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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 5, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that Ftp Nta More business is cheaper the ver Tising costing $3.00 by suits in less business. Figure k a a a a a. Volume i number 29 Elbert Lea examiner w % Quot a a. A avva a vim v n a in in in in. I in. A. # t _ it Means much to advertisers to have their me ago reach nearly every Home Iii Albert Lea and Freeborn county. That la Why advertising in the examiner is Worth while. League to file ticket during week expected Ltd Albert Lea Minnesota thursday August 5, 1920. Nonpartisan leaders want e King to withdraw in War veterans drop Barlow following a Hack on league single copy 5 cents ships Waif s favor by j. A. Peterson daily news political writer nonpartisan and labor political leagues expect to file their ticket this week with candidates for governor and other state offices. Committees from both organizations visited or. Henrik in the Wake of the news another world War is close to us. A stronger Caiu a for a general conflagration of nations exists today than existed in 1914. Two principles ure Shipstead. Abroad in the european world which Benwood last week to learn whether apparently can not exist Side by Side. He will Tun again for governor. They the one being the old established also intend to see c. M. King Deer River to find out whether he will withdraw in order that or. Shipstead May be substituted on the Farmer labor ticket. Or. Shipstead was Defeated at the primary election last month for the economic order in Europe the other being the different order established in Russia. The incompatibility of these two principles was so Clear to the Allied statesmen that they and we began a War on Russia while we were in the midst of the War with Republican nomination for governor the Central Powers and this War has of or. King refuses to withdraw kept up Eer since. The russians on the plan is to file a non Par Isan la the other hand equally aware it league and publications to continue Battle for soldiers Jackson county Case to go to supreme court District judge Dean criticizes attorney but not facts in Case e fill,mi.,mmm.,,.,-. In bad taste or worse my Mem mall i in my Mem Mem i lit i i Minneita Leader Lester p. Barlow acting National chairman of the world War Veteran it has resigned. His resignation is the result of dissatisfaction with his work and policies by the divisional execu-1 five committee of the veterans. Barlow has recently been attacking the nonpartisan league by speeches and otherwise in which he made bitter personal charges against president Townley of the league and the league Headquarters at Minneapolis and was in this Way dragging the veterans into the political fight on the Farmer labor forces. Minneapolis denying the motion of attorneys of president a. C. Townley of the nonpartisan league and Joseph Gilbert formerly its organization manager for a new trial judge e. C. Dean of Jackson county did not take up the Points raised by the league attorneys. In thus passing on his own record judge Dean declares that the Case was conducted properly and endeavours to explain away what the league attorneys regard As errors by accusing the attorneys of insolence and practical contempt of court. He admits however that there is nothing in the records to Back up his a a it in a a it a a a ii him Iii hum i a Minnesota Leader editorial James Man. Han attorney for or. Kvale who was deprived of the Republican nomination for Congress in the seventh District by judge Johnson. Says it was Quot bad taste for a judge who had participated in the same Campaign with Kvale and volstead to preside it the trial. This is certainty putting in Midi. Perhaps As an attorney in the Case this is As fur As or. Monahan ought to go. But in our opinion it was something More than Quot bad taste. Call it what you will the facts Are that judge Johnson was not Only himself a candidate for office Defeated by a leaguer in the same Campaign but two years ago he presided at a i trial against a leaguer for disloyalty at Heil Wing in which Case the supt no Couit found tile league Man had been Mistriel on account of wrong rulings of judge Johnson. That judge Johnson was appointed to try the Kvale Case by governor i Burnquist for reasons that were probably efficient to Bur quiet Quot Hohr. Been a bitter Pei ecu tor of the league. I hat judge Johnson is not responsible to the voters of the seventh District whose verdict at the polls he so lightly tosses aside but was brought in from an outside District apparently so he could decide against the league if need be without risking his political future. I Hose Are the facts. It looks to us that a bad Tate is rather a weak phrase to describe we hat happened. Judge Johnson realizes the storm of criticism and indignation Thi scrapping of the verdict of the people will raise so he says in his opinion that the fact that Kettle was a leaguer had no effect on his judgment. I Kalilu in Advance will not save him. A Man Defeated by a leaguer As John Banner crops seem Outlook in Northwest Farmers preparing to Cut wheat statistics Are quoted in bulletin son was. Appointed by the head and front of the league haters of the state governor Burnquist a Man whose unfair rulings in the trial of a leaguer Bor ticket independently. Probably Only candidates for governor attorney general and one or two other offices will run on such a ticket. T. V. Sullivan St. Paul Defeated for the Republican nomination for attorney general has announced he will run for this office again either As an Independent or on the Farmer labor ticket. Fight for legislator in addition to the state ticket the nonpartisan and Lubor forces Are to line up for legislative fights in nearly every District Ami take part in congressional contests. In the 1st District Julius j. Reiter Farmer labor candidate has been endorsed for congressman against Cong. Sydney Anderson Republican. H. A. Fuller Mankato nonpartisan was Defeated at the primary for the Republican nomination for congressman by judge Frank Clogue Redwood Falls. Or. Fuller May run As an Independent. Cong. C. R. Davis St. Peter Republican is said to be the Choice of most leagues in the 3rd District. Leaguer two years ago caused him to get a new trial from the supreme court a dissatisfaction among the veterans by an Appeal from judge Deans Deci 111 to Tiu nutters Quot Hose ballots he carts in also there has been considerable assertions on this Point. Seems that these principle could Reahn of Barlow. Attempting to have Quot Ion is being taken by the league to is in our opinion completely i he financial Outlook for the Northwest is excellent. This is the general trend of the monthly report of the 9th District Federal Reserve Bank Minneapolis malt in Public today. I he report states that Banner crops Are Leady for harvesting the freight car it ution is Clearing Range conditions Are better than for Many year a Normal Coal Supply is on the Way and prices of important commodities Are on the decline. It minimizes reports of injuries to crops throughout the District. Damage exaggerated a a i he past 30 Days has brought the usual reports of injury to the growing crops and rumours of extensive not exist Side by Side girded themselves for War and attempted to explain to the people of other nations what was going on in Russia the latter being known As a bolshevik at the present time the russians have cleaned out nearly All military opponents. They Are close to the capital of Poland and Are in a position to dictate terms of peace to that nation. They Are striking England and France in their weakest spot namely through Turkey Persia Arni India. At the same time Large groups of working people anti pc unt Farmers in every european country have come to think that a change in the social order would improve their lot in life. Whether they continue War or make peace the beneficiaries of the present social order in Europe Are thus equally in danger. They Are in such desperate Straits in fact to protect themselves that at any moment we should not be stir the veterans amalgamate with n the supreme court of the Tate. Third party movement or promote As the charge against the in organization the forming of a think party. The Veteran convention endorsed the principle of a third party but those who voted for the Resolution league leaders was brought under a state Law and a alleged that the defendant had encourage disloyalty in Jackson county during the War. Local county authorities brought the in Man the wasteland utterly a Squali i ibo to hear a Case of this kind and his Offin a is something More than Vul it Lamake have Loen widely circus bad lated. Neither volstead or the Republican gang in Minnesota can. In the end i a a Tele a Aphis Survey of the in in Airt a league candidate under these Circum profit by a Deci Ion made stances. A they lid so without any idea that dict ment after the United states Bai of intended the veterans to be government had refused to act come actively engaged in politics or against the defendants on the political can trove a. Which it not of a a ice la it Tilin Felt detract from the a caul document vital to the m d a Fly Ete runs a. A Soldier a ,0 declared entirely proper by the organization Ami Lay it open to the a same charge that has been made same league cae were against the legion namely that it was being used a a political cats Paw. Resignation Cen need Barlow wrote a letter of resignation to the divisional committee in which a again attacked the nonpartisan league but the veterans committee refused to accept the letter with this attack in it and Barlow subsequently Cut out the objection Abs of matter. I letter of resignation woiker.-. It was due to the a workers Taal the Kolchak Denkin urn Yule Nich drives on Russia As Well As the polish drive were not major military operations by combined Allied forces. Prised to find them calling for a Gen he is opposed by state sen. J. M. Quot a to crush Russia once for All Veteran. Mallet Hastings Democrat. In the 4th District Ramsey county the labor political league has endorsed Cong. Of e. Keller Republican tor re election. Definite plan exists in the 5th mime Polis District where Ernest Lundeen it a Bor candidate was Defeated for it it nov a a ional nomination by Cong. W. H. Newton Republican. Volstead Kvale finish fight present plans do not cull for any labor Farmer candidate to Cong. Harold Knutson St. Cloud in the 6th District. The 7th District contest will again lie Between Cong. A. J. Volstead and Rev. O. J. Kvale. At the primary Rev. Kvale nonpartisan league candidate won the Republican nomination. Since then the District court held he was disqualified because of a corrupt practice act violation. If the supreme court sustains this ruling Rev. Kvale will run As an Independent with Cong. Volstead the Republican Choice of not Rev. Kvale will be the Republican Ami Cong. Volstead the Independent. Cong. W. L. Cars Duluth Democrat has the labor endorsement in the 8th District. In the 9th it is planned to have an Independent candidate oppose Cong. State supreme court in july 1918. The conviction obtained in the District court under what league attorneys term Gro miscarriage of jus a Tice is for Misdemeanour Only and in i valves a maximum sentence of 90 Day in jail if sustained by the higher courts. Errors charged in the petition for a new trial league attorneys Laid Steps on the following Points which judge Dean did not allude to in his memorandum i. Whether the Lim Chrt committed head of third part condemns g.0.p.and dents la. S. Exports to Asia now show great increase Christenson says league of statement shows Treen As accepted by the veterans follows a divisional committee world War prejudice against the defendants by Refu ing to permit them to introduce and depending very largely on the Quot gentlemen i herewith tender my constructive evidence demonstrating United states for both the fighting resignation As National chairman of their loyalty and patriotism of the and the finance. The one thing that the world War veterans organization., loyalty and patriotism of the non appears to stand in the Way of such i have Long Enjo Ted the Confidence of partisan league. A general War is the pomade att the member of the organization and j. Whether the defendants had tude of the French and the British have been honoured Bys them Many fair treatment when the court re Fustiana which i sincerely appreciate. A in the near future i expect to take part in a political controversy in which i neither ask nor expect the de to permit the impeachment of the testimony of the Star witness of the prosecution one Ferdinand a. Tei Gen a discharged league employee nations is camouflage Campaign Issue new league of nations is a nothing More than an attempt to establish an International Bankers soviet Quot according to Farley f. Christen in presidential nominee of the thud or Numier labor party who discussed Bis views on National and International affairs Here today j a the league of nation is a dead j Issue he said a if it were not i should want to kill endorsement of Irish Freedom was another Point on which the third party candidate expressed himself in a formal statement. Dous growth Matis tics Given tire 9th Federal Reserve District dishing s nine losses but not much More than Are usually incident to Grain production and from Many Points bring reports of prospective yields of Small grains that Are distinctly alarm e the average for the last to years a few sections in Southern Minnesota and South Dakota chief Juo Ooi d Qnadp-uo3 so a six rainfall have sustained definite injury from Black Hurt. A some damage from this cause is reported from Western Minnesota and North Dakota but none from Montana. Black Hurt exists in the Fields Over a stretch of territory extending from the Mississippi River of t to the Missouri River in South Dakota and to Jamestown in North Dakota. Even in this territory it is not common in All Fields and there ure Large area in which it has not for human reborn per cent in the i am one of those who is Suffi which it was a gently in love with the principles of would return to her for Mer custom of new from the United states to Asia have grown from $113,000,000 in the to Cai year immediately preceding the or 1914, to .000 in the fiscal year which appeared. Included its close 1919, and a growth a weather conditions have not favor practically $>0,000,000 in the five ored Rte development and while the year of War has been follower1 by a disease cannot of course exist with growth of $2,000,000 in the flirt year of peace according to a statement of the National City Bank of new York. Late to figures of exports to Asia indicate that total exports for the fiscal year ending june so 1920, Southern Minnesota Wert $>04,000,000, a gain of 33 1-8 rust has caused the first peace year in exit cled that Asia Premier Lloyd George has hurried to Boulogne France for a conference with the French prime minister in an continued on Page eight for congressional fights in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, huh and 9th dirt nets. Flans for the democratic state Campaign will be discussed next monday when the executive committee of the state Central committee meets at the Saint Paul hotel. Sen. J. A. Carey Plainview is the executive committee chairman the democratic National Campaign will open in Minnesota the Middle of August when Franklin d. Roosevelt nominee for vice president will spend two Days in the state. Mrs. Peter Ole in Cloquet Minne world Rar \ veterans organization s then in the pay of the league Opp human Freedom to come out squarely buying from westers Europe support. I wish to leave the world action. For recognition of the Irish Republic a War veterans entirely 3. Whether or. Townley was de out of it lie Nee my be ignation. Nied Justice when the judge refused referring to the attempts of gov i Cirii to retain my membership t0 permit him to address the jury in a a a or Cox und senator Harding to in world War Veteran organi his own behalf a right granted to All ution and will do All that i can to extend that organization. A sincerely and with Best wishes. Quot you urn i duct signed a Ijester p. it unduly excited defendants in All courts. Virtually admitting that error had been made by him in the con of the Case judge Dean declares a to assignment no. 108, Reju persuade Tennessee to pass the equal suffrage Law he said a if Cox and Harding can t get ratification ii go Down and try the rebels or. Can ten in announced that the National Campaign of the third higher valuations while part of these increases Are due to higher valuation the bunk says it is quite apparent that there has Al of been a very Large increase in quantities of merchandise moved i oth in exports and imports and believes that Asia is continuing and i Likely to continue her War time habit developed during the War of trading but some injury to the Gruin it attack. The actual damage disclosed up to this Date is not sufficient to indicate any Large impairment of the prospective yield. The urea in there Black most injury is not a part of the Region from which heavy wheat production comes. A there is a noticeable absence of smut Leports although there is some blight. T ult my to begin Farmers will begin cutting within five Days the reports states. The wheat Harvest will be general within three weeks. The coming to Days will be a critical period during which unfavourable weather might easily cause the rapid development and continued on Page eight Sota woman member of the demo Halvor Steenerson Crookston re pub critic National organization has been Barlow Atter the Veteran raised of feet Ion to it he stated that he had been a the Tai get for Many abusive land slanderous chair est spread by j leagues. This is not True. No at tacks whatever have been made on Barlow by anybody least of All the a league or its publications As every Reader of the Leader knows. Barlow was doing All the j some of the of diff he has spread even in Public speeches against the league has been As bad As that of the daily press and league opposition in general. I the deleted part of his letter also stated that he was renewing his i charges in the letter to a counteract further untruthful statements regarding himself from the nonpartisan league this is purely lows imagination. No statement of we Tow a my a w i it any Hotvet in ,8iuetl by the where will this Lead us in any league publications. As they appeared in the deleted part of his the Farmers National Council has recently published the results of an latter of resignation. Barlowes charges investigation showing the returns on the farming operations of the United against the league Are As follows states for last year. Here Are some of the More Impi giant figures disclosed by the investigation total value of farm crops. .$16,025,000,000 total value of animals and animal products. 8,957,000,000 total value of All farm products. ,24,982,000,000 Corts of production Are estimated As follows in to e part of the letter deleted by Docial conduct upon the part of the paty will let a launched in new York l1, 1 1&Quot"1 f�?T1 1 1 in expat it. A. During the month of May 1920, according to the latest figures Avail trial court in which complaint i 1 where he Aid a Are enthroned made anti assigned As error that the Powers we Are limn. J. G. Soltis Minneapolis socialist is the Farmer labor candidate against Cong. T. D. Schall in the 10th District but the nonpartisan and labor political leagues have no intention of endorsing Soltis. Dem plan Campaign invited to to one of the speakers accompanying or. Roosevelt throughout this tour. It also is hoped that gov. J. M. Cox can come to Minnesota for a speech at the state fair. Cox managers have promised that if the governor cannot come for the fair he democrats also Are getting ready will speak in Minnesota later. Court made sarcastic and Curt remarks to coun Al the trial court makes no claim to angelic temper and disposition but it would have required a court of far greater patience and a More angelic disposition than this court to esses to have passed through the and contemptuous conduct displayed and persistently indulged in by some of the attorneys for the defendants with an unruffled temper and Tongue. However the record although not the tone and manner of the coun Eli it open for review for the upper court to pass on if presented in his opinion denying the motion for a new trial judge Dean also attacks the Farmer owned papers As containing a Many garbled and distorted statements of facts a editors the Powei the nominee explained Are collectively a Wall Street a a for it is Wall Street he a ised a a that wins no Mutt which of the old party candidate. Is a we Are out a he continued a to restore the government to the people a to make it impossible for Woodrow Wilson to say in the future As he has in the past that the government of the United states is controlled by the combined corporations anti financiers of the United it was Tiue when he said it and it is tins today. E want to make it True no both the democratic and Republican parties the Utah candidate declared a Are engaged in a con piracy to camouflage the league their purpose in perpetuating the years to China fiscal year 1920 Able show an Incila a of 4 it it percent against too. Too in 1914 to India the exports in the were $115,000,000, Over those of May 1919. The Dipo sit Ion of the far East to buy manufactured Good from the United mate a and three fourths of these exports Are manufactures is a wording to the statement reciprocates 000,000, against $11,000,000 in 1914, a seven times now As immediately preceding the War to the dutch indies $45,00,000 against $27,- too in 1914 to Hong Kong $20,-000,000 in 1920, again to $10,000,000 m 1914 and to Straits settlements against $4,000,000 in de by the United states which in creased its imports from Asia 50 per $15,000,000, cent during the fiscal year of 1920, 1914. Or $1,30 1 000,000 in the fiscal year on the import smile the increase in ending june .10, As against $831,000, the Trade by countries is correspond too in 1919. I he total Trade of the singly great those from Japan aggie muted states with Asia in 1920 was $2,160 000,000, As against $400,000,-000 in 1914. Big japanese increase a More detailed around of this Trade with different Asiatic countries states that japanese sales were $460,000,000, again to gating a Little Over $500000,000, against $107,000,000 in 1914 from China $225,000,000, against $40,000, too n 1914 from India $180,000,000 against $74,000,000 in 1914 from dutch East indies $97,000,000, in 1920 against $6, my too in 1914 and from $51,060, the Philippines $70,000,000, against a your chairman i have been the target for Many abusive Arni slanderous charge spread by i of the nonpartisan league papers discussion he continued is a to Blind answer this charge by pointing out that they published Only legitimate Points in connection with the trial which the judge refused to consider or allow to be presented to the jury. Before he assumed charge of the labor of Farmers Farmers wives and children. 13,000,000,000 seasonal and hired labor. 5,000000,000 interest on farm value at 6 per cent. .4,674,000,000 freight paid for carry ing farm products. 600,000,000 taxes local and state. 400,000,000 fertilizers .250,000,000 Iseed. 723,000,000 feet including crops fed on farms. .6.216,,000 interest on farm indebtedness above of 6 per cent. 120,000,000 depreciation of farm buildings at 2.5 per cent 269,062,000 Case nonpartisan publications show called Reform Leader outside of the that he had previously taken a Strong to world War Veteran organization. Position against the league in a let-�?o1 do not propose to willingly be it to an opposition paper. During come the victim of the whims of the the trial these papers pointed out the people to the vital issues the questions affecting the welfare of the millions of hand and brain workers and the rights and welfare of millions of the platforms on which they stand he asserted a Are disgustingly Emp tily in 1914 times a much in the after War year a in the pre War $18,000,000 in the years before War. Tile personal ambitions of any political that Ferdinand a Teigen had been Boss either reactionary or Liberal. I indicted by Federal grand jury for have Given much to the Farmer and disloyalty and that he was taken i labor movement especially the non restly from a jail in Wisconsin partisan league. I have Given my where he had been arrested on a mistimed Money and reputation Only to it appropriation charge to testify at become the political football for a. The Jackson trial. And at the time c. Townley and some of his political henchmen. Many other Good men who have honestly tried to serve the people have received the same treat depreciation of implements and machinery at to per cent 211,725,000 total Cost of production. 31,463,787,000 ment at the hands of the nonpartisan excess of Cost Over receipts 6,481,787 000 league office. It is not fair to the from bulletin no. 7. Issued by the state of North Dakota. Continued on Page four of his testimony he was in the employ of the opposition persecuting the league with Frame up charges. These papers also printed documentary evidence to show intimate relationship Between Teigen and attorney had testified under oath that he had had no relations with the said Teigen. In replying to judge Dean statement that the conduct of the league attorneys was notoriously known among local people league leaders Point out that one of these attorneys Thomas v. Sullivan carried Jackson county As a candidate for Tate attorney general by More than 300 votes in the recent primary election. Other league attorneys were George Huke George Nordlin and Vince a. Day Well known members county attorney Nicholas after the of the bar of Minnesota. Very Well thank you not being a commercial state Nynah Dakota did not share in Lite extraordinary profits due to our Trade with the allies Between 1914 and 1917. She has no w a millionaires of any description. North Dakota has not had a land Boom. But More Farmers Are coming into the state than Are leaving it while thousands of abandoned farm Are being reported from other state though a serious shortage in farm labor is reported practically All Over the country the Supply in North Dakota of a or this season a been about equal to the demand. Tough Many parts of the state have suffered three years in succession of serious crop losses there Are excellent prospects that this years production will nearly balance Lee. The in is no unemployment Busine shows a healthy increase the state i entirely solvent though taxes per capita and per acre have been lets than in any neighbouring state with a Promise of still lower taxes for the present year. Yet a North Dakota travelling Man outside of the state is Eon tingly accosted with the question a Well How Art you coining in North Dakota 7�?� asked in a tone implying thai the state is somehow in a bad Way and in need of sympathy. We re a a coming very Well thanks from bulletin no 7. Issued by state of North Dakota

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