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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - April 28, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Senator Ladd s figures on Farmers losses borne out by facts Roylance proves coat of farm product to urn Many tim what Farmer get for them the record show Albert Lea examiner a if you Ore wrong you can 7 be tin conservative if you Are right you can 7 be too Radical of endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor t of m in endorsed by the Austin to vol. 2. No. 17. Oldert Lea Minnesota. Thursday Avril 28, 1921. By we 0. Roylance opponents of the formers movement in North Dakota have lately made strenuous Effort to discredit the figures riven by or. K. F. Ladd former president of the North Dakota agricultural College and now United states senator from North Dakota showing the losses Suffern by the Tom Watson tells Haywood is among be i Quot a Mhz delegates to the love tor Columbia b1.bb#, Larrt Trade Union meet in tot Neil copy 5 outs by the federate press by the Federated press Washington april 26. A Tom Watson of Georgia in his first speech in the Senate opposing the columbian Chicago. April 25.�?william d. Treaty asked Why the republicans Haywood formerly Secretary trea had chanced their mind of suddenly of the i. W. Vv., and one of the Lead Farmers thru the operation of the on the payment of $25,000, for the ers of that organization Ince its in present system of marketing. Some theft of Panama from Columbia. He papers in North Dakota and else answered his own question by saying where profess to find these figures that Secretary fall had a a pipeline an ridiculous. A Why a says one a the Oil proposition into this treaty a for losses he estimates for 1920 amount the Benefit of Standard Oil. To More than Al the Farmers received Are the enu of the Stander their crop a that is True. Ami and 0i, retd nothing More a option has armed in Moscow. He sailed from new York on March 31st on the Oscar la of the scam Navian american for Stockholm bound for the russian capita a one of the seven delegates to the Moscow trades Union International v or cd opens on it would be ridiculous if it were not he asked. A when lid that infant pro i tragic. Tarted in ail it roots and branches the exclusive news of Haywood the truth is that the Selling of the need our assistance in securing Access arrival in Russia reached the Federal farm products for less than half of to foreign Field ? yet after Reading pre following the announcement what they ought to bring has beep the Long letter of Secretary fall. Be and several dozen other de a common occurrence in this country which followed a repetition by sen. Fondant in the i. Vav. Vav. Eases Are sex for years. A few years ago it Wall it de of what he had said so forcibly a ded to appear before judge Lander found that Texas Bermuda onions sold ten years ago about blackmail May a to United states District court on on the Market for 600 per cent Over rudders and Bandit after railing Hominy for their return to the Feder the Price paid growers for them these columbian by every possible Penitentiary at . The Price of potatoes cabbages and oth name of reproach he virtually ays supreme co git several Days ago re or produce have often a Cen multiplied i a Secretary fall has discovered a great Fod to entertain a petition for f several times Between the farm and Leal of Oil Down there that the stand Brit certiorari in this Case. The retail purchaser. I lie spread is not Ani Oil co. And other companies want. To apparent in the Caw of wheat Ami wll if we Are Here to buy prop Man prams but when thru nil try for that Suin Ari Oil co., let us go on Ami do it and let us make no concealment about it. They Are Bort of Oil seemingly they have exhausted the Oil Fields of Tampico apparent transformations from the farm to the consumer table it is apparent that a tremendous discrepancy exists. High com to consumer this wide Tusk Sepancy i tween by and my recollection is that score what the Fanner receives and what tary fall was very indignant indeed the con Umer of the finished Groin pro because of our Oil interests a yours duct pay lie at the has of or. And mine at Ladd calculations. He found for Thi is the attired. Of the Progress example that in 191. And 191 1, when Ive group in the Senate on the Colum North Dakota Farmers Wen receiving Blan treaty question. They want the below an average of $2 a Bushel for administration to come out openly Ami wheat blend was Selling at to cents declare As Secretary fall has Declar for a 14 of. Loaf. Experiments made i for its Imperial to p<1tav of Eon the direction of or. Lould at the North Dakota quoting the Oil interests of the world. Agn cultus Ai College j hey have forced sen. Lodge and his demonstrated that a barrel of flour associate. To concede that Justice to will made 300 Ach loaves. It takes the Columba a approximately 4 1 bushels of the t wheat to make a barrel of flour so that. At $2 a Bushel the wheat that Goe to the making of 300 loaves of brr in i would Tost exactly $9. If sold at to rent a loaf the 300 loaves would bring $30. Little to do with Reaty but that the rivalry of the British group with the Standard o Combine is the game in which tile treaty is u preliminary move. A have they a ked Watson mockingly a that we have voluntarily shut ourselves off from the i or Mill hed pro.lure.1 out of the Rich to Oil Field la world Eyer knt. Ss., it iut to make r Barr of Oil Fin that or blazing Lay and flour would a Worth at Corr, Nik it when Alexander went thru Thor in. Prim si0. So that we have a on i. Way to India Why have we total of 31.40 out of the wheal for go acc., to the Oil Field of a which the far a repaired to. That Kun Fleca a we will not Trad Aith a a tax he Quot it cum a pay. A Tuwan store rement. By Aure it. For the breath or thawed from a Bat do not like their form of government ret of Bour Goe. To the Grain dealer. Do we like the form of government the Miller the dealer in flour the of columbian what i it. By the Haywood who is under sentence of Twenty years in lean North is declared to have gone to Russia Only upon the insistence of his co workers. The Oscar ii. Which carried the delegation reached Stockholm on april 12th, Ami the it in legation landed at Riga four a its later from which Point they mad the trip to to new. Hie statement issued from new York reads As follows a for thirty years Haywood has fought As no Otho r Persia in America a fought or the workers of this land. He has lain in Many a prison. He spar upon id body the wound which speak for his personal courage in Hami to Ham conflict with the col Ordo state troops in the Days of cripple Creek. Bar handed he fought with thugs of the Western min owners who clubbed him with Rifle until he fell Only to Rise again to Battle until beaten into insensibility. Unable to buy him or break his spirit these mine owners conspired to wreck the Wester be i ration of Miner and take Haywood life on the scaffold. For two years he Laid in a cell on Mur Lereve a Row at Fri Idaho state Penitentiary. In every City Ami town the american worker heard of the a Frame up against him and Rose in his defense. They saved his life and a then pledged the life they saved to work for the emancipation of the workers of the world. He has grown old and ill in i a. V. Nelson motor sales company Albert Lea Minnesota april 25, 1921. Or. R. In French editor examiner Albert Lea Minn dear sir a As you know we have advertised in the examiner off and on for some Little time and we have found the results More far reaching than we had anticipated. The co operation of your subscribers has outweighed our expectations and they respond readily to goods honestly advertised him honestly sold. We will do much More advertising with you in the future and we know we will receive As Rood results in the future in in tile past. Thanking you for your co operation ours very truly a. V. Be Uslan motor sales o. Livestock Selling May 12 is nation Agency growing Al Hospital Day North Bakhorn Bond Selling going satisfactorily 0 Washington Cleveland organized labor Detroit Cincinnati Are gets another Jolt to Purchase $100, Khz by Laurence Todd each. Federated Presa staff cores pendent branches in hit ago. New 5 Oik Washl no Tony it in. Bur a in office cd announcement that president Harding has selected for chairman of the i nit a i stat shipping Board the president of the United states steel corporation James a. Farrell is received in the capital As conclusive evidence of the Industrial attitude which report Stiles Sis result of the drive Bank of North Dakota has received orders for More than $50,000.09 direct during past three Days. Bismarck n. A april 26.�? a the Bonds can and will be sold Ami is to in taken by the Republican we will whip Wall Street a is the of regime. Judge Gary is chairman of tiniest in and militant me Sag gov. The boar which control Faire i in i Frazier received today from attorney Job a pres Dat of the steel Trust. General Lemke who has been speak Industrial absolutism is far ing in Eastern cities in behalf of the Gary re bus policy. The new administration adopts Gary is in for its guide in operating the merchant Marine. This is a drastic revision of the Industrial policy favored by or. Hard drive to sell North Dakota Bond Over the Heads of the Large banking anti Bond buying interests direct to the people of America. A i expect to see about $200 too sold while the receipts of live Stock at the Chicago Market showed an in Crea a of lightly enet one per cent the City amt county to Pital is to join other progressive institutions in the United states Ami Canada in for the three pm Aih ending March the Observance of National Hospital 31, 1921. A com rare i to the same Day May 12. Then Are a fire a re period year the equity co per mention a a a blathers a and at Ive exchanges a Selling Agency other Days and even a be kind to owned anti controlled by Ever 21,000 dumb animals a eke but this is the Farmer of the Northwest handled u first organized Effort to have a a May Little More Thun 63 a r cent More for the to too to Pital that Are Carcan of live Stock luring the same inc for the 3,900,000 people who a three months of 192j a it it spared to cording to the american Public health 1920 nth same Market. Anocia Tion Are cd every Day. Ills fact that the business of the May 12 a Chuen a National Farmers organisation a heal to Pital Day la cause it is the birth thy inc Here while the general re Day anniversary of Florence Nightie Seipt toe in re Yard increased Gale Pioneer in modern la Spital and ing a month ago. When he com pro by May i in the Eastern cities i visit Mise the fight Between the big meat de alone with More coming Down the packers anti their organized employees line a wires or. Lemke. He took the position that Industrial a Washington will take $100,000, peace was All important. Now he be Cleveland the same Detroit will take Lect a head of the shipping Industry $100,000 and so will Cincinnati. To a for that is what Tho chairmanship Ledo fort Wayne Ami Indianapolis of the shipping Board is the fore Quot ill All fall in line with from $50,-Mot exponent of Industrial serfdom. Too to $100,000. It has been hard and this election dunes just As the work. But it is going seamen Are entering a conference with or. Lemke is expected to return the american steamship association Here about the first of May to attend As to whether they will accept the a session of the Industrial commission a open hop Quot Rule anti .40 per cent at which decision will Imp made As to reduction in wages. Resuming work on the Gram Forks i to other decisions of equal signify Mill and elevator in Case sales of Mill canc to labor Are listed in the Days and elevator Bonds warrant. Win re of or. Harding. One is the a spirit of cheerfulness in also pre change in the Walior membership of the mailing at the Bank of North Dakota Railroad labor Board and the other a result of the receipt by mail Durrs the letter sent to or. Gompers by tag the past three Days of individual excess of Vry a Iuta a Hows that Farmers Are Nur ing methods the City and coun Secretary of state Hughes discredit subscription for Bonds in item Rining to appreciate the value of to Hospital cordially invite the men tag the efforts of More than half of $50,000, Coop r till Stock marketing an a women of the Community to drop the membership of flu am rican fed these subscriptions came from All Lite organization of ,. Alive live in in May 12 and in for themselves return of to secure a resume Over the United states in Small allot Dippini association has proven How veil it car. For their relatives. La in of Trade with re a ments in response to the general Pui u decide improvement Over the old Friend and fellow citizens who May j j Forrester former grand presi ii Ity Given the Hank Ami the Boyr. In Thod of seeing to the la a Cul buyer b ick or in ured. The nurses train Dent of the brotherhood of railway the nation the new Republic Hod Ami jut a a the handling of live ing cd cd also tue in invitation clerks has not been reappointed to a ther Liberal papers. This dont Stock on the liminal Market is prov to the girls ,.n� Young women to in in to is More econ Nirula and More pert the h. A for nurse and learn not efficient Iii. I Hod of Selling live Stock some interesting fart to Packer a term order buyers and pier id profession. Feeders Ami of Patr Hasing St a am feeder animals. The labor group in the Railroad Labot tac Lmke the sales made by the Chica boar i. His one year term expired on a Felt it a new 5 Ork offices to which the about this april 15. The big four brother subscribers of the Eastern cities Cov hoods. Ais Well As the Railroad labor Cetl by or. Lemke will also report. A organizations belonging to the a. F. Baker Ami the retailer. For these Sam year the Cost of flour milling a determined by the Federal trades commission wus 97 cents a barrel. Figuring it at exactly $1, there will till remain $19.50 of the difference the tween what tile Farmer receive and what the pays. The one Dollar Way. Despotism tempered by a Sid nution a a Coop. Marketing Bill in Hohm i i by t Uter keeping of the Faith. Senator it top i of Kunsa Intro �?o77 m Zug Quot Kfir re lug Al a a Quot Quot Al Rio Quot a the name of Haywood has brought in co operative marketing a Cia ions. A will Pira Tion to the workers anti fear to unrestricted by general Law tobacco growers pm t Vico Opl r tin k m Khe Xing of lha a formally requested the pre ident to reappoint him. Inst Aii or. Hun i my ignored the wishes of the by products to the Farmer. Or rather this is the amount he figured would have been kept in the state. And this does not include the saving re p re rating the Cost of Fertility by the return of for flour milling include sales Cost. Of. Or farm thru feeding of North Dakota wheat elevator charge by products. Or. La id figural this Aud foe get to Minneapolis amount to it Avin it of mucl1 to the same Way that a proximal by 30 cents a Bushel. It Fum Morcigl chits Chambers of rom 1 Bushel it will be $1.36. Of Merce and other such bodies figure freight and Elling costs lie tween the be Money that May be kept at Home Miller anti the Baker should be doubled by establishing manufactories. How. Thi amount which is unlikely we taking the highest estimate \ c f will have to subtract another $4.05 be Cost of manufacturing flour for from the above difference leaving the in september. Has after a year to the Chicago jail Haywood was in to Leavenworth under sentence of 2 years under the espionage act by wit. Released on Bai about a year Lut it. Re train of Trode empower the to ii Tern ire if an u we unduly entire in pre to Cut to i Ull u a Agam tue a Law Touhl Secretary of agriculture \ a i elation s in Mova to a. Patronize Farmer and labourer the Fixa Minet Arlve risers. if Sci have anything you want to Al try a a aet is in the examiner and get results. Be i he to Lmh a column in the t i to line. Mod a the results. A nation committee to tud it the Standard labor bodies and appointed tobacco a it a in and recommend a welter l , a supporter. F n Tolera Tive urn Ket Dallinger and sen. Lot Ign a in be named by president a Sachs Aetna politic.-, anti Mel Orsett of the american farm by the so called Rump Union of station. Him. Thi i another agents headed by Pat Coyle of bos to Erat Ive marketing ton Mcmenimen i the legislative agent in Washington of the brother 27. More Hawl of railway trainmen strangely. N their Trike nuke a. Although he got the endur e unrecognized labor Boily. Sour j. R. How a Bun a feta Structure of it i rent Quot age reduction a i Quot to is Ugto by the it Ken Mourna a returned is i Nur due. $15.4 leak in Cost cent a loaf that year�?$1.25 a barrel and sub trading the total from or. Ladd a. Amazed having there would still re #. 4 4 main More than $100,009,000. The cont of baking would amount to i. Both of the above calculation a Tittle More Thun one cent a loaf. Figuring it at i 1 cents the Cost of Bak ing 500 loaves will be $3.75. Allowing one cent for the retailer margin we subtract $4.75 from the $15.45 remit using of the margin Between the farm Prit anti the consumer a Price a avg 1 0.70 unaccounted for. To gets this $10.70? to whom due. It properly belong of the Loco elevator the terminal elevator the Miller tile wholesaler the jobber the Aker Ami the retailer have each covered costs anti received a fair profit it clearly it Ioe not belong to any of them Uon Diering Farmers cuts and a Are based entirely upon the difference be tween farm prices and prices in an Ordinary year. Whatever is lost thru a slump in prices such during the last it ear will be additional. Or in other words the margin Between farm prices and Consumers prices is further increased according to tables published by the United states department of labor the reduction in the Price of bread from january 1920, to january 1921, a Only one per cent this mean that bread prices remain Pray Scally at the 16 9 level. Ami that was exactly at the War level it was is Low yearly income the conclusion i u u. Est n higher than the prices taken in Annot be escaped that he has receive 1 too Little on the other Hare it remail lie denied that the consumer has paid too much. This being tree Siipple that this $10.70 per barrel it flour were divided equally Between the Farmer a no the consumer. That Wou a give tie Farmer an additional #5.35 of a to cry 4 1 bushels of wheat which in nearly $i.20 a Bushel. On the 1920 North Dakota crop that would have i mounted to Over $<,000,000. On a crop it would Haw eco close to $120,000,000. On the Asis of an equal saving a in All North Dakota crops it would amount to approximately a 50.000,000 for an aver be yearly production big saving Roadside figuring Only the difference Between farm prices Ami the average w Hole ale prices of flour or. Ladd estimated that North Dakota Farmers could have saved Over 1130,000,000, if they had been Able to manufacture 1919 of so pm at Home Selling finished products directly to wholesalers and the above calculation but at to Rifer All of. Loaf a a it it have seen the wheat in a Barre of flour ii old for $30, and the by pro due for $ 1.50, to total of $31.50. Difference greater now at 1920 Price -., a Given by the u United states Bureau of crop estimates North Dakota Farmers received anly $0.35 for the wheat in a barrel of flout where they had formerly received $9, the Price for wheat used in the above calculation was $2 and the Price Given by the unite state Bureau of j crop estimate for 1920 is $1.30, a difference of 70 cent a by Hel. On the Fin,400, Bushel of wheat pro j diced in n rth Dakota in 1920 this i a difference of $4 k0,000, adding Thi to the $150,000 000 deficiency in 1918 farm prices we get a total of s197, ,000. But the estimated Price a r Bushel for 1920 was made before wheat hat reached its lowest level. Probably the average a not continued on Page five a a. Niento of Thi in labor matter in a a Chusett. a u record of taking the Liberal and aggie rive Aid. Hiap ointment while a Lap at the chief of the big four Arnith railway de pertinent of the a. F. Of a May prove less damaging to labor than the administration seem to have intended. A in the mint of v new of the brother Lummis however the removal of for Rester from the Bourd leaving Only two men chose by the Jui Road Laimi executive in that body Point the Road that or hurtling a been persuaded to travel la j cd a i ten with the proposed selection of Farrell for tin snipping Bourd. In the Hughes letter on russian economic conditions Liberal la Bot see i ii administration purpose to a credit especially the International association of machinists which a taken the Lead in agitating for the opening of the russian Market to America j product in order that american work ers May again be employed. Pres j a Lent Gompers of the a. Of of l. I Ltd pod to the russian Republic Arni to everything which will tend to give it i the Ordinary Chance for survival Given to new government by the re to i of the world. Attorney general Daugherty adds a i touch of humor to the new policy of i firmness toward labor and labor demands by declaring that a citizen must love their country or leave Sailor rail i of i men the unemployed. And loth r pos de failure at the administration test of patriotism ask a where will fellow citizen Daugherty Send a from Here a the Boush Evirs see that their children Arf fed i Moscow april iils a message from Baku says that the Aier Hadjan government has issued a child feed i ing decree by w hich All children from birth to the age of 16 Hall receive All Nece Itie. Food cloth etc., fro from the state irrespective of their parents Octal condition. John Bull is getting shark of bolshevik Gold Moscow april 20.�? bolshevik Gobi i going steadily into great Britain and the rank of England is not refusing to handle . Underlie representing in american Yin Lieut which a acquired Large Concession in Ruiu said. A front april 20, 1920, to the end of March 37 Briti a vessel have brought Good to it Russia and More Are on the Way. One Hundred and fifty whip have cume from Germany 142 from Sweden. Other from Holland Denmark Finland amt a few from America. All the goods have been paid for with rus Ian Gold which eventually finds its Way to the Batik of Petrograd custom House Are speeding navigation in View of the Large foreign Trad expected through the Anglo re Iun agreement. Fifty five boats will in accommodated Imu Vaneous a. Annual meeting of Leao i e of women voters the annual me Ting and election of officers of the Freeborn county league of women voter will be held Fri Day april 29, at 2 30 p. In. In the rooms of the county club of women in the Home investment budding following the busmes.? meeting it 3 30 p. In., a program which should interest keenly every won an will be i presented. Or. Robert Ander in. A member of the Boa it of aldermen will Peak of a school taxes Futie Cal arum income taxes will be discussed by or. Alfred Christopher on president of the first j National Bank and or. Ben Loeffler e i i pen at to so High w Omen obsess or will discus a real and Nal property tame a this time when taxes were never t is a Penally opportune for earn How our luxe to lev Ted in collected u the it a what pure used to it the in More intelligently take in government. Is hoped Many will a it of this Opportunity. C a up ent Era Reft of. Sci go huh to it Ork Niagara Falls Carpenter a Ere if work w Ith a 15 a a t lion in wag. It w Nee Irig of h y., april 27,-Nmgd to go Back to t per hour re us la or Muir be Ltd. Fol the i est a re Btu inns to kept pre a i m in be hurry to Pat it out. Quot Wien by go Back to normalcy Aud i old Job at to Der Price a Farmer and labourer the examiner advertiser Patron rape Steif i went on to Ltd apr 20, when the wag Ewa Yew Distad f Roo it i to 85 cent in hour 14 Maize the wierd a a get ionize year a. S

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