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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - April 21, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Ass Albert Lea it unit no ii in it not in it it a i _ Udd conference of leaders on reconstruction Pun North Dakota so Lons Tell of Batt la people of to Lejk state Ark pitting up against Wall Street reveals sabotage of roads Der ing Federal control. By Laurence Todd. Federated pre stuff Cor i j re b in it a Washington. April 20. An Era att making conference held under the of few Wool cd w to a it you Are wrong you can t 6c too endorsed by the Albert be a trades and labor Council a Elk it Lea. Minnesota. Thursday Moi Ai. I i conservative if Yon arc right you can t be too volume 2. No. I i. Big plan to smash All labor unions in a Quot Lisk Quot he Wmk pm i sin Fly copy it it its auspice of the people s reconstruction league representing labor and farming groups with Over a million membership is now in session at Washington. A speakers Are cd of National repute with a National message. Let a. John a. Ryan professor of Industrial ethics at the Catholic University is a Delegate he opposes the sales tax and suggest More governmental Competition in the Industrial world in order to solve the problems that now confront tile nation. Senator Robert La Follette in peaking it last evenings session lifted the lid and exposed the influences responsible for the Esch Camin i tie act. He declared the Railroad cannot get away from the by Paul Hanna Federated press staff Cor Washington april 20.�?damage suits to seize the treasuries of the biggest labor unions in the United states Are being planned by Power enemies of the working class in ions. Ful. ,repan.-1 Lur diplomacy Ever made by a respond Bilipp of drafting urn enacting the be Secretary fall of Interior department makes some startling statements regarding j. Hull. By Paul Hanna Federated pre s staff Cor Washington. April 20.�?by submitting to the Laws and decrees of Mexico the British Oil corporations in that country have betrayed the american Anocia Tion of Oil companies. Be according to charges made in a letter the league for Industrial rights written by Secretary of the Interior a credited with a leading part in the Albert b. Fall to senator Ipaige of plan to Institute scores of damage the Senate foreign relation commit Gnu 1 against Trade unions in Many Ltd parts of the country within a few a co it Ary bul letter is Rego ded hours after the Efi Ocho decision it egos the most Waxen exposition of Dot a cts is announced. To is Organiza w Ash i no ton april 16, million american wage earners and other friends of Liberty appealed on the most experienced lawyers con april 13 to the Harding administrates that it will be futile for the in Tion through chosen ions to combat these suits in the face signed petition for four million men Kerned divorce 0 b la of rip ri7 ask Foh amnesty a a a a m�7ut he a �0. April 20.�?the present Industrial paralysis which has Quot stagger d America Quot is the re ult of a strike of organized capital against no a. A the liberation of Are grinding out separations in whole Mccu or Tiff to an exhibit on Prem Quot Urt 1&Quot political Eft was nth. Knit i Sal fashion an i from All Obsi it i of Quot Quot f1"1 Quot i a Quot a 1 pm a ? 10 Quot a us am0"r Ltd Quot a Quot this aeon i Anniv Orsary a pm it Rem that mom pub quoth it a Ltd a a a a Tab tilings that one employer has an of the ii Okessen or by h. H. French the divorce problem is one that is tining up considerable comment at this time. The Minneapolis court anticipation of an Early decision by rights to procure labor Debs the National capital witnessed the supreme court making labor un-1 a Etc leap you an it of i competitors in amnesty Day demonstration Fea 10ns financially liable for Quot damage inflicted upon employers or the Quot pub it a this second anniversary would a item that moi.1 people arc get imprisonment of Eugene. Ting unmarried than Are marrying. The situation of course is calling Forth a1�?T manner of unfavourable comment from the Public which in a measure is justifiable. But there is no use in howling Hys lowing chief events. A petition signed by us too citizen was borne on a motor car to the Law which a eventually passed by Congress. La Follette sex Peers rail con pantry. Senator Lafollette was at his Best physically and showed a Thoro grasp of his subject. His explanation of the financial condition of the railway at the time the government took them Over and the conduct of the men higher up in the railway administrative Circle during the War in trying to put every obstacle in the Way of director general Mcadoo making a Success of the operation of the Road under government control was nothing in than startling. He accused the railway head of initiating a Campaign of misrepresentation and Leto bring the government service in i repute and predicted that the ultimate solution of the problem a for the government to take Over the railway. Senator i add reviews North Dakota situation. So Nator e. F. I add of North Dak of any government. It Hunts the great Petroleum cobble both american Ami British As the approved instruments of Empire and by Ion whose Headquarters Are at 185 Broadway new York City a formerly known As the american anti Boycott league. For Many year it Backer have Laboured to drive a Legal Ami that it is a conspiracy punishable tired by the foil by seizure of fund for any labor Union to interfere with that Quot inalienable right.&Quot.,00rs of Congress a committee of to Nch let Over the matter. Loud talk. It amt son tie court must lawyers and humanitarian visited Una a Riviera Moribus demonstration m.,k. To a Crim. For on it of work in Lorn Hardin at the White ii. Era to tire through strike to of Ami acquainted him jerkily with for labor a a Smirh Compert the be Al and moral Monr iteration. Which demand a freeing of political prisoners other committee with similar messages called personally upon attorney general Daugherty. Viet nation As any other group is obtaining. Such a verdict by the highest tribunal will be a remarkable endorsement of the judicial Conception voiced by jul tin Van sicken of Brooklyn. Who declared from the Lench on March so will have no effect on the problem. Evil never exist without cause. There must then be a cause for the divorce evil As we View the matter the Causer increasing demand for divorce Are two i. I hey Are economic and presided Coolidge president of the a a olo Gitel. Lad us first consider Many critic i held to foreshadow Jin it my into the Trade Union treasuries another world War in the near future believing that organized labor would with Mexico As the helpless inf elapse if a fun could be attach to Lefiell eel. Enate and upon speaker Gillette of the House of representatives an evening mass meeting a attended by the economic cause. The tightening up of Money the closing Down of industries and the senator Lodge Ustel the fall letter in the course of a speech whirl a received virtually no attention in the press possibly because it a delivered on tile Day president Harding delivered lit message to Congress. Apt ii 12 Lodge was defending the proposed treaty with Colombia As a candid move can Oil inter fill letter a clearly supplied As Materia for such a speech. In to Etter. Incidentally a. Brazen a invade the Secretary of Quot Date Hughes w to i the court decision upon which this ruthless Campaign hinges is the one which the Coronado Coal company expect to win against the United mine mockers. The history Ami importance of this Case was set Forth in the correspondence several weeks ago. At that time it was explained Hie courts must stand at All time a the representative of capital of captains of Industry devoted to the principle of individual initiative and strongly opposed to scheme for the nationalization of Industry. A representative affiliated with More co a lug idleness following it i strange feature of this threatening situation is tile turned inac in Protection of Anteri that the absolute destruction of the Ivry with which informed labor chields in latin America. American federation of Lite a at Grin far. The impending Filisa Tei % x to Ataii it it a i i a a. Of to in. S writing Secretary province of up present organized was fore hat lovin i by the expected verdict. Should in verdict lie As anticipate d the United mine worker will be fined a total of More than $600,000 peo to he the administration Mouth by clue of its activities piece in foreign affairs. Under Date a strike which began i binary 21, this year fall wrote a me eight years ago. A argued be Quot i am most thoroughly impressed fire the highest court in the land. This to spoke of the 70,000 quart mile j Quot the the serial Means of the present a it a makes any Effort to organize u he too acre of w hich lh.000.000 i with relation to the Oil develop in Union worker or to support them Are umber cultivation in North do it the world. I my in a Pon Teneous trikes a conspiracy Kola and Caj Letl attention to the fact Quot 1 de ire to emphasize a crisis by the guilty Union against the pm that North Dakota produced one Sev be proper expire Ston under the Ployer and All the funds of such a nth of All the wheat grown in the t ,Ta�ve-.�?z.�?z.�?z.aiiow�?T me to Call of guilty Union Are held available for United states Ane half of the flax or a att Cioa Here to u met to Ligniti a Kuna i to the injured party one of the very highest officer of the United mine workers has said within a Days past that the United mine workers will cease to exist As a National organization if the Cerin of Ltd Nado company wins its verdict in the in Arkansas supreme cont. Yet no Tep Bai. Iwen taken to prepare for the blow. Lawyers compare this helpless inactivity Fly organized labor with the resourcefulness displayed by great corporations when confronted by a similar probability. It is Conte cd however that the Best second line of bul i reaches that labor might con Trust in this emergency would be Bat Aan 3,000,000 worker. At to of clock president Harding received a delegation composed of Morns Hillquit or. Norman Thomas Jackson h. Ralston and Albert la Silver. Speaking in turn these men reviewed the sudden growth and drastic application of ill tical prosecutions in the United states during and it the War. Hillquit reminder the pre ident that president Johnson had Stabli for general amnesty by liberating All Quot Quot and women Euilio the primary promoter of the evil. Where during the past few years living condition were easier now they have contracted and have left Many bottle financially cramped. Unknowingly the wife will become embittered under Uch conditions and organization. Ila exhibit a printed document of Over i >0 pages and More than 125,000 word was or rpm i a mini the Bree Quot it a of w. . Economist for the railway employee. Hic analysis How that there is a capos Combine consisting of the major Banks the railroads and the in a u a a Quot rolling Boic material and a hat this Combine has and exer Bev a Power Over the economic Des-1 not of Tho United state. It show of it this interrelated capital group Del Bernt. By a cd. Plated the Farmers and then undertook by precipitating stagnation to Quot deflate labor Quot it Points out that this focal capitalist group Ila deliberately maintained prices of Ted. Coal. Cement and other Basic materials and that the railroads finance.1 by the ame inter of i hate refused to place the oilers or Plant maintenance or even the order necessary to prevent Plant and equipment deterioration. The con amp a Lincoln and hed a precedent a Omen guilty a obstructing the government Lur the civil War when the be Stence of the nation a imminently think Bhat thu hand is not doing unc the a us neral con Tractive pol a Best that it is his fault because Quot air tic i i a it a every Branch of the the. Larder is not so Well filled. The a up tj1 Combine beginning with Chimp from a fair condition to u very i10 Tony Triciti Ltd of Bank credit itself a clumped a Brake upon All Industry and has precipitated the army of unemployed deigned in the general policy of the capital Combine. The exhibit Urvey the costs of National unemployment in term of human standards and show upon the a of competent authority that the deplorable one will create a mounting hopelessness anti the result will ire for Freedom. On the other the is not exercising the greatest of opposing Han i the husband will feel that Rex ,.v in expenditure 0f of Yoncis and will Likely criticise her for much of Imbu Rumly it w thib the at Fonnis Fht be Lent. I ter.,1 Down but. Thl. A Inrush a n Quot ant labor organization a i Fri to St i Anil one third to one half of All the cent Quot a Amer which Rye it a Wui Aam Mon Hun we cd Quot do Nii Norani action hex Trie to Ithan wt.th7r thi7,t Ohio my Doo ton of Lignite Coal lie re it Antish government and the Quot brain Advance notice of the Lute when Neuth her surface which is just to lie i and government have rack it peat supreme court would return a ginning to be developed. The Coal at pr�tet�4 to the mexican gov verdict and its representative a i cent per ton Koukl be Worth not 1 from time to time along sex co n e Elt j in writing that the inform at on a desired to facilitate the threatens Italton who is attorney for the a. F. Of i monies. To. Hardship under which they list. In to whole Quot Wory of Lim to pm Ltd the Quot in in Rel it much Lue to a a a employ mint in Tho Himori of pol,., of the note in in it ,.iihiin in Obj i mid Stata. ,.�?zr>t in term. Of old Maying Quot when Jive try comes in Broil acts a pro Lucid an amount of at the door Lave goes out at the win an 1 fully equal to on i n pie sex right Here a bit of psychology Wiuf of the told we a it the that is pro. Nomas May Tater the problem. Had a Young it Luce Ltd that term of Quot Ciai effect. And Complete amazes to rent 1 pm a May Herf woman married in poverty i exor Brantly wasteful economic european go vestments Wei us it Quot . Tor unemployment also account lighting -toppt.i, Albert Ruen a in i unit a boat commit Ion it Al us it it a lower social health and a i cussed especially thu in a apr Btttle Lewt Tbs it a we Uke for us my Lalit it Well As the a Greva Uhrina of is in it St Lihty a a a Tho turn of crime. Thu. I Imp catch he Yew. Or Ana. We no be to a Fri. J. / in i act it Quot hat a a make Nat Quot nil us Isicc for which the Bank to my Anc a Quot the Mort of i. Bat when a mar ring �>�-in.lurtri.1 Combine be. 1 Quot Quot la a in a a a Quot Pic i. Riven aum of life better and when they nmn Rietl Ime anti their soul never Cal prosecution had Uch Long terms a a a n inflicted As Tho a recently pm hed upon american for press Ion of opinion. It heft a his remarks upon the prompt Are in than $6.000,000,000. A it it Inukai lines to the protests senator i add further bowed that a ult to a gum rement concerning the Farmer Hail been Short Chung etl Confin eatery to decrees of the mexi Over $2<m ,000,000 in connection with can Gover ment under the con Titu the Sale of his wheat crop for the year of a apr it a Aiichi by Carranza prosecution of a Large number of simultaneous suits against labor in Vuic the continue on rage five 1020. While the Farmer Hud to take re lib it wed by Obi Egom. A loss of from 70 cents to $1.20 a Lxi of Eagle co. Aguila has a n a member of the american association of Oil companies and a for year cooperated with this a so Ciatu in making protest against tire conf Calory decrees a oth i rum the Britt a government Ami the am. Rickun government. Recently within the a i three month the Quot Aguilar company finally May Bushel the exporter paid 33 c. It a Bushel More than he paid in Hhd during Hie same period of time but the starving people of Europe did not receive any i refit from the Farmers Las. The senator question who is Bein benefited by this situation. He denounced in scathing terms the attitude of the Large financial interests of the country which Are Deli american association that terraced to prevent at All Hazard i he Sale of the North Dakota Bond so As to prevent the Success of til Tinalu trial Prog tam which the Farmers now have in Progress. He rated As authority Moody s analysis of investments to show that the Bond Issue was classed a first rank in the financial world and to the Surprise of i hearers he demonstrated Emily that North Dakota ranked eighth among the states having the least a left in 1d20, being 44 cents per capita. Mall Street cause of trouble says Sinclair congressman Sinclair who spoke on the monopoly of credit while admitting the transportation question anti the Freedom of our natural re i prop.i to pursue its own line and make it own terms with the mexican government accepting the mexican government demand with reference to Oil drilling permits Etc. �?oneverti.ele--, the British protest still toads and great Britain ii ostensibly acting with the United states officially in Identie ail official pro will toward great Britain As to infill letter to Lodge a great Britain Learned a from the War that the nation which controlled to la Oil Industry control Commerce by a a in View if tile fact that no Coal Burner can compete with an Odin Mexico burning ship. Realizing this. Great Britain the nation ha.-, within the last two years particularly followed a policy which soc adopts id Man of her provinces Many year. Ago that is of excluding americans or other foreigners in ans Oil Field it will be noticed that a a control of Ca Commerce is the Only thing that will satisfy the imperialist. There is apparently no thought of sharing that coning ire bet # n or amongst nation. President Harding Call for a hot . Vii i Vav is she n. It for the Mhz ski. His so i Kwh n to in. A a Quot a which they a con a a Quot Quot Quot Milwaukee april id. Well but Quot openly and with Legal dressed form a secretariat clerk Avi 1 on for Vear prior to the War salesmen out of employment fora1&Quot 1 f the i. Or. They. An per. Meal a a a turning to the Kov Law a re a in to the Hind. ment employment office in the hop an fatty metical Quot i mine z Hou Quot do a Ian a a Quot Fez 7 a a Quot a be Quot do a Al it no .11.1 not adopt the the far. That the Rai Hray a no. Jobs even though it Only j we a that they Wen. Voltl Soaia quibble that there Are no an a Are paving Over �?�00 or u a for a few hours or Day a i Rnorman thong us do Litimo 4---Nur cent or Loo per rent excess profit to the precipitation of Industrial shutdown and general unemployment As a Means of forcing the Quot deflation of labor. In revealing the enormous profits that wha been Quot slowed under Quot by the a of 11 a response to the Del nation i it Ank and Baic in Lustre and in sex Lei in it a Mili a a _ a at a their convictions a a Quot Quot a Quot icy sore. Vav ,1s.Man pm bile to. A re Are no a a a it Ami Are paying Over Ito or a May it for Norman i Lamia. The Fresi political prisoner in american Cost Ling to Ken Thompson Assi Siam a a cog Niz a former member of pm to the Parrot phrase that Quot Gen Oil Way auxiliary Supply concern. O la new paper the mar a a rat Amra to he first the Al it Ione deny that there is any a a test arum h merchant Marine. we math Mao Umfort the a a a i �?oo0r we it War u Quot it Wita ranked atm la r it 1 he British for nor . I i lure is not the lightest indico a a a a that these men can secure i Dyment in their own line and be cause of the Sapele Oneat of Thi Itu anon they do anything a not id thump n Mything from routing Rug an a pub lung furniture to tending babies eat there is Little Chance of battling out this sort of Job to the men with Nice moaner an Fine Cloine because Fco hath professional chore Man to compare with next Muir the of Rmer labor Lianov at tip i. S. Naji be r Ridgy april 22. Tickets soc. Why Hook han.f4 hot la item the committee for Corning. Vow railway poverty necessitating Homos As Quot Normand and Ogum that his a ministration at the expense of the a a a it or warding would be Lwi to Ain Al to create an Era of Graal feel i Reive a Call from him when a no a a a i Elcome Al All who came Ming Delegate remarked that Thorn a a redress of grievances a a now a socialist the president concluded with the somewhat signify. Nvvf tin Quot r a in 8oc,a4, cant a Mark thut a a Annot be Portal Ion act would Ali them a r h Welcome at the White any a a neral amnesty until a state of constraint to Deal with their be 1,. A a Quot pal a for to a poetical Poocha been formally a a a up employees in accordance with prisoners or Thomas a Iii i. i a a i i. Tatus of labor i lie railway employee pre ent conclusive evidence to show that the railway operators finding that the Tran Thomas said a slam member of the delegation explain conditions agree to or established it z in r or us it Bat that Whie statement rom mite us a Flthe jurisdiction of the Railroad pan four inherent free Lorn to president to nothing definite they Al a a Board have it up fictitious leu. Till hampered expression of Opin Awia it something a try dose to an a a Depeiz but repair hop which ii Quot a Quot a a a a now hit the War is Over we recognition that political prix a a a by owned by Ami to fact Arun. A return to the Everrie of our do exist w i Ria i consideration. Farmer Aguilar company owner i. As a matter of fact by great Britain herself is however yielding to such decrees and obtaining advantage of american companies who Are faithfully abiding by the advice Ami instructions of the american government in the matter. The British Oil interests Are giving sources were factors in the solution of a u a a Uram a to Obregon and mex for our ship. And laugh tree the examiner advertiser. A Etc Pat ionize traditional liberties i believe that a be most fundamental Protection that Hlf a to the problems that now confront the by Kines Ami agricultural interests of the country he conclusively demonstrate i that the real cause of our troubles could be located in Wail i Reet. Hot declared that the losses sus lined during the last year which ran into billions of dollars was not the Mial result of the working out of the Law of Supply and demand but a deliberate a Sterne on the Pari of a certain group of financial pirates thru the operation of Bank credits to enslave not Only the people of the United states but the masses of the entire world. A remedy will lie a Only when Coniner restores to the government it constitutional function of issuing my controlling the Money which is now exercised by the Federal Reserve Banks said ogre Sian Sinclair. Lean on trial of their support and Friendly cooperation seeking Advant Aifa again -1 or Over american companies while the British government owning this company is ostensibly Landing by the United states in its action. / a it is High time that am hound underhand the Situa Tion Ami a patriotic americans Deal with it. Early in i letter Secretary fall describes the Quot Royal dutch Shell company As being owned chiefly by the British government Ami serving As its instrument for the overthrowing of the american Oil interests he concludes i letter to a a senator Lodge by saying a i am also handing you herewith a map of the world showing most geographically the i situation with reference to Oil As such situation is being influenced by the Royal dutch hell Back of the struggle for Oil Sec e-1 patronise Ary Hall , lies the Gigantic struggle for the Commerce of the world in which the United state and if 7 of have anything Vou want great Britain Are the chief Anta on to sell try a want and in the exam i to. Us 011 i 5ner and get result Sorters Here Are astounded j use the want and column in tote. Chi mesh a of the Harding cab j examiner and see the result. In to should go so far in creating ill formers and labourers the examiner advertiser. Ii or a i Kiwi m Maart n Case Call for part o Ike railway establishing the the remark is a a to la a exhibit further proves a trove Muon 1 a. 1m�a a a that while Only that Tho same employees who had in no Idan have it the safety individual con Ide rat Ion of the Pris employed by certain railway. Hove 1 a a a who feel Oner a been Given Lieret opre the be Ltd virtually transferred to the i. Future May witness Metling like sensibly Independent concerns with a group amnesty View to putting them Ami their work a it leu tile White House the beyond the Range of the jurisdiction committee was surrounded by eager established under the Federal Law. Groups 01 reporters Ami camera men. A Mas of direct evidence Jadon arrival at the department of jus uzeed furthermore showing amelus Tif the committee a enlarge by Lively that in transferring their re Jirair the arrival of attorney Otto Chris work from their own repair shop. To ten in counsel for the i w. W., Ham be Plant of outside concerns the rail Uema. Caste ton of Atlanta Captain a it up Rator have subjected their Hwi Nebue Hale new York and for re wis to entirely unnecessary burdens Mer u. S. District attorney franc. Drying for outside rep ii at rates Lur higher ran of Pio a Delphia a excess of the Cost in Thein it hostile word was uttered by the plants and in the mean to thousands of spectators who witnessed the the March of the delegates to the sen Kite ate end of the Capitol each Delegate the exhibit brings into Clear Relief wearing a White armband bearing the tile fart that there i tut foundation word a a amnesty in big Black letters for til opinion which the employer they entered the Senate corridor and publicity machinery would popularize began individually ending in for to the effect that the railway oui senator from their respective states the other great industries to ask for their support for the re so manner the but in while a delegation led by a Tun of me it non Lee Abram Saroff Bertha j the madly and Edward Nockels of Chicago was escorted by senator France of Mars land into the room of Vic president Coolege where the own Ime her Ping eur own repair equipment Landing victims of limes it be very industries Tab ii re of the entire tem. It is shown that the of theoc great gestation in in a transport Ami product petition a formerly pro a need to the result of reaper tel or my Tate men to mad but that on the Contra ruination of policies by the Coolidge replied that Hibel Ieese i j railway Indur irial Cor bin a Tho new administration will take up i Focient eau a which for. This a All Athar ,.re, i a spirit hear j our of fairness and Pye senator interview by uidividual1 indicated a surprising de i Gree of sympathy with the plea of Hen amnesty but were cautious my action. Ire in Tom in Turin shown t hat iou id a to Industrial a a v1. Or in Resolution Lead by the Delegate. On a Len the a Ute thie my of i j rial my dries the Clat pro lure National it a pm Ity or nations depress. Ii Emu t he fit Tine i n it k 4i lug 44m& Mal

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