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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - August 4, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Leps All get together and boost for a City Coal Yard of its Worth having it s Worth working for Albert Lea examiner endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council endorsed by i Kkt Austin Trand labor Stencil if Gou Are wrong you can t be too conservative if you Are right you cant by too Radical volume 2, number 31. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday. August 4, 1921. A <3 .0 single Opu s 5 i Eft. A a sheriff shows his Contri Foh workers Fosse Deal evidently in on with r. R. Bulls to a a Frame local Man accused Man not allowed to Confer with friends before trial stage set for Quick a Justice accused a friends come to Rescue advise him to get a lawyer and Railroad Bull s Case promptly Falls through on Uch metropolitan airs. That a local Man of unimpeachable Seputa Tion can be lodged in jail denied the right of Bond or the privilege of communicating with his friends and subjected to the abuse Anil vell cation of a pair of private detectives is a Fine commentary on the Way the Sherif Ca office is conducted in Freeborn county. Of the sheriff of this county has the ferment to run for office again he will probably find that the people of Freeborn county prefer to have their Justice administered by the regularly const it used courts rather than by the railroads and their hired bullies. Of the evident plans of the Railroad bulls had gone through Quot Perry would have been bound Over to the grand jury As no witness but this Man Hoosier would have been present to testify at the hearing. Perry would have had to Furni a heavy Bono. And dare try to pull off flu raw a Deal if it had been a Rich Man instead of a worker who a Liberty was at stake makes Strong showing lat monday evening at about i 7 30 clock c. M. Perry of College Street an employee of the m. Amp St. L. Railroad was arrested on information j furnished by detectives in the employ of the Milwaukee Railroad and lodged in the county jail on a charge of breaking into a Boxcar and Ami stealing some tires and inner tubes. At about 8 o clock the same night Nome friends of Perry s who found out that he was in jail went to the sheriff and asked to see the prisoner. Thir perfectly proper request a refuel by Freeborn county a car who rules Over the destinies of the local jail. At 8 30 tuesday morning other frauds of the accused Man went to the sheriff and requested to see him. Fosse refused this request giving As his reason that he had promised the Milwaukee bulb that he would permit no one toe the Young Man prior to his appearance in court. Just Why these Railroad Fla feet should run the Freeborn county jail the sheriff did not say. While Perry friends were talking to the sheriff the county attorney called up urn asked that the prisoner retaken to judge Hammond s office for his hearing. These friends accompanied the prisoner to judge Hammond s office where they found the prosecutor and the bulge waiting for him. Prosecutor Peterson read the charge to him and asked him if he wished counsel. Perry who Hail never i teen under arrest before in his life and was unacquainted with the mysteries of the Laws and its working Ami being ure of his own innocence at first replied that he did except sheep during the fir to not. Friend who had accompanied months of 1921 a compared to him to the court being the Way things were shaping up Ami being njord versed in the Way of the Law Advt of him to get a lawyer. This he finally consented to do and an attorney was called to defend the Young Man. As soon As the attorney appeared in court the slate presented their ease bringing in a Man named Hoosier of Park ave., who swore thak he had seen the Ami three other nun enter the car in question and carry off a number of Auto tires. On examination he admitted that he was s0 feet away from the car and that the theft occurred at 2 45 a. In Hoosier sure has Fine defendant s at lorfies asked for time to summon Nee is which was granted by the court and the hearing was resumed at 3 of Ftp k that afternoon. A Numier of witnesses to the Good character of the accused since he canal Here in 1912, that he was a Good worker sober industrious avg and of a quiet Psi retiring quiet disposition. Judge Hammond found the prosecutions evidence insufficient and discharged the prison Minneapolis leads the bootleggers league More than 400 booze joints scattered throughout Minneapolis Are doing an annual business of Over $12,000,000 practically without interference from police authorities. This is exclusive of the drug stores having permits to sell intoxicants on prescription. This tremendous business will give an idea As to where some of the Money came from that helped put col. Leach into the mayors chair. This is a pm end id commentary on the Type of officials that the plunder bund papers ire so anxious to keep in office in Minnesota. Leach and his chief of police May countenance prostitution gambling bootlegging and All other forms of Low moral Endeavor but they Are against labor and with the twin City oligarch that is the Only thing that counts. Incidentally this is the ame Leach that Burtie Gump was painting a whiter than the now just a few Short weeks ago. Governor Preus arouses ire of Madison ., citizens Coop committee meets makes 1nvppropr1tk speech Bedore big religious gathering Minneapolis Grain gamblers defy Law act went into effect yesterday Exchange kill unchanged under state Laws there is not a longer any Grain gambling on the Minneapolis chamber of Commerce. The so called anti futures trading act passed by the 1921 legislature went into effect yesterday. Actually the Law has been just As effective in Topping gambling in wheat As the Minneapolis police have Lieen effective in Topping gambling for seventy year in this great Middle West the Preu name has been loved and venerated by thousand. From the time that the fir Ian pioneers came to the country am set up their modest Little houses of worship the name of Preus a gum along in ring Tho a years of development of a great Churm movement Grandfather father Ami on Huv dedicated their lives to. The work of Christ and their influence his been widely Felt in tuts great Ana a thickly domiciled by people of norwegian extraction. I rom the time that a Preus preached the gospel to those sturdy pioneers in a Little Church 70 years ago until the Quot Preus Lions Quot of the pre ent Day the Preu tradition and the Preu. Family a 1 drawn a in veneration and love of thou ands. One of the Quot Preus stood yesterday before one of the audiences mat has gathered Here in Many years. Fully 5,000 people had crowded the big auditorium Over c the Monona Assembly ground in the big meeting of the Young Peoples Luther league convention. The Preu boy who toed before this great a it it a Iribe Glt was j. A. O. By is the governor cd Minnesota. The speaker stated that for to v Eal fat in or and on in the Preus family a entered the ministry. The governor of Minnesota is the omy exception a Quot Jake Quot Preu broke the Rule and entered the Field of Polit. With such a background what an Opportunity Quot Jake Quot pres had to the. Hearts of the or it assemblage Forest we wonder if they did no to picture Jake Preu As a Man who had Given Over the great Preus name for political exploitation at the hands of Force in Minnesota with which the great thinking Mas of norwegians have had nothing in common. The great Mas a of norwegian people in this country have for years been the Norweg Backbone of every progressive move a ment seeking to elevate the condition Ami the we fare of the common Man. The norwegians heart always heats in sympathy for the underdog and the Downtrodden. He is oppo cd to special privilege and thu of government to the interests of the few. Anti when Jake Preus seeks to Anchor the norwegian people of this country to the sordid doctrine of private property he is working with a rope of Sand nothing has been added to the Lustre of the Preus name by the excursion of one of the a Preus lady so into the Field of politics. An the standing of gov. Preus in this Community has not been enhanced patronage dividend principle by the sordid political speech which he delivered before that Fine audience capital times. Seek Relief for Farmers est Abib Ament of a system of credit to extend Over the year which makes up the Farmer a turnover instead of the Are ent do Day limit is suggested a the remedy for the first condition by the Bureau. An Mcrea a on Federal farm Ami joint Stock Bank Bonds from 5 to 5 a / per cent without increasing the interest on loan in Crea my the limit on Federal land Hank la ans from $10. 100 to $25,000, and the establishment of adequate re discounting Tarditi Are Given a the remedies. We regard inadequate financing a farm bureaus of South Pun new finance system Monte be aik., july 14th�?the conference called to i Nett h. Re on the 12th instant to in incr the financial subject an How to reach the people met pursuant to Call with a erne of the lies financial minds in the. Southwest presently adjourned with its work finished this afternoon. The states represented were Kansas Missouri and Arkansas or c. D. Realer one of the prime organizers of the farm Bureau movement which has Over a million member Ami one of the officials of of the Kan As St ate farm Bureau was made chairman of the coffer once. Function in which producers will of the result is reflected in the follow Tain member Kin and control on a Jun solution which a Una minus truly co operative basis. The pro adopt a. Docent will share the earning Anil benefits of oiling according to the i rho necessity of courage intelligence Ami manhood was never so necessary As at present in exposing the frightful danger of usury on civilization. Out of it has grown a privilege class a banking system Money Lender to whom our govern Many thrillers planed for state ment turns Over our Money it a Cost fair visitors of Only a a to i per cent per annul special excursion rates of a fare exempt from Ieie Rah Tate and county Ami a half to the Minnesota state taxation thus our mde pen table fair sept. 3 to to have been an medium of Exchange get into Cir bounced by the railroads. Ticket coat Ion gets to the people Only will be Good from september 2 to to. Thru this privileged Ciao that charges them from 6 to to per cent to secure perfecting plan for co operative commission companies the fourth session of the Farmers Lave Stock marketing committee of 1 15 was held at Chicago last week. This committee i perfecting plans for the establishment of produce it owned and operated co operative commission Compa Fps at the leading terminal markets. The sub committee on co operative marketing is Aith on Rad to outline every detail. The plan will be submitted to the whole committee of 15 at its next meeting in Chicago on Augu t 10th for approval. The principles on which the producers co operative commit Ina companies will be established Anil operated have been reviewed and endorsed by the committee of to. Upon the establishment of co operative commission companies at the various stockyards they will be affiliated in an organization National in scope and special rates to big Minn. State fair before him. What an Opportunity he the Root of the economic evils now with cards and Dice in the Loop Dos the place to several Hund strict. Red dollars of expense to try no in apparently the Grain exchanges Nocent Man. Have decided to flout the Law Alto we repeat would Reie russe Farmer a company grow la Pic decree cd Lave Stock receipt while the Cor bin <1 in Stock apply at the seven leading Market of the United states showed a decided decrease on All class. Of live tick six the same period last year the live Stock department of the equity co operative Exchange the Only Farmer owne i and controlled commission company St Baul Ami Chicago the greatest growth on the South Market mad of its history. Receipts on the South St. Baul Market for the first in month of 1921 fell off 15 per cent a compared to those for the ame Nenod in 1920. The business of the equity co operative Exchange increased 31 Lier cent during this time. On the Chicago Market a sri i better showing made by the Farmer a organization. It receipts there increased 54 per cent for the first six months of 1921, while the entire receipt at the Chicago Yard increased but 3 per cent. Gether. A recent conference was called by the Tate Railroad and Ware Houe commission to discuss mean of enforcing the Law. The Minneapolis chamber of Commerce Putti no attention to an invitation to be re presented. Neither the Minneapolis Exchange nor the Duluth Tigard of Trade have inet com tie with requests of the commission to furnish suggestions a to enforcement. Secretary John g. Mchugh of the chamber of Commerce today refuse to comment in any Way on the intention of the chamber. Other Grain men admitted privately that they con adored the Law unenforceable no change in rules and regulation of the local Exchange have Lieen made to comply with its provisions. At the Capitol it a state at th1 offices of the attorney general and the Railroad and warehouse commis-1 Ion today that the intention was to enforce the provisions of the Law though privately attaches of both office expressed the opinion that the manner in which the Law a ii rafted would make it difficult of not Imposable to secure conviction.-. Another conference i to be held by the Railroad Ami warehouse commission at a Date yet to be announced at which Sugge Tion As to method of enforcing the Law will lie con id a a red. Had to bring a Massage that would be worthy of the great Preus name. But Quot Jake Praus did no to Rise to the occasion. Instead of thrilling the vast crowd with a message that would be appropriate to the occasion gov. Preys proceeded to deliver a political Peech Uch As he would on the Hasting in Minnesota to perpetuate the lion of the steel Trust the Minneapolis Millers and the Allied special interests in the to n cities. In Tea i of preaching the gospel of f the principles of in Tea i of Suying a brotherhood and even bump Reading fails nope there. Don to seem to be and bump of kindness or. Just what the real motive of the j sheriff a in refuting admittance to Perry a Freadus is hard to fathom. Perhaps he did not want his prisoner a rest disturbed. Perhaps he thought that the might lie furnished with an attorney and get a fair trial. Whatever the reason for the sheriffs solicitude it did not pre vent him letting these two hire thug of the Tai Road company in to see Hie Young Man and permitting them to abuse him to their hearts Content. Most people supposed we had courts to try Pri Souci. Accused of crime and a attorney to interrogate them but it seems that sheriff Faroe j running a Little night court of fris own with ii few hard boiled Railroad Fla feet for prosecutors judge and jury. It the sheriffs kind of court the prisoner is permitted no . Would the sheriff pursue these same tactics ii it we a prominent business Man or banker who had been accused. Or have we one kind of Law for the poor Man and another for the Well to do it has Ber n a practice with certain big town police forces to a Thini degree Quot member of the underworld who have been suspected of complicity in some Erime. The people of Albert Eta did not suspect that our local he riffs office was putting the application Christ on Earth word for human social Justice in Universal peace gov. Preu pro Sunc Timity of pro Preus Hod the a great audience the Hod come to Thi pursues Only an i declaration of in that no n Are in Ltd alienable rights am Liberty anti Pursuit norwegian us property intend of it was the pee put proper i i rights. It was in r Lar Mark inst of the Golden l lazed the oppor speak for Tho e w people to poverty and who Are i upon this Rich an gov. Preu a i Ture to those n a followed false g a of foaled no Suruj had followed gov tally. When the spec Neota the flee t Arni tile twin Cit so far in then cd bumped into the of tout great c started out to a governor that roof these Circum Tere to happen it i the strategy of demoralizing agricultural production a the statement. Quot Railroad freight rate must be reduce to a level that will restore the movement of the necessity if before the Farmer a purchasing Power can be restored or the con Umer can Benefit by the decline in the original Selling Price of Furm products Quot it continues. A of 28,88 Minnesota Farmer who were asked will you to Able to hip a materially larger amount of farm products if freight rate a materially lowered a 27,913 an we re i Eye it and not until then under this tribute is it performing the function for civilization for which Money is intended. The smering duty of government is to make Money and provide for its circulation in Ebarra de and inclusive. The territory Cove ret includes ail of Minnesota Northern Iowa South Dakota Points As far West As Sioux fall Ami Watertown North Dakota Points As far West a Wahpeton Fargo and grand Forks and Points a far East and South As Superior Rhinelander eau Claire and la unhampered by Elf ii restriction. To Crosse. Authorize or permit a privileged class the greatest exposition in i tory to secure it from the government to of life is being prepared for tile half million monopolize it inflate and deflate its visitors who will file thru the Gates. Premiums totalling $121,600 Are of Fere for All kinds of educational exhibits. Permanent improvements costing $235,000 Are being made to House the exhibits and care for the crowds. The entertainment program features Many thrillers never seen in the Quantity at its elfish a tis Are and to charge internet to permit it to enter the channels of Trace and Commerce is a crime an in Peak Abl Crim a chargeable to the indifference Ami misunderstanding of the people in Thi subject who Are now the exploit ii victims of a selfish oligarchy. Lid of a wont for and disarmament a d to. Glorify the tic property. Gov Carity to Tell thai i their ancestor country for selfish i that where the in pen in Nee reads Sod with the n no which Are life of happiness the muted a private a happiness h of u Man who gilts above human of pet of the l old i of the message be. Gov. Preus. \ a us in a him to to Are grinding the Midi Cou rage Niento singing discontent Bountiful country i Ami in ii red Lee we glans who had an i demagogue be to those woo Preu Rise polite Niece is in minuet the big Hillier exploiters had gone flattens that they Ruth of the people Umno wealth they i a candidate for i n the face be s. Ibon the in up in a a Jake Preu. Us a candidacy a n Corn was oiling a by he i a by. Lawrence Ummer and Oats sit 16 freight rate on the to Minn., Yea 39 cent Tidei More the Tariff at 25 cents. In Thi cent -. Thow Atonna i Hundred. Fraise Dit uni int Northwest. Headliner of Headliner in Possession of the Mon and credit to against Rural communities in favor of Deal ers in the terminal Market. Tho rut on Corn a to i oat from by. Lawrence to the twin Cults to mile further was 21 cont a Quot conc in my the Tariff the Tat ment a american agriculture cannot pro pm i Una a a it i afforded the am Tariff protect Ion that is afforded other american indu try. To eng As the fat Mer buys on a protected Market he Mut in allowed to Al on a protect Market or u reduced by comp tit urn w Ith foist in peasants Ami Peon to a condition unthinkable Ami disastrous concerning co operation will in the thrilling passage of lieutenant James from u speeding Auto to a Low flying air plane in front of a grandstand each Day. Or. Carvery a Dong hours Ridden by a girl Wal leap from u platform forty of i in the air into a shallow Pool of water. The Gigantic Railroad collision featured in 1920. Will be repeated on Lier Vale before the grand saturday september 3, on of the nation Federal re Erve hunks and All other Banks belonging to or individual., incorporated Thi w in puppet enveloping the i destruction. It it a Power into sing criticism w a race in Huntrod a gtd a stand a a propaganda or by ii extends More of the newspaper and one tribute it no it in or. Their trial. V us or in to entitle t1 str to extraction. Her a us dear to Tho a immediately apparent Minn to is a state populated largely by people of Norweg a was the name of i thousands of Popi and so the a Minnesota proceed Lith ally the Veneta rounding the or at order to perpetual est so domination a 1 state. Ami the to Preus became give since becoming run True to the de made him political reaction instead Al thought More of the of the human Welt he has been a go financial oligarchy Neta. Jake Preus u a Knuit Nelson Typ there was an tin platform be torus eral churches he is a molest co i the Rev. I Ell. Of there directing the Man y in1 tan Roi Twe a the pm 01 us i not Uili a the to i pm in i in h in arc to 41. A a be Liing a t to cent Worth int a in. Minn Iii do a t is it to 40 a ent. Cit a .lh1 stat Ament a Quot the la i i is let m v ii Tuu a u Nan Trouit in the in attn leu a Gen a Tux on i Arai no it the sex a is. I i of i to tax Majori t ies was re i i is these prop a it Iti i is ii Gay Rel it Coni Luumi Quot i i in Mitt be of Tif p in ought when in a up r Outing i fair do he Umei a but in eggs in in bring twin 111 i ii it co pulp effect , lion Assoc a a i Heese Brudi Erby federation planned St i Aid to be one of the arg a i nations in the world for the a a of handling is n gang a i by representative of then in cheese producers Fetera if Minnesota cheese producer a Atiz in. When the age a in map Leto an Tarif fed by the Menota Are opposition to my ale tax. Amir peal of enormous t i re on All Ferem Lum vol meets next week a at ., Erat in Minn term Thi Tive organization federation Quot la bund Imp ,000 Pound of cd a co operative a meeting lie on july Jot ii. Thai directors vat i m to. Producers i As factories try Tiree More fact i to the wisc on in i in re ult in in than annual i in upon Iii in Wise Derat a in til Chung inn to affiliate on cont i 1 cheese i b unix fact i line 1 in it tie v a the v a privileged Elal influx Nee that a self or influences by reunion of Credi nine tenth am a Magazine demand and receives for favor show n or punishment threatened Hbl la note Money for two percent 2. Relief to a distress d and perplexed country can come on by the government taking Over the Bank no borine.-, under strict my service loaning my not to the people at Cost Al what it now loan. It for to the Bank two percent per annul a More than sufficient repealing All existing Law relating to Bank no Ami loaning of Money a tipi by the gov a my it abolishing the Gold stand a Ion Mon in to e pay debts Public stated. A a gov in it Lect it ii a i any Law Neon age o Force Pettit work a innately dept duct i in la it Ell bul m inn on a if. Exp it a to int in t a g Lien he a i in i a a to not of a1 due and a he t he j private. A before v. Re n Fluty of the be t o la in lit4 to Milt y an it Pru in. I be ii am of Exchange a i. T by hat authorize usury Hoar no of Money be me pie ii to pay a tribute tor Elk or it it j of a civilisation. A Tai it at Ion a i arg of s. \. It urn men a i nut Sinai Page four to Ateret of to capitalize to a i and love go Praus name in tile special inter a great Over Ign cd worked Jake nor. Vernoi he a Rex of those who he a served Progre he has Collar Mark than re of his people i of the Tat control min live 15 w 10th. Of ii Stock i be ii in a a mip a a Ting Rke tii at it on to Jim in i Gumps brother footer admits he lied the editor of the Vibert Lea a Frei noon agony and a few of him renders will remember that Oolite Lime ago that of Lieut printed a communication from the editor of the Long Prairie read i Rudolph Lee charging that Rovi building Brogh a plys iniquitous pills Burgh plus r Ute Ltd a steel Lunger were in collusion in the the state a Short time ago. E Lee s paper Townley and debates held throughout quote a retraction from in Patier of the i la us f of on the i. He is pastor of j out at Deforet. I Putty preacher. A i Deloit to stood excellent chorus a of Bright Young Man and women a Romier if that great audience of progressive Ami t women didst draw on those two prom boys. # we wonder if they did no to Roe Ove Preus carrying on the tradition Ami the Lustre of the great Preus family Iii his work of god among those honest people of the soil out around de my i in car y the a Pitt Nkang men and a mental parallel Mem 5a�?Ts will be rebbe lion dollars a on account a scheme accor Ling to the m a farm Bureau federation it rates on structural Stet from Duluth steel Mill bust. Paul i cents a Hundred while from Pittsburg to by Paul the rate i 66 cents Ami the latter rate is lacked onto every ton of structural steel sold in this state a Clear robbery of $9.mi a Tun. How Long will or people sub Jet a 99 Ola get the 17 Mil to this la. Ca Herald. Get rabbi Wae a Lii oui writeup of the Tow Itley Lunger meet int week the Leader find it we i Luketi Iii the on a Tail Mienl that the two men int vied Here together. They came in separate cars. The editor a in of it town that evening until about nine o clock and a not Able to return before the two men had left town we find that out informants mistook two travelling men who were travelling together for Tow let and Lunger. We hasten Theodore to make the Cor rectum. Will the Albert Lea daily paper also Rome oui mud and Mil that it too was a party of this lie in it jut through lie Nee admit it is a liar and let it go at that. In m a

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