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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Apr 14 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - April 14, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Nonpartisan league Farmers hold spirited meeting Albert Lea examiner if you Are wrong you can t be too conservative if you Are right you can t be too radico1 endorsed by the Albert be a trades and labor olm in endorsed by the Al Stimo it Olu me 2, number 15. Albert Lea Minnesota,.thursday, april in 1021. And l Vebor i Oil la single copy 5 cent demand National rail workers in work standards big attendance saturday night Farmers show a North Dakota determination to go at organization work with a fighting express the belief that this is the time to organize educate and win. Goes direct to people labor organization Are All right so Long a they Don t expect anything hut starvation. All departments in new York form one big Union by Harry Godfrey Federated pre staff Cor new Youk april 6.North Dakota. Confronted by a conspiracy of last saturday night the Farmers of Mancial and monopolistic inter Freeborn county met at the examiner to de Troy its credit Ami else rail building for the purpose of re Organ trn Effort to conduct its Grain Ware izing their county committees and House and Hanking activities in the in getting action in this potion of the Prest of it people is going Over the state. Heads of the financiers to the people. One he in i red and sixty three repro its Bomil us of $6,200,000 Are to be Chicago april 14.�?-the fundamental reason for his opposition to National working standards for the railroads is that they interfere with profits w. G. Bester president of the Central Railroad of next amp Jersey. Teeter before Tho Hail i ub.,r ��1rk"r&Quot m us Quot. A a. York District Are planning an i Roan tuesday. Lloyd George s growls useless London Herald Cable to rated items the fed Labouring men of Austin join Albert Lea in support of a free press he was led by the rail workers attorney Frank i. Walsh to agree that the National safety rules established by the interstate Commerce commission were useful. Quot uniformity is by the Federated pres new York Ltd. Y. Bur a one Hundred and seventy five thousand or new planning an amalgamation of All local Railroad unions into one Central hotly which will he known As the new York Railroad District Council and will take concerted action to protect its members against the aggression of the railroads in the matter of wage cuts Ami a a demand new Mooney trial desirable in equipment with inter native Farmers from All parts of offered directly to the Small investors a hummable parts Betsu e it re Luce. Ads of antagonism against the the. County aum in. Thi. Mating and of the nut on i nomination of <1--o,t of , tatar. Aka i that in Brief in the who Hsi a i a hat it was the most enthusiastic gather Floo to of >00. Ing of its kind that has Ever been held plan set Forth by Spurgeon Odell Fiche re. Etal representative of the bunk of workers. The movement promote i by the to in the conditions surrounding the workers Waie Noble Bester looked unit Brot of maintenance Caid a. N. Quizzically at Walsh Ami a Many Farmer who had never before North Dakota Ami attorney Genera my r Walsh is commercial recognized the of ovfuuis�?T1 1 d am Lembke of North Dakota ing politically were in attendance anti Quot to Are Bere to see that the fact in urged the carrying on with the isl a the Case of the predatory interests versus the people of the stat of ism gue work thru out the county. Out of one Hundred and sixty three North Dakota an Farmers present 139 of them were members of the farm Bureau. These men believe in pooling their Grain and establishing a sales Agency As is proposed by the committee of seventeen but realize that they must Back up their to Lemiuel by electing men of Urt to Quot its the i siness of making Money. I suppose a Walsh answered. Quot Well there you Are a said Besler. Quot these rules interfere with our profits the next witness was in e. Byram president of the Chicago Milwaukee of Way employees and Railroad shop labourers officials of that organization announced will Quot promote a better understanding and closer co opt ration London april 13.the Only thing which is sure Here is that there will be no triple Alliance strike today j for negotiations which opened monday Are still in Progress and Are Likely. To continue for some Days. Whether the government and mine owners Are merely trying to spin out the conference Over the critical Day or whether they Ane genuinely trying California workers against Britain a to secure a settlement is till Muser reciting Crew Quot operating Tain of the former Man Euver turns in Ireland out to be True a realization of it aril provoke a wave of anger which will Angeles april 12. A re astonish them. The latter mow May a Elution calling upon governor staph succeed in exerting a settlement fat is to Al Ranry or a no a any a the miners Are insistent on the Leiai Quot for Thomas j. Mooney and War principles at stake a National wage k idling was unanimous adopt Board and a Nat Tomil Pool of profits. Al bar Ltd but the Quot delegates to the con and Are determined to Rosit the Vernl on of the cull state build iwo Chip wage cuts proposed by the Ink a Des Council mine owners. The workers Are willing to agree to net Hickma in wages Baseil on a sliding scale according to another Resolution adopted express Albert Lea v Railes Coil in ii agree to patronize Only those i Irnis i hat patronize i he in paper in the future Austin trades and labor Council make examiner official newspaper the Labouring men of both Austin and Albert Lea Are waking up to the fact that if they Are to get a Square Deal that they must it least get the among the Many local Union of Rov the Cost of Ivin it of they have trial National and International Organ cations in the District and will serve As an organization for More effective and defensive brought before Smull inventors and the Public generally. Quot we want 6000 person to buy a $1 too Bond each or a larger number of persons to buy of smaller denominations a said or. Odell. Quot we e to kilo that the. Of the Thor committee i Ime. A a the a quote lure reason to la Elk eve that the government is prepared to go far to meet these demands and is now ready to do what a week ago we declared out of the question a to give a temporary sub their own kind to the lawmaking boil tap so that their plan can in fully carried out without any danger of the Grain gamblers and Market manipulators having their Pool declared unconstitutional or in violation of some other old gang made Law that would Render useless All of the efforts of the producers. The county committee elected for the organization is As follows chairman de. Flint. re . H. Re in. Executive committee a. F. Ben son Fred Thompson. Oscar Peterson. Iver Peterson s. Aim vie Johnson and Ole j. Peterson. Thi committee also Inch Les the chairman and Secretary. A Resolution was adopted supporting the Albert Lea Bond Are hacked by the state of North Dakota which never defaulted upon the print Ila or interest of a Bond. We want them to know that the Bond Bear interest at a 3-4 to 6 per cent and that they Are issued while no intimation has been give and St. Paul Road considered the fair in out m to the plan of action to it it be Industry in order to make immediate settlement if to Ibler. Negotiation Are still proceeding in entire secrecy. Bith Side Are pledged to divulge nothing. It Road to the rail Gunlaw in the Roan-1 h.k.pte.1, it i. Known that the project try. Uke healer la tam we one of Llu a bin unit r consideration for Home. Of the National of rail undertaken Hoe at Lou t the tentative Way executive who slotted his a a a Quot of official of the Railroad opposition to National agreements to i . The new we , with the policy taken by the i. A Oil a cxpeete.1, will form a no Deus for the fondation of inn Lar London Herald Cable to the ated pres foder Nanial group which control the rail roads he a astute enough to by a state the Bonds of which never. A thru out the country of k to a _ al______4 avoid any appearance of having Sud a. / Denly yielded to this influence however. Going Over Byram experience a old Pielow Par. We want them to know that the Bonds arc the Bond of a state whose entire debt prior to the a Bomi issues was Only $278060. We want them to know that the Constitution of the state provide that the Law authorizing these Bonds cannot be altered amended or repealed until the principal and interest has been paid. We want them to know that the tam Are exempt from All taxes state or the question a become one at unanimously general Lembok said of whith or american citizen will permit the Bodi at strategic Railroad Center s country. This movement should not to con London april 13 a the we. A end was peaceful As if it was the Lull is fore a storm in the great strike of trued As in any Way an attempt to the British minors for nationalization organize along the Ling of the one Ott sunday the pious talks were add sympathy for Ireland awl placed truth that Ople of this Section of the Council on record As again4 the state. Use of United states soldiers for labor organization of both intervention there. This it luring th1 past week have gone on Resolution was addressed to the am record As standing squarely behind Erica federation of i Abor the Brit the Albert Lea examiner with both ish labor movement Ami the Canadian their moral and financial support and Are determined that they Are going to Down the line in defense of their own Best interests and safeguard the conditions under which they shall live and labor. These men. Like the Farmers realize that without their support Busine with the merchants of both towns would lie Cut to such an extent that Secretary of state a said a reporter. Picking would be mighty lean com a after the daily press conference fluently they ure demanding a quart Quot look a it if or hat the world by the Den from ult those who have their Tail Aud a about to ving it Hook out for the pay Check of the around his pairing Man. Und to this end the Al Liat two weeks ago. Since Bert Lea i Railes anti labor Assembly labor Conine. League nations to be junked by Paul Hanna Federated Presa staff Cor Washington april 13.�?"the Vamp of a is a o a. I a a. A / a Railroad executive Walsh Drew from big Union did Anthony spat r. Presi a Levi shops to Pray tor a to in Hughe a appear Anc of Ami a put the i showing Resolution last a aft if a i a1 a Al wot Lom tit i Kal it. A. Him the statement that on the Mil it a a a a lip the Brett he government we Kim in end on the Quot Burlington a a Quot a Quot a a Quot a Quot a a he this action a been approved by of the biggest battalions is Busy entail the National official in charge of rolling a defense corps and proper the work in Thi District including my measures to counteract a trans examiner anti agree in to Pat ionize Barons to dictate what Laws Only those finn that Patronite the mgt a Unkn it Hall p., print etl agreements with various of the crafts Hail been in Force for several year anti hat worked smoothly. A a. A non tile Milwaukee Byram no vier--.ntent h. A ohm port rat Way Verket Ink. A a pfc Ert Ami g. \. Manten and All the if after All the triple Alliance strike general chairmen of the several roads goes into effect tuesday night the a1-other had bin to Effort Ink Alt into be York and it., tide Hance May have Cau of bitterly to re he agree i it Teri p6�?� 7�ur Days tie Lay. But the of this amalgamation succeeds it government although making Good a not Able dignified Assurance a grown Stem Lily. He looks the reporters straight in the Eye and flatter them with a Calm Assumption that they in agreement with the blacksmiths boiler makers and machinists among paper that the interest. Of the producer of this Section. Mexico to patronize u. S. Factories using organized labor Only <6y the Federated pres Washington it in. Bur a none but those firm which arc fair to Organ lied Tudor will ret Uny enter Tom. La ave own a l a a a a Quot the department of Arri culture of the no revision since 1917. That it was comparatively simple for.,. 4the Unton repro in Tutiven no 11 a a a 1 flirt it a a it �?~o1�?o of a a a a Railroad dec Tulve. To Matt and Moree in in Tjw country cd trill probably i confident. Up a Tai declared that the. A a forerunner it Aker to be already the definite decision of the Tate of North Dakota in camnty4 j hould pot by Quot Posztl Quot by the a Riebl Siwl in other Railroad centers triple Alliance to strike has brought than there a a year Uro the at "�?z4d�ubor boar the Board,i�1 the us mud Stulck Quot an can Quot there is l is Quot in the year ago the at Tommy general said Quot because Thea a a m a a he said should act merely As the ref Farmer were to it Ell their. Eret if a dispute Over a Rule arose. Change of front on the the government. Friday new organization will be to give up night Premier Lloyd George was re one of the probable purposes of the part of frit Lay out. Every Delegate voting for it adoption the Resolution whereas it is Well known to demand everything he Quot a and Why members organized labor that the la cannot a More. Employers of labor All Over the coun the combined cause and effect of to it Are now engaged in a Tremenda i firm Assurance is that one month of Effort to break All labor organi after he became Betel of the state do nations anti thus become enabled to Pai Nunt this much was Clear Deal with the workers us individuals Europe Ami asm must scrap the Ami not a members of organized la treaty of Versailles Ami negotiate u Hor Ami new Pean Ami go it own Way into whereas the successful carry the future eng out of the present plans of America a turned her Back employers associations Chambers of co mall the new wars anti invasion to Melee commercial clubs business Winch Thi Versailles try to gave men league Ami associations of birth and Europe Mut Al of Divann Commerce thru out the country would nor in a Uipi Muir Urr a ruin my or. To. Re a v a % Vuomg wheat at a Dollar a Buhi i Les Thun it Hyrum t<t-tifie<1 to the Csir ability it it to the unit Kip 1 Rai via it work a Iolus nothing else was discus Sable tin i. an come bark to a con mean the to disrupting of organized la pro i Are ill my i a a. I Kofi we Tat i k Al c in Axll Klafin aka ii Mem my my Toto in Mem _ _ of printed Nile on Zurh matter As the in a 1 of Ute country in their or the Clarid. In a the pump men re fms a table if it a in. A a. I a. A a .a1 my. A ten Alai at a am. In it la i a % i to n Al i i i Al to i til la. L a i la. A. I. A of operation i. The Knox tic Fulcran i re end Bank he it air a prior he apprentice ship. Overtime Etc 1 a wa8�?T eduction. It will turned. He Ann Dontel Thi which ostensibly a created to a a a a. A a i a i sift in averting precisely such a con tie i n even if they Cost the roads Money. Edition As has been forced upon North 1 Dakota has signally failed to Render any such service to the people and the 4 Tate of North Dakota. The appropriation to meet the interest on the $6,200,000 Bond Issue mean in the Pinion of railway in and agreed to the item and of the min i Ion men that the Railroad w ill Beer for an unconditional conference. Confronted by an impassable Barrier in their attempts to pay on the rail workers. The miners leaders have advised lower their men with a View to avoiding possible conflict with the troops not the announcement of the new or to interfere with any measures taken to an nation conus at the hang time by the government to in ure the Juv a a the refusal of the new York Cen-1 to of the mine. Mexican government if the International association of machinists responds to an invitation recently received from Antonio j. Villareal Mexico Secretary of Agre culture. The letter ,-.-Ed to William ii. Johnson preset it it of the internal in a association of machinists Road a workers will not stand Cut in wages Detroit april 12.no reduction a Raj Railroad to recognize live right the conference this morning tart-1 in wages for common labor employed of Railroad Security owner to oui i auspiciously. Since the work cars Are resolutely determined to Dis-1 american Bor anti the individual dealing with men and enslaving of those who de Resolution for separate thou Elul work of society and peace with Germany will be shot the whereas the most popular the Senate in a hurry if England method used by these labor haters and France reject the american egr thru out the country in their mad Denim proposal for Quot Freh negotiation Aire to break Down the morale of the on a Nim basis a outlined in the Hughes note to foreign minister Simons at Berlin Japan a been informed that yup Island Anil All other Pacific Ocean is sue resulting from the War have we Are absolutely confident that on the Pere Marquette Railroad Quot ill i Confer with labor Leader on wage the Small investors of the country lie acceptable at Thi time Quot presi question. The Railroad stand a cuss issues Only on the basis of the jul a a. Vittles anti v the american will recognize not Only the High qual Dent Frank h. Alfred of the Railroad Forth in a letter to Davie War creation of a National wage Board ,.un,.nl Bond obligations but that was notified by labor representatives re ident of the National a it anti the mine owner following a conference of men and j Ocia Tion of owner of Railroad Kelly of the Thev Nee to Only be informed of the tie Tail of the assault of the Money pow officials. Or on the people program in North Dakota a Ait or. Odell. He explained that of the total 6.200,Issue, ionize your paper. 2,000 he i for loan to be Matle by Ltd far Are Ltd us determined not to concede this it rarities which endeavoured to arrange is Ible the negotiations will break % conference for monday april 4, be Down rapidly. Quot the department of agriculture of Banff of North Dakota to smaller remember the Flamier labor mex Ico is purchasing quantities of farm machinery Imp Lem it Well drilling machinery automobile anti tractors to the extent of several millions of Dollar Worth a year. It is our intention to Purchase these supplies henceforth from factories fair to organized labor. Quot we shall la very grateful to you if you Quot ill submit to us a list of the name of such manufacturer in the United state anti Banks $3,000,000 is for a Erie of real estate loan already Matle scoured by comm Ive first mortgage on farms in operation Ami 1,000,000 of which is a direct obligation for the operation of Mills Ami Gram elevators. Applications for Bonds of any denomination from Slot to $1mm should he made direct Tath Bank of North Dakota at by Snarck or. Odell Aal. Immediately Wpm receipt of Check or draft he explained an interim a 11 ionize the merchants who Pat a Wren representative of the four big Railroad brotherhood denying the right of the to engage in such a conference. Similar letter were sent by a. I Smith president i dunce at the i. B. S. Hall next Friday april 22. Ticket 50c. No i of us a a a no him us my a a a a a a a a a a should Thi occur unless the pres continued on pug four of the new York Central to the a ads of the Broth Rhoul. A a Seipt will a sent to the lovelier if Ameri an legion at til Bead has not already been issued Ftp after Bogi s fats Ami i ate rest will be paid from the j Date the Money i received. Butte the request of members of the local Post of the am hic ago april 14.headed by Erica legion three candidate. Of the a a Oci ated industries for school tru tees the officers committee of the anti the manager of the local printing company have been charged with governor Frazier Ami f. W. Cathro Iii Rector general of the Bank of North of the executive Dakota a parti a North Dakota of a a citizens ticket visited this City to Confer with mayor w. H. Thompson Ami other City officials and in alters of libera violation of a Montana statute that group Anent the placing Here of part makes it a felony to desecrate the of Hie $gt,,000 Industrial Bond is american Flag by using it a an advertising medium. They Are faced with a possible penalty in each instance of from one to five years in the states prison anti a heavy Fine. Card distributed by the Campaign of the Quot citizens ticket Bear imprints of the stars anti stripes anti it was upon this desecration that the complaint was based. It is stated that the action of the Quot citizens a Campaign committee also violates a Federal provision and it is possible Federal action May be asked. Hamilton ont., apr. 13�?thirteen building trades unions voted to form an Alliance to resist wage cuts and the a open shop a sue which the nonpartisan Leagur state is floating Soi Thern printers for increase in wages. Harleston w va., apr. 13,�? Charleston typographical Union has adopted a new scale of wages which fill income effective july i. A substantial increase is provided for. The executive Board has Betm instructed to open negotiations with the employers at an Early Date in order that an agreement May be feat lied before the present one expires. Workers i of spreading false and int hading Tate meals to the Public which la ear upon All questions of importune am deep concern to member of organized labor and whereas we the members of Thalbert Lea trades and i Zibor As Embly in regular meeting As rom Roda i evidently taking time to Ltd bled on this rth Day of april 1&21 flame in answer to the american Are fully aware of the fact that of note with Good prospects that when we Are to do our part in meeting these it arrives it will give Hughes tuck unjust in a Mer Iran Ami inhuman at another i oot and May even bring tacks upon those who toil that we Russia into in Early conference of ail must own Ami control our own pres the Powers amt maintain the same As an Iii i w of Europe s present Debili men of warfare to de Lead our in to anti chaos the opinion is held Here to rests against the attacks of the that the allies will Choo a to abandon Damnable greedy capitalist Farmers and a sooner the examine advertisers patronize their own fuel mar Phi a hot fire it d for the new yet. Gail Sod the fed Tatad pros by c. C. Harr. I everything negotiated at Paris two year ago in i by Gin till Over again than have the United state withdraw through the separate peace exit and leave them in the bog where they now Are in fact m w converts Are flock tag to the theory that the Allied Powers May hive requested America i to ave them from the me of the i own making by prop my Freh negotiations. During the pre ent week this question was addressed to a re spec my officer of the state department in View of the american proposal for fresh negotiation to adjust in Lewin in and reparations if those abject. Were treated separately would. The United state consider there a anything of the versatile treaty to person who put that question w a told that while no direct an wet maid he Given to such a query All parti must deckle for them else How much of the original treaty would remain. To newspapermen it is pointed out by official that even if the present coercive methods used against Germany by the Allie should attain their objective it would yield Money Only to those Power which assist in the invasion leaving other parties to the first settlement with nothing gained. There i likelihood that if new peace negotiations result from the Hughes note they will lie Belli in Washington. That would give foreign Diplomat a Chance to be the capital where most of capitalist courage and strength left by the world War seems to have made flu Boina. And their henchmen Ani tools who live in the mall town at the expense of the producers now therefore be it resolved that we the members of this Council hereby pledge the sum of Twenty five dollars and further that a committee of three be selected to visit each and every local Union affiliated with this organization Ami ask that each member of organize labor in the City be Ados sed the sum of $1.00 to lie used in the support our Ai Bert Lea examiner and be it further resolved that we urge every member of Organ lied labor to patronize Only Tho firms that patronize their paper am to exercise their Influent in thin respect among their friends kicked Albert Lea trades and labor Assembly l. La. <>krk., Secretary Sydney n. 8 w. The new South Wales labor government distributing Relief to no it their wive Ami children who a displaced from Industry a it the re ult of strike amt lockouts. Get number Theja Annet i taut at the of it a it. Hall next Friday Pili 22 Turkat. Vie. Farmers and labourer the examine advert re Patron be Hemen liar the Farmer Law Dane at the d. A s. A next Frida a 4 re Ril 22 ticket ii of

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