post j guards on the Road leading into town and go to Geneva at once to join in the Chase after the escaped Bandit. But the worthy sheriff evidently had plan. Chasing Bank bandits did not Cern to Appeal to him. Average Cost a r 079.95, while the same repairs do at Tho shop of to $3678.43. This n Ico motive was $15,-Iverage c0 t of the in the same month f Lenn it Ivania a. Ike a difference of these figures Are not Ink n from a Zelei Ted locomotives but Are from tin total number of locomotives of the same class which received the ame Cia s of repair Ai toe Pennsyl Ama shop and at one Baldwin locomotive works without going into rns of detailed figure a All very much by the foregoing the fact is that on it gone contract alone for the to paid of 200 Endrin at the Baldwin locomotive works the Pennsylvania r. R. Paul $4,496 20 for work that could Ami should have been done at its own shop. It a Cost of 1.323,000. In and. And farm organization urging lion of Sal a manager a new office approval of Toros proposal to Taka on August 3rd. This Mark Ting company is an excellent example of a very successful co operative organization. It has had a rather Stormy career As have similar organizations in the live Stock Ami Grain marketing Fields but has weathered its opposition Sucre fully and now is doing an enormous business which amounted to around $26,- Kio Imp in 1920. Stolk fils ple Tift l a Tow autumn movement of Stocker Aud feeder beam with the arrival of late a Ummer the movement of Stocker Ami feeder edition to this the i Pennsylvania Pawl from the West is beginning Tontak #11,401.32 per locomotive in favor of baldwins As against precisely the it ame class of repairs at the Pennsylvania a own shop. Dunn the a Cli of May. 1920, the average Cost of Cia Quot 3 i pairs at baldwins was $19,272.63 i a locomotive a it agonist $4,609-13, for precisely the Sam Type of locomotive for the same Cia of repair at the the Alai of 32 inspector stationed at baldwins and on top of that allowed to retain All the clap in this one contract alone the Pennsylvania r. R. Lot some #3,-590,000 and baldwins locomotive in Ark gained approximately the Arn sum this one just one Juicy contract alone would enable toe Baldwin locomotive work to pay c itself Manifest at leading mid West but Stock markets. While present indications Point to fewer numbers of cattle in tin country owing to re it tricked operations in certain cattle growing it Tion this year Ami the new Tariff an Canadian Cuttle imports. F. B. Wco a manager of the live a clock department of the equity co operative Exchange the Only a Pennsylvania sow a difference of $1 baldwins a agn of repair it the shops. It Cost for tau Wunz a $20,71,52 against $4,200.08 Pennsylvania cd difference of in to shop. Thiwa t ,663.50 in favor of it the same class Pennsylvania a own s 4 repair at Bald per locomotive a in the shops of the us puny. This is a ,1-1,44 or locomotive in a or of baldwins. As against the Pennsylvania own shops. During the ii it nth of May 1920, the average Cost of class a a repair. At baldwins was As again to $3,750.67 in the Pennsylvania company a own shop i i. Fit a differ a i ice 14 it per locomotive in favor of Baldwin a against the Pennsylvania con Panyk a own shops. In june 1920, the average Cost of class 3 repairs at baldwins was $24,-620.93 a against >5,250.21 in the Pennsylvania own hop. I his is a difference of e 19,370.72 per locomotive in favor of baldwins As against the Penn Kama company a per cent on its $20,, of pre a Vav live Stock marketing organised Stock Arni Over 9 per cent in on the Chicago and South St. It $20,000,000 of common tuck the taxpayers of to in s. A., whatever the sum May be have this Money tor the e band tries took place Between March i 1920, and september i 1920, during the time when the government a guaranteeing Railroad in the Liay preceding the Eom men Cement of the government guaranty on february 28, 1920, the chief of the motive Power of the Pennsylvania system James t. Wallis reported to the intestate Commerce i Ommi Quot Ion thai the Pennsylvania want a position to take care if Al its locomotives in its own shops Arn that it. Capacity was so great thut it was repairing locomotive for Oiler Railroad and then immediately after this statement commenced the orgy when these huge contracts were Gen by the Pennsylvania r. R. Company to the Baldwin locomotive work one tiling promised its opposite done and your Treasury of the unite states thereby milked of huge Unis which you must pay who Paul markets a that this year promises to be one of the test in Many for feed lot buyers to Stock up to their full quota. Stock and feeding cattle Are comparatively cheap now a i feed and while they will go a Little higher us the advances buyer who Purchase Ami Fred wisely Are practically assured a profit this coming year. Or. Wood urge bus or to Purchase Only the medium priced a Well doing kind of Cattie for bitter experience in the past two years a Bown that the extra Good one have teen the heaviest losers. Over the muscle Shoals Plant. I be i manufacturer App ars in the Light of a Benefactor to a majority of the Farmer according to the me sags they Are ending in to government official. The approval by the gov Eram at of i offer will ave Hundred of million of Dollar yearly to agricultural interest. In a notice to employ of the Ford Railroad announcing an increase of wage for All workers a minimum of $0 it r Day for unskilled labor and increase in proportion As the work require kill mile pop ability and the eight hour Day amt the eliminate n of Punneo Quot Ury sunday work Ford say make min a Mel a machine a a in other Ford industries we Are applying the doctrine of in King limn is Well a. Machine and Thiv change come nut Only u a recognition of what our employees have done in the Pat Lait in the belief that we Are increasing tile incentive for a better Ami higher aet vie. To the Ern Hioye themselves the Railroad in general and above All humanity. A the new policy mean naturally eight hour of individual thought in a urgently applied to the work and Well a reeled unselfish Effort toward betterment of the service. A Only through a it my nation of these element can this Railroad perform its duty to the Public Ami raise tile Standard of service which rail roads Are in duty bound to give a me Are striving hoi the a t and Are satisfied Tho test Wal come when our men at orb the spirit of real cooperation a in toe a induction of new poli Iii Guin Lim to time we will Ai n i Tai the Benefit of our when or Nelson after waiting a Felt it Fht Rale it puh the Farmer so much further Sway from the Pennsy Vanui c amp any a some time for someone from the sheriffs office to put in an appearance called up again an he was informed that the sheriff Hail gone to Glenville. Sheriff Fosse inform us that he own shop. In june 1920, the average Cost of 4 Ina 2 06t this outrageous Erie of con Cia a repair at Baldwin a a As m�5 a against 5,m6.h4 in the Letual Tate a. Own hop. The i a a no a the Stock the workmen of tem die Stork Market. A Rte be Wocl Monk i Tbs rate boosts since the War As push Thi a difference of �16,m8.0j per h�?�1�?~i re a a United ing the Middle meat Farmer out into the Pacific Ocean. Lur Farmer carrying locomotive in favor of baldwins As f to gained the these rates must compete with Farmers in other countries who have Prat against the Pennsylvania i Locarno eally Only Ocean freight rates Between them and the world Market a la j i null i Pate wet enjoying the great bleating so of Trivau monopoly i a a i0<x natives were known continue luge Beth to biome. A i think said if. Smith a that Bud Cooks Supply it with half our a talents. A that a said old or. Brown a and go cd a it oks us with the other 50 tier cent. A journal it the american medical a Quot a Tatis a. Bear dream not alarming. To dream you a to of signifies you have a Rich Ca a it it. But aul con Nung. To tie attacked toy a tear Tenuto Pere Cytlou w hich you a ii or throw when it seems irn St hop Quot Texas Legal definition an Alfrd is when Yon prove Yon were somewhere else at the time Yon committed the crime. A Dallas nows in to tory Effort Witt the their working con it or i Era to share fruits a each ii i. And 1. Mao Boult feel a per Ona i interest nth Dimate a is of the a Nevi it acce Imbie a acc a it plow puff in will Prosper we expect to present oar amt w Ith the tit aids of a Bony Ami of vestment plan by White the May Terv in the profit Only with your Tell can the Rad fond succeed and of it oar Paw to cont no Uii re Ward uste be Mer let when Alai when a Ltd it. K to get every Ris ploys Nat Quot of j Ortu sity and justify the i Coit Ira lid in fag

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